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Gimme Sept09


									gimme  GolfPlanet Holidays
     from French Golf and

                                        The pleasures of
                                        Northern France
                                         Sunshine weeks
                                          for under £800
                              GolfPlanet Holidays & IMG
                                           Special Offers
                                     Where to go in 2010
                                      Interview with Tom
                                         Watson’s caddie
                                                Autumn 2009

                             The inside track to golf and
                              holidays around the world
                                                                                                            Eastern Algarve. For exciting places
                                                                                                            further afield, Morocco now boasts five
                                                                                                            championship courses around Marrakech
The Director’s                                                                                              and a fantastic resort with its own Gary
                                                                                                            Player course near Casablanca. We’ve
                                                                                                            also signed up the best places in Florida
                                                                                                            and South Carolina and some family-run
                                                                                                            inns throughout France.

                                                                                                            Also in this issue of Gimme magazine is
                                                                                                            information about our Client Fidelity
                                                                                                            schemes and our latest exclusive holiday

                                                                                                            As ever, our friendly and expert team is
                                                   La Cala is just one of our special winter-week deals     delighted to discuss your holiday
                                                   for under £800. See page 10 for more information.        requirements – whether for a quick break
                                                                                                            for two, a golfing bonanza across the USA
                                                                                                            or a group trip to a classic golf destination
                                                  Dear Client,
                                                                                                            like Northern France, Spain and Portugal.
                                                                                                            For 24/7 service, our website is being
                                                  We hope your golfing year has been enjoyable so
                                                                                                            updated with the latest navigation and
                                                  far. It’s been a hectic year for everyone and, no
                                                                                                            booking tools.
                                                  doubt, like us, you hope for more time in 2010 for
                                                  fun with your family and golfing chums.                   And lastly, congratulations to our
                                                                                                            colleague Amanda Guilloux who gave birth
                                                  2009 has been a demanding year for most people.
                                                                                                            to William recently. Amanda looks after
                                                  Value and charm has been the order of the day and
                                                                                                            our Client Care programme and also
                                                  we’ve seen a “step back in time” regarding the hotels
                                                                                                            ensures that your reservations and
                                                  and destinations chosen by our clients. What with the
                          Contents                economic difficulties, lousy British weather, swine flu
                                                                                                            Holiday Information Packs are top-notch.

   2        The Director’s Cut                    and Tom Watson missing out on the final hole of the
                                                                                                            Thank you for booking your golf holiday
                                                  British Open, it’s been a year of disappointments and
   4-6      The pleasures of                                                                                with GolfPlanet Holidays and French Golf
                                                  obstacles. However, 2010 is looking a whole lot better
            Northern France                                                                                 Holidays.
                                                  and we’ve got the inside track on great courses and
   8-10     Sun over the Eight -                  lovely hotels and some incredible deals to give you the
                                                                                                            Morgan Clarke, Managing Director
            eight great deals under £800          perfect excuse to clean your clubs and get out and
                                                  have some fun!
   12-13    GolfPlanet and IMG6

   14-15    Special Offers and News               For new destinations – places packed with charm,          Morgan’s direct number:
                                                  value and “hidden gem” courses - try Korineum in          01277 825150
   16-21    Where to go this winter               Northern Cyprus, the Austrian Tyrol and Tavira in the
            and in 2010

   22       Interview with Neil Oxman,
            Tom Watson’s caddie

   23       Client Fidelity Bonusesbon

            GolfPlanet Holidays
            The Green, Blackmore
            Essex CM4 0RL
            Tel: 01277 824100

                                                   Korineum Golf Resort, Northern Cyprus.

 2          Front cover: We Ko Pa Saguaro course, Scottsdale, Arizona.
    01277 824100
      The pleasures of Northern France
                                             The pleasures of Northern
                                                                                                                Boulogne                Lille
                                                                100 miles

                                                                                                                Touquet                      NORTHERN
miles                                                                               Le Havre                                                                                  Laon

                                                                                                                      Rouen                                                      Reims
                                                                                          Deauville                                                  Chantilly

                                                    Malo                                                                                 PARIS
 Roscoff                                                                                                                                                                        Troyes
ANY Dinard                                                                                                                        Versailles
                                                                                                       Le Mans
                                           Dinan                                                                                                             Fontainebleau
                                             Just two or three hours from London,
ent                                          Northern and Inland France and down to
                                             Chantilly have been famous for 30 years                                                                                          Auxerre
                                             for top-quality golf, great fun and lovely
                                             hotels. However, prices crept up,
                                         La Baule
                                             investment in hotels and courses was
                                             sporadic and the courses got too busy
                                             with coach loads of golfers without
                                             handicaps or golfing etiquette.

                                             Whilst we helped towards the tremendous
                                             growth of the area, we never encouraged
                                             the courses to take on golfers without a
                                             decent knowledge of etiquette and we
                                             always fought hard to maintain standards.
                                             For two or three years now, we’ve been
                                             talking with the hotel and golf course
                                             owners and directors (and the restaurant
                                             owners too) and we’ve convinced many of
                                             them to reduce their prices, increase the
                                             added-values to our clients and to invest      The Old Course at Hardelot...Back to offering sensational value to our clients.

                  4                          Visit our website at for our latest offers and deals
                                                                                                                                           01277 824100
more in their establishments. The result
is that the courses and hotels have never
looked so good with the likes of Le
Touquet La Mer, Wimereux, Belle Dune,
Hardelot Old, Chantilly Vineuil and Paris
International up there with the finest
courses in Europe. In fact, green-keeping
standards are now so impressive that it’s
extremely rare to find a course in anything
less than exceptional condition. St Omer
hosts the European Tour every year, the
courses around Lille and Rouen are well-
kept secrets…It’s a true golfers paradise,
from 20 minutes to just over two hours
from Calais.                                                                                    Relax and unwind at the Hotel du Parc,
Hotel standards have shot up with
impressive renovations at Le Bristol and
                                                                                                Example itinerary
Westminster in Le Touquet, Hermitage in
Montreuil and Dolce and Mont Royal in
                                                                                                I   Two nights’ b/b at the three-star
                                               Hotel Pol...A boutique hotel in                      Hotel du Parc Hardelot
Chantilly. The Red Fox and Pol Hotel in Le
                                               Le Touquet. Great style at super value.
Touquet, Cocquempot in Montreuil and                                                            I   Three rounds at Hardelot Pins and
                                                                                                    Les Dunes
                                              Saint Saens near Rouen have all been
                                              enlarged and modernised and brand new             I   Four-in-a-car travel with Eurotunnel
                                              hotels like the Golf-Hotel Saint Omer and         I   £299 per person mid and high-
                                              Barriere Casino Resort in Lille all combine           season in 2010. Was £355 in 2009
                                              to present exciting and very comfortable
The course that Jack Nicklaus built...                                                          Call our French experts on
                                              places to stay offering a variety of facilities
Paris International, near Chantilly.                                                            01277 824100.
                                              and styles.

The Tom Simpson-designed gem of Saint Germain near Versailles.

                                                                          The pleasures of Northern France                                          5
The pleasures of Northern France   Of course, one of the main joys of France is
                                   the food and drink. With every French Golf
                                   Holiday Information Pack, we include a
                                   dedicated list of restaurants which present
                                   extra special value to our clients…How
                                   about 15% off at the wonderful seafood
                                   restaurant La Liegoise in Wimereux or 25%
                                   off the bar prices at Dolce Chantilly and
                                   free aperitifs in Deauville.

                                                                                  The restaurant at the Hermitage, Montreuil sur Mer.

                                                                                  With deals like three rounds for the price
                                                                                                                                 Example itinerary
                                                                                  of two at Hardelot, all-inclusive packages
                                                                                  featuring clubhouse lunches with beer and
                                                                                                                                 I   Four nights’ b.b at the three-star
                                                                                  delicious dinners with wine at Le Manoir,          Hermitage Montreuil sur Mer
                                                                                  three nights for the price of two at Hotel     I   Two rounds at Belle Dune and one at
                                                                                  du Parc, Hardelot, and Dolce Chantilly…            Le Touquet La Mer
                                                                                  Our list goes on. It all makes for the very    I   Four-in-a-car travel with Eurotunnel
                                                                                  best of classic golfing breaks at yesteryear
                                                                                                                                 I   £349 per person mid and high-season
                                   A Deluxe bedroom at the completely             prices.
                                   renovated four-star Chateau Mont Royal                                                            in 2010. Was £395 in 2009
                                                                                  Give us a call and be prepared to be very
                                   near Chantilly.                                pleasantly surprised.                          Call our French experts on 01277 824100.

                                    The classic links of Wimereux on the north coast.

            6                      For expert help and advice, please call our team on 01277 824100
                                                                                                            01277 824100
Countryside style just
30 minutes from Calais
A four-star hotel with renowned
restaurant and 53 recently-renovated
bedrooms, Chateau Tilques offers a
relaxing atmosphere and great

Just a few minutes from the European
Tour course of Aa-St Omer and with
easy access to other lovely courses such                    Example Itinerary for French Golf
                                                            Holidays clients:
as Wimereux, Hardelot, and Dunkerque
                                                                Two nights’ dinner, bed & breakfast
and a very short drive from the medieval

                                                                Two rounds at Aa-St Omer
town of Saint Omer it’s a perfect choice

                                                                Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel
for serious golfers who love French style

                                                                £265 per person valid until
at great value.                                                 March 31, 2010

               Chateau Tilques - French Style - Gourmet Food - Great Value

Aa St Omer Golf Club has hosted the
PGA European Tour every year since
2003. It’s tough but fair, and a very
well-presented course with great views.

Only 110 miles from London and over-
looking the manicured fairways of the golf
course, the 54 bedrooms offer great
style and panoramic views over the 18-
hole golf course and Aa Valley. The hotel
offers a restaurant serving classic                               Example Itinerary for French Golf
dishes, and there’s a cosy bar to                                 Holidays clients:

celebrate the round too. And there’s a                            G   Two nights’ dinner, bed & breakfast
                                                                      Two rounds at Aa-St Omer
wellness centre if you want to try and win                        G

                                                                      Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel
the long driving competition.

                                                                  Just £245 per person valid until
                                                                  March 31, 2010

Sun Over The Eight
                     Sun Over The Eight
                     I gave my colleagues Heather Leathley        souk on site to add to the great variety of
                     (Director of Operations) and Neil            evening entertainments. To stay at the
                     Crossland (Golf holiday expert for 15        four-star Iberotel Makadi Beach on an
                     years) the following task: “Find our         all-inclusive basis, with four rounds of golf,
                     clients a winter break lasting one week      flights from the UK and transfers, costs
                     or longer with guaranteed sunshine, a        £799 for one week.                               Iberotel Makadi Beach, Egypt.
                     smart hotel, at least four rounds of golf,
                     flight and hire car and one dinner or
                     more for under £800 per person”.
                     They came up with over 20 super options
                     but fine-tuned them to the Top 8.
                     Over to Heather...

                     As we’ve already put the heating on here
                     in Blackmore, it was a pleasant change to
                     put together some ideas for escaping the
                     long, dark nights that lie ahead.

                     Egypt has just joined our portfolio of
                     winter destinations and the Madinat
                     Makadi resort looks very exciting, with a

                                                                  Le Tikida Gardens, Morocco.

                                                                  Turkey has been a hit all year with clients      Morocco is a rising star and offers
                                                                  and a winter week at the five-star Sueno         vibrant nightlife and fantastic golf.
                                                                  Hotel with dinner, bed and breakfast and
                                                                  four rounds of golf at the two fantastic         Marrakech now boasts no fewer than five
                                                                  courses on site, flights and transfers costs     top-class courses and a week at the four-
                     Gorgeous golf in Turkey.                     £799 per person.                                 star Le Tikida Gardens in the heart of the

                     Sueno Hotel, Turkey.

       8             Visit our website at for our latest offers and deals
                                                                                                                    01277 824100
Be the first to experience our                                                 After your round choose between
Korineum Residences luxury                                                     a revitalising spa treatment or
accommodation overlooking the                                                  drinks on the panoramic terrace.
extensive warm-up facilities of                                                Or for the most serious of golfers
the beautiful Korineum Golf &                                                  take advantage of our unlimited
Country Club.                                                                  golf offer and play your afternoon
                                                                               round for free.
The resort nestles between
Cypress pines and olive trees and
boasts the finest course in                                                    Korineum Golf & Country Club -
Cyprus and stunning views of        Example package                            the best kept secret on the
the Mediterranean and Five          for GolfPlanet Holidays clients:           Mediterranean.
Finger mountain range.              G Return private transfers from airport
                                    G Seven nights’ bed and buffet breakfast
                                    G Four rounds of golf
                                       £499 per person

Sun Over The Eight

                      La Cala Campo America North Course, Spain.

                     beautiful city with four rounds of golf costs   Along the Costa del Sol coast is the well-       of golf a day (including one round on the
                     £799 per person including flights and           known La Cala resort near Mijas. Always          Blue Monster) costs £765 per person
                     transfers.                                      great value and with superb golf options         including a hirecar but excluding flights.
                                                                     just outside the front door, a week here         With more than 100 championship
                     Slightly closer to home is the ever-popular     with bed, breakfast, one dinner, four            courses in a 60 mile stretch, Myrtle Beach
                     Costa del Sol. The sunshine guarantee           rounds of golf, flights and hirecar comes        in South Carolina has everything for the
                     may not be rock solid, but the flights are      in at £699 per person.                           ‘snowbirds’. One week at the Marina Inn
                     short and the golf good. One week at the                                                         Grande Dunes with five rounds of
                     four-star Barcelo Marbella, with one            Cyprus always has a lot to offer to the          impressive golf on courses designed by
                     dinner, four rounds of golf, flights and        sunshine seeker, whether you want to play        the likes of Trent Jones, Arnold Palmer
                     hirecar costs £749 per person.                  golf in your shirtsleeves or visit the ancient   and Pete Dye costs £725 per person,
                                                                     monuments. InterContinental Aphrodite            including a hirecar but excluding flights.
                                                                     Hills Resort Hotel has some tremendous
                                                                     winter deals for our clients; one week here
                                                                     with half-board and four rounds on the
                                                                     resort course and flights and a hirecar
                                                                     costs £799 per person.

                                                                     For a bargain winter break further afield,
                                                                     Florida is the answer. The famous five-
                                                                     star Doral Golf Resort offers top-class
                                                                     accommodation and four superb courses
                                                                     across a 650 acre site - including the aptly
                                                                     named Blue Monster, host to the World
                                                                     Golf Championship. To stay for one week
                     Barcelo Marbella, Spain.                        including American breakfast and 18 holes        Aphrodite Hills Resort, Cyprus.

   10                Visit our website at for our latest offers and deals
                                                                                                          01277 824100
                    Hôtels Barrière are in a class of their own.

       With luxury hotels in the finest resorts of France and Morocco, Hotels Barrière
      have long been regarded as providing luxury in welcoming surroundings. And
        with Hotel du Golf Deauville in Normandy and Hotel du Golf International
                La Baule in Brittany there’s sensational value to be had too.

With 178 generous bedrooms and 27 holes of
classic parkland golf designed by Tom Simpson
and Henry Cotton plus a super golfer’s bar
and elegant restaurant you won’t need to leave
the hotel. And if you do want to explore, the
lively resort of Deauville and the famous ports
of Trouville and Honfleur are just down the

French Golf Holidays clients also benefit from        Example package for French Golf Holidays clients:
free golf at the seven best courses in the region.    I Four nights’ b/b in Deluxe Sea-view bedrooms
                                                      I Four dinners
Under three hours from Calais and with even           I Four rounds of golf at a choice of seven
easier access from Le Havre and Caen, Hotel             great courses
du Golf is easy to get to but hard to leave.          I Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel

                                                      £399 per person based on a party of eight

For keen and sunshine-hungry golfers there’s no
better value to be had than at the Hotel du Golf
International in La Baule. Seven hours from Calais
and just a couple from Saint Malo there are 100
spacious apartments complete with kitchen area,
bathroom, lounge/bedroom and terrace and private
garage complete with daily servicing. Resort
facilities include a heated pool and restaurant.

Golfers are spoilt with 36 Thomas/Alliss/Nicklaus
Jnr-designed holes on site and free access to three   Example package for French Golf Holidays clients:
other beautiful courses. Plus the medieval town of    I Seven nights’ self-catering in Junior Suite
Guerande and smart resort of La Baule are just          accommodation
minutes away.                                         I Unlimited golf at five golf courses
                                                      I Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel
Sounds tempting?...Just look at the price.
                                                      £299 per person

                                                        Call our French experts on 01277 824100           11
GolfPlanet Holidays and IMG
                              GolfPlanet Holidays and IMG
                              There’s no company in golf organisation      Holidays is delighted to announce a
                              better than the International                partnership with IMG, offering our private
                              Management Group, founded by Mark            clients access that was hitherto limited to
                              McCormack in the 1950s to cater for the      corporate sponsors. From “inside the
                              surge in interest in golf created by the     ropes” one-day access to full tournament
                              likes of Arnold Palmer. Soon IMG had         VIP pass with accommodation, lunches,
                              almost every big player on its books         drinks, green-fees and transfers all
                              and that list now includes major             included, you can enjoy seeing the best in
                              sportspersons and sports events              the world play your favourite sport ‘up
                              throughout the world.                        close and personal’. What’s more, we can
                                                                           even arrange for IMG golf professionals to
                              IMG obviously has privileged access to       come along and be part of your golf day or
                              the running of tournaments and the           week - subject to availability.
                              superstars who play in them. GolfPlanet                                                     Finca Cortesin courtyard

                                                                                                                         Our tournament partnership with IMG
                                                                                                                         starts at The Volvo World Match Play
                                                                                                                         Championship at the Finca Cortesin Golf
                                                                                                                         Resort on the Spanish south coast.
                                                                                                                         October 29 – November 1, 2009…Welcome
                                                                                                                         to The Match Play Club!

                                                                                                                         With the introduction of a new ‘champions
                                                                                                                         league,’ match play format and
                                                                                                                         the most rigorous and transparent
                                                                                                                         qualification criteria in its history, this
                                                                                                                         iconic event will set the stage for other
                                                                                                                         tournaments to follow.

                                                                                                                         With a total prize fund of $3.25million and
                                                                                                                         the champion’s cheque worth more than a
                                                                                                                         million dollars, the Volvo World Match Play
                                                                                                                         Championship will see 16 of the finest
                                                                                                                         golfers in the world, drawn from every
                                                                                                                         continent, going head-to-head in search of
                               Finca Cortesin: target golf supreme.                                                      one of the most coveted crowns in golf.

                              Finca Cortesin: plenty of great vantage points.

                                                                                                                                01277 824100
The Match Play Club                                                                      IMG and GolfPlanet Holidays
                                                                                         Travel Packages
A superbly-appointed facility set within     Other tournaments on the schedule
                                                                                         Travel packages including
the magnificent Finca Cortesin Hotel,        include Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Classic in
located close to the 18th green and          Florida and the Seve Vivendi Trophy late    accommodation, transport and
providing guests with the best possible      September in Paris. Extra-special           bespoke itineraries are available –
access to the day’s action while offering    packages for The Masters and The Open
                                             are also available as are our “golf days
                                                                                         please call Simon Crawley on
a stylish yet informal base to entertain.
                                             with the superstars”. My colleague Simon    01277 824100 or email him at
G Exclusive admission to the Volvo World     Crawley will be able to provide you with
  Match Play Championship                    the details and pricings.
G VIP car parking
G Full use of the Match Play Club
G Access to an exclusive garden / viewing
  area at the 18th green
G Access to an on-course VIP unit at the
  heart of the action with views of the
  2nd and 6th greens
G Continental breakfast on arrival
G Served complimentary bar throughout
  the day (excluding Champagne)
G Buffet luncheon and afternoon
G Official souvenir programme and daily
  draw sheet
G Hospitality hosts and event personnel in

Prices from just:
£150 per person for Sunday to
£300 per person for Thursday and
£840 for the four-day Hospitality Package.

                                                                                 GolfPlanet Holidays and IMG                    13
Special Offers
                 Special Offers                                                                            Hotel du Golf,
                                                                                                           Groups of eight or more staying in

                 and Latest News                                                                           Deluxe Sea-View bedrooms at the
                                                                                                           lovely four-star Hotel du Golf Deauville
                                                                                                           in 2010 will receive the following
                                                                                                           French Golf Holidays bonuses:
                 Early Booking Discounts                      G £50 off for any booking (apart from        G Free half-board
                                                                daytrips and one night stays) if you       G Third night free
                 and Late Booking Offers                        book two or more holidays                  G One in eight staying free at the hotel
                 As well as passing on to you any special     G A GolfPlanet Holidays “golfing goodie
                 discounts offered to us by our hotel, golf     bag” for the Group Leader for
                 and travel partners we will offer the          bookings of 12 or more people
                 following benefits if you book a holiday
                 for 2009 and/or if you book before
                 November 30 for a holiday in 2010:
                 G £100 off for bookings of eight people
                   or more staying three or more nights
                 G £50 off bookings of four people or                                                      Taking your golf clubs on
                   more staying three or more nights                                                       holiday becomes a pleasure!
                                                                                                           What with lugging your clubs around
                                                                                                           and paying high prices for putting them
                 Penha Longa Golf and Spa                      Following the success of                    on the aircraft, we’ve come up with a
                                                               our client golf day at                      solution…A sturdy transport box will be
                 Resort, Portugal,                                                                         delivered to your door and you can
                 is offering free nights for                   Stoke Park, we have                         pack your clubs and other luggage (up
                 stays from November to                        negotiated a great two-night deal for       to 27kg in total) before the box is
                 March 2010. Book two                          Sunday arrivals with breakfast and          picked up and delivered to your
                 nights and get the third night free or        dinner included and two rounds of golf      hotel…No fuss, no worries and travel
                 book five nights and get two nights free      on the historic Stoke Park golf courses     in style.
                 plus a free room upgrade. There’s             for just £395 per person.                   This service costs just £75 per box
                 also a Welcome drink and                                                                  return for European destinations.
                 complimentary driving range access                                                        Please ask our team for more details.

                                                                                                           Wine, great golf
                                                                                                           and fine food…It
                                                                                                           can only be Medoc
                                                                                                           With two highly-rated golf courses,
                                                                                                           authentic wine bar, spa and 79 lovely
                                                                                                           bedrooms, the four-star Medoc Golf Spa
                                                                                                           Hotel ticks the boxes of any discerning
                                                                                                           golfer. Book before February 28, 2010
                                                              Book before November 30,
                                                                                                           and pay just £799 per person for
                                                              2010 and take advantage of
                                                                                                           G Five nights’ bed and breakfast
                                                              our fantastic offer at the four-
                                                                                                           G A welcome drink and dinner
                                                              star Chateau des Sept Tours
                 Five Stars in France*****                                                                 G Three rounds at Medoc Les Vignes and
                                                              in the Loire Valley.
                 At long last, the French government                                                         Les Chateaux and one round at Gujan
                                                              G Six nights’ b/b, two dinners, two rounds
                 have seen fit to offer a five-star                                                          Mestras or Lacanau
                                                                at Sept Tours and one round each at
                 category to its finest hotels. Previously                                                 G Large hire car per four people
                                                                Touraine, Ardree and Bauge Pontigne
                 restricted by high tax brackets, many        G Two-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel and         G Flights from UK to Bordeaux (based
                 four and four-star Deluxe hotels are           free room upgrade:                           on £150 per
                 upgrading their facilities and service       £779 From now until March 31, 2010             person)
                 and becoming official Five Star Hotels.      £855 From April 1 until
                 Just call us for the latest list.            September 30, 2010

                                                                                                                                    01277 824100
There’s nothing more                                       Seasons
                                          The world-class Four
relaxing than good quality                Resort in Mauritius has extended
self-catering on a beautiful              its Food and Beverage credit to our clients
golf course and that’s what makes La      throughout 2010. For clients staying seven
Bretesche such a winner. Located          nights, there’s a credit of no less than
in the south of Brittany, the cottages    £455 per room. Plus, we offer free golf
are spacious and well-appointed and       including buggy with GPS on the Ernie Els-
are next to the stunning Relais &         designed Four Seasons Golf Course.
Chateaux La Bretesche Hotel.
Stay seven nights in the smarter
Bergerie cottages with unlimited golf
(at a choice of four different courses)   Le Mas Candille,                              ABAMA Golf & Spa Resort,
with Eurotunnel travel based on two
                                          Mougins The multi-                            Tenerife A great favourite with
per car for just £659 for holidays
                                          award winning Le Mas Candille in              clients and it’s not hard to see why!
before July 10 if booked by
                                          Mougins – with its Shiseido spa and           The golf course is a test for the best,
January 31 2010.
                                          Michelin-starred restaurant - now             the bedrooms are huge and elegantly
                                          boasts six new suites. With panoramic         decorated and the choice of
                                          views of Grasse and huge space and            restaurants is excellent. Prices this
                                          comforts to match, Le Mas Candille            winter start from £995 per person for
                                          offers all the luxury you need in a very      a seven night stay with buffet breakfast,
                                          special environment. Call us for our          four rounds of golf with buggy and
                                          discounted rates and deals.                   practice balls and a resort credit of
                                                                                        E125 per person.

Jaz Makadi Golf
Hotel Our latest golf
destination in Egypt is one of our
greatest finds and this winter we have
some unbelievable offers there. For
example, seven nights’ b/b with return
                                                                                        Martin’s Hotels latest
airport transfers from Hurghada and
                                                                                        property is the four-star
five rounds of Championship golf costs    The cream of golf                             Martin’s Relais Oud
just £499 per person from November
21 to December 13.
                                          at Dolce Chantilly                            Huis Amsterdam in Bruges.            A
                                          For high-quality golf and American-
Call us for flight prices and other                                                     very welcome addition to our popular
                                          style comforts, look no further than the
available dates.                                                                        Belgium portfolio, the hotel features 44
                                          200-bedroom Dolce Chantilly – just two
                                                                                        recently-renovated bedrooms, canal
                                          hours from Calais. If you book before
                                                                                        views and a secluded garden. Four-in-
                                          February 28, 2010 you’ll pay just £559
                                                                                        a-car Dover – Dunkerque with Norfolk
                                                                                        Line, three nights b/b, golf at Damme
                                          G Six nights’ bed and American buffet
                                                                                        and Oostburg…Only £275 per person
                                          G Golf at Apremont, Isle Adam and
                                            Dolce Chantilly
                                          G Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel
                                          G Valid throughout 2010                       Valescure, Provence
                                                                                        The charming Golf-Hotel Valescure has
                                                                                        earned its fourth star. With renovated
                                                                                        bedrooms and 20 new suites and a
                                                                                        beauty spa, it offers style and location
                                                                                        at great rates.

                                                                          Special Offers and Latest News                            15
Where to go this Winter and in 2010
                                      Where to go this winter
                                      and in 2010
                                      Whatever you’re after, we’ve got the         A few things in a golfer’s life are sure:   For short breaks, the main criteria are the
                                      answer. Plus that special something that     G The further south in Europe you go, the   golf, ease of access, the après-golf, the
                                                                                      better the chance of fine weather        hotel and then the weather. Travelling
                                      the internet and the guide books cannot
                                                                                   G Thanks to scientific advances, golf       south to guaranteed sunshine is not
                                      provide – a personal understanding of
                                                                                      courses are more environmentally         paramount, thus the UK, Northern
                                      your needs and the knowledge of how to                                                   France and Belgium come into play.
                                                                                      friendly and in better year-round
                                      make it happen quickly and efficiently.
                                                                                   G There have never been so many top-
                                      Whether it’s a trip with golfing chums,                                                  Our UK partners have given us some
                                                                                      quality courses available to play.
                                                                                                                               super deals as they are only too aware
                                      a leisurely tour with loved ones or a        G Despite Sterling’s weakness, there are    that the economy has been suffering. You
                                      small part of a long stay “holiday of a         cracking deals to be had                 can stay at fabulous resorts like
                                      lifetime”, we give it our full one-to-one    G You will three-putt when putting for      Gleneagles and Turnberry and benefit
                                      attention.                                      an eagle!                                from a third night for free or unlimited
                                                                                                                               golf…Savings of well over £100 per person.

                                                                                                                               The French economy is a “slow plodder”
                                                                                                                               and downturns and upturns are not felt as
                                                                                                                               sharply as they are in the UK. However,
                                                                                                                               since early summer 2009, we’ve managed
                                                                                                                               to convince our French friends that deals
                                                                                                                               must be offered and they’ve been very
                                                                                                                               proactive – so much so that our
                                                                                                                               destinations offer the same value as they
                                                                                                                               did five or six years ago...Particularly if you
                                                                                                                               choose to eat and drink at the restaurants
                                                                                                                               which offer our clients added-value or if
                                                                                                                               you take advantage of the “all-inclusive”
                                                                                                                               deals at some of our hotels.

                                                                                                                               We think France is getting back to its best
                                                                                                                               regarding service and facilities and we’ve
                                                                                                                               worked hard to find the type of hotels
                                                                                                                               you’re looking for. We’ve never had such a
                                                                                                                               large choice: family-run hotels offering
                                                                                                                               great-value half-board packages, hotels
                                                                                                                               with the first tee just a wedge way, and
                                                                                                                               leading luxury hotels in the main resorts
                                                                                                                               or tucked away just waiting to be

                                                                                                                               Eating and drinking in France are part of
                                                                                                                               the treat but can be expensive. However,
                                                                                                                               move from a Chablis to a Menetou Salon
                                                                                                                               and from a Bordeaux to a Languedoc and
                                                                                                                               choose a Fixed Menu instead of A La Carte
                                                                                                                               and you’ll save money and be very
                                      Glorious Gleneagles - perfect for recharging the soul!                                   pleasantly surprised.

      16                              For expert help and advice, please call our team on 01277 824100
                                                                                  01277 824100
G   Beautiful golf course
G   Tennis
G   Fast ferry transfer from Tenerife
G   Beautiful island location of La Gomera
G   434 four-star bedrooms
G   Superb value accommodation - half-board and golf packages...
    Seven nights from £875 per person.

G   Beautiful Moorish architecture with 255 five-star bedrooms
G   First-class service and facilities
G   Ideally-located for the five best courses on Tenerife - including exclusive
    access to Abama
G   Special services for golfers including golf club and shoe cleaning and
    Golfers Lounge with Golf TV channel, soft drinks and fresh fruits
G   Just 20 minutes from Tenerife South airport
    Seven nights’ b/b, four rounds of golf and hirecar from £799 per person

Where to go this Winter and in 2010                                                                                                A cheaper alternative is to try inland or on
                                                                                                                                   the eastern coasts. These destinations
                                                                                                                                   have always been less expensive than the
                                                                                                                                   Costa del Sol and the larger hotels offer
                                                                                                                                   our clients all sorts of exclusives.

                                                                                                                                   Portugal is now very aggressive in its
                                                                                                                                   pricing and the area at the eastern end of
                                                                                                                                   the Algarve – near the historic town of
                                                                                                                                   Tavira – offers arguably the greatest
                                                                                                                                   ‘sunshine golf’ value available. Super
                                                                                                                                   courses, good hotels, delicious food and
                                                                                                                                   prices you’d think went out of date ten
                                                                                                                                   years ago. We’re also great fans of the
                                                                                                                                   Lisbon Coast with its variety of links and
                                                                                                                                   target courses and the charming resorts.

                                      Royal Zoute - a classic turn-of-the-20th-Century course just 90 minutes from Calais.
                                      So France can offer cracking value – you     BELGIUM                                         Italy is not yet a real golfing holiday
                                      just need to know where to look and what     The best courses and hotels in Belgium          destination because the best courses are
                                      to ask for…And that’s where we come in.      have been consistently pro-active in            too far apart. However, for food, style and
                                                                                   wanting to attract our clients and après-       quality hotels, Italy is up there with the
                                                                                   golf has always been special value. Base        best but the prices, although they’ve come
                                                                                   yourself in Bruges or Waterloo and              down, may deter some from trying.
                                                                                   you’ll be delighted with the courses and        Combine golf in Italy with some
                                                                                   the food.                                       sightseeing, make it a longer holiday and
                                                                                                                                   you’ll find you get better value. For short
                                                                                                                                   breaks, it’s pricey but good.
                                                                                   There’s still good value to be found in
                                                                                   Spain with flight and car-hire prices being
                                                                                   attractive. Green-fees have decreased on
                                                                                   most of the better courses and some of
                                                                                   our hotels have come up with special
                                                                                   packages too. We favour the hitherto
                                                                                   “exclusive” area towards Sotogrande, just
                                                                                   west of the main part of the Costa del Sol –
                                                                                   the finest golf, a real Spanish atmosphere
                                                                                   and classy and/or historic hotels. So you
                                      Grande Villa Real Italia on the Lisbon
                                                                                   can get your fix of “winter sunshine golf” at
                                      coast of Portugal is a beautiful hotel
                                                                                   an impressive quality-price ratio.
                                      surrounded by great courses.                                                                 Austria - great golf in idyllic surroundings.

                                       Quinta da Cima is just one of the great-value hidden gems in the Tavira region of south Portugal.

      18                              Visit our website at for our latest offers and deals
                                                                                                                                                01277 824100
We’re new admirers of golf in Austria.
Everyone knows about the scenery (think
Sound of Music!) but what is less well-
known is the Austrians’ love of food and
their beautiful golf courses. The roads are
super, the towns are “picture-postcard”
and the people are welcoming. Plus, the
fairways are practically empty…It all
makes for a very refreshing holiday.
Our hotel and green-fee rates offer
excellent value but flights and hire cars
are relatively expensive so to help keep
the prices down, take a little bit more time
and drive through France and we can
arrange stop-offs (and tee-times!) on the          Year-round sunshine and just four hours away. Our “all-in” deals at the Ritz-Carlton
way.                                               Abama make it a hit throughout the year.

                                                   remarkable; for example, even in the lively    G Championship golf courses designed by
The British have long had an affinity with
                                                   resort of Paphos there is the World              the biggest names in golf
Cyprus and there are several very good
                                                   Heritage Site of the Tomb of the Kings.        G No need for hiring cars
reasons for golfing there: Aphrodite Hills
                                                                                                  G All-inclusive deals at excellent rates
in the south and Korineum in the north are
                                                   TENERIFE                                       Previously ignored by other golfing
two super courses providing excellent
                                                   Tenerife and its neighbouring island, La       countries, Turkey is now seen as a worthy
value (Korineum is the bargain of 2010).
                                                   Gomera, have reacted well with terrific        competitor and the level of repeat
What’s more, the island is strikingly
                                                   all-inclusive offers so you know exactly       business is high.
beautiful, (particularly if you take time to
                                                   how much your holiday is going to cost.
explore inland) and the culture is
                                                   With its warm climate and just four hours      MOROCCO
                                                   from the UK, it ticks a lot of boxes.          Morocco now boasts four excellent
                                                                                                  courses around Marrakech, a new Gary
                                                   TURKEY                                         Player/Sol Kerzner (of Sun City fame)
                                                   Turkey has been the tourism success            resort near Casablanca and classic
                                                   story of recent years. It’s a huge country     layouts near Rabat. Some of the bigger
                                                   with countless sights to see and               hotels have pushed up their prices so our
                                                   thousands of miles of beautiful coastline.     local partner (and a great friend of mine)
                                                   Turkey’s golf expansion programme              has found us hidden gems to help keep
                                                   around Antalya and Belek is now a              the price down but the quality up. The
                                                   template for other countries to follow:        other plus about Morocco is that its prices
There’s excellent value to be had at               G Resort hotels offering great on-site         are most attractive in late Autumn and
Aphrodite Hills near Paphos: golf, five-star         facilities with resorts ranging from         Winter – the ideal times for those of us in
hotel, spa, villas and great leisure facilities.     three-star to De Luxe                        search of short-sleeve golf.

 Grotta Giusti near Florence is a firm favourite for our half-board, golf and spa deals.

                                                                            Where to go this winter and in 2010                                 19
     ROYAL                       The award-winning Golf and
     MOUGINS                     Spa Resort on the French Riviera

     golf resor t
                                                                                                 Contemporary restaurant

                                                                                                 Stunning clubhouse

                                                                                                 The finest cuisine
     Just minutes from the jet-setting resort     the place to unwind and enjoy the best
     of Cannes and even closer to the             that life has to offer.
     charming ‘artist’s village’ of Mougins
     Royal Mougins Golf Resort is unique in       As well as the superb golf course there
     Europe in having the coveted Mobil           are many others within easy access and
     Five Diamond accolade.                       the treasures of Provence and the Cote
                                                  d’Azur are just a short drive away.
     With 29 huge and beautiful bedrooms -                                                       European Top 50 course
     each with large terrace overlooking the      Just 30 minutes from Nice Airport you
     famous Robert von Hagge designed             can enjoy Royal Mougins Golf Resort
     course - and the finest of food and          at very special French Golf Holidays
     facilities Royal Mougins Golf Resort is      prices:

     Example package for French Golf
     Holidays Clients:                            G   Welcome lunch
     G   Five nights’ b/b                         G   Mid-size hire car for two people
                                                  G   Flight to Nice (with golf club carriage)
                                                      From £749 per person
     G   Two rounds at Royal Mougins with buggy
         and one round at Mandelieu Old                                                          Pool and spa

                                                                                                                                          01277 824100
We offer Kenya on an “as required” basis
with another very good friend of mine
providing the arrangements. A Dutchman
who’s lived in Kenya for over 20 years, he
knows how to get the best out of Kenya.
It’s terrific value, the safaris are a must
and the flights are low-cost too.              The Boulders in Arizona is an iconic golf resort that oozes quality.

SOUTH AFRICA                                  of football’s 2010 World Cup finals, South     world’s most dramatic (Le Touessrok
South Africa is one of the world’s most       Africa is sure to be in the spotlight but      designed by Bernhard Langer and Four
exciting countries and there’s not much       prices against Sterling remain decent.         Seasons designed by Ernie Els).
that can beat its combination of
accommodation, scenery, food and wine         MAURITIUS                                      UNITED STATES
and great golf courses. With just a two-      There’s never been a better time to visit      Even with our exclusive choice of USA
hour time difference, there’s not even any    Mauritius – as a whole, the hotels have        destinations, it was still a pleasant
jet-lag! We tend to offer the upmarket        been very positive about offering our          surprise how many of our clients asked us
“bed and breakfasts” after two or three       clients the right incentives to come and       to book their North America holidays in
nights in a smart hotel in Cape Town. The     the flight prices have fallen. To totally      2009. But when you take into account the
B&Bs are a great way to follow the Garden     relax and recharge the batteries, I don’t      keen flight prices, the decent Sterling/
Route and the owners provide the latest       think there’s anywhere better. The             Dollar rate and the deals our American
knowledge on which vineyards to visit and     standard of food and accommodation is          friends offer us, there’s probably never
where the best beaches are. As the host       outstanding and there are now six              been a better time to enjoy their world-
                                              beautiful courses – including two of the       class golf and hospitality.

                                                                                             Top of the Pops was Arizona – one of my
                                                                                             favourite destinations with the Boulders
                                                                                             Resort and We Ko Pa being “must stay”
                                                                                             and “must play” respectively.

                                                                                             With our private relationship with Pebble
                                                                                             Beach, clients have enjoyed privileged
                                                                                             rates at one of the world’s most exclusive
                                              Four Seasons in Mauritius offers world-
                                                                                             golf resorts and combined that with a tour
A tour round South Africa is a “must do”      renowned service and quality (and a
                                                                                             of the Californian coast.
- a magnificent festival of food, golf        brilliant Ernie Els golf course) - all at
and sights.                                   much improved prices.

                                                                                              Spyglass is considered as the course at
                                                                                              the No.1 golf resort in the world...
                                                                                              Pebble Beach: exclusively with
                                                                                              GolfPlanet Holidays.

                                                                                              For more information on any of
                                                                                              the destinations featured in this
                                                                                               magazine, call our experts on
                                                                                                   01277 824100 or visit
 Scotland comes to...Turkey! With our superb choice of “all-in” resorts, Turkey
 appeals to more and more clients.

                                                                       Where to go this winter and in 2010                                21
Interview with Tom Watson’s caddie
                                     Interview with Tom Watson’s
                                     caddie, Neil Oxman
                                                                                   and La Jolla, California; he has been the      except 2008, in the Open and the British
                                                                                   media architect of two successful              Seniors Open. Tom plays about 15
                                                                                   Democratic Presidential primary                tournaments a year these days – 12 senior
                                                                                   campaigns and lectured on media and            events, two majors and a skins game with
                                                                                   political strategy at Oxford University.       Jack Nicklaus - and I caddy for him in
                                                                                   (b) a film critic for a Philadelphia radio     these.
                                                                                   station; he sees more than 200 movies a        I’ve been caddying for 37 years, and I
                                                                                   year.                                          reckon I’ve done about 400 USPGA Tour
                                                                                   (c) a caddie on the USPGA Tour for             events.
                                                                                   37 years.
                                                                                                                                  Q: How does that balance with your
                                     At the age of 59 and just nine months         Tom Watson and Neil Oxman first met in         business life – CEO of a major political
                                     after a hip replacement operation, Tom        1972 when Watson was in his first full         consultancy?
                                     Watson was on the brink of winning the        year on the USPGA Tour and Oxman was           A: It’s a great diversion. I used to caddy
                                     Open for the sixth time. He needed a par      caddying to pay his way through law            more or less full time and average 30-40
                                     at the final hole of the final round at       school, but they did not become on-            tournaments a year. Now it’s just the 15
                                     Turnberry - but his approach shot rolled      course partners until five years ago.          with Tom.
                                     through the green to tufty grass at the       Turnberry 2009 was their unforgettable
                                     back. He took three more shots to get         drama that could be/should be/must be          Q: What do you advise Tom on – distance,
                                                                                   a book or movie.                               wind, putts, strategy?
                                     down – and so he was tied with Stewart
                                                                                                                                  A: My principal job is to give him two
                                                                                   As Oxman told David Walsh of The Sunday        yardages: one to the front of the green
                                                                                   Times: “With a great book or a great           and the other to the pin and also – is it
                                     That, as it turned out, was the end of the
                                                                                   movie, you know someone has already            near a bunker or a rise? Tom knows what
                                     dream. Watson’s mental and physical
                                                                                   written the end. If you are idiot enough,      he’s going to hit 95 per cent of the time.
                                     stamina drained away in the three-hole
                                                                                   you can skip to the last chapter of the        On the other 5 per cent, he’s unsure and
                                     play-off. Cink was the champion. Watson
                                                                                   book. With the greatest movie, you can         it’s then a collaborative process. We’ll
                                     was the hero.
                                                                                   often foresee the end, and anyway you          talk: is it a 6-iron or a 7? And then he’ll
                                                                                   know the director knows, the scriptwriter      decide.
                                     Watson’s constant companion through
                                                                                   knows. But we were standing there in the       Tom did a great job at Turnberry; I just
                                     those 75 holes of drama was his caddie,
                                                                                   18th fairway on Sunday evening. Tom had        carried the bag. He played wonderfully
                                     Neil Oxman. But Oxman is no ordinary
                                                                                   hit his last shot into the green, he had the   and he didn’t hit a bad shot all week until
                                     caddie. At 58, he’s as extraordinary as the
                                                                                   Jug almost in his hands but still we didn’t    the play-off. For me, it would have been
                                     man whose bag he carried.
                                                                                   know how it would end. No-one knew. The        harder to caddy for a guy who’s 10 over.
                                     For Oxman is:
                                                                                   script hadn’t been written. That’s why it
                                     (a) Chief Executive Officer of The
                                                                                   was so amazing.”                               Q: Was Tom’s second shot to the 18th
                                     Campaign Group Inc, a political
                                                                                                                                  green in the last round of the Open
                                     consultancy with offices in Philadelphia
                                                                                   Now, in an exclusive Q&A session with          perfect but unlucky in that it rolled
                                                                                   Gimme, Neil Oxman tells us more about          through the green and off the back?
                                                                                   Tom Watson and himself.                        Would you have advised anything
                                                                                   Q: How did you come to caddy for Tom           A: I’ve not seen the shot yet! He was 189
                                                                                   Watson at the Open this year?                  yards from the pin and 170 yards from the
                                                                                   A: I’ve been caddying for Tom since 2003,      front. He wanted to pitch it on the front of
                                                                                   when his regular caddie, Bruce Edwards,        the green and run up. He hit an 8-iron
                                                                                   got sick. I was with Tom that year at the      flush, perhaps too perfect. A 9-iron would
                                                                                   Open at Royal St George’s and the British      have been just out of his range; it would
                                      Tom Watson and Neil Oxman during             Seniors Open at Turnberry – and I’ve           have pitched short and could have gone
                                      round three of the Open Championship.        caddied for him every year since then,         anywhere.

      22                             For our website at advice, please call our team on 01277 latest
                                     Visitexpert help for our824100offers and deals
                                                                                                                                                01277 824100
                                                   the Open Championship courses, except
                                                   Hoylake. I suppose I’ve played the Old
                                                   Course at St Andrews 50 times over the

                                                   Q: Which are your favourite courses?
                                                   A: My favourite inland course is the Old
                                                   Course at Sunningdale. Of the links
                                                   courses, I love the Old Course at St
                                                   Andrews, Dornoch and North Berwick.

                                                   Q: What are your best golfing memories?
 Tom Watson congratulates Italian                  A: First, playing golf with my father.
 amateur Matteo Manassero on winning               As far as tournament golf is concerned,
 the Silver Medal.                                 the week at Turnberry with Tom this year
                                                   eclipsed everything else I’ve done. It was
Q: How about your own golf? Where do               wonderful at St Andrews in 2005, when I
you play?                                          caddied for Tom and he was paired in the
A: My handicap is 16 and my home club is           first two rounds with Jack Nicklaus in his
Galloway National in New Jersey, about an          farewell Open. And I don’t forget caddying
hour from Philadelphia. I’ve been there            for Tommy Horton in the Great Britain and
since I was a teenager and played with my          Ireland team in the 1975 Ryder Cup at
                                                   Laurel Valley, Pennsylvania.                    Stewart Cink is congratulated by Tom
father. I’m also a member at Royal
                                                                                                   Watson and Neil Oxman after claiming
Dornoch and Machrihanish in Scotland.
                                                   Our thanks to Neil Oxman.                       victory in the play-off for the 138th Open
Once or twice a year with a few friends I
                                                                                                   Championship in July of this year.
take a trip to the UK for golf. I’ve played all

Client Fidelity Bonuses
Clients of many years’ standing will                Whether it’s a room upgrade or a special      Following the great response to our
remember that we’ve always done                     price, an invitation to a Client VIP Day or   personalised golf holdalls and golfing
our best to reward clients who                      an antique putter, it’s our way of saying     goodies, we’re simplifying our Client
holiday with us regularly.                          thank you.                                    Fidelity scheme as follows:

                                                                                                  G Every group leader of 12 or more people
                                                                                                    will receive a golf holdall and golfing
                                                                                                  G Clients who holiday with us a second
                                                                                                    time in a year will receive a £50 credit
                                                                                                    towards their holiday cost and we will
                                                                                                    request a VIP Welcome from the Hotel
                                                                                                    General Manager
                                                                                                  G Clients who holiday with us a third time
                                                                                                    in a year will receive a golf holdall and
                                                                                                    golfing goodies and we will request a
                                                                                                    room upgrade from the Hotel General
                                                                                                  G Clients who book their next year’s
                                                                                                    holiday with us within two months
                                                                                                    of their last holiday, can have the
                                                                                                    same holiday at the same price
                                                                                                    (excluding flight prices which can
Our Goodie bag and contents are useful and stylish...And free of charge!                            go up or down)

Dolce Chantilly provides the perfect    Completely renovated in 2008 and
balance of modern-day comforts          2009, the hotel and its 200
and easy access in a privileged         bedrooms are the ideal solution for
location.                               quality, value and convenience in the
In the very heart of Chantilly forest   beautiful town of Chantilly - just
and with it’s own golf course, Dolce    two hours from Calais.                                             something
Chantilly is also only one mile away
                                                                                                           to inspire
from the World Top 20 course of
Chantilly Vineuil and boasts four       Example package for                                                everyone
other courses recommended by            French Golf Holidays clients
French Golf Holidays within 20          G Three nights’ b/b
minutes’ drive.                         G One round each at Dolce

The hotel features three restaurants      Chantilly, Domaine de Raray
- clubhouse, brasserie and Michelin-      and L’Isle Adam
starred - so you’ll be satisfied        G Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel

whatever your appetite and budget.        £399 per person
Leisure facilites include indoor and
outdoor pool, gym, sauna and
piano bar.

                       Saint-Malo Golf Hotel
                      Tranquility, charm and comfort

                                                      Set in the Mesnil Forest near Saint Malo        golf challenge and there are five other good
                                                      and surrounded by the vast Mirloup lake,        courses within easy access.
                                                      the Saint Malo Golf Hotel is a high-quality
                                                      three-star hotel with an ideal ambience for     The charm of Saint Malo and North Brittany
                                                      golfers. Open beams, stone walls and 29         is renowned and Saint Malo Golf Hotel is
                                                      large bedrooms with either terrace or           the ideal choice from which to enjoy the
                                                      balcony accommodating up to 4 people and        region.

                                                                                                      Example Package for French Golf
                                                      the 18th-Century Manor House and Priory

                                                                                                      Holidays clients:
                                                      all go to make for a relaxing and very
                                                      enjoyable stay.
                                                                                                      G   Four nights’ b/b
                                                                                                      G   Two days’ golf at Saint Malo and one
                                                      The on-site 27-hole golf course was
                                                                                                          round each at Les Ormes and Dinard
                                                      designed by Hubert Chesneau - co-architect      G   Four-in-a-car Eurotunnel travel
                                                                                                          £339 per person
                                                      of the world-famous Golf National near
                                                      Paris. It’s a very pretty parkland and target

                      For expert help and advice, please call our team on 01277 824100

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