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					                                        42-4, 44-2, 44-3 & 44-4, Cheras Commercial Centre, Jalan
                                        5/101C, Off Jalan Kaskas, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur.

6th January 2010
Mr. CEO.

Dear Sir,

Increase Your Investment Returns, Offer a Better Cash Flow and Get the Tax Benefits
With Public Mutual Berhad.

Would you like to receive better returns as compared to your fixed deposits, guaranteed cash
flow on your investment and also be exempted from taxes on your investment profits?

2.     We agree that fixed deposit (FD) is the chosen investment instrument and preferred
by most companies. We know that FD is generally safe and the returns are guaranteed. We as
Unit Trust Consultants in Public Mutual understand and respect on your company’s decision
for FD allocation due to the company’s needs. Perhaps for your consideration, from another
point of view, the returns from FD are generally lower compared to other investment
instruments and it will be eroded by tax and inflation. Due to that, the company’s money will
shrink from time to time in terms of Real Value. This would be the reason why we would like
to invite your corporation to consider Public Mutual as one of your investment vehicles. With
our bonds, money market and equity funds to diversify your company’s financial portfolio.
We are looking forward to meet and do a full presentation as we can deliver the best
information for you to consider.

3.     Being a leader in mutual fund industry, Public Mutual anchors 44.4 percent market
share in private unit trust funds when measured by net asset value as at end-September 2009
(source: The Edge-Lipper, 19 October 2009). We are the largest private unit trust company
with 72 funds under management. We manage over 2,000,000 accountholders serviced by
over 40,000 unit trust consultants. As at 30 November 2009, the total net asset value of the
funds managed by the company was RM34.7 billion.
We are also the most awarded unit trust company with a total of 138 major awards since
1999. Public Mutual's Investment team comprises a group of 17 experts which are portfolio
managers who are supported by more than 25 research analysts which definitely will
provide you the best expertise and a peace of mind in mutual funds management. On
average, our mutual funds managed to give our investors 12% to 18% per annum returns and
the advantage is these returns are tax exempted.

Key benefits of investing with our mutual fund are:

                The taxation of mutual funds is governed by Section 61 of the Income Tax
                Act, 1967. “Gains on disposal of your investment by the mutual fund will
                not subject to income tax”.

                Average return of Mutual Funds, 23.29% ( 1 yr: Sept08 - Sept09), 10.71%
                pa ( 3yrs: Sept06-Sept09), 10.96% pa (5 yrs: Sept04-Sept09). Better returns
                than your fixed deposit which gives you an average of 3.0% pa return for a
                minimum of 48 months deposit. Source:

We are convinced that it will be worthwhile for us to meet. We are looking forward for your
favourable reply for us to schedule a meeting. Should you have any enquiry, please feel free
to contact me, Ida Azerin Razali 012 321 5190.

Thank You.

Yours Truthfully,

Agency Manager
Cheras Branch
Public Mutual Berhad

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