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become an entrepreneur_ put your dreams to work


									become an entrepreneur,
put your dreams to work

  16TH AND 17 TH
  JUNE 2010
  Fira de Barcelona   / Programme

                                       Within the framework of:
      day of the entrepreneur 2010

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                                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

In its ninth edition, the Day of the Entrepreneur is making
a jump in size, and is renewing itself to becoming
consolidated as the event of reference in terms of
entrepreneurship and business growth. As a new change
this year we are moving to the Trade Fair of Barcelona,
to a space of more than 24,000m2; enlarging the offer
of contents with a non-stop programme and new
thematic areas such as franchises, funding and business
acceleration, which join the usual topics of creation,
management and growth; the birth of the Entrepreneur’s
Fair, the new space within the framework of the Day of the
Entrepreneur, in which products and services, public and
private, will be offered for entrepreneurship and business
growth; we will be boosting networking with a continuous
programme of related activities; we will be expanding the
international element, offering a specific programme for
attracting entrepreneurial talent, contact with the local
entrepreneurial fabric, and the internationalisation of our
companies; and we will be generating new spaces which
we are sure will surprise you.

We will also be growing by increasing the territorial reach of
the initiative, incorporating new collaborating entities, while
joining the offer of other events that promote innovation
and investment within the framework of the bizbarcelona

If you are thinking of starting up or growing your business,
don’t miss out!
    day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                                                                      day of the entrepreneur 2010


Talks and workshops                                         Areas
 Creation / page 11                                           Meet&Find / page 47
 Franchises and acquisitions / page 13                        International Terminal / page 47
 Management, marketing and sales / page 14                    BizArea / page 48
 Funding / page 16                                            Vip lounge / page 48
 Growth / page 18                                             The Wall / page 48
 Acceleration / page 20                                       Oasis / page 48
 Business opportunities and trends / page 21                  Newsstand / page 48
 Skills workshops / page 22                                   Ofertòdrom – offers space / page 48
 Case studies / page 23                                       Base camp / page 48
                                                              Exterior marquee / page 48
                                                              Mies van der Rohe Pavillion / page 48
Assessment                                                    Entrepreneur’s fair / page 48

 Get advised / page 27
 Specify / page 28
 Self-use tools / page 30
                                                            Entrepreneur’s fair / page 49
Networking and cooperation
 VIP Connect / page 33
 Face to Face / page 33                                     programme / page 50
 Make a proposal / page 33
 Speednetworking / page 34
 CEO Round Table / page 34                                  Other things... / page 53
 Open-air supper / page 34                                  List of entities / page 55
                                                            List of speakers / page 56
                                                            Practical information / page 57
Invited events
 SIME Barcelona / page 37
 Tormo Franchise Forum / page 38
 Futurcoop / page 39
 Barcelona Networking Day International Edition / page 40
 Pecha Kucha Night / page 40
 Agents&Brokers / page 40
 Improbable connections / page 40

Plenary and exhibitions
 Plenary. Richard Florida / page 43
 Exhibition ‘Thought up in Barcelona’/ page 43
 Exhibition ‘The SME Experience’ / page 44
Day 16/6
        PAVILLION 8 ROOMS                                                                                                                                                                  EXTERIOR MARQUEE                  MEET&FIND                     INTERNATIONAL                BIZ ÀREA          VIP LOUNGE

        ROOM 1                             ROOM 2                                ROOM 3                              ROOM 4                        ROOM 5
         The social economy and labour      Funding R&D&I                         The 10 essential sales tools        How to buy a business         The environmental factor as a                                                                            ARRIVALS:                    Office             VIP Connect
         societies                          Mariona Sanz, ACC1Ó; Juan Carlos      Davide Menini                       that is funtioning            motor for competitiveness                                                                                Assessment in
         Pere J. Puig Ysern                 Fernández, CDTI; María López,         COACB                               José Antonio Almoguera        ICTA, INEDIT, AERIS.                                                                                     business landing             Get                Make a
10:00    FESALC                             ENISA. Modera: David Esteban,                                             FUNDACIÓ INCYDE               Moderator: Rickard Buckard, UAB         The mega mega trends;                                                                         advised            Proposal
                                            TECHFORCE                                                                 CAMBRA DE COMERÇ              RESEARCH PARK                           the real time phenomenon;                                        Local networks
                                            BARCELONA ACTIVA                                                                                        PARC DE RECERCA UAB                     perform or get the hell out                                      of entrepreneurs             Specify
                                                                                                                                                                                            of my marketing budget;
         Become an entrepreneur,            Public funding resources: what        How to make a business                                            Youth research applied to the market    Inside the brain of a serial                                     DEPARTURES:                  Self-use
         think big                          are they and how to get them          profitable on Internet                                            HYDS; ACTIO; BIPROCEL; project          entrepreneur; Making the                                         Assessment in                tools
         Pedro Nueno                        Juan Longay, XARXA INICIA; Ángeles    Covadonga Soto                                                    unmanned planes.                        world a better more digital;                                     internationalisation
11:00    IESE                               Blanco, DEPT ECONOMIA, Teresa         GOOGLE                                                            Moderator: Francesc Solé Parellada      Inside the brain of a hacker;
                                            Torres, ICF                                                                                             / Xavier Estaran Latorre                Innovation at the speed                                          Self-use tools
                                                                                                                      10.30 h                                                               of life; …
                                            GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA                                                                                UPC-PROGRAMA INNOVA
                                                                                                                      Becoming and entrepre-                                                (in english)
11:30                                                                                                                 neur in a franchise
         How to constitute a company        Money from abroad                     Invest in an online                                               Failure, a step towards success
         by means of IT                     Alan Barrel, LIBRARY HOUSE;           reputation                                                        Angel Colomina
                                            Edgardo da Fonseca, DACLEM                                                11.30 h                       FUNDACIÓ INCYDE
         Verònica Abadias                                                         Francesc Grau and Joan Castillo,
12:00                                       SOLUTIONS.                                                                New business people           FUNDACIÓ PIMEC
         BARCELONA ACTIVA                                                         CONZENTRA.
                                            Modera: Elena Rico                                                        in franchises: they will
                                                                                  CLUB DE MÀRQUETING DE
                                            ‘la Caixa’ (in english)                                                   explain
         Become an entrepreneur             Lines of funding of the ICO           How to use the new                  12.30 h                       The outlet that has conquered
         taking advantage of the tourist    Soledad Cuenca                        technologies in the interna-        How to buy a franchise –      the web
                                                                                                                      10 steps to follow                                                                                      SPEEDNETWORKING
         demand                             ICO                                   tional field better than your                                     Lucas Carné and Manuel Villanueva,
13:00                                                                                                                                                                                                                         JCE
         Santiago Pagès                                                           competitors                                                       PRIVALIA
         TURISME DE BARCELONA                                                     Pere Rosales                                                      Interviewer: Carles Trenchs
                                                                                  ICEX                                                              ‘la Caixa’
         How to create successful           Funding in times of crisi             Business creativity: how to         You can communicate           Personal effectivity
         businesses around 2.0              Xavier Pont                           launch a product without            well: it’s the key to your    WORKSHOP
         Txaber Allué                       DEPARTAMENT ECONOMIA I                costs and high margins              progress                      Toni Pinies
14:00    URV                                FINANCES                              Luca dell’Oro                       Xavier Orozco                 CLUB DE MÀRQUETING DE
                                                                                  ISM-ESIC                            LA SALLE                      BARCELONA
                                                                                                                                                                                            Lunch with... Fluidra
                                                                                                                                                                                            Eloi Planes, Managing director
                                                                                                                                                                                            of Fluidra. Presenter: Juan
                                                                                                                                                                                            Roure, IESE


         Collaborative innovation or        Your Europe, your opportuntity                                            Future opportunities in a     What you need to know about             Cities for excellence*
         sharing to be more competitive     Janos Schemied, CE;                                                       sector in crisis: building    the market before setting               Richard Florida /
         ARQUEBIO; LEITAT; ALMIRALL;        Cristina Serradell, ACC1Ó                                                 Moderator: Javier Serrano,    up business                             Live broadcast
16:00    HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARI VALL         ACC1Ó-GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA                                            CAATEEB                       Maria Lluisa Solé Moro                  (in english)
                                                                                  15.30 h                                                                                                                                     SPEEDNETWORKING
         D’HEBRON. Moderator: Marta                                                                                                                 COLPIS                                                                    JCE
         Príncep BIOCAT                                                           Change the world
                                                                                  making a company
         Growth Academy: growth             Re-create stamp                                                           Innovate and become an        Workshop for young
         factors in small companies         CAMBRA DE COMERÇ                      16.30 h                             entrepreneur within the       changemakers
         Juan Luís Segurado                 BCD                                   Become an entrepreneur              health sector                 ASHOKA
17:00    IESE                                                                     by cooperating:                     Lluis Pareras
         BARCELONA ACTIVA                                                         new business models                 COMB

17:30                                                                             17.30 h
         Open innovation:                                                                                             Trends in the music
         a practical approach                                                     Opportunities for funding           industry within web 2.0
                                                                                  entrepreneurship in times                                                                                 International Edition             Roadshow:
         Pedro Moneo                                                                                                  ICIC                                                                                                    Low costs franchises
                                                                                  of crisis                                                                                                 (in english)
18:00    OPINNO

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In other areas…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Prince Room Pavillion 8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     12.30h. The Perfect Pitch. Theresa Zanatta. Canadian Institute.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     14.00h. The basics of starting up in Barcelona. (in english)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Auditorium Palau de Congressos
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *15.30h. Cities for excellence. Richard Florida. (in english)
Day 17/6

        PAVILLION 8 ROOMS                                                                                                                                                                   EXTERIOR MARQUEE             MEET&FIND             INTERNATIONAL                    BIZ ÀREA        VIP LOUNGE

        ROOM 1                          ROOM 2                                 ROOM 3                           ROOM 4                            ROOM 5

9:30     Being an entrepreneur,          Understanding financial                Liquidity for the company        The organisation of a             Presentation of the GEM –                                                                     ARRIVALS:                         Office        VIP Connect
         a sport of risk                 results, the first step towards        Fran de la Torre                 growing company                   Catalunya report                                                                              Assessment in
         Albert Bosc                     acceleration                           PIMEC                            Gary Stewart; Gonzalo Caste-      Carlos Guallarte , UAB. Ignacio de la                                                         business landing                  Get           Make a
         AIJEC                           Eva Abans                                                               llano, CITY DEAL ESPAÑA           Vega, IE                                                                                                                        advised       Proposal
                                         ERNST&YOUNG                                                             IE BUSINESS SCHOOL                DEPT. TREBALL / DIBA                                                                          Local networks
                                         (available in english)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 of entrepreneurs                  Specify
10:30    Legal framework for             From entrepreneur                      Measures to combat the           From Barcelona to the                                                                                                           DEPARTURES:                       Self-use
         dependent freelance             to executive director                  crisis if you are freelance      world in 10 steps                                                                                                               Assessment in                     tools
         workers                         ERNST&YOUNG                            Sebastián Reyna                  Marc Prat, Chamber of Commerce
         Jordi Gutiérrez                 (available in english)                 UGT-CTAC                         CAMBRA DE COMERÇ                                                                                         Roadshow:
         TRADE - CCOO                                                                                            ACC1Ó-GENERALITAT DE                                                                                     Franchises that        Self-use tools
                                                                                                                 CATALUNYA / EEN                                                                                          want to establish
         Dynamic business                High performance teams,                Help to incorporate talent in    Protection and commer-            Do you have the profile to be a                                        in Catalonia
         plans in uncertain              the basis for acceleration             your company                     cialisation of technology         franchised entrepreneur?
         environments                    Andreu Enrich, FUNDACIÓ STICK          Cristina Costa                   Lurdes Jordi, FBG; Lídia          Xavier Vallhonrat
         Jeaninne Horowitz               AMB INDIA                              TALENCIA                         Casas, Centre of Patents          AEF
12:00    UPF                             ERNST&YOUNG                                                             of the UB
                                         (available in english)
12:30    The role of the coach in        20 key topics you’ll never             Directing in times of crisis     Digital marketing                 From manager to businessman via
         achieveing a project            learn on an MBA                        Jaume Llopis                     ACC1Ó-GENERALITAT DE              MANAGEMENT BUY OUT
         XARXA INICIA                    Lluís Buzzi, ERNST&YOUNG               IESE                             CATALUNYA                         Ramón Palacín
13:00    DEPT TREBALL                    Albert Fradera, ONE TO ONE                                                                                ESADE
                                         ERNST&YOUNG (available in english)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Get in contact.
13:30    How “to puzzle” a               Mergers and acquisitions:              Sales presentations;             Leadership workshop               Negotiation workshop                                                   Cooperative
         successful shop                 a growth strategy                      security structures for when     IDEC-UPF                                                                                                 Networking and
         Pilar Gomà, Elisenda Ibañez,    Joan Font, BON PREU; Carles            you play all your cards                                                                                                                   working societies
14:00    Mercè Clavell                   Sumarroca, GRUP COMSA EMTE.            Jordi Pujadas
         CECOT BANC                      Moderator: Agustí Sala, EL             ISM-ESIC                                                                                                     Lunch with... VERITAS
                                         PERIÓDICO                                                                                                                                           Silvio Elias, Founder
                                                                                                                                                                                             and Director General of
14:30                                                                                                                                                                                        VERITAS. Presenter: Luisa
                                                                                                                                                                                             Alemany, ESADE

15:30    To design and become an         Venture capital and start ups:         Coolhunting for SMEs             The success of a mobile           How to be inspired by the success         SONAR’s “Digital Mu-
         entrepreneur                    lesson for entrepreneurs and           Jorge Rodríguez Nieto            virtual operator based            of retail                                 sic 2.0 conferences”
         VASAVA; RUIZ+COMPANY;           investors                              ELISAVA                          on innovation                     Dra. Rosa Colomé Perales                  live bradcast
16:00    CHOCOLAT FACTORY                Moderator: Christian Fernández                                          Fernando Núñez, FONYOU            ESCI - UPF                                ICIC                         SPEEDNETWOR-
         Moderator: Jesús Del Hoyo       BCN HIGHGROWTH                                                          TELECOM                                                                                                  KING
         CODGC                                                                                                   LA SALLE                                                                                                 JCE

16:30    Factories of creation           How the financial entities see         New trends in branding:          Stories of success with D         Where is traditional industry
         ICUB                            your business plan                     how to make space for            for Design                        heading?
                                         MICROBANK, BBVA, BANC                  yourself from nothing            MARINE BUSINESS; COOKED           Joaquim Boixareu, FOMENT DE TREBALL;
17:00                                    SABADELL                               David Riu                        IN BCN; ROVASI                    Marcos Urarte, FUJITSU LIMITED UNIVER-
                                         BARCELONA ACTIVA                       LA SALLE                         BCD                               SITY. Moderator: Victor Peiró
                                                                                                                                                   CECOT BANC
17:30                                    Where can you find business angels?    Opportunities for SMEs from      Becoming a female                 New business models in ICT                                             C2+i
                                         DEAL FLOW - KEIRETSU FORUM, XIP        the Innoenergy project           entrepreneur                      SEED ROCKET                                                            FUNDACIÓ HANGAR
                                         IESE, SEEDROCKET ANGELS, BANC          Elena Bou                        FEDERACIÓ CATALANA DE
18:00                                    ACC1Ó-GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA         ESADE                            DONES EMPRESÀRIES

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In other areas…
                                                                                                                                                                                             Open air supper
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Prince Room Pavillion 8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              10.30h. The basics of starting up in Barcelona.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mies van der Rohe Pavillion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              13.30h. CEO Round Table Lunch.   (in english)
    day of the entrepreneur 2010
Talks and
     day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                                                                          day of the entrepreneur 2010

Solutions for anyone thinking of starting up a business

The social economy and labour societies                        How to create successful businesses around 2.0
16/6 – 09.30                                                   16/6 – 13.30
In this session the legal form of labour societies will be     Discover in this practical workshop the keys to becoming
analysed as a motor for the creation of employment and         an entrepreneur within the framework of social networks:
rooted in the territory.                                       alternatives offered by Web 2.0, contents, interaction wi-
Pere J. Puig Ysern, President of FESALC                        thout forgetting the economic element of the activity.
                                                               Txaber Allué, blogger and Professor at the University of
                                                               Rovira and Virgili

Become an entrepreneur, think big
16/6 – 10.30                                                   What you need to know about the market before set-
A big company is big from birth. Discover the keys for crea-   ting up business
ting ‘big companies’, by the director of entrepreneurship of   16/6 – 15.30
IESE, Pedro Nueno.                                             Analysis of the different factors that influence the develo-
Pedro Nueno, IESE                                              pment of business projects and what you need to know:
                                                               setting, sectors, competition, suppliers and providers,
                                                               clients etc.
                                                               Maria Lluisa Solé Moro, Marketing Professor of the Eco-
                                                               nomy Department of the Company of the UB

How to constitute a company by means of IT
16/6 – 11.30
Through the PAIT points (Assessments Point and Start of        Workshop for young change makers
Procedure) you can constitute a company by means of IT         16/6 – 16.30
with a saving of cost and time. Find out how these points,     This workshop is aimed at young entrepreneurs between 16
available in Catalonia, function.                              and 25 years of age who want to change the world.
Verònica Abadias, BARCELONA ACTIVA                             Be inspired by stories of other youths who are social entre-
                                                               preneurs and discover the keys of their success.

Become an entrepreneur taking advantage
of the tourist demand                                          Being an entrepreneur, a sport of risk
16/6 – 12.30                                                   17/6 – 9.30
Tourism can be a source of clients for many ‘non-touristic’    Entrepreneurs and adventurers have many characteristics
companies. We will analyse the tourist demand that             in common: to know how to live and manage uncertainty,
Barcelona attracts as well as the opportunities offered to     risk, ambition, intuition, courage, solitude... and success
entrepreneurs.                                                 and failure. Know about them from a businessman who
Santiago Pagès. Director of Commerce and of Barcelona          has founded 5 companies and has participated in many
Shopping Line at TURISME DE BARCELONA                          adventure sports of different disciplines.
                                                               Albert Bosc, President of the AIJEC (Seniors of the Young
                                                               Businessmen) and Director of INVERGROUP
                                                                                                                                          Talks and workshops
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           Legal standpoint for a depending Freelance                     How “to puzzle” a successful shop
                           17/06 – 10.30                                                  17/6 – 13.30
                           If you are freelance or a dependent worker, in this session    If you want to begin a commercial adventure, in this works-
                           you will learn about the labour legal standpoint, the types    hop you will find out, piece by piece, what the indispensa-
                           of contracts and agreements for professional interests that    ble points are for defining a successful shop: differentiation
                           affect your work.                                              with regard to the competition, attraction of customers,
                           Jordi Gutiérrez, General Director of TRADE-CCOO                organisation of the space...
                                                                                          Pilar Gomà, Elisenda Ibàñez, and Mercè Clavell, Directing
                                                                                          Associates of GIC

                           Dynamic business plans in uncertain environments
                           17/6 – 11.30                                                   To design and become an entrepreneur
                           The traditional business plan isn’t adapted to the uncertain   17/6 – 15.30
                           environment in which we have to evaluate the situation on      In recent years design and designers have taken on an
                           an ongoing basis and carry out suitable adjustments. If        absolutely active role. It’s gone from “making pretty” to
                           you want to learn to produce a dynamic plan based on the       forming a structural part of the company. We will analyse
                           model of strategic decisions of your entrepreneurial team,     these changes and explain some successful case studies.
                           come to this session.                                          Toni Sellés, VASAVA; David Ruiz, Creative Director and Pro-
                           Jeaninne Horowitz, Jeaninne Horowitz, Associated Professor     ducer RUIZ+COMPANY; Michel Laline, Administrator CHOCO-
                           of the Economy and Business Department UPF                     LAT FACTORY.
                                                                                          Moderator: Dr. Jesús Del Hoyo Arjona, Dean of CODGC

                           The role of the coach in achieving a project
                           17/6 – 12.30
                           Becoming an entrepreneur with the coaching of an expert        Factories of creation
                           can be a guarantee for the success of your project. Come       17/6 – 16.30
                           and discover the importance of the assessment services         Come and find out about the spaces oriented towards re-
                           and coaching as well as the services available to you.         hearsal and creation not only in artistic fields but also open
                                                                                          to the creation of many other sectors related to the creative

                                                                                          About this topic you also have...

                                                                                          Assessment in creation / page 27
                                                                                          Specify / page 28
                                                                                          Futurcoop / page 39
                                                                                          Self-use applications to test your business idea
                                                                                          and skills / page 30
Talks and workshops
                                                                day of the entrepreneur 2010

and acquisitions
Solutions for those who plan to acquire a com-
pany as an option to become a business person

How to buy a business that is functioning
16/6 – 9.30
In this session different aspects will be studied that should
be taken into account before buying a company: commer-
cial analysis of the brand, of the accounts and the valuation
of the commercial funds.
José Antonio Almoguera, Director of ESINE

Do you have the profile to be a franchised entrepreneur?
17/6 –11.30
Discover in this session how to do a self analysis and as-
sess your entrepreneurial profile before acquiring a fran-
chised company.
Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the Spanish Franchiser’s As-
sociation (AEF)

From manager to businessman
17/6 – 12.30
Have you thought about acquiring the company you are
working for? Come to this session and find out about the
keys to going from directive to business man.
Ramón Palacín, Associate Professor ESADE

About this topic you also have...

Tormo Franchise Forum (sessions + networking) / page 38
Assessment in franchises and acquisitions / page 27
                                                                                                Talks and workshops
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           marketing and sales
                           Improve the efficiency and boost
                           the sales capacity of your company

                           The 10 essential sales tools                                   How to use the new technologies in the international field
                           16/6 – 9.30                                                    better than your competitors
                           Sales, as a source of invoicing, are indispensible for the     16/6 – 12.30
                           viability of a company. In this session come and find out      The international market is a digital market and the new
                           about the tools that, with minimum resources, will help you    technologies are the space in which you find your company,
                           to achieve good levels of sales.                               your clients and your competitors. Learn how to use these
                           Davide Menini, Superior Sales School Consultant                tools to get competitive advantages.
                                                                                          Pere Rosales, ICEX

                           How to make a business profitable on Internet
                           16/6 – 10.30                                                   Business creativity: how to launch a product without
                           The online market is growing in giant leaps. It is therefore   costs and high margins
                           fundamental that the companies opt more and more for           16/6 – 13.30
                           an online vision of their businesses, above all as now it      Many SMEs need cheap innovation and added value in
                           can represent a tool for facing the current crisis. Find out   their offers. How to think and do it?
                           about some of the main tools for improving the presence        In this workshop you will learn how, by means of an or-
                           of you company on the net and how to get potential clients     ganised process and sequential analysis, and the selection
                           through your website with a low budget.                        of settings and proposal, you will be able to forecast the
                           Covadonga Soto, Marketing Manager GOOGLE                       future to innovate.
                                                                                          Luca Dell’Oro, Advertising Department’s Director ISM-ESIC

                           Invest in an online reputation
                           16/6 – 11.30                                                   Liquidity for the company
                           In the new scenario of the social Internet your online repu-   17/6 – 9.30
                           tation can be determinant for the future of your company.      Is your business able to survive without the support of a
                           Know about the keys of the new cultureand how to get the       bank entity? How can you improve your position in front of
                           most out of them.                                              the banks? What procedures should you follow to improve
                           Francesc Grau i Joan Castillo, Social Media Department         your business?
                           Responsible of CONZENTRA                                       Fran de la Torre, Strategic and Funding Consulting Director
Talks and workshops
                                                                                                         day of the entrepreneur 2010

Measures to combat the crisis if you are freelance             Coolhunting for SMEs
17/6 – 10.30                                                   17/6 – 15.30
If you are freelance, in this session you will find some of    Explore the opportunities that this discipline offers for
the recipes and action for a better management within the      qualitative analysis of the consumer and the market trends
context of the economic crisis.                                to optimise efforts, to project new products and services,
Sebastián Reyna, President of the Professionals and Free-      and reorientate the current ones.
lance’s Union UPTA                                             Jorge Rodríguez Nieto, Cultural Investigator and Director of
                                                               the Post-degree in Coolhunting. Design and GlobalTrends

Help to incorporate talent in your company
17/6 – 11.3o
Discover the different instruments and aid available to you    New trends in branding:
to incorporate research talent in your company.                how to make space for yourself from nothing
Cristina Costa, Generalitat General Investigation Director’s   17/6 – 16.30
Assessor                                                       All commercial offers reach us via a brand. How to get
                                                               space today and the differentiation of our brand. How to
                                                               work the intangible part of your proposal in the market.
                                                               David Riu, Technology and Company Department Director
Directing in times of crisis
17/6 – 12.30
Identify the symptoms of business deterioration and learn
what measures to adopt in a refloating plan.
Jaume Llopis, IESE
                                                               About this topic you also have...

                                                               Assessment in management, marketing and sale / page 27
                                                               Agents&Brokers / page 40
Sales presentations; security structures                       Specify / page 28
for when you play all your cards
17/6 – 13.30
Often so-called ‘high risk’ presentations are the last act
of the sales process after months of work. The ability to
give impacting presentations needs knowledge and a lot of
practice, but for those of you who are not very expert, we
propose a security structure for the speech, that will allow
you to avoid the most common problems in presentations.
Jordi Pujadas, Company Project’s Development Director of
                                                                                                                                         Talks and workshops
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           Get prepared for accessing the sources of public and private
                           funding available in the market

                           Funding R&D&I                                                  Money from abroad
                           16/6 – 09.30                                                   16/6 – 11.30
                           The boosting of new innovative projects and entrepre-          England, France and the USA are three countries in which
                           neurial companies is receiving decided support from public     the figure of the business angel is widely extended for
                           programmes and actions conceived to back their funding in      financing the early stages of innovative companies with
                           the form of grants and subsidies. The session, moderated       growth potential. We will discuss about the different mod-
                           by the Innoactiva service of Barcelona Activa, will explore,   els, methodologies and motivations for investment, and we
                           with representatives from public entities that manage and      will share some of their experiences.
                           coordinate this aid (such as ACC1Ó, CDTI and ENISA) the        Alan Barrel, Funding Associate of the Library House and
                           reach and field of opportunity of these actions.               Dean at the University of Cambridge; Edgardo da Fonseca,
                           Mariona Sanz i Ausàs, ACC1Ó; Juan Carlos Fernández, CDTI;      Funder of DACLEM Solutions, operator of Triple Playu. Rep-
                           María López de Unceta, ENISA                                   resents Sophia Angels.
                           Moderator: David Esteban, INNOACTIVA/TECHFORCE                 Moderator: Elena Rico
                                                                                          (this session will take place in English)

                           Public funding resources:
                           what are they and how to get them                              Lines of funding of the ICO
                           16/6 – 10.30                                                   16/6 – 12.30
                           In this session the main subsidies for entrepreneurs will be   In this session the different financial products offered by the
                           presented: subsidies for freelance, for cooperatives, INICIA   ICO will be presented for freelance and for start-ups and the
                           loans, ‘circular’ funding, microcredit, endorsements, etc.     growth of your company and the needs for liquidity.
                           Juan Longay, XARXA INICIA-DEPARTAMENT DE TREBALL,              Soledad Cuenca, Sub Director of the Mediation Bank
                           Angeles Blanco, DEPT ECONOMIA, Teresa Torres, ICF
Talks and workshops
                                                                                                          day of the entrepreneur 2010

Funding in times of crisis                                     How the financial entities see your business plan
16/6 – 13.30                                                   17/6 – 16.30
In this session the trends will be analysed for accessing      Different financial entities explain the elements they analyse
funding and some solutions of public funding for entrepre-     when funding start up business projects. MICROBANK,
neurs in times of crisis will be presented.                    BBVA, BANC DE SABADELL

Venture capital and start ups:
lesson for entrepreneurs and investors                         Where can you find business angels?
17/6 – 15.30                                                   17/6 – 17.30
Find out about the setting in which venture capital oper-      If you are looking for funding, in this session you will find
ates as well as the current offer available to start-ups and   out about the different services offered by some of the
companies that want to grow.                                   private investment networks in Catalonia.
Modera: Christian Fernández, BCN HIGHGROWTH                    Montserrat Duran, DEAL FLOW-KEIRETSU FORUM; Joan
                                                               Roure, XIP-IESE; Vicente Arias, SEEDROCKET ANGELS; Pere
                                                               Font, BANC

                                                               About this topic you also have...

                                                               Assessment on funding / page 27

                                                                                                                                          Talks and workshops
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           Keys for growing your company

                           Collaborative innovation or sharing                           Growth Academy: growth factors in small companies
                           to be more competitive                                        16/6 – 16.30
                           16/6 – 15.30                                                  In this session you will find out about the key factors that
                           The major technological challenges require a multidiscipli-   should be taken into account when making a strategic
                           nary approach, and imply costly and complex processes         reflection and planning the growth of your company.
                           of R&D. To obtain competitive solutions, in the field of      Juan Luís Segurado, IESE; Yolanda Pérez, Barcelona Activa
                           biomedicine the collaboration in projects between compa-
                           nies and research centres of complementary fields, types
                           and capacities is essential.
                           Jaume Mir, ARQUEBIO; Francesc Mitjans, LEITAT; Jordi
                           Beleta, ALMIRALL; Joan Comella, INSTITUT DE RECERCA
                           HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARI VALL D’HEBRON
                           Moderator: Marta Príncep, BIOCAT                              Re-create stamp
                                                                                         16/6 – 16.30
                                                                                         Get to know how this deposit of creations and guarantees
                                                                                         of origin of author works in a practical and dynamic way,
                                                                                         interacting with the other participants.
                                                                                         Toni Clariana, of Magma Design; Manel Torres, Director
                                                                                         and Business Manager Manuel Torres, Interior Arquitecture;
                           Your Europe, your opportuntity
                                                                                         Ferran Sesplugues, Design Management Conslutant de D++
                           16/6 – 15.30
                                                                                         Carme Casterás, Intellectual Property Manager of KIM BCN
                           If you are thinking of doing business or starting up a
                           company in an EU country, in this session you will find
                           out about the tools offered in the website of Your Europe-
                           Business of the European Commission as well as public
                           support services.
                           Janos Schemied, General Director of Enterprise and Industry
                           of the EU; Cristina Serradell, ACC1Ó
Talks and workshops
                                                                                                        day of the entrepreneur 2010

Open innovation: a practical approach                           Protection and commercialisation of technology
16/6 – 17.30h                                                   17/6 –11.30
Open innovation is the model of innovation and creation         Know about the ways of protecting and commercialising the
used by many successful companies. Learn how small in-          results of research in technology-based small companies or
novative companies can cooperate with big enterprises.          research centres.
Pedro Moneo, OPINNO                                             Lurdes Jordi, Fundació Bosch i Gimpera; Lídia Casas, Pat-
                                                                ents Centre of the University of Barcelona

The organisation of a growing company
17/6 – 9.30
Preparing a company that has to face the growing stage          Digital marketing
implies the need to provide it with a flexible and function-    17/6 – 12.30
ing structure, oriented towards fulfilling the objectives and   How digital marketing can help you grow your business.
capable of facing new challenges. Learn about the keys to
internally organising companies prepared to grow.
Gary Stewart; Gonzalo Castellano, co-funder of City Deal

                                                                Mergers and acquisitions: a growth strategy
                                                                17/6 – 13.30
                                                                If you want to strengthen your company, mergers and
From Barcelona to the world in 10 steps                         acquisitions are a very good strategy. We will show that
17/6 – 10.30                                                    when two or more companies join, there isn’t always a win-
Come and take away the basic keys to the success of             ner or loser, but mutually beneficial if you manage to do
international businesses, recommendations and aspects to        so as a team.
take into account.                                              Speakers: Joan Font, BON PREU and Carles Sumarroca, GRUP
Marc Prat, Chamber of Commerce                                  COMSA EMTE
                                                                Moderator: Agustí Sala, EL PERIÓDICO

                                                                About this topic you also have...

                                                                Assessment in internationalisation / page 27
                                                                Specify / page 28                                                       Talks and workshops
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           Boosting companies with high growth potential

                           Sponsored by:

                           Understanding financial results,                                High performance teams, the basis for acceleration
                           the first step towards acceleration                             17/6 – 11.30
                           17/6 – 9.30                                                     Keys for constructing and managing high performance
                           Be capable of analysing your financial results and deter-       teams in your organisation. This factor ensures the ac-
                           mine which indicators of behaviour are essential for identi-    celeration of your business and moreover will help your
                           fying and increasing your professional success                  company to survive adversity.
                           Eva Abans, ERNST & YOUNG                                        Andrew Enrich, spanish Grass Hockey National Team player
                           (available in English)                                          and coordinator of STICK AMB INDIA
                                                                                           (available in English)

                           From entrepreneur to executive director
                           17/6 – 10.30                                                    20 key topics you’ll never learn on an MBA
                           During the development of a company, the majority of            17/6 – 12.30
                           entrepreneurs fear losing control of the company under          We will work together on identifying daily entrepreneurial
                           the management of third parties. This step is sometimes         actions, strategies and behaviours that are essential for the
                           necessary, and for this reason, developing yourself from an     success of your company.
                           entrepreneur to an executive director in the correct way is a   Albert Fraderas, Director de ONE TO ONE MARKETING;
                           key factor both for the company and for the entrepreneur.       Lluís Buzzi, ERNST & YOUNG
                           (available in English)                                          (available in English)

                                                                                           About this topic you also have...

                                                                                           Assessment for creating a Fast Plan
                                                                                           of acceleration / page 28
Talks and workshops
                                                                                                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

and trends
Know about and take advantage of existing opportunities in
different sectors

Future opportunities in a sector in crisis: building            Where is traditional industry heading?
16/6 – 15.30                                                    17/6 – 16.30
If you want to know about the fields that can generate and      The aim of this roundtable is to contribute to the process
are generating opportunities in the building sector, here you   of reflection about the strategic and operative aspects that
will find the answer.                                           should be taken into account, both from a general view-
Jordi Gosalves; Félix Ruiz; Enric Auli; Felip Pich-Aguilera;    point and for the entrepreneurs themselves, because the
Daniel Roca. Moderator: Javier Serrano, CAATEEB                 traditional industries continue to be an essential element in
                                                                the creation of employment and wealth in Catalonia.
                                                                Joaquim Boixareu, FOMENT DE TREBALL; Marcos Urarte, FU-
                                                                JITSU LIMITED UNIVERSITY and PRESIDENT of the PHAROS
Innovate and become an entrepreneur within the health           GROUP
sector                                                          Moderator: Victor Peiró Rius, CECOT BANC
16/6 – 16.30
Do you want to know what the rules of the game are of the
sector to innovate and become an entrepreneur? In this
session we will show you the way of an idea in the health       New business models in ICT
sector, from its beginnings to its arrival in the market. We    17/6 – 17.30
will introduce you to the healthcare sector (biotechnology,     Find out about this private innovative initiative for entrepre-
medical devices, sanitary services or ICT related to health).   neurs with projects related to new technologies that are
Lluis Pareras, Official College of Doctors of Barcelona         business models in ICT, are successful today and will be
                                                                successful tomorrow.
                                                                Jesús Monleón Castelló, Co-funder SEEDROCKET

Trends in the music industry within web 2.0
16/6 – 17.30                                                    Opportunities for SMEs from the Innoenergy project
Digital Music 2.0, normally happening during SONAR,             17/6 – 17.30
advances the Event one day to come to the Day of the            The Innoenery project is focused on the education of
Entrepreneur. Come to meet all the latest trends in indus-      tecnologic leaders with international ambition. Meet this
trial music, and if you don’t have enough with this, on the     project about technology and innovation known all over
17th we’ll retransmit the sessions that will be happening at    Europe and discover how it can help you to create business
SONAR.                                                          opportunities from innovation.
Mike McCready, CEO MusicXray                                    Elena Bou, GRACO research group ESADE

How to be inspired by the success of retail
17/6 – 15.30                                                    About this topic you also have...
Three retail companies, from the sectors of fashion, food
and catering, explain the key elements of their success.        SIME / page 37
This will be the starting point for determining the future      Sector reports and market opportunities in Specify / page 28
challenges of this sector in growth and as opportunities for
                                                                                                                                           Talks and workshops

Dra. Rosa Colomé Perales, ESCI-UPF
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           Skills workshops
                           Practical techniques and skills

                           The Perfect Pitch                                               Negotiation workshop
                           16/06 – 12.30                                                   17/6 – 13.30
                           A good pitch of your company can give you the opportunity       Negotiation is a key factor for constructing relations based
                           to present in greater detail and take advantage of business     on collaboration, relations in which everybody wins. Learn
                           opportunities or to close doors. Learn to give an attractive,   how to prepare a negotiation process and to dominate the
                           impacting and effective presentation of your company in         personal skills necessary to successfully close a good deal.
                           English, and don’t miss any opportunities.
                           Theresa Zanatta, Canadian Institute
                                                                                           Leadership workshop
                           You can communicate well:                                       17/6 – 13.30
                           it’s the key to your progress                                   Learn how to lead your team based on coaching techniques
                           16/6 – 13.30                                                    and communication. In the field of sports, these tech-
                           Communication is the basis for all professional relations:      niques improve the communication and dialogue between
                           leading teams, getting funding, sales, negotiation, motiva-     the players and the coach, strengthening the concentration
                           tion...are based, in part, on good communication. Learn to      and helping the self-responsibility for achieving the objec-
                           dominate this fundamental tool for your progress and your       tives fixed.
                           company.                                                        Experts from Lead my team
                           Xavier Orozco, Associate Professor of the BES LA SALLE –
                           URL; Associate Director at IOR Consulting; Funding Associ-
                           ate of ORCoaching

                           Personal effectiveness workshop
                           16/6 – 13.30
                           All personal and professional improvement processes re-
                           quire facing difficulties. In this workshop you will discover
                           techniques and strategies of motivation for achieving objec-
                           tives and results.
                           Toni Pinies, Directive Abilities Coach
Talks and workshops
                                                                                                          day of the entrepreneur 2010

Case studies
Personal experiences

Lunch with... Fluidra                                           Lunch with... VERITAS
16/6 – 14.00, exterior marquee                                  17/6 – 14.00, exterior marquee
Fluidra is a business group with its headquarters in            The chain of ecological products VERITAS was created in
Sabadell (Barcelona) that was created in 1969 as a com-         2002 in a local market that unlike the state of the sec-
pany specialised in the production and distribution of          tor in Europe, there was very little knowledge about their
equipment for swimming pools.                                   products by the consumers and very little offer. Their
Their strategy of international expansion and diversification   commitment to communication, awareness building and
has allowed them to overcome adverse economic situations        the generation of demand, led to them leading the sector
and has led them today to operate in 31 countries through       in Spain in 2008, and today Veritas has more than twenty
150 delegations, and to have production centres located in      supermarkets and various restaurants.
the main markets. Their products are distributed to more
than 170 countries thanks to an extensive commercial net-       Silvio Elias, Founder and General Director of VERITAS
work and counts on a staff of around 3,500 people.              Presenter: Luisa Alemany, director of the Entrepreneurship
                                                                Institute of ESADE and professor of Control and Financial
Eloi Planes, Managing director of Fluidra.                      Management
Presenter: Juan Roure, Professor of Entrepreneurship of
IESE and Director of the network of private investors of

                                                                                                                                         Talks and workshops
                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           The environmental factor as a motor for competitiveness         The outlet that has conquered the web
                           16/6 –9.30                                                      16/6 – 12.30
                           In Europe and the rest of the world, sustainability and         Privalia is an innovative start-up created in 2006 dedicated
                           competitiveness go hand in hand, and are a differential         to selling the series remains of top level brands exclusively
                           value that the consumers distinguish. By means of various       to its members through Internet. In just three years they
                           examples and case studies, find out about the new philoso-      have managed to reach sales of more than €60 million, and
                           phy of management that leads to eco-innovation and the          have a staff of 350 workers spread between their offices in
                           improvement of business competitiveness.                        Barcelona, Milan and Sao Paulo.
                           Joan Rieradevall, Principal Investigator of the SOSTENIPRA      Lucas Carné, Cofunder of PRIVALIA; José Manuel Villanueva,
                           GROUP of ICTA and UAB; Jordi Oliver, Director of INEDIT;        Cofunder of PRIVALIA
                           Carles Martinez, INEDIT; Oscar J. Pardo, Director of AERIS,     interviewer: Carles Trenchs Director of Caixa Capital Risk
                           GENOCOV GROUP (UAB);
                           Moderator: Rickard Buckard, Marketing and Innovation
                           Director PARC DE RECERCA UAB

                                                                                           The success of a mobile virtual operator based on in-
                                                                                           17/6 – 15.30
                                                                                           How to differentiate yourself by means of innovation in a
                           Youth research applied to the market                            saturated market as that of mobile telephones. Configure
                           16/6 – 10.30                                                    your mobile telephone through a personal space in the net.
                           In this session you will know about the experience of dif-      Fernando Núñez, Delegate Consultant of Fonyou Telecom,
                           ferent researchers who have commercialised the results of       S.L.
                           their research. Highly technological and innovative projects
                           in different sectors promoted by young entrepreneurs.
                           Rafael Sánchez-Diezma, HYDS; Alejandro López-Gil, ACTIO;
                           Gabriel Ros, BIPROCEL; Xavier Prats AVIONS NO TRIPULATS
                           Moderator: Francesc Solé Parellada, UPC / Xavier Estaran        Stories of success with D for Design
                           Latorre, UPC                                                    17/6 – 16.30
                                                                                           The experience of three participating companies in the pilot
                                                                                           plan for implementing design management in companies
                                                                                           with the collaboration and assessment of and external
                           Failure, a step towards success                                 Noemí Ducable, General Director of MARINE BUSINESS,
                           16/6 – 11.30                                                    S.A.; Xavier Subirats, Funding Associate/Product Manager
                           The fear of failure paralyses us, and is an important barrier   COOKED IN BARCELONA; Marc Blasi, Manager ROVASI
                           for taking business projects ahead. However, if failure is      Moderator: Isabel Roig, General Director of BCD
                           managed well it can become the safest way towards suc-
                           cess, allowing the entrepreneur to start up a new business
                           adventure with guarantees.
                           Ángel Colomina, General Director of FUNDACIÓ INCYDE
                                                                                           Becoming a female entrepreneur
                                                                                           17/6 – 17.30
                                                                                           Get to know different business success stories led by
                                                                                           women and the resources and networks available to back
                                                                                           your business project.
                                                                                           Maria Rosa Agustí i Rigal, President of FAEC; Lourdes Ribes
                                                                                           García, President of ASODAME
Talks and workshops
       day of the entrepreneur 2010

     day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                                                                day of the entrepreneur 2010

Get advised
16/6 and 17/6- from 10.00 to 14.00
and from 16.00 to 18.00
Come along without an appointment and get advised a
la carte. Experts from more than 20 different entities will
personally assess and advise you, and will attend to your
consultations in different fields.

          ... in the Bizarea
              you’ll be able
              to get advice about:

Business creation and start-ups                               Franchises and purchase-sales

                                                              Marketing and sales

                                                              Innovation and technology

Management and business strategy

                                                                     ... in the International
                                                                         Terminal you can
                                                                        get advised about:

                                                              Spaces and services for business landing
                  day of the entrepreneur 2010

                  16/6 and 17/6 –10.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 18.00
                  In this space, located in the biz area, you will find services
                  for your company and to help you to start up your business

                      the Bizarea
                                  you will find:

                  Acceleration Fast Plan                                           Assessment service in innovation and
                  The production of “strategic fast plans” jointly with expert     technology and digital certification Camerfirma
                  strategic consultants from Ernst&Young who will help you         ICT services for companies in themes related to e-commerce,
                  to identify the key variable of your business to be able to      legal aspects (LOPD, LSSI), e-marketing, customer manage-
                  externally evaluate the main areas of your company and           ment (CRM), mobility, electronic invoicing and security of
                  in this way be able to define the points to boost so as          information.
                  to ensure and accelerate the success of your business.           Electronic signature service: a key tool and indispensa-
                  Leave the Day of the Entrepreneur with the bases of your         ble for offering the maximum guarantees of validity of a
                  first strategic plan after only 20 minutes.                      document. It confers a technical and legal protection to all
                                                                                   electronic documents and the transactions and commer-
                                                                                   cial relations that take place electronically. It guarantees
                                                                                   the necessary minimum levels of security for doing busi-
                  Constitute your company                                          ness through the net.
                  At the Assessment Point and Start of Procedures (PAIT) you
                  have a service for carrying out the procedures to create your
                  company by means of IT.

                                                                                   Databases, commercial reports,
                                                                                   sector reports...
                                                                                   Come and find out about the products that allow you to ac-
                                                                                   cess all the information about the market that let you improve
                                                                                   the management of your company in all its areas: selection of
                  Protect the creativity: Recreate                                 companies for direct marketing, tele-marketing, international
                  Take away your own Recreate stamp to protect your crea-          companies, commercial reports, sector reports, statistics, etc.
                  tivity. You need to bring your electronic signature, or if       A wide range of databases and an assessment service so that
                  not, the documentation stated at                 all the business people have new clients, can analyse your
                                                                                   competition or widen your portfolio of clients.
                                                                                                          day of the entrepreneur 2010

The Perfect Pitch                                             Create your company on Internet
Come with a brief presentation of your company in less        Turn your Google voucher, that you will find in the participant
than 10 phrases in English. We will give it an expert         bag of the Day of the Entrepreneur, into an online campaign
revision in terms of the level of presentation, impact, key   for your company or project. Google experts will assess you
messages and language!                                        and create the campaign on the spot.

Diagnosis of evaluation of the technology
Do you have a technological idea? Have you taken into
                                                              Grants procedures for R&D&I
account the needs in the development of the technology?
                                                              A personalised diagnosis of opportunities in public funding
Here you will receive assessment from an expert and you
                                                              for R&D&I aimed at SMEs.
will receive a report on the situation, the general needs
of your idea, and recommendations about funding and
protection of intellectual property.

                  day of the entrepreneur 2010

                  Self-use tools
                  You have at your disposal a range of self-use applica-
                  tions so as to carry out a self-diagnosis, tests and obtain

                      the Bizarea                                         ... in the International
                                  you will find:                                              Terminal you will find:

                  Design management of BCD. With this self diagnosis            Passport for abroad from ICEX. A tool for evaluating your
                  tool, you will be able to evaluate the state of the design    international marketing plan.
                  management of your company.
                                                                                Self-diagnosis of internationalisation from the CHAM-
                  Funding self-diagnosis from the CAMBRA DE COMERÇ.             BER OF COMMERCE. To evaluate the capacity do business
                  To evaluate in a broad way the financial capacity of the      abroad and the degree of internationalisation achieved by
                  company and its situation in terms of structure of the        your company.
                  major patrimonial material.
                                                                                BCN Business Spaces of 22@BARCELONA. With this tool
                  Test Idea of BARCELONA ACTIVA. Test out your business         you will find all the available spaces to place your busi-
                  idea, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and take         ness in Barcelona. It will allow you to access to a wide
                  away an analysis of the aspects to improve.                   estate offer of commercial premises, offices, business
                                                                                centres, warehouses, or vacant industrial premises, for
                  Management skills trainer from the DIPUTACIÓ DE               rent or sale.
                  BARCELONA. With this self-test you can evaluate your level
                  of management skills and abilities and take home the CD
                  with exercises for improvement.

                  Technologies portfolio from KIMBCN. Find out about the
                  leading technologies of the sector in which you want to
                  develop your idea. We offer you for consulting the tech-
                  nologies in stock of the institutions and companies with
                  whom KIMBCN collaborates.

                  Business cooperation network from APTE (contributed
                  by PIMEC). Supply and demand of cooperation between
                  industrial and technological companies at a state level.

                  The financial facilitator of ICO. Whether you’re a free-
                  lance or you have a business, with this applicative you
                  will be able to analyze the financement applications of
                  between 20.000€ and 2.000.000€ that you have present-
                  ed without success, as well as to get advised to access
                  financiation for your projects.
and cooperation
     day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                                                                          day of the entrepreneur 2010

VIPConnect                                                     Face to Face
16/6 and 17/6 – all day long                                   16/6 and 17/6 – all day long

          ... in the VIP Lounge                                          ... in the Meet&Find

An opportunity to talk about business and to present your      A virtual and real space for contacting other participants,
idea to the most important managers and decision makers        possible clients, partners, suppliers or providers...
from the business world such as Albert Esteve, president of
Esteve; Josep Miarnau, Managing Director of Comsa Emte;        Previously to the event you will be able to publish your
Xavier Pujol, Managing Director of Ficosa; Josep Batlle,       profile and the reasons why you want to be connected,
President of Cinesa; Xavier Brossa, Partner-Director of Pri-   meet other participants of the Day of the Entrepreneur,
cewaterhouseCoopers; Ramón Carbonell, Managing Director        select them by affinities, identify interested persons to
of Copcisa; Josep Lagares, General Director of Metalquimia;    connect them and confectionate a “favourites” list.
Joan Cornudella, Managing Director of Agrolimen; David
Nogareda, Managing Director of Laboratoris Hipra; Jordi        Interchange private messages and organize yourself a dates
Pujol, Managing Director of Prefabricats Pujol; Josep Mateu,   agenda for the Day of the Entrepreneur.
General Director of the RACC; Francesc Bonamusa, General
Director of Arcelor Mittal Stainless Service Ibérica; Jordi    Also, in the Palau you will find a space reserved for the
Cornadó, Managing Director of Copcisa; Eduard Geli, Partner    Face to Face meetings in the Meet&Find area, and tools to
of Uría Menéndez; Joaquim Carandell; General Director of       contact the participants by means of SMS.
Fundació Dúctil Benito; Josep Maria Lloreda, Manager of
KH Lloreda; Oriol Guixà, Managing Director of La Farga
Lacambra; Joaquim Coello, Delegate Consultant of APPLUS;
Rosa Forcada, Director of Zone 1 of Cespa; Joan Rosell,
President of National Work Foment; Josep Lluís Rovira,
President of Group SIFU; Miquel Torres, General Director of
                                                               Make a proposal
Miguel Torres, SA; Francisco Martín Frías, President of MRW;
                                                               16/6 and 17/6 – 09.30 to 14.00
Josep González i Sala, President of Pimec; Ferran Mascarell,
Delegate Consultant of RBA Audiovisuals; Jorge Lasheras
Allué, President of Yamaha Motor España, SA. ... among
many others.
                                                                         ... in the VIP Lounge
                                                               The companies have some challenges that can be faced by
Consult the website of the Day of the Entrepreneur, for
                                                               means of innovative services and products. In this space,
the updated list of VIPs. Register and start to get ready.
                                                               company directors will be put in contact with other com-
We will confirm your appointment a few days before the
                                                               pany providers who can make specific proposals of unique
                                                               and innovative solutions.

                                                               Consult the website of the Day of the Entrepreneur for more
                                                               details of this activity, as well as the challenges we propose
                                                               you, and register yourself.                                                Networking and cooperation
                                  day of the entrepreneur 2010

                                  Speednetworking                                                 CEO Round Table
                                  16/6 and 17/6 - at various times                                Lunch
                                                                                                  17/6 at 13.30, at the Mies van der Rohe Pavillion
                                                 ... al Meet&Find
                                                                                                  Share lunch with CEOs from small companies and major
                                  Speednetworking is a round of contacts for offering and         business groups, discussing the challenges we propose.
                                  finding services and products, suppliers and providers,         Lunch, contacts, ideas, solutions, all in the same activity.
                                  projects and investors, in a short time.
                                  It is an option for the people who attend the Day of the En-    The activity has a limited capacity. We will confirm your
                                  trepreneur, with the aim of making contacts, but hadn’t had     registration the previous days.
                                  the chance to arrange appointments through the Face to
                                  Face. In 40 minutes you will be able to contact an average      (the session will take place in English)
                                  of 35 people, get to know their offers, and at the same
                                  time explain your products and services.

                                  Prepare your speech so as to be able to explain in 90           You also have networking activities like...
                                  seconds the strengths of your company, and come to the
                                  Meet&Find space. There you will see the sessions program-       SIME / page 37
                                  med, and will be able to sign on for the ones that interest     Tormo Franchise Forum / page 38
                                  you.                                                            Futurcoop / page 39
                                                                                                  Barcelona Networking day /page 40
                                                                                                  Pecha Kucha Night / page 40
                                                                                                  Agents & Brokers / page 40

                                  Open-air supper
                                  17/6 at 20.00, in the exterior marquee

                                  The informal celebration of the conference

                                  The Day of the Entrepreneur will be organising an open-air
                                  supper and party in which the protagonists of the confe-
                                  rence will be able to exchange impressions, network in an
                                  enjoyable setting, jointly with the participants of the HiT.
                                  In front of the magic fountains of Montjuïc, the party will
                                  bring to a close in a leisurely way these intense two days
                                  of knowledge transfer, relations and business opportuni-
                                  ties. The ideal moment to get in contact once again in a
                                  different context with the protagonists of the Day of the
                                  Entrepreneur and the HiT.

                                  Entrance tickets can be acquired through Internet at the
                                  time of registration, or during the conference, at the infor-
                                  mation point located in Palau 8.
Networking and cooperation
Invited events
     day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                              day of the entrepreneur 2010

The most international track about digital opportunities
16/6 9.30 to 13.30, in the exterior marquee

SIME is the biggest and most important northern European
congress about digital opportunities, technology, commu-
nication and entertainment that since 1996 has brought to-
gether entrepreneurs, journalists, decision-makers, and top
level speakers from all over the world. For the second year
in a row, the SIME leaves Scandinavia to come to Barcelona
within the framework of the Day of the Entrepreneur.

An international track with speakers such as Grégory
Gazagne, Criteo, Europe’s fastest growing retargeting
company; Andreas Åkesson, internationalization Internet
strategy experts Result; Heiko Rauch, founder Zannox one
of Europe’s leading advertising networks; Jose Marin, the
founder of IG Expansion; Pablos Holman, innovator and
hacker overlord; Rupert Schäfer, long time innovation scout
and corporate investor with Burda Media; Gary Shainberg,
the innovations thought leader and technology globetrotter
who spearheads Telecom giant BT Innovations efforts; Clau-
dia Gonzales, one of the world’s leading experts in social
media and marketing for non-profit organizations with a
background as marketing director of UN (UNCR) and the
World Economic Forum; Liam Norberg, swedish bank robber
that turned into movie star and award-winning author;
Sixto Arias, CEO Havas Mobile; Ulf Ekberg, Pop star Ace
of Base and investor; Ola Ahlvarsson, serial entrepreneur,
investor and world champion in Kick Boxing; Sigurlina V.
Ingvarsdóttir, CCP; Alexis Banté, Erepublic; Jack
Hildary, serial entrepreneur and investor; and Per Roman,
GP Bullhound.

09.30 How to get the most out of SIME
09.40 The mega mega trends
09.55 It’s mobile, it’s real time and it’s happening now
10.15 Perform or get the hell out of my marketing budget
10.35 Inside the brain of a serial entrepreneur
11.00 Making the world a better (more digital) place (To be
11.20 Inside the brain of a hacker
11.40 Innovation at the speed of life
12.05 From Bad to Great
12.25 Inside the brain of an intrapraneur, Rupert Schäfer
12.45 The Spanish digital scene
13.15 From pop star to digital rock star
13.35 Key takeaways and wrap-up

SIME Barcelona will take place totally in English.
                                                                                              Invited events
                      day of the entrepreneur 2010

                      Contents and interviews with franchisors of your interest

                      Organised by:

                      The Day of the Entrepreneur includes this reference event at
                      a state level about franchises, combining talks with networ-
                      king activities


                      16/6 – 10.30 to 13.30                                          Roadshow:
                      10.30 – 11.15 Becoming and entrepreneur in a franchise.
                                                                                     Low costs franchises
                      An invitation to franchises from all backgrounds and types.    16/6 – 17.00 to 18.30 in the Meet&Find space
                      Aimed at business people and entrepreneurs
                      Eduardo A. Tormo - Director General of Tormo & Asociados       Networking with franchisors that move in the field of inves-
                      Miguel Ángel Oroquieta – Deputy Director General - Tormo       tments of €30,000 or less to access these.
                      & Asociados
                                                                                     Consult the website for the list of participating franchisors
                      11.15 – 11.30 Debate                                           and register.

                      11.30 – 12.30 New business people in franchises:
                      they will explain
                      Six business people with innovative business models will       Roadshow:
                      explain how their idea arose, how they shaped it, and
                      how they are transforming it into business leadership in
                                                                                     Franquícies que
                      a franchise:
                      Javier Cottet Torres, General Director of Cottet (opti-
                                                                                     es volen establir
                      cian), Quim Serracanta, General Director of Kids & Us
                      (formation), Jordi Pascual, Funding Associate of Udon
                                                                                     a Catalunya
                      (restoration), Judit Tienda, Funding Associate of Zero Pelo    17/6 – 10.30 to 12.00 in the Meet&Find space
                      (aesthetics), Daniel Canal, Expansion Director of Golden
                      Point (intimate fashion) i Alejandro Siniawsky, General        Networking with franchise brands that want to establish
                      Director of Papabubble (specialized boutiques).                in Catalonia independent of the necessary investment to
                      Moderator: Raúl Alonso, Chief writer of the magazine           access these.
                      Franquicias Hoy.
                                                                                     Consult the website of the Day of the Entrepreneur for the
                      12.30 – 13.35 How to buy a franchise – 10 steps to follow.     list of participating franchisors and register.
                      Find out from experts the steps to follow so as to be able
                      to join a franchise network in the best conditions,
                      Speaker: Javier Pelayo, Director General of Marco Aldany
                      Franchisors interviewed:
                      Emiliano Bermúdez, General Subdirector of Don Piso
                      Francesc Riera, Training and Marketing Director of Mail
                      Boxes Etc.
                      Interviewer: José Aragones, General Director of Tormo &
                      Asociados Barcelona
Invited events
                                                                                                        day of the entrepreneur 2010

FuturCoop is the space for people and companies who
know that the future is cooperative. Because to cooperate
is positive for people, for the business environment and for
business, and in today’s world to plan a company without
cooperation is impossible.
In Catalonia more than 50,000 companies form part of
the cooperative economy, a rich ecosystem and evolving
permanently that fosters people that form part.
FuturCoop makes known the companies that incorporate
a logic of cooperation in the work, in the distribution of
profits, in the contribution of talent and knowledge.

Programme                                                      Networking
                                                               17/6 – 13.00
Change the world making a company                              Event for business people and professionals where com-
16/6 - 15.30                                                   mon interests will be established through programmed
Do you want to set up a business? Do you have a company        interviews. The goal is to achieve the cohesion and networ-
and want to change the world? Social entrepreneurship          king among business people in a dynamic of entrepreneu-
joins the two objectives to achieve maximum social and         rial cooperation.
economic profitability. Social entrepreneurs search for
innovative solutions for social needs.
President of the Enterprise Association for Social Entrepre-
neurship in Catalunya: Alfred Vernis, Professor of ESADE;
Maria Calvo, Director of ASHOKA

Become an entrepreneur by cooperating: new
business models
16/6 - 16.30
Cooperation in the company is essential. To cooperate is
positive, and in today’s world to plan a company without
cooperation is impossible, in the work, in the distribution
of profits, in the contribution of talent and knowledge. The
Future is cooperative, and the companies of the future are
the ones that cooperate between them, with the people
and with the environment.
Joan Majó, Doctor in Industrial Engineering; Pere Pugés
Manager of Projects, Bat a Bat, Frescoop

Opportunities for funding entrepreneurship
in times of crisis
16/6 - 17.30
Funding a company, within the framework of the econo-
mic crisis as the current one, is more important than ever.
What are the challenges? What are the opportunities? Find
out about the tools for funding, and the role played by the
financial entities.
Miquel Salazar, Institut Català de Finances; Feliu Formosa,
Caixa Manresa; Jean-Lous Bancel, Crédit Coopératif.
Moderator: Oriol Amat, UPF
                                                                                                                                        Invited events
                      day of the entrepreneur 2010

                      Major meeting with the network platforms of local and interna-
                      tional entrepreneurs.                                            Organised by:

                      16/6 – at 17.00, exterior marquee                                16/6 – 11.00 to 13.00, Meet&Find area

                      The Barcelona Networking Day is a major meeting of net-          The Agents & Brokers is the meeting point for all the
                      working between networks of entrepreneurs that was born          companies, from any sector, who are looking for commer-
                      in the Day of the Entrepreneur and that in the autumn edi-       cial collaborators, and for professionals looking for new
                      tion of 2009 brought together more than 700 participants.        challenges and projects.
                      It aims to introduce innovative elements of networking           If you are a business person, without a prior appointment,
                      to boost business cooperation and knowledge exchange             come to this networking space to find new commercial
                      between the entrepreneurs of different networks, genera-         agents, and if you are a commercial representative, you will
                      ting new business opportunities and giving support to the        find job offers here.
                      consolidation process of these companies.
                      On the 16th June, a special edition will take place on the
                      occasion of the Day of the Entrepreneur and HiT, with a
                      clearly international focus, oriented towards facilitating
                      contacts between the participants in these events with local

                      and international networks of entrepreneurs.

                      (This event will take place totally in English.)

                                                                                       Organised by:

                                                                                       17/6 – at 17.00, Meet&Find area

                                                                                       What happens when the arts intersect with the company?
                                                                                       Improbable connections is organizing a hybrid format of
                                                                                       talkand workshop in which you will get to know experien-
                                                                                       ces of open innovation and collaboration between artists,
                      An interaction space of the creative sector
                                                                                       thinkers, scientists and professionals from business, as well
                                                                                       as an opportunity to rethink Corporate Social Responsibility.
                      16/6 – 20.00 to 23.00, exterior marquee

                      Pecha Kucha Night appeared as a new interdisciplinary
                      meeting in which creative people from fields such as archi-
                      tecture or design or sciences have a space of interaction for
                      promoting creativity.
                      Pecha Kucha Night is carried out in a dynamic exhibition
                      format in which each speaker presents his or her idea or
                      project in 20 images in 20 seconds each.

                      The Pecha Kucha Nights started to be held in Tokyo in
                      2003 and have currently expanded to more than 110 cities
                      throughout the world, among them being New York, Lon-
                      don, Berlin or Rotterdam or Barcelona.

Invited events
Plenary and
     day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                                                                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

Plenary:                                                          Exhibition ‘Thought
Cities for excellence                                             up in Barcelona’
Richard Florida,                                                  An exhibition which shows more than thirty creative and
                                                                  innovative products that have been Thought up in Barcelo-

Martin Prosperity                                                 na and that have had an international projection. Discover
                                                                  incredible materials that repel mosquitoes, sweets to help

                                                                  you get over the Monday headache, or the chair that deco-
                                                                  rates the Hall of the United Nations in Geneva.

16/6 – at 13.15, Auditorium of the Palau de Congressos
                                                                  Organised by:
Richard Florida is author of Who’s Your city?, director of
the Martin Prosperity Institute, Professor of Enterprise and
                                                                  With the collaboration of:
Creativity of the Rotman School of Management, University
of Toronto and founder of Creative Class Group. Florida has
taught at the George Mason University and the Carnegie
Mellon University and has given classes as a guest professor
at Harvard and the MIT. He is also founder of the global con-
sultancy and communication group Creative Class Group.

Limited places. The talk will be broadcast live in the exterior
marquee for people who have not managed to get in the

(This session will take place totally in English)
                                                                                                                                           Plenary and exhibitions
                               day of the entrepreneur 2010

                               Exhibition ‘The SME
                               Experience’ –
                               ‘How it feels to be
                               an entrepreneur’
                               An interactive exhibition in which the visitor will be able
                               to feel what it is like to be an entrepreneur. This is made
                               possible by looking, smelling, touching and listening to
                               installations in 10 rooms.
                               This exhibition, that was created by the European Commis-
                               sion in 2009, jointly with the UEAPME, on the occasion of
                               the first edition of the European Week of SMEs, has been
                               remodelled to come to Barcelona.
Plenary and exhibitions
     day of the entrepreneur 2010
                                                                                                                    day of the entrepreneur 2010

You will find in the Day of the Entrepreneur all types of spaces for
networking, doing business, getting up-to-date on entrepreneuri-
al activity in the city in a wide variety of settings.

           Meet&Find                                                             International
The networking space.
A space prepared to hold different activities and formats of
networking such as the Face to Face, the speednetworking,              The reference point for international topics.
and the majority of the networking events of the programme.             If what you are interested in is internationalisation or if you
                                                                       are thinking of starting up a company in Catalonia, come
In the Meet&Find you will find:                                        along to the Terminal. You will find an area of departures and
                                                                       arrivals with the offers about internationalisation, business
16/6                                                                   landing and much more.
11.00 - Agents&Brokers. Networking between companies
        and commercial agents. + info on page 40                       DEPARTURES
                                                                       Your referente point for intenationalization aspects and ac-
13.00 - Speednetworking. + info on page 34
                                                                       cess to global markets.
16.00 - Speednetworking. + info on page 34
                                                                       If you are thinking of setting up in Barcelona or Catalonia, or
17.00 - Tormo Franchise Roadshow. Low investment fran-
                                                                       you want to contact local innovative companies and net-
        chises + info on page 38
                                                                       works of entrepreneurs, this is your point of reference:
                                                                       On the information panel, consult the sessions in the room
                                                                       about internationalisation and the international networking
10.30 - Tormo Franchise Roadshow. Franquises that want to
        set up in Catalonia. + info on page 38
                                                                       At the check-in points, experts from different entities will as-
12.00 - Speednetworking. + info on page 34
                                                                       sess you about internationalisation. + info on page 27
13.00 - Networking Futurcoop. + info on page 39
                                                                       At the auto check-in point, you will be able to evaluate your
16.00 - Speednetworking. + info on page 34
                                                                       international marketing plan with self-access tools, as well as
17.00 - Improbable connections. + info on page 40
                                                                       the degree of internationalisation achieved by your company.
                                                                       + info on page 30
And ongoing...

The Face to Face, an open and free access space to do net-             ARRIVALS
working. Contact through in the Palau itself through SMS.              If you are thinking of setting up in Barcelona or Catalonia, or
                                                                       you want to contact local innovative companies and net-
                                                                       works of entrepreneurs, this is your point of reference:

                                                                       On the information panel, consult the sessions in the room
                                                                       or activities special for you
                                                                       At the check-in points, get advised and get information about
                                                                       business landing. + info on page 27
                                                                       At the auto check-in point, consult the spaces for setting up
                                                                       your company in Barcelona
                                                                       In the lockers, get to know and make contact with local net-
                                                                       works of entrepreneurs.
             day of the entrepreneur 2010

                           BizArea                                                          Newsstand
             The work space.                                                     The Latest News.
             In this space you will find various spaces for work, informa-       Find the main publications with the latest news about
             tion and assessment.                                                entrepreneurs and business of the country distributed free of
             An Office so that on the 16th and 17th you don’t have to
             stop working...tables, computers connected to Internet,

             Get advised. Come without a prior appointment to receive
                                                                                            Ofertòdrom –
             advice and assessment from experts on business creation,
             management and business strategy, funding, franchises                          offers space
             and purchase-sales, marketing and sales, innovation and
             technology + info on page 27                                        Offers of products and services that could interest you.
                                                                                 Find out what the exhibitors of the Fair can offer you in the
             Specify, with services for your company or to help you start        form of brief commercial presentations.
             up your business project. + info on page 28

             Self-access tools. For working in an autonomous way on
             different aspects of your company or your skills; and experts
             from different entities will be available to assess you. You will
                                                                                            Base camp
             + info on page 30
                                                                                 The youngest companies of the Fair.
                                                                                 A space in the Fair dedicated to the youngest companies.
                                                                                 Find out about the most innovative companies and projects,

                         Vip Lounge                                              make contact with them and do business.

             The space for getting in contact with VIPs.
             In the VIP Lounge entrepreneurs can make appointments
             with managers and decision-makers of more importance in
                                                                                           Exterior marquee
             the business world.
                                                                                 Open-air activities.
             The space will hold the VIP Connect and Make a Proposal             An open-air Space open between the Magic Fountains of Mo-
             activities. Consult the updated list of the participating VIPs      tjuïc and the Mies van der Rohe Pavillon that will be having a
             in the Website of the Day of the Entrepreneur and request an        continuous programme and the closing Party.
             interview. + info on page 33

                                                                                           Mies van der
                           The Wall                                                        Rohe Pavillion
             A space for expressing yourself and making yourself known.
             You can put anything you want on the wall, and look for             A singular envoironment.
             anything you need... about 90 m2 for posters, photo-                This vanguardist Space will be the Headquarter of different
             graphs, business cards, advertisements. If you want to              small format activities.
             stand out, be creative and original. You only have to come
             with the thing you want to pin up, and don’t forget to
             include all your contact details!
                           Oasis                                                           fair
                                                                                 An innovative exhibition space that gathers together the
             Relax.                                                              commercial and institutional offer of products and services
              A space for relaxing and relating on beach chairs, with palm       for entrepreneurs.
             trees or benches. The perfect place for taking a break from
             the Day of the Entrepreneur and getting to know people,

             relaxing or reading the latest news.
                                                             day of the entrepreneur 2010

                 Entrepreneur’s fair
Entrepreneur’s   Among the new items of the Day of the Entrepreneur
                 this year, it is worth highlighting the birth of the first
                 Entrepreneur’s Fair. The Entrepreneur’s Fair, organised by
                 the Trade Fair of Barcelona, is an innovative exhibition spa-
                 ce that gathers together the commercial and institutional
                 offer of products and services for entrepreneurs.

                 As a visitor...
                 You will be able to enjoy the offer of products and services
                 linked to entrepreneurship and business growth that will be
                 present in more than one hundred stands: funding, insu-
                 rance, franchises, products and services for entrepreneurs,
                 SMEs and freelance workers, public institutions of support,
                 training innovation, entrepreneurs networks,...

                 In the Fair you will find a specific area for the youngest
                 companies: The Base Camp.

                 To access the Fair, you only need to be registered for the
                 Day of the Entrepreneur.

                 As an exhibitor...
                 The Fair is a unique moment to make contact with more
                 than 10,000 visitors with very diverse needs for products
                 and services linked to creation, management and growth of
                 companies. The visitors who come will be everyone from
                 freelance, to SMEs and entrepreneurs in the process of
                 starting up a business, and with their own business and/or
                 their own ideas to develop.

                 Consult the website of the Entrepreneur’s Fair for more

                                                                                             Entrepreneur’s fair
     day of the entrepreneur 2010

                                    We have selected a combination of sessions, networking acti-
                                    vities, spaces and events, aimed especially at the international
                                    public or at a local public with an international vision.

                                    The basics of starting
                                    up in Barcelona
                                    16/6 from 14.00 to 15.00
programme                           17/6 from 10.30 to 11.30

                                    Do you want to start up or grow your business in Barcelo-
                                    na? In just two hours you can find out about the program-
                                    mes, activities and services designed to help you out when
                                    starting up a new business in Barcelona.

                                    With the DO IT IN BARCELONA programme we will introduce
                                    you to the different legal entities and procedures that you
                                    have to choose and fulfil to set up your company, as well
                                    as the alternatives to raise the funds you need to start and
                                    run your business.

                                    An activity addressed specificly to the international Public.

                                    (the session will take place in English)
                                                                                                            day of the entrepreneur 2010

Assessment            SIME Barcelona
in business landing &                                           16/6 from 9:30 to 13.30 in the exterior marquee

internationalisation                                            SIME is the biggest and most important northern European
                                                                congress about digital opportunities, technology, commu-
                                                                nication and entertainment that since 1996 has brought
In the heart of the Day of the Entrepreneur, in Palau 8, you    together entrepreneurs, journalists, decision-makers, and
will find the International Terminal, a point of reference      top level speakers from all over the world.
which gathers together the offer of activities and spaces for
business landing (Arrivals) for entrepreneurs and investors     (the session will take place in English)
(BCN Venture Hub), and internationalisation (Departures).
                                                                + info on page 37
+ info on page 27

Barcelona                                                       Business
Networking Day                                                  aceleration track
International Edition                                           17/6 from 9.30 to 13.30

16/6 from 17.00 to 19.30 in the exterior marquee
                                                                If you think international, think big. A programme specially
A major networking meeting with local and international         designed for people and entrepreneurial businesses with
entrepreneurs’networks. If you are thinking of doing busi-      potential and ambition to grow. Talks about Understanding
ness or setting up in Catalonia, or want to contact networks    your financial results, the first step for boosting your growth;
of different countries, don’t miss this event!                  Evolving from entrepreneur to Executive Director; High per-
                                                                formance teams, the basis of acceleration; and a workshop
(the session will take place in English)                        about 20 key topics you will never learn on an MBA.

+ info on page 40                                               As well as the sessions and workshops, you will also be
                                                                able to get personal advice in the BizArea of the Day of the
                                                                Entrepreneur to do a Fast Plan for business acceleration.

                                                                (the session will take place in English)

                                                                + info on page 20
                                                                                                                                            International programme
                               day of the entrepreneur 2010

                               CEO Roundtable
                               17/6 from 13.30 to 15.00 in the Mies van der Rohe

                               Share lunch with CEOs from SMEs and major company
                               groups, discussing the different challenges that we propose.
                               Lunch, contacts, ideas and solutions – all together in the
                               same activity.

                               (the session will take place in English)

                               + info on page 34

                               Thought up in Barcelona
                               An exhibition which shows more than thirty creative and
                               innovative products that have been Thought up in Barcelo-
                               na and that have had an international projection. Discover
                               incredible materials that repel mosquitoes, sweets to help
                               you get over the Monday headache, or the chair that deco-
                               rates the Hall of the United Nations in Geneva.

                               The SME Experience
                               An interactive exhibition in which the visitor will be able
                               to feel what it is like to be an entrepreneur. This is made
                               possible by looking, smelling, touching and listening to
                               installations in 10 rooms.

                               + info on page 43 and 44

                               Test IDEA
                               A guide to evaluate your business project. You will find this
                               own-use applicative at the Biz Area.

                               (available in English)
International programme
                                                                                                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

Other things
that happen...
The Day of the Entrepreneur forms part of bizbarcelona,         Barcelona Mobile Apps Investment Forum
an event with an international projection that is the sum       17/6
of consolidated international events from the economic          Prestigious investors in the field of the mobile applications
and business world of Barcelona, and is constituted as          will share their vision and the latest trends in this sector.
the meeting point for entrepreneurship, business growth,
innovation and internationalisation of the city of Barcelona.   ESADE Open Innovation and Corporate
Also forming part of bizbarcelona, are...                       Entrepreneurship
HiT, a world meeting with a unique format that integrates       A course to provide the participants with a framework of
spaces dedicated to knowledge, revolutionary ideas, and         Open Innovation in which, through the collaboration with
major business opportunities. Over the two days, there will     different members, the companies will create new alliances.
be meetings between business leaders, innovators, inves-
tors and entrepreneurs who will share ideas, boost projects
and redefine the keys of business success.                      The Day of the Entrepreneur is also a focus of attraction                                           of other activities linked to entrepreneurship and business
                                                                growth that take part in the city, such as, for example:
Emprenedor XXI, the awards created by ‘la Caixa’ in 2007
and jointly awarded by the Empresa Nacional d’Innovació         Presentation of the Global Entrepreneurship
(ENISA), that aims to promote and spread the entrepreneur-      Monitor Report - Catalonia
ial culture and innovation, as well as supporting business      17/6 -17.30
creation and facilitating its growth and expansion.             How is entrepreneurship evolving? What are the differences                                           between territories? How are the entrepreneurs and the
                                                                companies they create? And what are the main difficul-
Fòrum Tecnio is the meeting point among business people         ties they find. The project, the Global Entrepreneurship
who are committed to research and development and               Monitor answers all these questions, being the reference
experts in technology transfer of Catalonia.                    research and diffusion programme in questions of business                                       creation that measures and compares the entrepreneurship
                                                                of more than 60 countries and analyses its relation with
Partner Events de bizbarcelona...                               the economic development. This study is carried out in
                                                                Catalonia thanks to the collaboration with the Generalitat
Growth Summit Europe                                            de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona and the Institute
15/6                                                            of regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona, with the
International congress for innovators, experts and investors,   participation of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
that combines a plenary session with an innovation market
and an international entrepreneurial competition.               “FPemprèn”
IV Urban Clusters and Parks conference                          Awarding of the prizes of the competition FPemprèn, cre-
16/6                                                            ated for superior level Vocational Training students (FP) in
A meeting to discuss the model of urban clusters such as        Barcelona in which the best entrepreneurial idea will be
the 22@ Barcelona innovation district: ICT, Media, Medical      awarded.
Technologies, Energy and Design.
                                                                Keiretsu Fòrum
Next Top Startup: Barcelona                                     in the Borsa de Barcelona 17/06 16.00 to 19.00
16 and 17/6                                                     Association of private investors, business and entrepreneur-
An international competition for the young companies who        ial leaders that is organized as a forum of capital to fund
are still in the process of commercial development.             small and medium-sized companies in growth.

The Spanish Association of Business Angels Networks
represents more than 400 business angels of the state and
organizes their assembly on the 16th June, within the frame-
                                                                                                                                           Other things...

work of bizbarcelona.
                       day of the entrepreneur 2010

                       Joint extraordinary meeting of the EUROCITIES
                       Working Groups Entrepreneurship and Em-
                       ployment on Inclusive Entrepreneurship
                       Joint session of working parties of the EUROCITIES net on
                       Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

                       Clusnet Conference
                       16/6                                                           The Barcelona Entrepreneurial Capital Awards recognize the
                       A conference aimed at improving the effectiveness of the       entrepreneurs that stand out for their inniciative, ambition
                       local policies of support to entrepreneurial environments in   to grow, innovative capacity and efford to beat dificultéis.
                       several European regions, analyzing the existing policies of   With these Awards we not only recognize the path of the
                       support and making recommendations of improvement.             entrepreneurs, but also the spirit and the values that
                                                                                      push them and together make the Entrepreneurial Capital
                       Forum of Investors in Internet - First Tuesday                 Barcelona.
                       16/6                                                           This year, in its 12th edition, the following modalities are
                       First Tuesday aims to help entrepreneurs in their funding      being granted:
                       and growth stages, through their monthly encounters that
                       have the double aim of training and networking.                • BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION
                                                                                      • AWARD FOR THE COMPANY FINANCED BY MICRO-CREDIT
                       DEGEM Challenge                                                • ENTREPRENEUR XXI AWARD OF CATALONIA
                       16/6                                                           • BUSINESS GROWTH AWARD
                       “To play” being a businessman to learn to become an            • BARCELONA ENTREPRENEURIAL CAPITAL AMBASSADOR
                       entrepreneur: A business simulation a dynamic rehearsal          AWARD
                       of the process of decision making and of negotiation in a
                       specific economic environment.

                       Among others…
Other things...
                                                                                                     day of the entrepreneur 2010

List of entities
The following have participated in this programme:

ACC1Ó – Generalitat de Catalunya
                                                            Federació de Cooperatives de Treball de Catalunya
                                                            Federació de Societats Laborals de Catalunya
Ajuntament de Barcelona - Barcelona Activa
Ajuntament de Barcelona - Promoció Econòmica
                                                            Fira de Barcelona
Ajuntament de Barcelona - Sector Urbanisme
                                                            Foment de Treball
                                                            Fundació Banesto
Asociación Española de Franquiciadores
                                                            Fundació Barcelona Formació Professional
Associació de Dones Emprenedores ASODAME
                                                            Fundació Hangar
Associació de Mentors i Emprenedors
                                                            Fundació Pimec
Barcelona Turisme
                                                            Fundació Seira
BCD - Barcelona Centre de Disseny
BioCat - BioRegió de Catalunya
                                                            IDEC - UPF
Caixa d’Enginyers
                                                            IE Business School
Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona
                                                            INICIA: Departament de Treball - Generalitat de Catalunya
                                                            Institut Català de Finances
                                                            Institut Català d’Indústries Culturals - SDE
Club de Màrqueting de Barcelona
                                                            Instituto Cameral de Creación y Desarrollo de la Empresa -
                                                            FUNDACIÓN INCYDE
Col·legi d’Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers
                                                            Institut de Cultura- Ajuntament de Barcelona
d’edificació de Barcelona
                                                            Instituto Empresa Business School
Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona
                                                            Instituto Superior de Márketing Business School
Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya
                                                            Jove Cambra d’Empresaris de Barcelona
Col·legi d’Advocats de Barcelona
                                                            Keiretsu Forum
Col·legi de Politòlegs i Sociòlegs de Catalunya
                                                            Kim Bcn
Col·legi Oficial d’Agents Comercials de Barcelona
                                                            ‘la Caixa’
Comissió Europea DG Empresa
                                                            La Salle
Confederació de Cooperatives de Catalunya
                                                            Ministerio de Indústria Turismo y Comercio
Crédit Coopératif
Departament d’Economia de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Diputació de Barcelona
Enterprise Europe Network
El Consorci de la Zona Franca
ELISAVA - Escola Superior de Disseny
Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya
EOI - Escuela de Organización Industrial
                                                            UAB- Parc de Recerca
Ernst & Young
                                                            UB - Fundació Bosch i Gimpera
                                                            UEAPME - Asociación Europea del Artesanado y de la Pe-
Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional - UPF
                                                            queña y Mediana Empresa
                                                            UGT - CTAC
FAD. Foment de les Arts i el Disseny
                                                            UPC - Programa Innova
Federació d’Associacions d’emprenedores catalanes
                                                            UPF - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Federació de Cooperatives Agràries de Catalunya
                                                            URV - Universitat Rovira i Virgili
                                                                                                                                     List of entities

                                                            *this list may suffer modifications
                        day of the entrepreneur 2010

                        List of speakers
                        Abadias, Verónica. BARCELONA ACTIVA                                  Mitjans, Francesc. LEITAT
                        Agustí i Rigal, Maria Rosa. FAEC                                     Moneo, Pedro. OPINNO
                        Abans, Eva. ERNST&YOUNG                                              Monleón Castelló, Jesús. SEEDROCKET
                        Ahlvarsson, Ola. SIME                                                Norberg, Liam.
                        Akesson, Andreas. RESULT                                             Nueno, Pedro. IESE
                        Alemany, Luisa. ESADE                                                Núñez Mendoza, Fernando. FONYOU TELECOM SA
                        Almoguera San Martín,José Antonio. ESINE                             Oliver, Jordi. INEDIT
                        Alonso,Raúl. FRANQUICIAS HOY                                         Oroquieta, Miguel Ángel. TORMO&ASOCIADOS
                        Amat, OrioL. UPF                                                     Orozco, Xavier. LA SALLE
                        Aragonés, José. TORMO&ASOCIADOS                                      Overman, Steven. THE REAL TIME PROJECT
                        Arias, Sixto. CEO HAVAS MOBILE                                       Pagès, Santiago. TURISME DE BARCELONA
                        Arias, Vicente. SEEDROCKET                                           Palacín, Ramón. ESADE
                        Auli, Enric. CAATEEB                                                 Pareras, Lluís. COL. OFICIAL DE METGES DE BARCELONA
                        Allué Marti, Txaber. URV                                             Pardo, Óscar J. UAB
                        Bancel, Jean-Louis. CRÉDIT COOPÉRATIF                                Pascual, Jordi. SOCIO FUNDADOR DE UDON
                        Barrell, Alan. LIBRARY HOUSE                                         Peiró Rius, Victor. CECOT BANC
                        Beleta, Jordi. ALMIRALL                                              Pelayo, Javier. CRESCENDA
                        Bermúdez, Emiliano. DON PISO                                         Peralta Gayo, J.Carlos. SECOT
                        Blanco, Angeles. DEPARTAMENT ECONOMIA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA       Pérez, Yolanda, BARCELONA ACTIVA
                        Blasi, Marc. ROVASI SL                                               Pich-Aguilera, Felip. CAATEEB
                        Boixareu, Joaquim. FOMENT DE TREBALL                                 Pinies i Perea, Toni. CLUB DE MARKETING DE BARCELONA
                        Bosch Riera, Albert. AIJEC i INVERGROUP                              Planas Oliva, Josep. LEAD MY TEAM
                        Bou, Elena. ESADE                                                    Planes, Eloi. FLUIDRA
                        Buckard, Rickard. PARC DE RECERCA UAB                                Pont, Xavier. DPT.ECONOMIA FINANCES
                        Buzzi, Lluís. ERNST&YOUNG                                            Prado, Oscar J. AERIS
                        Calvo, Maria. ASHOKA                                                 Prat, Marc. CAMBRA COMERÇ
                        Canal, Daniel. GOLDEN POINT                                          Prats, Xavier. AVIONS NO TRIPULATS
                        Carné, Lucas. PRIVALIA                                               Príncep, Marta. BIOCAT
                        Casas i Sanahuja, Lídia. CENTRE DE PATENTS UB                        Pugés, Pere. PROJECTAE SCCL
                        Casterás, Carme. KIM BCN                                             Puig Ysern, Pere J. FESALC
                        Castillo, Joan. CONZENTRA                                            Pujadas, Jordi. ISM-ESIC
                        Castellano, Gonzalo. CITYDEAL ESPAÑA                                 Rauch, Heiko. ZANNOX
                        Cavallé, Joan. CAIXA ENGINYERS                                       Reyna, Sebastián. UPTA
                        Clariana, Toni. MAGMA DISSENY                                        Ribes Garcia, Lourdes. ASODAME
                        Clavel, Mercè. GIC                                                   Rico, Elena. CAIXA CAPITAL RISC
                        Clewett, Kenneth. ASHOKA                                             Riera, Francesc. MAIL BOXES
                        Colomé Perales, Rosa. ESCI-UPF                                       Rieradevall, Joan. ICTA
                        Colomina, Ángel. FUNDACIÓN INCYDE                                    Riu, David. BES LA SALLE
                        Comella, Joan. INSTITUT D’INVESTIGACIÓ HOSPITAL UNIV.VALL D’HEBRON   Roca, Daniel. CAATEEB
                        Costa, Cristina. TALENCIA                                            Rodríguez Nieto, Jorge. ELISAVA
                        Cottet Torres, Javier. COTTET                                        Roig, Isabel. BCD
                        Cuenca, Soledad. ICO                                                 Ros, Gabriel. BIPROCEL
                        Da Fonseca, Edgardo. SOPHIA ANGELS                                   Rosales, Pere. ICEX
                        De la Torre, Fran. PIMEC                                             Roure, Juan. IESE
                        Del Hoyo Arjona, Jesús. DOGC                                         Rubio, Javier. TUTELIA HEALTH GROUP
                        Dell’Oro, Luca. ISM-ESIC                                             Ruiz, David. RUIZ+COMPANY
                        Ducable, Noemí. MARINE BUSINESS SA                                   Ruiz, Félix. CAATEEB
                        Duran, Montserrat. KEIRETSU FORUM                                    Sala, Agustí. EL PERIÓDICO
                        Ekberg, Ulf. ACE OF BASE                                             Salazar, Miquel. ICF
                        Elias, Silvio. VERITAS                                               Sánchez-Diezma, Rafael. HYDS
                        Enrich, Andreu. FUNDACIÓ STICK AMB INDIA                             Sans, Oriol. ACC1Ó-GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA
                        Estaran i Latorre, Xavier. UPC                                       Sanz i Ausàs, Mariona. ACC1Ó
                        Esteban, David. SERVEI INNOACTIVA/TECHFORCE                          Schäfer, Rupert. BURDA MEDIA
                        Fernández, Christian. BCN HIGHGROWTH                                 Schemied, Janos. DG EMPRESA I INDÚSTRIA DE LA CE
                        Fernández, Juan Carlos. CDTI                                         Segurado, Juan Luís. IESE
                        Florida, Richard. MARTIN PROSPERITY INSTITUTE                        Sellés, Toni. VASAVA
                        Font, Joan. BON PREU                                                 Serracanta, Quim. KIDS & US
                        Font, Pere. BANC                                                     Serradell, Cristina. ACC1Ó-GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA
                        Formosa, Feliu. CAIXA MANRESA                                        Serrano, Javier. CAATEEB
                        Fradera, Albert. ONE TO ONE MARKETING                                Sesplugues, Ferran. D++
                        Gazagne, Grégory. CRITERIO                                           Shainberg, Gary. BT
                        Gomà. Pilar. GIC                                                     Siniawsky, Alejandro. PAPABUBBLE
                        Gosalves, Jordi. CAATEEB                                             Solé i Parellada, Francesc. UPC
                        Gonzales, Claudia. UNHCR                                             Solé Moro, Maria Lluisa. COLPIS
                        Grau, Francesc. CONZENTRA                                            Soto, Covadonga. GOOGLE
                        Gutierrez, Jordi. TRADE-CCOO                                         Stewart, Gary. IE BUSINESS SCHOOL
                        Holman, Pablos.                                                      Subirats, Xavier. COOKED IN BARCELONA
                        Horowitz, Jeaninne. UPF                                              Sumarroca, Carles. GRUP COMSA EMTE
                        Ibañez, Elisenda. GIC                                                Tienda, Judit. ZERO PELO
                        Jordi i Vilaró, Lurdes. FUNDACIÓ BOSCH I GIMPERA                     Tormo, Eduardo A. TORMO & ASOCIADOS
                        Laline, Michel. CHOCOLAT FACTORY                                     Torres, Teresa. ICF
                        Llopis Casellas, Jaume. IESE                                         Torres Acemel, Manel. MANUEL TORRES, ARQUITECTURA INTERIOR
                        Longay, Juan. XARXA INICIA-DEPARTAMENT DE TREBALL                    Trenchs, Carles. CAIXA CAPITAL RISC
                        López de Unceta, María. ENISA                                        Urarte, Marcos. FUJITSU LIMITED UNIVERSITY I PRESIDENT GRUP PHAROS
                        López-Gil, Alejandro. ACTIO                                          Vallhonrat, Xavier. AEF
                        Majó, Joan. ENGINYER INDUSTRIAL                                      Vernis, Alfred. ESADE
                        Marín, José. IG EXPANSIÓN                                            Vidal-Ribas, José Mª. TEBISA LA GRIFERÍA
List of speakers

                        Martinez, Carles. INEDIT                                             Vila i Sole, Ramón. TUTELIA HEALTH GROUP
                        McCready, Mike. MUSICXRAY                                            Villanueva, José Manuel. PRIVALIA
                        Menini, Davide. COACB                                                Zanatta, Theresa. CANADIAN INSTITUTE
                        Mir, Jaume. ARQUEBIO

                                                                                             *this list may suffer modifications
                                                                                                           day of the entrepreneur 2010

Practical information
Venue                                                            Registration
Palau nº 8 Montjuïc                                              Access to any of the events of the Day of the Entrepreneur
Avda. Reina Maria Cristina s/n                                   requires preregistration.
08004 Barcelona
                                                                 The preregistration can be done through the website of
                                                                 The Day of the Entrepreneur at

Metro:                                                           Access to the talks and workshops will be organised ac-
                                                                 cording to the number of places available. The preregistra-
Line 1 - Stop “Espanya”                                          tion does not guarantee in any way access to these activi-
Line 3 - Stop “Espanya                                           ties, but allows the organisation to foresee the optimum
                                                                 capacity of the rooms according to the number of people
                                                                 preregistered. We therefore recommend that you go to the
Buses:                                                           room about fifteen minutes before the start of the session.
Lines 9, 13, 27, 30, 37, 50, 56, 57, 65, 79, 91, 109, 153, 157   The activities of the Day of the Entrepreneur are free of
                                                                 charge. In the case of the lunches and suppers, the activi-
                                                                 ties have a cost that is specified on the registration form.
Plaça Espanya / Martorell - enllaç
Plaça. Espanya / Manresa                                         Language
Plaça Espanya / Can Ros
Plaça Espanya / Olesa                                            Only some sessions will be available in english. Please
Plaça Espanya / Igualada                                         check the programme for further details.

Rodalies de Catalunya:                                           Technical Secretary
“Sants Estació” is the nearest RENFE station. The station is
linked to the Trade Fair of Montjuic by means of:                Tel. 93 216 02 85
- Buses 30 and 109 with stops in a Plaça Espanya       
- Link to metro via Line 1 (red) and Line 3 (green) and the
  stop is “Espanya”
- Walking about 15 minutes (down Tarragona street)               The information will be permanently updated on the
                                                                 programme of the Day of the Entrepreneur available on the
Stations 96 (Gran Via), 420 (Gran Via, 361), 237 (Rius i
Taulet), and 95 (Tarragona)
                                                                                                                                           Practical information
     day of the entrepreneur 2010

                                                                                             Palau de
                                                                                             Congressos                             Mies van
                                                                                             de Barcelona                           der Rohe Pavillion

                          Av. de Rius i Taulet
                                Av. Reina Maria Cristina

                                                           Pavillion 8

              el                                                                                                                                    Entrepreneur’s
                                                                         Gran Via
                          Pl. Espanya                                                        BizArea


                                                                                                                                                           The SME
                                                                                         Specify                                                           Experience
                                                                                                              Self-use tools
                                                                           Get advised

       Room 4                                                                            Office

                                                                          Face 2 Face                                          Conecta    Promoters and
                                                                                                                               VIP        sponsors area
       Room 5
                                                                                                                               Make a                                       E
                                                                           Speed                  Round                                                                     T
                                                                           Networking             Tables                       proposal

                     Mies van der Rohe                                                       Meet&Find                          VIP Lounge GENERAL               The Wall
                     Exterior marquee                                                                                                       ACCESS
                     Palau de Congressos                                                                                                  and guests
                     de Barcelona
                                                                  day of the entrepreneur 2010

                                                        Room 1

       PAVILLION 8
   International        Ofertòdrom -            Base
   Terminal             offers space            Camp
                                                       Room 2

Entrepreneur’s Fair

Exhibition:                            Room 3

Thought up
in Barcelona

                  GENERAL       Newstand Oasis
               pre-registered /

           Av. Reina Maria Cristina
            day of the entrepreneur 2010

                                              DAY OF THE

Promoted by:

                                                             Main Sponsors:                                                                          Sponsor:

                                                             Activity Sponsor:                                                                        Within the framework of:

With the collaboration of:
22@Barcelona, ACC1Ó – Generalitat de Catalunya, AIJEC, Ajuntament de Barcelona-Barcelona Activa, Ajuntament de Barcelona-Promoció Econòmica, Ara_Coop, ASHOKA, Asociación Española de Franquiciadores, Associació de Dones Emprenedores
ASODAME, Associació de Mentors i Emprenedors, Barcelona Turisme, BCD - Barcelona Centre de Disseny, bcnHighgrowth, BioCat - BioRegió de Catalunya, C2+i, Caixa d’Enginyers, Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona, CCOO-TRADE, CDTI,CECOT – BANC,
Cinc, Club de Màrqueting de Barcelona, Col.legi d’Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’edificació de Barcelona, Col.legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona, Col.legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya, Col·legi d’Advocats de Barcelona,
Col·legi de Politòlegs i Sociòlegs de Catalunya, Col·legi Oficial d’Agents Comercials de Barcelona, Comissió Europea DG Empresa, Confederació de Cooperatives de Catalunya, Federació de Cooperatives de Treball de Catalunya, Crédit Coopératif,
INICIA: Departament de Treball - Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d’Economia de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputació de Barcelona, Enterprise Europe Network, El Consorci de la Zona Franca, ELISAVA - Escola Superior de Disseny, Enginyers
Industrials de Catalunya, ENISA, EOI - Escuela de Organización Industrial, Ernst & Young, ESADE, Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional – UPF, Eurecos, FAD. Foment de les Arts i el Disseny, Federació d’Associacions d’emprenedores catalanes,
Federació de Cooperatives Agràries de Catalunya, Federació de Societats Laborals de Catalunya, FEMCAT, Fira de Barcelona, Foment de Treball, Fundació+empresa, Fundació Banesto, Fundació Barcelona Formació Professional, Fundació Hangar,
Fundació Pimec, Fundació Seira, Google, ICEX, ICO, IDEC – UPF, IESE, Institut Català de Finances, Institut Català d’Indústries Culturals – SDE, Instituto Cameral de Creación y Desarrollo de la Empresa - FUNDACIÓN INCYDE, Institut de Cultura-
Ajuntament de Barcelona, Instituto Superior de Márketing Business School, Jove Cambra d’Empresaris de Barcelona, Keiretsu Forum, Kim Bcn, ‘la Caixa’, La Salle, Ministerio de Indústria Turismo y Comercio, Opinno, PIMEC, SECARTYS, SECOT,
Sector Urbanisme – Ajuntament de Barcelona, SEEDROCKET, SIME, Talencia, Tormo&Asociados, UAB- Parc de Recerca, UB - Fundació Bosch i Gimpera, UEAPME - Asociación Europea del Artesanado y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, UGT-CTAC,
UPC-Programa Innova, UPF-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, URV - Universitat Rovira i Virgili, VAE, ...entre d’altres

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