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					                           30-Day Lead Blitz

Generating “Right Now” Business

Welcome to the 30-Day Lead Blitz. There’s a good chance you’re here because
you and your Coach together decided that focusing on your Before Unit is the
very best thing for your business right now. I’m excited you’re here because this
30-Day Lead Blitz Program is going to create some fantastic results for you.
Over the next 30 days we’re going to focus all of our attention on generating
some “right now” business for you. I fully expect that you’re going to meet some
exciting Five-Star Prospects in the next few weeks, and if you’re willing to follow
this 30-day program, you’ll get your lead-generation systems set up and working
for you on autopilot month after month.

The strategies we’re going to focus on don’t cost a lot of money. As a matter of
fact, you’ll be able to do all of the strategies for less than a couple of hundred
dollars. This is not a program that requires patience while we wait months and
months to develop top-of-mind awareness. These strategies start working as
soon as you implement them, and as you’ll hear about, sometimes they’ll start
working even before you get back to your office. I expect that you’ll start getting
leads within 24 to 48 hours of starting your lead blitz. I know this to be true from
first-hand experience of testing every one of these strategies personally over the
last 60 days. I’ll share our results and field videos that will show you exactly how
we did it.

My Goal for You

My goal for you over the next 30 days is to get 200 to 300 or more people to call
and listen to your recorded message using your myPhoneLeads™ system, or to
visit your myWebLeads™ page. If we can do that, you should have 20 to 30
people in the next 30 days ask you to call them with more information about your
HomeFinder Service or your HomeLoanFinder Service. It doesn’t matter if you’re
a Realtor or a Lender, these strategies work equally well for both. That said, it
would be a great idea for you to partner with a Realtor if you’re a Lender, or a
Lender if you’re a Realtor, so you can refer business to each other and have a
handy speed-dial buddy who can answer industry-specific questions. Other than
that the strategies are specifically designed to be used by both Realtors and

Here’s How We’re Going to Do It

So here’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to focus on what I’ve come to
call the Big Four lead generators: Ugly Yellow Signs, Public Notice Flyers, Lead-
Generation Business Cards, and Classified Ads. I want you to marshal all your
resources for the next 30 days to really get this lead situation handled
permanently. Once you go through a 30-Day Lead Blitz, you’ll be able to do it

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
again and again and again. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose your target
market and narrow in on a specific price range. I’m going to help you with this in
the section called How to Choose a Target Market and Narrow In on a Specific
Price Range in our next module.

The next thing you need to do is to get your script recorded on your
myPhoneLeads system and create unique extensions for each of our lead-
generation strategies. Everything you need to do this can be found in the section
called Setting Up Your myPhoneLeads and recording your HomeFinder or
HomeLoanFinder script. You’ll also to choose a URL – that’s a domain name for
your Web page – and set up your myWebLeads page. Everything you need to
do this is in the section called Choosing Your URL and Setting Up Your
myWebLeads Page. Since we have to get those three things handled before we
can implement any of these strategies, our 30 days is going to start from the
moment you get those things all set up. Once you’ve got a target market and a
price range, your myPhoneLeads and your myWebLeads set up and ready for
prime time, the fun can start.

My Best Advice

My best advice is to schedule Remodel Time as soon as you can, and make it
your mission to get this all handled on the same day. Don’t spin your wheels
hemming and hawing. Just do it. Get it done because you only have to do it
once, and it will serve you month after month after month. There are video
tutorials and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you through the process.
If you need help, you can call our Tech Support team Monday through Friday
from 7am to 5pm at this toll-free number: 877-403-8428. Don’t be shy. We’re
here to help.

So for now, make your first decision. When are you going to schedule your
Remodel Time to work on this? Whenever you decide, I’ll be waiting for you in
our next module, Getting Started With the 30-Day Lead Blitz. Then I’ll walk you
step-by-step through each of our lead-generating strategies. I’ll show you exactly
what to say and do when someone calls to ask about your HomeFinder Service
or your HomeLoanFinder Service. We’ll talk about how to identify the Five-Star
Prospects and either meet with them right now, or set up a one-year turnkey
follow-up program that will motivate them to want to meet with you when they’re
ready to buy.

I’ve put my very best effort into creating this program for you, and I’m determined
to leave no stone unturned in helping you set up your very own lead-generating
machine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get started. So, schedule
that Remodel Time and I’ll meet you in the next module.

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
Section 1 – Getting Started

How to Choose a Target Market

In this module I’m going to go over some things you need to get done before we
can start with our lead generators. The first thing we need to do is choose our
target market. This is the group of people we’re going to do our best to attract
over the next 30 days. For example, where I live is an area just outside of
Toronto called Halton Hills. Now, within Halton Hills there are three main towns:
Milton, Acton and Georgetown. I live in Georgetown. It’s about 40,000 people;
it’s a nice, small town. Homes in Georgetown start at $190,000 for the smallest
condos and they go up to the millions for estate homes in the surrounding
countryside, and most of the homes sold in the six months prior to starting our
30-Day Lead Blitz were in the $250,000 to $525,000 price range. You can
comfortably get a townhouse for $225,000 and there’s still activity in the
$525,000 range. So I chose $225,000 to $525,000 for our price range, which put
us right at the most active price point.

Most of the people looking for a home in Georgetown would have a good
selection of homes to choose from in this price range, so in order to choose this
price range and area, we had to be willing to let go of some things. For instance,
by choosing Georgetown we let go of Acton and Milton even though those would
have been good choices, and we can still help people in those areas. By
choosing one of these towns we’ve narrowed our focus, and by choosing
$225,000 to $525,000 we made the choice to let go of the lowest-end condo
buyer and the highest-end estate home buyers, but we did it to narrow our focus
to the most popular and active target market, just for 30 days.

So what I’m asking of you is to be willing to narrow your focus to a single target
market you’d be thrilled to work with. Think to yourself, what would be the best
type of buyer to show up on your doorstop tomorrow? What would be the single
area that would be the best? And narrow your focus. Not “Northern California,”
not the “Bay Area,” not the “East Bay,” not “Contra Costa County,” not “Dublin
and Livermore,” but “Dublin” or “Livermore.” Choose one area. What’s coming
to your mind right now?

Yeah, that one. Why not that one? Just for 30 days, don’t go too narrow, don’t
choose one, specific 200 home subdivision. A 2,000 home planned community
might work, but 200 homes is too narrow. Make a choice you’d enjoy working in,
and that people like to live in. The name of your town, your one, single town,
might be the perfect answer for you.

Narrow in On a Specific Price Range

Once you’ve done that, the next choice is the price range. What do most of the
homes sell for in your area? What would be the most comfortable, lower to

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
upper middle of that market? Don’t make it more than a $300,000 spread
between the bottom and the top of your range. Where would the most popular
and active price range fall? Maybe you know it intuitively, maybe you could run
off some data on all of the solds in that area for the last six months, from $1 to
$10 million. Look at that printout and find the middle, the price that half the
homes sold for more, and half the homes sold for less. That’s the median price.

Now take up to $150,000 below that and $150,000 above that and you should
have a very active price range to work with. This exercise is the first decision
you need to make, and we can’t move forward until you decide. Don’t worry
about what you’re leaving out. Don’t worry that your license allows you to help
people in your entire state, or that you’re a Lender and you can help people
anywhere, all those other areas will still be there in 30 days. We’re not giving
them up forever. We’re narrowing our focus so we can have the biggest possible
impact on a market.

It’s like we’re going to the multiplex to see a movie. There are lots of movies to
choose from, but eventually we need to pick one and buy a ticket. Those other
movies will still be there but we have a better experience if we watch and enjoy
one movie at a time. You’ll know you’re ready when you can say, “My target
market for the next 30 days is Georgetown in the $225,000 to $525,000 price
range” or, “Oakville in the $450,000 to $750,000 price range.” One area and one
price range, of no more than a $300,000 spread.

Congratulations, that’s a big breakthrough, and it proves that you can be
decisive. Now let’s get all of our ducks in a row so that we’re ready to start lead

Setting Up Your myPhoneLeads

Now that you’ve chosen your target market and your price range, it’s time to get
your myPhoneLeads system set up. All the lead-generation strategies we’re
going to use are designed to get prospects to call and listen to a free recorded
message. So I want to talk about why we use recorded messages and what’s
important for you to know about them.

“Free Recorded Message”

First let’s talk about the words “free recorded message.” Those three words are
as close to magic words as you can get in marketing. “Free recorded message”
lets people know they can get more information without talking to anyone. They
can do it anytime, day or night, and if they don’t like it they can just hang up.

Direct marketing studies have shown that 84 percent of consumers would prefer
to get information from a recorded message versus talking to someone on the
phone. Recorded messages are a hassle-free way for consumers to find out

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
more information so they have very little resistance in picking up the phone.
That’s all we can ask from our lead generators. Just that they get a consumer to
pick up the phone and dial. Once that happens, our lead generators have done
their job.

Now it’s time for our recorded message to take over. In order to get our lead
generators out there working for us, we need to get your recorded message set
up. Don’t worry, it’s going to be easy. We’ve already written the script for you,
so you don’t have to figure out what to say, and as part of your membership,
we’ve created an incredible voicemail system for you to use with your very own
toll-free number, and that’s your myPhoneLeads system. The script we’ll be
using for our 30-Day Lead Blitz is called our HomeFinder Script for Realtors or
our HomeLoanFinder Script for Lenders.

So imagine the scene. Let’s say that a young couple is out driving around your
target area looking at the different neighborhoods and dreaming of where they’ll
buy when they finally save up a big enough down payment. They’ve both got
good jobs, they make a combined six-figure income, they’ve got 720 credit
scores. Let’s imagine that they pull up to a stop sign, and they see a handwritten
Ugly Yellow Sign that says, “Homes For Sale, Zero Down Payment, Free
Recorded Message” and your toll-free myPhoneLeads number.

They look at each other and one of them says, “Let’s call and find out what this is
all about.” The other one says, “There’s probably a catch.” “Well, we don’t have
to talk to anyone, let’s just call and listen.” “Yeah, let’s go ahead and call, those
homes probably aren’t in this neighborhood, it’s probably those small condos
down by the train station.” See, they might be skeptical, they might be excited,
they might be hopeful, but there’s a much better chance that they’ll call and listen
to the recorded message than that they would pick up the phone and call you. It
doesn’t matter – if they call is all that matters. So let’s listen all the way through,
to hear what they’ll hear when they call.

Sample HomeFinder Script

        Hello, you’ve reached the Consumer Awareness Hotline. I’m
        Jennifer Elmsley with Wildwood Realty.

        We started this service because many consumers think they
        need tens of thousands of dollars to buy a $225,000 to $525,000
        home these days. You may have talked with Realtors or
        Lenders who told you that you need $20,000, $25,000 or even
        $30,000 to buy a home in Georgetown.

        Five years ago that may have been the case, but it’s no longer
        true. As a matter of fact, right now there are at least four
        different home loans that enable you to buy a $225,000 to

                  30-Day Lead Blitz
$525,000 home for absolutely zero down payment.

It’s easy to learn what homes and home loans are available with
our new HomeFinder Service. Each night my HomeFinder
computer accesses the Georgetown area Multiple Listing
Service and searches through all of the information on every
home listed in the entire area by every real estate company.

The computer sifts and sorts through all of the new listings,
automatically finding and matching the homes that meet your
exact specifications. The system then mails, or if you prefer,
automatically emails you that information on a daily, weekly or
twice-weekly basis…your choice.

The HomeFinder Service gives you access to inside information,
normally available only to real estate agents. From the privacy
of your home, on a daily basis, you receive information about
every single home available in the area of your choice, and you
receive this information even before many other real estate
agents have seen it.

As you receive information about homes you’re interested in,
you can study, compare and drive by the properties on your
own. When you find a home you’d like to see, all you need to do
is give us a call and we’ll make arrangements to get you inside
the home at your convenience.

My HomeFinder team is totally service-oriented. At no time will
you feel any pressure to buy a home. When you find the perfect
home, you’ll know it, and then you’ll tell us.

In addition to the HomeFinder Service, our team has a
HomeLoanFinder computer network that searches through 436
home loan programs to find the best home loan programs for
you. This allows us to find the very best loan to meet your
personal objectives, be it low interest rate, low monthly
payments or a zero down payment.

As you can well imagine, there’s just too much for me to tell you
about on this brief recorded message, but it’s easy for you to get
more information. Just give me, Jennifer Elmsley or my partner,
Tony Fitzsimons, a call at Wildwood Realty, weekdays from 9am
to 6pm, or you may leave your name and number at the beep
and we’ll return your call weekdays between 10am and noon, or
evenings between 4:30 and 6pm.

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
        This is the end of the recording, thanks for calling, and best
        wishes in your home search.

Now, that was my friend and our real estate agent here in Georgetown, Jennifer,
and what I want you to notice was how calm and well-paced her tone of voice
was. Do you get the sense that it’s okay with her whatever you decide to do? If
you want to get more information and talk to her personally, you can either leave
a message for her, or call her directly, but if you don’t want any more information
that’s okay too, it doesn’t really matter to her.

We’re just presenting the facts, presenting our offer, and if it’s not for you then
that’s perfectly okay. We’d love to help you if you’d like us to. That approach is
what we refer to as being a consultant versus a salesperson. A salesperson
would try to get you to call them, try to convince you to work with them, tell you
about how great they are and their awards and their work ethic. But none of that
matters to consumers.

In fact, salesy language repels. A consultative, neutral approach attracts. Our
rule of thumb is that 10 percent of the people who call and listen to your recorded
message will call through to you or leave a message asking you to call them. So
if you get 200 people to call and listen, you should get 20 people who want to find
out more. It all averages out, so there’s no need to freak out if you’ve had 20 to
30 people call and no one leaves a message. If we get to 50 hits to your hotline
– that’s what we call it when someone dials your number to listen – and no one
has left a message, then we need to maybe listen to your script again and see
what’s happening.

I’ve included both the HomeFinder script and the HomeLoanFinder script sample
recordings and word-for-word scripts that you can print out and use to record
your message. My best advice is to be yourself in your normal, everyday,
conversational voice. Don’t stress out, just read the script out loud as many
times as you need to feel comfortable and then when you’re ready, you can
record it, live. If you make a mistake you can record it again, if you stumble over
a word or two don’t worry about it, it makes it more real. It doesn’t have to be
perfect, but it does have to be natural, sincere and neutral.

When you’re done recording, listen to it yourself and consider asking your Coach
to listen. The good news is you only have to record it once. You can duplicate
that message on separate tracking extensions and then we’ll be ready to roll out
all the lead generators. I’ve included everything you need to get your
myPhoneLeads system set up, right here in this module. There are step-by-step
video tutorials to walk you through the process.

So, set aside Remodel Time to choose your toll-free number, get familiar with the
system, and record your very first HomeFinder script. If you get stuck or you’ve
got questions, you can call us, we’re here to help you get this done. Call our

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
Tech Support team Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm at this toll-free
number: 877-403-8428. Now, hurry up so that we can move on and get your
myWebLeads set up.

Choosing Your URL and Setting Up myWebLeads

In this module we’ll set up your very own myWebLeads lead-generating page, so
we’ll need to choose a domain name – that’s a dot com for your myWebLeads
page. We’ve set it all up so all you have to do is decide on the dot com name
you’re going to use. I’ll help you with that in just a minute, and we’ll take care of
everything else. We’re going to buy your domain name for you, and we’ve
already created a HomeFinder or a HomeLoanFinder page we’re going to host
for you as part of your membership.

So let’s talk about how this is going to work to get you more leads. The first thing
you need to do is choose a domain name, the dot com we’re going to use on
your lead generators. Choose a domain name that lets people know what to
expect when they get there. For our page, we used
You might be able to use something like that for your area. Just remember that
this is a single-purpose Web page; it’s not meant to be about you or your team or
your listings, it’s just about your HomeFinder or your HomeLoanFinder Service.

Your domain name should reflect the target area that you’ve chosen for this 30-
Day Lead Blitz. I don’t want you to feel like you’re trapped or that you’re stuck
with one domain name, and that you’ll never sell another horse farm again. We
can register more domain names later, and we can work with other target
markets later. Just go with me on this. Choose a domain name just for this 30-
Day Lead Blitz. Brainstorm with your Coach if you’d like, and I’ll include some
examples for you when you’re going through the set-up process.

This domain name is going to be included on your lead generators as an option
for people who would rather go to a Web page than listen to a recorded
message. They’re going to get the same information whichever they choose.
Take a look at the sample site I’ve set up at and you
can see what I’m talking about. You’ll see a pop-in window that slides in to the
center offering a free report on how to buy lovely homes in Georgetown with zero
down payment. If they’d like that report they just leave their name and email
address right there, click on the button and close the window. Their name and
email are sent to the myWebLeads autoresponder, and it automatically sends
them the free report along with a series of short, personal expecting messages
I’ve already written and set up in your autoresponder.

When you watch the tutorial videos, you’ll see exactly how it works. You can
track your prospects right through the process, and when they respond to one of
your messages it will go right to your email, so you can get into dialogue with

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
them. If they don’t want the report, they can just close the window and it will go
right away.

Okay, now back to our Web page. Once they’ve made a decision on whether
they want your free report, they’re now looking at your HomeFinder or your
HomeLoanFinder page. You’ll set up this page to reflect your target market area
and price range. You’ll choose a picture and the page is customized with your
contact info. If you take a look at the page you’ll see that the text is exactly the
same as your voicemail script. It’s just formatted as a letter and there’s a contact
form your prospect can fill out to get more information. As soon as they fill out
that form it’s automatically emailed to you at whatever email address you choose,
so you can quickly call them back.

I’ve included everything you need to get your myWebLeads page set up right
here in this module. There are video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to
walk you through the entire process. You don’t need any technical skills to set
this up, you don’t need to know anything about how Web pages work or anything
like that, you don’t need a hosting account, you just fill in a form with information
about you and your target market and we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t freak yourself out worrying about it or saying, “I’m not technical” or, “I’m no
good with computers,” just take a deep breath, schedule Remodel Time and take
your time going step-by-step through the process. It won’t take long at all.
Watch the tutorials, get familiar with how it all works, and then pat yourself on the
back because once you’re done with this, once you’ve got your myWebLeads
page created, you’re ready for primetime and your 30-Day Lead Blitz can
officially begin.

Section 2 – Getting Leads

Let’s Get Started!

Okay, now we’re ready to get going here. By now you’ve chosen your single
target market and your price range, you’ve set up your myPhoneLeads system
and recorded your HomeFinder or your HomeLoanFinder script, you’ve set up
your myWebLeads page, and you’re ready to start getting leads.

I’m going to share with you the Big Four strategies that cost very little money and
will start bringing a flood of local buyer prospects to your recorded message.

Ugly Yellow Signs

The first of those is the Ugly Yellow Signs. We’re going to put out 30 Ugly Yellow
handwritten Signs in 30 strategic locations in your market area. Here’s what you

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
need to know: This is a strategy we don’t talk about at THE MAIN EVENT – we
save it for our members. All of these lead generators are based on a marketing
formula called AIDA, A-I-D-A, and that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and
Action. That’s the progression we need our prospects to go through, and in any
direct response marketing the goal is to compel your prospects to take action.

In order for them to take action we first need to get their attention. Ugly Yellow
Signs get attention. Printed signs blend in to the visual white noise. You see
them everywhere – you see roofing company signs, moving company signs, for
sale signs, all of those just blend into the visual white noise and we don’t pay
attention to them. Seeing an unusual sign, handwritten, in an unusual setting will
get attention. Even if it’s just for a moment, that’s all we need, is that attention to
break through that pattern. As soon as we get attention the brain is immediately
processing for interest, “Is this something interesting to me? Is it valuable to me?
Is it important to me?” This is going to happen in an instant, and if they’re not
interested it ends right there and that’s okay.

If you saw a sign that said, “Possum stew next exit” or, “Beanie Baby sale,” you’d
probably have no interest. But we’re looking for people who are interested in
buying a home, and when they see “Homes for Sale,” that’s immediately going to
trigger, “Hey, that’s me.” Or, “That’s not me.” And once they see that “Homes for
Sale,” they’ll see the next line, “Zero Down Payment.” Hmm, how do they do
that? “Free Recorded Message” – “Oh, I can get more information.” The desire
to know more kicks in and your prospect is then set into action. They’ll either
pick up the cell phone and dial the number right now, or they’ll write down the
number to call later.

Remember our audience for these signs is people who are in the process of
looking for a home already. They’re driving around the neighborhoods on the
weekend, they’re looking in the real estate magazines, they’re in the process.

The next audience, the secondary audience, is people who have a desire to buy
a home, can afford to pay a mortgage, have good credit scores, but think that
they need thousands of dollars as a down payment to buy a home. If they see
one of your signs, it’s going to compel them to call even if it’s just to find out if
there’s a catch. The only purposes of the sign, or any lead generator, is to
compel your prospects to call and listen to a free recorded message.

As soon as they dial the number your sign has done its job, and now it’s up to
your recorded message to do its job, which is to sort and filter through all the
prospects who call to listen, and identify the top 10 percent of prospects who will
leave a message or call you directly.

So here’s how we’re going to get going with the Ugly Yellow Sign strategy. First
we need to order some Ugly Yellow Signs and frames. They’re very inexpensive
and if you order 50 or 100 signs, and 50 step stakes to start, that’s all you need.

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
If you look on the Web site you’ll see a phone number you
can call to order your signs, and they’ll arrive in a big box in just a few days.
Order them today, and that will give us a few days to scout locations.

Block off a couple of hours to scout some strategic locations to place your signs.
Watch the Field Trip Video on Ugly Yellow Signs where you’ll see them in the
wild, and then you can take your map and hit the road. We’re looking for places
where there is a natural slow down or stop long enough for our signs to get
attention. That may be at key intersections in the neighborhoods you’re most
interested in; entrance and exit points to townhouse complexes; apartment
complexes in key neighborhoods; sports complexes. You want to avoid busy
roads where it’s difficult to get attention, and even if you were to get attention it
would be very difficult for somebody to pay attention long enough to get the
whole message. You want to avoid private property, or putting the signs on
someone’s lawn without permission.

We’re going to look for 30 locations in your target area and mark them on your
map. Next we’re going to map out your route of which signs you’ll put up first,
and where you’ll end. You want to look for a natural flow in the pattern of where
you’re going to put your signs, and I mention this because unless your city has
no sign restrictions, you’ll probably find that open house and real estate signs are
only allowed at certain times. For instance in Georgetown, the rules allow for
signs from Friday at 6pm to Sunday at 6pm, and that worked out just fine for us.
But check your ordinances to make sure.

Putting the signs up and taking them down is an operation where you want to
have as much efficiency as possible. The best thing is to do it with a helper, and
eventually to let the helper do it on their own. A high school kid would be more
then happy to follow your route map and put up and take down the signs so they
could have a little extra spending money for the weekend.

I like to think of Ugly Yellow Signs as really inexpensive classified ads. Each
sign is less then $2, and the best part is at the end of the weekend you get all
your signs back. You may lose one or two, but so what? Can you imagine if you
ran a classified ad for two days on the weekend, and on Monday got all your
money back? That’s what makes Ugly Yellow Signs such an incredibly cost-
effective lead generator, because you can use them again and again. As soon
as your signs arrive, you’ll already have all your locations mapped out and ready
to go, you just need to write the magic words on your signs, and you’ll see those
in the Field Trip Video, the Ugly Yellow Sign Factory Tour. It’s simply “Homes for
Sale. Zero Down Payment. Free Recorded Message,” and your myPhoneLeads
number with a unique tracking extension labeled “Ugly Yellow Signs.”

Once you’ve made up 30 of these signs, you’re all set to start generating leads.
Again, watch the Field Trip Video and see how they look, do it exactly like I’ve
outlined it here. The temptation is to second guess, or to try and modify it, or to

                             30-Day Lead Blitz
add more to it, but do it exactly like I’ve outlined it for 30 days and you’ll be
surprised at how much you really love Ugly Yellow Signs.

Public Notice Flyers

Okay, let’s talk about Public Notice Flyers. Hands down, this is the easiest,
quickest, lease expensive, fastest acting lead-generation strategy I’ve ever
found. We’re going to print at least 30 flyers on yellow paper with black ink using
the template I’ve already created for you. As you see in the Field Trip Video, it’s
just a simple flyer, yet it jumps off the bulletin board because it’s different:
“Public Notice, Georgetown, Ontario,” three pictures of lovely homes.
“3/4 Bedroom Homes, $225,000 to $525,000.” Remember that’s our most
attractive price range. “Zero Down Payment. Free Recorded Message,” and
your myPhoneLeads number and your myWebLeads URL.

You can customize the flyers by adding your own pictures and price range, your
myPhoneLeads number and your myWebLeads URL. Each of these Public
Notice Flyers has tear-off tabs with your myPhoneLeads and your myWebLeads
info so prospects can just tear off a tab and take the info with them.

If you print these flyers on your printer they’re just pennies apiece and all 30
might cost you a dollar. Just download the template, open it up, it’s already
formatted for you, all you need to do is add your info and press “print.” You don’t
need to print it in full color – use black ink on yellow paper. You can pick up
yellow paper at Staples or Wal-Mart or a Quick Print shop. I use a bright, but not
a neon, yellow called Lift Off Lemon. I get that from my printer and I print them
off myself. Be sure to take your scissors and trim in between the tabs so they’re
easy to tear off.

Armed with your flyers, some flat thumb tacks and some tape, spend a couple of
hours finding and mapping out 30 great places to put up your Public Notice
Flyers. There are places all around you, the library, grocery stores, convenience
stores, the gym, laundromats. When you watch the Field Trip Video it will give
you lots of great ideas for places you can put your flyers.

Finding locations the first time is the hardest part of all this. Keeping them
replenished is easy, and you can even delegate the flyer patrol to your Ugly
Yellow Sign helper. I used to have my cousin replenish my flyers every week,
and they worked tremendously. Be prepared for fast response, though. When
we put up Public Notice Flyers for our 30-Day Lead Blitz, we had our first calls
and our first message before we got home from putting them up. So you want to
be prepared for that, and as you’re going through your 30 days, keep some extra
flyers in your car and watch out for additional places where you can put your
flyers as you go through your regular routines. You’re going to be amazed at the
cost of leads using Public Notice Flyers, literally pennies per lead. I think you’re
going to like this.

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
Classified Ads

Okay, let’s talk about classified ads. This is a fantastic strategy because we
know that every person who sees your ad is actually actively looking for a home.
The classifieds are a medium for serious shoppers; no one’s going to stumble
across your classified ad accidentally – they’ve intentionally turned to the
classified section. They’ve gone to the “Homes for Sale” category, and the first
thing they’re looking for is the area they’re interested in, “Georgetown” or your
target area.

That’s why we always lead with the name of the area they’re looking for – it’s
going to get their attention. Once we have their attention there’s a good chance
that they’ll stop and read the rest. Our classified says, “Georgetown. Lovely 3
and 4 bedroom homes. $225,000 to $525,000. Zero Down Payment. Free
Recorded Message,” which is your myPhoneLeads number with a unique
tracking extension, and maybe your myWebLeads URL. There’s no
salesmanship, or flowery language in that ad, no “better hurry” or “this won’t last”
or “park area cream puff.” Just information describing exactly what our target
market is looking for: a lovely three-bedroom home in Georgetown around
$350,000. That’s exactly how they would describe what they’re looking for if they
were to describe it in a nutshell.

The zero down is going to pique their curiosity, and the free recorded message
makes it easy, easy, easy for them to get more info. They can pick up the phone
and dial, or they can logon to your myWebLeads Web page. Remember, the
only purpose of the ad is to compel them to call, or to go to the Web page. And
once they’ve done that, the classified has done its job, and your recorded
message or your Web page can do the job of motivating them to call you, or
leave a message.

Classified ads can be very expensive if you’re not careful. In most cities there
are a few different options for classifieds. You’ve got the big daily newspapers,
and the smaller weekly community newspapers. The community paper is where
you want to start. The weekly shopper or the pennysaver or the thrifty nickel,
those are all inexpensive and effective lead generators that you can test quickly.

If an ad doesn’t work the first time you run it, it’s usually not going to get any
better. So test the small community papers until you find the one that works best
for you, and stick with that one. You’ll be able to tell which publication works best
because you’ll be using a distinct tracking number for each ad. It may turn out
that your big daily paper might be the best place, but just be conscious of your
cost per call in addition to your volume of calls. The shopper publications may
get fewer calls, but they get a better return on investment.

Don’t commit to a long-term contract without knowing whether a publication is
going to work for you. You can tell definitively after no more then two insertions

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
whether a publication is the right place for your ad. My motto is, “Test small to
win big.” I think you’re going to enjoy these classified ads.

Lead-Generation Business Cards

Now we’re going to talk about lead-generation business cards, another low cost,
high yield strategy. When I talk about lead-generating business cards, I’m talking
about something very different from your regular business card. The cards I’m
talking about can best be described as mini Public Notice Flyers. They’ve got a
picture of a nice looking house, they say, “3+4 bedroom homes, $225,000 to
$525,000, Zero Down Payment, Free Recorded Message,” with your
myPhoneLeads number with a unique tracking extension, and your myWebLeads

The purpose is to distribute as many of these cards as you can in the next 30
days. Again, this is a tool that costs just pennies to produce. Black ink, yellow
cardstock, you can get them printed for $30 to $50 for a thousand cards. The big
secret about the lead-generation card is that they’re not going to do you any
good sitting in a box in the bottom drawer of your desk; you’ve got to get them
out into the world. So if you’re going to get a thousand out there in the next 30
days, you’ve got to distribute about 50 cards a day. That’s every business day if
you consider 20 working days in a month. That may sound like a lot of cards, but
when you think of all the places you go and the people you see in a day, it
becomes much more manageable.

The first thing I would recommend is to keep 50 cards with you at all times, and
pay attention to opportunities. Let’s just walk through what a typical day could
look like to see how this might work. Let’s say you wake up, you get ready for
work and you stop at Starbucks for a coffee. Instead of parking right at the front
door, park at the end of a row and place one of your cards on the driver’s side
window of 10 cars on your way to the door. Then, you strike up a conversation
with someone in line, and you hand them a couple of your cards. You leave a
little stack of five cards by the cash register when you pay, and then you pin
three of them on the bulletin board or by the pay phone. You get a paper from
the newspaper box and leave a card on top of the box, and one on top of the
next paper in the stack. You walk back to your car and you’ve already distributed
20 or more cards and you’re just getting started.

At lunch you do the same thing, at the grocery store, everywhere you go is an
opportunity to leverage things you’re already doing. Every person you talk to is
an opportunity to orchestrate a referral. Before long it will just be part of what
you do, and you’ll be in the habit of generating leads and orchestrating referrals.

The second way to use these cards, and perhaps the most powerful, is to set
your intention on using these cards as an orchestrated referral process. Listen to
this audio called A Simple Strategy to get all the referrals you want in the next 30

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
days, and commit to trying this process for just 30 days. It will literally make you
giddy with excitement when you see what can happen. These lead-generation
cards are a favorite of mine, and I think that you’re going to love them, too.

Section 3 – Connecting

What to Do and Say When They Call

In this module we’re going to talk about exactly what to do and say when
someone calls you or leaves a message for you to call them about your
HomeFinder or your HomeLoanFinder Service. When your lead generator does
its job, and your free recorded message does its job, what’s going to happen is
you’ll start getting calls from people who will say things like, “I’m interested in
your HomeFinder Service” or, “I’m looking for a home.”

Here are some real messages people left for us here in Georgetown while we
were working on this 30-Day Lead Blitz Program.

        “Hi, Jennifer. This is Dave and Bonnie. We’ve just seen your
        sign out on Rathway and Highway 7. We’re kind of interested.
        If you could give us a call back at 905-000-0000 and we’ve got
        an email address which is XXXXX. Thanks.”

        “Yes, could somebody call Mr. or Mrs. Smith after 4:30pm? That
        would be great. Thank you.”

        “Yes, it’s John calling. If you could give me a call at 950-000-
        0000 anytime after five. I’m interested in buying a home. Okay,
        thank you.”

        “Hi, my name is Cindy and I’m interested in the service that I just
        heard about, and my number is 950-000-0000. Thanks.”

Those messages are typical of the kind of messages you’ll get. They all sound
like very nice people. They all sound like they really do want to talk to us, and
now it’s up to you. This is the first point in the process where you have to get
involved and interact with someone. Up until now everything’s been happening
in an automated way without involvement or interaction from you. You set up
myPhoneLeads and myWebLeads. You put out your lead generators and they
were working hard for you. Thousands of people saw your lead generators.
Hundreds thought about calling or going to your Web page. Fewer of them
actually did. They listened to your recorded message or they read the
information on your Web page. They made a conscious decision that they
wanted to find out more, so they left a message for you, and here we are.

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
You’ve got someone who’s asking for your help. Up until now it’s all been very
precise and scientific. We know what to expect. We know that 10 percent will
call through, but now we shift from science to art. This is the art of lead
conversion. This is the point where your skill level can make a difference. You
know I say that to encourage you, because this is an area that you can get
mastery over. You’ll get better with experience. The more of these conversations
you have, the better you’re going to be. You’ll be better on your hundredth call
than you are on your first, certainly.

So let’s talk about what we’re really trying to accomplish once we get a lead.
Simply, we’ve got three objectives for this connection process. Number one is to
connect with them quickly if we can. Number two is to decide whether they’re a
Five-Star Prospect, and number three is to determine the next step. Those are
our big three objectives. Let’s look at them a little closer.

Connecting with myPhoneLeads Prospects

The first objective is to connect with them on the phone, and for this I suggest
making seven attempts to contact them. Since your recorded message suggests
when you’ll call them back, a lot of the time they’ll tell you when is the best time
to call them. A good portion of the time you’ll reach them right away, and that’s
good for you. That’s Base Camp One and we’ll get to that in a minute. For
others you’ll have to try again. So, here’s a simple sequence to reach someone
on the phone.

First, call and if you don’t reach them, but you get their voicemail, just leave a
simple message. “Steven, it’s Dean Jackson calling. I’m returning your call
about the Zero Down Homes in Georgetown. My number is 318-0000. Look
forward to talking to you. Have a great day.” Sometimes they’ll return your call
the same day, and sometimes they’ll come home with the mail, with their
briefcase, with a dog that needs to be walked and four messages on their
voicemail, one of which is yours, and if they don’t return your call often it’s not
because they’re not interested. It’s because they’re busy.

I’ll try and call them without leaving a message a couple of more times, and then
on the third attempt, I’ll leave another message. “Hi, Steven, it’s Dean Jackson
returning your call about the Zero Down Homes. My number is 318-0000. It’s
about 2pm right now. I’ll be at this number until 5pm and then I’ll be back in the
morning after 9am. Talk to you soon.” Notice this tone. I’m not frustrated that I
can’t reach them. I’m not desperately trying to reach them. Just the facts,

Now if I don’t hear from him, I’ll try a couple more times at different times of the
day. I’m not going to try at 2pm every day, because if I can’t reach him on one
day at 2pm, it’s unlikely I’m going to reach him at 2pm on the next day. So I
might try in the evening or I might try on a Saturday, but if I’m not able to reach

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
him in two more attempts, I’ll leave a final voice mail. “Hi, Steven, it’s Dean
Jackson calling. I keep missing you this week. I’ve got all the information for you
about the Zero Down Homes in Georgetown. My number is 318-0000 if you’d
like to give me a call. Talk to you soon.”

That seven-step connection process should get you connected with 70 percent of
the people who leave a message on your voicemail. So the seven steps are
again are number one, a call and a voicemail followed by two more attempts
without leaving a message. One more attempt where I leave that second
voicemail followed by two more attempts to reach him, and then a final voicemail.
That’s all. That’s all we’re going to do. That’s more than enough. It’s seven

Connecting with myWebLeads Prospects

If they request info on your myWebLeads, we go through the same process,
except we also send an email message that says, Subject Line: Message on
Your Voicemail. And then, “Hi, Steven. I just left a message on your voicemail. I
got your email about the Zero Down Homes in Georgetown, and I’ve got all the
information for you. Give me a call at 318-0000, or let me know if there’s a better
number that I can reach you. Dean.”

Then after our second voicemail we might send a message like this, and it will go
out after those two unsuccessful voicemail attempts. We forward the message
that we sent earlier, so it looks like this: Forward: Message on Your Voicemail.
And then when they open it up, it says, “Is this the correct email for Steven
Johnson?” and then we leave the previous message intact right below that. So
the final email, it’s got all of the information that we sent in the last one. Now this
message will often get somebody to give you a call or reply to your email and
say, “Oh, yes. This is my email. I’ve just been very busy. I’ve been meaning to
call you.” And that’s sometimes how it works.

Now the final email that we send after our third voicemail message would say,
Subject Line: For Steven Johnson. And then, “Hi, Steven. I seem to be having a
hard time connecting with you this week. I just wanted to let you know there’s a
real person behind these emails,” and we put the little smiley emoticon there.
“I’ve got all the information on the Zero Down Homes in Georgetown for you.
Give me a call at 318-0464. Dean.” That’s it.

Now you’re either going to connect with them or you’re not. You’ve done more
than enough on your part. It may seem like you’ve put a lot into it, but really that
whole process, all seven steps, won’t take more than five minutes total. So this
process should get you on the phone with most of your prospects, and that’s
where it really counts.

Are They a Five-Star Prospect?

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
We’ve reached out first objective and we’re on the phone with a prospect. Our
second objective is to determine if they’re a Five-Star Prospect. Remember, a
Five-Star Prospect is someone who’s, number one, willing to engage in a
dialogue. We’ve got them on the phone so they automatically pass our first test.
Number two is that they’re friendly and cooperative when we talk with them.
You’ll know the answer to this in the first 30 seconds. A good way to start that
conversation is to say, “Steven, it’s Dean Jackson returning your call about the
Zero Down Homes in Georgetown. Is this a good time to talk?” And they’ll either
say yes or no. If they say no, then you figure out when would be a good time to
talk and arrange an appointment or arrange to talk then. If they say yes, then we
can continue on. “Perfect. Are you looking for a home right now?” And let the
conversation go from there. As we’re talking we’re also listening to see if they
meet the rest of our Five-Star Prospect criteria.

Number three, do they know what they want and are they realistic about it? Your
Five-Star Prospects have a plan. They know what they want and they’re willing
to share.

Number four is, are they moving in the next six months? Where are they in the
process? Basically they’re going to fall into one of three categories. They’re
going to be ready to buy now. They’re going to be ready to buy or planning to
buy later. Or they’re never going to buy. Those are the only three possibilities
you can have with this phone call, and you may find in conversation with
someone that they’re not friendly and cooperative or that they don’t know what
they want, or they know exactly what they want, but they’re just not realistic.

Or you may find out that they really don’t have a timeline or maybe they seem
flaky. If any of those things are true, it’s okay to put them in the “never” category.
What we’re trying to do, what we’re trying to determine in this conversation is, is
this someone that I can work with now, or is this someone that I can work with
later, or is this someone that I could never work with? Any one of the three is
okay. You’re not going to be able to work with everyone, but it’s better to know
that up front, so we can decide what to do next.

What’s Our Next Step?

Our third objective is to determine the next step, and this is going to correspond
with our fifth criteria for a Five-Star Prospect. Would they like us to help them? If
they’re looking to buy now, when would be a good time to get together in person?
If they’re not ready to buy right now, would they like you to stay in touch with your
HomeFinder newsletter, and I’ll tell you all about that in our next module.

Any result in this connection process is a good result. There’s nothing you can
do or say that’s going to turn a two-star prospect into a Five-Star Prospect. The
very best thing you can do is stay in consultant mode. Neutral. You’re not trying

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
to convince them to buy now. You’re trying through questions and conversation
to discover what their timeline is.

Don’t get frustrated if some of the first few people you talk to aren’t Five-Star
Prospects. Just realize there are going to be lots more prospects calling you and
like a home run hitter, patiently waiting for the perfect pitch, you’ll know it when
you’re talking to a Five-Star Prospect, and it’s going to be a great feeling for you.
Let’s move on to the next module and we’ll talk about what to do with your later

Section 4 – Bonding

Incubating Your Later Prospects into Now Clients

This next concept I’m going to talk about is something you can use with any
prospects from any source. It doesn’t just have to be from the 30-Day Lead Blitz.
How many prospects have slipped through the cracks over the last 12 months?
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had your share of people whom you
met and you knew that they were going to buy, but you got busy and you forgot
or you didn’t get around to following up with them. Then you forgot again and
after awhile it dawns on you to check in with them, only to find out that they
already bought a home, or their number comes up as not in service. You know
you could have helped them if only you had been on top of it.

That’s what we’re going to solve here for you in this module. I’m going to share
with you a completely turnkey follow-up program that you can easily set up,
systematize and eventually delegate completely. The bottom-line thinking on this
concept is to give you an easy way to incubate your later prospects.

In the last module, our objective was to connect with people quickly, identify the
Five-Star Prospects, and decide whether they’re going to buy now or later. The
now prospects are not a problem. We can work with those. We know exactly
what to do. It’s the later prospects that pose the biggest challenge and the
biggest opportunity for you. The good news is, when you’re doing direct
response, outwardly focused lead-generating advertising, you’re going to find
prospects much earlier in the process of buying. Sometimes six or 12 months
away, sometimes even more. Most of your competition isn’t interested in six- to
12-month prospects. They focus all their energy running around looking for six-
to 12-day prospects. Most people don’t have a process in place to help people
who are six to 12 months away, but now you do.

Your Hot 100 List

                             30-Day Lead Blitz
What I’d like you to think about building is what I call a Hot 100 list. That’s a
pipeline of 100 Five-Star Prospects who are going to buy a home in the next six
to 12 months. It may take you several months to build up to that, but once you
get there, amazing things are going to happen. People are going to be popping
out of that pipeline every month, and you’ll never have to worry about where your
business is going to come from. You’ll have a priceless asset that you can
depend on for a constant flow of now clients, and it all starts with a constant flow
of later prospects today. Today’s later prospects are tomorrow’s now profits.

That’s not to say that every prospect you generate today is going to be a later
prospect, because you’ll find plenty of people who are ready to buy right now.
It’s just to say that the later prospects are just as valuable, and in reality they’re
probably more valuable, because you’ll have a longer period to bond with them
and cement yourself into position as the only Realtor or Lender they would
consider using.

Bonding with Your Later Prospects

So let me show you how this works. The core concept is that we’re going to
create a Hot 100 list of prospects we communicate with regularly with updates of
new properties, homes in their price range, educational information, and some
special appointment-getting devices that I’ll tell you about in just a minute.

I’ve created a series of 12 turnkey HomeFinder newsletters for you to use just for
this process. The idea is that each month we prepare and mail a HomeFinder
newsletter which you can customize so it’s Chuck Charlton’s HomeFinder
Newsletter, with all your contact information and some valuable, educational
articles and tips for home buyers. Along with this newsletter we’ll include a cover
letter with what I call a Next Step Offer. Remember, we’re taking a leadership
role and we’re leading people to the next step. We’re not just passively going to
sit back and wait for them to take the initiative and call us when they’re ready.
We’re going to make it easy for them to accept an invitation.

Remember at THE MAIN EVENT when I talked about if I were to invite you to my
home and sit you down in the living room and say to you, “I’m really glad you’re
here. If there’s anything you want, there’s lots of stuff in the fridge if you’re
hungry or thirsty. Go ahead, help yourself. If you need anything at all, I’ll be in
the other room here, just give me a call.” If I said that to you, what are the odds
that you’d get up and go into my kitchen and get something from my fridge?
They’d be very, very slim. You probably wouldn’t call me, either. But, what if I
sat you down in my living room and said, “I’m really glad you’re here,” and I came
back into the living room with a plate of freshly baked cookies and I presented
the cookies right in front of you and said, “Would you like a cookie?” Now the
odds are very high that you would take a cookie because you know that the
cookies are right there. It would be more difficult for you to not take the cookie
then it would for you to take it. You will, and prospects are exactly the same.

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
What we’re going to do each month is essentially offer your Hot 100 a cookie and
just as not everyone likes chocolate chip cookies, we’re going to offer them a
variety of cookies.

Three Great Appointment-Getting Invitations

I’m going to share with you three of my favorite appointment-getting invitations.
The first is the Saturday tour of homes. Next is the free home loan report, and
third is the home buyer workshop. Let’s take a look at each of those invitations.

Saturday Tour of Homes

The Saturday tour of homes, which could just as easily be the Tuesday tour –
whatever works for you – is just an easy way for people to start the process of
looking at homes. The invitation might sound like, For the next three Saturdays
we’re conducting a free Saturday tour of homes where you get to look at homes
in Georgetown in the $225,000 to $525,000 price range. The tours are two hours
and they start at 10:30am, 1pm and 3:30pm. So if you’d like to participate, just
tell us which Saturday and which time, and we’ll make all the arrangements from

Doesn’t that sound like something that would be easy to say yes to? Doesn’t that
sound much easier to take advantage of, than having to out of the blue ask you
to take them out looking at homes? Your Saturday tour when you present it like
that sounds like something that’s already happening. It’s like you’ve already
baked the cookies and you’re offering them to them on a plate. It’s much more
appealing than expecting someone to ask you to bake them some cookies.
Nobody’s going to say, “Would you bake me some cookies?” That’s not the way
society works. It’s a very easy way to start the process by taking one step
forward. When someone calls to register for one of your Saturday tours, they
can either call you directly or they can call your myPhoneLeads to register.
Either way it’s an easy step for people to take.

Free Home Loan Report

Our next appointment getter is the free home loan report. This is a great offer
because it’s essentially wrapping a mortgage pre-approval offer in a much less
threatening-sounding free home loan report. The bottom line on this offer is that,
if you know a prospect’s credit score, their income, and the money they have or
want to put down, you can prepare a very consultative report that shows them
the very best home loans for their situation. You can show them zero down loan
options, low down payment loan options, loans with low monthly payments, loans
they can pay off quickly like some accelerated payment loans or a 15-year
amortization. Basically you can show them what their options are in a
consultative way, and in a way that makes it much less scary for your prospects
to take that first step.

                            30-Day Lead Blitz
Again we’re making a very non-threatening invitation – something that sounds
like it’s already done. It sounds very informative. We’re giving them an
opportunity to accept our invitation instead of expecting them to ask us. It’s so
much easier this way.

Free Home Buyer Workshop

The third offer is a free home buyer workshop, and I think home buyer workshops
are a fantastic tool. I believe they are a much better lead-conversion tool than a
lead-generation tool, and most people use home buyer workshops as a lead-
generation tool, which is often very expensive and ineffective. It’s much easier to
focus on using our Big Four lead generators to generate leads and use a home
buyer workshop to help convert those leads to clients.

The key to a good home buyer workshop is to make it a recurring system, at
least once or twice a month. Something you can use consistently to steer people
to, even in your first conversation. You might get to a point in the conversation
where you say, “This is perfect timing. We’re having a free home buyer
workshop next Tuesday night. It would be perfect for you right now.” Home
buyer workshops don’t have to have 20 or 40 people. You can use them just as
effectively with two or four or six people. We’ll talk more about the mechanics of
home buyer workshops later, but for now I just want you to get an idea of what
we’re trying to accomplish. It’s just another cookie we can offer our Hot 100
prospects to make it easy, easy, easy for them to take the next step.

So back to our Hot 100 monthly mailing. We’ve got your HomeFinder
Newsletter. We’ve got a cover letter highlighting one of your cookies, and we’ve
written both of those for you. We’ve got listing information of new homes that are
available and their price range, and you can simply print that off from your MLS
computers. You can highlight the best of the best homes, the best ones in your
opinion. You can send them all the homes that are available. You can highlight
your own listings. You can include six testimonials with a template I’ve created
for you called Helping People On the Move. You can insert a schedule of your
available Saturday tours and free home buyer workshops, information about your
free home loan report.

Consistency Is the Key

The idea is to consistently be in front of your Hot 100 prospects every two to four
weeks like clockwork. It can be a huge return on investment and it can certainly
ensure that people aren’t going to slip through the cracks. Consistency is the
key. Give all your prospects the gift of freedom to move at their own pace or not
at all, and they’ll reward you with their trust.

I know it seems like a lot to take in all at once, but just focus on the big picture.
We’re looking to build your Hot 100 list over the next several months and we’re

                           30-Day Lead Blitz
going to start with one mailing to go through the moves and to get your system
set up, and then within 60 to 90 days you’ll be completely in the groove and not
long after that you’ll be completely delegating the whole thing.

How’s it feel to know that you’re on the verge of building a low-cost, high-yield,
predictable pipeline of consistent business? I’m pretty excited for you because
I’ve seen first-hand how this process can change people’s lives, and just know
that we’re here to help you every step of the way. If you need help, call toll free
877-403-8428 Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm – and get it!


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