; Summer Newsletter June 2011
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Summer Newsletter June 2011


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									            OAKRIDGE UNITED CHURCH
           305 W. 41st Avenue, Vancouver, B. C. V5Y 2S5
           Tel. 604-324-7444    www.oakridgeunited.org                    June 2011

MINISTER’S MESSAGE                            And as you give thanks for the days of
                                              summer, remember those on farms
Summertime – God’s presence is like
                                              across this country. Remember those
summer in the soul.
                                              whose land flooded this spring and for
Your presence is to us                        whom there will be no harvest. Re-
like summer in the soul;                      member those who have had to send
your joy shines forth and then                their children off the land to ensure
life blossoms to its goal.                    their future. Remember those who are
   (David Laikie Ritchie)                     raising the food you will eat – who
It‘s easy to give thanks in the sum-          grow the wheat that makes your
mer…for warm sunshine, long days,             bread, who walk the furrows and the
the scent of wildflowers, the clear view      rows, who watch the skies and earth
of the mountains, for time spent in lazy      for growth.
summer conversations with                     When summer comes and berries
neighbours, or a beach day with chil-         grow, I wait for a special reminder that
dren. So give thanks. Each morning            life bursts with goodness and possibility
as you rise in the warmth of summer           like berries bursting in our mouths – I
sun, give thanks to the creator for           wait for Summer Pudding. Here is my
what the day may bring.                       favourite recipe – give thanks as you
The seeding is done, the planting is fin-     make it and give thanks as you eat it,
ished. Across our country farmers             for the creator who made the earth,
watch the skies and the earth with            and the farmers who till the earth, for
bated breath--waiting for rain, praying       the people you share it with.
for sun, wondering about harvest. 

Summer Pudding                                    and fruits. Cook gently 2 minutes until
                                                  just softened.
2-3 tbsp water
                                                 Line a 1½ pint bowl with bread slices
¾ cup of sugar                                    with no gaps. Fill with the stewed
1 ½ pounds washed, mixed summer berries           fruits and cover the top with more
(strawberries,                                    bread slices.
raspberries, blackberries, black currants)       Place a saucer with a weight on top (a
8–10 pieces good white bread, crusts              can of beans is ideal) and refrigerate
removed                                           overnight.
                                                 Next day, turn the pudding out onto a
Whipped cream or custard sauce                    plate – it will keep its shape. Serve
   Stir water and sugar together and             with whipped cream or custard.
    bring to a gentle boil. Add the berries
Summer Newsletter                                                               June 2011

                       This old church is     What does the United Church Believe?
                       61 years old this      We believe in God:
                       year. The St. Giles    who has created and is creating,
                       crown is still a       who has come in Jesus,
                       symbol of faith at       the Word made flesh,
                       one of the busiest       to reconcile and make new,
                       corners in the city.   who works in us and others by the Spirit.
                       These walls have       (A New Creed)
                       held generations
                       of people singing,     God is Holy Mystery, beyond complete
playing, learning, arguing, working to-       knowledge, above perfect description.
gether, and working for the community.        Yet, in love, the one eternal God seeks
                                              relationship. So God creates the uni-
       This old church needs help.            verse and with it the possibility of being
Over the years we have lost some of           and relating… the opening words of the
those wonderful people who committed          Song of Faith.
their time, their talents and their ham-      Contrary to what some people may say,
mers and screwdrivers to maintain this        the United Church has a strong Christian
building. Dave, our custodian, now only       faith. We welcome everyone – but the
works part-time. We need help on our          faith we preach, the faith we sing, and
property committee.                           the faith we teach is a strong, Christian
We need people who could:                     faith rooted in the scriptures. We don‘t
                                              advocate social justice INSTEAD of the
 Get quotes on having some of the
                                              gospel – we advocate social justice BE-
  work done – be here when someone
                                              CAUSE of the Gospel.
  comes to fix the electricals, wall, or
  the boiler.                                 Seeking words to reaffirm that powerful
 Help do some work on the grounds.           Christian tradition for a new century, the
 Walk around the building with Dave          United Church gathered together lay peo-
  and list the work that needs doing.         ple and clergy, scholars and poets, seniors
 Recommend to council what the               and youth, questioners and theologians
  priorities are.                             and over 10 years wrote ―A Song of Faith‖
 Organize a couple of small painting         a response to the ancient faith in the mod-
  jobs and other jobs to keep our             ern language, answering questions that
  building operational.                       came from across the church.
If you think you could help us with any of    And we unofficially adopted A New
this – please speak to Maggie, Pat, Win       Creed to say clearly that ―We are not
or Sheila.                                    Alone, we live in God‘s world‖. We are a
                                              Christian church, reaffirming again our
                                              ancient faith – that we believe in a God
                                              ―beyond our complete know-ledge‖,
                                              who creates the universe. ―We find God
                                              made known in Jesus of Nazareth‖, ―We
Oakridge United Church                                                             Page 2
Summer Newsletter                                                               June 2011

sing of God the Spirit, faithful and un-      Music News – all the News Fit to Sing
tameable, who is creatively and re-           --Madelene Klassen, Music Minister
demptively active in the world‖.
                                              What a wonderful time the Choir has
Because we are a ―conciliar‖ church we
                                              had this Spring. Since Easter we had the
ask people to vote on things – and be-
                                              fun and challenge of learning ―This is the
cause it is necessary in this day and age
                                              Day‖ with interesting dance rhythms
to publicly reaffirm our faith – the United
                                              from composer Pablo Sosa, a Methodist
Church has asked all congregations to
                                              musician from Argentina. It‘s a tricky
review the new statements of faith, and
                                              piece of music and will be heard in Sep-
vote on whether to make them official
                                              tember. We are blessed with good sing-
statements of our faith. Nothing of the
                                              ers who cheerfully volunteer every week
old statements is lost, or cast away – this
                                              for practice and arrive early on Sunday.
is our opportunity to add to our under-
                                              Newcomers Ken and Kelly Fesenmaier
standing and our opportunity.
                                              have really enhanced our learning and
The Song of Faith says ―Grateful for          singing.
God‘s loving action, we cannot keep
from singing! We witness to Holy              I shall be away all the Sundays of July.
Mystery, who is Wholly Love.‖                 The following guest musicians will serve
                                              Oakridge while I am on summer vaca-
May our deliberations and our vote be a
                                              tion: Ginger Shaw for the first three Sun-
witness to that holy mystery who is Wholly
                                              days of the month, and for the last
                                              two Sundays--Jocelyn Pritchard.

                                              This summer I‘ll holiday in Chemainus
                                              and Comox. There are three batches of
--Doug Golding, Treasurer
                                              apricot jam to make, visit my music pro-
                                              fessor in Bellingham, visit musical col-
(as of April 30/11) April          Y-T-D
                                              leagues on Whidbey Island, and enjoy a
Contributions       $ 8,574       $ 27,923    local music conference day sponsored
Thrift Shop           1,387          7,193    by Northwest Music Company in the
Use of Facilities     7,261         28,972    venue of Ryerson United Church, where
                                              150 or so music directors gather to chat,
Total Income    17,223             64,088     keep up to date and sing new music all
Expenses        17,570             66,916     day long, eat jelly doughnuts and enjoy
Excess Expenses                               a catered picnic. May you have a
  Over Income $ 348                $ 2,828    blessed summer. Your continued prayers
                                              and good wishes are really appreciated.
              In Memoriam

It is worth noting that $1765 has been do-
nated to our church January to May in
memory of members of the congregation
who have died in 2011.

Oakridge United Church                                                             Page 3
Summer Newsletter                                                                 June 2011

                                               --Rod Hourston, Chairperson
   Spiritual Nurture – Dorothy Briggs
In addition to discussing Articles of Faith,   Mission & Service Fund (M&S)
we participated in a study using Bishop         Total to Mar. 31/2011            $ 1,805
N. T. Wright‘s book ―Simply Christian‖. This    April Contribution                   657
was complemented by his video which             Total to date                    $ 2,462
summarized each session‘s concepts
                                               This compares with $2,495 in 2010.
and topics. Led by Rev. Maggie we had
many lively discussions and learned a lot      Outreach - Our project is First United
from each other. After the summer re-          Church. On the first of Sunday of each
cess we hope to start a new study in the       month the congregation brings donations
fall.                                          of food, toiletries and clothing--items such
                                               as socks and underwear. These are deliv-
Meantime, Roy Stark‘s bible study, which       ered to First on the following Wednesday.
follows the lectionary readings, contin-
ues over the summer in the library after       In this regard I am sorry to have to report
each Sunday service.                           a decline in the amount of donations.
                                               On the first Sunday of June only one
Our visitation group enjoyed visits to
                                               plastic box of food was filled and it in-
Joyce Johnson, Violet Wilson, Cathy
                                               cluded two bags of empty pill bottles
 Mennie, Edith Thompson, Jack McIver
                                               which are used by First United. This is not
and others. Someone kept in touch by
                                               a good development for our Outreach
phone and cards.
                                               Project so----on Sunday July 3rd let us fill
      Worship – Mindy Lane                     those two plastic boxes with food ap-
While Maggie is on holiday the following       propriate for the homeless people who
                                               stay at First United. They need it.
people will be leading us in worship:

    July 3      Laurel Dykstra
    July 10     Sue Breisch                    HANDICRAFT
    July 17     Rev. Michael Mandich
                                               This faithful and long-running group will
    July 24     Sue Breisch
                                               wind up their season with a Lunch at the
Laurel Dykstra is in the ordination pro-       Oakridge Seniors‘ Centre on Tues., June
cess with the Anglican Church, while Sue       28th before their two-month summer
Breisch is a student waiting to be             break. They thank you for your donations
ordained in the United Church.                 throughout the year of stamps, cards,
                                               Campbell soup labels (with bar code in-
Aug. 7 & Sep. 4 - COMMUNION                    tact), wool and so on. Please continue
Our thanks to Rosemary Collins for being       saving the above items for their resump-
guest speaker on May 22nd. Rosemary            tion of activities come September. If you
works as an ‗advocate‘ on behalf of the        want more information on what they do
United Church, and helps people find           please speak to Effie Abrahamson, or
aid or assists them with the complicated       visit them on a Tuesday morning in the
process of seeking help.                       fall.

Oakridge United Church                                                               Page 4
Summer Newsletter                                                            June 2011

                                             New Photo Directory
An energetic crew makes 100 sand-
wiches for 1st United Church on the sec-     How many times have you checked an
ond Wednesday of each month. The             old church photo directory to remember
sandwiches are distributed to the home-      what someone looked like? You have
less and needy. The regular sandwich         probably noticed that ours is well
makers include Jean Jillings, Leslie Alex-   out of date.
ander, Joan Cook, Diane Wyllychuk and
                                             So, we have made arrangements for IPC
Shirley Sharf, with Jean McKee providing
                                             Canada Photo Services to be here Sept.
occasional back up.
                                             9 & 10 to take all of our pictures and
The bread is donated by Cobs Bakery on       prepare a new directory for us.
Main Street, and is picked up by Doug
                                             Dorothy Briggs and Joyce Livingston
Golding. The fillings for the sandwiches
                                             have agreed to organize a team that
are donated by congregation members
                                             will be responsible for setting up ap-
or purchased with cash donations. Tom
                                             pointments. You can expect to hear
Holmes delivers the sandwiches to 1st
                                             from them later in the summer.
This valuable outreach program of our
church involves many willing hands.          Family Fun Night
                                             Mark your calendars for Wednesday
                                             evening, August 17th for the 3rd annual
COMING EVENTS                                Family Fun Night. This is an enjoyable
--Patricia Pratt                             night for all ages: grandparents, parents
                                             and of course children. There will
Strawberry Tea         The third annual      be games galore, food and lots of fun.
Strawberry Tea is Sat., June 25th at 2pm.    The first year the theme was a Beach
In addition to being lots of fun and a       Party. The second year was a Western
wonderful afternoon out, this event has      night with people in jeans, plaid shirts
proven to be a major fundraiser for Oak-     and cowboy hats. Watch for the news of
ridge United.                                this year‘s exciting theme and programs.
As well as delicious strawberry shortcake    Don‘t miss the fun!
there is a choice of many different
sweets. The entertainment is a trio of
graduates from Capilano College‘s            OUT & ABOUT
Musical Theatre program.                     Lillian Hunt welcomed a new grandson in
Last but not least, there will be lots of    Victoria May 3rd,, while Janice Douglas
exciting door prizes. Come and bring         had to go all the way to Amsterdam to
your friends—tickets are $15 and there       welcome her first grandson.
will be tickets available at the door.

Oakridge United Church                                                          Page 5
Summer Newsletter                                                                                     June 2011

On the Move:                                  COUPLES PLUS CLUB
 Mindy Lane has moved back to Co-            --Lorna Persson
  quitlam, but fortunately she still plans
                                              It was 1956 that Willard and I became
  to make OUC her church home.
                                              members of St. Giles United Church
 Dorothy Mason is now settled at Point
                                              with the minister Dr. Hamilton in charge.
  Grey Private Hospital. Although she
  can‘t have visitors she would be de-        After the service Jean Crawford asked if
  lighted to hear from her church family      we would like to join the Couples Club
  via card or letter. (Contact Sharon in      (as it was then known) which was
  the church office for her address.)          just starting with new young couples. We
 Jean Jillings enjoyed recent trips to       were delighted to be included, and re-
  Saskatoon and New York in connec-           mained members and good friends ‗til
  tion with grandsons‘ graduations: one       now.
  as a doctor of veterinary medicine,
                                              We had such good times together sing-
  and the other as an MD.
                                              ing, playing games, and listening to
 Roy & Nancy Stark had a lovely 10
                                              speakers who kept us well informed on
  days in Honolulu, and have returned
                                              world and local affairs.
  looking tanned and fit.
 Val Weinert and husband Harry had a         We usually entertained at a Christmas
  wonderful time on their cruising in the     party (pot luck) and a wind-up party in
  Hawaiian Islands.                           June, often held at a cottage.
In Sympathy:                                  We collected a small membership fee
  Condolences are extended to June           from each member and were able to
    Newton on the death of her husband        pay our way and make small donations
    Neil on April 12th.                       to different areas of the church. As well,
  Also, condolences to Mary Allen            we looked after Sunday greeting, sanc-
    whose sister, Marjorie Wiltshire, died    tuary flowers and the refreshments at fel-
    May 24th.                                 lowship time (in addition to counting du-
                                              ties until a few years ago) during the
Weddings: Rev. Maggie officiates at two
                                              summer months of July and August.
June weddings in our sanctuary: the first
was on the 18th, and the second will be       After 55 years we grew together and
on the following Sunday. We wish these        knew each other so well, and now that
young couples well in their lives together.   our members are lessening it is with great
                                              sorrow we are having to close.
Baptisms: We have had two infant
baptisms since the last newsletter:           We will always be grateful for our won-
  May 15th Amaya Waterhouse,                 derful memories. God bless us all.
   daughter of Chris & Alison Dicken          --------------------------------------------------------
  June 5th Jack Scallion, son of Sean        Newsletter Team: Jean Bartlett, Dorothy Briggs,
    & Debbie Scallion                         Joyce Livingston, Sharon Morrow, Pat Pratt,
                                              Diane Wyllychuk------------------------------------------------------
Dave Autin, the church custodian, has         Email Addresses:
been ill for three weeks; we hope to                     minister@oakridgeunited.org
welcome him back very soon.                              office@oakridgeunited.org

Oakridge United Church                                                                                     Page 6

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