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Medical Professional Resume Example

Sample Medical Professional Resume This sample medical professional resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized resume for your job application. Visitors can feel free to c Cralson Mendes, 65, 7 Street, Roxbury, Vermont, 78849, (460)-410 0065 OBJECTIVE: A dedicated and experienced medical professional with the strong communication skills both verbally and written seeking for the opportunity where my skills and kn PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Nursing Supervisor Bringhton Health Hospital Roxbury, Vermont 2006-present Responsible for the coordination of services which involves patient care. Checks the records of the patient such as in time, medicines, discharge time etc. Responsible for planning the routine schedule and feed the data in system. Performed the blood check up and completes the reports of the patients. Responsible for the laboratory and laboratory works. Nurse Bringhton Health Hospital Roxbury, Vermont 2001-2006 Responsible for the basic check up of the patients such as pulse rate, blood pressure, etc. Responsible for the patients reports and ensure their medicines and health on regular basis. EDUCATION: Mansion College of Science, University of Vermont, Vermont Bachelor of Science Major as Nursing Institute of Medicare, Vermont Certified in Nursing Management REFERENCE: Dr. Jones Mac Cardiologist Bringhton Health Hospital, Roxbury, Vermont

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