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					The Resources page contains logs, charts, forms, research, and other information that can help
you implement Accelerated Reader in your classroom and school. There are five categories of
resources that are available for your use. The program briefly describes each category and resource
so that you can find the right one for the information you need.

By default, district administrators, district staff, school administrators, school staff, and teachers
can all view and print resources. However, this option will depend on the capabilities that have been
granted to you.

There are five categories of resources. They are listed below along with the resources included in
each one.

        Forms and Charts. This category includes the following resources: Classroom Reading
         Plan, Goal-Setting Chart, Marking Period Progress Chart for GE 1-6, Marking Period
         Progress Chart for GE 5-12, Pronunciation Key, Reader Certification Levels and Criteria,
         Student Reading Log - Beginning Reader (English or Spanish), Student Reading Log -
         Emergent Reader (English or Spanish), Student Reading Log - Established Reader (English
         or Spanish), Student Reading Plan (English or Spanish), Weekly Progress Chart for GE 1-6,
         and Weekly Progress Chart for GE 5-12.
        Classroom Resources to Get Started. This category includes the following resources:
         Accelerated Reader RP Glossary; Book Level, Interest Level, and Student Reading Level;
         Classroom Practices - The 10 Most Important; Classroom Practices - For Primary Grades;
         Classroom Practices - For Upper Grades; Getting Started: What to Do Before Students
         Begin Using Accelerated Reader; Key Tasks for Accelerated Reader Renaissance Place;
         Motivating Your Readers; Points in Accelerated Reader and Reading Renaissance;
         Scheduling Daily In-Class Reading Practice Time; Spanish/English Classroom Strategies;
         and Status of the Class.
        Classroom Resources to Advance Your Implementation. This category includes the
         following resources: Building vocabulary Practice into Your Reading Renaissance Classroom,
         Diagnosis and Intervention Strategies, Duolog Reading in Your Classroom, Goal Setting -
         Using the Student Reading Plan, Goal Setting With Your Class, Grades With Reading
         Renaissance, Power Lesson Resources, Power Lesson Samples - Reading Skills, Power
         Lesson Samples - Vocabulary Skills, Power Lesson Scope and Sequence, Quizzes - Using
         Literacy Skills Quizzes, Quizzes - Using Other Reading Quizzes, Quizzes - Using Vocabulary
         Practice Quizzes, Quizzes - Writing Teacher-Made Quizzes, Renaissance Place
         Implementation Reports, and Teams in Reading Renaissance Classrooms.
        Research and Other Resources. This category includes the following resources:
         Accelerated Reader: Understanding Reliability and Validity, Reading Renaissance Model
         Certification Checklist, The Research Foundation for Reading Renaissance Goal-Setting
         Practices, Scientific Research on Accelerated Reader and Reading Renaissance, Summary of
         Guided Independent Reading, and Using Readability Levels to Guide Students to Books.
        Manuals. This category includes the following resources: Accelerated Reader Software
         Manual and Accelerated Reader Software Tips for Getting Started

Follow these steps to view or print a Reading Resource:

    1.   After you log in, you'll see the Home page. If you are already using the program, go to this
         page by clicking "Home" at the top of any page.
    2.   Click "Resources" under Accelerated Reader. Note: If the tasks are not listed, click "Show
         Details" next to Accelerated Reader.
    3.   On the Resources page, click the category that the resource you want to view is in. To
         help you choose the correct category, the program briefly describes each one.
    4.   At the Select Resource page, click the name of the resource you want to view.

         Note: If the resource you need is not listed on the page or if you want to view the list of
         resources in another category, click the drop-down list and choose the another category.
         Then, click the [Set] button.
    5.   The resource appears in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or in Preview on certain Macintosh
         computers) in another browser window. To print or save the report, use the Adobe Reader
         buttons that appear just above the report (in Preview, click the File menu, then Save or
    6.   When you've finished, close the browser window that the resource appears in.

Note: Use the links along the left side of the page to return to your Home page or to
access any of the other Accelerated Reader tasks.

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