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Electrical Technician Resume

The sample electrical technician resume will help you to build your own resume for applying to the job of electrical technician. Sample Electrical Technician Resume Richard Anderson 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741, (123)-456 7890.

Objective: Looking for a challenging position in electrical firm, with my demonstrated track profile in utility industry with an experience of 11 years. Willing to provide Experience: Zeesco Ltd.- 01/1996 Installations of earth rods, meter boxes, houses wiring, distribution boards and connection of service mains. Installations of pole mounted transformer, transformer structures, earth marts, 10kv lightning arrestors, and the installation of the feeder pillars. Testing of different electrical installations and equipments. Zeesco Ltd - 04/1997 to Present Defects diagnosis and rectifications on high and medium voltage n/w i.e. placing cable faults, repairing cut conductors, line faults. Operation of medium and high voltage switch gear up to 33kv. Electrical installations and equipment maintenance; i.e. line maintenance, transformers, up-ratings of transformers i.e. bringing in reenforcement transformers, divid Testing of several electrical installations and equipments that is pressure lines, phasing out lines, testing of earth resistance, cts & vts testing and meter testing. Creation of medium and high voltage power lines. Pole and Ground mounted transformers Installations and related accessories installations. Energy meters installation like electronic meters and electro- dynamic both on the residential and highest demand customers. Planning for future expansions, recognizing load centers, re-routing power lines, and a load balancing. Performing load analysis for several customer installations to help in up- and down-grading of the tariffs. Preparing shutdowns and handling all events related to them that are load transfers, issuing of safety needs and permit-to-work until restoration. Design of several electrical plan drawings, control systems and panel layouts for production. Education & Certifications Details: Luendazi secondary school, 1992 Craft certification in electrical energy, Choma trades, May 1995 Diploma: Technician in Electrical engineering, state & guilds. Advanced technician diploma in Electrical engineering, state & guilds.

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