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									Jenny E. Elumerag BST M 3

         Definitely, jet blue used their strategy effectively. I agree as I’ve read that it seems that
some energetic people can gain strategic advantage where others have been hurting without
thinking everything that surrounds us for the sake our self. We didn’t mind the anything unless
we cant found out that we hurt somebody.jet blue used their strategy effectively also because
of David Neeleman, who serve as its CEO, a college student he developed open skies, a
computer program that integrates electronic ticketing, internet reservations and revenue
management. Neeleman became an executive bat southwest but left in frustration, because he
believe that an airline could achieve much more efficiency with information technology. Well
jet blue managed to gain strategic advantage by reducing cost and therefore reducing the price
to the customers; and improving a service; especially in terms of on time departures and
arrivals that is one reason that jet blue used their strategy. In my opinion also we must think
the different and profitable to the market and also our competitive like the jet blue does. Less
effort and they don’t need to hire travel agents in their company.jet blue also encourages their
customers to purchased their tickets online, and more than 79 percent of them so, saving the
company much labor . All jet blue flight manuals are centrally maintained and the pilots and
first officers access and update the manuals on laptop computers that they carry into the
cockpit. The customers are feeling comfortable and it easier to them to booking because of jet
blue does. The company subscribes to SharePoint, a web- based portal that enables electronic
updates to flight manuals. Their customers don’t need to go to the airport to update their
tickets and they can only search in their web. It also reduces planning costs and makes
operations more efficient. In the field of business we must wise so that our business will be

        In my opinion forbs didn’t used their strategies effectively because Nasser pushed the
company into web which was then at height of its hype as a commercial vehicle. The concept
cars sported among other innovators mobile internet access. Ford motor corp. He said would
put the internet non wheels. They didn’t use their strategies effectively. The circumstances
convinced Ford to abandon its plan sell directly to consumers. The site helps consumers find the
vehicles they want, but they then have to find a dealer close to their homes who can deliver the
vehicle. Like any car dealer, the site also offers used cars for sale, which is not Ford like to do.
The price tag of this failed experiment was reported to be a hefty portion of the $1 billion Ford
spent on its Internet initiative under Nasser’s leadership. Nasser’s pushed the product that
couldn’t profitable to the customers that’s why almost of the customers they must prefer to the
others that they must comfortable.

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