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dialysis-nurse-resume 550

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Dialysis Nurse Resume Example

Sample Dialysis Nurse Resume This sample dialysis nurse resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized resume for your job application. Visitors can feel free to customiz Amanda Carter, 1234, West 67 Street, Missoula, Montana, 04955, (952)-480 2637 OBJECTIVE: Seeking for a responsible position as a dialysis nurse in the field of nursing and caring. SKILLS: Experience of more than 5 years in the field of nursing and caring s a dialysis nurse. Profound ability to plan, manage and organize the things. Exceptionally good in analysis, patient's assessment and medication. Great ability to deal with the queries and problems. Proficient in resolving and troubleshooting the problems. In-depth knowledge of the medication and advance and high tech equipments utilized in the clinics. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to demonstration PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Dialysis Nurse, Holy Faith Hospital, Missoula, Montana 2006-present Responsible for the plan, implement, educate and train the new staff, nursing and medical trainees about the dialysis. Management of the health status with the help of the therapy techniques. Observe and analyze the patient data, assessment and reports. Made recommendations to the appropriate medical professional. Participated in the team for the development and management of te short or long term care plans. Handles the queries and problems regarding health and resolve them. Dialysis Nurse, Dr. Logan's Clinic, Conrad, Montana 2004-2006 Responsible for the analysis, checkups and medication. Educate and teach the patient or care partner about the techniques to maintain the health care by using the home therapies. Make recommendations to the physician for the patient care. Handles the on-call queries and troubleshoot them. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University on Montana, Montana Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Caring License of Registered Nurse(Montana) REFERENCE: Dr. Arnold Carry Managing Director Holy Faith Hospital, Missoula, Montana Dr. Thomas Paul Sr. Physician Holy Faith Hospital, Missoula, Montana

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