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Rexroth – Your Automation Partner for Press Shop


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									Rexroth – Your Automation Partner
for Press Shop

Productivity. Standardization. Flexibility.

    Bosch Rexroth.
    The Drive & Control Company
    Rexroth is the global leader       Whether the need is electric drives
    in the supply of all specialized   and controls, hydraulics, pneuma-
    and integrated Drive and           tics or linear motion and assembly
    Control technologies. The          technologies, only Rexroth offers
    company of the Bosch Group         the full spectrum of automation
    stands for highest quality and     technology from a single source.
    service to customers.
                                       Rexroth supports automotive
                                       manufacturers around the world
                                       by supplying innovative compo-
                                       nents, modules, and systems and
                                       services designed to enhance
                                       production efficiency. Rexroth
                                       products always incorporate state-
                                       of-the-art technology that consist-
                                       ently adheres to international        Rexroth relies on close cooperation
                                       standards in the hardware and         with machine manufacturers and
                                       software sectors.                     automotive manufacturers to de-
                                                                             velop automation components
                                       Rexroth pursues the objective of      along with solutions for enhanced
                                       zero-defects in all products and      productivity and superior quality.
                                       services. The company adheres to      In addition, Rexroth’s processes
                                       an established process-oriented       and approaches make it the ideal
                                       quality assurance system based on     partner for the automotive industry.
                                       tools and methods that have been      As a company of the Bosch Group,
                                       tried and tested in the automotive    Rexroth stands for consistency,
                                       industry.                             innovation and quality as it con-
                                                                             tinues to meet the most challenging
                                       Common Experience –                   demands of automotive manufac-
                                       Common Language                       turers.

                                       Many years of close cooperation
                                       with the automotive industry cre-
                                       ate a common ground: Rexroth’s
                                       processes and products precisely
                                       reflect the requirements of the
                                       automotive industry.

                                                                          In no other production area in the
                                                                          automotive industry do machines
                                                                          have to regulate forces with such
                                                                          precision and reliability as is the
                                                                          case with presses. The automation
                                                                          of complex press lines places
                                                                          especially high demands on the
                                                                          precision and reliability of motion.

                                                                          New materials made of high-
                                                                          strength steel and alloys also place
Technical and economic
advantages: an extensive array of                                         new demands on metal forming
Drive and Control technologies      Good forms have their price:          technology for safety-relevant
from a single source.
                                    Requirements in the production of     components underneath the outer
                                    complex geometries and reliable       skin. At the same time, batch sizes
                                    transfers for transporting delicate   are becoming smaller due to in-
                                    half-finished parts among the         creasingly shorter product life
                                    individual press stations are con-    cycles and faster model changes.
                                    stantly increasing in the press
                                    shop. Innovative metal-forming        Rexroth supports the press shop
                                    methods, such as die cushion          production area with a wide range
                                    technology, for which Rexroth         of components and system solu-
                                    played a major part in developing     tions so that complex metal-for-
                                    the hydraulics, and flexible auto-    ming methods and highly produc-
                                    mation strategies support the press   tive automation solutions can be
                                    shop production area in satisfying    carried out.
                                    these tasks economically.
                                                                          For additional information about
                                                                          Rexroth’s capabilities regarding
                                                                          components and solutions, please
                                                                          consult our publications describing
                                                                          the specific technologies and our
                                                                          detailed brochures for the indivi-
                                                                          dual automotive industry produc-
                                                                          tion areas, or just visit our site at:

    Challenges for Press Shop
    Using high loads for exact     Innovative metal-forming methods:
    and reproducible contours in   Complex component geometries
    series production to achieve   require metal forming technology
    maximum flexibility and eco-   to be subject to continuous im-
    nomy: the challenges facing    provement. Servo press, die
    the press shop production      cushion technology, and internal
    area place very high demands   high-pressure hydroforming in-
    on automation technology.      crease the degree of freedom for
                                   economical reshaping.

                                   Modularity: Press stations with
                                   flexible hydraulic and motion
                                   controls increase flexibility in
                                   production. Scalable automation
                                   modules with flexible controls
                                   simplify design, commissioning,
                                   reprogramming, and spare parts

                                   Engineering: A uniform engineer-
                                   ing environment and a universal
                                   running time system for controls
                                   reduces engineering complexity
                                   over the entire life cycle.

                                   Tools service life: A prominent         Safety: Protecting operators and
                                   feature of metal forming technol-       maintenance technicians against
                                   ogy is that customized tools tie        injury is always just the priority
                                   down a significant share of invest-     list. It is equally important to
                                   ment. Service life of the tool          ensure that machines and installa-
                                   makes a significant contribution to     tions are readily available to meet
                                   the total cost of ownership.            production goals.

                                   Reliability: Presses are only able to   System solutions: In both hard-
                                   achieve close to 100 percent avail-     ware and software, scalable con-
                                   ability if all components and           trols and drives for press automa-
                                   modules afford maximum service          tion can have a significant impact
                                   life and reliability.                   on productivity.

                                                                             Robust automation components for
                                                                             innovative metal forming methods.
                                                                             Source: Schuler

Energy costs: Brake energy is          Total Cost of Ownership: The total    Condition Monitoring: Measures
accumulated to be used later for       cost of presses and press working     wear and tear online so the right
accelerating. Energy costs are re-     lines over the entire life cycle is   part is replaced at just the right
duced by using feedback from the       made up of multiple factors, and      time. Maintenance concepts based
main drives, eliminating the need      purchase price is only one of them.   on actual operating conditions
for a costly emergency power supply.   Simple adjustments to new tasks,      enhance availability and reduce
                                       service life, maintenance costs or    service costs.
Freedom of collision: Collisions       reusability have a great influence
destroy workpieces, can damage         on the total cost of ownership.
expensive tools and cause inter-
ruptions in production. Press
mechanization must therefore
always avoid collisions.

    Automation Solutions
    from a Single Source
    Many automation technologies,
    one partner: Only Rexroth offers
    the combination of hydraulics,
    electric drives, linear and assem-
    bly technologies with efficient
    and open control systems to
    metal forming technology.

    Universal automation of presses
    and press working lines also in-
    creases productivity and flexibility.
    Rexroth’s system solutions qualify
    state-of-the-art metal forming
    methods for industrial scale pro-
    duction and reduce application
    complexity. Modular transfer
    stations provide short engineering
    times and a high degree of relia-
    bility when handling workpieces.

    Hydraulics                              Electric drives and controls        Linear and assembly technology
    Rexroth supplements the complete        System solutions for flexible and   Precise roller bearing technology
    component range with modules            reliable press transfer simplify    transmits high forces and increases
    that are ready to be connected and      automation (see page 10/11).        the service life of tools (see page
    with motion controls tuned to                                               12/13).
    fluid technology (see page 8/9).

A broad spectrum of sturdy compo-
nents with intelligent linkage.

    Sturdy, Economical and Intelligent
    Intelligent hydraulics from      With complete system solutions           Rexroth meets the high demands
    Rexroth combine high power       for complex press automation,            of metal forming methods such
    density with state-of-the-art    Rexroth has developed special            as die cushion technology. This
    control. This increases the      high-end-motion controls that            technology, which has largely been
    degree of modularity and         regulate a large number of axes          developed by Rexroth, optimally
    simplifies the standardization   in real time. They communicate           builds up die pressure on mechan-
    process.                         with the machinery through open          ical presses over the complete range
                                     Ethernet real-time bus networks          of movement of the die and re-
                                     and enable complete vertical             duces the impact of the ram on the
                                     integration and connection to
                                     higher-level systems. Software
                                     modules stored in the control
                                     system take the special character-
                                     istics of the hydraulics into account.
                                     Valves with onboard electronics
                                     immediately implement control
                                     commands with optimum process
                                     sequences and standardized cyl-
                                     inder modules greatly harmonize
                                     the design.

                                                                            Rexroth’s sturdy hydraulic solutions increase the
                                                                            reliability and economy of presses.
                                                                            Source: Schuler

workpiece. The flow of materials is   The benefits of hydraulics become
controlled during the metal forming   especially obvious when the total
process, allowing the manufactur-     cost of ownership is considered:
ing of complex geometries without     Hydraulics transmit forces directly
fracturing or creasing the work-      without mechanical relay elements,
piece. In addition, die cushions      are self-lubricating through the
shorten the cycle time and increase   medium of hydraulic oil and thus
the service life of the tools.        operate largely wear- and mainten-

                                                                            With comprehensive condition
                                                                            monitoring methods, Rexroth
                                                                            increases reliability even further.
                                                                            Sensors check important para-
                                                                            meters of cylinders – simple,
                                                                            intelligent and economical.

     Electric Drives and Controls:
     Press Automation and
     Press Main Drives
     Complexity is reduced:          Safe and exact positioning, of com-     system complying with IEC 61131-3
     Open controls and intelligent   plex workpieces in the shortest of      with motion modules as per
     drive systems simplify press    cycle times: The demands placed on      PLCopen. Shock- and vibration-
     transfer.                       the press transfer require perfect      resistant components developed
                                     interaction between scalable sys-       especially for press applications
                                     tem solutions and highly dynamic        guarantee a high level of avail-
                                     servo technology. Rexroth controls      ability of the installation.
                                     complex kinematics with motion
                                     controls that can be precisely scaled   The decentralized control systems
                                     in performance and function. PC-,       communicate via SERCOS in real
                                     controller- and drive-based controls    time with each other and with the
                                     use a universal PLC runtime             drives. They feature a wide range

of functionalities for press automa-    increase the availability of the
tion. In addition, the knowledge of     complete system. Redundant motor
the process can be easily imple-        and press sensors are just as much
mented in the open motion-control       part of the safety concept as redun-
systems. In this way, identical press   dant communications systems.
stations can perform all press          Powerful Rexroth frequency con-
mechanics tasks and greatly sim-        verters as main drives for the
plify automation.                       presses reduce energy costs with
                                        Sinus Front End Technology by
Certified safety functions in           negative feeding, enhancing safety
Rexroth’s intelligent servo drives      even further: The integrated over-
help avoid collisions and thus          all solution allows an intermediate
                                        circuit buffer that guarantees an
                                        orderly shutdown of the system
                                        and of the transfer axes in the
                                        event of a power failure, thus pre-
                                        venting the press from colliding
                                                                               Perfect interaction between scalable system solutions
                                        with the transfer system.              and highly dynamic servo technology for press transfer.
                                                                               Source: Schuler
                                        With this system, there is no need
                                        for an emergency power source,
                                        and the total cost of ownership is

                                        Certified safety functions
                                        increase availability.

     Linear and Assembly Technology:
     Good Guidance Pays off
     Heavy-duty guidance mecha-               Only with perfectly guided move-
     nisms specially configured for           ments can high-performance
     the demands placed on metal              presses achieve the precision re-
     forming technology improve               quired by the automotive industry.
     the efficiency of the presses            Rexroth has developed heavy-duty
     and increase the service life of         roller rail guides especially for
     tools.                                   these tasks. These can support a
                                              static load of up to 2,000 kN. They
                                              provide reliable and precise ram
                                              guidance even on very large presses.

                                              The particular advantage over
                                              older slideway guides is that roller
                                              rail guides absorb both compres-
                                              sive and tensile forces and thus
                                              guide the tool much more precisely.
                                              Pre-tensioned guidance trolleys
                                              guide the ram with minimum
                                              lateral deflection, even during off-
                                              center metal-forming methods.

                                              This increases precision in produc-
                                              tion and considerably lengthens
                                              tool service life. In addition, roller
                                              bearing technology significantly
                                              reduces lubricant consumption

                          Typical machine                                              and the total cost of ownership,
                      movements on ball-                                               even in the event of repairs:
                           bearing guides,
                      driven by ball screw.                                            Rexroth systematically employs
                                                                                       freely exchangeable runner blocks
                                                                                       and profiled rails of the same size.

                                                                        Linear modules and axis
                                                                        combinations, quickly
                                                                        configured, ordered and
                                                                        assembled thanks to
                                                                        field-proven aids.

Rexroth supplements its compre-    systems. A comprehensive module
hensive range of linear motion     of basic mechanical elements that
technology in all performance      includes protective fencing rounds
categories with a broad spectrum   off the product portfolio.
of chain conveyors and transfer

     As Global as the Automotive Industry
     Wherever vehicles are built
     or outsourced components
     are manufactured: Rexroth is
     always on-site to offer com-
     prehensive support.

     Rexroth has a long history of coop-
     eration with automakers across all
     continents. Whether they are auto-
     motive manufacturers or their top
     suppliers, Best-In-Class products
     and system solutions from Rexroth
     demonstrate reliability and pro-
     ductivity in hundreds of plants.

     Regardless where the automotive
     industry establishes its new pro-
     duction plants, Rexroth is already
     there. Rexroth’s large group of
     knowledgeable engineering, sales
     and service professionals have
     an increasing presence in over
     80 countries. Bosch Rexroth AG
     focuses the application expertise
     garnered from its global activities
     on each individual site, anywhere
     in the world, and combines it with
     local competence. Project planning,
     commissioning, training and
     service: We always speak your

Many Tasks – One Contact
                    Faster and easier: This applies to automation and in daily collabor-
                    ation. Rexroth’s Global Account Management coordinates the entire
                    array of joint activities for automotive manufacturers and their top

                    Doing business with Rexroth is           reliably ensures rapid response.
                    simple, even if the tasks are com-       At Rexroth, our service concept
                    plex. Regardless of the continent        extends well beyond supplying
                    or technology, Global Account            replacement parts and setting up
                    Management in its role as the            on-site consignment depots.
                    central partner and consultant           Rexroth Service personnel work
                    consistently brings the best pro-        on-site at the client’s plant in close
                    fessionals to one table for a fast and   cooperation with the end-user.
                    reliable response to the challenges      Condition monitoring and remote
                    that arise.                              maintenance concepts combine
                                                             with an innovative service package
                    Rexroth relies on uniform pro-           for all Drive and Control technol-
                    cesses and standards – reflecting        ogies to enhance equipment avail-
                    the practices of the global automo-      ability and improve the planning
                    tive industry. International coop-       of maintenance cycles. From
                    eration with a single automation         project-planning stage and oper-
                    partner offers another advantage:        ation all the way to retrofitting,
                    It simplifies the global implemen-       Rexroth accompanies the auto-
                    tation of defined specifications for     motive industry user through the
                    vehicle manufacturers to actively        entire life cycle of the automation
                    foster standardization.                  system – in what is, in reality, a
Automotive plants                                            lifelong partnership.
Rexroth sites       Lifelong Partnership –
                    Customized Service

                    This reliability applies to the entire
                    product and service life cycle. The
                    comprehensive service network
                                                                                                Bosch Rexroth AG
                                                                                                Marktplatz 3
                                                                                                97816 Lohr, Germany
                                                                                                Phone: +49(0)9352/18-1221
                                                                                                Fax: +49 (0) 9352/18-1843

Americas                           Europe                                                       Asia

Canada                             Germany                       Italy                          India
Bosch Rexroth Canada Corp.         Bosch Rexroth AG              Bosch Rexroth S.p.A.           Bosch Rexroth (India) Ltd.
3426 Mainway Drive, Burlington     Marktplatz 3                  Strada del Drosso 37/15        Plot 96, Phase III,
Ontario, L7M 1A8,                  97816 Lohr,                   10135 Torino,                  Peenya Industrial Area
Canada                             Germany                       Italy                          Bangalore - 560 058
Phone: +1 (905) 335-5511           Phone: +49 (0) 9352/18-1221   Phone: +39 (011) 3285 941      India
Fax: +1 (905) 335-4184             Fax: +49 (0) 9352/18-1843     Fax: +39 (011) 3285 953        Phone: +91 (80) 41 170 211
                                                                                                Fax: +91 (80) 28 394 021

USA                                France                        Spain                          China
Bosch Rexroth Corporation          Bosch Rexroth S.A.S.          Bosch Rexroth S. L.            Bosch Rexroth (China) Ltd.
2730 Research Drive                91, Bld Irène Joliot Curie    Obradors, 16                   Shanghai
Rochester Hills, Ml 48309,         69634 Vénissieux Cédex        08130 Santa Perpètua de        4/F, China Marine Tower,
USA                                France                        Mogoda,                        No. 1 Pudong Avenue
Phone: +1 (248) 267-4000           Phone: +33 (4) 7878 5339      Spain                          Shanghai 200120
Fax: +1 (248) 853-2035             Fax: +33 (4) 7878 5236        Phone: +34 (93) 7479 500       China
                                                                 Fax: +34 (93) 7479 401         Phone: +86 (21) 3866 6120
                                                                                                Fax: +86 (21) 3866 6111

Mexico                             United Kingdom                Russia                         Korea
Bosch Rexroth S.A. de C.V.         Bosch Rexroth Limited         Bosch Rexroth OOO              Bosch Rexroth Korea Ltd.
Espana No 407                      15 Cromwell Road              Stscholkowskoje Schosse 100,   6F, #298, Bojeong-dong,
Fracc. Industrial Santa Catarina   St Neots, PE19 2ES;           Floor 10                       Giheung-gu,
C.P. 66360, Santa Catarina, N.L.   Cambridgeshire,               105523 Moscow                  Yongin-si,
Mexico                             United Kingdom                Russia                         Gyunggi-do 446-913
Phone: +52 (81) 8122 0700 x 0736   Phone: +44 (0) 1480 223 200   Phone: +7 (495) 783 30 60      Korea
Fax: +52 (81) 8122 0732            Fax: +44 (0) 1480 470 789     Fax: +7 (495) 783 30 69        Phone: +82 (0) 31-270-4223
                                                                                                Fax: +82 (0) 31-270-4299

Brazil                             Central- and Eastern Europe
Bosch Rexroth Ltda. (Sede)         Bosch Rexroth, spol. s r.o.
Av. Tégula 888 - Unidades          Pod Visnovkou 35
13/14 Bairro Ponte Alta            140 00 Prag 4
12952-820 Atibaia – SP,            Czech Republic
Brazil                             Phone: +420 (261) 300 752
Phone: +55 (11) 4414 5600          Fax: +420 (261) 300 751
Fax: +55 (11) 4414 5649

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