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Information on sample resumes, resume example, resume templates and guides

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Common Resume Mistakes Mistakes Done While Developing Resumes Biggest mistakes made in developing or submitting resumes The most critical error made in writing resumes is to fail to mention specific accomplishments. Resumes often include excellent job descriptions, but indicate little about how well the job was done. It is very important to include your accomplishments, using da The second major mistake that seen frequently is the use of the functional resume format, where a list of accomplishments is given first. While that approach does h

Common mistakes to avoid in the resumes Don't download a resume from the internet or blindly copy anyone's look. You will be restricted by someone else's arrangement and not have a place or sufficient p Sending your resume to any all jobs irrespective of the fit. When responding to job postings or ads you should only your resume if your background closely fits the d Making obvious that the recipient is part of a mass mailing. Trying to go around the person designed to recruit for the position. Being too pushy: calling too often, calling when posting says "No calls please." Mailing it instead of E-mailing it. Items never be listed on a resume Personal information relating to physical characteristics, martial status, age, sex or religious affiliation has no place on a resume. Any thing that does not relate to yo Best way to organize a resume There are two main methods of organizing a resume. These are referred to as the reverse chronological format and the functional format. The chronological formatThe functional format stresses the job seeker's most marketable skills, but de-emphasizes career progression, job titles, and chronology. This approach works best

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