; “2_” Signs and Coincidences from God
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“2_” Signs and Coincidences from God


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									                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   1

    Signs and Coincidences from God

                            A true story as told by:

                                 Michael Flipp

                                Peace unto you:

To the 9 churches of the Unites States of America which are located at 9
 points along the shape of a cross given to me by God. These 9 points are
also along the 39th latitude line and the 93rd longitude line which form the
         actual shape of a cross over the United States of America.

This is a written journal that began in 2003. The time of this 1st printing is
 now 2008 and the 7 churches originally given are now 9 as the Lord has
  shown me 2 more in 2010. 7 years worth of signs and coincidences are
  recorded and now for the first time printed in a book form. The journal
will continue to grow, Lord willing, and more information will continue to
     be added to it on the website location on the World Wide Web at
     http://www.two.cc as the Lord continues to give me more signs.

This book has not been professionally edited. It has not been checked for
 spelling or grammatical errors. It is just me doing the best that I can. So
   yes, you will more than likely find some mistakes. Please email me
flippstermn@yahoo.com or call me and let me know what they are and I
                              will fix them.

                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   2

I would like to dedicate this book to God the Father and to Jesus Christ,
for without either of Them, neither this book nor I would exist. Many
thanks also need to go to the Holy Spirit for guiding me. On November
14th, 2003 I posted my 1st 22 poems and praises and on November 15th,
2003 I posted the book “2!” for all to see and read for free on the World
Wide Web. I am leaving it now in God's hands to do as He will with it and
let those see it who need to see it. Thank you Father.

The signs I have gotten from God started out very simply and fun. They
still are fun, but as they have continued to come to me they have begun to
get more amazing, more jaw dropping, and what they have led to will
astonish you. I think what happened, and this is just my view point is that I
became a believer and I asked God about the signs that were in the bible
and I said to God, "How come we don't see amazing signs like the ones
that are written about in the bible?" I became a believer in God and Jesus
first. And it was after that that I said to God, "God I want a sign, one that I
can share with non-believers to help them to believe, if you give me a
sign, I will do my best to tell everyone and everyone I can about it." I said
that I would wait and keep my eye out for it. And I did wait, and when the
signs started in a fun and simple way, I think that God was giving me a
chance to hold up my end of the bargain, if you can call it that. And so I
did, I told my family and friends, many laughed. Many thought, ok your
kinda gettin' goofy here Flipp. But that didn't bother me because I had
faith, and I knew what was going on. So after I began telling people about
the signs that I had gotten, the simple yet very fun signs, I began to get
more. Many more! And then the signs began to get very interesting and
very complex and more astronomical in their rarity and awesomeness.
Some of these just blew me away. But I kept on telling people and then
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   3
started this website and put my entire testimony on here for all to read. I
don't care what people think anymore, these things are happening and I
have many witnesses. Only God could have arranged these things, there is
no doubt in my mind. As you read this story, you will walk with a new
believer and see how I have grown in my walk. You will see how the signs
become more amazing as the story continues. I don’t think God gave me a
grandiose sign to start right off with, because He wanted to see what was
in my heart and how bold I would be at telling people about them. Those
are my thoughts on how and why the signs happened the way they had,
but I asked for a “Fun” sign and not a scary one as you will read, and God
granted me exactly that. They were fun, and simple, yet very odd,
coincidental and amazing. I was given a drink of spiritual milk at first. As
the story goes on and the signs become more amazing, we start getting
into the MEAT. WOW!

I am humbled at what God has shown me, and has given to me. It is now a
passion which I cannot let go, and at times a burden in a sense of what the
Lord has shown me through these signs. And yet, as I change and grow
with God, I begin to see many things in a different light and with a new set
of eyes. Some will scoff at this, the bible says they will. But those who can
just read this story with an open mind, you will be enlightened, amazed,
blown away and awestruck. I hope this helps the body of Christ. It is all I
want - to Glorify God through this story. Please give this story a chance,
do not pre-judge it by the first parts of this book. Please look at the more
and more amazing things that continue to happen as I walk, grow and
learn more. You can actually see me change as I go and the coincidences
get way, way more amazing and awesome, literally… jaw dropping! Just
please read the entire thing before you pass judgment.

                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   4

           igns of the Number 2, Things
           Happening Twice and
About 4 months ago I didn't even know how to say a prayer properly,
but from the little that I had heard and read about, I figured out that it
should be heart felt, and simply asked for by praying to God the Father in
the name of Jesus. I prayed recently for many things and 1 of them was for
a sign from God. I asked Him for a fun sign, I didn't want a lightning bolt
splitting a tree open in my front yard. Although I knew He could very well
do just that. I didn't want to get a sign that would be misunderstood. Why
did I do that you might ask? Because I felt in my heart at the time that He
would give me what I asked Him for. I had a new found faith that He
would. I didn't know when it would happen though. I told Him that I
would wait a week, or a month or a year or 2, but I would wait. And so I
did. And then it happened, in only after a couple of weeks of waiting and
looking! I was given a sign bigger than I could imagine. And it was
definitely a fun sign. Not only did I get a sign, I got 2. The first sign was
like a 1 in a billion shot so to speak. The 2nd sign came, and not only did it
come but it was in the form of a 2 as well. The amazing thing is that the
signs are still coming. Significant 2's are popping up like wild fire at
times. Not just ordinary coincidental happenings of things in pairs, but the
actual number 2, things happening twice, and consecutively. I believe it to
be a series of small miracles. I must say I am enjoying every minute of it.
It really is quite spectacular and so amazingly wonderful, that I must share
it with everyone. But how do I go about this? What would anyone do if
they were witnessing what I was? The first thing you probably think is,
"No one is going to believe this". But if you have enough witnesses and
other proof, I guess you can't dispute it. The first time I went to church as
a New Believer I miraculously found out that it was called Pentecost. I
never new what that meant, but I learned that day. The fact that I went to
church for the 1st time as a new believer on this day has to be a sign in

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   5

After I accepted Jesus Christ as my
Early in my walk with God and Jesus, I truly accepted Jesus as my savior
and repented for all of my sins. Believe me, that list is huge. Those of you,
who know me, well, be nice. I don’t think anyone is perfect, but go ahead
and laugh, because that list is really long. And so I repented for all of my
sins. True repentance is turning away from your sins. Not just repenting
and saying your sorry for doing them, but to not do them anymore. I broke
down and wept one night, a night in which I really didn't think I was going
to be doing any weeping, and I really got to know Jesus that night. I was
born again and washed clean.

April 20th, 2003
I remember when Easter came; I spent it with my family. My Mom came
up to visit and my wife's Dad came over to eat as well. It was a peaceful
day and we had a very nice meal. I thought that maybe it would be a good
day for me to get a sign. It was a good day to reflect on what Jesus had
done for all of us, Thank you Jesus! But I saw no sign that day. Nothing
unusual happened at all. I think the TV show "Moses" aired on one of the
cable TV stations that day and we watched it or at least some of it. And
that is all I can remember about Easter Sunday 2003. It was 4 months ago.

1 week after Easter Sunday, on

Sunday April 27th, 2003
About 6:30 pm, my son and I were driving home from our recreation land
east of where we live. It was a nice day, the sun was shining and there
were no other cars on the road. I was thinking to myself that my son and I
ought to have our seatbelts on. We usually always do, but occasionally we
get lazy. I thought about it some more and I looked around the area I was
driving by and I talked myself out of putting them on when I thought
                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   6
about how nice it was, no one was around, we were basically alone and I
was driving the speed limit. We will be fine I said to myself.

Just when I thought that, I saw a little red pickup truck coming towards us
from about a quarter mile in front of us. I thought to myself, "I am really
going to watch this truck, just keep an extra close eye on it". For some
reason, seeing as how the seatbelt safety lecture in my head had just
finished, and I knew that I had flunked the test within my head, this truck
caught my eye when it slightly went off the tar portion of the road. Its
passenger side tires went into the small strip of gravel that borders the side
of the County Line road splitting the 2 counties of Pine and Carlton in
Minnesota. The truck at this point was about 100 to 200 feet in front of us,
coming towards us as we were heading towards it at 55 mph.

Now the driver was a very good driver, except for the fact that they had
driven off the tar in the first place, because the driver did not jerk the car
back onto the tar. The pickup just gradually eased back onto the tar very
slowly and easily, just as easily as it drifted off of the road, it drifted back
on. The truck passed me and I passed by it at 55 mph. The pickup headed
east, I was going west. A slight thought of "whew" went through my head
as I was very relieved that the driver of the red pickup truck handled that
ok. Sometimes you just never know.

A good solid 2 to 3 seconds elapsed after the truck passed by us. Then I
heard a very loud, "CRACK!" on the windshield of my truck. I thought,
"WOAH, what was that?" I looked at the windshield in front of me and
saw nothing. But it was surely the sound of a rock hitting my windshield.
But I saw no mark or crack or chip in the glass. I looked in my rear view
mirror and saw the red truck way behind me now, about 2 football fields
away. I looked left and right and there were no homes that I could see, just
open fields and woods. I asked my son if he saw where the rock hit, and he
said "Yes". He pointed to the lower right side of the windshield and then
pointed to a chip in the windshield that was about the size of a nickel.

I then thought to myself, "Now that was odd, --- very odd". I began re-
thinking the events out in my head and tried to figure out exactly how this
could have just happened. I logically rationalized that the little red pickup
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   7
truck must have kicked up the rock when it went off the tar. It kicked the
rock up so high and so far behind it, that as I drove on, the rock perfectly
came down on top of us and I drove right under it and into it. At the speed
I was driving and at the point of impact that the rock hit, the rock must
have shot back behind the red pickup a good 50 - 100 feet and double that
in height. The rock had to stay in the air the entire time it took me to
approach the pickup, pass it, and then continue on for the next 2 - 3
seconds at 55mph. It would be neat to see a scientific analysis of the
trajectory of the rock shooting out from the tires of the pickup, going up
into the air very high and landing on my windshield. I have forgotten all of
my Physics lessons I learned in high school, so I won't be adding any
drawings here. (Smiling) But I hope you can get an idea of what I am
talking about. It was rare, it was odd, it was an awakening sign. CRACK!
The other possibility of this rock hitting my windshield was that it dropped
straight down from heaven. Either way you look at it, miraculous, odd and
very rare.

Well after I had rationalized this all out in my head, and verbalized it to
my son, I then said to my son, "Mike, let's put our seatbelts on, that was
really odd how that happened and it must be some sort of a sign". Mike
didn't say a word and agreeing; he reached over and clipped himself in. I
also grabbed my seatbelt and clicked myself in. No sooner than we had
both clicked our belts on, then 3 wild deer hopped out along the side of the
woods into the open grass near the side of the road, causing me to swerve
slightly in case they kept coming on their present course. We both looked
at each other and said, "WOAH!" "That was close!" We were then very
glad we had our seatbelts on.

I remember thinking, "OK Father, I get the message, we should be
wearing our seatbelts as things out of my control can affect me, it is the
law, and we should wear them. Thank you for pointing that out". But I did
not think that the rock hitting the windshield of my truck was "THE" sign
I had asked for from God. I thought it was definitely "A sign" due to the
oddity of how it happened, but I thought of it as more of a lesson. Plus I
need to be a good example for my son which is another lesson in itself.
We arrived home and I told my wife about what had just happened.

                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   8

May 4th, 2003
The 2nd Sunday after Easter, (In this year, this day was also called
Orthodox Easter) I received a series of signs of the number 2. It wasn't
until about 8:30 in the evening that I even realized that they were

At this time I went to the local grocery store to purchase some milk and
get a newspaper. I also bought another item like cheese or something of
that nature. I went to the milk section and I remember looking at the
coolers of milk. On my left side was the milk from cows that was not
treated with the hormone rbST. On the right side was the milk from cows
treated with it. I thought, "I will pay the extra few pennies for the Milk
without the hormone drug". I know what hormones do to teenagers and
women, and I laughed to myself inside. I reached into the cooler and
grabbed a gallon of 1% milk. I always drink 1% milk as it has less fat. We
have been drinking 1% milk in my family for at least 10 years now or
more. I used to drink whole milk when I was a younger child, then my
Mom switched to drinking 2% milk. I later tried 1% milk and thought it
was not that bad so I stuck with always buying that kind. I have tried Skim
milk, but it just tastes too watered down for me. 1% milk is about right. I
heard there might be 1/2 percent milk coming out. I would try that if they
did, but I have yet to see such a thing in stores. What percent is Skim Milk
anyway? O percent fat? (Years after I wrote this, I now drink whole milk.
My body digests it better for some reason.)

I grabbed the gallon of milk out of the cooler and then the cheese (I think
it was cheese) and proceeded to the counter to pay for my items. I told the
cashier that I was going to grab a newspaper on my way out the door from
the stack of them that were there. So she rang up the items, I paid for them
and left. I was carrying my bag of groceries in my left hand and with my
right hand I reached into the stack of newspapers and grabbed one. I
squeezed it really tight as I did not want to lose any of the sales ad inserts
that were placed inside. You can't lose the sales ads. It was the main
reason I was buying a paper in the first place. I put the bag of groceries
and the paper in the back seat of my truck and I headed home. I arrived
                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   9
home and opened the back door to my truck. I grabbed the newspaper
first. I then noticed that there were 2 newspapers. I thought, "Uh oh, I stole
a newspaper". Even accidentally, the fact remained that somehow I
grabbed 2 newspapers and did not pay for the extra one which was now in
my possession. I was bummed out and thought, "What if the cashier had
seen me grab the newspapers and flip them onto my shoulder as I walked
out of the store?" They would surely think that I was trying to pull a fast
one by stealing one.

I went into my house and set the grocery bag down on the kitchen counter.
I then went into the bedroom where my wife was watching TV. I told her
about grabbing the extra newspaper by accident and that I felt bad about it.
I didn't want anyone to think that I would steal a newspaper. My wife then
asked me how many newspapers were left at the store, to which I replied,
"About 40 or so, I think." She said, "Well they will never sell all of them
at this time of the night, and they would be picking up the extras soon and
dropping off the Monday papers". I agreed with her, but I still felt bad. I
wanted to go back to the store and bring back the paper. That would be
embarrassing, but at least my conscience would be clear.

Just then my son yelled in from the kitchen, "Dad, why did you buy 2%
milk?" I said to him, "I didn't buy 2% milk, I bought 1% milk, and I
always buy 1% milk". My son said, "Well there is a gallon of 2% milk in
this bag, so unless you are losing your marbles, how would you explain
this?" I went to witness this myself in the kitchen and sure enough, there
was a gallon of 2% milk. I just sat there and thought, how odd. Now right
there and then I had a thought come over me and I had to think of how odd
it was for me to go to the store and have these 2 things happen to me
totally by mistake. I had to think that I could see 1 thing happening by
mistake, but for 2 things to happen like this seemed just a bit too odd. My
wife then said, "And this is the 2nd Sunday in a row that something odd
has happened to you." I said, "Yeah, you're right!" So then I said to my
son, "What have we done all day today?" Earlier that day we went to the
No Tap Bowling tournament in Cloquet, MN. I was on a team with my
friend Mike W. from the West Side of St. Paul, Jeff, Dick and Roche. Jeff
is Wendy's husband and Dick is Wendy's father-in-law. I work with
Wendy at the prison. Roche is on my local Bowling team. It was the 2nd
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   10
year that I bowled in this Tournament. It was also my friend Mike W's 2nd
year that he bowled in this tournament. I bowled 4 games in that
tournament. Nothing special, I didn't even score high enough to place in
the prize money. My son said that was true but surprisingly pointed out to
me that I had bowled 2 - 180 something games and 2- 230 something
games. I said, "WOW; I guess you are right Mike. What else did we do
today?" He said to me then, "We came home and played some box
hockey. We played 2 games". I then said, "And I won them both" and I
razzed him a bit for it laughingly. "Well yeah, I guess we did, but I always
whoop on you when we play that game, so that is nothing new" - LOL!
My son looked at me with a slight tone of "Getting a little cocky now,
aren't we dad?" "OK, ok" I said, "What did we do next?" He said "You
took a nap Dad, but the nap was exactly 2 hours long". "Really" I
questioned, "How do you know it was exactly 2 hours?" He said, "Because
I looked at the clock and I remember looking at it again when Mom came
home with dinner." At this point things are starting to seem like an episode
of the Twilight Zone and we all just looked at each other and thought what
next? I sat there and thought about things for a minute. "When we ate
dinner" I said to my wife and son, "Mom brought home Arby's roast beef
sandwiches. They were on sale; 5 for 5 dollars. She bought 2 of those
specials and came home with 10 sandwiches. And do you know what? I
ate only 2 of them and used 2 packets of Arby's sauce!" We all laughed.
Usually I would normally eat 3 or 4 of those sandwiches, but today, I only
ate 2. There we all were again thinking, WOW, this is really odd. I was
feeling giddy like a kid in the candy store with birthday money from my
grandparents and no one around to tell me what I could or couldn't buy. I
remember when I was a kid, and with a quarter, I could go to the corner
store and buy a whole bag of penny candy. You could get a wide variety
of candy. I would fill up the bag and go find my friends and we would all
share in a candy feast! That was fun, and I was thinking how fun was this
story going to be to share with my friends.

It was about at this point that I really started doing some soul searching
and I just new it right then and there that I was in the middle of something
very supernatural. I just knew it was my sign from God that I had asked
for. I asked God for a fun sign, and not a scary one, but a sign that could
not be discounted as a mere random occurrence. I was really starting to
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   11
feel an overwhelming sense of joy. I thought about it some more and my
son was staring at me. I then said, "This has to be a sign! What if I didn't
pick up on it? Would I have known? Would I have figured this out?" So
then I got an idea from out of no where in my head to check my pockets. (I
now know that when these thoughts come into me like this that it is for a
reason and that it is God's way of communicating with me through the
Holy Spirit.) So I went with the flow and said out loud to my son and my
wife, "What is in my pockets right now?" I just knew there would be
another 2 of something. They looked at me eagerly waiting to see what I
would find; I was even acting like an excited child on Christmas morning!
I reached into my left pocket and found nothing at all. I reached into my
right pocket (Of course it had to be the 2nd pocket in which I picked) and
pulled out 2 paper coupons. They were coupons in which the sponsors of
the bowling tournament, a local casino near there, had given out to each of
the bowlers. Each bowler was to receive 1 coupon. The coupon was to
redeem a coupon booklet at the casino to get free quarters and match play
coupons at the gaming table. The reason that I had 2 of them was that
Roche, who I bowled with earlier that day, did not want his. He asked me
if I wanted it and I said sure. Not knowing if I would even go, but I
sometimes did in the past, so I took it and put it in my pocket. Usually I
have change, keys, breath mints and possibly a plethora of other items.
Not now, just 2 coupons. So as we all laughed again at how weird this was
getting, I was thinking "How fun is this! Is it over? Is there more?" (I
never even used the coupons.)

My son went into the kitchen and while walking away he said, "Dad,
you're freaking out!" and laughed again. "Don't you think this is neat?" I
asked him. He just acted like this was weird is all. My wife was in the
bedroom where she was watching TV. I told her how I was feeling about
all of this saying that I think it is definitely a sign. She was thinking,
"Yeah right, OK, whatever." So I then asked her to quickly grab the
remote control to the TV and switch the channel to channel 2, right now. I
said it with enthusiasm as I new I was going to see something else that
was going to definitely have something to do with a 2. She picked up the
remote and pointed it at the TV and pushed the button. I eagerly looked at
the TV and saw nothing, but then I did notice a number 1 pop up in the
upper corner of the screen. I then said to my wife, "Honey, channel 2, not
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   12
1." She had made a mistake and in her haste of changing the channel she
accidentally pressed the number 1. Seeing as there is no programming on
channel 1, the channel did not switch and the television system waited for
another number to be entered. She quickly pointed the remote control at
the TV again and mistakenly hit another number 1, thus making the
channel switch to channel 11. Now if she had waited probably a half
second longer, the first 1 she had pressed would have went away as when
you press numbers on the remote control, they are on a timer, and if you
don't press another number within that given amount of time, it will just
go away. But seeing as how she was quick to press the buttons in
succession, the so called "accident" of pressing the wrong number of 1
happened twice and consecutively.

What my wife and I then saw on the TV was an English comedy program
for which I do not know the name of, but I will describe it to you in the
best detail that I can remember. There were a bunch of actors on this stage
that had the appearance of a laboratory. The actors were all wearing lab
coats and safety glasses and safety gloves and they were singing and
dancing. There were 2 main actors in the very front and in the center of the
screen. These 2 actors in particular stood out by each of them wearing 1
very brightly colored glove on one of their hands rather than the standard
rubber gloves that all the other actors were wearing. The 2 main actors in
front were wearing 1 regular colored glove and 1 brightly colored glove
each. I believe 1 was female and 1 was a male but I am not positive. As
they stood side by side, the actor on the left was wearing a bright glove on
their left hand and the actor on the right was wearing a bright colored
glove on their right hand. The 2 brightly colored gloves were next to each
other but on different people. One actor's glove was bright green, and the
other actor's glove was bright orange. We saw all of the actors dancing in
unison and all of the actors were lifting their hands up and pushing one
hand at a time towards the screen and then back again. Then while the one
arm was pulling the hand back, the other arm was pushing the other hand
toward the screen. So you have alternating hands, left, right, left, right and
so on. Their hands made the sign of a 2 or like when you make the peace
sign with your pointer and middle finger. All of the actors were doing this
and the sign of 2 came thrusting at my wife and me, over and over and
over. And in the very middle of the screen the 2 predominantly brightly
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   13
colored gloves were smack dab in the middle of the screen and they were
centered in on them. The 2 brightly colored gloves moving in unison, one
on one actor's hand the other glove on the other actors hand and moving in
perfect unison together coming right at the screen. I didn't hear 1 word that
they were singing, my wife and I just let out a loud, "WOAH!" If that
wasn't the clearest sign of a 2 that I had been witness to that day, I don't
know of one that could have been clearer to me at that precise moment.
Praise God!

Ok, so now what do I do? "What does this mean?" I am thinking, my mind
is racing for answers, because I did not know at the time what this exactly
meant. It is clearly a sign I thought. But a sign like this that consisted of an
entire days worth of coincidences, which I now call "small miracles" had
to mean something big I thought. It had to. I have never in all my life
heard of such a thing happening. I then thought back and went out to the
kitchen where I brought one of the newspapers. I thought of the first thing
that I had noticed out of all the 2's that came that day and the first thing
that triggered it for me and turned the light on was the 2 newspapers. So I
thought maybe there is something in the newspaper that I had to see or
read. My son and I started paging through the newspaper and I looked at
the major headlines and nothing stuck out. I looked at the 2nd section and
nothing stood out. I looked at the second page of every section and
nothing jumped out at me. Hmmm I thought again. I then looked at the
classified section and read the want ads and job postings. I saw 1 job that I
could qualify for and emailed the company. Dead end there too. What did
it mean? Why was God using the number 2?

I went to work the next day and told Rob and Steve whom I work with
what had happened and asked them what it could possibly mean? They
had no idea. Steve thought "Maybe a 2nd chance?" I did not know and then
about 2 weeks later after much thinking, I came to the conclusion that it
must be just simply a 2nd sign, the 2nd sign, and "My sign!" It was the 2nd
sign that I had received and it was given to me on the 2nd Sunday after
Easter. And for quite some time after that I thought it was just that, my
sign that I had asked for and I was satisfied with that explanation. During
the time after that I prayed and read more and learned more about God and
Jesus by reading articles online. My level of faith in God and Jesus Christ
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   14
grew enormously. I didn't even own a bible at this time. I told my friends
at work that I would get one though. I knew God would get one to me
somehow, so this I did not worry about at all.

It was about 1 and a half months later that my family and I went to
California on a vacation trip to attend the 2nd wedding of my Wife's
brother Jim. Before we left, I had made arrangements with some of my co-
workers to look after my house and my 2 pet cat's Lucky (because we
thought he was when we picked him out of the litter) and CC (named after
Cris Carter who played for the Minnesota Vikings football team and here
is a very interesting fact about Cris Carter that I would like to share with
you. On December 18th, 1994 Cris Carter was at a Minnesota Moose
Hockey game in downtown St. Paul at the St. Paul Civic Center. He was
there with his family and I was also there with my family. I just happened
to be wearing a Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt and I thought it would be
neat if I could get Cris Carter to sign it. I had to go and look for a black
marker and I found one from a friendly police officer. I went down to
where Cris Carter was sitting just about 6 rows in front of me and I asked
him to sign it, and he gladly did so. I felt bad also that a lot of attention
was brought upon him and a lot of people were asking him for autographs.
So much so that he could not even watch the hockey game he was
attending. He ended up leaving before the game was over. 6 days later,
Cris Carter broke the single season reception record for most catches in a
single season. He finished the year with 122 catches. Here is the fun part.
In 1995 he again caught 122 catches! 2 times in 2 consecutive years giving
him the all time record for the most catches in back to back seasons with
244. He was also the 2nd player ever to catch more than 100 catches in 2
consecutive years. When Cris Carter caught a touchdown pass, he always
pointed up to God and thanked Him. Thank you for the memories Cris and
Thank You Father for letting me get his autograph just 6 days before the
start of that 2 season receiving record. Cris Carter is the receiver that holds
the 2nd highest record for most touchdowns in a career behind Jerry Rice.
Cris Carter along with Jake Reed became the only wide receiving
twosome in NFL history with over 1,000 yards receiving for each of them
in four straight NFL seasons. No other twosome has matched that; there
were other twosomes to accomplish this feat, but they have done so in
only two straight seasons. Cris and Jake have doubled the others best.)
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   15
Now back to the trip to California. Before I left I remembered saying a
prayer. It was a rather simple prayer, so I thought. But the magnification to
me and the ramification of that 1 simple prayer turned out to be one of the
neatest series of things I have ever witnessed. The prayer was this; I
prayed to God the Father to bless the bird feeder outside of my kitchen
window so that when my friends came over to my house to look after my
cats, that if they had the chance to have a cold pop and sit at the kitchen
table, that there would be an abundance of bird watching there for them to
enjoy. I love watching birds, especially humming birds. They are my

We then left for California and I thought nothing more of the prayer I had
made. Our vacation to California was absolutely wonderful and Jim's new
bride Jenny was very lovely and wholesome. She treated us very kindly
and we met many of her relatives there. The wedding was one of the finest
weddings I had ever attended. It was at an old historic winery.

While I was at Jim and Jenny's house there was this really cool looking
blue colored bird. It always came and hung out in their back yard and
would go about the yard unconcerned or without fear of us. I saw it every
day multiple times. The reason I mention this is that when we did arrive
home from California, the very next morning my wife and I were sitting at
the kitchen table and we saw a Chipping Sparrow sitting on the window
ledge. It was pecking and chirping and dancing across the ledge unlike any
bird I have ever seen do before or anything remotely like it. And it kept
chirping, and pecking, and chirping and pecking. Then it would fly over to
the bird feeder a foot away, grab a snack, and come right back to the
window ledge. The ledges of the windows on our house are not big, they
are rather small. In fact, I would not even call it a ledge, but rather a small
half inch lip of plastic that seals the window from the weather when
closed. Even as small as this so called ledge was, this sparrow kept on
doing this thing.

Have you ever seen a bird do that before? If you could imagine this scene
yourself, how long do you think would be a reasonable time period that a
bird would stay on a window ledge doing these things; a minute, 2 minutes
maybe, 10 minutes maybe? That might even be stretching it. How about
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   16
most of the entire day! My wife and I watched that bird for a very long
time while we sat at the table just a few feet away. It was a really cute bird
and just watching it made me wonder about how God can do things like
this. I took it as another sign from God that to me was like a gift from Him
personally. We went about our daily business and occasionally looked at
the window and watched it again and again. One time I had thought,
maybe this bird really wants to come in to the house. I quickly shrugged
off the notion as if and when a bird does happen to get itself caught within
the confines of a home, it seems to panic and fly into walls. I had seen this
happen as a child. This would surely be very stressful for the bird and
injurious. But I had the thought again. So I went to the window and
opened it up about a foot high. The chipping sparrow flew over to the
small pine tree about 15 feet away. Whenever the sparrow would
occasionally fly away before, he would always return within a minute or 2
back to the window ledge so I waited. I waited about 5 minutes and he
would not come back to the ledge. I closed the window and 1 minute later
the sparrow came back. Ok, that answered that notion of, "Maybe it wants
to come inside and visit". Which actually was a relief, I wouldn't have
known what to do with it when it came in, and I would have also worried
for its safety with my 2 cats. I think the sparrow finally left later in the
afternoon. We had gone away to the store for a while and when we
returned near dusk, it was gone. The next morning before I left for work, I
looked again but no sparrow. I wish I would have sat there all day now
and just watched it. The way this bird sat on our ledge, flew to the feeder
and back many times over, flew to the pine tree and back many times over,
I would say is rather rare and unique. The fact that it did this for most of
the entire day was a miracle.

I went to work that day and it was a good day. I talked about my vacation
and the bird watching extravaganza on my window ledge. What was really
interesting about this day was not what had happened at work, but what
happened when I went home on my break. I saw another bird. As I pulled
into my driveway, I looked down at my lawn and saw a solid gray colored
bird. It was skinny and tall - around 9 or 10 inches tall and had no special
markings. It was not like a pigeon or a dove as it was too skinny and a
little darker gray than they would be. It was very plain looking and was all
one color of gray. I had never seen a bird like this in my yard, and I still
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   17
don't know what kind of bird it was. But the unique thing about this bird
was that it was not afraid of me or my big truck I drive. As I drove into the
driveway, I thought it would surely fly away. But it stayed in the grass in
the yard about 10 feet away from my truck. I just stared at it a short time
and then thought that it would surely fly away when I exited my truck and
slammed the door shut. But to my belief that it would fly away, it stayed
right there. I thought wrong. This was not normal for a bird to do this. I
stood next to my truck and stared at it again for another short time and
then I went into my house and told my wife about it. She said that she
could not go and look at it because she was not wearing her contact lenses
and did not have her eye glasses either. I said, "Oh well, you're going to
miss this then."

I looked on the kitchen counter and my wife had some mail to be put in
the mailbox. I took the mail outside and looked for the bird again. It was
not in the yard where I had seen it last. But as I looked up into a nearby
tree I saw it on a branch and it saw me. As I walked down the steps and
headed toward the mailbox, the bird flew out of the tree and landed back
down into the grass where it was before. I walked by my truck which
placed me about 10 feet away from the bird again and I stopped. We
looked at each other again. I started walking again towards the mailbox
and the bird surprised me by flying along side of me and landing 10 feet
away from me again! We stared at each other again and I thanked Father
for this unique gift of this bird's company. But my break from work was
only so long and I had to go. So I started walking closer to the mailbox
and when I was about 15 feet away from the mailbox the bird flew right
up and landed directly on top of my mailbox! Now what a sight that was.
Unbelievable I thought. Such a simple thing, but it meant so much to me. I
just stood there dead in my tracks and full of amazement. I slowly
approached the mailbox and when I was about 10 feet away from it, the
bird flew across the street and landed in another yard and watched me put
the mail in. I guess the bird had a comfort zone of 10 feet. I returned into
the house and told my wife of the neat thing that had just occurred with
this bird. I shared the story at work with my co-workers. This was one
thing that no one else witnessed. It was another gift for me alone.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   18
3 days later I went to visit my Uncle George and while I was there I had
told him and his wife Ronnie about what I had witnessed about the birds
and the miracle of the 2's. Shortly after we ate supper, there was a loud
ruckus outside. There was a bunch of large black birds cawing loudly.
More and more blackbirds came and it was quite a sight. You could see
this perfectly from where I was parked in my uncle's driveway. I took my
uncle's dog for a walk and the dog and I watched the birds as we walked
around the entire block. I kept thinking, "What is all this fuss? Why such a
big commotion? You bird's should quiet down." As I got to the opposite
side of the block a small girl came down from her house and saw me
staring at the birds. She said to me, "I know why the birds are doing that.
They are doing that because a really big bird is trying to get one of their
babies." "Oh", I said to her and thanked her for telling me that. Now I
guess that would be a good reason for the commotion. I felt bad for
thinking that they should stop and that there was certainly no need for
such a commotion. But I didn't have all the facts. As I returned from
walking the dog, I went into the house and asked my Uncle if he knew
what was going on with the birds? He said that there was a really big Owl
attacking the nest of those blackbirds. I never saw the Owl. All I heard and
saw was the 50 or so blackbirds flying about and making such a loud
ruckus. I asked the neighbors who were also outside watching the
spectacle if they had seen or heard these birds do this before and they said
"No, never." While I was watching them from the tailgate of my truck,
Ronnie came over to me from across the street as she was also talking to
some neighbors about the commotion. She looked at me and said, "Mike,
when you leave, take this commotion with you." She said it in a funny
way as she thought that because I had just told her of the things which had
just recently happened to me with the birds, that I had something to do
with this. "Oh no, I have nothing to do with this. The fact that I am here
watching this spectacle maybe God's doing, but I certainly have nothing to
do with it. I am just watching the show".

The next week while I was at work at the prison, I was leaving to go home
on my break. If the weather is nice outside I usually take the outside path
to leave by the gymnasium and go through the control center at the prison.
I started walking down an area that has on one side a wing of the units that
is 4 stories high and the building is made of brick. On the other side of this
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   19
path was a very tall fence. The fence has razor wire on top of it. This
particular portion of the path at work is about 200 feet long. As I was
walking through this area, I noticed bright gold finches. There were about
8 of them. They flew along side of me as I walked. They flew on one side
of me grasping to the side of the brick building on my right. They were
just clinging their clawed feet to the sides of the brick in such an odd
manor. They could have used the window ledges above them a few more
feet but they didn't. They would fly about 10 feet and re-grip the side of
the building using the roughness of the bricks for leverage. The finches on
the left side of me flew along the razor wire fencing and just landed every
10 feet in the diamond shaped area inside the fence links. So imagine if
you will, as I am walking out, finches on my left and right, flying along
and landing and flying and landing every 10 feet or so as I walked out the
door. It was like an escort. It was really a site to see. This time I was also
alone. Thank you Father.

A few days later, Harriet at work mentioned to me that there were birds
making a ruckus outside by the air conditioner in her office. She could
hear them and wanted me to go outside and check to see what was going
on. About 4 feet off of the ground on the window ledge next to the air
conditioner was a Robin's nest. In the nest were 2 Robin's eggs. 1 was
hatching at the time. Wow, I thought, how neat was that to be able to see
them down so low to the ground. I told the people at work about them, so
they could also share in the beauty of this miracle of life. Co-workers of
mine did come to see the new birds as they were hatching. But on the 2nd
day of them looking at the new birds, there was an unfortunate mishap. It
seems as though there were 2 nests. I was totally unaware of the 2nd nest
outside the back door of the unit I worked on. Going out the back door,
there is an overhanging roof. Under the overhang, there was a barn
swallows nest. The nest was made from mud that was placed into the
roughness of the outer brick building, and by them making it under the
overhang they would be protected from the rain. I felt really guilty about
the swallows' nest coming down. I thought that maybe because of what I
had told everyone about the Robin's nest that the added traffic of the door
slamming caused the mud to loosen in the bricks and come down. 4 baby
swallows died that day. It was rather sad to have to see that.

                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God    20
About a week or so after that, the swallows returned and rebuilt their nest.
And not only was their nest rebuilt, but another family of swallows moved
in to the other side of the overhang and built a 2nd swallows nest. Now that
was very nice to see. I would occasionally go out and see the parent birds
feed their young. I didn't tell everyone about the 2 new swallows nests that
were there. I thought to leave well enough alone as I did not want to see a
repeat of the last mishap. It worked out well; all the baby birds grew up
and flew away. The 2 robin's eggs both hatched and they hopefully flew
away on their own as well one day when I was gone. I do not know how
many swallows were in the 2 new nests, probably 7 or as many as 10.

A few more weeks went by and I had shared my story of 2's and birds with
co-workers and even a few offenders. But I had stopped seeing any unique
things with birds. I remember having a day in which there was uneasiness
about the unit where I work. Things were happening there and at home
that were not going as smoothly as I usually like them to go. I went on my
break that day and it is nice to get away from there for a short time. I
pulled into the parking lot and I was just thinking to myself about how sad
I was not seeing anymore birds for a while and the rough day I was
having. But just then a small sparrow holding a feather in its beak flew
and landed right on the middle of the hood of my truck. It plopped itself
on the front bug shield, right in the center of it. I stared at it and it stared at
me. The feather sticking out of its beak was just something different and
rather cute I thought. How odd it was that this bird would pick my truck to
land on and take a break from flying with this feather, probably to use it in
nest building. I saw the direction from where it came and after about 1
minute the bird flew toward the west. It went way out of its way to land on
my truck. I saw the path the bird came from and left to go towards. It was
a good 50 yards out of its way to get to my truck. It could have landed on
many of the vehicles that were parked around me. It was truly a sign from
God saying that He was still with me. I went back into work that day with
a better attitude than when I left. That was the last sign of birds that I saw
doing anything unique. But I was ok and at peace with that now. I will still
keep my eyes open for more signs of birds.

July 8th, 2003
                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   21
I felt in my heart that something great was going to happen. What I did
was ask Rob, a brother of mine in Christ, to make a claim and to take a
leap of faith, by coming up with a name for a new Christian ministry in
Jesus Christ. Rob has always been saying that he feels this is his calling,
and I feel the need to help him. So I told him to write me a letter and get it
postmarked so that you will have some documentation of when this started
and what your ministry will be called. Rob sent me a letter on this date
that I received in the mail afterwards. I still have the letter - it is sealed and
unopened. It was addressed to me and sent from his home, the new office
of Soul Harvest Ministries. And so, a ministry was born. Praise God, and
may He bless Soul Harvest Ministries and guide it with all of His
blessings, holding back nothing and pouring them out in an ever abundant
and grand fashion and all glory going to Him and His son, Jesus Christ,

After the 2's came and left that 2nd Sunday after Easter 2003, I wasn't
really looking for them anymore. But as you can see there were a few
signs of 2 with the birds and a few other things. I was just looking for and
enjoying the birds and I wasn't putting 2 and 2 together as the old saying
goes. But here is where things get really interesting.

Every year now and for the past 5 years, I go camping at a music festival
with my Dad and some friends in Walker, Minnesota. It is at a Music
Festival called the Moondance Jam. They have a bunch of older 1980's
rock groups come and play music there. There are also a few Blues bands
and some Cajun Zydeco Bands as well. It was a chance for me to let loose
for 4 days. I always have a great time there. But this year was different, it
was far better than I could imagine in quite the most unusual way. I was
worried and not at peace with going this year, I was just unsure of what
was going to happen. For I know of the temptations that occur to me when
I am there. It's like everywhere you look there are scantily dressed women
having a great time at a 4 day party and the partying goes until 4 am. It's
like I was back in high school and I didn't worry about a thing and just had
lots of fun. I look back now and I can say I was not proud of the things I
used to do there. I used to take pictures of everyone partying, and most of
the pictures I took were of the pretty girls wearing their skin tight outfits
and bathing suits. I guess it was some sort of reality escape for me. It was
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   22
a 4 day drunken binge. And after it was over, it was back to reality. I am
glad that I do not do any of those things any longer. An occasional beer is
all I have now, and I don't seem to miss it a bit. I still have a lot of fun, I
just act totally different then what I used to. But I was worried for some
reason about going. I wasn't as pumped up as I usually was to go. I knew
there were going to be temptations there and how I would handle them
would be like a test for me. Well I wasn't perfect, I never will be, but I did
things this year at the Jam that I had never done before and never even
thought of doing before. I talked to people I would have never talked to
normally, I offered to help out when ever I could, I told people in a nice
and encouraging way to try and maintain themselves in a way which was
not offensive and to not go over the edge so to speak. Some did, some
didn't, but I tried to let them know that they would have more fun by not
being the first one to pass out because many of the things that are good
about the Jam are when you are around your friends after all of the shows
are over with, and you are sitting around a campfire talking and getting to
know everyone. Out of everything that happened, I really liked that part
and those things.

I had no idea that this years Jam was going to be my most memorable yet,
I had no idea that God was going to be there this year. Not only was He
there, He let me know a few things and He revealed a few things to me
that I will always treasure, because the 2's came back and they were
amazing. I could tell that God approved of many of the things I did and of
things I was trying to do. I also knew when I made mistakes. I learned
from my mistakes, God forgives us. Praise God.

July 10th, 2003 - Day 2 of Moondance
Jam 12
What I need to tell you about this day, that this was the day that I actually
started to write this book. For the past 3 months as you have read, the
signs of 2 had come to me and so I thought, left. I thought the signs of 2
were a one time deal. But when I was at the Moondance Jam, they came
back. Now mind you, I was aware that things were still happening after

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   23
the first signs of 2 came, like the birds for example. I knew I was very new
to believing in God and I guess I was worried about what God would think
of me and how I acted and behaved. But the signs of 2 came back and this
is what really inspired me to write this book and to tell even more people
about them. Let me now take you through 4 days of the Moondance Jam
in Walker, MN when the signs of 2 came back for the 2nd time.

The signs came in a big way and in a shocking way at times that were
truly miraculous and spectacular. I had told my whole story to my Dad and
my Uncle so they knew of the 2's and of the birds. And when I was at the
Jam, I told all of our friends there my story too and how I came to accept
Jesus as my savior. Not a one of them said anything negative to me. I
think they were mostly curious. As they knew me from the previous Jams
I had attended, their eyes would now be upon me in a different way. I
expected some thoughts of, "Oh boy, now we are going to get preached to
about how bad we are with swearing and partying." But that thought was
never noticed by me or it was just not spoken out loud to me. I never did
preach anything like that, but I did emphasize the fact that they should not
go overboard with the partying, so that they could remember what all
happened and so that they would be able to make it through to the late
night campfires for guitar music, good conversation and who knows what
else! LOL! (Laughing out loud) There is always something that happens
worth talking about the next morning.

As we camped and visited with friends at the Jam, I started to point things
out to my Dad and my Uncle of coincidences with 2's. Then my Dad
started seeing what I was talking about. He even started noticing them. So
on the 2nd day of the Jam, when they started happening again, my Dad
said, "You should write this stuff down and keep a journal." And then it
hit me, or better yet, the Spirit of God told me, but I knew right then that I
had to start writing this stuff down. I told my Dad that he was the 2nd
person to tell me that. The first person to tell me to keep a journal was a
Christian brother named Dan who works on computers near where I live. I
told him my testimony while I attended his church in Duluth, MN a month
ago. My Dad said that he just so happened to have an unused daily journal
in his van that I could use. He found it for me and I began writing the
things that happened at the Jam over the next 3 days and the previous day.
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   24
So what you will be reading next is what was actually written first and I
am now re-writing it here in the correct timeline of events as they occurred
as best I can. It is actually September 24th today but this was written 2 and
a half months ago.) Here we go, 4 days of Moondance Jam XII.

My Journal started like this:

On the 2nd day of the Moondance Jam, my Dad gave me this journal. It
was July 10th, 2003. Let me describe the current scene. There are 6 of us
right now sitting under the canopy at our campsite keeping dry from the
rain and next to us is a slow oak burning fire that is burning in the
portable fire ring. We are thankful and are having a few peaceful
conversations. There are 2 separate conversations going on right now
while I am writing this. This is not a coincidence. For about the last 3
months since the 2nd Sunday after Easter, I have been receiving and tuned
into signs of 2 that I believe are coming directly from God. (I wrote the
above first paragraph in my journal and handed it to my Uncle to read.)
Everyone around me knew that I was starting to write this book and they
were curious. My Uncle read the paragraph to himself and then told me,
"Did you know that today was also a 2?" I questioned him as to why he
knew this and he took one of my business cards and wrote on the back of
it. While writing he said, "Today is July 10th. That is the 7th month and this
is the 10th day in this month. Added together that equals 17. Now add 3 for
the year 03 and that totals 20. In the number 20 you add 2 + 0 and you
reduce today's date down to a 2." How interesting I thought. I will write
that down. Not that I believe in any numerology stuff, but it was
interesting. So I took the journal back from him and wrote down exactly
what he said about today's date being a 2. Because this is what this book is
all about. Other dates in this year of 2003 that reduce down to a 2 would
be Jan. 16th, Feb. 15th, Mar. 14th, April 13th, May 12th, June 11th, Aug 9th,
Sept. 8th, Oct. 7th, Nov. 6th and Dec. 5th. In the year 2004, next year, just
subtract 1 day in each month from these. The odds of me starting to write
a book called 2 on a day that reduced to 2 in this fashion, was only 12 out
of 365 days.)

The 2's have been coming to me today like crazy. It is getting more and
more frequent. My Dad and Uncle are 2 of the 6 people sitting here along
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   25
with 3 other friends Amy, Melissa and Holly's sister. I say "Holly's sister"
because I don't remember her name right now. I was introduced to her
earlier. I did remember that her husband was cutting wood today and she
also said that she was Holly's younger sister, but I do not remember her
name. I guess it will take me 2 introductions to remember it. I will make a
point of asking Holly again as to what her sister's name is.

Today is the 2nd day of the Jam and it is raining for the 2nd day in a row. It
is the 2nd Jam that my Uncle has attended. It is also the 2nd Jam that our
friend Melissa's Mom has attended. Melissa's Mom's name is Judy. Amy
is camping with them. Amy married Melissa's dad and would be
considered Melissa's Step Mom. So Melissa is here with 2 former wives of
her Dad.

Curt, Joey and Shawn are under the canopy right now with us. We have
quite a crowd in here keeping dry. Suddenly a shout of joy was heard by
all, as the blue sky was appearing!

A little while later Amy and Melissa just came to the campsite and were
very happy! They had just listened to the Cory Stevens concert and a
friend of mine Richard, who also takes photographs at the Jam, gave them
2 backstage "Meet and Greet" passes! They went backstage and both of
them had Cory Stevens autograph them. Pretty cool huh!

My Uncle George and I just got back from watching the Fabulous
Thunderbirds, It was a really good show. We started out watching the
show from about 20 rows back from the main stage. Out in front of the
stage area is a place to stand and if you wait patiently and slowly look for
openings, you can advance forward towards the stage. Sometimes you can
get way up front and really close, sometimes you can't. It depends on the
band that is playing and how many fans they have wanting to get a closer
look. There are times when there is some pushing and shoving going on.
And to those people who do that, it seems they have no consideration. It's
all about them. But it is not that often and there are only a few people that
do this. I like just waiting, and soon enough some one will leave and you
can move forward. As my Uncle and I advanced row by row moving
closer throughout the show, some beach balls were tossed out into the
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   26
crowd. People love to bounce them around in the crowd. It's fun to see
them. There were about 3 of them at the time. As I was in about the 4th
row now, a very large beach ball about 4 feet across in diameter bounced
off of my head. I was watching the band and was not paying attention to
the balls at the time. When someone hits them forward from the back
rows, you can't really see them coming but it certainly does not hurt or
anything if one bumps your head, the balls are very light. Usually this
would never happen because the many people around you will hit the
beach balls back up into the air with their arms extended towards the sky.
The beach balls would never make it down to head level, and unless they
were hit out of the area where people were standing they would never
even hit the ground. A few minutes after that we were able to move up to
the 3rd row and when we did that, I saw the shadow of the beach ball while
looking up towards the stage still getting bounced around behind me. I just
knew that for some reason, as odd and unlikely as it seemed that the beach
ball was going to hit me on the head again. I watched the shadow of the
ball, someone really hit it way up high from way in the back and I saw the
shadow of it coming down. I closed my eyes, I did not turn around, and it
bounced off of my head. My Uncle said to me, "Did that just hit you?" I
said yeah with a big old grin on my face. "It was the 2nd time", and he
said, "You sure are keeping track of this." I just smiled and continued to
listen to the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

I looked over to my right a little bit and saw a guy up in the first row
wearing a unique hat. He was leaning right on the fence as close as you
could get to the band. His hat caught my attention. It was a red, white and
blue USA flag colored hat that was in the shape of a hand. The hand
shaped hat was made to resemble someone who would be making a peace
sign with the pointer and middle fingers, or holding up their fingers and
making a the sign of 2. I started working my way slowly over towards
him. For some reason I was compelled to talk to him. Slowly I got closer.
My Uncle followed me. Within about 5 minutes of slowly moving that
way, I was now in the 2nd row right behind him. I tapped him on the
shoulder and said, "Nice hat!" He said, "Thanks!" I said, "My name is
Mike, what is yours?" He said laughingly, "My name is Mike too! Are you
enjoying the show?" "Oh yeah, having a great time." I said. He then said
that he had been standing there all day to be able to have that good of a
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   27
spot. The rain had recently passed over us and was now to the east behind
the stage off in the distance. A rainbow came out and its arch of colors
was cast behind the stage off in the distance to the east. This was not a
normal rainbow. It was a double rainbow consisting of 2 arches. Those
are rare. I couldn't help thinking about how these instances of 2 were
starting to happen more often and seeing the sign of peace on the head of
another Mike was really cool. One of the very first things that I prayed for
as a new Christian was for peace in the world.

The double rainbow was definitely cool. My Dad took a picture of it with
our friend Tom in the foreground. He showed up to the Jam this year with
his beard very long, and I made a comment about how he looked like
Moses. So this picture my Dad has looks like Moses with 2 rainbows
arching over him. It's kind of cool looking if you ask me. During the rest
of the Fabulous Thunderbirds show, I saw 2 guitar players play the same
guitar at the same time and I saw the lead guitar player kick 2 beach balls
off of the stage. They sometimes get hit all the way up there and usually
the band members want to play along too. (Do these kinds of 2’s mean
anything significant, ie… the guitar players and beach balls? Probably not,
but I was looking for all occurrences because I did not know later what
would add up to something or not.)

After the Fabulous Thunderbirds show ended they said that they were
going to sign autographs over at the merchandise tent. So my Uncle and I
headed that way. I went over to the tent and saw that they had 8 x 10
photos there that you could buy and then have the band members sign it. I
only brought 12 dollars with me to the jam. So I gave the guy a 10 dollar
bill for the purchase of the photo and he did not have a 5 dollar bill to give
me for change. So my Uncle paid him the 5 dollars for me. I then had the
5 members of the band sign that photo, but there were only 4 of the band
members at the tent. After the 4th member of the band signed the photo I
was waiting to see if the 5th band member would come out so I could
complete the photo with all 5 signatures.

My uncle then said to me, "You know what? You should get these guys to
sign your Moondance Jam jean jacket." I thought that was a great idea, so
I had the guys sign my jean jacket. It is an embroidered jean jacket that I
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   28
had purchased when I was at my very first Jam. It is my most prized Jam
collectible. During the signing of the jean jacket, 1 of the band members
left. So I was only able to get 3 out of the 5 band members to sign the
jacket and only 4 of the band members to sign the 8 x 10 photo.

At that moment I had an idea pop into my head to go backstage to see if I
could find the other band members and complete the set. (I had received a
backstage pass from the Mountain Ash band members who ran the main
stage acts and they also coordinate many of the things that go on behind
the scenes to make the show happen. I helped them set up their website
and they have given me tickets and backstage passes for doing that. I also
take many photos while I am at the Jam and promote the event as well as
the local bands that perform there.) I went backstage and I was able to find
the guy who never showed up out in the merchandise tent, I also found the
guy that left early. So I was now in possession of 2 sets of autographs that
no one else at the Jam was able to have gotten because of the one band
member never showing at the tent. All the other Jammers could have only
gotten 4 of the 5 autographs. I had 2 complete sets, 1 set of 5 autographs
on the Jean Jacket and 1 set of 5 autographs on the photo. Even though I
had a backstage pass, it is really only good to gain me access to the side
stage area. But during the early shows, I can usually go back stage. It's
during the late shows and the big name acts that security gets a little

While I was just looking around I saw that in the photographers pit area
was my friend Richard who takes photos at the Jam. He was the one who
gave Melissa and Amy those Meet and Greet passes and as I caught his
attention and waved hi, he lifted up his hand and gave me the peace sign.
Those 2 fingers forming the peace sign just as I had seen earlier on Mike's
hat. Why did he choose to greet me this way right then and there rather
than just waving hi?

I walked back to the campsite and showed everyone my can coolers. Razz
just stopped by. He wanted to emphasize that his name is Razz with 2 Z's.
LOL! He is the guitarist from Tea Bag Jerry a local Minnesota band. He
also wrote and sang a very cool song about the Moondance Jam called
"Moondancin' ". In that song he happens to mention both websites in
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   29
which I am a part of with my partners Steve and Scott C. The last verse of
"Moondancin'" goes like this, "We're going 2havefun, and now we're
Minnesota Bound!" Razz just recently told us that one of the band
members from Tea Bag Jerry had decided that he didn't want to play in the
band anymore, so Tea Bag Jerry would not be performing at this years
Jam. He was very bummed out about it. He said that he is going to have a
new band called, the "Minnesota Whiskey Pigzz" again with 2 Z's. LOL! I
wish him all the best and I hope to listen to his band next year.

We all stared up into the night sky from where our campsite is. God was
putting on a Northern Lights show up in the northern horizon of the sky. It
is very neat to see the illuminated gasses dance in the atmosphere. It
doesn't happen that often, but it happens more often in the middle of
winter. This was the middle of summer. We watched them for a time and
as they dissipated and went away, my Uncle said that they won't come
back anymore tonight so we may as well just sit down. I thought to
myself, but this is no ordinary night and in my heart I knew we would see
them again. It was also the 2nd time I had watched the Northern Lights
with my Uncle.

It is later in the evening now, about 3 am. This is the time of the night that
I like when all of us are sitting around the fire and talking. Since everyone
is all done running around and doing there thing, and finished watching
the music. It is late and quiet and peaceful. Chad and Jessica stopped over
and they are a real treat for us! Chad plays guitar and sings songs around
the campfire. As far as I am concerned, the real flavor of the Moondance
Jam is when this happens. People sit around their campfires, neighboring
campers come together and make a big circle and we listen to and sort of
have our own small music session with our friends. This is the 2nd Jam in
which Chad has blessed me with his gift of guitar playing and singing. He
started playing and I just had this sense of peace come over me. The 2nd
song he sang was about God forgiving you. I love that song. The main
chorus of the song goes like this, "You forgive me, and I'll forgive you,
we'll forgive each other til the cows turn blue and we'll go a fishin' in the
heavens!" When he sang this song as his 2nd song, upon which I had no
idea of which songs he would sing and in which order, as he sang this one,
I just felt lifted. I jumped up out of my chair and said very loudly, "Praise
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   30
God!" We all laughed with joy, as everyone in my circle knew of the
amazing signs of 2 that I have been recording in my journal. Chad
however had no idea.

While Chad was playing we saw another light show, yes, a 2nd Northern
Lights show. This one was bigger and more magnificent and stretched
across the entire sky and was almost right over the top of us. Chad kept
playing and we asked him if he knew of a song that had a 2 in it? He sat
and thought for quite a few minutes and nothing was coming to him. So he
just said, "Well, I don't know why I am going to play this song right now,
but if I do know of a song that has a 2 in it, this one surely does". He
began to strum his guitar and out of his mouth came the song, "Signs,
Signs everywhere Signs". That song does not have a single 2 in it. LOL! It
was truly a sign. Praise God! Today there was a double rainbow and 2
Northern Light shows.

The next day it is now 2:35 pm. Mountain Ash plays in 25 minutes. They
are friends of mine that I had met when I came to my 1st Jam in 1998. But
I didn't really get to know them good until my 2nd Jam. I helped them set
up their website. Kevin, one of the band members, knows how to make
web pages; he just needed help with the HTML coding and how to get the
files uploaded to a server and then he could pretty much figure things out
on his own and now makes updates when needed.

During the Mountain Ash concert, I talked to Mark and asked him where I
could go to take pictures of them while they played on stage. He said I
could go anywhere I wanted to; just don't go in front of him! LOL! The
band members are Roger, Mark, Gary and Kevin. I went right up on the
main stage during their set and took pictures, and then I went down in the
front of the stage. After I took quite a few photos, I went out into the
crowd to enjoy the rest of the show. Even though I could have stayed right
up on the side of the stage or right down close by the stage, the best view
and best sound is out in the crowd. Plus it's more fun to be out there and
dance or be near where there are other people dancing.

I was standing out in the crowd now and watching Mountain Ash play. I
noticed that this earlier crowd was mostly standing in pairs of 2 people. It
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   31
was rather odd. Everywhere I looked I saw no large crowds, just
twosomes. Except me, I was standing all alone. I kind of stood out being
alone. Just as I had thought that, a total stranger came and stood next to
me. Someone I would have never said anything to in my past. I thought,
how cool, I am not standing here alone anymore. Thank you Father. Then
I thought there must be a reason that he came and stood by me, so I
introduced myself and said hi. I asked him his name, he replied, "Tony". It
took me along time to talk to Tony. I sat and thought for a moment that I
knew I was not alone anymore. I then felt a deep emotion come over me.
God put words into my heart, and for the very first time in my life, God
spoke to me so clearly. It wasn't in a voice but it was like an
overwhelming thought that came into me and I just knew I didn't think of
it on my own out of the blue. He said 5 words.

"Be at peace with God". It was spiritually holy for me. My body felt
lifted and full of joy. When I thought about what he had just said to me
and what it fully meant, I turned and walked away from where Tony was
standing and I wept. Tears of joy came down my face, I was so happy and
yet I was standing there with tears rolling down my face. What an
experience. It felt great. I had on my mind always of what God was
thinking about me, and He knew that and said, "Be at peace with God".
And then I wrote this down and something came to me that said, "He
wants to be loved and forgiven too". Some people can't or won't forgive
God for some things that have happened. There are some things that we
just cannot understand. Why do some people die? Why are there certain
disasters? I don't know what God could ever do that he would need to be
forgiven for, but I would forgive Him for anything and I do love Him.
How much has He forgiven me for! And so I wrote it down. It was such a
revelation. It was like an answer. Was it an ending? Would the 2's stop
now? And all this happened during the Mountain Ash concert.

The 2's did not stop, they became even more incredible! I walked back to
the campsite and stopped by Tom and Holly's campsite along the way.
Tom said to me, "Mike I don't know if I have ever showed you this before
at past Jams but take a look at this." He showed me a scar on his hand near
his thumb. He then said that he was born with 2 thumbs. I would have

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   32
never known that, I never bothered to look at his hand to notice the scar
and slight deformation near his thumb.

At 4:20 pm, I had the urge to quit smoking. It had to do with the clock in
my camper. Someone set it to 4:20 and it does not have a battery in it. I
changed the time yesterday to 7:11 and then again today it was changed
back to 4:20 so I reset it again to 7:11. Brent and Joey were changing it I
found out as a joke. They said 4:20 was supposed to be some kind of
international sign for catching a buzz, they like to fool around. But at that
moment, I stopped smoking for 1 full day during the Jam. 24 hours and 20
minutes later, I grabbed another pack of smokes. In Jams past the clock
was always set at 8:10 and this year they said to me that I shouldn't be so
cheap and buy a battery for the clock! LOL. I have since then quit for a
few days here and a few days there but can't seem to muster the will power
to quit all the way once and for all. I will just keep trying and praying
about it. When I set the clock to 7:11, I had no rhyme or reason for doing
that, I just did it. I flipped the clock over and began spinning the little
wheel and just so it didn't say 8:10 or 4:20 was all I was trying to do.
There is a store named 7 - 11 and it also rhymes, so I think that is why I
set it to that time. But on the day that I quit for 1 full day, the date was
July 11th, 2003. (7/11/03) When I realized the oddity of that date coupled
with the time that I had picked and had changed the time on the clock to
that time twice, that is when this thought came over me to quit. It was like
I needed to do that at that time right then and there. I told everyone that I
had just quit smoking and I did. The next day they all saw me smoking
again and even though I started again, the fact that I did it for 1 day during
the Jam seemed very significant to a few. I felt like a failure.

But just after I quit smoking for the day, 2 ladies came walking by our
campsite and stopped in to rest and to finish their drinks before they went
into the Jam fairgrounds. They saw me writing in my journal and asked
me what I was writing. I said to them, "This is the neatest journal you have
ever seen!" This grabbed their interest. I asked them if they wanted to hear
some of what I was writing. They said, "Yes, please do." So I flipped my
journal pages back to the beginning and while I read it, something
incredible happened. I started reading it out loud.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   33
"On the 2nd day of the Moondance Jam, my Dad gave me this journal. It
was July 10th, 2003 - Let me describe the current scene. There are 6 of us
sitting under a canopy keeping dry with a slow burning fire." Now as I
read just this very first part, my Dad and Uncle as well as the 2 ladies all
began laughing and saying, "Oooooooo" as I was reading my journal to
them. I thought, "What was so eerie that they would do this? Well as it
turns out there were 6 of us again and it was raining and we had a fire
going again. So this is what they "Ooooooo'd" about.? I continued reading,
while everyone was silent. "My Dad and Uncle are 2 of the six and they
are here with me along with some good friends!." As I read that part, this
was again also true as My Dad and Uncle were also 2 of the 6 again. More
"Ooooooo's" came from the group. I continued reading. "!.Amy, Melissa
and Holly's sister, Kaye." What I read out loud this time was different than
what I wrote from yesterday. Because yesterday I did not know or
remember what Holly's sister name was. Yesterday I wrote just, "Holly's
sister". Later that day I asked her name again and then remembered it, so
this time while reading it out loud I said it just like I wrote above. When I
said, "Holly's sister Kaye". The 2 complete strangers, 2 random women
who just happen to stop by and take a rest out of the short sprinkling rain
and finish their drinks, were simply awe struck. And so was my Dad,
Uncle, Amy and I. For instead of the 6 being myself, my Dad, my Uncle,
Amy, Melissa, and Holly's sister (Kaye), there were now sitting here with
me a day later, my Dad, my Uncle, Amy, a total stranger named Holly and
another named Debra Kaye! Wow, the 2 ladies thought, that is wild! They
had to leave and they went into the Jam fairgrounds.

I began to think, am I going to see a repeat of things that happened to me
yesterday? Well 2 very significant things that happened yesterday were the
double rainbow and the 2 Northern Light shows. It was sunny out right
now and it was sprinkling. There was one big cloud over us and it was a
very short rain that would not last. I thought about this and I went out from
the canopy and looked into the sky, but I saw no rainbow. Then I thought
about it some more and in order to see a rainbow the rain would have to be
away from us with the sun shining into the rain droplets; which meant that
we could not see the rainbow, for it was directly over us. Anyone who was
a mile or so to the west of us would have been able to see one, and I am
quite sure this was the case. That night Chad came over to play guitar
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   34
again and we again saw an even greater Northern Light show for the 2nd
night in a row. Since we only saw 1 light show that night instead of 2, I
am going out on a limb here and I am guessing that the folks, who saw a
rainbow today from the town of Walker which is west of us about 3 miles
or so, must have seen a single arched rainbow right over the top of the Jam

Mike just walked by our campsite. He is the guy with the USA peace sign
hat. I introduced him to Brent who was with me at the campsite and his
girlfriend Jillianna was there also. Mike walked up to the canopy that we
were under and he was wearing an AC/DC shirt (a rock and roll band).
The funny thing about this is that last year when I met Brent at the casino,
I was wearing an AC/DC shirt. SO here I am now introducing Brent to
another Mike who was wearing another AC/DC shirt. I like the beat of
many AC/DC songs but now I am not too keen on the words they often
use in a lot of their songs. My taste in music is changing. This may also
reflect that I used to be on a "Highway to Hell" but now I am on a
different path and if it were to be compared to a highway, I would say it is
compared to the no speed limit Audubon in Germany. I can't seem to go
down this new path fast enough. But at the same time I know that I could
not absorb everything that is coming to me that fast. I am so new in Jesus.
Patience is what I need. It would be like you can't start feeding a small
baby the meat and potatoes by feeding them some steak, you have to start
with pureed foods.

While I was just in the camper, Melissa and her Mom Judy stopped in and
asked if I had some chewing gum. I immediately handed her some from
out of the gift bag that we had gotten from the Coleman camping display
booth. It took only 2 seconds after she asked for some gum, for me to turn
around and quickly hand it to her. I then had one of those overwhelming
thoughts pop into my head that I had to write down after I said this to
Melissa twice in a row. The first time I said it, it sounded so good and so I
said it out loud again. "You get what you need, right when you need it."
It seemed like this was given to me to think about as to how God often
works with people. While I was writing this down, I had numerous
distractions that were hard to avoid and to be able to write without being

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   35
interrupted. If I would not have written this down quickly, I knew I would
forget it. It seemed important that I write it down.

I was sitting under the canopy a short while later and Melissa and her
Mom were sitting there with me. I noticed something that I have seen
before at all the other Jams, but only now did I realize it. There were 2
handicapped Jammers camping near us. They each had these newer 4
wheel drive looking wheel chairs that would go through the rougher
terrain and muddy areas in the camp grounds very well. In past Jams I
have seen them in other wheel chairs, but I never ever talked to them. And
this year their newer sporty 4 wheel drive looking wheel chairs caught my
eye. I don't know why, but for some reason I looked over at Melissa and
asked her if she knew those 2 people in the wheel chairs, 1 guy and 1 girl?
She said no that she did not know their names. I said, "Well now, I just bet
that there is a significant 2 with the names of these 2 Jammers." The 2
jammers who were in wheel chairs camped at different locations and
probably did not even know of each other, but they always passed by our
site as almost everyone in our area has to, to get into the Jam. I felt the
urge to run after them and talk to them and introduce myself. And so off I
ran chasing the man in his wheel chair. Those new ones really move fast! I
caught up with the guy first and I found out that his name was Bill.
Hmmmm I thought, nothing too odd about that.? Then I went to talk to the
woman in the wheel chair and introduced myself. Her name was Kay.
Another Kay I thought but her name was spelled with no "e" on the end.
Then I thought about it for a minute. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks
and I got a big smile on my face. I went back to the campsite and Melissa
asked me with eagerness in her voice. "Well, what are their names? Tell
me!" I laughed and I told her that she would have to read the book to find
out, but that it was a very interesting 2. You see, the 2 people who own
and operate the Moondance Jam are husband and wife named Bill and
Kathy Bieloh. If you take 2 letters out of the second name (Kathy), you
would have Bill and Kay. I asked Bill his name first and Kay her name
second. Well Bill and Kay, I am glad I got to have met you and glad I felt
the urge to chase you down.

Earlier in the afternoon Chad stopped by wearing a "Boston" shirt (His
favorite Band) and said that he didn't know if he was going to be able to
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   36
play guitar tonight because he split open his thumb and didn't bring a pick
with him to strum his guitar. I told him that I would find him one as I
knew the Mountain Ash guys back stage would be able to get me one. Just
then after telling him this, a strong thought came over me to get up and run
and go back stage and find him a pick. I literally heard a voice say to me,
“GET UP AND GO NOW”. I thought about it for a moment and I heard it
again stronger and louder, “GET UP AND GO NOW”. So I did, I walked
through the North gate and heard, “GO FASTER”, so I started running up
the small hill towards the center of the Jam fairgrounds. I then headed East
and started to run towards the main stage where I knew I would be able to
find Chad a pick if I could catch one of the Mountain Ash guys. Just as I
turned and headed that way, Kevin from Mountain Ash was walking
straight at me. Wow, I thought, how convenient was this? I told him of the
situation and that I needed a guitar pick. He looked in his pockets as he
was sure he had some monogrammed picks with Mountain Ash written on
them. I thought, Oh WOW that would be really nice to have one of those.
As he felt around his pockets he could not find one, and then he told me to
follow him to an area that was behind another stage so he could get me
one. He took 2 steps and then stopped. He said, "Oh wait just a minute! I
have something even better for you Flippster!" He pulled out his wallet
and he dug into the crevice of it down deep into the corner and handed me
a pick that he had gotten backstage from one of the band members of the
band "Boston" who had just played the night before. I thanked Kevin and
went on my way back to find Chad. Not only was I needing to find him
and a pick, he actually came to me with the most perfect pick. That is how
God works! Had I not gotten up when I heard Go Now, and had I not
started going faster, when I had the feeling to do so that came over me, I
would have missed Kevin and that opportunity. It was an amazing set of
signs. In order for that to have happened the way it did, I had to run into
Kevin and no other band member because Kevin was the one who had the
Boston pick. If I would have went backstage, other band members would
have been there and I would have gotten a different pick. I also had to run
into Kevin when he had no other picks on him, and was not near any of his
picks to be able to easily grab one of those. He really thought he had a
bunch of them in his pocket, but, he had none. And where I ran into him,
we were so far away from either stage, he could not easily get one of his
other picks, and then the idea of the Boston pick in his wallet, just hit him.
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   37
LOL, like the idea just hit me to get up and go now. HEHE! God is
soooooo cool!

Chad had gone back to his campsite and I just had to find him, I knew that
he would absolutely love this guitar pick. As I entered his campsite I
boldly said to all of the Jammers who were camping in Chad's group that I
had a gift for Chad from God. They all looked at me a little strangely, but
were willing to see what I was talking about. Chad came out of his camper
and I placed the pick into his hands and said to him that it was a gift from
God. He looked at it and could not believe his eyes. I could tell he was
very amazed and full of joy. He said the main reason he came to the Jam
this year was to be able to listen to the music by "Boston". He had spent
30 dollars on his new "Boston" T-shirt he was currently wearing which
showed just how much this was true. He looked at the pick again and saw
the logo of Boston and he said that he would never use that to play his
guitar and that he would save that pick as a souvenir. He ended up coming
over to our campsite that night and played with his sore thumb and
through the pain.

During our final nights campfire there were 2 drunkards that came across
my path that I extended a hand to a helped out. The first was an older
Native American fellow who just happened to pass out on the ground next
to Tom and Holly's small fire near there camper. I talked to him several
times and just showed him some compassion and asked him a couple of
times that evening if he needed anything. He just looked at me with
sincerity and all he wanted to do was to rest by the fire and keep warm for
a little while. He laid there on his back, straight as an arrow with his hands
crossed over his heart. I would go over and see if he was doing ok and he
always assured me each time that he was. So we left him in peace and later
he finally did get up and go on his way.

The other drunkard man, an elderly man from northern Minnesota as he
stated was walking by our campsite just as my Dad and I were heading
into the Jam fairgrounds for the staff only party that was going on until
4am at least. It must have been about 2:30 or 3:00 am when my Dad and I
were walking up to the gate just as this drunkard old man was coming by
and also heading into the gate. The Jam fairgrounds were empty and a
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   38
security crew was making sure that everyone was leaving the area. All 3 of
us came to the north gate at the exact same time the security crew of about
6 men was there closing the gate. They would not let us in. My Dad and I
talked with the security crew and they still would not let us in. I quickly
thought in my mind that I knew God's favor was upon us and I knew He
was with me. I knew we were going to get in and I just kept a very
positive attitude and had a lot of faith that it would be so. My Dad
mentioned to them that we were going to the staff party to see our friends
from the Mountain Ash band. He told them to call them on their radios
and check and see. My Dad said that with confidence and they agreed to
let us in. But then they said that the old man could not go with us.
Hmmmm, I thought. The old man then said that he needed to go through
the fair grounds and go out the East Gate. The security guys said that he
could not go that way. I then said to them that my Dad and I would escort
him all the way through. They strongly said to us that if we made sure he
got all the way through, that they would let us go in. And so they opened
the gate and let us in. We walked over to the East Gate and it was closed.
So we continued walking into the fairgrounds and as we walked we saw
the empty stage with a few lights on and there happened to be 3 plastic
chairs left there out in the seating area. All 3 of us sat down and had a
conversation. I sat in the middle of my Dad and our new old friend. We
talked and talked and stared up the stage where a single light shown down
on the center of it where a single stool had been dimly lit up by one of the
lights. As we talked the old man said a few things that I do remember
clearly but that I thought was a bit odd. We told him about how we make
websites and that we come to this event every year and take photos and
stuff like that. The old man said to me that he didn't like all of the mean
postings on the Jam bulletin board online. He also didn't like all of the
pornography on the internet. What struck me odd about this is that most of
the older folks I know do not even have access to the internet, they are not
computer savvy and I am sure that internet access from the small northern
town that he was from was very limited at best if they even had it all. But
this older guy seemed to know a few things about the internet. There are
many good things about the internet and many bad things as well.

We then got up from our chairs and headed over by the South Gate and
where the music was coming from. We told him that we would take him
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   39
into the party as long as he behaved himself. My Dad told him that. It was
kind of humorous I thought as one 60 year old man, my Dad, told this to
another 60 something year old man and just like a child the old man said
that he would be really good and would not get out of line. So in we went
and listened to a band. There was an entire buffet of free food and plenty
of free drinks. We all just sat and talked a bit more and each had a drink. I
was going to fetch the drinks and I asked my Dad and the old guy what
they wanted. My Dad wanted a beer, I said I was just going to get a pop
and the old man said he would take a Coke as well. We drank our drinks
and then left. As we left I felt the need to see that the old man continued
on his way out the South Gate as we had promised the security staff. As I
watched him go my Dad started heading for the North Gate where we
were camping. I told my Dad to go ahead without me and I followed the
old man out the South Gate. He saw me and seemed nervous. He was now
not stumbling or acting drunk at all. He was walking very quickly. I
caught up to him and we both used a couple of porta potties along the way.
Then he told me that he could make it the rest of the way and I bid him
farewell. About an hour ago this guy could barely walk without stumbling
and nearly falling over. Now he was walking a straight line and quick. He
showed no sign of drunkenness. He moved very well for an older fellow.
We didn't eat anything and we only had 1 drink. The whole thing about
meeting this man and helping him, and talking to him just seemed unique.
Have you ever thought about God coming to you as an actual person
incognito? I had that thought. My Dad asked me when I returned why I
followed him. I just said that I wanted to make sure he got out the South
Gate ok and that he was able to go around the corner and head to the East
like he wanted to. I was surely not going to tell my Dad of the quick
notion I had. It would have been silly. Or would it? It says in the Bible that
when Jesus returns for the 2nd time, that He will come from the East. It
was just a thought, but it sure made me ponder quite a bit about a few

I arrived back to the campsite and the sky was starting to lighten and soon
the sun would be rising. Melissa was there and so was Amy. They were
sitting around the fire still and mentioned to me that Melissa had lost her 2
rings. She had taken them off somewhere and could not find them and
thought that they were lost. I walked around and tried to help her find
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   40
them. I was sure they would show up somewhere. But the sun was rising
and my attention was turned towards that. I wanted to help her find her
rings but something was coming over me to want to watch the sun rise. I
would look for the rings in the grass and then look at the horizon. I would
look for the rings some more and look at the horizon. And then I saw the
sun rise like a gift that morning. It may be a coincidence, it may not. I
know in my heart that the signs given to me, which came back for the 2nd
time at the Moondance Jam, came from God. That morning while the sun
was rising and Mellissa, who’s last name was Rising, was there standing,
unhappy about losing her rings, I knew my life had changed in a great

I went to bed, I was tired and I slept until noon. I woke up and most of the
Jammers were gone. My Dad and I slowly packed up the canopy and the
other things around our site. After a while there were only 2 campers left
in the entire North Camping area; ours and another one. As my Dad and I
sat and took a break from packing, I looked over and saw 2 people sitting
by their camper. They were looking at us, we at them. The Jam was over.
We were 2nd to last to leave.

August 2nd, 2003
Rob and I talked about the 2nd letter of John. My friend Scott C. called me
today and told me that in the last 2 weeks he had 2 rocks crack 2 of his
windshields on 2 of his cars. (Hmmmmm, I know about rocks cracking a
windshield.) 2 of my unit janitors at the prison on Unit 10 came up to the
desk where I sit and within 5 minutes of each other both of them dropped
their ID tags right in front of me accidentally in 2 separate instances.
Another offender came up to the staff station today and told me that his
room was still crawling with ants. So I wrote up a 2nd maintenance work
order and filled out a vermin report. On my unit this form is located in
folder number 22. In 10 years I have written about 4 of these out. The
Visiting unit began calling for offenders to come to visit with their
families. The 2nd visit called today was for a Christian inmate who I later
found out, used to live upstairs from my partner Steve when he wasn't in
prison. Steve is my partner on a website called http://www.2havefun.com .
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   41
After work Rob and I went to look at the property I saw the day before
that is located between 2 of my properties. It has 2 domes and 2 windmills
that generate power. I thought it would be a good site to have a new
church. The property consists of 2 separate properties but they are next to
each other and the total acreage of the 2 properties is 200. We would need
a huge blessing in order to purchase such a property. It is located off of
County Road 10 on the County Line road which separates the 2 counties
in Minnesota called Pine and Carlton. My 2 properties are located in
Carlton County and so is this property. It is a bit odd that this property is
along the road that I take to go from one of my properties to the other.
When it came up for sale, I took it as a sign. My son used to be in cub
scouts with the son of the family who owns it and has played over there on
occasion. I will keep my eye on it. It is also in the same area where my
first sign of the rock hitting my windshield happened. It was on that very
same road just a few miles from this property.

August 6th, 2003
A Christian Offender at the prison I work at came to me and wanted to
know if I would like to look at a book that he had just ordered and read. I
was really busy and told him that I already knew about what this book was
about. It was about tithing. I was busy and I was not really interested in
looking at it then. Later he came back and he just handed it to me. So I
read the opening few pages quickly. It was really good to my surprise and
I took it as a sign that I had to read this book. The version he handed me
was the 2nd printing of it.

I went home that day and was sitting at the waterfall outside in my yard
and I remembered the book the offender had showed me; "The Blessed
Life" by Robert Morris. So I quickly went into the house and got on my
computer and logged on to ebay.com; the large auction website where you
can buy just about anything. I typed in, "The Blessed Life" in the search
box and there was 1 copy for sale, just one and only one copy. But what
struck me as odd is that there was exactly 2 days and 22 hours left on the
auction for this book. When I saw that I knew I was going to be reading
this entire book. I put in a bid. The auction would end on 8/9/03 at 2pm.
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   42

August 8th, 9th, 10th 2003
I attended another outdoor music event called the Bayfront Blues Festival
in Duluth, Minnesota. This was the 2nd music festival that I have been to
this year. I have taken digital pictures at this event also in the past 2 years
before this one. This year I was also sent 2 passes from the management
office of this event to be able to get up close and get good close up shots
of the performers. One pass was a media pass and one pass was a photo
pass. The pass number I was issued was number 2. I gave the other pass to
Richard and his number on his pass was 011. He also takes pictures at the
Moondance Jam music festival. They sent me the passes really late and it
was odd that I got number 2. I saw other photographers there with
numbers as high as 33.

August 19th, 20th 2003
I received the book I had won in the auction on ebay; "The Blessed Life"
by Robert Morris. That first night I read about 50 pages. It was very good.
I usually do not read books. I haven't read but maybe 1 other book since
high school. But lately I have been reading the bible and many other books
as of the time I am writing this. The next day I read the rest of that book. 2
days to read a book? What has gotten into me? LOL - More Lord More!
Just after I finished reading it, I would say about 40 minutes elapsed and
there was a knock at my door. I yelled, "Come in". And a younger lady
was with a teenage boy and she handed me an advertising flyer for a music
show, free food and games at our local town park. I asked her if she was
asking for donations and she said no. I read the flyer again and saw that
she was from the West Side Church which is about 7 miles from my
house. I thought that it would be fun to attend this event that they were
promoting and I also knew of 2 co-workers who attended that church; Ray
and Jeff. I felt that I needed to give her something but that since she was
not asking for anything, I didn't know what I could give. Then I got one of
those thoughts, and God said to me, "The book, give her the book." And
so with the book sitting right next to me that I had just read, I picked it up
and I said to her, "I think I am supposed to give this to you, so here." She

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   43
looked at it and read the title and said, "Thank you." And then she left
with the young man.

Now get this. A few days or so before I received the book by Robert
Morris there was a wide spread attack of a computer virus. Recently there
have been many such virus attacks and there seems to be no end to these
malicious attempts. It has really gotten out of hand. While searching on
the internet for the Author of the book I had just read, "The Blessed Life",
I went to a search engine online called Google. I typed in Robert Morris
and the search began. I was hoping to find out what church he was from so
I could email him and thank him for his book. What I found out was rather
odd. It turns out that a Robert Morris, not the one who wrote the book but
another with the same name, was the original creator of a virus called a
worm. That was what was going around now - a worm! He attended
Cornell University, but he released it at MIT - a highly ranked technical
college that deals greatly with technology advancements and computers
especially. So Robert Morris created the first worm virus and I just read a
book written by a different Robert Morris, all the while, my computer that
I am writing this book on is going wacky do to the many extra emails I am
getting caused by a new worm virus that someone has maliciously
released into the general publics email systems and network servers. I
have never received so many emails, it's like a true plague. Robert T.
Morris is now a teacher at MIT - how odd is that? At the time of the
release of his virus worm in 1988, Robert T. Morris Sr., his Dad and a 2nd
Robert T. Morris at that, was the chief of the National Security Agency.
Did young Robert Jr. get into his Dad's stuff? Hmmmmm. LOL!

August 21st, 2003
I went to work as usual and then came home. At around 5pm, I brought
my Wife and Son with me to the event that the West Side Church was
having at the local park that I knew about from the flyer I had received the
day before. Actually my Son rode his bike and my Wife and I drove there.
While I was there I participated in a fun watermelon seed spitting contest.
I won the contest; I guess I still have quite a bit of hot air in me. LOL.
There was also some free food that was going to be served and after the
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   44
contest I went over to the pavilion where they were cooking and I saw Ray
my co-worker from the prison making hotdogs. Ray and I started talking
and I brought up the subject about getting baptized. I told him I felt the
need to get baptized and soon. The night before I had just read the book of
John and this time when I read it, I felt the need for public baptism as soon
as possible. Ray looked to his left where the youth pastor at his church just
happened to be standing. Ray then said to him, "You will baptize him
right?" The Youth Pastor said to me assuredly, "Oh yeah, come on over to
my place on the lake, we baptize people over there all the time. Whenever
you want, just stop on by." I then looked at him and said, "Why wait? Isn't
there a lake a couple hundred feet from here?" He looked at me again and
said, "You want to do it right now?" I said, "Yes, right now would be
good". He said, "Ok, let's go." I told him, "I am going to tell my family."
He then went to get the senior pastor from the West Side Church and I
went to get my Wife and Son so they could be witness to my baptism. We
all started walking down to the lake and the 2 pastors introduced
themselves to me, "Hi, we are Tim and Jim from the West Side." I just
thought, "Oh Wow, I can certainly remember that!" The water was warm,
we walked out about 20 feet into the lake and Pastor Jim said to me, "I am
only going to ask you one thing. Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your
personal Savior?" I said with a confident voice, "Yes I do!" There were
more words said by them at this time that I do not remember, I was in a
state of joy. I am sure whatever they said at that time was just perfect.
Then I was leaned backwards and dunked under the water. The water
came up onto my face but my whole face did not go under the water, just
like half of it, sparing me from the water running up my nose.

I then thought of how when I was at home one day a few months back and
I was showering. I asked God to let me receive the Holy Spirit in me and I
wondered if I could do that without some formal ceremony. I prayed to
him to let the Holy Spirit come into me and that if it could be done in this
way, that I wanted it to only be a partial coming in so to speak because I
told him I still wanted to be baptized in the Spirit at some random public
event in a body of natural water just like John the Baptist had done to
Jesus and many others. So after Pastor Tim and Pastor Jim pulled me up
out of the Lake, which is also a river in that Moosehead Lake is just a
large wide area of the Moosehorn River, I had a thought come over me of
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   45
"I was just baptized the rest of the way." Half way when I was at my
home, and halfway just now. I think this was figuratively speaking mind
you. Wow, how wonderful I thought. Can you be baptized halfway?
Probably not, it is probably either all or nothing. But I asked God for it to
be that way and it sure seemed like it happened in just that manner
fleshwise. He knew I wanted to be baptized in a natural body of water and
He also knew that when I asked for it to come over me when I was at
home, He knew I was sincere and He granted me that gift, spiritually once,
fleshly - twice.

When I asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit while showering at my
home, I had this feeling come over me that was quite unique. It lasted for
about 30 - 45 seconds. I felt lifted and from within me there was a sort of
easy pressure on my body and a sort of light headedness. It felt euphoric,
like a sort of head rush, almost like a slight drunkenness but different.
Like a whole body rush. It is very hard to describe but it was good feeling
in nature, not scary at all. I had that same sort of feeling come over me in
October, 2003 and it lasted a lot longer. But that happened after I ended
this part of this book. So you can read about that in the next book or as an
"add on" to this one.

Here is the fun part about my baptism that day. It was witnessed by 2 of
my family members. It was also witnessed by 2 of my Co-workers Jeff
and Ray. I was baptized by 2 pastors whose names are the same as 2
friends of mine who happen to also be "brothers on the West Side" of St.
Paul, MN. So when Pastor Jim and Pastor Tim from the West Side
introduced themselves to me as, "Hi, we are Jim and Tim, we're from the
West Side." They didn't even use the word church. As the church part of
this event was a given maybe. But that's exactly how it was said to me.
When I said, "I can remember that." It was easy to remember because it
rhymed. After I was baptized by them, it hit me like a brick wall. "Duh,
Wow, Jim and Tim from the West Side!" "Oh my what are the odds of
that?" God probably answered that one, but I was just having so much fun,
I didn't hear exactly what the odds of it were. LOL. I played with Jim and
Tim, 2 Mexican brothers from the West Side for many years. They lived
really close to me in our neighborhood. I also knew where I would be
going to church - The West Side Church which is west of Moose Lake.
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   46
I know this may all seem weird to you, but that is how it happened. I have
now read many peoples testimonies about how the Holy Spirit feels when
it comes into you, and they are amazing and none of them are truly the
same for each person. It is almost like it is customized for each and every
person, yet some were very similar to mine. So don't expect anything in
particular if you are, and yet expect anything and everything to happen
because you may just get exactly that, anything and everything. Either
way, you will know when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will
change. It happens in many different ways and it has many different
results or effects of it thereafter. There are many gifts of the Holy Spirit
and you should seek them all. I urge you to ask others if they have
experienced this or have heard of this. You can definitely read about it
from other people who have written accounts of such testimonies.

September 4th, 2003
I just got around to finishing the stories in the August Readers Digest.
Here is what I read about.

(August 2003 - In the Readers Digest)

On page 122 an article entitled, "After Life" The scientific case for the
human soul -

Tells of how scientists and doctors try to explain, but really cannot explain
how people who have brain surgery are basically put to death, then
operated on, have out of body experiences and are then resuscitated. While
these people are completely flat lined with no brain activity registering,
they have an out of body experience and can recall things that happened
during their surgery. Thus proof of the human soul. They are trying to
explain it away, but researches found that the details these people gave
while out of the body, were exact, and the fact that there was no brain
activity, makes it seem impossible. But it did happen, and the researches
now say they cannot determine based on these facts that life ends when
your brain stops functioning.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   47
A lady told of how she was having some brain surgery and watched the
surgeons doing something near her groin, and she thought that it must be a
mistake. Well, (A) How could she have even made that thought at all,
while (B) she was completely brain dead at the time? The doctors who
listened to her story went back through the timeline of the surgical records
and what she saw was that the doctors were removing a vein from her leg
to re use in her head and how she described in detail what they did was
very accurate. According to the timeline of the removal of that vein, she
had been clinically brain dead for quite some time.? She saw the white
light or tunnel that we have heard about from many other testimonies and
said that she saw family members who greeted her. Her Uncle told her to
go back as it was not her time and so she did. It was very cold when she
did go back into her body.

I just thought this would be a very interesting article to pass on to you all,
especially because of its content and the fact that it happened to be on
page 122 seemed to grab my attention. Also in that same monthly edition
of the Readers Digest there was another story of a guy who survived 2 Air
Crashes in the same day. One was a plane and 1 was a helicopter. How
rare would you say that is? I wouldn't want to have to go through
something like that.

September 11th, 2003
This is the 2 year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States. It
is now called Patriot's day. The Twin Towers in New York were
destroyed when 2 planes flew into them. A 3rd plane flew into the
Pentagon, a 5 sided building which is the United States Military
headquarters building. A 4th plane crashed while in route to its target
which no one knows for sure what the target was. Some suspect the target
was the White House where the President lives or was it to be a 2nd plane
to hit the Pentagon? Or was it some other target?

Here are some more interesting things about 9/11.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   48

Date Of The Attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
September 11th is the 254 day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11
After September 11th, there are 111 days left until the end of the year
119 is the area code to Iraq: 1 + 1 + 9 = 11
Twin Towers, standing side by side, look like the number 11
The State of New York was the 11th State to enter the Union
New York City consists of 11 letters
Afghanistan consists of 11 letters
The Pentagon consists of 11 letters
On Flight 11, The 1st plane to hit, there were 92 people on board: 9 + 2
= 11
On Flight 77, there were 65 people on board: 6 + 5 = 11

Add 1 +1 in the number 11, that would = 2

Yesterday, I prayed to God that nothing tragic would happen in the world
on September 11th. I didn't want to see another repeat of the terrorist
attacks from 2 years ago and lots of innocent people getting killed. Thank
God that nothing like that happened today. But it was a sad day in a way
because 2 very famous John's died. One was a country music singer -
Johnny Cash, and the other, a TV comedian - John Ritter. They both died
for health reasons.

September 14th, 2003
I took Rob to the Minnesota Vikings 2nd football game of the season,
which was also their home opener against the Chicago Bears. On our way
down I knew Rob and I were going to need God's favor. We were running
late so we needed no traffic jams and we also needed favor to get a
parking place. We saw brake lights coming up and I said, "UH OH that is
not conducive to us getting down there and being able to tailgate for a
while." Rob immediately said a prayer and we did not have to stop but
slowed down and drove straight through. A few more miles ahead it
happened again. Many more brake lights appeared. I had a thought and it
was that if we kept our faith in what we pray for in Jesus name, it will not
fail. We never had to stop at the 2nd one either, we just slowed down a bit
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   49
and drove on through. In fact in both cases the right lane which we were in
moved quicker than the left lane, which is not usually the normal thing.

Now we needed favor from God for parking as we were now in downtown
Minneapolis near the Metro Dome. If you get to the area ahead of time by
at least 3 hours, you can usually find a good spot to park or get in a lot that
is favorable to you so you can be near other friends of yours. You may
even be able to find a parking meter which can save you a lot of money.
Parking fees during a football game average $25. A meter will run you $4
- $6 depending on how long you park but they are very hard to find. The
lot that I usually park in was full. The other lot, my so called back-up lot
was also full. There were no meters available anywhere. Parking this year
is extra scarce in the tailgating lots because there are 2 very large
construction projects going on. 2 big buildings are being built that are
taking up quite a bit of the old parking areas. But somehow I knew
something would come up. I knew God's favor was with Rob and me. I
called up Mike W. and Scott C. who I knew were at the game and asked
them where they had parked, and both said that the lots that they were in
were full. They were about 2 blocks away from each other. I just kept
driving around and looking. I was also thinking that I did not want to have
to pay $25. But we needed to park soon so we could go meet with our
friends before the game. We then found a parking lot that was open, and I
asked a guy how much was it to park there?? He said, "Nothing. No one is
here charging anyone today I guess". As skeptical as that may seem, I took
it as a sign thinking that it was the favor of God we were there. Now mind
you if you get caught parking in a lot that you are not supposed to be in,
you will either get a ticket to pay a big fine or your car will get towed
away. So I have this brief thought in my head of, "What if the car gets
towed or I get a ticket? Then I just answered my own thought and said to
myself, "Have faith that it will be ok". I said a quick, "Thank you Father",
and I never wondered about it again. After the game there was no ticket
and the car was still there. Is that lot always free? I highly doubt it. I will
check again next time I am down there, but I will only use that spot in a
situation where I am running late or low on funds. I would not want to
abuse that privilege and I know in my heart who to thank.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   50
We met our friends in 2 separate areas. First we ran into Scott C., (He was
the one who came over to my house 2 days ago to work on a double
shower he had built for me last summer and I also work with him at the
prison.) he was with his friend Chris. Chris is Bryan's brother with whom I
work with in my part time job in real estate. Scott gave Rob and I each a
cold bottle of Labatt Blue. He said it was not the beer sold here in the
USA but that it was brought back from Canada. "The alcohol content is
different", Scott said with a smile on his face. I tasted it and liked it. I
thought it was crisp and pure and left no funny after taste. After we
finished having our 1 beer with Scott, we left and went to meet another
friend of mine who also is named Mike. My first name is Mike, short for
Michael. I happen to have 2 really good friends named Mike as well; Mike
W from the West Side, and Mike T from Como Park. ?Mike W. was with
a friend named Greg. I used to bowl with him and Mike about 9 years ago
and I haven't seen Greg since then. I have known Mike W. since half way
through the 3rd grade when I was 9 years old. That is almost 28 years as of
right now. We met in Mrs. Troje's class in a school on the upper West Side
called Cherokee Heights Elementary. Today was also Mike W.'s birthday.
I wished him a Happy Birthday.

The 4 of us walked around all of the tailgating lots and looked at how all
of the fans were grilling and cooking and how they had their vehicles and
themselves decorated. It is just a unique attraction to say the least. There is
a lot of drunkenness at these tailgating parties. I know this; I used to get
drunk at the parties there many of times. Now I can go there and have 2
beers and be just fine with it. After our walk, we went to where Mike W.
and his friend were parked. I asked them if they had any cold beers left.
Greg who was with Mike W. opened his trunk and handed Rob and I each
a cold bottle of Labatt Blue. Mike's friend continued to say that this beer
was not from the USA but was brought back from Canada. "The Labatt
Blue from the USA is made weaker he said." I looked at Rob, and he
looked at me and said, "You know, I thought that was funny when I seen
these 2 guys with the same beer we had just had over at Scott's." I just
smiled at Rob. We drank our 2nd beer of the day and then I was getting
hungry. I yelled across the parking lot, "Does anyone have any left over
food that they aren't going to eat?" The guys next to us said sure, and
kindly cooked Rob and I a very tasty hamburger. "Thank you Father". I
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   51
also thanked them also. We headed in to see the game and watched the
Vikings win to make their record 2-0.

Now what are the chances of that? I may have tried a Labatt Blue in my
life once. Maybe twice, maybe not at all, but I do not remember for sure. I
have tried many beers in my past days and I don't remember specifically
liking Labatt Blue in particular, which tells me that it would be rare if I
drank some or purchased some myself. I have had many other Canadian
beers that I have liked. The fact that I was now given 2 of them at 2
separate locations, by 2 separate people, who specifically told me that they
had each gotten it from Canada and it was brought back from there, and
that it was not the USA version of that brand of beer was not a

That is basically what I am trying to tell you all with this book. These
small unlikely coincidences are not coincidences. They are small miracles
that God is using to tell us something. And He is telling me "2", and He
keeps telling it to me; thus "2!". Why do you suppose He is telling me
this? Might you have any idea at all? Would you care to make a guess? He
knows I am writing this book, does He keep giving me these signs /
miracles so that I have more content to write about? Possibly, only He

But if that were the case then why is God using a "2" to do it. Why doesn't
He use something else like the birds I was seeing early on? Why didn't He
keep using them? How about a color, or a certain message, or a sound, or a
full word? I hope you can see where I am going with this, as this is what I
believe. I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe His 2nd coming is very near. I
have an urgency to finish and publish this book, yet a caution to do it
correctly with God's guidance. For nothing has nor will exist without God.
I need more patience. Is patience given, earned or learned? With God,
anything is possible and I think all of the 3 are probable.

September 18th, 2003

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   52
I asked God for more guidance as to the exactness of why "2" was being
used by Him. It was a bold request made by me because I am beginning to
break down in His glory. My impatience is getting the best of me. I need
to be more patient; this I know, yet it is very hard. Like a child on the eve
of Christmas, wanting to open gifts before it is time. I asked God to please
enlighten me of the reason He used a "2" and to please do it within 2 days.
Was it the 2nd coming of Jesus? Was it just for me to have more
information to write this book? Please Lord, please, I am burning up with
desire and at the same time lost, confused, happy, and full of wonder. I
need more patience.

God showed me that night, He didn't wait too long, not a day or even 2,
but that very same evening.

The answer to my question was this; "It's a Miracle. It's a big Miracle".
Not the exact answer that I was looking for, but definitely a good one!

Thank you Father.
Well what would constitute a Big Miracle in today's society? I would like
to hear of some biblical scholars versions of what they think one would be.
I think that this is truly a big miracle but I also think that there is so much
more to this. God has a way of doing things in a big way and even bigger
than you can really imagine. He does it His way, and His way is always
better, and His way is always different than what we would think of.

As I started writing this book, I wrote that God hasn't performed Miracles
on a Grandiose scale like He used to (that I know of) i.e.; "The parting of
the Red Sea". Since it has been a very long time since God has performed
a miracle of that magnitude (that I know of) only now do I see, that the
miracle He has given me of "2!" to share with you, is indeed "grandiose".

September 23, 2003
The softball team that I played on this year just happened to get
themselves to the Championship Game tonight. They went through the
playoffs undefeated in the winners bracket and would play the winner of
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   53
the losers bracket. About 4 weeks ago, I tore a muscle in my leg which
rendered me unable to sprint or run at 100%. I was called today to see if I
would be able to play, but I opted not too as I didn't want to re-injure that
muscle. But I told them I would be there to watch and cheer them on. My
Christian friend Rob and I played on 2 softball teams this year together.
He played with me on my team that I had played on for the past 7 years
and I played on his team up in Cloquet, MN. Here is something odd about
the 2 team names that we played for. My team was called, The River Inn.
They were located in Duquette, MN. There is also another team called the
River Inn, but they are from Cloquet, MN. Rob's team was from Cloquet,
MN and they are called "Roosters". Last year their name was Richards.
New owners of the bar re-named the bar from Richard's to Roosters this
year. What is the short name or a nickname for a man with the name of
Richard? What is a short name or a nickname for a rooster? Now with an
underlying tone of 2 sexual innuendos about the male genitalia, when used
in a different context and separately, there is nothing wrong with either of
those words, but put them together in this context, and that is funny.
Calling a guy Dick because his name is Richard is perfectly ok. Calling a
rooster a cock is perfectly ok. Their slogan on the team hats was, "From
Dicks to Cocks". Rob wouldn't even wear one for its insinuation. I didn't
wear one either, but I surely did chuckle when I heard that. I think it was
very odd and quite a coincidence. The only reason I am writing about it is
because of the obvious signs of 2 between the names of the 2 teams and
towns they were in, the fact that Rob and I both played on them and the
coincidences between them. Now I know some of you reading this are still
laughing. It's ok, go right ahead. I couldn't have made this stuff up if I
tried! And the fact that it is all true makes it that much more hilarious. I
wonder what God sounds like when He laughs?

In the very first game that I played with Rob's team, I hit a solo home run.
I usually am not a home run hitter. We lost that game 21 - 1. Rob on the
other hand hits homeruns quite frequently. He probably hit one or 2 or 3 in
every game this year except for that one game or maybe 2 this year. I
didn't keep track of his stats. On my team we did not fair too well. We
ended the season with a very poor record. But in the last game of the
season for my team, I hit my 2nd homerun. Rob's son Christian was there
watching me, he is 4 years old and told me before I batted that he was
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   54
going to say a prayer for me. I thought it was the sweetest thing. I went to
bat after that prayer and just crushed a good one over the fence and into
the trees. Wow, Praise God! On Rob's team I also hit a homerun in the last
regular season game, which was also my last game of this season as that
game was when I was injured. Cory, the coach said to me after I hit it, "So
Flipp, you hit a homer in your first and your last game." That was pretty
neat I thought. And the fact that I hit a home run on both of my team's last
game was even neater. Now isn’t that odd? A coincidence?

Now it was the playoffs, and I was unable to play. But the team did
excellent with their new found confidence in using the powerful Mikken
Ultra II bat. Rob's team had bought one but it was a dud. They had to send
it in to get a 2nd one and were without that strong bat for most of the

The Championship game was in front of them. I was there and offered to
keep the stat book to record the games hits and runs for our team. If they
win, they win it all, if they lost, seeing as how it was double elimination,
they would have to play again immediately after. The game began about
30 minutes late because the loser's bracket games had taken longer than
expected. It was not even a contest. The other team pummeled us 30-8 and
beat us by 22 runs. I walked over to Rob and said to Rob, "What do you
think of that score, losing by exactly 22 runs?" Rob and I just smiled at
each other. He and I knew without even saying a word that the fact the
team lost by 22 runs was not a coincidence. Now we had to play them
again. I am 100% positive and I never asked Rob, but I knew before the
game that he said a prayer. I also said one.

The 2nd game was intense! It started out very close. We were up by one
with a score of 3-2 after the first inning. After that, the other team took the
lead and held onto it. The other team had managed to build their score up
to 19 runs by the 6th inning. And in the 7th inning they had the bases
loaded with no outs. We were down by 2 runs and it seemed as though
they were about to increase their lead. I mean, bases were loaded and all
with no outs; it was looking like they were in a pretty nice position to
capitalize on the situation. But then the incredible happened. The infamous
triple play! I don't think I have ever seen one in person before. But in a
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   55
tangle of errors and quick thinking on our defenses part, it happened.
There was a ground ball hit to my friend Rob on 1st base and he gunned it
home saving the run from scoring. The catcher gunned it to 3rd quickly
which made for a very close play at 3rd. The umpire called him out. This
lead to more confusion for the runner at 1st as he just kind of stopped half
way between 1st and 2nd and was wondering what the call was. Everyone
was just kind of standing around and the 3rd baseman threw the ball to 2nd
base and the 2nd baseman tagged out the 3rd guy running very late to 2nd
base in his confusion. It wasn't pretty, except for the first out to home
which was cleanly a secure force out at the plate. The 2nd out was very
close at 3rd and the 3rd out was definitely a mistake made by that runner
who just seemed to be in some sort of confused state of what to do. Do
you know what the odds are of a triple play? Wow!

We came up to bat and needed 1 run to tie and 2 to win. The score was 21-
20 in their favor. Our first man up hit the ball to their shortstop and he
made an error. We now had a guy on 1st. The next batter hit a pop up fly
ball to the 1st baseman. This put the guy on 1st in quite a predicament. He
could not run, for if the 1st baseman caught the ball, he would surely be
out if he was anywhere off of the bag. The 1st baseman dropped the ball
and instead of picking it up and touching the base or the runner who was
standing right next to him, he fumbled it at which time our runner on 1st
took off towards 2nd base. He reached to pick it up the ball and fumbled it
again which allowed the batter to reach first safely and the runner to
advance to 2nd base. Wow, I thought, this is unbelievable. I was happy, I
cheered and I smiled at Rob.

The next man up hit for a clean base hit and loaded the bases. Then we
popped one up for the 1st out. Then another hit brought in the tying run. A
ground ball to the shortstop next was the last play of the game, for he
threw it to 2nd and got the runner out from 1st, but the 2nd baseman did not
complete the double play and our runner from 3rd scored during the play.
This ended the game with the final score of 22 - 21. (There's that number
22 which came up significantly tonight - twice.) All I could think about
was of back in the year 1980 and how the Team USA Hockey won the
Gold Medal in the Olympics and when they beat the Team from USSR to
go to the finals, Al Michaels the announcer just yelled, "Do you believe in
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   56
Miracles?!!!!!!!!" It was all I could think of and I said it out loud in a very
happy and blissful voice. I looked at Rob and he said, "Well, Of course I
do!" I did too. It was the greatest and most fun softball game I have ever

I was looking for a great ending to my book, although I don't think that the
2's have stopped coming, I was looking for a really cool and fun ending to
this part of it. I need to post this story for people to read and if I kept on
writing it, it might never be read. I was wondering if something really
huge was going to happen. I just have that feeling that something
grandiose was going to happen and that I was going to witness it and write
it down as my big finale'. And then I picked up my bible and in the very
last chapter of those 66 biblical chapters is a book written by the Apostle
John. It is called "Revelation". Revelation is the last book in the Holy
Bible, and so if you go to the bible and look at how the bible ends you will
see that there are 22 chapters in Revelation. And in Chapter 22 there are
21 verses.

Revelation 22:21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

October 6th, 2003
I said a prayer last night and something amazing happened. I was still
battling with smoking and feeling guilty. I knew I would not be a good
witness or testimony to God if I continued to smoke. I said a prayer and it
went something like this.

Father, I don't want to be addicted to smoking, I will not be a good
witness. I am very good at many things in this life, but I am not great at
anything. I know this may sound puffed up, but I want to be great at
something and it needs to be in you. This smoking has to stop, please help
me to quit Father. To the devil in me who has me held in bondage by the
addiction of smoking, I bind you and cast you into the pit where you will
remain until judgment day, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   57
Normally when I have said a prayer in the past before this I always said it
in the name of Jesus or in Jesus' name, or in the name of Jesus Christ.
Never before have I said, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" until
last night. I was doing some reading and I read about a preacher who cast
out some witches at one of his services. His name is Greg J. Austin. I read
his book, "The Awakening Anointing" Book 1

He used the above prayer "in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" with
great results and I also read how he bound and cast the demon out. I said
the prayer last night earnestly and with some force and a sense of urgency,
and with humility, and with love for Jesus and a lot of emotions were
running through me while I was praying it. I don't think it matters how you
say the actual name of Jesus, but that it is how you feel when you say it,
how deep in your heart do you mean it. I guess reading that gave me a lot
of encouragement and it really showed.

Close to midnight, about 30 minutes after saying that prayer, the Holy
Spirit came into me. What I felt was a magnification of about 100 fold of
what I felt when I asked God to receive the gift of the holy spirit back in
April, 2003.

I slept good last night, and I have been awake since about 9am. It is now
1:30 pm and I am not feeling any urgency to have or want a cigarette. The
thought is there when I bring it up, but I can easily dismiss it. I have a
slight cold still where mucus comes up from my lungs, but it is clear.
Usually in the morning I have some dark brown stuff come up from my
lungs and now it is just clear. I have not coughed up any brown mucus. I
seem to also be breathing easier. Praise God!

I thought about what day today is and I see that it is the Jewish Holiday of
Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). They say that it is their most
important and sacred holiday. I am not Jewish. But what the Jewish people
do today is ask God to forgive their sins and broken promises made to God
before the book of Life closes. It seems like it is a way for them to make
things right with God so that they can have another good year ahead of
them. They also pray and fast the whole day and have no marital relations
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   58
and will not wear leather shoes and will not wear perfumes or lotions or
wash. They say they do this to be like the angels in heaven who cannot do
these things. In a sense, what I asked God to do was to help me to stop
sinning by abusing my body and it happened to be on a very sacred day
for the Jewish nation. I prayed it last night before midnight but I am not
really that sure of the time. The spirit of God moved over me early this
morning just after midnight.

I said that prayer around 11:30 pm on October 5th, 2003. It must have been
about a half our later that I felt it. Something came over me and into me
and out from me and encompassed me. I felt a lifting inward pressure on
my body, but my mind was clear and unaffected. It was like a head rush
kind of feeling but the warm heat and pressure were only in my body. This
feeling lasted about 2 minutes maybe as long as 4 minutes. And then I felt
it go into my jaw and around my teeth, and then back into my body once
more but not as strong as the first wave and I began to breathe easier.
While this was happening, I just stayed still and accepted what was
happening to my body and I repeated over and over in my head, "Thank
you Father, Thank you Father, Thank you Father!.."

That morning I did not grab a cigarette nor did I that night. The next day,
in the evening on October 7th, the strong urge to smoke was again
overpowering me. I am weak in this. I don't want to be weak. Soon, I pray
soon will all the urges leave me. I smoked again and felt so ashamed.
What have I done? Help me. Forgive me. (I was finally delivered from
smoking on March 17th, 2007. After battling this addiction for so long, I
finally broke down and cried out to God and told Him that I could not do it
on my own, that I would just continue to fail and that this would lead me
down a bad path. The phone rang just a few minutes after this prayer. It
was Blue Cross and they asked me if I wanted to quit smoking. I signed
up, got some patches, wore them for 8 days and was delivered from my
smoking addiction of 22 years. Praise God)

October 14th, 2003

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   59
2 offenders or prisoners of the state of Minnesota were re-assigned to my
unit as unit workers/janitors. But these 2 offenders were assigned to my
unit by means other than normally done so. Usually an offender is placed
as a unit worker by means of the Job Placement Committee. There are
special circumstances which allow an offender to get placed as a worker
without going through this normal channel. 1 would be that an offender
had a unit job on a different unit and was then re-assigned to come and
live on my unit. This situation happens a few times a year and when it
does, I just make an extra position on the unit for this person until one of
the regular workers leaves and an opening is then created. Another way
that an offender can get added to my unit as a worker is through an
administrative move in which the admin team, health services, or psych
services makes a decision to do so for the benefit of the facility, the
offender or both in very rare circumstances. It just so happened that on this
day, I had to create 2 extra positions on my unit for each of the above
cases. But this gets even better and rarer in that both offenders needed a
bottom bunk and had viable bottom bunk restrictions for special placement
within a cell. This instance becomes even rarer when you look at the 2
offender's identification numbers. The State of Minnesota issues each
offender with a number when they come into the system. Back in the
1970's the first offender received a number of 100001, and then proceeded
up to 100002. Currently someone coming into the system now would
receive a number of 212500 or there about. The 2 offenders who I had to
make 2 extra spots for due to special circumstances that were rare to begin
with had consecutive numbers!! Each number started with 135*** which
at this time is a fairly old number identifying these 2 individuals as having
been in the system for a very long time. The numbers were consecutive
and the fact that they were old numbers and not new intakes into the
system makes this instance very, very, very, very, very rare. What does
this mean? I do not know, maybe it will add up to something later. This is
a very rare and odd situation.

November 3rd, 2003
My wife was in a bad accident and her truck rolled over on some slippery
ice and snow. The truck was totaled, but yet she walked out of it with a
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   60
minor bump on the head and a scratch on her hand. I think it was a miracle
that she was not hurt badly. She was on her way to re-vote in the election
to go on strike with the State of Minnesota. After they voted to reject last
time in September, a new agreement was reached which still seems like it
is not a very good deal, the members of the union will vote again for the
2nd time. The officers in my unit will not have to revote, as we have
already voted to arbitrate our contract with a neutral mediator. So I did not
have to re-vote but my wife did. My wife did not make it to vote due to the
accident she had. The vehicle she was driving was a vehicle in which we
had just purchased a month ago as a customized vehicle that was in a
previous roll over accident.

That same night I bowled my 1st 600 series in our bowling league with a
602. Last year I was elected by the members to be the Vice President of
the league. I get to help with planning the banquet at the end of the

Also on this day I won both of my fantasy football games for the 4th week
in a row giving me a streak of 8 wins in a row. I was the first person in our
entire league to go over 1000 points. My total is now 1021. My birthday is
10/21. Even though I have this many points which is above all others, in
my division at this time I am in 2nd place, and tied with another team at
that - LOL. I didn't have time to study the players this year and I just
picked 5 players to keep from last year and gave Rob some rough
selections and then I prayed and let Rob pick me a team as I could not
attend the drafting of the players. I just didn't have time, I didn't want it to
consume me as it did in the past and I just wanted to have a decent team
that would make a decent showing and hope I had some luck on my side. I
started out losing a lot of games early on but I kept the faith and was still
having fun. We are more than half way through the season; I will enjoy
the outcome, no matter how it ends. But I did enjoy seeing the team I have
score the most points out of all the teams in our league this week. That's
the first time that has happened for my team.

November 23, 2003
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   61
 My wife came to church with me for the first time which was really nice.
I was able to attend church today with my wife because I had offered to
sell my Vikings football tickets to a friend of mine named Keith. We call
him Duck. He accidentally wrote me out a check for 2 dollars more than
their face value.

November 30th, 2003
My son came to church with my wife and me for the very first time. What
a blessing! Thank you Father!

The news station was reporting that a woman who had been kidnapped in
North Dakota at a shopping mall had still not been found. She was
abducted on November 22nd and she was 22 years old. I took notice of the
2 instances of the 22's and I felt something. I said a prayer to have the
person responsible come to light and that they be caught and she be
located. I am also sure many other people had also said the same prayer.
What I did pray for that some may not have was that the demon within the
person that did that be cast down into the pit where it remain until
judgment day.

December 1st, 2003
Well I had another great night of bowling! For the 2nd week in a row I
bowled my high series! My first game was a 269, my 2nd game was a 224
for the 2nd week in a row, and my 3rd game was a 181 for a total of 674!
Also the 269 is my single highest game I have ever rolled. So on that night
I set 2 personal records! Was that ever fun! On this night I won 2 games of
cards and that 269 score took the high single game of the night pot as well.
2 weeks in a row with 3 financial blessings.

When I was finished bowling I went to change into my street shoes and I
found out that someone had taken my solid black tennis shoes! There was
another pair of all black shoes left there and I figured that the person who
took mine had just made a simple mistake. They fit really nice and were

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   62
very comfortable! LOL! So not only did I have a great night of bowling, I
went home with a nicer pair of shoes as an added bonus! (I will bring them
back next week to see if they bring mine back, but it will be fun to walk in
someone else's shoes for a week. LOL! I wonder who it was?)

I came home that night after bowling and heard on the TV news channel
that the man responsible for kidnapping that woman from the parking lot
of the Shopping Mall in North Dakota had been captured and charged with
the crime of kidnapping. They have still not located the missing woman.
Now this is the weird part. The man responsible was at my prison only 6
months ago and was released on May 1st. Not only was he at my prison
where I work as a security officer, but when I worked on Unit 8 a few
years back, he was in my unit! I saw the picture of the man on TV and I
knew the guy! Wow. That is kind of weird. I prayed again that she is
found alive and OK, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

December 23rd, 2003
Rob, Mike C and myself met for our first Bible Study on Friday. We
wanted to meet earlier on Monday, but things happened and others could
not make it. We met on Friday and we set a plan in motion that it would
not be a normal Bible Study but actually to have church and to lay a
foundation. Rob and 2 Mike's. Glory to God we shall see where God leads
us in this ministry.

December 24th, 2003
At work we have an email Bible Study going and the day before
Christmas I sent out this email.

I truly believe in the power of God to answer our prayers. And so I would
like to share with you a prayer that I just prayed for. I prayed that on this
Christmas Day, may each and every one of you witness or hear of a
Christmas Miracle that you will be able to share with someone. What it
will be, I do not know. When it will happen exactly, I don't know. But

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   63
when you hear of something, or see something, remember to share the
story with all of us. If we all pray as one, and in one accord, God will take
notice. Will you pray this small prayer with me?
May you have the most peaceful, and loving Christmas you have ever had,
and may God's Joy pour out upon you this holiday season. Blessed be our
Savior Jesus Christ, in his name - all things are possible. A King of all
Kings was born, let them all know why.
Thank you Father, in the name of Jesus, Amen
Mike Flipp

December 26th, 2003
 I sent out this email to all of them. These things happened on Christmas

From my last email that I sent to all of you, I had told you that I prayed to
witness or hear or see a Christmas Miracle. I also asked all of you to keep
your eyes open for something. I said that I didn't know how, or when or
the circumstances, but to just be ready for anything. And so I did. And so I
Here is my Christmas Miracle Story to share with all of you.

I worked on Unit 10 as usual; I was able to talk with a few offenders about
God's Word, to a few Christian inmates as well as a few Muslim
offenders. One especially is quite interested in what I have been talking to
him about. He is now willing and ready to receive what God has in store
from him, He said he will keep an open mind and for as stubborn and dead
set on what he believed a few weeks ago, that is a very encouraging sign.

When I went home I listened to sermon on CD and then my wife's Dad
called me and invited me over to his house for dinner, as my wife and son
were in the cities visiting her Aunt for Christmas. So over I went to my
wife's Dad's house for Dinner and I also told him that I would bring over a
couple of movies to watch. They were about Miracles! Titled - "Miracles
are Real" and they are put out by Time Life Video. A few weeks ago I was
looking around on ebay for some good study and reading material and I
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   64
found a set of 4 books about healings and miracles and I found this 2
video tape set. I put in bids early, well before the close of the auction and I
said a prayer that I would be able to get them and get them at a great price!
Well God blessed me in that I was not out bid on either of them. I won
both auctions. The 4 book set opened at $1.99 and that is what I got them
for, and this 2 video set that came brand new from Time Life Video
opened at $.01 is what I paid for them! So I won 2 auctions that totaled
$2.00! (I had to pay shipping costs of around 5 bucks each is all) Well I
have read 2 of the books so far and they were fascinating and talked about
the healing power of God. But I had yet been able to watch the videos. So
I went over to my wife's Dad's house and the movies were still sealed in
the box. I asked him to hand me his pocket knife and he just took it out
and opened the brand new videos and we sat down to watch them after
dinner. But just before we sat down to eat dinner, He told me a story of
something that happened to him in church last week. He said that he
would tell me, because of the story I had written about the signs of 2. He
said it was really odd and that he said he would have felt embarrassed to
share it with anyone else. He tells me of how he was sitting in church and
was staring at some wood etched area up behind the pulpit area with some
fancy type carving molding type of thing and that in this area he saw a
green glowing light. Hmmm, he said to himself, and he thought that
maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. He kept staring and watching
it. There was no one else sitting next to or near him at all. Then from out
of no where floats down from the ceiling, a very small half inch by half
inch piece of paper. It lands on the pew in front of him and perfectly
aimed at him so that he can read 2 letters written on it. The letters were
MA. He always called his Mom - Ma and Grandma Sarah was probably
one of the most religious people I knew of always going to church and
praying diligently. She passed away about 2 years ago. What the green
light was, and where this piece of paper came from had to be from God.
He showed me the small piece of paper and I just thought about how this
paper could have fluttered about and landed so perfectly to catch his
attention. Wow. Praise God.

After dinner we watched the Miracles are Real videos. In the 2nd video
one of the stories was about how 13 people were going to choir practice at
the West Side Church. Wow, I thought, that is where I go to church at! So
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   65
I paid really close attention. Granted it was in another state, but still it had
the same name! What happened was that they were supposed to have choir
practice at 7:30. The choir leader showed up a little later than usual, he
parked about a block away and as he got closer to the church he seen that
all of the lights were out. He thought that was very odd as some people
always show up really early, especially 2 regulars who always showed
early. As he approached the church had saw something awful, the steeple
and the entire top of the church had fallen off and there was a huge pile of
debris along the side of the church! Wow he thought. Then he couldn't
believe what happened next! The entire church just blew up! Wow, Oh no,
he thought! As the rescue squads showed up and crowds began to grow,
they wanted him to stay to identify bodies of the people who were inside.
So as they started gathering all the choir members together, they soon
realized that no one was in the church at all! Every single member of the
choir was delayed and arrived late. He showed up the earliest out of
everyone and looked at his watch - 7:27. This was late for him. I took
notice of the time he stated on the video and I looked up at the clock to see
what the actual time was right then as I was watching this video. The time
that showed on the wall at Dawn's Dad's house was about 5 minutes to
7:00. I had a thought go through my head as , "What will happen today at
7:27 pm? It was about a half hour from now. I hoped that nothing bad
would happen to our West Side Church. We continued watching the
movie. The movie was just about over and the last story showed a minister
who had come down with some sort of problem in his throat which left his
speech very raspy. He went to the doctor over a 3 year period and what
was recorded on the scope was that more and more scar tissue was
building up in his throat and the doctors told him that within a year or so
he would lose all of his speech and would be a total mute. He lost his job
as pastor as he could no longer give the sermons. The church he served
was a very huge 24,000 member church. He still kept at it, although with a
withering and almost whispering voice, he put on a head strap microphone
and was still able to have bible study with the teenagers on Sunday. He
states on the video that that bible study was the only one of many they do
that is regularly recorded on reel to reel tape. As he was talking he was
really raspy and you could hear on the live recording that he was very
difficult to hear and there was a lot of wispy sounds, but he could still be
heard with the amplified mic he was wearing around his head. He started
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   66
preaching about psalm 103 and that when he got to verses 3 and 4 his
voice, recorded live on tape, and they played the actual recording on the
video, came back! He was elaborating on the verses on verse 3 and that
they ought not to put god in a box and limit him, that they should believe
all things are possible and as he said those words, his voice came back! I
was just amazed as I watched this and heard this live recording happen in
front of many witnesses. I looked up at the clock, and at the time he was
healed by God, as I was watching this tape, it was exactly ! It was
confirmation of me hearing, and seeing a miracle on Christmas Day! The
minister went to the Doctor and when the recorded the scope test down his
throat on video, for which they have recording of his throat for over the
last 3 years, there was not one single shred of scar tissue anywhere! Praise
There are no limits to what God can do, all I think he wants us to do is
Love him and flip the switch. Act on your faith.
Glory to God and keep your eyes open and start talking and sharing God's
glory with any and all who will listen.
Peace to you this holiday season.
Mike Flipp

January 2nd, 2004
Have you ever purchased a used car? Well I have on several occasions and
it is not one of the more fun things that I like to do. It ranks right up there
with scrubbing the bathroom floor. Either you need a car, to which you
can become desperate and then you may have to settle for something you
don't like, or you end up buying one for more than you really want to pay
or can afford. Then when you get the car, it is used and probably, but not
always, has some mechanical issues to deal with. So when you buy a new
car, you are actually buying some piece of mind as well so they say. But
you will lose a few thousand dollars immediately when you drive it off the

But any way, after our recent roll over accident that my wife miraculously
walked away from unscathed, we needed another car. Now I had an older
car that we were saving for our son to use and the fact that we had this car
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   67
made our situation less desperate in that need. This older car is really nice
and is a very reasonable mode of transportation. But being an older large
car with the older carburetor that they have in those vehicles, you have to
pump the gas half way and then hold it just so, in order to get it to start.
My wife does not like the size of the vehicle or this starting practice, so
she drove my pickup truck and I drove the older car.

We were looking for another car and we figured we could afford a certain
amount for payments and we had a figure that we came up with of $7,000.
One day about 3 weeks ago while looking in the paper, I found a car that I
thought would be perfect for her, so I called the lady and asked her to tell
me about the car and what condition it was in. We agreed on a price first
as I used the Kelly Blue Book to help me decide what would be a fair
price. I drove up 45 miles to look at the car and when I arrived, the
windshield was cracked, the mirror was dangling, the interior was ripped
and trashed and I just couldn't believe I drove all that way to look at this
car that was not well cared for at all. I didn't even test drive it. A week
later my wife was looking in the paper and saw an ad with a car priced in
our range, but the ad did not state the amount of mileage on it. So I phoned
the dealer up in Duluth and asked him if they had the car, he said no, that
it had sold. But we also saw another car in the paper in the same ad and
asked him if that one was still available, he put me on hold and then came
back a few minutes later and told me that they still had the car there and
that it only had 32,000 miles on it. I said great! I asked him how late they
would be open and then told him we would be driving up to take a look at
it. When we got there he went to go and get the car and he filled it up with
gas and said that this car did not have a moon roof like the ad said, but that
we could still take it for a test drive. And so we did. We did not care too
much about the moon roof, as that is an option we could live without.
After out test drive, we noticed some burns in the car and a few other
minor things, but for the price and the low mileage we were going to buy
it. When we drove back to the dealer, we walked inside to make our offer
on the car and he told me that the car in the ad with the moon roof was
sold over a week ago and that it should not have been placed in the ad at
all. The car we drove was going to cost another 1300 dollars more than the
price we wanted to pay. Ughhhh! Back home we went discouraged again
after having driven another 45 miles there and back. I just prayed to God
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   68
for Him to help us to find a really nice car that we would like and at a
great price. I was putting it into His hands. He wants to help us you know,
we have not because we ask not.

On New Years Eve we picked up Dawn's Dad at his house which is a mile
from our home. Near his house is a used car dealer and at the very end of
the lot was a car in plain view on the end of the row so that it could be
seen very easily. Had it been in the middle or back a few rows, we
wouldn't have seen it, but it was parked right out in the front and at the
end. As we approached closer my wife and I both saw it and went, WOW,
look at that nice car! Then we wondered how much it was? So we slowed
way down and drove really slow as to see the sticker price through the
windshield, and we saw it had a sticker price of $6995. Wow we thought. I
stopped the car and got out and looked at it. It was even nicer up close. It
was just the kind of car that I had been thinking about but only better, in
that it had more options and was a 30th anniversary edition.

Seeing that it was New Years Eve, the dealership was closed, and it would
also be closed the next day January 1st. So the quickest I could look at it
and drive it would be January 2nd. So for the next 2 days I was really
nervous. I don't know why, but I was. I wanted to know from God if this
was going to be the right car. I asked Him to give me some sort of sign to
let me know that this was the one. Nothing really came to me. But I asked
a friend of mine at work who works at a dealership of that brand of car and
who has owned quite a few of them. I told him about it, and he seemed to
think that it was a very good deal. He told me that he would check with
the sales agents at that dealership and ask them what they thought about it
and he would get back to me. When I left work on New Years Day I also
talked to another friend of mine at work and asked him if he knew the
people who owned the used car dealership in town. He told me that he did
not know their name, but as he was getting into his vehicle, he said that he
bought his jeep there and that they treated him really fair and that he was
very happy with his purchase. I took that as a good sign.

The next day, January 2nd, while on my break from work, I drove over
there and asked about the car that I liked. He said that they had just gotten
it in a few days ago and that it hasn't been here long at all. They also
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   69
mentioned that they have never had this brand of car here before also. I
took it for a test drive and I only noticed 1 small problem. As far as I was
concerned, it seemed like a really good deal. SO when I went back inside,
I asked him how much he would be willing to come down on the price of
it. He said that he would check and if I came back after work, he would le
me know.

I went back to work and I was still unsure about it, I knew I liked the car,
but what if it breaks down a few days after I buy it. What if something
happens to it? Those thoughts just kept coming at me. I don't know why,
but I just don't like buying used cars for this reason. I was still looking for
a reassuring sign. Then my buddy called me and asked me if I bought it
yet? I told him that I drove it and I was thinking of buying it, but I was
still unsure. He said that the dealership where he works, if they had that
same car that they would be selling it for more than 10,000 dollars and
maybe even 12,000. Wow, really I said. I looked up the price of the car on
the Kelly Blue Book for this year and model and saw what the price would
be from a private person if they were to sell it, verses a dealer selling it,
which is always less. The dealers get to add to the price as they need to
make a profit. The price I came up with was $8065. So even at $6995 it
was already marked down from that $1070. The dealer price was $10,705.

I finally decided that I would go back after work and get the car and see
what they would take for it. I took with me my check book and the special
habitat license plates that my wife bought for her last car. We took those
off when that car went to the junk yard. I wen to the dealer and asked him
what he would take for it, and he had mentioned earlier that he really
wanted to get full price because they had just got this one in. He threw the
ball back in my court as almost any good dealer would do, and he said to
me, "How much will you pay for it?" Oh, I hate that, I just knew he was
going to say that. I would rather they give me their rock bottom offer first.
Well, I had a back up plan. I told myself that the car was really what we
liked, and what we were looking for. It was in the price range of what we
could afford and I already new it was way below book value. So I told him
that I would buy it for $6995 if he would cover and pay for all of the taxes.
He got his calculator going and after pushing quite a few buttons, he
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   70
paused and thought a second and said, !!. OK, sold. Then he said to me,
that he needed to start doing the paper work and that he need to get plates
for me. I then told him, what a coincidence; because we already had
license plates of our own that we wanted to transfer onto it. Another sign I
thought. The only thing he charged me extra for than the price of the car
was a 5 dollar license plate transfer fee. Making the total of the car $7,000
even. If you subtract the tax of $455 I paid $6545 for the car. Had that
same car been at the dealership up in Duluth, I would have paid over
$4,000 more for it. The fact that this car made it to our town and put where
we could see it, was just awesome. The fact that it didn't have any plates
and we had our own, made it somewhat of a coincidence. The fact that it
was the kind of car we were looking for mad for another coincidence. The
fact that this car had a very small chip in the windshield where my truck
has a chip makes this seem like we are having too many coincidences
here. After getting the car home and looking through the manual, we
found the original owners sales receipt of what they paid for the car brand
new. It was $22,717.20. Hmmmm A Twenty Two Thousand dollar car?
Another coincidence? It was January 2nd, the 2nd day of the year. After I
bought the car, I met with Rob and Mike again for our 2nd Bible study and
2 more brothers joined us today. One of the new brothers Steve had a
Bible Case that was exactly the same as Mike's and in it's worn leathery
look, even the wear and tear matched exactly. Someone at the study
mentioned that the clock on the wall was not working and that no one was
late to the meeting according to that clock. It was just a humorous joke but
I looked at the clock and asked why it said exactly 2:00? He said it just ran
out of batteries and he hasn't put one in it for a while.

Let me add this all up, Our 2nd Bible Study, that fell on the 2nd day of the
year, with 2 new brothers added. 2 are named Mike who have been to both
meetings. 2 have Bible cases that are identically worn and look exactly
alike. A clock that is stuck on 2:00. I bought a car that when new was
$22,000 that has a chip in the window almost where my chip in my truck
is at. (My first sign from God, my awakening sign) After looking at and
driving many miles to see 2 other cars, the first one a Subaru and the other
an Oldsmobile, I look at a second Subaru in my own town of which they
said they never have any of that kind and had to drive almost no where, I
got a great price way below book value and my wife is super happy.
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   71
Hmmm - I would say that there are no coincidences here folks. I believe
that God brought that car right here for us to see and buy and we got what
we asked for delivered right to us. I really need to start just trusting God
more and more and just let Him help me like He wants to. Patience, that is
what it took is all. Just keep on doing what He tells us to in His Word and
He will answer.

February 27th, 2004
Today I went to see the movie by Mel Giibson called. "The Passion of the
Christ" with my wife. This is my review of it. Before going I prayed for
the Holy Spirit to move me during the show, and to move and come over
all others sitting in the theatre. I prayed that the movie would be like a
seed sown greatly like a mighty oak in all who saw it. I prayed for
bountiful harvest and that there be many laborers to help bring it in.

The movie theatre was packed full and couples who arrived late had to sit
separated, it was so full. During the show, in which Jesus Christ was
shown betrayed and beaten, and crucified, I thought of the tragedy of it all.
My mind was going a mile a minute in thought at times and at other times
I couldn't think of a single thing except Jesus dying for us sinners in that
manner. I am so thankful that He did. Otherwise we would not have the
salvation he brings to us all. During the movie I got goose pimples many
times and chills as well. There were 2 places in the movie that my eyes
filled with tears. Then near the end of the movie, a single tear fell from the
sky, and as it fell I received an overpowering chill and my body became
covered with goose pimples. That was so strong a feeling of those; I have
never felt them before like that ever. I thought to myself, "Thank you
Father". I knew it was what I had asked for and I received it from the Holy
Spirit. I have gotten goose pimples in my life a thousand times or more;
but never like that. It was when the tear from heaven came down to earth
when God's only begotten Son died on the cross. It was very moving and
very powerful. I won't give any more of it away. It is a very powerful
movie and I recommend you go and see it.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   72

March 6th, 2004
I worked with my co-worker Hutch today at the prison. Nothing unusual
happened at all. He mentioned to me that last week when he worked with
another co-worker he made a noise that sounded like this, "OOAH,
OOAH". It is a high pitched sound that originated from some old song
from back in the 1970's. When he made that sound, the other co-worker
asked Hutch where the sound originated from. Hutch said that he really
didn't know, he just does it or makes the sound when he is happy. This
other co-worker that Hutch worked with named Jeff said that his kids were
making that sound at home, and it was kind of annoying I guess. LOL.
And Jeff asked Hutch if he knew where it came from? Hutch just didn't
know, but he shared with me this little story which seemed rather
insignificant and just an innocent conversation at the time.

The rest of the day passed and I told Hutch that I was hoping for an early
out, because I wanted to get on the road soon because I was going to be
driving down to Indiana to pick up an electric Cushman cart for my wife's
Dad Ray that I had bought online at ebay, so that he would have
something to help him get around town better, run errands and pick up
groceries and other things. I had said a prayer and hoped for favor from
God for an early out. But it was not to be. No early out would be offered
to me that day. I was very optimistic, but when it didn't come to pass, I
thought, well, there must be a reason that I am leaving to go to Indiana
when I did. God will have something in store for me. That is what I was
thinking as I left with my son to drive to Indiana today.

About 3 hours from home or thereabouts, I saw a car stranded on the side
of the road along I-94 in Wisconsin. A lady was standing next to it.
Further up the road about 100 yards was a man running. He was carrying a
gas can. To be honest, I have not seen anyone along the side of the road
with a gas can in quite some time. In all my life I have seen maybe 6
people total. How many have you seen - think hard, a lot, a few, one, two,
ten in your life, maybe? So I tell my son, that I was going to pull over and
give him a ride to the gas station. We picked this stranger up and gave him
a ride of about 2 miles. We exchanged some small talk and the man says
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   73
to us, "I have just been having some bad luck, I have run out of gas twice
this week". "Really" I said, "That is very odd." He then said, "Yeah, I ran
out the first time on Thursday." That was 2 days ago I thought to myself!
So he ran out of gas twice, 2 days apart and the first time was 2 days ago.
Well I was certainly glad I came along to help him. Many people are
afraid of picking up strangers for their own safety. It can be risky, but I
knew I was just going to be able to help. I told him about this website, I
didn't really tell him what it was about when he asked, I just asked him if
he had internet access and told him the address here. www.two.cc. He
repeated it back to me. I then left him at the gas station and asked him
again if he remembered it, he repeated it exactly. When he reads this, he
may be a tad surprised! Praise God!

Well as we continued on our journey, it started to rain as the night moved
in and as I was heading southeast along the freeway, I took a wrong turn
and ended up driving back into Minnesota! Ughh! When I finally realized
what I had done, I was well off course. I accidentally took I-90 west
instead of I-90 east. I exited off of the freeway at the Houston, Minnesota
exit and turned around and got back on I-90 going east. I said to my son,
"I wonder how far into Minnesota we actually went?" As we got back on
the freeway there was a sign that said La Crosse, Wisconsin (which is on
the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin) 22 miles. Wow, I thought. 22
miles back into Minnesota. What were the odds of that? I would have
rather not have had that happen. I lost a lot of time driving. I didn't get
upset, I just knew that there was a reason for it, and maybe other reasons
that I will never have knowledge of, and some that I will.

My son and I continued on in our driving trip toward Indiana, and late at
night at some truck stop in Illinois we stopped for gas and to stretch our
legs and grab a bite to eat. I was browsing around the store and I found a
rack of older CD's that were on sale; 3 for 9 dollars. That is really cheap
for CD's so I bought 3 of them. 2 of them were movie sound tracks of the
"Lion King 2" and a movie I have never heard about called "Baseketball";
A name that combines baseball with basketball. The 3rd CD was from a
group called the Sugar Hill Gang. They sung the original first Rap song
called Rapper's Delight which I remember from when I was a kid. My son
and I ate some Taco Bell food and continued on with our journey.
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   74

At exactly 2:00 am, on March 7th, 2004,
And I mean exactly at 2:00 am, we were listening to the Sugar Hill Gang
CD and in a song called "The 8th Wonder" near the end of the song, I
heard something very familiar. "OOAH, OOAH". The exact same sound
Hutch and the kids from back home were saying and did not know of its
origin and neither did I. But I knew now. WOW, I thought to myself, what
are the odds of that? Astronomical. Had I gotten the early out, I would not
have been able to give that man a much needed ride, nor would I have
been able to hear that sound in a song at exactly 2:00 am. God, you are
amazing. My trust in you grows to newer heights each and every day!
Prophesy of signs and wonders. I am still getting signs of 2 and this latest
one in a song called "The 8th Wonder". I can't explain it enough how truly
incredible this all is. So if you are patient with God, He is showing me that
He can use you. Don't fret if He doesn't always answer every prayer, He
may just have something better in store for you and that is how you have
to think about it. Then be on the look out for those things to pass. Put your
trust in Him, and all will be OK. Had we not stopped for the man who ran
out of gas, got lost and went the wrong way, spent extra time at the truck
stop, this all would not have happened at exactly 2:00 am.

My son and I arrived at my Dad's place in southern Indiana. I slept there 4
hours, ate some lunch and headed right out to Northern Indiana to pick up
the cart. We passed through many smaller towns along the way and were
able to see a lot of the countryside in Indiana. Along this route we missed
a few turns in a couple of places, but were able to turn back and get back
on course. We also asked for directions and were able to take a different
route to get back on course as well.

We were very near where we were going to pick up the electric cart and
along some back roads in Indiana and we came across 2 Ahmish horse
drawn carriages. I thought they were really neat. They were shiny black
and all enclosed. The Ahmish people inside were sealed in from the
weather outside which was turning into a snowy blizzard. We arrived at
our destination and loaded up the cart. It just fit into the back of my pickup
truck with absolutely no extra room at all. 1 inch longer and it wouldn't
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   75
have fit at all. The guy who sold it to me also threw in to the deal 2 extra
batteries for free.

March 9th, 2004
I drove up to Cloquet today and at the entrance ramp to go north on I-35
there was a stranger looking for a ride. I picked him up and asked where
he was going? He said to Duluth. I told him I would take him about half
way to Cloquet and he hopped in. We talked about God and Jesus. We
talked about death and being saved or not. We talked about faith and
healing. It was real nice. A 2nd stranger on the side of the road, 1 on
Saturday, 1 on Tuesday. 2 days separating those 2 occurrences.? It is
rare that you even see anyone hitch hiking these days at all. Occasionally
you see a broken down vehicle, a little more rare to see one out of gas, and
even more rare for a hitch hiker. Very, Very, Very, Very rare to happen
the way that these 2 occurrences did. As I dropped him off in Cloquet at
the entrance ramp to go north to Duluth, he said to me, "Keep the faith".
He closed the door and I thought, Oh yes brother, I definitely will. I said a
prayer that he be given a ride quickly to Duluth. I went to the store and
when I returned to the spot I had left him, he was gone. Someone else had
offered him a ride. Thank you for answering that prayer Father.

March 11th, 2004
I received a letter in the mail from Hunter Ministries. They are a healing
Ministry. I have read their book on How to Heal the sick quite a few
months ago and was very amazed with it. Their belief that believers today
can use the Power of God in Jesus name to heal the sick just as Jesus did
and the Apostles did back in the 1st century. Their belief in this I also have
and felt strongly for since I became a saved Christian. I just needed more
knowledge and learning and wisdom and patience. Well I received one big
huge revelation from God. And when I did, all I could do was to thank
Him over and over. I felt an almost overwhelming sense of joy that God
had given me this revelation that I must share this with everyone. I will try
my best here to tell you all how important this revelation from God is.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   76
The letter said that the Hunters were going to minister their final and last
healing service. They are calling it the HEALING EXPLOSION. It is
going to be at the Houston Astrodome on October 2nd, 2004. There will be
as many as 70,000 people there with over 10,000 of them as members of
God's Healing Army. I thought WOW, cool! But how do I know that this

WELL, God showed me all of the signs that point to Houston recently, as
you know by reading about my trip to Indiana last weekend. What you
don't know is this.

March 14th, 2004
The signs I received on my trip to Indiana, I had taken as just more signs
of 2 that I would be adding to this book. But recently if you have noticed
the signs were becoming more frequent and closer together, like birthing
pains. I told you all of how when I was at work the day I left for Indiana
my co-worker Hutch was singing this 2 syllable, 2 word phrase of
"OOAH, OOAH" and that he also heard from another co-worker who's
kids were singing it at home also. It was driving their dad nuts as he did
not know why the kids were singing it or where this phrase originated
from. I knew I had heard it before, but I also knew that it originated from
some old 1970's song. I had no idea really. I somehow was directed to stop
at a truck stop for a few things in Illinois. For 1 - I needed Gas. 2 - I was
hungry. 3 - I was tired and needed to walk around and stretch my legs.
Had I not drove way out of my way accidentally to Houston, Minnesota
where the exit to that town is exactly 22 miles back into Minnesota, I
would not have received that sign. I would not have ran out of gas and
needed it when I did. Had I not stopped and gave the man who ran out of
gas a much needed ride, I would not have heard the song and the phrase,
"OOAH, OOAH" at exactly 2am. The CD's that were for sale at the gas
station were all old, and clearance sale items, had they not been so cheap
and on sale, I would not have purchased them in the first place. I don't
even think you could find a Sugar Hill Gang CD in very many places at
all, it is so old and out of the times. I don't even listen to RAP music, but
the very 1st RAP song called "RAPPER'S DELIGHT" that came out in the
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   77
1970's was an old one that I had remembered a lot of the words to from
when I was a kid and was interested in hearing again for some reason.
Actually, the older first RAP songs from that time period in the 70's are
not filled with the vulgar lyrics that today's RAP songs are full of.
Anyway, I bought this CD and 2 others as they were 3 dollars each. We
listened to the BASEKETBALL CD first and we listened to the Sugar Hill
Gang CD 2nd. When the CD was just about over, near the end, and near the
end of a certain song I heard the OOAH, OOAH sound and about freaked
out. My son looked on the CD case for me and told me that the name of
that song was called, "The 8th Wonder". Now that in itself was simply wild
and weird and odd. The fact that I heard it at exactly 2am was very, very,
very, very odd. But I didn't use that to describe it in this book. If you look
back, I wrote the odds of all this happening like the way it did was as I
quote, "ASTRONOMICAL". When I wrote that word down, I stopped for
a few seconds and thought about why I wanted to use that exact word, and
thought, well, it is appropriate. And I kept writing about the trip and the
odd occurrences of 2's.

Late that night I went searching for the Hunter Ministries website to see
what else I could find out about the healing explosion said to take place at
the Houston Astrodome, and I found their website. On their website is a
link to a 2nd website just made specifically for the HEALING
EXPLOSION at the ASTRODOME. When I opened the page to that
website I was almost knocked off of my couch with utter amazement and
Joy. For when I opened up the webpage I saw something that confirmed
all of the signs I had recently received and it gave perfect and full meaning
to them. I was so full of Joy all I could do was say Thank you Father, over
and over again. What I saw was this: A huge picture of the Houston
Astrodome above it was titled "Healing Explosion" and below it was the
caption, "The Houston Astrodome, The 8th Wonder of the World"!
WOW! SO now do you see the amazing coincidence of this? I drove out
of my way for 22 miles to Houston, not knowing why. I stop and bought a
CD with the song "The 8th Wonder" which I heard at exactly 2am because
it had the verse OOAH, OOAH in it which we had talked about at work
only 12 hours prior. What are the odds of this? Thank you Father for being
so clear and doing it in a way that was so fun, it was like a mystery at first,

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   78
and then you made it so clear to me, that now I pray for you to make it so
clear to those who read this, In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Some other things that I noticed also that are of significance are - The
Healing Explosion starts on September 30th. There will be 2 days of
preparation first and then the Finale of Healings for the Hunter Ministries
will be on October 2nd, 2004. You see, my birthday will be just 22 days
after this starts. And the 2nd of October well I like them 2's!

So now I am wondering about getting down there, and where to stay and if
I should reserve hotel rooms and things like that.

March 15th, 2004
A couple from church invited my wife and I over for lunch afterwards.
That is the first time this has ever happened and it was really quite out of
the blue. When we went over there, their son in law Andrew (Andrew is
married to Sarah, who was the one who knocked on my door in August
and I gave her the book from Robert Morris about tithing and the Blessed
Life" WOW HUH!) started telling us about how he was planning on going
to Texas for a job interview. I gulped and said, "Where in Texas are you
exactly going for this interview?" He said, "Houston". I just knew he was
going to say that. I quickly told them all of the signs I had received and
Andrew said, "Well if I am down there, I will definitely be going."

Let's suppose Andrew goes to Texas and has this interview. And let's
suppose he gets the job, (I said a prayer for God's favor over Andrew for
that one already), but let's suppose he does. It is quite possible that they
may have to take up a new residence in the Houston area and that when I
was to go down there, I would then know someone from my church that is
now living there. WOW, wouldn't that be grand! Father, in all my dreams,
you make them even better than I could possibly dream, and all this is
happening in real life!

So what I would like to do now is to invite you down to Houston, to the
Astrodome for a healing explosion from God. I know I have been given
                    “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   79
the signs that God has anointed this and I am not even sure how God
talked to or showed the Hunter's about when and where this was to take
place. But there is definitely more to this story. On October 2nd, 2004, if
you know of any believer who wants to help and assist God in healing the
sick, please tell them about this; they are looking for 10,000 volunteers. If
you know anyone who needs to be healed, please tell them of these signs
and miracles that lead to this explosion and anointing from God and to be
there. I don't know how else to tell you this, but believers all over the
world will be coming and as more signs like this are released and made
known by the Holy Spirit of God, then the rush will be on. Please don't let
this one slip away from you. Please I beg of you. We all know someone
who needs to be healed and or saved. We all know good Christians who
have been looking for a revival and have been eagerly awaiting a true sign
from God. I just know in my heart, I just know it, that there is something
miraculous going to be seen and felt there. I want to share it with
everyone. I cannot keep something like this of this magnitude to myself.
Ever since I read their book on healings, it confirmed for me there were
believers out there that believe that the Bible is what it is. It is for today as
it was for 2000 years ago. The Bible is God's word. Just have faith, believe
it is God's will to heal people now, just as it was back then. Jesus refused
no one when he healed people. When they came to him by the multitudes,
HE HEALED THEM ALL! His healing ministry is not dead. It is alive
and well and in HIS NAME, you will see healings and signs and wonders.

Mathew 4:24 And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought to
him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and
those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatic, and
those that had the palsy; and he healed them.

Mathew 12:15 But when Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself from there:
and great multitudes followed him, and he healed them all;

Luke 4:40 Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick
with divers diseases brought them to him; and he laid his hands on
every one of them, and healed them

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   80
Luke 6:17 And he came down with them, and stood in the plain, and the
company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people out of all
Judaea and Jerusalem, and from the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon, which
came to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases

Luke 6:19 And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went
virtue out of him, and healed them all

I don't know what it will take for you to make it to Houston, I just know
that whatever it takes, you must be there. The theme in the above
scriptures is, they brought the sick to him and ALL WERE HEALED!
NONE WERE REFUSED! They heard that Jesus was in town and they all
came a running! They carried in the sick, the sick were taken, the sun was
setting (An evening service as is the one in Houston), so please bring
yourself and your friends and your loved ones to see the Glory of our Lord
Jesus Christ.

Just to state the record clearly, I do not personally know the Hunter's, I
have never met them. I am not promoting them as in exulting them over
and above our Lord Jesus Christ. I am making nothing for this. I am
getting nothing from them. I have been simply given a sign from God and
I am sharing it freely with anyone who will listen. My reward will be to
witness God's power and glory. My reward will be to see thousands healed
in Jesus Name. My reward will be to be healed myself. My reward will be
to help the kingdom of God and to help bring lives and souls to God
through Jesus Christ that they may live in an eternity with him and not be
condemned to hell. Please do not make the Lord Jesus Christ's work on the
cross for our sins to be in vain. He died, so that we may live in eternity
with God. He gave so much for us because he Loves us all so much. My
reward is to share Jesus' love with all.

April 10th, 2004
On the day before Easter Sunday, my Mom came up to visit us and went
to look at a nearby piece of property on the day before. She really didn't
think she was seriously going to purchase it but we went to look at it
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   81
anyway. She ended up liking one of the new lots in a new development.
She paid $11,000 for it. Next to her lot is an assisted living home for the
elderly. The only thing odd about this is that when I moved up north to
Moose Lake 9 years ago, my wife and I paid $11,000 for our lot to build
on. Also next to us now is an assisted living home for the elderly also.
Quite a coincidence I would say, or is it? I personally do not think so.

April 20th, 2004
Now this set of odd occurrences is quite different, I do not know what to
make of it all but it has me curious. It could mean a lot of things, or
nothing at all. However I think it has meaning, I just do not know exactly
what this meaning is - yet. I pray to God He will continue to guide me in
this. Thank you Father.

A little before midnight and lasting until about 4:15 in the early morning; I
came down with a severe headache. I usually do not have bad headaches
but this one was a doozy! I could not go to sleep. I tried to lay down and
could not. It would be considered my first real Migraine Headache. I have
heard of many people having these and I have been very blessed in my life
to not ever having experienced one of this magnitude and pain. I can
surely now sympathize with those who have them regularly. Ouch, not fun
and surely not something one would want or wish for or hope for. I did not
have to work the next day so that was a blessing as I could sleep in and get
some much needed rest after that occurred. While it happened I was trying
to pray, and I tried to rebuke it in the name of Jesus. But in my effort to do
so, it would not dissipate until 4:15am, which is when I finally fell asleep.
I am thankful that it finally did subside.

The next day at work an offender at the prison got an awful headache late
in the afternoon. Following that he suffered an aneurism of the brain and
was rushed to the hospital. I found out about this on Thursday morning. I
never told anyone at work about my headache 2 days before. My co-
worker Diane came to work that morning and told me this. She said that
she almost did not make it in to work that day because of a really bad
headache she had just had. She said it started a little before midnight last
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   82
night and it lasted until about 4:15 am. I thought, WOW, I had the same
headache and mine lasted the exact same duration as hers. I then asked her
how bad did it get? She told me that it was one of the worst that she has
had in like the last 10 years. Wow, I thought, that is really odd and very
coincidental. What does this mean I was thinking again to myself? A few
hours into the shift I received an outside phone call from my other co-
worker Hutch who had the day off. He called me and told me that his
Wife's grandpa just passed away suddenly last night from an aneurism of
the brain. Ok Wow, I thought, this is really getting odd now. I said some
prayers and there were a lot of concerns about the offender in the hospital
who was in critical condition from the aneurism he suffered yesterday. I
asked a few offenders I knew who were of Christian faith to pray and to
have them spread the word throughout the facility and have others pray for
him also.

I don't know what this means - yet. Was it an attack? Was it a message, to
learn something? It surely was not just a random occurrence. It was 4
hours of intense pain for Diane and myself; death and near death for
another 2 individuals close by. If anyone has any ideas on this, please
email me. Could something have been stopped had I known? Did the
many prayers said, stop death for one? What should I do if something like
this happens again? A lot of questions have yet to be answered, and
probably just as many have even yet to be asked. It says in the Bible -
"You have not because you ask not". I will keep asking. Thank you Father.

April 25th, 2004
On the 2nd Sunday after Easter, 1 year after the 2's started last year, I again
bowled in the same no-tap 9 pin tournament as I did last year. I did not roll
too well and quite frankly nothing out of the ordinary happened.

May 2nd, 2004
For the 2nd Sunday in a row, I bowled in another no-tap 9 pin tournament.
This one was a smaller local one at the bowling lanes that I regularly bowl

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   83
on my league at on Monday nights. Our team this year won the 2nd half of
the league and rolled off against the winners of the first half and we lost.
Imagine that, my team took 2nd place and we won a nice little trophy
honoring that. I think it was a very fun and successful season; however I
look forward to capturing the championship next year. We will see! I was
also voted in again as the Vice President for our league for the 2nd year.
Anyway at this year's tournament, which was the 2nd annual local no-tap 9
pin tournament, the fee to enter was $22.00. I had a very good day and I
won the tournament! When I received the trophy I read at that time that it
was the 2nd annual! I didn't even know that it was, but Father knew. Thank
you Father for that blessing and for such a fun and exciting day! My
prayer before I bowled that day was for everyone to have a lot of fun. 2
days before the anniversary of when the sign of 2's first started last year at
a bowling tournament, I won one! The prize was $200 and I also received
a 2nd small trophy for the year! While rolling in the 4 games during the
tournament, I won 2 games of cards also. What fun I had today. Thank
you Jesus, and may the Holy Spirit continue to guide me. Thanks be given
to Him also, I don't thank the Holy Spirit enough and so I credit Him with
many of the blessings I have received. Church was very uplifting today; I
could surely feel the presence of God during praise and worship time.
What will the next 2 days bring? What will the years to come bring? God's
perfect plan for me is what I am thinking.

May 22nd, 2004
My Mom just closed on the land that she bought today. It cost the same
amount as the land I bought. Closing on the property on May 22 was
interesting. My Mom asked the seller of the property how long he owned
it? He said that he didn't remember so he opened up the abstract book and
saw that he purchased the property back in 1989 on May 22nd. My Mom
looked at me, and I just smiled. I know what's going on but my Mom is
still doing a lot of thinking about all this.

July 10th, 2004
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   84
I was asked by Dale Ross of Dale Ross Ministries to take the position of
Vice President of his Ministry. Wow, what a humbling offer, what an
opportunity. The 2nd time I have held the position of Vice President of
some organization. I have now been able to preach messages and post
them online for any and all to hear and may they be blessed by the words
the Lord has given me to preach. Thank you Father!

August 27th, 2004
As I was on Paltalk.com preaching my 2nd sermon, My Dad came into the
audio chat room and heard me. WOW, I was playing it back for a 2nd time!
So my 2nd sermon being played for only the 2nd time was when my Dad
first heard me preach. It was also early in the afternoon, at a time when I
usually do not go online, nor does he. That was a divine appointment!
Thank you Father!

September 26th, 2004
Today is Atonement Sunday and I began my journey towards Houston,
Texas to attend the Grand Finale Healing Explosion with Charles and
Frances Hunter at the Houston Astrodome. If you remember I was given
signs to go there and go there I did!

But along the way I have an opportunity to stop along the way at some
other places I have been led to. In June of 2004, I received several signs of
a word, "Austin". I did not know what it meant exactly but one thought I
had was that I will be going down to Houston, Texas soon, so could this
mean that I was supposed to stop by Austin, Texas as well? I just
remembered it and moved on.

In July while I was at the Moondance Jam with my Dad, I had the
opportunity to share a vision I had about a large Christian Festival with
music and preaching, exhibits, many food vendors, healing services,
baptisms in nearby water, evangelists, lots of games and fun stuff to do for
the families who come to them, and outdoor camping, singing songs or

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   85
praise over an open campfire and telling testimonies and stories about how
Jesus changed thier lives. This guy that I was talking to immediately
received it and started talking about Hot Springs, Arkansas and how they
have this Passion Play down there, and he knew this guy who owns a hotel
and that area would be great for some kind of event like this.

While explaining this event I said that it would be like a tour across the
United States and that it would be located in strategic places across the
country so that people would be able to get to them from anywhere in the
country without having to travel too far. They would be able to go to the
nearest point closest to them. My Dad then all of a sudden like yelled out,
"A CROSS, the shape of a cross!" I quickly sat back and thought about it
for a minute and I thought WOW, I am in northern Minnesota, and I bet
Arkansas is right below Minnesota in nearly a straight line. WOW, neat.
But I had no idea what i was about to find out when I got home.

Now if you have read this whole book so far you will remember me
talking about these 2 dome homes that I thought would make a great place
for a church and that it had 220 acres of land with it. I had an initial vision
of wanting to have a festival in that place, 1 place, in northern Minnesota.
But that place sold and that vision died. Or did it? I think now it was a
seed and like all seeds, it was planted and died and then grew. And now
instead of 1 festival like this, the Lord made 7 of them in the shape of a
cross! And even more amazing, He revealed it to me, just a regular guy
who wanted to do something fun for Jesus and Families and the younger
generation. In the next few months what was revealed to me, was

I came home with my Dad from the Moondance Jam and immediately
pulled out a map book. I had this in my mind and it would not let go.
When I saw that Minnesota and Arkansas were north south almost right on
top of each other I began to get excited. I got out a ruler and put it on Hot
Springs. As i went straight up north to Minnesota, to where I live the line
was a tad off. It was not perfectly straight. So I moved the ruler into a
straight line and looked at the cities in Minnesota that crossed the ruler
line I had now made. And there it was, Austin! Not Austin, Texas but
Austin Minnesota! WOW Very COOL! Now my heart was a pumping and
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   86
my Dad was gettinga feeling of amazement as well. I felt like this was
supernatural in the fact that these two towns were perfectly north and
south in a straight line. This Cross Festival is really coming to life I
thought! I then measured the distance between Austin and Hot Springs and
came to a place on the map called Arrow Rock, Missouri. Hmmmmmm
my Dad and I thought. Arrow - to make a straight line or path, Rock - the
foundation of Jesus Christ as being the Rock. WOW, the name fit! As I
looked at the map a little closer I noticed something else, the north south
line that was just made on the map was exactly on the 93rd longitude line.
WOW cool! What got really neat now was when you look at Arrow Rock,
Missouri it falls on the 39th Latitude line. The Center of the Cross is on
the 39th latitude and 93rd longitude line! OK now this is really getting
outstandingly amazing! Its really blowing me a way as the expression

So the vision of the cross was made known to me, and I began to share it.
Just with my friends and family and Christian brothers and sisters that I
am close to at first. But as more things became known, the more I shared.
Then I knew that this Cross Festival needed a name and that a domain
name needed to be gotten for it in preparation for the future. I was going
over many names in my head and looked them up, all were taken. Then
one night in bed, the name hit me, or was flat out GIVEN to me. So I
awoke the next day and looked it up and it was available. I then bought it.
It was so simple and right in front of me the whole time, "CROSSFEST"
would be the name of this tour across America. Crossfest.com is where
you will find out the updates about what will happen at the events as they
manifest themselves and as the Lord Guides me. This is HIS Festival, and
He deserves all the credit for this, for I believe as I have now found out,
that these places along the cross were made from the beginning of time as
you will soon see as I explain more. Our Lord and Savior died on the
CROSS for us. So that we could be washed clean of our sins, so that we
could repent and live in eternity with our Father in heaven. This Festival
will recognize the work that Jesus did on the CROSS. It will start on
Atonement Sunday in Austin, Minnesota in the near future I hope, and
continue Across America to the other points along the cross.

                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   87
So as I started my journey south towards Houston, Texas I offered to give
a ride to a Christian sister named Christine. We headed south out of
Moose Lake, Minnesota at 3 am and drove about 5 hours to Austin,
Minnesota. The night before we looked on the internet at the listings of
churches in this town. And as we looked at the list, one church stood out.
It was called the Vineyard. As we approached the Vineyard we stopped
and bought gas and saw a man hitch hiking for a ride. We gave him one
and he said that he knew where the church we were looking for was. And
he pointed the way to us. We told him we were on our way to the Healing
Explosion in Houston and we also told him about the CrossFest that would
be coming to this town. He said that he was a ministers son, and had found
no other minister who could preach like his Dad. I asked him if he would
like to hear a CD of Pastor Brian Zahnd and he said sure. He really liked it
and was laughing and really getting into it in the back seat of the truck.
We dropped him off and he said the church we were looking for was
straight ahead. We found the church in an old dance hall building.
Christine had a vision of us speaking to people in a large building on our
way down to Houston. She saw this building before we ever arrived there.
She said there would be a cross but it was not on the building. They have a
large wooden cross in their parking lot. After we arrived we waited for it
to open. We were very early. Soon someone showed up and began to open
the doors and air the building out. The church had just suffered a flood and
10 days prior to us getting there, it was under 4.5 feet of water. Mostly
everything was ruined. But the people at this church had cleaned it all up,
they had gotten help from many people and from other area churches. And
they had a vision there about using fire hoses to clean out the basement
tunnels which had never been cleaned from past floods. There was alot of
mold and mildew and this needed to be cleaned out they said. The Lord
had also spoke to some and said that the old ways of the dance hall called
the Terp, needed to be removed. And so they removed and cleaned this
entire church. I was also told that Billy Sunday in 1906 preached there and
caused a Revival in the town that started the many churches that are now
in the area as a result of it. Also I was told that members of other churches
have prophesied that the Vineyard would be used significantly in the
future for something big. They have prophecies of thousands of people
coming there and sweeping gold dust that fell from the ceiling to the floor.
They also shared many other wondrous things with me. I was feeling in
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   88
my Spirit that this was the place to share this vision. So I spoke to Pastor
Shinander and he allowed me to share the vision I had about the Cross and
their town being the northern point of it. We praised and worshipped the
Lord that Day with about 30 people many of whom were sick and
coughing due to the bacteria they were exposed to from the recent flood.
Many other members were not there at all as they were too sick to come.
Pastor Shinander preached an anointed message to us all, as he had
prepared another sermon, but was totally led away from it and after he
spoke, he could still feel the anointing on him well afterwards. During
worship I was prayed for and they said they felt a very large presence and
power of the Holy Spirit emanated from me. I could not feel anything.
They were amazed at what they felt. I just kept singing to the Lord and
thanking Him for this opportunity. Then a young man while praying for
me, said that I had some doubt as to whether or not this was the place. And
for just a split second I did have a doubt, but it didn’t last long. But he
received a word of knowledge about this and he told me that You had
doubt, but do not have it, for this is the place I guided you to. And the
hitchhiker you picked up, I placed there. And that was a word from the
Lord to me about being there. I called my Dad on the cell phone when I
was standing outside of the Vineyard church. My Dad was in Tupelo,
Mississippi staying at the Ramada Inn. I told him about the church and the
1st town on the cross and while I was talking to him about it and how
happy I was and how this was all feeling so right, He said to me, "You
know what? There is a cross in the sky right outside my hotel room
window! I said WOW, are you serious? He said, "I am totally serious! I
have been watching these clouds as they have been swirling about all day,
and they were clouds left over from hurricane Ivan that had just recently
passed through near this area." I then told my Dad to take a picture of it,
and he said, Oh yeah! I didn’t think about that, so he took 2 photos. 1 with
the flash on and he thought that it would white out the photo from the
reflection of the window, so he took another without the flash. They both
turned out. On both photos it shows a cross in the sky and a diamond
shaped object on the window with a cross inside of that. 2 crosses! More
amazingly, my Dad went outside to see in which directions this cross was
pointing. And it matched the cross the Lord is showing to us. The longest
tail pointing west and the next longest pointing east. The two shorter parts
of this cross were pointing north and south. WOW. AMAZING! Click
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   89
here to view the miracle photos of the cross. We left Austin, Minnesota
totally filled up with the Joy of the Lord! All this on Atonement Sunday

Later that evening we arrived in Arrow Rock, Missouri not having a clue
where we were to go or who to see, but knowing the Lord will guide us
and just acting on pure faith in the Lord that He will guide us. It was dark
and nothing was open. We drove into a campground and saw a man
walking a dog. We stopped and talked with him. I asked him if he knew of
any churches in the area to which I might be able to leave an important
message with. He looked at us in a puzzling, yet curious fashion. I then
asked him if he knew Jesus? He said, " Well yes, yes I do! I am a minister.
WOW, I said. Then I proceeded to tell him of the vision I had and that I
needed to tell someone in this town. So he directed me to the town where
the churches were. The town has 2 churches but I did not know of which
one to go to. So he said that he knew that one Pastor was named Van
Horn. I said ok and left him. I went to a bed a breakfast and they guided
me to a lady who owned another bed and breakfast. I gave the vision to
this lady and she did not know what to do with it. But she said she would
pass it on. I then heard that there were 2 historic churches in this town
from her and one of the Pastors lived in Sweet Springs. She then showed
me a map of Arrow Rock, Missouri and told me of the history of this
town. She told me that since the beginning of America's westward journey
in the wagon train days, that Arrow Rock has always been known as the
Cross Roads. This was because people traveling by wagon train and on
horse back would cross the Missouri River at Arrow Rock and the people
traveling the river north and south would bring goods up and down the
river and do alot of trading there. Then she told me that there is a huge salt
mound there and that is mainly what drew them there because the animals
would all be able to lick the salt there and the hunting was good there
because of the abundant wildlife. Indians traded and met the white man
there and there were many gatherings there in our history at this cross
roads. Arrow Rock is located in Saline County. The Salt of the Earth!
WOW! What a revelation! We thanked her and went on our way. As we
got out onto the highway again we saw a sign that said, "Sweet Springs -
22 miles!" I was like WOW, that means something! That pastor lives in
Sweet Springs! I thought it was Van Horn, but that was not the case. I am
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   90
writing this now and posting it tonight, October 13, 2004. I had just got off
the phone earlier today with pastor Jack Thomas. He lives in Sweet
Springs and get this, his address is Box 222a Route 2! I can now rest easy
as I have confirmed the contact I am to have with this point on the cross.
Pastor Thomas is with the Federated Church of Arrow Rock.

I then headed south towards Hot Springs, Arkansas. I arrived on Monday
September 27th, 2004. Again not knowing where to go, I just acted on
faith knowing that the Lord would guide me. As I came into town I
immediately saw a huge sign that said "Christian Ministries" so I turned
and went to that church feeling led. As we entered the building, a man
working on the lights said hello, and asked us where we were from? I told
him Minnesota and Christine was from Canada. He said that his wife was
from Minnesota near St. Paul. I said I was born in St. Paul, he said I think
she lived in New Brighton. I said I used to live in New Brighton as well.
Hmmmm I thought. That is a coincidence. Then he said his wife was with
some friends of hers as they were all planning to go down to the Healing
Explosion in Houston, Texas. OK, Double WOW, I said, that is exactly
where we were heading! I then asked to speak to the pastor there. He went
to get him for us. When I spoke to the Pastor, I told him of the vision of
the cross over America and he seemed interested, but then he said that
when they get visions or prophecy, they put them on the shelf so to speak,
and then when they get confirmation of these things, then they would be
able to act on it at that time. I said ok, that seems wise. but then I asked
him a question and told him that I needed confirmation as well as to
whether or not this was the place I need to be at. All I knew about the
town of Hot Springs is how I was led to it from the beginning, which was
they have the largest Passion Play in the world there and it has been
running the longest. So the Pastor there informed me that this was correct.
He said it used to be called, "The Witness" but then it changed. But he
said that it was originally performed and created right there in that very
church! I said OK Great! I took this as confirmation and I need not look
else where to deliver this message. We said good bye and headed towards
Houston, Texas for the Healing Explosion at the Astrodome! And do I
have a testimony about that! WOW! When we entered the state of Texas,
we were driving down a road out in the middle of no where it seemed, and
up ahead in the road walking towards me was a man dressed in the
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   91
brightest white robed garment I had ever seen. I looked really hard again,
and thought, That's Jesus! And I looked closer and it was Jesus! So I
shouted to Christine, Hey, There's Jesus! Christine looked out the window
and up into the sky! LOL! So I pointed right at the upcoming figure in
white. We both stared really hard. I saw his hair, long brown and he had a
long beard too. His robe was bright white with not a speck of dirt and
there were gold straps across his chest and wrapping around him to hold
the robe in tight. As we got near him he waved at us so I said to Fanny,
wave, and we did. Then he motioned his hand towards us and then waved
it behind him as to lead us the way as a butler would do when you enter a
mansion. Almost as if to say, “This way to the Astrodome”. This all took
place in approximately 20 seconds. After we passed him and went around
the corner, I thought and Christine thought, should we turn around? As if
to see if we needed some further verification of what that really was. Then
I said, Would it really matter? Christine said at the same time I did, Would
he even be there when we got there? We kept driving, and it really made
our day. We would drive on for a couple of ours and Christine would say,
"We saw Jesus!" And we would both laugh and think no one is going to
believe this! Well was it really Jesus or not? Could it have been some guy
in a Jesus Costume perhaps? Well I tell you what. Knowing what we had
just gone through, and the signs we received all the way down. The
CrossFest towns, the Healing Explosion coming up, and all of that, you
can think what you want to but I saw Jesus and Christine saw Jesus too.
And that is where I am leaving that. Christine had a closer look being on
that side of the truck, and she said she got to even see him smile. She can't
explain it, but she aint been the same since! Someone later asked me,
"Why didn’t you take a picture?" Well if I would have reached down and
got my camera out of the case, I would have missed the whole thing. And
as to this being in the middle of no where along the highway and nothing
around has to make one go, hmmmmm. and raise an eyebrow in serious
thought. I guess I will leave it at that. (A few years later on after thinking
about this whole thing, I think that this was a coincidence, I do not believe
that this was the real Jesus obviously, because when Jesus comes back, we
will all see in Him an instant. It was a very strange but yet memorable
experience. I certainly do wish I would have stopped and pulled over and
talked with this man. I won’t miss the opportunity again if anything like
this ever happens again, Lord willing.)
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   92

September 30th - October 2nd, 2004
The Healing Explosion Begins! And I was attacked. My Wife received a
call that her Mother had cancer in her throat and her lungs collapsed. I
thought oh wow, oh no! I prayed and everyone I knew there prayed for
that cancer to leave her body. My wife asked me to come home
immediately, but I could not. I was torn in 2 directions. I did not know
what to do. I felt the devil was luring me away from something
magnificent, and yet I knew my wife needed me there too. I made a hard
decision to be obedient to the Lord. I prayed and prayed and was given a
word by God in my desperate prayer. I was told, "Do what you came here
to do and I will take care of the rest". Even after getting this word from the
Lord, I was still perplexed at what to do. It was not an easy thing to
decide. It was very difficult for me and I wept over it. Then a man whom I
just met named Glen said that he felt called by the Lord to share with me a
story. He said that he had a very large tumor some years back, in his
stomach. As he was a larger man this tumor was not noticeable. He did not
tell anyone about it not even his family. And the Lord told him one day to
go and see this evangelist and he was very reluctant as he did not like the
scene around him. It was all a bunch of hype and he could just as easily
talk to God himself. But the Lord again told him to go and see this
evangelist and have him pray for you. Glen again declined and said Lord,
why? We have a relationship, and I don’t need his prayers as i know you
Lord well enough and Glen said that he had given the Lord permission to
take him. Again the Lord told him to go! So finally Glen went. And when
that evangelist was looking around a crowded room with as many as 50
people or more, he turned quickly and pointed to Glen from across the
room, and said You! The Lord told me to pray for you! So Glen
approached the evangelist and he told Glen that the Lord was healing his
heart. Glen did have a heart problem. Then he said the Lord is Healing
your diabetes, and Glen said he didn’t have Diabetes, but that he had Hypo
Glycemia, and he said the Lord is healing that now too. And then the
evangelist touched him on his stomach of which no one, not even Glen's
family knew of this, And he said the Lord is also healing you here. And
immediately Glen's pants almost fell to the floor as he lost 3 inches off of
his waste size! Glen was healed of that tumor and the other 2 things that
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   93
the evangelist pointed out by knowledge from the Holy Spirit. And Glen
told me that the moral of this testimony that he was led to share with me
was to be obedient. And I received that message, and knew in my heart
that I had to be obedient. My trust was now completely in the Lord. I
sensed that He would surely be taking care of everything as He had said. I
told my wife that I would be coming home as soon as this was over.

Now alot of thoughts were going through my head, It was almost par for
the course that something like this would happen. The devil is truly
predictable at times. He comes to lie, cheat and to steal and he was doing
exactly that. No mystery there. But I was led here for a reason, and I had
to see it through to the end. I had to be obedient. I just had to and there is
no other way I can explain the drive I had within me. We started web
casting the event live over the internet and there were 5 of us that came to
Houston, Texas and we all helped with this mission. There was Dale Ross,
Christine, Fred, my Dad and me. And we proceeded to do just what we
came to do. We were praying for people and going through the healing
classes, and going down on the field and were received prayers and many
people were healed even in the 2 days prior to the actual Big Event. Not
every single person was healed, but I saw many that were and we
interviewed people that did receive healing. One lady got out of her wheel
chair and was led to walk up the steps near the stage. She did it really
gingerly, and then we interviewed her and she walked over and practically
ran up those steps! WOW, Glory to God! One lady received a brand new
tooth! There used to be a decayed one there with a large filling, and now
there was in its place, 1 pearly brand new white one! She and her husband
were astonished! They couldn't believe it! But the power of God was
awesome! Even over the internet, people were getting healed and
accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! My Dad's friend Judy on
the final Big Day, was totally healed of Fibromyalgia Glory to God! Joan
Hunter called down to the field everyone that had the disease and when
she prayed for the people their at the Astrodome, even the people listening
to it live over the internet were healed of this! Praise the Lord! I can now
see where the future lies in healing, I can literally see thousands and even
millions of people across the world sitting at their computers and listening
to events like this and getting healed and typing in over a chat line their
testimonies! I can see how important this will become to the body of
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   94
Christ and I know that the Lord will use his saints too minister in this
fashion to the entire world at once! Can you just imagine the awesome
power of God working in this way? WOW, it gives me goosebumps just
thinking about a million or more people getting healed at once in all
corners of the world. While we were in the broadcast booth videoing the
Healing Explosion 2 female workers stopped by and asked us what we
were doing? We told them and they seemed interested. We then asked
them if they needed prayer. The older woman said, YES, she needs prayer
for her finances. She has no food and her power was just shut off. So Dale,
Fred and I all laid hands on her shoulder and head and prayed for her
finances. When we finished, she looked at me and tears ran down her face.
All I saw was the Love of Jesus, and a truly thankful heart that was
supernaturally changed. She was so moved by what the Lord had just
done. Later that afternoon, I saw her again in the hallway and I began to
talk to her some more about the gift that she had received. I mentioned to
her that when God gives you a gift, you are to share it. And when God
knows that you will share the gifts that he gives to you, he can entrust you
with more. I told her that she needed to tell people about what happened. I
told her to tell her family and friends. I told her to tell her co-workers and
even strangers at the grocery store what the Lord had done for her. And
she really was listening intensely. I then told her the parable that Jesus
taught about the Master leaving and giving his servants 5, 2 and 1 talents.
And what they each did with them. The one who got 5 turned it into 10,
the one with 2 turned it into 4, but the one who got only 1, buried it for
fear of losing it. He did nothing with it. He did not even put it into the
bank to draw interest. So even though that servant only had one talent, it
was taken from him and even more because of the way he mishandled the
responsibility of it. I told the young woman that if she wanted to receive
more gifts from God, then she needed to first be entrusted with a little to
see what she would do with it. I told her the best thing she could do was to
tell everyone about it and Praise the Lord for it. She really understood this
concept and thanked me and walked away. She got about 20 feet away
from me and stopped. She turned around and started walking towards me
really quickly. As she approached me, she held out her hand and said,
"God just now told me to shake your hand". I was amazed and said,”
Really?" She said, "Oh Yes!" I heard Him loud and clear, he said, "Go and
shake that man's hand". I reached out and shook her hand and looked into
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   95
her face again, and she had some tears of joy in her eyes. She turned and
walked away again and as she did, I could still hear her saying, "God told
me to, I heard Him, I heard Him. He said to shake that man's hand....." I
was still in awe. You do not know how much that meant to me to hear
that. That was from God - My creator. The all powerful mighty one
himself and he told this young woman to shake my hand. I felt like crying
right then and there. It was like an attaboy, straight from God! WOW. I
felt humbled, I felt honored, I felt I made a difference and did something
right. I felt I did something good. I felt alot of things. But WOW, it was
like shaking the hand of God in person. Something that innocent and
simple, made me melt. It softened my heart.

Now as far as the CrossFest goes I will tell you the rest of what I know.
One night while in our chat room on Paltalk we were chatting with people
from around the world as usual praying for people and spreading the
gospel and 2 guys came into the room. I hadn't really shared the vision of
the cross with too many people out of my circle, but I felt the need to
when one man was talking about needing guidance from the Lord in his
Music Ministry. I then shared the vision of the CrossFest with them. He
had left the ministry and did not want to go back. But the Lord had pressed
it upon his heart to make a choice. He had the opportunity to get a 53 foot
trailer and convert it into a portable stage for doing concerts. But he was
not even sure he wanted to be in the ministry and work for God anymore.
So when I told him of the vision of the crossfest, he about broke down and
cried, it was a very emotional moment for everyone in the room to hear all
that was happening. And as I explained about the locations of the cross
that I knew about but did not know of any other points along the 39th
parallel, I said that I had a hunch that it might be in Washington DC as this
lies along the 39th parallel. And when I said that the other man who was a
chaplain in the Armed Forces and who used to pray with our countries
leaders told me that it had to be it. I said, well why is that and what can I
confirm this with? He said that he was from Washington DC and he had
received some words from God about great things happening in that town
in the future and for our countries leaders to become saved and many other
things. It was so right, you could just feel it. The whole series of events
was so full of God that we all just knew it was a divine appointment. So
Washington DC was added as the Eastern Point along the cross. And this
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   96
man knows alot of people in Washington DC to be able to get in contact
with setting some things up. But I have since not spoken with him
concerning the Cross any further. Now while we were at the Astrodome,
we were giving out some T-Shirts to the people listening and watching
over the internet. Dale had been giving most of them away over the past
few days and I was given the opportunity to give a T-Shirt away. So I
asked a question, a simple one of who was Charles and Frances Hunter's
daughter? And a Man from England answered correctly first. So I asked
him where he was from exactly and he said, Near Manchester. And when I
heard that it was like I knew right then and there that I had been given the
Western point of the cross. Because I had been studying the map, I knew
what town was on the coast of California but I needed confirmation. I
knew that the 39th ran near a town called Manchester and when this man
said, Near Manchester it just hit me. I knew it like you know something
good is about to happen. What I didn’t realize is that 2 of the 5 of us, Fred
and Christine have relatives in Manchester, England. Hmm that was
unexpected, but may have come out had I told them I was seeking
confirmation of this town, but I did not want to force it. I wanted to let the
Lord reveal it unto me in his own way. Another thing that I didn't realize
at the very moment was that the cross was now completed. It just didn't hit
me yet because I was leading myself a little too far in one area. I thought
that going west the town that would split Arrow Rock and the West coast
point would be Woodland Park, Colorado. But I was not getting any
confirmations on this town. So when I got home and had some time it
came to me to figure out just where the cross was at now. I also thought
that the eastern midpoint would be somewhere in Ohio, possibly south of
Dayton, but again, I was not getting a confirmation. Then a very simple
idea hit me. Like God always does, he plops a very good thought into my
head to measure things out. So I did, and just like I was able to take the 2
points of Austin and Hot Springs and find the middle of Arrow Rock, I
took Washington DC and Arrow Rock and found a town called Oxford,
Ohio. I then took Manchester, California and Arrow Rock and split the
difference and found a town call Orchard Mesa Whitewater, Colorado.
Hmmmmmmm now that was interesting. It was very crudely done as the
39th parallel is not straight across on a flat map as the earth curves the
map is compensated. The 39th parallel would run at an arc curving with
the earth’s axis. So to make a perfectly straight line along this curve I was
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   97
not able to do, but with the skills that I had I was able to get very close.
And what is surprising about Oxford, Ohio and Orchard Mesa Whitewater,
Colorado? Well, I used to live on Oxford Street about 100 feet from the
corner of Oxford and Orchard in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now isn't that a
coincidence? I am right now 95% sure of these 7 points being the 7 true
points along the cross. But I will wait for FINAL confirmation of all 7
points as I do not want to make a mistake. The Lord will guide me and as I
have done already, I have made premature guesses, but one good thing I
always do is wait for confirmation. So with that said, I give to you the
Cross that the Lord Jesus Christ has shown me. Where as these 7 points, 3
along the 93rd longitude line Austin, Arrow Rock, Hot Springs, and 5
along the 39th parallel (including Arrow Rock) Manchester, California,
Orchard Mesa Whitewater, Colorado, Oxford, Ohio and Washington DC.
Now the Cross Fest as it appears to me will be close to these main towns,
but will more than likely be located out in some large fields near these
towns. There will need to be about 400 or so and possibly as much as 1000
acres needed to hold the people and campers that will be flocking to these
points. Where and how this will happen is not known to me. I believe that
this cross will be used for believers in Christ Jesus to come together at
these points and to worship and praise Him. Families will come and there
will be fun and games for the kids, there will be preachers from all over
and evangelists, there will be healings in great numbers as I believe the
39th parallel signifies the stripes Jesus took for us and by these stripes WE
ARE HEALED! There will also be at this event many Christian bands and
gospel singers, as well as many local and area bands from some of the
many churches surrounding these points. There will be baptisms being
performed in nearby waterways. There will be singing and holding hands
and people will sit around campfires and share testimonies and stories
about the Lord Jesus Christ. There will be lots of food of many different
kinds and there will be kindness and sharing with many. There will be alot
of Love at these points and miracles, signs and wonders will be greatly
seen and experienced. This event will be web cast live on the internet and
people from around the world will be able to watch it. People from around
the world will be sending in prayer requests live during these events and
they too will be touched and healed by God. I pray that the Lord Jesus
Christ show me the rest of the vision and where each location will be
exactly. I do know that the first point of the cross I received was Austin,
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   98
Minnesota, and when I visited there on September 26th, 2004, which was
Atonement Sunday, that this is very significant somehow and that this
Cross Fest will begin on an Atonement Sunday in Austin in the future.
Maybe next year, or the year after, but I am not sure at the time I am
writing this. I will post more as more is revealed and confirmed to me.
Thank you Jesus for all of this! Thank you Father! And thank you Holy
Spirit! What an awesome gift this is to share with the World. I am
humbled by the magnitude of all of this. This is truly GRANDIOSE like
the parting of the Red Sea. I wrote in the beginning of this book, "Why
haven't we seen a miracle as great as the parting of the Red Sea?" Well
now, just look at what the Lord is doing now! How can this not be
anything but Grandiose! Oh Come Lord Jesus - come! So while I was at
the Astrodome, the Lord gave me the last piece that I needed to complete
the cross. What started out as a vision to want to do one Music Festival,
has turned into something much more than that, 7 times more than that,
and fully anointed by the Lord. These points in the shape of a Cross and
running along the 93rd and 39th longitude and latitude lines are truly
amazing. WOW, I can't say WOW enough here. I am blown away by His
power and grace. I want to cry, I want to yell for joy, I want to shout to the
heavens and say HE IS WORTHY and I want to raise my arms up in
victory in the Lord! But I know there is alot more to be done. When this
tour kicks off on some Atonement Sunday in the future, I will do all of the
above many times over. Thank you Jesus! (Almost 4 years after writing
this, the exact points have been found, a little different than those listed
above, and it turns out that it probably isn’t going to be just some simple
music fest, but that God may have even bigger plans. I was just led to
think that it might be a music fest while I was drinking the spiritual milk
as a new Christian.)

October 31st, 2004
At around 10:00 PM I was reading a book called, "Are We Living in the
End Times?" by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, and as I was reading
this particular paragraph I sneezed twice! Well, usually that is not that
significant of a thing. But let me share with you what I was reading. Keep
in mind I have no cold nor allergies of any kind. Here are the words
written that I read, “In November 1997 the U.S. stock market fell more
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   99
than five hundred points in a single day. Wall Street almost panicked
because it feared its greatest nightmare had returned - a 1929 type crash
followed by a 1930's type depression. (I sneezed twice at about this point)
Fortunately, that didn’t happen; the market rebounded over three hundred
points the next day. In the meantime, however, the market in Hong Kong
dropped drastically, then likewise rebounded. This incident proves that we
have a global economy so interdependent that if Wall Street gets a cold,
Japan, Hong Kong, London, Berlin and other key markets start to sneeze.
That" And that is how the page ends. Now notice the word sneeze is the
2nd to the last word on this page! I then thought and thought about why I
had just sneezed while reading this? I then prayed to God and asked Him
if this meant something about out current stock market? I thought about it
some more and asked if I should move some of my deferred compensation
plan monies out of the high risk stock investments and move them into
some low risk funds? I asked for a confirmation sign as I was rather
amazed by this and that if it meant what I think it meant then surely
something will happen to the stock market in November. So I picked up
the book again and then I saw the page number that I was reading, page
202! WOW, Oh My! I have never been given a sign like this as of yet and
this was something absolutely foretelling of the future. I don’t know what
is going to happen. I feel that there will be a drop in the stock market, a
big drop. How big I do not know. When in November I do not know. God
has not given me any meaning of this, and seeing as how I was alone, was
this meant only for me and for me to move my funds? (I have prayed for
this for God to let me know where I should put my funds, whether in
stocks, or safe funds, so I will be moving my funds to safe). I don’t know
if it will be like what was in the book as far as it dropping 500 points and
then rebounding 300 the next day. Only time will tell and we shall see
how this goes. Will something happen this November or in some
November to come? Thank you Father for this sign but what does it
mean....if anything?

November 9th, 2004
Just something kind of fun happened today, and it has to do with the
lottery. I very seldom ever see the actual live drawing of the lottery
numbers as they happen live on the TV. But today I did and as the daily 3
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   100
numbers were being drawn I watched them. As they started coming out I
said to myself in my thoughts, "222" and as they came out, the first
number was 2, I thought, hmmmmm, WOW. As the 2nd number came out
2, I again thought with much more interest now, Double WOW! As the
3rd number came out again, another 2, I was blown away! Now what does
this mean? I did not purchase a daily 3 ticket for this day; I never purchase
daily 3 tickets. In a years time I might have a chance to see the live
drawing maybe twice in a year. So it was very rare that I even saw this to
begin with. The odds of me seeing the show live would be very rare. The
odds of me picking 222 in my mind would not be so rare now that I am
looking for 2's. But the odds of those numbers coming up are 1 in 1000.
But the rare thing here is that I watched them live as they were drawn.
Does it mean anything specific? No I don’t think so, but just another
confirmation that the signs from God are continuing.

November 11th, 2004
On most days you will find me online at a website called paltalk. It is a
place where you can talk in a room and type messages in a room to and
with people from all over the world through your computer. What a
powerful tool if used properly. Can you imagine? Just 10 years ago this
was not possible like it is today. I can talk with someone from Florida,
Ohio, California, Minnesota, Jerusalem, India, Pakistan, and from many
other places all over the world at the same time! I often pray and preach
and fellowship on this website. I have helped out families in need, and I
know people have been healed right over the internet as they were being
prayed for, thousands of miles away from me! That is the power of the
Lord! There are no limits to his healing power ever! You just need to
believe in Jesus and that He can do these things and that we can be used as
a vessel in which this power is activated in the Name of Jesus. This is truly
amazing! This has potential unlike we have ever seen in our day and age,
nor in any other age in history!

So on this particular day, I prayed to God to guide me to the room that He
wanted me to be in, as there are usually many rooms in the Christian
category on paltalk. I was led to one room in particular and this room held
my attention for what the people in the room were speaking about I sensed
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   101
as the true words of the Spirit of God and the things of which they were
speaking of at the time truly lined up with God's word. And as I stayed in
this room and prayed over the people in this room listening to the
messages being told, the man in the room preaching was named Brian.
Brian began to give words of knowledge to some of those in the room, and
I thought and sensed that I would receive a sign or a word in this room as
well, but after 3 hours it did not come to me quickly or plainly as I have
thought. But I did not become upset; I just kept praying the Lord's spirit
come into those who were willing to accept it. And that God's will be done
in this room. And then a vision popped up before me in my mind of
something I had done just 15 minutes prior to me coming in this room.

Before I came into the room, I was looking for some car keys to an older
car I have parked outside in my driveway. This car had been sitting for a
few months and had not been started in that time. So it was upon me to
find the keys to this car and start it and let it run for awhile. As I looked
for these keys I could not find them, which then led me to a basket in
which I have many spare keys, and as I dumped out the basket to look for
a spare set of keys for this car, I saw an older set of keys in which my wife
had written on a tag attached to them for her nephew Brian who used to
live with us. The tag said, "Brian’s Keys". After I had seen those old set of
keys, I did find the spare set of keys I was looking for and I did go out and
start this older car. And after being in this room for 3 hours and eagerly
waiting a sign or a word from the Lord, then this vision popped into my
thoughts, very big and the vision was of the tag in the basket that said
Brian's Keys. I saw "Brian" most predominantly on the tag, and then I
realized that the man speaking in the room was named Brian! Ahhh, there
is something here I then thought, a coincidence that I have missed. Then I
knew that I would now receive a sign or a word from God. And then the
2nd part came over me! When I first came into the room, and at that time I
did not know the man speaking was named Brian, I had only learned that
after staying in this room for quite awhile as people who knew him began
to call him by his real name, for in paltalk, people get to choose a
nickname to be called by. So it is not until you get to know someone over
time, that you will learn there real names. And I remember when i first
came into this room, of which I have never been in this particular room
before, this man was preaching about KEYS! He was preaching about
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   102
Keys that the Lord had shown him, 7 of them, and more a different types
were being added to them. The original Keys, Brian's Keys were this:
repentance, restoration, realignment, retraining, restraining, reviving, and
releasing and then he had another set of them revelation, great grace, fear
of the lord in intimacy and the last key given to him just 2 weeks ago.
Once I had realized the importance of this sign of 2, as in the Brian's Keys
coming up twice and consecutively, I knew the Lord who had given Brian
these keys, was now showing them to me and wanting me to include them
in this book. It took over 3 hours of being patient, and I almost missed this
sign because I did not know the speakers name and did not put his name
together with the KEYS that he was speaking of. And after I realized his
name was Brian, then I was able to put these things together. But not until
the Lord had put into my mind the vision and remembrance of the tag on
one of my spare sets of keys we had once given to a nephew of ours who
stayed with us for a time in the past. Brian will be emailing me soon about
the full meaning of these keys, and I just needed to post this as soon as I
could, because I believe it to be important. And also that things that the
Lord shows to me and gives to me in signs, I need to share so that they
don’t slip away from my memory and it would be a terrible thing for me
not to remember these signs given to me by God. I feel this and all of
these signs given to me are and will be used for something important.

November 14th, 2004
At church today, I could really feel the Spirit of God come into the
members there, especially some young women at the church. We were
praising the Lord and singing unto Him, a special song, one that I really
like was being sung to the Lord by all of us in one accord, the song was
called "Healing Rain" by Michael Smith. And after that we sung another
song called Let it Rain, Open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain... as
the words go. A young woman in the worship team fell at her feet and
began to weep loudly. The pastor then called others up who wanted to
receive prayer and more women began to weep loudly. It was so
emotional. I just continued to pray in the Spirit as God began to touch
these women. I felt a connection to this song about Healing Rain and that
it comes with fire that I went out the next day and bought the CD. I have a
sense of a healing coming to us and this nation but that the healing will
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   103
come with fire. And this song continues on saying ... to be not afraid. I
bought 2 CD's of which one would be for a gift for a friend at work, and I
gave her the choice of which one to take. She took the other one and left
me with the one containing the song "Healing Rain" that had touched me
at church on this day.

November 21st, 2004
I went to the football game today with an old friend of my Dad's who has
not been to a Minnesota Vikings Football game in over 20 years, he is 66
years old. I had asked a few people to go to the game, without any luck.
But I did pray to God about who I should take. And I was led in the spirit
to invite this man named Noel. Here are a few fun things that happened
and the signs of 2's come up in quite a few areas here. The rarest score in
football is a 2 point play. It can be done in 2 different ways. I had a sense
that there would be a 2 point play today called a safety, but I thought that
it would be my team getting it. But just the opposite happened, the other
team, called the Lions from Detroit, sacked our quarterback in the end
zone and they received the rare 2 points for this play. Oh what a bummer I
thought! LOL. But I kept enjoying the game. In the 2nd half of the game,
my home team, The Vikings, scored a 2 point conversion play after a
touchdown, which normally they would only go for scoring one point. But
they tried for 2 points and succeeded! WOW, fun to watch! My team
ended up winning the game 22 - 19. This is a very odd score for football.
Here are a few other fun things that happened. Noel bought me 2 dinners
that day, and he bought me a lottery ticket, on this ticket the power ball
number came up with the number 2. When we arrived at the Dome to
watch the game, they were handing out free team photos of all of the
Vikings players. I looked at it and saw that in the first row the players
were numbered from 2 to 22! WOW, interesting! In the 2nd row I saw that
the first players name was Michael, and I saw that the last player in the
2nd row, his last name was Smith. I just bought a CD by a Christian singer
name Michael Smith about a week ago. These are just more fun signs
coming in. What a Very Fun day! Thank you Father!

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   104

December 1st, 2004
Well as November came and has now gone, I look back at the sign I
received October 31st and I have to wonder at what it means exactly, for it
did not mean what I perceived it to mean. This again was the first such
sign like this and in this fashion that I have gotten about some future
event, so my experience with it is limited. I had thought that due to what
was written in the book I was reading that November would see a decline
in the stock market. What I did notice with the stock market was that
consumer confidence was down in the US and thus companies in Asia and
Japan that produce electronics, also went down, for their number one
consumer of their products is the US. So what I was reading is true, that
when the US gets a cold in the market, the other countries begin to sneeze.
But I think this sign still means something more than this, for we all know
how linked the world's stock markets are nowadays. What or when will we
see a dramatic move in stocks? I do not know. I thought the Lord was
telling me this. But I may have jumped the gun, and I am humbled by this.
Making an incorrect inference of what this sign means was not my
intention, nor was it to bring about some sort of scare. But as I see the
signs of the times, I think anyone would have assumed this as well. Right
now the US dollar is at one of its lowest points against other currencies in
the world, Gold is rising and many people are investing in other world
currencies. Many people do feel that the stock market in the US is very
unstable and some are worried. What would a collapse in the market do to
our country right now? I don’t know. It wouldn't be good I suspect. A
depression in our economy may be possible. But what if this sign meant
the opposite? That’s because we are going up, the rest are too? I just don't
think that is the case that this sign is making. I think it really has to do now
with preparing ourselves for a possible decline and God is giving us plenty
of time to do that. Could I be wrong on this? YES! So I cannot help
anyone out anymore than giving you the set of circumstances that I have
gotten and letting you determine what they mean. I am just the messenger.
Thank you Father and I thank you for your continued guidance and your
endless mercy, may you watch over us all in these times.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   105

December 13th, 2004
My Wife and her Father flew out to California to visit my Wife's brother.
On this day they returned and when they landed, they landed on runway
number 22, pulled into gate 22 and the time it was scheduled to arrive was
2:22. When my Wife saw that in California before she left, she said to me
when she returned home, "I knew our flight was going to be ok". Thank
you Father for their safe return home.

December 27, 2004
I have to go back a bit to November 15th; this is a day that I was led to a
computer chat room that was not in the Christian category, so I was not
doing my regular fellowshipping with my friends in Christ this night. I just
felt called to go somewhere else, and I think that it is very important to get
out once in a while, out of our comfort zones. I was led to a genealogy
room and just hung out for a while and then they asked me questions like,
do you know your ancestry? Where did you come from? I responded, Yes
I do! I know I came from Adam, and then from Noah, but in between
Noah and my Great Grandfather, I have no clue! hehe. And as far as my
Great Grandfather I was not too certain of that either. Totally free in a
room on Paltalk.com, these folks helped me to find a census record of my
Great Grandfather from 1910! They emailed me the scan of the original
census at 2:02AM. Wow, Joseph and Clare Flipp. Joseph was from
Switzerland and my Mom confirmed that she had known Grandpa Flipp
was from Switzerland. I didn't know why God wanted me to learn of my
ancestry, I just thought, cool! This is kinda neat, and I just somehow knew
it would be used in the future, I just didn't know how or when. So this
thing sat in my mind until now. I thought it had only been a few weeks
ago that this happened, but as I looked up the old email of when they sent
me the census, I see now that it has been about 6 weeks. Today I got an
email, out of the blue from someone who typed in their last name of Flipp
and they found themselves here at this website and read some of my
poems. They emailed me and asked if I knew of other Flipp's, the name is
very rare and that maybe, we could even be relatives somehow. Well I
sent them back an email telling all I knew and about the 1910 Census and
that Great Grandpa Joseph was from Switzerland, and she replied back to

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   106
me that her past relatives were also from Switzerland. This person also
said that they are Christian and enjoyed my poems. WOW, isn't that odd
how God brings people together. A few weeks back my Mom told me that
her Dad who was also a Joseph (Jr.) was born the same day as my son,
Michael Jr. - December 4th. In order to find out if we are related, we
would need to do some research in some old Swiss records to find out
about the Flipp's there. Maybe I am being called to go to Switzerland? As
always we shall see. I'd love to go! At this stage, I am very open to
anything and everything, but now also I know to just have patience and let
the Lord work everything out. I am trying not to jump to any more
conclusions, but you just have to wonder, this is really amazing! What
does it all mean? It's definitely a journey on a grandiose scale. The person
who emailed me will soon be printing this out to read it they said, I hope
they have alot of ink in their printer! This thing is getting long - Glory to

January 24th, 2005
I have been working on a project for a new acquaintance of mine. I think
God put us together and here is how this story goes. A Pastor in Florida
was working on a book that He and his wife co-wrote. It's called "The
Man of Her Dreams the Woman of His!" And to promote this book he
asked around if someone could look into his website and see if they could
offer some suggestions. Word was passed through the Hunter Ministries
on to Dale Ross who then forwarded it to me. I took a look at his website
as I do know quite a bit about them, and offered some very good
suggestive help and I offered to make a graphic for them. It didn't take too
long to do and I was happy to help out and lend a hand.

Well one thing led to another and a few weeks later they wanted to
promote their book again and do a mass emailing and they wanted some
more graphics made into a better design and I began working on that as
well. After I finished the design for them, they liked it so much that they
wanted to use the new graphic to actually use it on the cover of their book
for when they do a new printing of it. So I started to make a graphic for
them with the intent of it now going directly on the cover of their book.
Their publisher was going to email me over a file with a graphic of 2
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   107
hearts that they liked and I was to incorporate that into the new cover. I
was almost finished with the cover and just waiting for this file to be sent.
I received the file on February 8th, 2005 and the email contained 2 JPEG
graphics of the 2 hearts and I received it at exactly 2:22pm. Now to me
this kind of thing grabs my attention and I just got that feeling that God's
hand was all over this. But this led me on a very fun journey. The journey
however was not all that smooth; there were quite a few bumps in the
road, road blocks, and other obstacles to get around, over or through. First
of all I was not making the graphics large enough to be transferred
properly to a printers program for printing it out in the number of dots per
inch that they needed. I was just looking at the size of the graphic on my
computer screen and figured that saving that at 300 dpi would suffice. But
upon sending the printer the final copy, they put it into their software
program and it came out at 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches in size. Oh no! Back
to the drawing board! I prayed to God to help me figure this thing out, lead
me, guide me, send me some help, and as before and many times like this
when obstacles come up, I now know that God does want to help me, and
all of us, if we will just ask and then believe that He will. So I asked, and
then I was led to the answer to fix the problem, but it was going to mean
that I had to remake the entire graphic over again from scratch. I had
already spent about 2 weeks on it and now I was going to have to redo the
whole thing. That was kind of frustrating, but I really learned alot, got a
chance to act in faith, and practiced much patience with this matter at

March 9th, 2005
I finished making the front book cover over again for the 2nd time and
when I was done, I uploaded the files to the printer’s server. Now here is
the neatest thing about all of this. The file was very large and when saved
in TIFF format, which is what the printer wanted it saved at, came in at
exactly 22.2 Megabytes. WOW, I thought, isn't that strange. Not at all! I
had a thought again, it is 100 percent God! With this file being so large, I
could not email it, I had to load it directly to the server and as I uploaded
the file, my sending box popped up on the computer and said, "Time
remaining for file transfer - 22 minutes." WOW! I wasn't even 100 percent
sure that the printers were actually going to be able to use this new file yet,
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   108
but the signs were sure popping out at me. I just had this hunch that we
were about to finally finish this long project once and for all! The next day
we got good news! They could use the file I had made! WAHOOO! Thank
you Jesus! Pastor Joel, who had written this book, was told by them that
they should get a professional and would probably have to pay very high
fees to get this done. That the work I was doing would not be of high
quality for this project. We kept the faith and let God guide us through
this. I finished the back of the book and the side of the binding and loaded
those files up as well. The front cover and the back cover both came in at
22.2MB in size. Again, with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! just
hang in there and don't give up.

March 10th, 2005
Before I finished those files today I was at work at the prison. Something
odd happened that I do not know the meaning of yet. Here is what
happened. A co-worker of mine brought in a newspaper. In the paper there
is a fun puzzle called the JUMBLE. What was odd about today's JUMBLE
puzzle was that the Duluth paper made a mistake and accidentally printed
it in the paper twice, one right on top of each other in the same column.
They should have printed the JUMBLE puzzle and then below it printed
another different cryptogram puzzle, as the title showed, but for some
reason the JUMBLE was printed twice. I guess no one at the newspaper
caught the mistake and out it came in print for everyone to see. These
kinds of things are very, very rare and very odd to say the least. To me I
take this as a sign when these oddities happen. Especially when things
happen with a 2 or twice etc... So I thought to myself, I just have to work
this puzzle out and obtain the answer. Another rare thing is that I even
seen this at all. I hardly ever read the paper, I mean, out of 365 days in a
year I bet I look at 20 all year long. And only because a co-worker brought
it in did I see it in the first place, adding to the rarity of this in a big way.
So I proceeded to do the puzzle and with my co-worker's help we arrived
at solving it. The clue went something like this, what you would need to
help the town from being flooded. There was also a quote and it said, we
will need tax dollars to get something like this paid for. The answer to the
puzzle was, "A LEVEE LEVY". A Levee is a wall built to hold back high
waters; a Levy is what would be passed by legislators to impose a tax.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   109
WOW, huh? 2 words pronounced LEVEE but spelled in 2 different ways
and meaning 2 different things. That is so odd that this kind of puzzle
came out on a day when there was a major mistake of 2 JUMBLE's getting
printed and just when all of the other signs of 2's were happening with the
book cover I was making for them to print at a printer. Now I don't know
if the Levee thing means anything at all or was just a fun coincidence God
gave to me as a treat for getting through the past events. I have no idea. A
flood? Do we need a Levee? Do we need a Levy, to build a Levee in this
town? Are God's gifts to us being poured out now as likened to a flood?
These questions and more that I do not have the answers to. I guess only
God knows and time will tell if this Levee thing means anything at all or
was just a part of a fun sign. I know one thing, for me, I am having a blast!
I am reading my Bible every day, and just a week or so ago; I finally
finished reading the entire Bible for the very first time! Now as I am
reading other parts for the 2nd time, I am picking up more things and
getting new meaning and more understanding to what I did not understand
the first time. God's book, "The Bible" is alive! When we first get to know
God He gives us milk to drink, as in a newborn child, they cannot digest
meat and vegetables, they need milk. As we grow in Christ, He will slowly
wean us off of the milk and feed us the meat. This process is different for
everyone as to how well they mature and grow. I look at the gift of the 2's
as likened unto desserts. I like desserts! Cake, Ice Cream, Pie, oh I love
pie! Brownies, cookies, you name it! But along the way God has taught
me and showed me that I can't just live, nor get closer to Jesus with just
the desserts. If all I got were signs and wonders, (desserts) then I would
not be well fed, nor well balanced, nor rooted in deeply as I need to be. So
I have definitely learned some things about the Meat of God's Word, Jesus
as the bread of Life, The fruits of the Holy Spirit, and the vegetables too!
About a month or so ago, I was praying to God about just this very thing,
about the food we eat and it being compared to spiritual food. I was at
work and while eating lunch I was talking to God about this food thing. I
told God I knew what the meat was, and that I knew Jesus was our bread, I
even knew about desserts! The signs and wonders, healings, miracles and
feeling the Holy Spirit move. But I asked God, what are the vegetables? I
asked and prayed for this answer for about 10 minutes. And then I heard
that still small voice of God tell me, "TESTIMONIES". WOW I thought.
That is really profound! What wisdom has he just shared with me! There
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   110
are many side dished that we eat, and there are billions of testimonies out
there that need to be shared. When we share a testimony, we are feeding
God's sheep as he asked with a part of the spiritual food they need! Just
like kids do, we often skip the veggies because they don't taste as good,
and the kids see the pie over on the counter, and they do not want to finish
their dinner, they want to jump right to the pie! Well God just told me with
one word, that we need to share our testimonies so the Body of Christ can
be fed its vegetables! Don't keep it in, what God has done for you! Share,
share, share! This is what the freely give as you have been freely given to
refers to! If God has done something in your life, share it! Give your
testimony of this. We all need to be fed a well balanced meal, even the
Pastors need to hear good testimonies so they too can be fed. The Pastors
need to tell the Body to share more testimonies. This in turn, will feed the
Body and once the Body of Christ is well fed, and well nourished, we can
look forward to more desserts! Hallelujah! The book I am writing is one
big huge gigantic testimony! God gave it all to me freely, and I am just
trying my best to give it back freely. When we hear testimonies, it builds
our faith! What can we do with greater faith? Oh the possibilities are
endless with God and faith in Him! Glory to God!

As we all now know, on August 23rd, 2005 a tropical depression was
formed in the Atlantic and on August 29th, 2005 that storm was a category
5 hurricane that slammed into New Orleans, flooded the Levees, or
actually broke them, and the entire town was completely flooded in one of
if not the worst natural disaster in our country’s history. Were we warned
to pray? I did not know that this sign could have meant that, but I
somewhat suspected something was to come of this. I just had no idea of
the magnitude. I asked, "Do we need a Levee? A Levy for a Levee?" I
guess we did, but we needed bigger ones than what we had. I don't think I
would have known how to even pray for something like this. I did pray
about it. I think we need more prayer from more people to be in one
accord over these bigger things like this. Like our country’s leaders, and
laws that have been passed. We all need to pray that the right thing be
done, and that the righteous people are put into those positions of
authority, or we as the people may be guilty of what becomes. Pray for the
Supreme Court Justices to be nominated righteous men and women, pray
for our President and all other offices to be righteous God fearing men
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   111
and women. If we do that, we will again be blessed as a country. Right
now if we don't change our ways soon, we will be held accountable, and
that will be a great and terrible Wo, you will not want to experience.
Repent and make the path straight America.

March 14th, 2005
I would like to go back 6 days to March 7th, I wanted to let you all know
that I bowled my highest series ever to date thus far. My scores were a
221, 224, and 238 for a series high of 683. I was bowling against another
man who about a month before this, had said some bad things to me, for
which I forgave him and prayed to God for him. I was also blessed
financially on this night more so than any other night at bowling. God's
Word is true! Forgive your enemies, and let God work it out. 2 years ago
if that would have happened to me and he said those things, I would have
knocked him to the ground, or at the least made a big scene and called him
quite a few colorful, slanderous and demeaning names. I am glad God has
shown me wisdom and peace. I have many other testimonies about things
of this nature, especially at work, where my name is brought up for the
things I now believe to be true in God, but rather than sling mud back at
anyone, I am just praying for them and their families. I know God will
work these things out also.

Today I also added alot more poems that I have written over the past 3
months. God has really given me some really awesome words to write
down in poems that have a story line and a message to them. I hope you
have some time to read a few of these newer ones.

April 18th, 2005
As things progress in life, we are often brought upon significant things in
our lives that we will always remember, and then there are the normal
everyday occurrences that we may never even have a memory of in the
future. Example - Can you tell me what you had for dinner 2 Tuesdays
ago? Do you remember what you wore last Monday? But the significant
things in life are things like getting married, having a child, getting a new
job, moving to a new house, taking a big trip or vacation. These more

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   112
significant things seem to hold a deeper place in our memories. With me, I
find that when a significant event has happened, the two's seem to pop out
more, and thus I can remember and recall them, with not only the amazing
fact of there being a coincidence or sign of a 2, but that it is amplified with
a significant event. Such is the case of this next 2. On 4/18/05 I started a
new business called Digital ADForce with a co-worker/friend of mine. If
you have followed this entire story so far, you will notice that this is now
my 2nd business which is also a partnership of 2 people. On 4/18/05 I was
given the go ahead to officially set up our business and to obtain a Federal
and State TAX ID number. First I went online to the Federal website and
obtained a tax ID number and then I went online to the State of Minnesota
website and began getting the forms filled out for them. Before I did that I
made a phone call to them in downtown St. Paul, and asked quite a few
questions about some taxation questions I had. Later when I went on the
website to fill out the forms, I ran into some problems and got a little
frustrated when one of the areas of the forms would not let me input
anything. So another delay, I tried it about 4 or 5 times and still had the
same problems. I called down to St. Paul a 2nd time and talked to them
again, and told them what I was experiencing and the problem I was
having. They guided me through; I corrected 1 mistake and was able to
continue the process. When I finally completed all of the steps, and
officially became a new business in the State of Minnesota, the completion
screen popped up and it was time stamped, 4/18/05 at 4:18pm. I looked at
that and went, WOW! I stared at it for a while and I just thought about
how God was working and seeing me through this entire process. Here is
basically what had transpired to start this business. I had said some prayers
a while back about our local theater. It's very old here in Moose Lake, It
goes back to the early 1900's, 1919 I think. When you walk in, it's like a
time warp. But the theater is in need of some Tender Loving Care. A leaky
roof for one, points out the water stains on the ceiling, which adds to a
musty smell that takes you right back to 1922. So as I prayed for the town
theater to become financially sound so they would be able to make the
needed repairs and improvements, I know that God heard my prayer. What
I didn't know, was that he was going to use me to personally help. I like
the little theater; I would hate to see it go. I love watching movies there
and even though they are a few weeks later than the newer theaters with
the new releases, we also save a few dollars as well. Well for the last 3
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   113
years I have been seeing advertisements at other theaters in other
communities being played before the movie starts. And as I watched the
ads running, I always thought to myself, I could do that. It would also be
fun to do that. A few weeks ago, that idea stirred in me again and I ran the
idea across a few of my friends, they didn't seem too interested. 2 days
later this idea was still stirring in me, and I approached Paul, my new
business partner. He was perfect for the task at hand, having meddled in
some computer presentations and having an advertising background, he is
also great putting words down on paper in a professional manner. I pitched
him the idea as I would need his advertising voice and skills to get this all
going perfectly. He was sold on the idea and loved it, his comment was, "I
can't believe I didn't think of that already." We put together a demo DVD
and I set up an appointment with the theater owners. Once they saw the
demo, they said that it was professional and very well done. WOW, ok we
are now in business, and that day was 4/18/05. So my 2nd partnership
happened on 4/18 and became official at 4:18pm - things happening twice
and consecutively. The doors seemed to open right up. We found the
perfect projector at a price we could manage. And already the accounts are
coming in. In 2 days I have 4 confirmed ad placements. My goal is 20 and
I have 30 more days until we start showing ads on the big screen like no
small town has ever seen before. We are going to make these presentations
fun for the whole community along with the ads, there will be town trivia,
movie trivia, fun facts, local high school sports photos, and even a submit
your own photo of something fun or at a local event. It's really going to be
fun, bring in a few extra dollars, I will get to learn about making some
really cool presentations, of which I know alot already, but I know I can
also get way better. The theater will be able to make some extra money to
remodel and do repairs, and the whole community will have a part in it.
Praise the Lord - we have not because we ask not. I didn't ask to get rich
off of this, but this will surely help out alot in many more ways than even I
know. Had I not gotten delayed on the website and made that mistake, the
time I finished would not have been 4:18. Had I made the appointment
with the theater owners on a different day, what would have happened
then? It just all worked out like this, I had no control, but I had trust in
God all along. With God all things are possible. Get a vision, chase your
dreams, pray always and have joy in the Lord. Quite awhile back I bought

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   114
a domain name called ChristianITV.com - It will be a Christian Internet
Television station. I can see this progressing into that very nicely.

April 26th, 2005
There appears to be more to the coincidence of the 2 - 4:18's from the last
post. I will try and detail what has transpired since then. On April 25th late
at night, I responded to an email from Pastor Joel, who I had done the
book cover graphics for. He had asked me if I could update a graphic for
him for his website and put the new book cover on it. So I made him a
brand new graphic and sent him an email and I also told him about the
latest occurrence of something happening twice and consecutively, being
the two instances of 4:18's. In his reply to me on April 26th, he said to me
that he really didn’t see or get the meaning of them, but he thought that a
scripture was a possibility. I had not given this too much thought, but I
then responded back to him that it was simply that it was very odd that I
started my 2nd business, another partnership between two people on 4/18
and that it became official with the State at 4:18pm. But anyway, the
scripture he quoted me was Luke 4:18. I had really not considered any
scripture to coincide with the 4:18's but out of the 66 books in the Bible,
how did Luke 4:18 compare with all the others? So I looked at Luke 4:18
and saw this:

Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to
preach the gospel to the poor; he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind,
to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19To preach the acceptable year of
the Lord. 20And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister,
and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were
fastened on him. 21And he began to say to them, This day is this scripture
fulfilled in your ears.

Now this is the scripture that Jesus read from the book of Isaiah 61 1The
Spirit of the Lord GOD is on me; because the LORD has anointed me to
preach good tidings to the meek; he has sent me to bind up the
brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   115
prison to them that are bound; 2To proclaim the acceptable year of the
LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

Notice Jesus did not finish the scripture verse "and the day of vengeance
of our God". He did that for a reason, because that day had not come yet
until His 2nd coming.

Well back to the story, I received Pastor Joel's email and read Luke 4:18,
it made me wonder a bit about this and especially the part about the
acceptable year of the Lord in 4:19. But I also thought was God telling me
this verse? Was it for me? I then went back to the prison where I work and
about a half an hour later sat down to eat and pulled out my Bible. This
was on a Tuesday the 26th of April and I had not looked at the Bible in my
coat pocket since the Saturday before. I leave that one in my pocket for
work, I read other Bibles when I am at home. I opened the Bible and
turned to where I had left off last Saturday and it hit me! My friend Rob
and I have been doing a study on Sabbaths. So I remembered reading Luke
4:16 and stopping to ponder and think about that verse. What is really odd
is that I got to that verse on Friday, and could not leave that page. I stayed
on that page and verse for 2 days, something that is not normal for me at
all. But, I guess I was just led to not advance! I think now that it was by
God that I had stayed on that page 2 days. For when I returned to work the
following Tuesday, 2 verses after I stopped was the now FAMOUS Luke
4:18 verse staring at me in the face! WOW, ok I am thinking, this has to
mean something really cool! SO I got home and began a study on Luke
4:18 and 19 as those were in red as Jesus spoke them in my Bible as soon
as I had turned the page. What I found out was that the Acceptable Year of
the Lord is tied into the Jewish Jubilee year. And the Jubilee year ties into
the Sabbath study Rob and I were doing. Ok, I am thinking, this is getting
really coincidental like! I found out how important a Jubilee year was, as
they would let the land go on the 7th year just like on a Sabbath day they
would not work, so they let the land go for 7 Sabbath rotations and that
made 49 years, and in the 50th year, the Jubilee year, they sounded the
trumpets across the land, and all that were captives, or slaves were set
free! Prisoners were set free! There was much celebration. Any land that
was lost was returned! All debts owed were canceled! Oh what an
amazing time it must have been! So now when Jesus was reading the
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   116
scripture from Isaiah 61, what He was telling them was that He was their
permanent Jubilee! He had fulfilled this scripture by His coming. They
didn’t get it. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, He is their Sabbath, and not
only their Sabbath, but their Jubilee after a Sabbath of Sabbaths!\ 7 times
7. He would now set them free. Free the captives and restore the lost and
what ever else have been taken, and deliver them! But they didn't see it
that way! What I also found out was that they taught in the synagogues
every Sabbath for 3.5 years, and that is how long it took them to read
through the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible, teaching the scriptures on
these Sabbath days. They went through the first 5 books of the Old
Testament called the Torah, twice in a 7 year period, or 1 Sabbath of
years. Then Jesus came along and also taught on the Sabbath’s, but Jesus,
after teaching went out and did what he was teaching about. They didn't
like that either, there is no work to be done on the Sabbath they said! And
they chastised Jesus for it. How bad they thought of Him to work on the
Sabbath! But He was fulfilling all these years of teaching on the Sabbaths,
and was now saying to them, you have ME NOW! EVERYDAY!
ALWAYS! Not just once every 50 years in a Jubilee YEAR! The Sabbath
had been fulfilled by Jesus and they didn't see it! And no matter how hard
they tried to keep the Sabbath, they could not do it, and they turned it into
a strict form of religion that no one could be able to keep it holy.

Well here is where this gets really good! After I did research on this
Jubilee study I could clearly see how the Jubilee Year in the old days was
almost exactly like the 2nd coming of Christ would be! Blowing the
trumpets, and setting the captives free! It was uncanny. It was a perfect
match. So I began sharing what I had just learned with an inmate at work,
who was really fascinated with what I had just told him about the Jubilee
years. But I then told him, I have no idea when these Jubilee Years occur,
or when the next one would be. He then said hold on. He went and got a
book from his room called, "The Chronology of the Bible" written by
Frank R. Klassen in 1975. The inmate had gotten it from a Ministry in
Texas that had sent it to him. That ministry was called REVELATION
MINISTRIES, I thought that was even a sign as to the revelation I had just
been given. In looking at the book's chronology, I saw that the author
claims that Jesus was born on April 1st actually. Hmmm I thought, I had
never heard of that before. My Mom was born on that day also. It then
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   117
showed perfectly all of the Jubilee years along side the Hebrew calendar
years and along side the Gregorian calendar years. WOW, what a perfect
book to look at in such a perfectly laid out format for me to figure this out
I thought. Then I saw something on the 69th Jubilee that would take place
in the year 2029. It showed that in the year 2026 that this would be the
year 6000, bringing us into the 7th millennium. Hmmmm, I really began
trying to figure this out now. I thought, "Lord, have you just now given me
the Acceptable Year of the Lord?" Oh my, I thought again, there was way
too much going on here. But get this, the inmate who showed this book to
me said that he almost sent the book out 2 times and for some reason held
onto it. This same inmate used to live upstairs from my 1st business
partner! It was my 2nd business partnership that led me to this whole thing
in the first place! Yowza! The inmates name is Daniel. What has the book
of Daniel to say about end times? Oh My! You have to be kidding me! I
don't think the Lord is kidding at all. I was and still am - Awestruck!

So let's look at a few scenarios:

1- 2029 is the year in this book which is exactly 2000 years after the death
of Christ, He rose in a Jubilee Year and it looks like He is coming back in
a Jubilee Year. The day of Jubilee is Atonement Sunday or Yom Kippur.
That is the day that I was at the first and northern point of the Cross over
the US that the Lord had shown me, where my Dad took a photo of the
Cross in the Sky while I was outside of the church in Austin, MN.
2- 2026 is the year that was stated on this chronology to be the year 6000,
or the first year of the 7th millennium.
3- The book only went out to 2033 which would be 7 years after the 6000.
7 years of tribulation? WOW!
4- That would mean that there is some sort of Midway Rapture of the
church if this is true. See Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant
with many for one week: and in the middle of the week he shall cause the
sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of
abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and
that determined shall be poured on the desolate. Also look in John Chapter
6 where the disciples were in a boat, they rowed approximately 3.5 miles
or HALF WAY across the rough and stormy sea (Sounds like tribulation
to me) and when Jesus appeared unto them, He entered the boat with them
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   118
and they were immediately on the other side to where they were going.
That sounds a lot like rapture to me! Why would Jesus have done that?
Why not finish rowing the rest of the way? I believe Jesus was not only
showing them something, but He was telling us something as well! Also
look at Daniel 12: 11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be
taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate set up, there shall be
a thousand two hundred and ninety days. 12Blessed is he that waits, and
comes to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
1335 days is 3.65 years! That's about 3.5 years! In John 6, the disciples
were guessing as to how far they had rowed. It states , somewhere
between 25 and 35 furlongs was their guess. A furlong is 1/8 of a mile. So
to put that into perspective, we have 3 1/8 years to 4 3/8 years. 3.65 years
fits into this, but the key here is "ABOUT HALF WAY" not exactly, but
approximately, so this has some meaning and validity.
5- Or, the year the Lord comes back is 2029 and you subtract 7, putting
the start of tribulation at 2022, hmmm, look at them 2's, then this would
put 2026, or the Hebrew year 6000 at the midway point. What does that
mean then?
I am not that great on the Book of Revelation studies to know all of this,
but I do know that this means something, and I just need a little help and
wisdom and more knowledge. I pray the Lord continue to guide me. But
there are some Christians out there that have this knowledge, and I pray
that they use it and share it all the more fervently now. Please study Joel,
Daniel and Revelation.

One more amazing thing, Jesus is coming back for His church as the
bridegroom and to marry His church. There will be a wedding! Praise the
Lord! Now for the amazing thing about this entire instance of 2's, on this
Day April 26th, I was given this set of signs of the end times. Also on this
day April 26th, I was married for the 2nd time in the church! I was
married the first time by the Justice of the Peace, and 3 and a half months
later I was remarried a 2nd time back home in front of family and friends.
Does this sound familiar? …The wedding day of Jesus…When He returns
for the 2nd time in front of all his elect. This is just amazing! What are the
odds of this! Glory to God!

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   119
One even more amazing thing! Pastor Joel was the one who led me to
Luke 4:18-19 and so as you look at the Book of Joel Chapter 2 of course,
you will see this scripture, WOW, and this is AMAZING!
Joel Chapter 2
1Blow you the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain:
let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD comes,
for it is near at hand;

To top all of this off, this entire journal / story / testimony spans
EXACTLY 2 YEARS! It all started on the 1st Sunday after Easter on
April 20th, 2003 and then the signs of 2's started on the 2nd Sunday after
Easter in 2003 on April 27th. 2 years later, EXACTLY 2 YEARS LATER
on April 26th, 2005 this GRANDIOSE SIGN was given to me. Jesus is
coming! I am humbled by this. I am not a perfect person, nor claim to be
one. I am no one special, but my heart is in the right place and Jesus is my
Lord and Savior.

Recapping these events and afterwards things also happened to confirm
some things:

      My 2nd partnership leads me to this latest sign of 2's and to Luke
       4:18 by means of the odd two occurrences of the 2 - 4:18's where I
       find out about Jubilee and the Acceptable Year of the Lord in the
       next verse which I oddly was doubly led to from Pastor Joel and
       my own Bible being stuck on the same page 2 days in a row 2
       verses prior to this.
      This inmate who oddly enough knew my 1st business partner
       shows me a book he got from REVELATION MINISTRIES, in
      My New Business TAX ID NUMBER that I got on 4:18 starts like
       this 20-26xxxxx.
       This book says the next Jubilee is 2029 and that the year 6000 on
       this particular Hebrew calendar is 2026 in our calendar.
      It also says that Jesus was born April 1st, which my mom was born

              “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   120

   The inmate in the prison who had this book, his first name is
   The prophet Daniel talked about 69 weeks for some kind of
    revelation prophecy.
   The next Jubilee Year 2029 is the 69th Jubilee. Trumpets blow
    hard and long in Jubilee YEARS!
   Joel was the name of the Pastor who had me help him create his
    book cover design.
   In Joel Chapter 2 - it starts out 1Blow you the trumpet in Zion, and
    sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the
    land tremble: for the day of the LORD comes, for it is near at
   Before speaking with Pastor Joel on this matter of the coincidence
    of Joel Chapter 2, he emailed me this note in his words, "God
    spoke to my mom when she was pregnant, and told her, "You are
    going to have a son, and you are to name him Joel." and then He
    told her to look up Joel 2:28-32. My mom did not even know that
    there was a book in the bible called Joel!"
   The signs of 2's recorded in this book started for me on the 2nd
    Sunday after Easter 2005, which was April 27th, 2003.
   EXACTLY 2 YEARS LATER on April 26th, 2005 this sign of the
    Lord's return manifests into a GRANDIOSE SIGN! Exactly 2
    years later….wow.

   The Lord as the Bridegroom will come for his Bride the Church.
    April 26th was the day I was married to my wife for the 2nd time,
    in Church! The first was at the Justice of the Peace so we got
    remarried a 2nd time. But the key is that the 2nd time occurred in
    the Church.
   On the Sunday after April 26th, which was May 1st, 2005, in
    church that morning I was expecting something, anything from
    God on this matter at hand. The first song we sung that day in
    praise to the Lord was indeed about Jubilee and blowing the
    trumpets! The song was "These are the Days of Elijah".
    If you know the words to that song, that will give you some goose
    bumps, it did for me.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   121

      I emailed my friend Rob this and he also said that they had sung
       the same song in a different Church, which they had not sung in
       praise for a long time.

Why did this just all of a sudden come about? After Jesus read from the
book of Isaiah, he did not finish the part about the Day of Vengeance! He
closed the book! I am and have been writing this book, and have recently
wondered, when and if it will end. Could this be the big finale'? It truly is
a big sign, especially of the end of times, of the 2nd coming of Jesus
Christ, of which would finally explain the true meaning of all of these 2's.
The second coming of Christ is truly a highly talked about and written
about subject, but it is the topic we all wish to know about. I have seen so
many incorrect thoughts, prophecies and guesses, that I would be a fool to
say something I felt incorrect. However, after more than 2 years of getting
signs of 2's, written and recorded in this book, I have a courage and faith
in the Lord of what He has shown me, and what He wants to share with
you! Could I be wrong? I was once before, I was by myself and got a sign
and thought I knew what it meant. SO I pondered that for quite a while,
and then came to the understanding that when I am by myself and get a
sign, it was probably just for me and me alone. I also prayed that it not
happen, my prayer could have been answered. So it is with a strict
warning that I publish this. You have read all that has happened to me.
Many amazing signs and miracles that cannot be disputed as many of them
involved many people and acts which were totally out of my control. I
don't know if this is the end of these signs, I sure love getting them and
adding them to this book, but sooner or later all things, even life on this
planet must end, but not eternal life with the Lord. We shall see what
happens next if this latest set of coincidences will close my book, as the
Lord did also close the book while reading from Isaiah Chapter 61 which
is recorded in Luke Chapter 4. When I finished loading this file up to my
server, to post it on the internet, the file size for this 2nd part of the Book
called 2 was and is exactly 202kb is size.

So you can see how amazed at all of this I am. 2029 is not that far off. We
shall not know the day, nor the hour, but we can surely know the year, we
will surely see the signs of the times. And I believe I was led to share this
with all, because of the verses in Luke 4:18, 19. And the amazing set of
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   122
coincidences that immediately followed. Also in Amos 3:7 it says, "Surely
the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He reveals His secret to His servants
the prophets" I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. This is truly inspired
from God; there are just too many coincidences to dispute it all. What I
don't know is if there will be a mid tribulation rapture or a full 7 year
tribulation and then a rapture, but I do know that there is not going to be a
pre-trib rapture. We will have to endure till the end, and the END IS
VERY NEAR! REPENT and seek the Lord, make your paths straight. He
will accept you right now just the way you are, if you ask Him honestly
and humbly and believe. He was born a virgin, He rose from the dead, and
He will wash away all of your sins if you can humbly ask Him is all. It's
that easy and simple, and He will save you because He loves you. Please
heed this warning, I beg of you to pray about this and seek the Lord. I am
sounding an alarm from my tower! Here is another warning, Prophetic
messages can be wrong! Don't wait, what if your days on earth end
tonight? What if you suffered a stroke or a heart attack or a car accident or
some other odd thing? It also says that Jesus will come like a thief in the
night! So don't think you have 20 years before you have to do anything
like Repent and turn from your ways. Oh that would be a terrible and very
costly mistake! Don't be a gambler. The End is NEAR, and may even be
nearer than you think. I do warn, be born again, Amen! Thank you

May 3rd, 2005
Having the thinking of the last sign being so Grandiose in nature, I was
wondering if the signs of 2's would continue? And on this day as I had
sent out a multitude of emails around the entire world proclaiming of what
I had just been given by the Lord to preach of the Acceptable year of the
Lord being in 2029, I received another sign. I had been looking over the
internet of websites of which there are millions, but concerning myself
with ones that spoke of different end time prophecies and of the second
coming of Jesus Christ. When I would look at the many websites that there
were on this subject matter, I would find the link on the website to email
the contact persons who managed the content of the websites. In doing
this, I was able to contact many of them. I had begun contacting the

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   123
owners of these websites 2 days ago. For the verses in the book of Ezekiel
make warning to do so.

Ezekiel Chapter 33:1Again the word of the LORD came to me, saying,
2Son of man, speak to the children of your people, and say to them, When
I bring the sword on a land, if the people of the land take a man of their
coasts, and set him for their watchman: 3If when he sees the sword come
on the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; 4Then whoever
hears the sound of the trumpet, and takes not warning; if the sword come,
and take him away, his blood shall be on his own head. 5He heard the
sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be on him. But
he that takes warning shall deliver his soul. 6But if the watchman see the
sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if
the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away
in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. 7So
you, O son of man, I have set you a watchman to the house of Israel;
therefore you shall hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me

8When I say to the wicked, O wicked man, you shall surely die; if you do
not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in
his iniquity; but his blood will I require at your hand. 9Nevertheless, if
you warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his
way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.
10Therefore, O you son of man, speak to the house of Israel; Thus you
speak, saying, If our transgressions and our sins be on us, and we pine
away in them, how should we then live? 11Say to them, As I live, said the
Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the
wicked turn from his way and live: turn you, turn you from your evil ways;
for why will you die, O house of Israel?

Deuteronomy 18:22When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if
the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD
has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall
not be afraid of him.

So you see that I must send out this message. I have been commissioned to
do so. After doing so diligently for 2 days, I had seen that some website
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   124
traffic was coming in to my website from an unknown website that I was
unfamiliar with. I went to investigate as to why the traffic was coming
from there? There had been 2 visitors who had come from that website.
When I arrived at the website and saw on my screen a large topic subject
header that read,"22 END-OF-THE-WORLD PROPHECIES:
stop and think about that. I had now remembered when I visited that
website! It was a site called ReligiousTolerance.org they claim to have
listed over 7 dozen failed prophetic end time predictions. The majority of
these were around the 1998 - 2000 era. As the millennium approached it
seemed to have raised an alarm in itself, and for good reason! But the
alarm was sounded anyway and now we have dozens of failed millennium
predictions. But they were almost right. The Lord will return on the 3rd
day, for a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day.
They just didn't figure on one thing, Christ died in the year 29 AD. Not 0,
and they don’t count 0 as a year, they go from 1BC to 1AD. If you
eliminate the millennium scare, there would be far less failed predictions.
The site boasts exactly 22 failed predictions from 1998 alone. But what is
really odd was that when I emailed the manager of this website, there were
only 21 End of the World Prophecies and I had no idea they would even
list mine. I just figured I was letting them know of the signs I had received
and I went along my way. So my story, or prediction based on numerous
signs leading to 2029, of which I am just a messenger of what the Lord
gives me, was in fact the 22nd listed on that website. They have 22 failed
from 1998 alone, and after 2010, they, at this time, have 22 END-OF-
THE-WORLD PROPHECIES. Why had my entry been the 22nd? I
emailed this question to the website owner of the Religious Tolerance
website, and asked him if he found it odd that my site was about 2's, signs
and coincidences of 2's and that my link was now his 22nd added, and he
quoted back to me in an email, "I guess that only time will tell.
Unfortunately for me, my life expectancy is only about a decade or two, so
I don't expect to be alive in 2029." It was not a coincidence that my link
was listed as their 22nd. Nor that they had another page with 22 failed. My
link was the 22nd added, but is the 16th in their list chronologically. They
start in 2010 and go out to 2076. With many failed predictions, and many
different ones out there, which one is the Acceptable Year of the Lord? I
leave this for you to ponder. How were these other dates arrived at? How
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   125
did their authors of these dates come to their conclusions? Do any of the
other predictors have a chronological story such as this one, and of
amazing coincidences and signs? Even so, the most AMAZING SIGN or
MIRACLE would be able to dangle right in front of someone's face, and
there would still be some that won't see it, for their eyes are closed and
their ears plugged. Pray for people's spiritual eyes to be opened, so they
may see the signs that are being given in these last days. Amen.

Amos 3:7Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He reveals His secret
to His servants the prophets.

May 7th, 2005
Today at 4:10pm I did something really fun! I wrote a poem on April 17th
and here is that poem:

A Balloon of Hope 4/17/05
Things happen for a reason
Often times not until their season
So on this beautiful day
You just happened on your way
To find this balloon crossing your path
Whether in a tree, a bush or in your bird bath
Rolling in a field or along side of the road
Or out on your lawn with the grass freshly mowed
I would have to say that if you found this treasure
That it was faith and hope and for God to measure
Because God led this balloon and guided its way
So that you would happen to see it one day
You may have been doing or planning something else
You may have been delayed or stopped by some pals
This was all for a reason and if you stop and think
Why do I ever get delayed, just look and don't blink
Or how about that time when you got a flat
And you were late and never even thought of that
Because of the accident that was averted
When that nail was just so slightly inserted
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   126
Or it caused you to meet up with someone you knew
Or a long lost friend who said WOW, you sure grew!
We sometimes will never know all of the reasons God has
Why do we like Rock, or Country or Jazz?
So things like this don't happen everyday
But for some odd reason I wrote this poem today
So I could send it to heaven and let God do the rest
So let this be a sign and a seed of God's best
To touch your heart and make you ponder
Of why you of all people, happened to look over yonder
And see this beautiful balloon with a basket hanging
You were led this day and it is very amazing
I believe that God sent you to pick up this poem
Whether you believe in Him or don't even know'em
You see God has been giving me some pretty cool signs
Signs of 2's, things happening twice and along those lines
They started on the 2nd Sunday after Easter in 2003
It has been over two years and they're still finding me
All I needed to do was to pray and then look
And believe it would happen and have the faith it took
So first I believed and then looked for a sign
I looked and I looked for a real long time
And then it happened, and the sign did come
I aint no one special, this can happen to anyone
So here is a sign for you from Him
Yes God above is not so grim
He loves all his children so very much
And He is looking for them so He can touch
Their hearts today so they can know Him
Sometime God even goes out on a limb
To get your attention and say Hi, I am here
This balloon comes with Love so have no fear
You found this balloon or did it find you
2 things in motion but what's really true?
Why do things happen the way they do?
Why did this happen, why did God choose you?
So as my story goes along I think there is a reason
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   127
Why God chose you as it seemed very pleasin'
So I invite you to send me an email some day
As I know you'll have a story to say
About how you found the balloon and it found you
But I'm willing to go out on that limb also too
And I think that God has a special appointment in time
And I find it remarkable that this did all rhyme
I hope you understand and know what all this meant
Because by faith this balloon of Hope was sent

Miracles happen and they are for real. It really was not an accident or a
coincidence that you found this balloon. This isn't a trick or some
gimmick. This is fate. I was led to do this and I have no idea why or whom
I will meet, nor do I know for what reason, but it will unfold and it will be
amazing. Sometime you just have to trust God and have faith. So that is
what I am doing. Email me and I will tell you the rest of the story.

With the Love of God- I bid you peace,


And with that poem wrapped in plastic wrap so it would not get wet, I sent
it into the world after praying over it and for God to guide it and to bless
it. I let it go at 4:10 pm and it went out of my sight in only 1 minute. It was
so fun and exciting to see God take it away! Now I am waiting for a
response and I will let you all know when the response comes in as I
included my email address for them to contact me. The balloon took off
and did not go the way I thought it would fly; it headed off in a south
western direction from Moose Lake. It will be fun to see where it lands
and who finds it! I am so excited! Now I need to have patience to see what
becomes of this balloon of hope.

Something else happened on this day that was an instance of a 2, or a thing
happening twice and consecutively. Earlier in the day around noon I was
asked by a friend of mine if I could loan him 5 dollars. All I had in my
pocket was 2 - 1 dollar bills, but I did have a 10 dollar bill in my truck. So
what I did was write the number 10 on my left hand as a reminder for me
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   128
to remember to leave it in his vehicle when I left work that day. When I
left work, I put the 10 dollar bill in his vehicle and then I left. Then at 4:10
I released the balloon. About an hour or so later, I was watching the TV
and the Kentucky Derby Horse race was being televised. The race was one
by a horse named Giacomo who just happened to be wearing number 10!
Interesting I thought as I looked at my hand and saw the number 10 still
written there. About another hour or so later my son was talking about
donating blood at school for a blood drive. The conversation with him and
my wife then ended up in wondering what Blood Type our son was. I
thought that it would have been written on his birth certificate so my wife
went into our file and started rummaging through the papers in there. She
then came across my birth certificate and asked me if I knew what time I
was born at? I answered with an "I have no idea." My wife then said, "You
were born at 4:10" "Really?" I said with a slow gulp and a look of
wonderment. So I have now just gone through 2 sets of 2's, the number 10
popped up twice there kind of oddly, and then the number 4:10. I have no
idea what this set of 2's is leading me towards, but it was rather odd how it
all happened, and that's what I do, when something like this happens, I just
record it in this journal, and see what becomes of it. Right now I have no
idea where or what this may be leading towards. 2- 10's and 2- 4:10's. I
looked up some verses of 4:10 in quite a few books of the bible, like as to
what happened in Luke 4:18 earlier, but nothing really stuck out. My wife
did think that it was odd when I showed her the number 10 on my hand,
right after that horse won the race though. She said, "How did you come to
pick that horse." Thinking that - I wrote it down on my hand to see if I
could guess the winner. I said “I didn't, it was just one of those
coincidences that it was there." I know it means something, I just don’t
know what yet, we shall see. Lord Jesus, please enlighten me.

June 3rd, 2005
In the last 2 days, I spoke out in boldness for the Word of God and what it
stands for. At work at the prison and at the ministry where I have been
helping out. I have now today resigned as Vice President of Dale Ross
Ministries for reasons of turning God's house into a marketplace. I guess I
will not go into all the details, but the Lord has placed it upon my heart to
speak out and I did. And I was immediately cast out. Others were in
agreement; we will pray for that Ministry and hope to see its ways and to
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   129
have them corrected. And at the prison where I work, I was told to check
my religion at the door. I was then told to cease talking to inmates about
God immediately. I told them, no, that I can't do that. I pray for the prison,
the staff, inmates and administration. I often will use the Word of God to
comfort an inmate who needs help. I use discernment over this; I don't just
cram it down their throats, which would not be good. I do it only when I
am led to, and especially when I see that the inmate is a Christian. But I
have made it clear that if any inmate wants to talk about God, that I am
willing to do so. I am also aware that I need to use discernment in doing
so. My main objective is for the safety and security of the facility, its staff,
and the offenders that are there. And using the Word of God helps in
doing this by keeping an open line of communication that helps with the
rehabilitation and inward change of the mindset of some offenders. I see
positive results in the hearts of inmates and a change in them towards
better ways. Praise be to God for this. If that is not a good thing, then what
purpose does a prison have than to warehouse these offenders? They will
eventually get out of prison and be yours and my neighbors. I will
continue to treat them with respect and in doing so, I see a change in them.
This is a good thing. Amen.

June 9th, 2005
We purchased a boat 2 weeks ago and today we tried it out for the 2nd
time. As I pulled into the gas station to fill up the tank on the boat and to
buy some minnows, I noticed the man from town who makes signs for
businesses walk out of the store we were heading into. We filled up with
gas, got our minnows and headed to the lake about 2 miles away. There is
a resort right there where you turn to get onto the lake and I saw that they
had a new sign outside near the road. This sign was more than likely made
by the man who we saw at the gas station. As we turned down the access
road to the lake I saw the same man again, he was exiting that road as we
turned onto it. I had a thought, hmmmmm, this could mean something.
The man who makes signs, we saw him twice in two different spots, 2
miles away from each spot. The resort had a new sign. It just got me
thinking.....Lord, Am I going to get a new sign? I thought to myself.

We then pulled in to the lake landing and began to put our boat into the
lake. Off the trailer it went, into the water, and I pulled the trailer around
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   130
and parked it. We had to hurry, there was another boat waiting to be put
into the lake also. My son then ran over to me, and had this panic look on
his face and said, "Hey, you forgot to put the plug in, and the boat is filling
up with water!" Oh no, I thought, how could I have been so forgetful!
Well, I didn't get mad, it was only our 2nd time, and we could just pull the
trailer back and put the boat back on it, and then drain the boat, and
reinsert the plug. But it was a hassle anyway. So we pulled the boat around
the dock and then top the shore line and let the other boat who was waiting
go ahead of us. This couple began to put their boat into the lake and after
they had done this, they too found out that they also had forgotten to put
their plug in also! WOW, I laughed, what a coincidence! 2 boats in a row
and we both forgot to put the plug in! Hehehe, I just had to chuckle at the
oddity of this and now there were 2 boats pulled up along shore trying to
get the plugs back in and the water out of the boat. What a comical
situation. But then the man who was in the 2nd boat said to us, what kind
of boat do you have there? Is that a mirrocraft? Yes we replied. He said
wow, I have another boat back home and it is the exact same boat, with
the exact same Nissan 40 Horse Power motor, it is even the same size!
Really I said to him, WOW, now isn't that odd! My son helped them get
their plug in, and they had a bilge pump to be able to pump out the water,
so off they went to go fishing. We did not have a bilge pump, so we had to
wait for another boat to launch and then we were able to re-trailer our
boat, and then let all of the water out. We then put the plug in and
launched our boat correctly and off we went to catch some fish. it was a
beautiful afternoon and evening. We caught about 15 fish but only kept 3
that were of big enough size. I just happened to have caught 2 of those
fish. One was a Northern Pike and one was a Black Crappie. It was just a
fun day of fishing and a couple of signs from God, oh how pleasant the
day was. Thank you Jesus. Next time you do something wrong, or
something sorta bad happens, just keep your senses about you, God has
everything under control. Amen.

June 20th, 2005
Today I found out about Blogs. I guess what they are, is basically on
online journal system kinda like this book/journal/testimony I am and have
been writing. It really is becoming a very popular thing on the internet.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   131
People write all kinds of things in their blogs. Daily journal entries, what
they think about anything and their viewpoint on any given number of
things. If you were to read a person's blog, you would probably learn and
get to know alot about who and how that person thinks about many
different things. So for some reason I was led to find out about blogs, and
that I did. One neat thing that appealed to me about this blog website that I
went to is that it's free and it will also allow you to phone in an audio
voice recording, which will be recorded as an audio file, and then it will
automatically be uploaded to the server and posted onto your blog site
shortly after, within minutes! I thought that sounded like a very useful
tool. The call is long distance and you can talk up to 5 minutes on each
audio clip. SO if I were to be on he road traveling, and wanted to phone in
and update, or a new poem, or anything that the Lord gives to me to share,
I could do this almost instantly from any phone in the world! Now how
nifty is that? So if you check out my Blog link, I phoned in a new poem. I
now have 2 websites about the signs of 2's. Praise God.

Other neat things about blog sites is that people can post replies to your
postings, this could be good or bad, I am sure I will get a few postings, not
sure what kind, but the people who leave comments must be registered
blog site users. Also you can list all kinds of stuff like your favorite
movies, books, hobbies, and then when you are done, you can click on
each one, and the blog site will pull up anyone else's blog site that has also
listed that same item in their blog, creating similar interests bonds. So for
example you can list under favorite Books, The Bible, and then you can
click on the Word, "The Bible" in your profile, and everyone else who has
listed "The Bible" will come up in a nice long list that you can go and
check out their blogs. It's like reading people's journals online with similar
interests as you have. Well one thing that I did, was I clicked on the town
of Moose Lake, in Minnesota, to see if anyone in the town that I lived in,
also had a blog, and to my surprise there was only 1 other person from
Moose Lake who had an online blog, making me the 2nd one. The other,
well, interestingly enough, was my Pastor's son from church. He is now
working with the youth and young adults at the church. Interesting I
thought it was, so I thought I would share with you this Blog story and
maybe you could use a Blog to tell your own story or testimonies of what
God has done in your life and you can start to keep your own online
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   132
journal just like this one perhaps. I just felt led to share this, and for some
reason, I think some one out there needed to see this. So praise the Lord!

June 26th, 2005
Today was a fun day at church! Pastor Jim and his wife Renee came back
from a mission’s trip in the Dominican Republic. They shared an awesome
testimony about what God is having them do in that country and the works
that they are doing and helping the people there. During a photo slide
show, about half way through the show, a photo popped up of Pastor Jim
standing in a body of water baptizing someone. At that moment, I felt
chills run up and down my body like I had never felt before. It tingled so
strongly in just about every part of my body. I have felt God move me in
this fashion many times before. But this one was very strong; it was
almost lifting me out of my seat. I thought, WOW, what can this mean in
particular Lord? After church was over, I walked up to Pastor Jim and
spoke to him about what I had felt during the photo slide show and
particularly of the one showing the baptism he was performing. (Now
remember, Pastor Jim and Tim both baptized me) I then said to Pastor Jim,
I think the Lord is telling me that you are to perform many more baptisms
in the Dominican Republic, I said this to him and then said for the end is
near, and there is an importance to push this. At that time in my body, I
got the chills again and the hair stood straight up on my arm and Pastor
Jim looked at me, and said that he received what I had just told him. He
said that when he was returning to the Dominican Republic in August, that
they have already scheduled a large baptism gathering! Praise the Lord! I
then said that I am pretty sure you are going to see some amazing things
during these baptisms, and that there seems to be a strong push to have
this done quickly, So I made sure he knew to do more baptisms in the
name of Jesus Christ so that they may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
quickly. I pray he is able to fulfill God's wishes in this matter and that
many more than would be expected receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
in the name of Jesus. It says in the Bible that you need to be baptized in
the name of Jesus to receive the Holy Spirit as well as be a believer in
Jesus and have repented of your sins. So if you have put off getting
baptized, please, for your eternal sake, do it as soon as you can, In Jesus
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   133
Name, I pray thee hear or read and understand these words of importance,
in Jesus Name, Amen. It is a mighty important necessity.

Mark 1-5 And there went out to him all the land of Judaea, and they of
Jerusalem, and were all baptized of him in the river of Jordan, confessing
their sins.

Mark 16:16 He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that
believes not shall be damned.

Acts 2:38 Then Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized every one of
you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall
receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Acts 10:48 And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the

July 13th, 2005
Today I left to go to the Music Festival at the Moondance Jam with my
Dad for the next 4 days and for the 2nd year now I posted up a large
banner letting people know about this story called 2 and of the amazing
signs and miracles God is performing. The first thing I noticed that
seemed to be a coincidence happened with 2 motorcycles. We are parked
so close to the gate, we often get asked by people if they can park their
vehicles or motorcycles in our spot temporarily. And one person with a
motorcycle asked to do just that, and we let him. We were looking at his
motorcycle and noticed he had a dent on the left side of his gas tank. He
said he was hauling it in the back of his pick-up truck when the strap gave
way causing the bike to fall over on the sides of the pick up and therefore
making the dent. Not too long after that, another guy on a motorcycle
pulled up and parked next to us at our neighbors campsites. His name was
Jeff, and he has been coming to the Jam for many years on his motorcycle
and always parks either at our place or the neighbors. I then looked at
Jeff's bike and saw that he too had the same dent on his gas tank as this
other bike. Jeff came over and looked at it, and sure enough it was the
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   134
same size dent, and on the same side of the gas tank. Both motor bikes
were black in color. Jeff used to have a vending stand at the Moondance
Jam selling chicken legs I found out later. He is a semi driver by trade.

After we set up our campsite, we then figured out that we were going to
need 3 more tickets for some more friends of ours to come and join us.
They were bringing the Karaoke equipment for people to sing songs at our
campsite. We did this last year for the first time and it was really fun and
popular with the crowd. So this would be the 2nd year having Karaoke at
out campsite. Steve, who owns 2havefun.com went to talk to some people
in the south reserved camping area that he knew of who were selling some
extra tickets. We needed 3, he found 2, which still left us 1 short. So I
acted in faith and prayed that I would be able to walk around the North
camping area where we were camping to find one. I walked all around, it
was very hot at the Moondance Jam this year. After talking to many
people, I found someone with an extra ticket and we bought it. When I
returned with the ticket, someone came right up to our site and overheard
us talking about the tickets we had just founf and bought, and said, hey we
have a few tickets for sale, and he quoted a price that was cheaper than we
had just paid! WOW, I said why didn't you say something earlier, I asked?
Then I thought about something, I think the Lord was showing me
something, that if I had patience, and God knows of our needs, then in
faith, I could have waited and not had to walk all over looking for the
tickets on my own accord. Hmmm, I thought, lesson noted!

The next problem we had was that the 3 guys coming up with the
equipment, did not make it to the campsite in time, and they closed the
gates and would not let any more vehicles come into the fair grounds. I
spoke to the gate guards to see if they would be able to make an exception,
and they said that they would not be able to do that unless they heard from
the owner of the Jam. Hmmmm, I thought, I would have to talk to Bill the
Owner and see if he would give me the exception that we needed for our
friends to come in after hours. I prayed for me to be able to have this
favor. I walked all the way back to the office area, and just as I got there,
the owner, Bill came out exactly as I had arrived. I told him of our
problem, and that we needed a favor to get these guys in. He said that they
could not bring their vehicle in, but that he would get their wristbands on
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   135
and they could be able to walk into the fairgrounds. I said Thank You, and
proceeded back to the front gate. We had to leave their vehicle outside for
the night, but we loaded all their gear into my Dad's van and brought the
equipment inside that way. Then we went down and got their wristbands
put on and all 3 were then able to enter.

The next morning they were able to bring their vehicle into the fairgrounds
and park at the campsite. We then had another problem come up. The
Karaoke player that Chuck had was broken and we needed another
Karaoke machine to play the songs with. We knew of this, and brought
another player with us, but the player we brought, would not play the
certain format of CD's Chuck had. So again I prayed that we would be
able to find a player in town. We went to town to the local stores, and not
a one of their players would play SCDG formatted Karaoke discs. The
man guided us up to another town 30 miles away. And there too, we did
not find any player that would play these CD's. I began to think that we
were not meant to play Karaoke at this year’s festival. When we got back
to the campsite, My Dad then said that he had brought with him, his laptop
computer. This is the same computer that he brought with him so that we
would be able to stream video out over the internet for the healing
explosion in Houston, TX. We plugged in the laptop and the SCDG discs
played! And we then figured out how to sort the list of songs and
everything worked just great! I then wondered and thought, AGAIN,
hmmmmm, another lesson! We had needed something, went all over
town, and then to another town looking for what we needed, and God had
made sure that we had it with us all along! Praise God, we did not have to
go anywhere, it was right in front of our noses the whole time, but we did
not see it.

I guess what I needed to learn was that having patience will be rewarded!
But not only that, in having faith that these problems would be worked
out, no matter how they worked out, the unbelievers who were there with
me and my Dad, also saw the power of God at work when faith was put
into action. I never got upset when something did not work out, I just kept
having faith and kept looking for what God was showing us. And Thank
the Lord, I saw it, and that they too also saw God at work. Seeds have

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   136
been planted, I pray that they are now watered and will soon be picked in
God's harvest, Amen.

One other thing that I noticed at the Jam was that there seems to be a move
by God to plant seeds at these festivals where many unbelievers gather. I
saw some things, which I never have seen before. And this is what I mean
in particular. At last years Jam a very well known music artist, who does
not sing songs about God, came out with a new song called Jesus loves
white trash too. His name is Rick Springfield. I know that he knows God;
he has a large tattoo of a cross on his arm. Whether he practices his faith
and walks a good walk, I am not sure, but at least he believes. I don't know
if he has been baptized or not. I pray that he will be if not done so already.
I was just really surprised that he came out with this Rock and Roll song
about Jesus. Then again this year I noticed another band named Journey
who was there, they announced that there new CD was going to be called
"Faith in the Heartland". WOW I thought! And then another band called
Whitesnake while I watched them, I noticed the lead singer wearing a
bright white shirt with many crosses on it! Hmmm again I thought. This
same bands drummer played a very long drum solo and when he was
done, he put his 2 drum sticks up and formed the shape of a cross and the
crowd roared loudly! Hmmmmm again I thought about this. I have been
praying for these kinds of Rock and Roll bands to turn and to sing for the
Lord, and this is quite possible what may be starting. I will keep my eye
on this move of God, or is it? Is it just a front? These bands are still doing
many things wrong, But I am trying to see the good in everything. I also
used to love singing and listening to this kind of music myself. So can I
judge them for something that I too used to do? And am I better then they
for now seeing the light of Christ, when they don't? Not so! I cannot judge
them just because my eyes have been opened earlier then their eyes. I was
as they were, I saw the light and changed and the change may come
quickly or slowly as the Lord deems it. Therefore do not judge what they
say or do, just pray that their eyes be opened and that they find and accept
Christ as their Savior, and then let the Holy Spirit change them from
within and watch and see the Lord work through those who have been
changed. I just see this move of God as a start, and seeing as they have
access to many hundreds of thousands and millions of listeners, that God
may use them wisely and bring this change about in a way that He sees fit
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   137
with wisdom. If it be a slow process of planting seeds, then praise God! If
God brings about a change in someone quickly, then praise God! Whether
slow or quickly, the changes are happening and praise God for all of it.
There seems to be a change happening, and this is what I want you to take
notice of, if you have not seen it for yourselves.

I also had a very hard time being around so many who don't believe in
Jesus. They scoff; they swear and do many vile things. It sure is a mission
field when I go there. I also get scoffed at amongst Christians as they
don’t even believe of these things I say. I will not judge them either. I just
have a message to share, and that is what I will continue to do, whether I
get scoffed at by believers or unbelievers. The message of Christ's return
is too important and is too near. I have to preach this and repentance and
to be baptized to as many as I can possible reach. And the Lord saved me
and spoke to me while I was at this place, and He is using me to now plant
seeds at this place. I will go where the Lord sends me, and so far right
now, I have not been sent to any place new, just to keep doing what I have
been doing and preach Jesus there where I have always been. I do look
forward to new places.

As we packed up and left the Jam, I stopped in a town called Hill City.
There I ran into Jeff who owned the 2nd motorcycle with the coincidental
dents I mentioned earlier. He spoke about wanting to be a vendor again
and told me about his work with the semi driving and hauling service. I
began telling him about the vision of the Cross Fest. This grabbed his
attention. As I told him of the many miraculous signs that God has given
me concerning this, he was very enthused about it. He even knew some
scriptures! This seemed odd coming from this Biker who has never
mentioned this before to me. As I stood there and kept telling him of this
vision of Cross Fest, I began receiving goose bumps on my arm from the
Holy Spirit. He then told me that he was also getting goose bumps! I asked
him then if he was baptized, and he said yes, that he was. He then said that
the vision of the cross fest sounded to him like a Revival or Awakening of
some sort and that when this thing gets going to contact him. I said I
would. So then he said to me with my Dad parked next to us, "Doesn't it
say in the Bible something about where 2 are gathered and believe....."
Well yes, you are close I said, but the Bible does say that."
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   138
Mathew 18:18Truly I say to you, Whatever you shall bind on earth shall
be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed
in heaven. 19Again I say to you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as
touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my
Father which is in heaven. 20For where two or three are gathered
together in my name, there am I in the middle of them
So right there in Hill City, my Dad and I and a biker named Jeff put our
hands together and we prayed for the manifestation of Cross Fest and that
it be used to preach the Gospel of Jesus and to set the captives free and to
heal our country. After we had prayed, Jeff looked at his arm and said
WOW; I have the goose bumps big time! It was 92 degrees and very hot,
he had the chilled goose bumps so profound on his arm that you could see
each one of them and the hair on his arm standing straight up. Jeff was
amazed. I then looked at my arm and I too had the goose bumps big time
and my hair on my arm was also standing straight up. I looked at my Dad
and we all showed this to each other and I just knew something big
happened right there and then. Praise the Lord.

August 14th, 2005
What a fun day! The entire day was filled with blessings! I started the day
at church, where in worship we just seemed to be in one accord, and we
felt the presence of the Lord very strongly while praising Him. Then one
of the members shared a dream that the Lord had given him. The dream
was about wolves, ravenous and teeth gnashing, and then it started to rain
beans and there were so many beans that they became like a sea of beans
with waves running through them. The man asked God after that about the
dream and its meaning. And what he was given was that the wolves were
demons, and the beans were of a harvest.
Then 1 lady stood up, very nervous as she had never given a Word of
Knowledge from God before, but she came forth and said a few words that
came to her during worship and they were that we are to not be afraid, we
have the power within us to bind and to loose.
Both persons who gave words that day as from the Lord were both
practically in tears as the Lord had touched them so.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   139
Later that day I went to the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, MN and I
had a nice time with my Aunt and Uncle. I ran into my friend Jeff who had
prayed with me over Cross Fest in the parking lot in Hill City and we both
got major Goose Bumps when we did that. So in talking with Jeff some
more, I said to him that I think that I found the company that will do the
stage setup for cross fest. I then told him to read the sign at the top awning
of one of the band stages, and he said "WOW", foe what he read was,
"Eternal Systems" out of St. Paul, MN. We again got goose bumps. We
then started talking about what kinds of bands were going to play there,
and I said, "ALL KINDS, as long as they are praising the Lord while
singing". And we just needed to get the word out. Then Jeff looked at me
while a man named W.C. Clark was playing on stage at the time. Jeff
turned to me and said, W.C. would play at this. I said really? Oh yeah, he's
a great guy with a great heart. Hmmm I said, but I didn't hear hardly any
gospel sound or anything about Jesus in any of his music. I then when and
looked at the program and what it had said about W.C. Clark, and I saw
that he was very well known in the Austin, TX area. But the article
mentioned nothing if he was a Christian or any of his upbringing. But I
had a coincidence to go on, and so I asked my Uncle about W.C. Clark
and what he knew. My Uncle said that he doesn't sing about any gospel.
Nice Guy he is, but I think you would be off track telling him about Cross
Fest. My Uncle had a CD that he wanted W.C. Clark to sign, and I still felt
compelled to talk to him because of the Austin connection for him, and
seeing that Cross Fest would be also in a town called Austin, but in
Minnesota. I just felt led to go and talk to him and plant a seed is all. And
so I did. I went to the tent and waited in line with the CD for W.C. Clark
to sign. I prayed to God and said that if he was to be led to cross fest Lord,
let him receive this seed planting, and if he is not, that's ok as well. But if
you will touch him so that he hears, that would be good. In Jesus name,
Amen. W.C. Clark was talking with one lady in front of me about an old
1968 van he had, and that it had really big speakers in it mounted up high
that people would bump their heads on. He used to play with Stevie Ray
Voughan and one day as a joke he picked up Stevie and Stevie came out
with a football helmet on. Oh he laughed at the memory of that. I was next
and I said to him, "W.C., do you have some Christian roots in you?" "Oh
YES!” he said quickly. I then said that "I would like to drop a dime in his
ear and plant a seed if a may. I said that I felt that I was led by the Lord to
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   140
talk to you, and to tell you about a thing called Cross Fest. It will be a
music festival at 7 points along the shape of a perfect cross that the Lord
has shown to me along the 39th parallel and the 93rd latitude lines. One of
the places on the cross will be a place called Austin, Minnesota. And
seeing as how you are very well known in Austin, not Minnesota but
Texas, I was compelled to tell you this and to plant a seed for you to
remember it." W.C. Clark looked up at me with an expression like he had
just been hit with some amazing news - like he was sort of blown away by
this. He then said to me, "You don't know how much that means to me
right now, I am so glad you told me that. I am really going through some
tough times right now with some things and I really needed to hear that. I
then said to him, "Well, if you have some gospel trying to come out of
your heart" (and I pointed to his heart while saying this), I said, "Now is
the time to get that out." He then looked at me and started singing about
the Lord and people not knowing about Jesus in their heart that He was in
there, and they didn't know it. It was really an awesome moment. I then
said, "Don't forget now, Cross Fest". He said, "Oh no, I won't forget it". I
walked away and went and told my Uncle of what just happened. My
Uncle was even somewhat amazed at all of this. My uncle then had a
conversation with me and he said, What if the typical Christian person
does not want to hear these blues guys singing, they typically have a
predisposed idea of what their Christian music should sound like, and they
may not want to go to an event like that. I then said, "Well then they are
not Christians, and they can turn around and go right back where they
came from. Because Cross Fest will have a multitude of bands with all
kinds of styles, from Pop Christian, to Blues, to Country, to Rap and many
other types, even possibly some converted Rockers as long as they are
singing about, lifting up the name of, and praising Jesus for His work on
the Cross. If typical Christians are not into this then they won't be
welcome. My Uncle just nodded his head in agreement.

(Now as I look at all of the signs of this cross over the United States, I
know that the Lord will do very great things at the seven points on the
cross. But, I do not know if the Lord’s version of cross fest will be what
we typically have in mind of a cross fest with music and things like we
have experienced before and like the Christian music festivals that are
already occurring these days. I think the Lord’s cross fest will be different,
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   141
much bigger, and greater and many signs and wonders will be done there.
But what you should see and experience at the Lord’s cross fest that we
probably don’t experience at a Christian music festival today, would be
true repentance, true revival and a true awakening of the church.)

After the Bayfront Blues Festival was over with, I felt led to go up to Pike
Lake just north of Duluth as a small church up there was having a
Christian Concert with 3 Christian bands. I had no idea in how to get
there, but I thought I would be able to make it there in time to maybe catch
the last song or two of the headliner band Krystal Meyers. All I knew was
to drive up hwy 53, I didn't know where to turn and asked God for
guidance and to let me meet who I needed to meet or to hear some songs
and praise God. I had no idea what to expect, but just felt led to go there.
As I was driving, I got the feeling I should pull over and ask for directions
at a gas station. The young man inside said, oh yeah, you just missed the
turn, go down that street right there to the end of it, and its right there.
WOW, cool, Thank you I said. I went to the church and I saw that they
were closing down. I asked some younger teens if the music was still
going, and they said that it ended like an hour ago, "You're late dude." Oh
well, I tried I said. But then as I started driving away, I decided to park
and maybe have the chance to meet someone who was helping to tear
down the stage equipment, or maybe even run into some band members.
SO I parked and walked into the very small concert area in the back of this
church in Pike Lake. I walked around and did not see any band members,
just people from the church tearing down tables and loading up equipment.
It was dark and I was standing in the very middle of the concert grounds,
and I said to God, "Lord, who should I talk to, there's no one here that I
can see that I need to meet?" I then looked over to my right and there was
a large white passenger van with a white trailer attached to it, so I just
walked up to it and tapped on the driver’s window and I asked the driver,
"Who are you guys with?" He said they are with the band Olivia. I then
told him that I was led up here to plant a seed about the Cross Fest. I
explained the Cross Fest a little bit; I said that I don't know when it will
happen, but that I am just planting a seed for it. I was led by God to do
this, I was bummed when I found out that it was closed down already, but
God had placed it upon me to come in here anyway and talk to someone

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   142
about it. WOW they said, and they received this well and said that they
would remember it.

I then pointed to another white van, with a trailer attached to my left and
asked the man from the band Olivia, who was in that van? He said that is
another band. Both of these vans were waiting to leave but could not go
because the fence was still up and in their way. So these 2 bands were all
just sitting there in their vans, patiently waiting to go. I have to believe
that the Lord held them up there for this message to be brought to them. It
was amazing. Remember to be patient if you are waiting somewhere, The
Lord may be at work. So I walked over to this other van, and I asked, who
are you guys? They said they were with the band Krystal Meyers. I began
to tell them that I was led by the Lord to talk to them about Cross Fest and
to plant a seed about it. They also received it well. I told them how I drove
up and saw that it was closed but I felt I needed to talk to someone there. I
then also told them about the coincidences with 2's and the fact that I was
standing in the middle of this concert area and praying who I should talk
to, and then there were these 2 identical vans loaded with people and both
had the same white trailers just waiting to leave. So I told them, I was just
planting a seed, and for them to remember the cross fest of the tour at 7
places across the United States. I told them of the 7 points along the cross
on the 93rd and 39th longitude and latitude lines and then I said good bye
to them, and God Bless. At that very moment they lowered the fence and
these 2 vans with the 2 Christian music groups left. WOW, I thought,
Lord, You are awesome. They were, as it seemed, held up there just long
enough for me to talk to them and for me to plant that seed. It was so
perfect. Had I gotten there earlier, I would not have been able to talk to
them both in the way that I did. I had their full attention as they were all
just sitting in the vans waiting. So I was able to speak to 2 bands all at
once, which was just so perfect a way to be able for them to receive and
all remember the seed of Cross Fest. WOW, thank you Jesus. I am sure
they will talk about this with others in their music circles and the seed will
grow and spread throughout land. This will be a great festival unto the
Lord and to praise His work on the Cross, to help heal our country and to
set free the captives, to preach the gospel, and to get people saved. In
combining many different styles of Music, all for the glory of the Lord,
this will be unlike any festival that has ever happened. It will be possibly
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   143
the greatest festival ever. Oh what timing in these last days for the Lord's
harvest - Glory to God.

September 26th, 2005
I went to bed this night and said a prayer to God that went like this, "Lord,
please guide me as to what the Mark of the beast will actually be, will it be
an actual mark or will it be a figurative mark that people will have in their
minds and of the works of their hands, or will it actually be physical in
that something will be put on or in their right hand or forehead, and when
you give me this revelation Father, allow me to also have wisdom and
knowledge about what to do to help spread the word about this and to help
my fellow Christians about this, may you receive the honor and glory for
this Father, In Jesus name, Amen."

I went to bed and about 4:30 in the morning of September 27th, 2005 I
was awakened for the 2nd time ever in my life from a dream. I only
remember 2 dreams from when I was a child up through the age of 36.
And now since I have been born again, I have had 4 dreams now total and
2 of them have awakened me out of a sound sleep. The 2 that have
awakened me were both warning dreams. This dream was and is a very
personal dream involving a message that I needed to give to a family in
town about someone who is taking the wrong path, and there were also 2
other people in the dream that I have been praying for also. Seeing it is of
a personal nature to this family, I will not share this dream in detail. I will
only say that I was shown a person in bondage in the midst of hell and it
was not something you will want to see or experience. It was horrific, but
as I watched I was not worried at the time of seeing it, it was only after I
was awakened that the seriousness of the dream sent me into a series of
emotional prayers for the 3 people in the dream. The next day I was able
to give that urgent message to the family members who needed to pray
about this and intervene.

On September 28th, 2005 I was at work at the prison and my co-worker
was told to complete a shakedown of an inmate’s room looking for
contraband. While she was doing the shakedown on one side of the hall, I
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   144
started doing routine room searches on the other side of the hall. Directly
across from where she was doing a search, I was in a room of another
inmate who had the same last name of the inmate that my co-worker was
searching also. Now that is a coincidence in that two last names the same,
and that the rooms were across from each other. The first name of the
inmate I was searching was named Daniel, (Not the same Daniel who had
shared his chronology book with me, but different). While doing this
search I found 3 unauthorized items that the inmate could not have
because he had not purchased them legally through the prison canteen
system. They were a TV, a Fan and a remote control. All 3 items are
electronic in nature. The in house penalty for having an unauthorized
electronic item is 6 days Loss of Privileges. This is a newer policy that we
have had in effect for about 3 years only, maybe a little less. The most
days in a row of LOP that one can do is 6 days. Meaning if you have
multiple occurrences, you have to skip at least 1 day and then resume.
This inmates discipline for having these 3 electronic items is now, 6 days,
skip 1, 6 days skip 1, 6 days. A total of 18 days LOP, but they cannot be
done al in a row, that have to be done separately, 6 - 6 - 6. Do you see
what I see?

Well I took my break that day and I prayed to God and I said to God,
"Father, there it is, the Mark of the beast, a 6 - 6 - 6 just like that!" What
does it mean Lord? I then thought that Satan is a Thief and if these items
were stolen that it would mean to look for thievery, but the items weren't
stolen, they were just bought, or given as a debt to pay off or something
like that. The owner of those electronic items left prison 2 days before and
gave or sold these items illegally to this inmate whose room I found them
in. So it wasn't a theft. I then thought, well Satan is also a liar and a
cheater Lord, but nothing came to me. And then the Lord showed me what
was right in front of my face the whole time and He said, "What do you
get 6 days of LOP for?" I replied, "Any unauthorized property that is
ELECTRONIC in nature." A big BELL went off in my head like, DING
DING DING, you are correct! And the answer to my prayer 2 days ago
was now answered. The Mark of the Beast I warn to you all is and will be
ELECTRONIC in nature. In taking this mark you will not be written in the
book of life, period. DO NOT TAKE THIS MARK, OR THE
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   145
hand or forehead. You will be deceived and forced to take it or else you
wont be able to buy or sell anything! This will be very hard to do for a
modern citizen in today's economic world. But you must not take this
mark no matter what, your eternity in heaven rides in the balance. I DO
TAKE IT, PERIOD, under ANY circumstances! May our Lord and
Savior help us all in these trying times, Amen.

October 7th, 2005
A co-worker friend of mine loaned me some movies to watch. I brought
them home from work. When I got home, I received an email from
another friend who was asking for urgent and immediate prayer for her
daughter. I prayed for her fervently. The little girl named Sarah was going
into the doctor's office to have tests done on the possibility of Lymes
disease which comes from ticks. They had found a tick on her earlier and
were somewhat worried about this. Her Mother was led to contact a
certain group of people to begin intercessory prayer. I was one of those
whom she contacted. Sarah was hurting and in pain and it was hard for her
to even bend over. I prayed fervently and awaited God to let me know
what I could tell her Mom. Usually I receive things from God fairly
quickly when I do this for others. But today was different. I was not
receiving anything, and I had no encouraging words to give to her. Later
on I watched one of the movies loaned to me. The story plot was about
FBI agents and during a training mission a woman in the movie named
Sarah really messed up and called the scene ALL CLEAR way too early,
and the training mission went very badly because of it. The trainer said to
Sarah, "When is it ALL CLEAR?" She then responded, "It's not ALL
CLEAR until the drive home".
In the middle of the movie the other FBI agents in the movie teased her
again and the phrase, it’s not ALL CLEAR until the drive home" was said
again. Now at the very end of this movie, Sarah was the only original
trainee to survive and when the helicopter was landing to take them away,
the phrase prominently pops up again and, "When is at all clear?" the reply
was, "On the drive home."

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   146
Sarah survived, many others died in this movie. The movie ended and then
it just hit me, like WOW, little Sarah was going to the hospital today and
was getting some tests done. I emailed her Mom and then told her I had a
coincidence happen and I felt that it was for her to know. I told her, "The
ALL CLEAR for Sarah will commence on the drive home". I then also
wrote in the email, to let me know if ANYTHING happened on the drive
home from the doctor's office. She responded and told me that when she
was driving home from the doctor's office, the doctor called her on her cell
phone and told her that 2 of the tests came back looking great, even better
than expected - which was a great sign! We are awaiting one more test and
believe that that one will come back with great results as well. Thank you

November 9th, 2005
The Lord has been blessing me with my bowling. Last year I finished with
a 194 average. In years past I was always bowling about a 179, 180, and
181 average and about 5 years ago I was about a 169 average. Well this
year in the first 9 weeks of bowling my average has skyrocketed to a 211.
I know it is of God. Plain and simply put, with God, all things are
possible. But I still struggle with bowling at lanes that are super oily. And
so I prayed to God to help me find a new bowling ball that would help me
with oilier lane conditions. I am going to bowl in my first Pro-Am
tournament in 10 days from now in Milwaukee, WI and more than likely
the lanes will be oily, so I want to be ready if they are.

Well I got my new bowling ball in the mail today. I must have looked at
over 500 different kinds of bowling balls, and when I saw this one and for
the price I paid, it just set well within me to get this one. It is made by
Ebonite, the same maker of the ball I have now and have been bowling
with for the last 7 years, but this one is made with a new Particle Cover
stock. The name of the ball is called "Big Time". My son came home from
school and began playing his Play Station 2 game of golf that very same
day. A week or 2 earlier we had played it together and after that, I played
it myself and accidentally overwrote his name from the choices of names
in the list so that "Dad" was listed twice on this Golf game. So on the day
that I received my new bowling ball in the mail, I saw that my son was
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   147
playing the golf game under a new name that he had to create because I
had accidentally messed up his name that he had in the games system. The
name he chose was "Big Time". I really didn't even put the two of these
names together right then that instant. But later he came out after he
played and he saw my new ball and when he saw that it said "Big Time"
on the ball, he laughed and said that his senior classmates and he all use
this slogan as their class motto in that they all say it often and use it
regularly. I then asked him about the name he used on the Play Station 2
game and he confirmed that was the name he used and that he picked it
because of their class motto or slogan they have all been using at school. I
found this to be a very good sign and a coincidence occurring
consecutively that the ball I had prayed about for God to direct me to get
was confirmed and that this was indeed the ball I was supposed to have
gotten. I then went and had it drilled that night and I brought it to the same
man named Paul, who drilled my last ball out 7 years ago. I then took the
ball bowling and rolled a few test games and it is a very powerful bowling
ball. My 2nd game I rolled with this brand new ball was a 202! Glory to
God! What a set of confirming signs!

November 11th, 2005
My wife just called me tonight and was panicky. She said that a deer was
in the road and she swerved to avoid hitting it. She ended up going into the
ditch and I had to go to her aid at once. She said she was ok. Praise God!
We arrived where she had gone into the ditch and she was ok, the car was
ok, and the deer never did get hit and was also ok. We were able to turn
the car around in the very tall grass and just drive it right out. We needed
no tow truck or anything else to pull it out, but we brought some rope just
in case we needed it. There was nothing wrong with the car at all. Praise
God! This would be the 2nd time my wife has gone into the ditch with her
car, the last time the car was totaled, but she was also unharmed. That was
2 years and 8 days ago and almost the same time of the evening. I have no
idea what this might mean, but the hand of God was definitely watching
over her in both cases.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   148

November 14th, 2005
Yesterday I read a version of the book of John that disturbed me. It was a
version that is passed out as a small pamphlet type of book and it was a
version of Logos 21 and it was entitled Living Water. In John Chapter 5
verse 41, this version states that "I do not receive praise from men". I
thought about that and surely that must be incorrect, I mean how blatantly
obvious is that falseness? I prayed to God to show me of why it said that,
and I went to bed praising God, because I new that to be false. Today I
woke up and read my bible. I often have many questions that I ask God,
and He often answers them this way. I opened my Bible to where it
wanted to open, I just grabbed it and thumbed the side binding and let the
book open where it seemed natural to let it open, and it opened to Psalm
34. And there was my answer. For the Lord surely accepts our praise. This
“Logos 21” version is a poor interpretation. Psalm 34 verse 1 says, "I will
bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth".
Ahh now that's more like it! That is from the King James Version. I also
looked up the NIV and that book is also false in that it repeats what the
Logos 21 version said. The correct version of John Chapter 5 verse 41 is
this, "I receive not honor from men." The ASV version says "I receive not
glory from men". Why I am writing this is because there are false versions
and very poorly interpreted versions out there of the Bible. I use the King
James Version. If the devil wanted to trick us, do you suppose that he
would try and gradually, slowly over time, try and change just a few
things here and there? Sure he would! Why this is also so important to tell
you about is because when you truly have a question of God about
something you read in the Bible, and your heart is right, and the thought
behind your question is valid and righteous, the Lord will give you an
answer. You won't have to go anywhere else to find it, it will come to you.
You will need to pray about it and ask God, which is what you should be
doing always anyway, but you need to be reading your Bible daily, and
hopefully a KJV of the Bible. Now if you have another translation of the
Bible, you should also have on hand a KJV for checking things like
differences and when your spirit says to you, "Is that right?", "That doesn't
seem right?" And if you don't understand something, pray about it and
God will bring you the answer. Do not do this to test God, He knows in
your heart if your question is valid in the first place. And I also wanted to
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   149
tell you of the coincidence about just opening my Bible to the exact
correct page and verse that answered my question. it happens to me all the
time. It happens to other believers alot also. Just in church yesterday, we
had a choir come up from St. Paul / Minneapolis called Teen Challenge,
they are a Christian ministry that helps people get free from addictions,
drug abuse and alcohol. A man sitting in front of me opened his bible and
asked his son to pick a verse for today, the child thumbed through the
bible and pointed out a verse to his dad, this was a small child and the
child could not read. The child had randomly pointed out a scripture that
was this:
I Chronicles 15:16: And David spoke to the chief of the Levites to appoint
their brothers to be the singers with instruments of music, psalteries and
harps and cymbals, sounding, by lifting up the voice with joy.
So twice in 2 days, Did I hear of God pointing out the perfect scripture,
randomly just out of the blue. God is worthy so, worthy of our praise, for
those who want to know the truth and accept Jesus as their Savior, God
will go so far out of His way for us that we have no idea. The possibilities
are endless. And it's all done by faith, because we just know in our hearts
that this is indeed all very real. And it is impossible to please God without
faith. How could the Bible just be caused to open up to the very subject or
verse I was looking for? How could it happen time and time again? It
happens all the time. So I need to share this with you all. If you are truly
reading your bible daily, like you should be doing, even if it is just a
paragraph or 2, or a page or two or a whole chapter or book, you must read
some each day. And when you do, and you have questions, ASK THEM
of God, You have not because you ask not, and when you ask, ask, only
expecting an answer, or you shall be wasting your time. And then await
your answer with patience. This is faith, and faith pleases God. If you
diligently seek Him, you shall be rewarded.

November 19th, 2005
I entered my first ever PRO-AM bowling tournament which was taking
place in Milwaukee, WI. My Dad and I drove there and met. He drove
from Indiana, and I drove from Minnesota. I was expecting some very
good signs as when I usually get out on the road this is where God seems
to move is when I am out and about and doing things. First of all, my
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   150
bowling scores have really been skyrocketing, in that my average has gone
up 39 pins in the last 2 years. I am now 39 years old and another thing I
noticed as I was doing some research into bowling was that on a bowling
alley, there are 39 boards across the width of an alley. My Dad was also
born in "39". The cross the Lord showed me is on the 93rd parallel and
across the width of the country along the 39th parallel. So there is
definitely something to these 39's that are coming up lately. Well anyway,
I packed up my bowling equipment and headed for Milwaukee. Along the
way, I prayed to God to be able to hear some nice sermons on the radio
while I was traveling. And shortly after that, I heard a sermon about
Giving Thanks to God, and the Thanksgiving holiday was just coming up
as well, so it was a fitting sermon to listen to. I heard that sermon, and I
did thank god many times for allowing me to go to this tournament, and
for providing me the opportunity to compete. As I drove along the freeway
that sermon ended, and I switched radio stations. I again heard the exact
same sermon from the beginning on a different station. While I drove
some more and listened to it again, I switched the channels when it was
over, and found another radio station that played the exact same sermon
again! Hmmm I was thinking there must be something to this, hearing this
sermon in full 2 more times after I had found it the first time. Be thankful,
was what it said, and I was ever so thankful. I also prayed for someone
that the preacher talked about in the sermon who had cancer and yet while
suffering through his cancer, he still sits at the table with his family and
Thanks God, they go around the table thanking God while they continue to
eat, not just before, but also during. He has had his cancer for over 2 years,
and continues to praise and thank God. Wow, only a Christian could do

So I arrived in Milwaukee and on Saturday the 19th, I bowled in this
tournament. I was given the opportunity to bowl with 3 Professional
Bowlers in the PBA. We bowled 3 games, and during each game a Pro
bowled with you, and then the next game the Pro moved down one alley,
and then you got to bowl with a new Pro. So, 3 games total with 3 Pro's.
We bowled at the lanes called Bowlero Lanes about 10 miles west of
Milwaukee. I was assigned to lane 45 and 46. This bowling alley
establishment was huge. They had 72 lanes total and the lanes were
located in 2 separate parts of the building. On lane 45 and 46 the Pro who
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   151
was assigned to my lane to begin with was Walter Ray Williams Jr. He is
the 2nd all time tournament leader ever, with 40 PBA wins. He is behind
only Earl Anthony who has 41 PBA wins. So if Walter Ray Williams Jr.
gets 2 more wins, he will be the all time leader. But until then, he is
number 2. Hmmmmm, isn't that interesting, that I was able to bowl with
the 2nd best player in PBA history? What a divine appointment! Thank
you Jesus! There were 141 Pros that bowled with us, the odds of me
bowling with Walter Ray Williams Jr. was 1 in 141. I am sure God had
something to do with the lane assignments that day. Praise God!

Well I bowled, and not very well at all. In fact I figure I bowled so lousy,
that it looked as if I had never bowled before in my life! LOL! Wow, I
was so humbled by this - Big Time! (This is the name of my new bowling
ball). I bowled a 150, a 151 and a 138. Oh it was such a low score for me
that I could not believe it. I still had a very fun time talking with the Pro's
and watching them. They too had some troubles on these particular lanes.
They were rolling 170's and 180's on these 2 lanes I was assigned to. So
even though I did not bowl well at all, in fact very, very poorly, I was still
very Thankful that I was even there, and bowled right along side the Very
Best player alive today, 2nd all time Walter Ray Williams Jr. and whom I
think will soon be number 1 all time, but time itself and God, only knows
when and if that will come to pass. Walter Ray Williams Jr, was so nice,
he signed a photo and gave it to me and I never even asked him for one, he
just did it. I also had my picture taken with him and the other Amateurs on
my lane and he signed that as well. 2 signed photos I received from him.

November 21st, 2005
2 days later after bowling in Milwaukee, I returned home to bowl on my
league back home, and I was asked how I did. I told them that I could not
have bowled any worse, I was so humbled I told them, I had done so
poorly. At that tournament I wrote my average down as a 194, as I truly
had thought that that was my average from last year. When I returned from
the tournament, I received my USBC card in the mail and noticed that it
said a 196! Oh no, I thought! Had I done very well in that tournament, I
would have been disqualified for reporting a false average! Oh no! I had
never meant for that to happen, I had accidentally reported my average
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   152
incorrectly by 2 pins! I am now very thankful I did not perform well,
because if I had, and I had been found to have misreported my average, I
would have been fined, disqualified and not allowed to bowl in any more
tournaments for maybe like a whole year! Whew, I thought, that was
probably a good thing I bowled so poorly as to not have that happen.

I began to bowl that night and thinking I could not do any worse that the
138 that I had rolled in Milwaukee, for some reason I was again humbled
BIG TIME! I threw an amazingly low score of - get this - a 127!! WOW,
hahaha! I don't think I have thrown a worse game since I was a small
child! hehehehe! Oh I could only laugh and be humbled. I could not do
anything right, I put my new ball back in the bag, and got out my old ball,
and that didn't work either. After thinking about this whole thing and
getting laughed at a little by my teammates and others on the league, I
thought, well now what am I going to do? So I thought about it some
more, and decided, well, I am going to just have fun and not think about it
anymore. I got my new ball back out of the bag and decided I would battle
through this. I made a line adjustment on my approach and threw a 217
and then a 243! Oh thank you Jesus! I was back to bowling some nice
scores! A 587 series was a very respectable come back after rolling that
127 game.

December 5th, 2005
I was leaving to go bowling on my league, and a pain manifested in my
right foot, it made it very difficult to even walk. I told my wife and she
said, "Maybe it's a sign that you should not go bowling tonight?" No, I
thought. I said a prayer right then and there and said, "Father, in Jesus
name, heal my foot". The pain did not go away right that instant. I didn't
care, I went bowling instead. I hobbled out to my truck and drove to the
bowling lanes. When I got out of my truck there was only a little pain, and
by the time bowling started there was no pain left at all. It was perfectly
normal. Praise God! Exactly 2 weeks and 2 days after bowling in
Milwaukee, and which also happened to be the 13th week of bowling on
my league, in the 3rd game of that night, which was also my 39th game of
the year, I was given a gift from God that still has me in a state of
jubilation, awe and wonderment! I rolled my first ever perfect game of a
300! I could not believe it, it was a miracle to say the least! I was the last
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   153
bowler bowling that night and everyone was watching. They all new that I
had 9 strikes going into the 10th frame and needed 3 more for the perfect
game. They all watched, no one else was bowling. I was soooo nervous
and shaky. I threw 1 more in the 10th and then another and needed just
one final strike. I threw the ball and then crouched down. I had tunnel
vision as my adrenaline was definitely pumping through my body. We
watched as the ball came in a tad high in the pocket and the pins really did
explode! I thought YES! WOW! And then I saw the 4 pin just standing
there and thought, WOW, a 299 game! But then a pin came from the back
right corner and started to bounce, and bounce and hop toward the 4 pin
that was left standing, and this pin kept bouncing and then the miracle
happened…. it tapped the 4 and the 4 pin slowly fell over! The place went
nuts and let out a loud cheer! It was amazing, and so dramatic. I will never
forget it. Thank you Jesus! When that pin fell over, I just stood up and
pointed both of my hands and fingers to the sky and looked up and said
very slowly, Thank You! I ran back to my teammates and shouted Thank
You Jesus! I am the 4th bowler to have ever gotten a perfect score at the
bowling alley in my town. The last one who did it was named Joel.
(Interesting huh?) I decided to buy everyone who wanted one a celebration
drink. The waitress brought me the bill and the total was 37 dollars. I
reached into my pocket and I had one a couple of pots during the night and
even the high pot for getting the 300 game, and when I added up the
money in my pocket plus the winnings of the card game that Roche threw
in, I had 39 dollars! WOW, I thought I gave the waitress the 37 dollars to
pay for the drinks and then was left with 2 dollars; I gave them to her for a
tip. I rolled my first game a 247, and then I rolled my 2nd game a 235 and
then the 300 which made for my first ever 700 series game of a 782,
beating my last high score by 99 pins! WOW, what an increase! I have
never even bowled a 279 game which would be all strikes except 1 - 9
spare. So I bypassed that mark and skipped right over to a perfect 300
game, and a 99 pin increase in high series. What a leap and a jump!

What I find really amazing is that God is really doing and telling me
something with these occurrences of 2's and now as of lately the 39's are
popping up all over the place. During the evening of bowling, there were a
few kids watching their Dad bowl and I called a little boy over who was
about 8 years old, I asked his Dad if it would be ok if I asked his son a
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   154
question, and if his son got it right, I would give him a dollar to go play
some games. His Dad said sure go ahead. So I asked the young boy this
question, and told him if he answered correctly, I would give him the
dollar. To which he seemed very excited because he looked bored sitting
in the chair, and he wanted to go and play, but had no more quarters. I
asked him the Question, "Why do we celebrate Christmas?" And he
thought and thought, and then his eyes just lit up, and he answered,
"Because that is Jesus' birthday!" There were about 6 other bowlers on my
league, who I didn't know were listening in to all of this, and when the
young boy answered correctly, the whole bunch of them all cheered loudly
for him for getting it right! I was very happy for the young boy. I gave him
his dollar and he went and played. Had I not done that, I would have had
40 dollars in my pocket, but as it turned out, I had only 39. These 39's are
really making me think and pray. 39 boards on the bowling alley, my Dad
born in 39, I am currently 39 years of age, my 39th game was a perfect
300 this year, I had the 39 dollars in my pocket when I did it, and for a 2,
the bill was 37 dollars leaving me with only 2 dollars left for which I gave
for a tip. The cross the Lord showed me is on the 93rd and 39th parallel. I
have visited the 3 points along the 93rd but have yet to visit the ones along
the 39th. There are 4 points left to visit, and I left that 4 pin - ALMOST -
on that last strike. My address is 930 there is a 93 in it, and my phone
number has a 39 and a 93 in it. What are the odds of all of this? Right now
I am thinking that these 39's are really adding up to something big here, I
am guessing that it might be time to visit the other 4 points of the cross i
have yet to visit, but I do not know this for sure, and if it is just that, I do
not know how I am going to be given the opportunity to go to them. God
will work this all out I am sure of that. The number 39 is really a
significant number for healing, in that the verse "By His stripes we are
healed". That is referring to the lashing that Jesus took for us, the Romans
gave 40 lashes in those days save 1. Anymore would kill a man. And the
Save 1 was because they had a rule that if the man giving the lashes made
a mistake and gave an extra, he would then have to suffer 40 lashes. So
they always saved 1 for just in case. So the Lord received 39 lashes, or
stripes, the Bible says, and for this He suffered, and by these stripes He
took, we are healed. Our country needs a healing, and I feel that this cross
over our country, is for a healing, and that many will be healed. But when
will it be, and when will this take place? I do not know, but are these 39's
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   155
that are coming up like this telling us that the time is near? I can only hope
and pray that this is so. But the Lord shall continue to guide me in this.
The timing of something this grandiose has to be prefect like the timing of
getting a perfect score in bowling, on my 39th game, when I had 39
dollars in my pocket at age 39. This is just way to coincidental for this not
to be of God. This is getting very exciting, very exciting indeed.

Oh one other thing I wanted to share with you all and that is this. While
rolling my 2nd game, the player I was competing against, had an error in
his score, which if not corrected, would have given me and my team the
point for that game. I noticed it and pointed out the error, which of course
made me lose the point, but it was the right and fare thing to do. And this
is also why I feel that I should have not done well at the tournament in
Milwaukee because I had written down my average incorrectly by 2 pins.
Even though I did not do it with intent, and it was truly an accident, it was
still my fault for not verifying this score correctly and I assumed it was a
194 when it really was a 196. In the Bible it talks about this very

Look at the 2's here! WOW! My perfect game happened on 12/5/2005 - so
look at this verse number! Glory to God, a message within a message!
2 Timothy 2:5 "if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned,
except he strive lawfully"
In the Modern King James version it says this, "also if anyone competes,
he is not crowned unless he competes lawfully"
In the American Standard Version it says, 'And if also a man contend in
the games, he is not crowned, except he have contended lawfully"
Another version says, "And if a man competes in athletics, he is not
crowned unless he abides by the rules".
I know I have told you all about the different versions of the Bible out
there, and we do need to be very careful of this also. So if you compete in
athletics, games, masteries of skills, do this only by the rules of the game,
less you will not be crowned. Amen, and thank you Jesus for these words
of truth for us to live and compete by.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   156

January 14th, 2006
My wife and I had just finished with a vacation we took to Florida to
celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time, Praise
God! The weather was very nice as opposed to the cold in Minnesota we
were normally accustomed to. The 70 degree days were very pleasant. As
we boarded the plane in Orlando, Florida to return home to Minnesota
something a bit odd occurred. Firstly, when I had booked our flight, we
were booked on a flight to Florida that was a non-stop flight. These are
nice so you can go directly and quickly to your destination. But on the
return flight we were booked to have a one stop layover in Chicago, and
then hop on another flight from Chicago to Minnesota. A few weeks after
booking the flights, we received notice from the airlines that our One Stop
flight was now changed to a non-stop flight. At the time of booking our
tickets, this no-stop flight was all filled up. But now it had seemed that
there was now an opening for both my wife and I on this previously all
booked flight. I took it as favor from God. Now on our return trip, we
would not be seated next to each other, but we were in rows 10 and 11.
Her being in seat 10 F and I was seated in row 11 E. So we could still see
and talk to each other on the flight. I tried to see if at the last minute we
could get re assigned to seats that would be next to each other, but that did
not happen. And when that did not happen, I knew it was meant for me to
possibly meet someone on the plane that I would be sitting next to.

Well as we boarded the plane, a man was standing at row 10 and was
holding a ticket for seat number 10 B, but this plane had no B seats, as the
left side of the plane only had 2 rows of seats A and C, and the left side
had D, E, F. So this man was perplexed as to where to sit. I passed him by
and looked at row 11, seat E and there was a man sitting in my assigned
seat. Hmmmmm, I thought, I wonder what is up with this? I asked the man
to see his ticket to which he complied and showed it to me. I saw that on
his ticket he was supposed to go to Atlanta, Georgia! WOW, he was on the
wrong plane and then the other man who was standing as there was no seat
B, also looked at his ticket and saw that he too was on the wrong plane!
WOW, 2 guys on the wrong plane, one in my wife’s row, and one in my
seat! Wierd huh? Very odd and rare that this would occur. So these 2
gentlemen left the plane before we took off, and needed to catch the next
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   157
plane to Atlanta, which was leaving at the same gate in about 45 minutes.
But our plane left very late and therefore must have caused some of their

Our flight went fine, other than the fact of being delayed, many planes
were re-routed that day away from Orlando due to high winds that day.
And as we flew back to Minnesota, the plane was flying into a very strong
head wind, which did not allow us to make up any time. So we landed 40
minutes late in Minnesota. When we landed, the plane stopped at our gate,
and the people all unbuckled and started getting their bags. The pilot
spoke over the intercom speaker system and apologized, but told us that
there was a new man parking the plane and he had accidentally told the
pilot to stop the plane 2 feet short of where the plane needed to be. So the
pilot had to ask us all to sit back down and so he could restart the plane to
be able to move the plane up 2 more feet. This took an additional 5
minutes to do, adding to the time we were delayed. I also thought this was
very odd, I have never seen that happen before. The fact that the pilot said
we needed to move up exactly 2 feet more got my attention and the fact
that it was a rare occurrence also caught my attention. Added to the 2
gentlemen who were on the wrong plane, and one in each of our rows, and
one in my very seat, was another oddity and rare thing. What this means I
have no idea, 2 men on the wrong plane that were supposed to go to
Atlanta, especially one of them in my row and seat and the other in my
wife’s row with no seat, and then the plane stopping 2 feet short when we
arrived. This was very odd, 2 things happening twice and consecutively.
Lord, what do these signs mean?

January 15th, 2006
During Church today during praise and worship, I was praying for God to
become intimate with us, and to touch us, to touch our hearts. As we got
deeper and deeper into praise and worship, I began to suddenly become
overwhelmed with tears. I began crying with joy while singing praise to
God. I then looked around to see if anyone else was so touched, and a
woman who was playing the guitar on the stage as part of the worship
team, also began crying as I was. The Pastor also felt the touch of God and
called all those who needed prayer up to the pulpit to receive prayer. I
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   158
began praying for God to touch those who needed prayer and I kept
praying and praising God as to not quench the Holy Spirit while He was
ministering to us. I then got a Word from God and He said to me, "There
is healing at the cross." I told this to the Pastor. I don't know what the Lord
wanted to do at that time, to heal those who would go to the cross or was it
for later, maybe to be at the Cross Fest. But in my prayers while God
spoke to me, I was praying for others, so I feel it was meant for them. Our
church is in the state of the finishing touches on the brand new church we
had built. And there had been a beautiful wooden cross that someone had
made, but it had never been hung up yet. When I returned from my
vacation, I saw that this new cross was now hung front and center over the
main area in front of the Pulpit. I took notice of this new item as it was not
there before, but now I had seen it. And then to hear God say to me,
"There is healing at the cross". I think the Lord is trying to tell us as a
body to get ready, to be in one accord, and that healings are coming. I
hope we did not miss them.

March 20th, 2006
I went bowling tonight and I rolled a series total 666. Oh man I thought, I
don't like that number, and this would be the 2nd time in my life I have
rolled a 666. The last time it happened I felt like, ok, divide that by the 3
game average, and then I would have a 222. That made me feel better, but
I still rolled a 666 a 2nd time. So now what? Hmmmmmm is all I could do
was be humbled. So I went home, and as soon as I sat down to watch the
evening news, there was a story on the TV about these guys putting little
radio tag chips that look like tiny pills inside of their hands! They are
called RFID chips and right now they are not approved for human
insertion. They are for animals. These guys are getting them from Vet
clinics for 2 dollars a piece! Then they are having their friends who are
like med students put them under their skin in their hand, (the one I saw
was in the right hand but they were doing both sides also) and then they
would walk up to their front door and put their hand by the lock on the
door and it would electronically open. They say the potential is limitless,
and there are many things like credit card verification that they could use
this for. Well after being given a sign about an electronic device as a Mark
of the Beast, now we can see this starting.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   159

March 23rd, 2006
My wife and I drove down to a meeting place to pick up our great
nephews (IDENTICAL TWINS) and to baby-sit them for the 2nd time. Oh
they are so cute but alot of work! While driving I heard on the radio
station that my wife likes to listen to that they would give out free tickets
to a country fest concert to caller number 22. Well, If it would have been
caller 10, or 15 or 18, I would not have even thought about trying to call in
to win the tickets. But seeing as how it was for caller number 22, I
grabbed the cell phone and started dialing away to k102. My wife was
sitting in the back seat with the twins and I noticed in my rear view mirror
that she had grabbed her phone and was also dialing away trying to get
through to the radio station to win the tickets. Well I said a prayer before I
started calling. And then I dialed and dialed. I really believed that I was
going to win. After about 12 times calling, it started ringing instead of the
dreaded busy signal sound. I let it ring and ring and ring. I bet it rang 20
times, and the DJ answered the phone and I asked if I was caller number
22. And he shouted your going to Country Fest! I was like...SAWEEEET!
I thanked the Lord for the tickets; I knew he had everything to do with it,
from the last minute radio station change. to even going down to get the
twins to be within listening range of the station, to having the DJ call out
number 22, to letting me be the 22nd caller. It was fun! Pray first, have
faith it will be heard and given. Were you led to pray about it? I was led,
because of the number 22, like I said; would I have won if it were caller
number 15? I don't think so. So this is what I would like to share with you
as far as this entry into the book 2, is.... Keep on the look out, be watchful
always, and when God's trying to get your attention, then you will know
what to look for. Thank you for the Tickets Lord!

April 10th, 2006
Wow, all I can say about this is wow, DOUBLE WOW!

Back in December, I bowled my highest game ever, a perfect game of 300,
along with a 247 and a 235 for a 782 series, which happened to also be my
high series ever. Our league ended today and those 2 scores were the
highest of the league. So I received those 2 honor awards. It gets better!

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   160
My team took 2nd place both halves of the season, so we finished overall
with a 2nd place finish and took home the 2nd place trophies! It gets even
better! Remember the miracle of the 39's on that night? I am 39 years old,
a bowling lane has 39 boards across it, and after I rolled that 300 game it
was our leagues 39th game of the season, and I had 39 dollars in my
pocket at the end of the night after winning the high game pot and a
couple of other pots. I thought about that and that could only mean 1 thing
that the LORD showed to me over the US along the 39th latitude lines and
the 93rd longitude lines. Now check this out. ON the last night of our
league, we have a fun night, and we bowl a no tap tournament. Seeing as
how there are 90 games in the regular season, these last 3 no tap games are
for fun, but we have a prize fund going and some side pots that we put
into. These 3 games would then be considered the 93rd games of the
season. Guess what happened? Oh wow! I am floored! There is no way
this could be made up or duplicated any other way then the Lord having
his hand in all of this, and I know HE DOES! In the no tap tournament we
had 2 pots going. One was a scratch pot, and 1 was the main pot using
handicap scores. In the MAIN pot I took 2nd place over all with a score
of, get this..... a 782!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that sound familiar!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
It even gets better than that! After entering all the pots and winnings and
buying a pop or 2, 93 dollars is what I had at the end of the night! And I
bowled a 782 on the 39th game and a 782 on the 93rd game! I had 39
dollars in winnings on the 39th game and I had 93 dollars in winnings on
the 93rd game! The CROSS is on the 39th and the 93rd! Is not this an
awesome set of signs and coincidences showing us all that there is a
CROSS that THE LORD HAD MADE along the 39th and 93rd latitude
and longitude lines over the USA? OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! The duplicate
scores on these 2 dates is amazing, the fact that the pot totals that I won
matched the game numbers is incredible! That fact that it all happened on
the 39th and 93rd games matching the cross lines, is just mind blowing
and amazingly miraculous, this whole thing is one huge grandiose miracle
and if you can't see this yet, I just pray your eyes be opened to the wonder
of this all. The Lord is doing something through these signs. I am no
special perfect person. I am truly humbled by this, amazed and blown
away. I just know there is going to be a cross fest at the 7 points along the
cross, I just don't know when. Glory to God, this is just mind boggling,
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   161
jaw dropping, and I just keep on reading my bible, and learning more, and
praying, and talking to and telling alot of people about what God is doing.
Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is pleasing to God, and if you want to
see miracles and help the Lord, you can, by believing, and following Him.
Share your testimonies no matter what people think of you, just be honest.
Oh yes, I have made mistakes, plenty of them. But I am still trying at least
and still trying to learn more, and still sharing what I have learned. Look at
what the Lord has done through me in only 3 years; look at what he did
through me after only a few months! Just grab a bible folks and believe
what is written in it and start doing it! I haven't told any of you this before,
but the Lord has also given me some dreams over the past 2 years. I have
had 8 to date so far. And they have all been amazing. The first dream I had
came to pass after 6 months, it was a warning dream. Another one came to
pass in 5 days. Another was to send me on a mission and deliver a
message. That was a saving message for a young teen in trouble. Another
one was an anointing. 4 have yet to pass or I should say, I have not gotten
the full meanings of them to me yet. I have not gotten the interpretation of
what they mean just yet. But they are all recorded in my personal journal
and I share them with a few of my Christian friends and pastor. Some of
them are a little frightening, so I am not going to go into detail about them
because they are not fully explained to me yet and I don't know if they are
alarms for the US, the World or just for me. And I am trying not to forgo
any conclusions without confirmations. But I have the full meaning of 4 of
the dreams, and 4 I don't yet. We shall see. I may have another book to
write or another chapter about dreams from God, we shall see. Thank You
Lord for teaching me, and allowing me to share these wonderful
testimonies of Your power and grace. Amen.

April 21st, 2006
I prayed about my Son wanting a different vehicle. I made sure I pray first
before everything. I am not perfect, and sometimes I do forget, but I really
do try my best. After praying, we decided that we would help our Son buy
a small fuel efficient pick up truck. We looked around the internet and
found one we liked. We did some research, saw some other pricing of
similar trucks and thought about getting it for him. I decided that the only
way that we could afford to do this was for my Son to take out a loan and
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   162
for me to co-sign with him. But that what we would do would be a step of
faith. I would sell my other car and use that money to give to him towards
this truck. And that in faith we would sell it, and then pay off the loan after
about 6 months so that my Son would be able to receive some credit which
he currently has none. The faith part was in that A.) This would be a very
good truck. B.) That we would buy it first in faith and that we would be
able to get the loan and then pay it off with the sale of the car, which
would be part C. So alot of things needed to happen and will still need to
happen. So we drove a very long ways to get this truck, we felt that it was
worth the drive, for this vehicle was in mint condition for its type. I filled
up my tank and drove down to get it. When we pulled in to the man's
driveway, I was about floored! We drove 202 miles, I had set my
tripometer! I thought WOW; now this is a very good sign! So then we test
drove the truck and it was a good runner, and very mint condition. We
bought the truck. We drove the 202 miles back home and when I walked
in the front door I was floored again! The clock showed the time of
2:02am! Wow, another great sign I thought. What are the odds of that? I
am really sure we picked the right truck and my Son was just so happy and
excited about the whole thing. It was great to see this in him. He wants to
join the Coast Guard and so he may be leaving us soon. We shall see.

April 22st, 2006
Well the next day after a very long and tiring drive, we went to the store
and my wife mentioned that she would like to look at the Animal Shelter
for a dog. I kinda cringed, oh boy, here she goes again! LOL! She has
been talking about wanting a dog for about 3 months and has been talking
with friends and looking on the internet at many styles and photos of
different dogs. I am just thinking, oh the caretaking of them, who's going
to walk it, pick up after it, what are we to do with it when we go away on a
trip, etc...etc... But she was always saying, she would, and she wanted to
take it on walks, and mostly to be a companion to her when our son
leaves. Hmmmm, I prayed about the dog thing like maybe three times.
And this day for some reason, I gave in, and pulled into the Animal
shelter. Well wouldn't you know it, my wife found a dog, but someone had
laid claim to it already, paid for it, but then changed their minds and never
closed the deal. Then that very day someone else laid claim to it but
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   163
wanted to come back with his wife later and see if she liked it, but that
person did not put down any money as a retainer, so they could not legally
hold the dog. So I asked them then, if we wanted it and paid for it, would
he be ours then? They said yes, that their policy was to only hold the
animals for sure only if money was put down, and that there was no
money down on this dog as of now. Wow, Ok, My wife was melting; I fell
in hook line and sinker. We went and bought all kinds of dog stuff and my
wife was just as excited as my Son was the other day about his new truck.
I was so happy to see her so happy, it felt good. My whole family was so
excited! So on the 22nd we adopted a dog named Shorty. The shelter had
the name picked, but said we didn't have to keep it that if we didn't want or
like that name. After we got into the car and were bringing Shorty to his
new home, I looked at my wife and said, you know I said, "The dog's
name is Shorty, and you were looking for companionship to replace Mike
Jr. when he leaves right?" She said, "Yeah". I said, "Well the dog's name
is Shorty!" And she didn't get it. I said what does your sister call Mikey?
Then she went, WOW! Like a bright bulb went off in her head! My son's
only real nickname growing up other than Mikey, or just Flipp as his last
name from other kids at school was Shorty. So the fact that my wife got a
dog named Shorty was really supernatural I think. And now that she was
involved in this one and was with when I talked about faith in buying the
truck, she is really coming around and finally starting to see what I have
been wonderfully excited about the last 3 years! Hallelujah! She knows
about the 2's, she can't help but know about them, but I don't really think
she really sees what I have been seeing and shown. But these last 2
instances of 2's really got her, they really got her attention. Thank You
Jesus for the truck and the dog and for making my family really happy
these last 2 days.

July 9th, 2006
Today was a day that again amazed me. I was in church and the Pastor
mentioned that it was membership Sunday. I had thought about becoming
a member of the church, I had asked a few simple questions but I had no
idea what it meant and or what was to be expected. I didn’t know if I was
supposed to become a member of this church or not. But as people were
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   164
standing up, people who had been going to the church for a while and
wanted to become official members, they were standing up and telling
everyone why they wanted to become members of this particular church
body. While the people, who wanted to become members, one by one
stood up and spoke to the congregation, I began praying in my seat. I
prayed to God for guidance about being a member, should how, give me a
sign, guide me Lord as to what you would have me do this day concerning
membership. I received nothing. Not a Word, not any sign, no
coincidence, and I sat there and was prepared to do just that – nothing. The
last couple stood up and gave their testimony and told of why they wanted
to become members. But their story started really touching my heart. Not
that the other stories that the others told were any less touching or
meaningful, but this couple’s story touched me in that they were speaking
and tears were coming out. Sara and Ryan were the last 2 people giving
their testimonies and becoming members. Ryan began crying during his
testimony and I felt his words and emotion, and the emotion of his
testimony and his fiancé (they were to be married in a week or 2.) and
after hearing their testimony, I was so moved, I raised my hand and I
asked the Pastor if there was room for 1 more. And he said, “Well….Sure”
So I walked up and I stood in front of the congregation and I started to tell
them how I was led to this church in the first place 3 and a half years ago
and how I received the signs from God about Pastor Tim and Pastor Jim
being from the West Side when I was baptized by them. The coincidence
there was that when I was growing up on the West Side of Saint Paul, I
used to play with 2 brothers named Tim and Jim, and so when I heard
Pastor Tim introduce the 2 of them, “Hi, We’re Tim and Jim from the
West Side”. And how when he said that, I just went WOW, what are the
odds of that. So telling this story in front of the congregation, I got 1
sentence out, and then I started bawling and crying and sobbing, I could
hardly talk. My heart was so touched from the previous testimonies, and
now God was touching me also. It must have taken me about 10 minutes
to tell a 2 minute testimony as I was trying to talk in between sobs and
tears. But at the end I told about the coincidence and the congregation did
a “Wow, Really? WOW” kinda thing. I guess quite a few boxes of tissues
were used also, as many eyes were a watering right along with mine.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   165
Now here is the interesting part, and I didn’t even realize it until Ryan and
Sara were married. I saw their invitations and I hadn’t at the time known
what Ryan’s last name was, but then I saw what it said on the invitation
card, Ryan’s last name is McKnight. Stay with me now here and put this
together now. Tim and Jim – 2 Pastors from the West Side Church,
baptized me. I used to play with 2 brothers named Tim and Jim from the
West Side of Saint Paul. Both places only refer to themselves as being
from “the West Side”. I was led to that church after this coincidence and 3
years later became an official member of this church when I followed Sara
(The same name of the woman who handed me the flyer to go the West
Side Church’s picnic where I was baptized), and Ryan (who’s last name is
McKnight, which just so coincidentally was the name of the 2 brothers on
the West Side of Saint Paul who I used top play with!)

Now is that a coincidence or what? The answer is yes, and the answer is
God! Praise the Lord for confirming my membership. But how was I led
to do this, what if I was wrong in doing it, what if I should not have done
it because after all, I was praying to God and I surely was prepared to just
sit right there and do nothing unless I heard from God first, right? But
would that have been acting in faith? No. The key here is what I learned
and how I learned it. I was moved to do what I did because of what I felt
in my heart. And If I make the wrong move based on a heart felt decision
and happen to be wrong, I will learn from those also. But sometimes I feel
we sit still too much and wait for God and do nothing, when we should do
something. I know sometimes we need to wait on God, and had I not been
touched in my heart so much, I don’t think I would have moved the way I

And lastly to close this chapter, I mainly talked this day in church about
how I really wanted to get baptized, and I asked this church if they did
them, because I need it done right away, the sooner the better, and they
were not prepared to do one, but they did during this picnic in downtown
Moose Lake at the spur of the moment. Just like how I prayed to God
about wanting it done. After church this day, members of the congregation
all went to one of the member’s homes and were baptized. I thought it was
so appropriately timed and so perfectly arranged, that it must have been
perfectly choreographed by God himself. Wow, Praise God!
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   166

July 15th, 2006
I had an interesting set of events happen over the last 4 days ending today.
For the past 9 years my Dad and I go to a music festival called the
Moondance Jam. This year my Dad did not make it. He had a series of
events unfold that more or less told him he should not go. He forgot the
tickets, another vehicle crashed when the tire fell off, no one was hurt. But
things just didn't line up I guess. So I went this year without him. I hung
up my banner advertising this story and the signs God has given to me,
and began talking to the people there whom I have met and known for 9
years now. The first coincidence that happened was that I received a cell
phone message and the time it was left was 10:11 am. This message was
from Judy telling me that my Dad was not going to make it. Our main
campsite numbers are 10 and 11. Hmmmm I thought. This year turned out
to be the hottest on record. The heat was incredible. Maybe my Dad was
not supposed to be there to endure that heat? That is very possible. I also
know that because he was not there, I found myself visiting many more
campsites and doing more visiting, and this may have been another reason
also. Well if you have been reading this story over the last 3 years, you
know that when I go there to this event, God has done some very cool
things! Especially using guitar picks, yes Guitar Picks! I pray about
finding them for my friends and I give them away when I find them to the
person I feel would appreciate it the most. Well this year I again prayed
for God to lead me to finding some more. And sure enough, I did. And
was it fun! First I woke up early one morning and found a pick for Holly,
the 2nd one of her favorite band that I have given to her! Thank You Jesus
for that! The 2nd pick I found was given to Junior, a man who was visiting
from Indiana. The last night of the concerts I wanted to find one for my
friend Scott who has not gone in like 4 years, but I knew he liked the band
called the Doobie Brothers. So I prayed about it and was certain I would
find one that had been thrown into the crowd that many people had
missed, but as I walked around looking for one, I could not find one, I kept
asking God to show me where one was but after 10 minutes or so of
looking, I still had not found one. So I began to think that I was not
supposed to find one now, maybe tomorrow morning I should go look. So
I started walking away from the stage area, and when I was about 70 feet
away from the stage, in a spot where I thought would be way out of range
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   167
for guitar picks to get thrown, I looked down and saw one and picked it
up! I was wowed! Thank You Jesus I immediately thought. Just when I
thought all hope was lost, there it was! I walked back toward the stage
where Chad and Dan (I had given them each picks in previous years, see
the story of the last Jams I went to) and I showed them the pick! They
were like WOW! How do you do that? I said, “It aint me, It's God! He
guides me to them. I then began to tell them that I had the perfect person
for this pick that my friend Scott likes this band and he would really like
it. Chad was I guess, really hoping to have it. He had purchased a couple
of T-shirts of the Doobie Brothers and really liked them also. But I had
already told God that if I found one, that I was going to give it to Scott.
But seeing the look on Chad's face, I then hoped for another one. I began
to walk away again in the direction of where I found the last one and no
kidding, I found another one some 70 feet away from the stage. Just
minutes before this over a thousand people had probably walked right over
them, and I found another one! 2 identical picks from the base player of
this band! I walked back to where Chad and Dan were standing, and then I
held up both identical picks. Chad and Dan's jaws both dropped as they
stood there and said NO WAY in amazement! I looked at Chad and said,
“Do you believe now?” I asked him again holding those picks up to his
face, “Do you believe in God now?” Chad looked at me not saying a word
and nodded his head and said YEAH! I gave him the 2nd pick that I found,
and it was also the 2nd time God had me give him a pick, the first pick
God had me give to him was an amazing story also. So now with these 2
picks, Chad finally after me talking to him about God for 3 years, said he
now believed. I just hope he will understand that God really is trying to
get a hold of him and I hope he finds Jesus very soon. Dan who was
standing next to Chad was also amazed. Dan is even rethinking his belief
in God after these signs. His jaw was equally dropped with amazement.
He called me the pick master, meaning I am so lucky to be finding them
like this and every year also. I denied the claim. I said it’s not me, its God!
Can’t you see this! This is too remarkable for it to not be a wondrous sign
from God almighty Himself! They soon realized this when I found the 2nd
pick that night. The odds of this happening, very, very rare! Praise God!
Had I wanted these picks to be selfish and keep them for myself, I just
know I would not have found a single one. Giving them away, God has

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   168
used this to plant a seed of hope and faith in them that I pray will grow
now and be in fertile soil.

Another campsite that I visited often was some people that were next to
me and have been for like 5 years now. I was talking to them about the
coincidences and signs and after telling them of one, the older lady at the
campsite said to me, you know, I had something like that happen to me
once. I said well, tell us. So she began to tell us of how she was cooking a
Christmas meal one year way back and that she had gone all out preparing
this meal for her family. And she then found out that she had no cheese!
She thought, OH NO! The dish will be ruined without the cheese! But the
stores were all closed by now and there would be no way she could get
some cheese. But just then, there came a knock at the door. Almost perfect
timing! Well it was! And we know WHO has PERFECT timing right?
Well a man was at the door and he was a man who had earlier in the year
had asked her if he could hunt on their land. She gave him permission to
do so. Well here this man was now, and he was holding a 5 pound block of
cheese! WOW she thought what a coincidence! We all just marveled as
she told us this, and then something very awesome happened. As she
looked at me and I looked at her, I said to her, that was God! That
coincidence was God! And she smiled and then every hair on her arm
stood straight up and she got the goose bumps major like! I then held my
arm up next to hers and my hair stood up also and I got the goose bumps
also! Everyone around the whole campsite saw this, and then I said, that is
confirmation from the Holy Spirit! I then said, you were baptized were
you not? And she said YES, that she had been baptized many years ago. I
then said, I knew that you had been when that happened. I said then, what
are the odds, that sitting here in 98 degree heat, that with both get the
chills (goosebumps) at the same time in this heat? Everyone just got quiet
and I smiled and said See, God is trying to talk to all of us, we just need to
start listening. I know that God confirms His Words with signs and
wonders following, and when I go out and talk about God, He ALWAYS
confirms this with signs and coincidences and other things like the
goosebumps. I am sure during this 4 day party, many people were not
thinking about God, but I know God was thinking about them. Time is
running out I feel, we all need to start witnessing of the Kingdom of
Heaven is at hand. We need to get this message out. We need people to
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   169
know how to repent and to make Jesus their savior. And those who know
about God already need to grow their faith more and start stepping it up
and going out and talking to their friends, family, neighbors and co-
workers and whom ever else God plans for them to meet in a divine
appointment. John the Baptist preached, Repent for the Kingdom of
Heaven is at hand. Jesus preached, Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is
at hand. And then Jesus sent His disciples out and told them to preach
Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. We need to start talking
about God and quit being embarrassed at whether or not we may offend
someone. You must not let that bother you. You must be sensitive to the
holy spirit and pray first to be guided, but you must know that we all need
to start doing this more. If you truly Love someone, would you not tell
them the way to heaven? If, when it's all over, will your friend ever say to
you, if you loved me like a friend, why did you not tell me the truth?
Please, start acting in your faith in God and start telling people about God,
and start walking like the saints that you were meant to be. No ones
perfect, you won’t do it perfectly, but at least you will have done what you
were called to do. I think that people fear too much about what other
people think of them. Start thinking about what God is thinking about you.
And if they think you should be the one to talk for you are not following
God's ways, then maybe you will need to change a few things also within
yourself, so that you can be the new creature in God. I don't know it all.
How could I? I just know that being bold and talking about Jesus and
expecting/trusting God to come through when you do, has been, and is

September 23rd 2006
On this day the Lord gave to me something very, very special to share
with you all. It is a very Key thing to know about the end times and the
Day of Atonement and for the final tribulation. I myself don’t quite
understand all of it, but once you see the amazing coincidence that
happened, you should relate and also know that there is something very
important to this and that it means something for us all to know. I pray that
you see what this is telling you and that you pray about it and receive

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   170
meaning from it and obtain the wisdom and knowledge you will need in
the coming future regarding this.

Here are the events that transpired on this day, Rosh HaShanah.

First of all I did not know that this day was Rosh HaShanah. I was
working on another book cover design for Pastor Joel and his wife’s new
book about saving marriages. I kinda new that something was going to
happen because of the book covers I was designing. If you have read this
entire story you will remember that when I worked on the first cover of the
book, some very amazing things happened also. But now I was working
on 2 books at the same time! The first project was to redesign the first
book cover for a 2nd printing. The first printings of their book on saving
marriages have all been sold out, so they wanted to do a 2nd printing with
some changes to the cover design. Now along with that project they
wanted me to do a completely new design for a completely new book, Part
2 or the 2nd book on saving marriages. So now if you were me, and
knowing all these things about 2’s and coincidences and things happening
twice and consecutively, and you are working on 2 books, one a 2nd
printing and the other the 2nd book or part 2, wouldn’t you also be thinking
to yourself, hmmmm, now this has the makings of something

So while I was finishing up the graphics on the 2 cover designs, I received
an email from a man named Timothy. Not my pastor from church but from
a brother in Christ in whom I met on the internet and have shared some
things with. He sent me an email, well actually, he must have made a
mistake and accidentally must have hit the send button twice…I received
2 identical emails. Accident?...I don’t think so.

The email he sent me was about the day of Rosh Hashanah. Now keep in
mind that the end times are about a marriage of Jesus Christ / God and His
bride. I was working on 2 books about saving marriages, and now this
email comes in….

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   171
Here is the email he sent: (Please note that I have not done a study on this,
and that I also feel that there is one part of his email that I do disagree
with, I will point it out as you read below.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006 12:40:08 PM

The Feast Of Trumpets - “Rosh HaShanah”

To summarize:

The Feast of Trumpets is when the “last trump” of the Rapture of 1 Cor.
15 is

The Feast of Trumpets is known as the Wedding of the Messiah, and the
Church is the Bride of Christ, and the Rapture is when the Church is
up to heaven to be wed with Christ.

The Feast of Trumpets happens on the “new moon”, which is 29.5 days
the last one, meaning it might occur on the 29th or 30th day, nobody
for sure.

The “Open Door” of the Rapture in Matt 25, and Rev 3, & Rev 4:1 is a
of the Feast of Trumpets. [Ezek 46:1] “Thus says the Lord GOD: The gate
the inner court that faces east shall be shut on the six working days; but
the sabbath day it shall be opened and on the day of the new moon it shall

“Thus saith the Lord GOD; The gate of the inner court that looketh
toward the
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   172
east shall be shut the six working days; but on the sabbath it shall be
opened, and in the day of the new moon it shall be opened.” (KJV)

We are told that the new moon and the Feasts of the Lord are a shadow of
things to come in Col 2:16,17. Since the Feast of Trumpets is the only
of the Lord that falls on a new moon, we should take particular note.

There are seven Days of Awe in between the Feast of Trumpets and the
of Atonement. These picture the seven years of tribulation. Atonement
pictures Satan being defeated and cast away at the end of tribulation. If
add the two-day Trumpets Feast, and the Day of Atonement, the 7 Days of
Awe are “ten days of tribulation” which might be referred to in Rev. 2:10.

In the Jewish Wedding, a marriage takes place over a period of time
known as
the “bridal week”. During the bridal week, the groom and bride have
in the bridal chamber. At the end of the week, there is a marriage supper.
Compare Judges 14, Rev. 19, and Genesis 29:22-28. This bridal week will
the tribulation week on earth, while the bride of Christ is in heaven.

 (This is the part that I do not agree with as the Bride of Christ will be on
earth during the tribulation and when we are caught up then that will be
the end of this age and the Day of Atonement. I see nothing in scripture to
prove we will be caught up before tribulation, I wish it were so, and if I
am wrong, ok, but if I am right, I am saying to prepare yourselves to
withstand and to not be plucked up during the storm of tribulation and to
endure to the end.)

In the Jewish Wedding, the groom comes for his bride without warning to
take (seize / rapture) her away and into the bridal chamber for the bridal
week at his father’s house.

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   173
The Feast of Trumpets is also known as the coronation of the Messiah,
when he will start reigning as king, thus the beginning of the “Day of the
Lord”, which includes the Tribulation.

Jewish Wedding > Messiah's Wedding:

Jewish Wedding: The Jewish woman indicates acceptance of the man's
proposal by drinking a cup of wine

Messiah's Wedding: Jesus passed the cup of wine at the Last Supper and
when we drink we accept being His bride

Jewish Wedding: The Jewish man would pay a price to the parent's of his
new bride

Messiah's Wedding: Jesus Christ paid the price for us as His bride with
His life

Jewish Wedding: The Jewish man would then give his betrothed gifts

Messiah's Wedding: Jesus Christ gave us, His betrothed, the Holy Spirit

Jewish Wedding: The Jewish man would then go a build a place for them
to live once married

Messiah's Wedding: Jesus Christ said, "I go to prepare a place for

Jewish Wedding: The Jewish man then goes for his bride at midnight with
a host of people, shouting and blowing the shofar for his bride

Messiah's Wedding: The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a
shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God:

Jewish Wedding: The Jewish man and wife then spend 7 days alone to
consummate the marriage in their wedding chamber

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   174
Messiah's Wedding: The Lord and his bride, the church, shall spend 7
years alone to consummate the marriage, during the 7 years of tribulation


Now this email I had just received kinda made me think, WOW, what
timing! And how perfectly coordinated with what I was doing at that very
time with the 2 books on marriage! And the fact that he sent it accidentally
to me – TWICE! Accidentally? Hmmmm, again, I think not. And to add
one more confirmation to this, a co-worker of mine had told me that he
was planning on getting married on this day, so in my pocket calendar I
had written down over 2 months ago, the following statement, “Aldo
Wedding”. On the calendar in small print it did say, “Rosh Hashanah”.

So I have a very good feeling about the wedding of Jesus Christ and His
Bride the church that it is nearing. We are to be looking for Rosh
HaShanah, Feast of Trumpets and the New Moon as the start of this. It
does say on the bible that we will not know the day or the hour or the
times. It does not say we cannot know a year or even a season, as in the
time draws near when the fruit is about to come to the tree, we know that
summer is near. If this is the beginning of tribulation, then according to
what was emailed to me, there is a possibility of 7 – 10 years of tribulation
or as the email stated 7 days of AWE plus the 2 feast days and the Day of
Atonement, possibly meaning 10 years. It could be 7 years and 3 days. I
am not sure of all the exactness of this, I just know that the reason I got
this and when I got this means something because of the extraordinary set
of circumstances surrounding the marriage theme of this day and what was
all going on. This surely means something. Please pray and ask the Lord
to clarify these things to you, and then share them. Praise God to Him be
the Glory.

November 30th, 2006
While reading the bible today, I was reading in the Book of Revelation
and my son was watching the movie on TV the Pale Rider starring Clint
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   175
Eastwood. During this movie there was a woman in her kitchen in the old
west days, she was working in her kitchen and her daughter was reading
out loud from the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, “And I heard a voice
in the middle of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and
three measures of barley for a penny; and see you hurt not the oil and the
wine. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the
fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And
power was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with
sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”

Now as the daughter was reading this out loud in the kitchen, as she came
to the part where it said, “and behold a pale horse” she was looking out her
window and coincidentally this is when Clint Eastwood rode up on his
pale horse. It was really kind of eerie and quite coincidental. Not to
mention the fact that I was in the same section of the bible myself reading
this also at the same time! I was about to get to this very verse myself.

Now who is on the pale horse? Death and Hell followed with him, and
power was given them to kill one forth of the earth. That’s a lot of people.
Death and Hell get 25%, just like that, wow. These are definitely not saved
people, because a saved person would not be allowed to go to hell after
death came.

Now when this happened, again, as always, my flag goes up. And I prayed
for the meaning of this coincidence to God. That night my cat, which was
rather sickly, went outside, and never came back. He had walked off and
died. Death came over him. I thought this set of coincidences to mean that
God was letting me know that death was taking my cat. The next day I
called my friend Rob to discuss the coincidences and Rob told me he also
had been watching a show that night called Tombstone. In this show there
was a Mexican priest who was yelling at some bad outlaws who were in
their town. And the outlaws shot the priest. One man asked what the priest
was saying in Spanish tongue, as he could not understand the Spanish.
Another man responded and interpreted, that the priest was saying, “And I
looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death,
and Hell followed with him. And power was given to them over the fourth
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   176
part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and
with the beasts of the earth”.

Now I don’t know how many movies there are that specifically mention
and read out loud Revelation 6:8 and the Pale Horse and death, but there
can’t be many. There may be only 2, but if in the world of millions of
movies, there were 5, I would be impressed, as I don’t think there are that
many. So Rob and I got to thinking. I could see my instance of getting the
Pale Horse sign as in my cat died immediately after that. But Rob was
thinking, along with my signs, why did he also get the same sign? Is God
about to have the 4th seal opened in the world? Does it mean more than
what may be just specific for me? I pray you all to hear the truth and that
this serious matter is unfolding. We need to spread the gospel of the
Kingdom of Heaven, for it is at hand and repentance and remission of sin
is what is so desperately needed now. Please grant us all repentance Lord
in a measure that has never before poured out, In Jesus name, Amen.

February 19th, 2007
I prayed today to God to allow me to learn something today that will give
me understanding and discernment over what I would learn today. That I
would understand the truth to better myself and to better equip myself for
teaching others about God’s Kingdom coming.

I was led to a study about Mystery Babylon.

So I started reading some articles about America possibly being “THE”
Mystery Babylon.

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is
fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of
every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all
nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the
kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants
of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
(Revelation 18:2-3)
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   177
Now in doing this study, I was about a few paragraphs into an article and
after reading that America is Fallen, is Fallen, someone knocked on my
door and I went to answer the knock and saw that it was the FED EX
package delivery truck. I had no idea what it could be as I had not ordered
anything to be delivered. I took the package inside the house and I opened
it to find out that it was from my son who had just entered the Navy last
week. They had made him send home all the clothes he was wearing went
he went to basic training. I pulled out his clothes and lastly his tennis
shoes. I had never noticed this before, but on my sons 2 tennis shoes it
said, “Fallen” so 2 shoes saying “FALLEN”, “FALLEN”. This must be
some weird brand name of tennis shoe I have never heard of. But what are
the odds of this? Just starting a study on America being mystery Babylon
and then not just a few minutes into the study the knock at the door and
the shoes saying FALLEN, FALLEN? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much
torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and
am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. (Revelation 18:7)

And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived
deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall
see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment,
saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one
hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and
mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: The
merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and
fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all
manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood,
and of brass, and iron, and marble, And cinnamon, and odours, and
ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat,
and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of
men. And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and
all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou
shalt find them no more at all. The merchants of these things, which were
made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping
and wailing, And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in
fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   178
stones, and pearls! For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And
every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many
as trade by sea, stood afar off, And cried when they saw the smoke of her
burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! And they cast dust
on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that
great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason
of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. (Revelation 18:9-

I truly think that America is in real trouble here. Please get the word out
that we must repent, we must preach repentance and the remission of sins
in the Name of Jesus Christ, before it is too late. We are soon to be judged
for all the abominations that we have gotten the world drunk with, the
abortions and not following God’s commandments. We have but one
chance and that is to repent as a nation and turn from our wicked ways our
Father’s and us have led towards. God help us all, Amen.

March 14th, 2007
Tonight I was sitting here on my computer and I was actually reading over
some of my own testimony here. I was reading it over and it was actually
reminding me of some of the stuff that I wrote over 3 years ago. Unless I
am actually adding to this testimony, I usually don’t find myself reading
this. This was just one of the rare days I was. Well, while reading this, the
phone rings and I said hello, and a man asked me if I was in the Air Force
back in 1985 at Lowry Air Force base? I said yes, that was me. He then
said his name was Herbie Young. I was like, WOW, Herbie!

My roommate while I was in Tech School where I met my wife. Wow,
this was a rather unexpected treat! It's been 22 years! Herbie was married
already and still is. In fact, he was a Christian back then, but as we talked
he was not an on fire Christian. I was so happy to hear from him. Guess
what, he is now a Pastor in a church in Florida! I couldn't believe it! He
knew me when I was such a partier, actually he had done some pretty
crazy things back then also! LOL!

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   179
Well we talked for quite a while and he said that he found me by googling
my name and found my testimony online. I started to tell him about my
testimony and all of these coincidences, and then Herbie says to me, well
check this out. He then told me that he is also a real estate agent, and that
he works for Realty Executives! I was like, NO WAY! REALLY?

He works for the same company I do for real estate. I thought, WOW, this
is wild. I am a referral agent for Minnesota and I have one link on my
website to one other state that I was trying to see if I could generate leads
for. That one other state is Florida. Herbie is in Florida. And now he is a
Pastor? Wow! God has brought us together after 22 years, for something.
What that something is, we will just have to wait and see! Praise God!
These coincidences just keep coming and coming. He couldn't believe that
I was also now a Christian, he was very happy for me. I am just wowed by
this, what will God's plan be? He said that his first church that he was the
pastor at, that all of his deacons there were correctional officers! Wow
huh? What are the odds of this and these coincidences? We were actually
reading my testimony at the same time.

Wow. Wow. WOW! Praise God!

June 27th, 2007
This one is going to sound very prophetic, and I have no idea what the
outcome is going to be as of right now. I received a phone call at work
from a co-worker of mine (another Sgt.) who usually never calls me, but
was told to call me because of a coincidence that happened at work on his
unit. He said that they had moved an inmate into his unit and they moved
the inmate into room 213 bed 8. When they did that the inmate replied, I
was over in another unit and they also put me in 213 bed 8 over there. I
told him that this definitely was a coincidence but that the inmate was the
one it happened to and that the inmate really needed to keep his eyes open
for more or to see what this means to him. But I thanked my co-worker for
telling me this. But I did not think that this had anything to do with me and
my coincidences at all.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   180
An hour later, another co-worker of mine, (another Sgt. also named James)
called me and said that he had been experiencing a coincidence in that his
entire unit count was in multiples of 12. There were 96 on the unit, 12 in
the kitchen and 36 in industry totaling 144. 8 dozen + 1 dozen + 3 dozen =
12 dozen. He said that he doesn’t think that his count has ever turned out
like that before. I told him that this might just be something that he needs
to be aware of and that for the rest of the day and for a little while after
this to be very sensitive to this number 12. Be on the look out and see
what becomes of it. Again I did not think that this meant something for
me, but again as in the last phone call, this meant something to the person
that it happened to.

I went home after work and a few hours later I thought about the 2
coincidences of 2 people calling me about their coincidences, and I kinda
got that dumb look on my face and went….. Oh wow, DUH! That one
about hit me in the face and I didn’t even see it! I thought all along that
those coincidences that they were calling me about were for them and
them alone. LOL, I am telling them to be aware, be on the look out, and I
about miss my own coincidence. A coincidence none the less, of 2 people
calling me about none other than ….coincidences, haha, wow! But now go
figure this, 2 Sgt’s call me, they hardly ever call me to chat about
anything, but today they were each calling me about a coincidence that
happened to them in their unit because they know that I am into
coincidences big time. I attribute every one of all these coincidences to
God and that they are just random events happening by chance, they
couldn’t be, not after this many of them, no way Jose’. Poor, Jose’ ,
always getting told no.

So putting the 2 coincidences together, and the fact that they had been
given to me using other people, I am taking that this coincidence is not for
me and for me alone; but that it is for others and that I should tell others
about this. Here is the hard part though, I am not sure what it means, and I
am not sure that I am interpreting it correctly, but I have seen no other way
to interpret it as of yet, and so I will let you in on what I think and what I
know at this point, and then we will see from there. Here we go.

The inmates room was 213 bed 8 or we could write it like this 2/13/08
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   181
The next thing was 12, everything about the unit count was of 12. So we
could say 12:00

And putting the 2 together we have 2/13/08 12:00

Or something with 12 or 12 of something on 2/13/08.

What will happen on 2/13/08? We can only wait and see. It could be good,
it could be bad. I just know that this sign means something and involved
others, so I am to share it. I had something like this happen one other time,
but it happened to me and me alone, and I was not to share it. This, is, just
wow. Time will only tell. And did I even interpret this sign correctly?

July 15th, 2007
My wife was baptized today, Praise God! Wow! Patience really pays off!
On this day the pastor (the same pastor who baptized me also) also
baptized 2 couples at the same time, and he said right after he did that, that
it was the first time he had ever baptized 2 people at the exact same time,
but later, he did it again because another couple came forward and was
also baptized together at the same time. This is a significant point in
someone’s walk with Christ and it is very memorable, and to have this
occurrence of the 2 – 2’s happen during this event is quite the sign.

Feb 6th, 2008
I had purchased some hamburger from a farmer friend of mine as he
wanted to sell off 350 pounds of hamburger and he needed to sell it or he
would have to ship the cow to the stock yard. I made some calls to friends
at church and asked them if they wanted to buy some burger? A few
families agreed and so I told the farmer friend of mine to go ahead and
butcher the cow, and that we would buy up all of the burger. We delivered
the burger to the families and at one families house The “C” family, we
went inside for a very nice visit. I had some time to share with them about
the cross along the 93rd longitude line and the 39th latitude line. I also told

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   182
them about the amazing coincidence I had bowling where I bowled the
perfect game on the 39th game of the season and had 2 like scores on the
39th and 93rd games of that season as well as matching dollar amounts in
my pocket. They were pretty amazed and they even said a really nice
prayer over what I had told and shared with them. The very next house we
went to, The “R” family, we had told them that we were going to be going
to the “J” family next as they were having some rough financial times and
that we were going to bring them out some burger. The burger was
packaged in 1.5 pound packs. We told them that we were giving the “J”
family 11 packages. The “R” family then said, well, we had planned on
giving them 25 pounds also. I thought, wow, cool. I then said that since we
were going that way, would they like us to bring their gift of burger out to
the “J” family also. And they said yeah, that would be great. So they asked
how much would make 25 pounds? I then said that 16 packages would
make 24 pounds, which would be close. So as he grabbed packages of
burger and was holding them in his arms, he could only hold 15 and then
he said, “Well, this will have to do, I can’t hold anymore.” So he walked
over to my truck and added their 15 packages to our 11. We thanked them
for their purchase and their generosity and headed out to the “J” family
home. We arrived and gave them the burger, and then as I was giving
them the burger, it hit me. Here we had 39 pounds of 93% lean burger to
give to them. And a can of coconut oil from the “C” family. Now when we
had told the “C” family that we were going out to the “J” family home to
give them some burger, they thought about also giving them some burger
also, but then decided against it and remembered about talking to them
about coconut oil, which worked out because if they had donated some
burger, then there wouldn’t have been the 39 pounds. So there we have it,
another amazing coincidence with the 39 and the 93 confirming the sign of
the cross over the United States.

Feb 13th, 2008
On this day I am in tuned to looking for a significant thing happening with
the number 12. A few things happened that day, but I didn’t see the
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   183
significance of them or it….yet. I read a verse in my bible that day which
was Luke 6:13. This verse talks about Jesus, out of all the disciples he had,
(hundreds or thousands we don’t know exactly) but out of these, He
picked 12 to be His Apostles. I went home and later that evening my wife
asked me who had won the safety prizes that were given away in the
drawing at work? The safety officer at work was given 12 very nice prizes
to give away at work in a drawing. Our facility had gone 220,000 hours
without a loss time accident. So in honor of this accomplishment, the
safety officer was given permission to have this drawing and give away
these prizes. There were 12 prizes and 12 people were chosen to receive
them. And now get this, James, who had the coincidence of the 12’s, was
one of the 12 chosen. I called him up the next day and reminded him of
2/13/08, and he then went, Oh yeah! I said, “Well Jim, you were one of
the 12 chosen to receive the awards yesterday”. In 18 years the safety
officer has never ever been allowed to do such a thing before. This was
not an ordinary thing that was done in giving out these prizes. I read to Jim
the verse in Luke 6:13 and then Jim told me, his mother named him after
the Apostle James. There are in fact 2 Apostles named James. I truly
believe this to be a calling for Jim as I and a few others have prayed for
him. God has now tapped him on the shoulder with this coincidence and I
pray that Jim will eventually see his own calling as apostolic.

That night a weird coincidence happened in that the TV show Wheel of
Fortune played the exact same broadcast from the night before. My wife
told me this because all of the puzzles were the same and she knew all of
the answers. This was a mistake in the scheduling of the TV station airing
this taping of the show twice in a row for sure. The last time something
like this happened to me was when I received the coincidence in the paper
with the mistake of the 2 identical Jumble puzzles. So the solution to the
final Wheel of Fortune Puzzle was this, “A Shaved Head”. This meant
nothing to me except that the very next show was Deal or No Deal starring
Howie Mandel who also by the way stars in the movie, “Tribulation” with
Gary Busey. On this show, Howie Mandel who recently by the way, had
completely shaved his head, was trying to give away 1 million dollars and
they were having a special set of rules because no one had won the million
dollar prize as of yet. And so this special was going on and they were
adding an extra 1 million dollar case for each new contestant. This day
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   184
there were 12 – 1 million dollar cases. Why and what this means…or how
this effects or means anything, I do not know yet, but it was another
occurrence of 12 that was very, very rare. But the last time a mistake was
made with 2 identical puzzles, something happened later. This was odd to
have the same show air 2 nights in a row, and was just a flat out mistake.
And to have it say a shaved head, and the next show has a guy with a
shaved head and then the specific ness of the 12 cases on a day when I am
looking for significant occurrences of 12’s, well…if you have been
following along, this is amazing, but just another day in God’s signs and
wonders. What it means though….Maybe we will find out later.

March 1st, 2008
My wife and I were discussing this week as to whether or not to get some
passports. I wasn’t too sure about it. I was however thinking about it a few
days later and had asked my wife how long passports were good for. She
then told me that she thought, but was not for sure, but that she thought
that they were good for 5 years. So I was thinking at my work station
about how if we did get a passport this year that they would expire in year
13 and then again in year 18 and so on and so on. Well just as I was
thinking 13, 18…I looked up at the security cameras where I work and
they said the time was 13:18. I thought, wow, cool. But then the phone
rang 2 seconds later, it was the truck gate. They called me and told me that
a trailer had left and to tell me to log out trailer number 1318. I just stood
there on the phone thinking, WOW!!!!!!!!! No doubt my wife and I WILL
BE GETTING OUR PASSPORTS! You have to be kidding me! How
cool is that?!!! What are the odds?!!

May 9th - 11th, 2008
My wife and I headed out on our trip to California to visit her Brother, his
Wife and their new baby. But it was also a perfect opportunity to stop by 2
more points on the Cross over the United States. So as we headed out to

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   185
our first stop in Colorado, Friday after work, we stopped and had dinner.
After eating, my wife looked at the bill and then told me to look at it and
to take notice of the waitress’ name. I looked and her name was Grace.
Hmmm, I thought, that could be interesting. As we headed out again and
down into Iowa, my wife asked if we could stop at the Dutch Windmill
that they were advertising along the Interstate. Sure, I guess, why not. This
took us 6 miles out of the way, but we wanted to stop and do some things
along the way. As we arrived to the Dutch Windmill on Saturday morning,
we entered the gift shop and had a look around. I noticed that there was
Christian music playing on the radio station, and so I made a comment to
the young lady working at the gift shop by saying that I liked the radio
station that she was listening to. She then commented that it was the radio
station from her school. She then said, “I go to Grace”. Hmmm I then
thought. There seems to be a theme going on here. I then looked at my
wife and we both kinda new something was up. We headed out and drove
all night toward Grand Junction, Colorado. About 100 miles from there I
was getting really tired and wanted to get a room and sleep. We checked
out 2 motels and they either charged too much or they didn’t look right,
something was just not right about staying there and so we left. I drove
another 50 miles and stopped again to look for a place to stay, I was now
very, very tired and really needed sleep. We pulled into a motel that we
thought would give us a decent price, because we had stayed at one the
night before. A nation wide chain you would think would have similar
pricing, but after dragging our luggage into the lobby and asking the price
for a room for the night, it was double what we had paid the night before.
Wow, ok, we grabbed the luggage, threw it back into the car and started
driving again. Good thing was that it got my adrenaline going and I was
not sleepy anymore. I also began to figure it out that God must have
wanted me to spend the night in the town where the church was to be

And so we drove the next 50 miles and pulled into a hotel parking lot, I
inquired within and there were no vacancies, If my wife were having a
child, I would have asked for a room in the back parking lot shed,
knowing what Mary and Joseph had to go through…JK! But I asked the
man at the counter if he knew of any more motels in the area, and he said
just go 2 blocks over and there is a motel called the “2 Rivers Inn”. CHA
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   186
CHING! Thank you very much. I went over there and they had a room and
at a reasonable price. We brought our stuff in and settled in for the night -
FINALLY. I then told my wife that I bet I would find a church with the
name Grace in it, and that is what I needed to look for. So, conveniently
this motel room just happened to have a local phone book in it. (During
our entire trip of staying at about 7 motels, only this one had a phone book
in it.) I opened the phone book to the churches section and there on the
main first page of that section stood out a separate ad for “Grace Point
Church”. I showed it to my wife and we were both thinking- that’s it! It
has to be! Praise God! It had Grace, and Point as we were looking for
another point on the Cross. And I am in a motel called 2 rivers Inn? Oh
yeah, definitely.

So we slept well and woke up and headed out. I took my wife to breakfast
and we asked for directions from a police officer for 2 things, 1 – the best
place to get a great breakfast on Mother’s Day, and then directions to
Grace Point Church. Here is another thing to ponder. Had I not stayed at 2
Rivers Inn, I would not have seen the ad for Grace Point Church in the
phone book. I would have eaten breakfast in some other town and (now
here is the BIG TIME SIGN) when we arrived at street that Grace Point
Church was on, our odometer reading for the entire trip, was ….GET
THIS>>>> 1318 miles!!!!!! Do you remember what happened to me 2
months ago with the 1318 and getting our passports to travel? Yowza! My
wife and I both just looked at each other with great expectations! We went
in and met a nice older woman who spoke to us about the church and we
spoke to her about the cross and the signs and why we were there and that
we had a message for their church. Their service was about to start and
about 30 – 40 people came in. A woman came in and sat in front of us.
Her name was Grace. I kid you not. This church sat about 200 people, but
only 30 – 40 were there. Meaning there were many, many empty seats to
choose from, but why and how do you think this lady named Grace, was
introduced to us and just happened to sit right in front of us? It is and was
100 percent confirmation! The pastor preached a sermon about the dry
bones in the book of Ezekiel. He then made a statement during the sermon
that about floored my wife and I. He said that something would happen in
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   187
this church, and that the entire world would know about. When he said
that, my wife and I both looked at each other and I think we both gulped.
How many times have you heard of any pastor making that kind of claim?
Well, after the service, I spoke with the Pastor and told him the message of
their church being apart of this cross over the United States with 6 other
churches. I told him that they were the 4th church that I have contacted.
The pastor then told me that he had always liked the number 4. It was his
favorite number since he was a kid, but he really never knew why he liked
it. He also then told me that he thought something big was going to
happen with their church also, but not inside this building. I then told him,
no, that he would most definitely need to find some land or a farmer
somewhere,, that would allow them to use the land for a large gathering,
maybe 500 acres or more. I told him I did not know when this would all
begin, but to just start praying about it and to get ready. When God
decides to move, Word will spread and the people will come. And they
will come from many miles away to these 7 points on the cross.

On to the next point on the cross….California!

May 20th, 2008
We drove out to the coast of California and arrived in Manchester. I
looked around the small town and there were no churches in Manchester. I
went into a store and asked the cashier where the nearest churches were?
The cashier told me that 3 miles south there were a couple of churches. So
off we drove. Now I had not gotten any significant coincidences or signs, I
did receive a few smaller signs about where I was from and born and
about my Step Grandmother and about a church back on the west side of
St. Paul where I grew up, but they seemed a tad vague, but I was hoping
and probably figuring that God would show me the church when I arrived,
and sure enough, He did!

We arrived in the town of Point Arena, California. As we drove through
the town, there were only 2 churches. The first church we drove by had no
significance or any signs associated with it at all. I received nothing nor
recollected anything. We drove a little farther and came to the next church.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   188
This was a small, very old in style, white church, with a bell tower. Its
name is St. Paul’s Community United Methodist Church. I parked the car
and stared at the building, looking for a sign. I then thought about the
name St. Paul’s. I thought about it, but I didn’t figure that to be enough of
the sign God was showing me to fully declare to me that this church was
the one that the Lord had picked. But then I looked up at the bell tower of
this church and saw that there was no bell in the tower, and then I saw that
there was a bell in the front lawn! And this was then a HUGE sign that
was given to me!

Here is why this was such a huge sign. Way back over 3 years or so ago
after I went down to Houston and stopped by the first 3 points on the
cross, The woman who went with me and had the dream that came
perfectly true about us visiting the 1st church in Austin, Minnesota, also
told me after that trip that she had another dream. She dreamt about an old
white church, and she said it had a bell but not up on the church, but that
the bell was in the front yard. So when I saw that bell sitting in the front
yard, It was like a big Cha Ching went off and a bell rang in my head like
ding – ding – ding , you got it! Here is the neat part. I found out a little
later when talking to one of the members of this church that the bell had
just recently been taken down so that they could repair some rotting wood
up in the bell tower of the old church. It was just taken down like a month
or 2 ago and would soon be put back up to be rung at the 4th of July
ceremony. So had I gone to this church 3.5 years ago when I had first
gotten these signs and visited the first 3 points on the cross, I would not
have gotten this sign or received it so clearly. God knew when I would be
able to finally visit and find this point.

When I drove around the church, I met a woman coming out of the church
and found out she was a member there. I told her all about the cross and
the 7 points and how I had been led to drive from Minnesota all the way to
California, even with the gas prices getting so high over $4.00 a gallon,
but that God provided for me to bring them this message. I had once pretty
much thought that this message, that the purpose of this cross was for
some kind of Christian gathering like some Christian music festival that
would be happening. But as I continue on and grow and see what the Lord
is showing me, I am not too sure that this is what will be happening. I just
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   189
know that no matter what happens, God will be doing something really big
at these 7 locations. I am just not exactly sure what this will entail yet. I do
know that God is showing me that He wants to clean His house. I sense a
revival like awakening of the church that must come with repentance and
cleaning. How this is going to happen and take place, God Himself only
knows. What this will look like to us, God Himself only knows. But when
it happens, it will be Big and will not be stopped until God Himself
accomplishes what He set out to accomplish. The Pastor at the last church
stated that the entire World will know what is going to happen at that
small church, now that is quite the prophetic statement.

After talking to the church member in the parking lot of this church, I was
given the name of the Reverend and the phone number and then I left. I
later called the church and left a message, I called the Reverend’s number,
I emailed them, I emailed members of the church but not a single message
was returned. I guess I can take that as this particular church is not
receiving this message. Hmmmmm, Interesting I thought. I found out that
this church has a website and so I looked up some information about the
church that they have posted on their website and in my opinion, I read
some things that I don’t agree with. But, regardless of my opinions, God
chose this church for some reason, and it will be known why when God
reveals this to us. I will keep trying occasionally to contact this church’s
Reverend and its members, but for now, 1 member was notified, and the
message of the cross over the United States was given to this church, and
for now, this is all that needs to be given. When more is given to me, I will
then have to contact someone again. Until then, I have a concern for this
particular church, that they may be in need of help and they don’t know it
or want to hear it.

August 22nd, 2008
I was on my way to Virginia to visit my son, but this was also the perfect
opportunity to be able to visit the last 2 points on the cross! Finally! Praise
God! God gave me the perfect opportunity to have a reason to go to the
east coast and in doing so gave me the ability to visit these 2 last points. A
prayer I had prayed 3 years ago, finally came true.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   190
So off we headed, my wife and I and we brought along our niece also. We
headed towards Oxford Ohio, as I was originally given this point as one of
the points a long time ago when I was given the original signs and looking
at the map I had with the ruler and figuring it all out. However, when I
was recently looking at Google Earth program which gives the longitude
and latitude of the areas you can look up, I learned that I was quite a ways
off of the 39th. But I could not find my original map I used, and so I knew
that I also was going to stop at a place very near Oxford called the
Creation Museum, which according to Google Earth was a lot closer to the
39th latitude line than Oxford was and was centered between the center of
the cross and Washington D.C. as well. I prayed about this, because I
knew that this cross was on the 39th latitude line, but now I knew that
Oxford was not near enough to this line. I began having some doubts
about Oxford, but was still led there to drive through it for some reason
because of how I was led to it from the beginning. (Later, after I returned
home, I found the map I used, and sure enough, I made a mistake about
Oxford, But it was a simple enough mistake, because the map company
chose to mark that line with the same numbers as the 39th by using a 39
and then under it a 30, but the line of the 39th was marked with a 39 and
under it a 00. Meaning 39 degrees exactly, where the 30 near Oxford was
39 and a half degrees signified by the 30. I just saw the 39 on the top line
and assumed it was the 39th; I didn’t take notice of the 30 underneath it. So
actually in this area, the 39th latitude line runs across the very top part of
Kentucky, not Ohio. Wow. So while I was driving, I received a few signs
of 39, confirming and telling me to go to the 39th, the real 39th, and not the
39.30 at Oxford.

When I got to Oxford, I didn’t receive anything, but I did notice that that
town needs a lot of prayer. There are many college kids having keg
drinking parties outside on their front lawns all over the place. It is a
college party town. So off we headed toward Petersburg, Kentucky to visit
the Creation Museum and to look for a church in that area.

As soon as I arrived in the area, we found out where the museum was and
what the hours were and then headed out to find a motel to sleep at. Right
there, the signs started happening when we met a couple in the parking lot
that said they were going to the museum in the morning also. That I guess
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   191
in itself is not so amazing, there were like 4 hotels in the area and I am
sure that there were many guests at these hotels going to the museum in
the morning. But what was neat, was that I told them about the whole
cross thing and they prayed with me in the parking lot and after that we
went to go and get something to eat for dinner. We ended up driving like 8
– 10 miles and we got lost, and finally we found a restaurant way out of
the way. 15 minutes after we got there, this very same couple who we met
in the parking lot now shows up at this same restaurant. Now that was odd
I thought, very odd. I went over and spoke to them again and they too
thought that it was odd how we were meeting again like that.

The next day we went to the Creation Museum and I noticed that their
phone number ended in 2222. Hmmmm. I started thinking, could this be it,
instead of a church? Could this Creation Museum be the point and not be a
church at all? I prayed, Lord If this is the point, please confirm it some
more. I then heard a woman walk by me and tell her friend as she pointed
at me, I have that very same T-Shirt. I was wearing a very rare T-Shirt that
had a large Guitar Pick on the front of it and inside the pick it said, “Pick
Jesus”. A short while later we stopped for a bite to eat. I purchased a
Cheese Pretzel for my niece and the price was $2.22. Wow, I thought, I
just kept thinking, as these coincidences and signs of 2’s were definitely
pointing right here, but is it THE point? I think so! I then went to talk to
one of the administration members and asked them a few questions. I told
this one man about the cross and the 7 points and asked him if he knew of
a possible meaning or if he had heard about anything like this and he said
no. I also remembered that before I left I had a coincidence happen with
the number 1007, and I asked him if that meant anything or about some
church near there, and again he said no, nothing that he could recall. He
then seemed very disinterested or was very busy and said Good Bye and
Good Luck in figuring it out. I talked to another older man who worked
there and told him about the cross and he had no other ideas either. He
seemed to receive it better and talked with me more in length about
everything. But in the end he wished me luck as well. I guess what was
clouding me is that I fully expected and assumed, that I needed to find a
church, and that it had to be a church to be one of the points, but this was a
ministry. They preach the Gospel, they teach the Bible, and they even tell
you about needing Jesus. So even though it is a Museum, you learn a lot
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   192
about God, Jesus and the Word. And for this reason, it is just as much a
church as even a church could be in someone’s home even. My judgment
was just clouded is all, and this just had too many coincidences that point
right to it as being the point. Wow. And what’s interesting here is that this
Museum only opened about a year ago, and at the time I was given the
points on the cross, the Museum didn’t even exist yet. Had I left 3.5 years
ago, I would not have found the correct place. Again, God knew when I
would be going to visit this point. One of the reasons I wanted to go there
in the first place was that I also teach about creation and have even done
my own presentation in the local theater here where I live. I personally
have a huge connection with the creation message that is taught at the
Creation Museum. I just wonder now what God is going to do there! It
will be amazing to see and find out! Now on to Washington D.C. to find
the last point on the Cross! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

August 26th, 2008
Seeing as how the coincidence I had earlier before I left on this trip to the
East Coast involving the number 1007 did not come into play in
Kentucky, and Washington D.C. having so many churches, I really then
knew that this meant that the coincidence I had with the 1007 had to be for
D.C. The coincidence I had involved a brother in Christ who works for
Teen Challenge. I had taken him and his wife out for dinner on a Saturday
night and the very next day he brought the Teen Challenge men to our
church. I was sitting with him at our church and for some reason, the
offering was disclosed in front of me, which had never happened to me
before, nor would it have except for the fact that I knew this brother very
well, for he was the one who was bold and preached the gospel to me and
led me to the Lord. Well, the amount of the offering and the amount the
night before at the restaurant both had the number 1007. The Lord
definitely wanted me to remember this number, and just like the 1318
before going to the West Coast, I now remembered this number before
going to the East Coast.

So here is what is neat about Washington DC and why it was confirmed as
one of the places of a point on the cross. One of the Zip Codes in
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   193
Washington DC is 20002. Along with that, the telephone area code is 202.
So when I got on the computer at a friends house who lives near DC, we
searched for a church with the zip code of 20002 and the area code of 202
and the number 1007. And sure enough one came up! And the church is
located at 1007 H St. N.E.

When we drove to that church, I literally could not believe that this was
the place, for one, it was soooo tiny. It was all caged up, and the name on
the sign did not match the name of the church in the computer search. But,
I had to remember, God is picking and I should not pass judgment and let
God pick. So this church that was supposed to be a Born Again
Community Baptist church as stated in the Church directories online was
now named something completely different. Hmmmmm, what now, is this
the place? I am parked outside of this place on the street, 10 feet from the
door, in a very busy area, on a busy street and this place looks closed up
with a security gate, and the name changed and it doesn’t really look like a
church, you could maybe fit 100 people in it tops! I am thinking, Lord, I
drove all the way from Minnesota to Washington DC to find this church
and this is it? Lord I need some confirmation, please Lord. And just then,
my wife and I heard this bus drive by and stop right in front of us, and
then we heard the bus driver say over the loud speaker, “Next Stop,
Minnesota Street”. My wife and I both went, did you hear that? I then had
my coincidence confirmation. But no one was there to talk to. So I went
next door to a local hair salon and gave the owner a message from me
about a Message from the Lord for their church and to call me. We saw
from the sign that they had bible study every Wednesday night, and seeing
this was Tuesday, I asked her to give it to the Pastor the next evening. She
came through and gave the Pastor the message and he called me on
Thursday. We talked for about 40 minutes and Pastor Hayes received the
message about the cross.

A couple of things I noticed also. I was able to purchase a used van to
make the trip to DC in. The license plate has the number 399 on it. The
Phone number to this church is 399-2010. Seeing as how this was the final
church, could this be a signifier of something about to happen in 2010?
The next thing that came to me was one of a personal message for me. I
believe this may have confirmed a question I had and was given to me
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   194
after finding the last of the 7 points. I wear a shoe called Propet’. They are
very comfortable, the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. They claim
to have a 1000 mile guarantee. Well, I don’t know how many miles I
walked in them, but I bet it was more than that. I bought them exactly 1
year before this. And on the day before, I walked all over DC visiting all
of the monuments and finally the insoles wore out. I wore those shoes for
work and for everything and anything. So for the first time in 1 whole
year, I did not wear these shoes. Which doesn’t seem like much, but it is.
When I purchased them a year ago I wondered about how close the name
of Propet’ was to Prophet. The only thing missing was the letter H. The
final church or point on the cross was on none other than a simple “H”
street. Hmmmmm. Wow.

Here are the 7 points on the cross over the United States and the contact
information. I am going to write this information down into a printed book
and mail each of the 7 points on the cross one copy for each of them to
have. And hopefully when something happens, they would be so moved to
inform the other 6 points and myself as well.

NORTH                                          WEST
Vineyard Church                                St. Paul's Community United
                                               Methodist Church
210 4th St. NE                                 50 School St.
Austin, Mn 55912                               Point Arena, Ca
Pastor Richard Chinander                       Reverend Tina Ballagh
                                               (707) 882-2074
Federated Church                               MIDEAST
505 High St.                                   Creation Museum
Arrow Rock, Mo 65320                           2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd.
Pastor Jack Thomas                             Petersburg, Ky 41080
(501) 624-1952                                 Ken Ham
                                               (888) 582-4253

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   195

Christian Ministries                           EAST
548 Brookhill Ranch Rd.                        New Beginning Temple of
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                                               Washington DC
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August 30th, 2008
My son who I went to visit in Virginia after we went to find the church in
Washington, DC has now gotten out of the Navy, and asked my wife and I
if he could come home. He originally thought that he would stay out in
Virginia and possibly go to school out there. He received an honorable
discharge from the Navy due to a medical discharge. We told him that yes
he could come home. Interesting how the Lord gave us the perfect reason
for us to go to Washington DC and to also visit him, but now the perfect
reason for him to come home with us.

After we arrived back home in Minnesota, we saw that we had a few ripe
tomatoes in our garden to pick. So I picked them and then when I came
into the house to look at them, I saw that there was one tomato with
something unusual about it. It had a nose..LOL! It had a perfect looking,
rather somewhat pointy nose looking growth growing out of the side of it.
The next day on September 2nd, my son went to a local auto repair shop to
try and find a job. He came back after that in the evening and said, “Gary
(the owner of the auto repair shop) has a tomato on his desk that looks just
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   196
like that.” Wow I thought. It was a rare thing and a unique thing to have a
tomato with that specific kind of deformity. I have seen quite a few odd
looking tomatoes over the years, but never one like that. I then had a
thought that because of this coincidence, I knew my son was going to get
the job. The next day Gary called my son and gave him a job. Now how is
that for coincidence? It is not a coincidence, it is God, and God knows
how to make a tomato with a nose, even 2 of them. LOL…Praise God!
But why did God use a tomato with a nose? Only God knows!

This whole thing is very prophetic. The 7 churches or points on the cross
are now known. What now and when will the Lord disclose to us what He
plans to fully do at these 7 points on this cross over the United States?
Glory to God for He knows what will be done and to His glory I proclaim
these 7 points to be places of the full manifestation of the power of God
Almighty to be known to all men on earth. In Jesus name, Amen.

At this time I only know one thing that the Lord showed me. As I was
praying about this one day, the Lord brought to my attention the first
church I visited, which was the Vineyard church in Austin, Minnesota.
The Lord asked me what happened when I visited them. I said that they
had just had a flood and were cleaning the entire building out. They had
wanted to keep many artifacts from the past and remodel the church in the
style of the old dance hall from 100 years ago. The Lord wanted His
church cleaned out and not to conform to the ways of the world. I am now
sending this to the 7 points and asking them to pray. I believe the Lord
wants to clean His house and how He is going to go about this I do not
know. I just know that He will. Something is going to happen at these 7
points that will be known world wide. It could be anything from full scale
judgment to a full scale awakening revival. Time will tell and there is a
possibility of something starting in 2010. Again, I ask these ministries at
these points to pray about this and over this and if there is anything that
they are doing that may be against God’s Word, to repent about it. I know
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   197
that would be hard as they probably feel that they are doing everything
correctly, but I think we really need to dig deep here and ask the Lord to
show us what we are lacking in and have failed in, and I believe if we
humbly do this, that the Lord will show us our short comings. The
churches that humble themselves will be exalted; the ones who don’t will
be humbled. Pray for forgiveness and for the healing of our country. A
couple of the churches on this list have recently gone through some
divisions already and have had a cleaning already. I wish I could tell each
church like John did in the book of Revelation to the 7 churches of Asia,
but I have not been given anything like that at this time. If I do, or if I
receive anything specific, I will do my best to get that information to the
church as best I can. I just pray that they will receive this message and
anything else that comes along. The Lord will confirm this to each of these
points and His will be done. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If anything more is given beyond this, I will try my best to add it to this
book on the website at www.two.cc, Lord willing.

May God bless you and guide you, and may you please Him with your
faith and obedience. Go in Peace and Love for one another and may you
Love God above all else.


UPDATE 7/25/10!!
9 CHURCHES - not 7
The Lord has revealed to me through some more coincidences that the
very church I attend, that He led me to before the 7 churches were
revealed to me is indeed another point on the cross. With that said, I began
to think that if that were the case, then the church called West Side, in
Kettle River Minnesota is indeed actually the first church revealed to me,
as I was led there before any of the other 7 churches were given to me.
The church I regularly attend started doing a local ministry outing at a
                   “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   198
local event called Ma and Pa Kettle Days. They called it the West Side
Corral. At this Corral, the church members gave away free hot dogs, free
pop, free face painting, free balloons, did a free cake walk and provided a
place for Mom's to sit down and the little ones could play in the sandbox
with toys. It really went over well and many people came to the Corral,
and so we have expanded it and are adding to it. Last year while at the
Corral that the West Side Church as hosting during the Ma and Pa Kettle
Days, I was looking at a building with a large blank brick side and
thought, wow, if we painted that white, we could do Christian Karaoke up
on the side of that building when it got dark. And after voicing my idea to
a couple of people and our Pastor, they new who owned the building, got
permission and a few weeks later, painted the thing! Wow. We tried it out
one night and it worked really well with the projector displaying the words
to the Karaoke songs up on the wall.

I began to think about the Corral and all the free things that there were for
families to there and it kinda hit me, that this was the very think that I had
prayed about while at Moondance Jam when the crossfest revelation first
came to me. And then I began to think, Hmmmm, Is Kettle River actually
one of the points on the cross? No, it couldn't be, that would be 2 point in
Minnesota, and then the cross would be lopsided, and would need to have
another point like in Louisiana to balance it out. But Maybe... Maybe this
is what I have been missing and waiting for. So I began to pray. I asked
God to tell me if Kettle River was indeed a point that I had missed and
actually point number 1 which would then mean that I would need to find
another point...point number 9 to balance the cross out so to speak. And so
I prayed for knowledge and guidance about point numbers 1 and 9. And
then I waited for my answer. And waited. Was this something, or nothing.
I started thinking, questioning everything, how could I have missed this?
Well early on when I was first given the points, I lined up Hot Springs
with Moose Lake and as you know the line was off and when I moved the
line perfectly straight up and down from Hot Springs, that is when the line
intersected Austin, and that is what clicked because of all the Austin Signs
and coincidences I had gotten prior to that and was wondering why Austin
kept coming up, but had no idea about the cross at that time. Well, it turns
out, that Kettle River is like 7 miles west of Moose Lake and really close
to the 93rd, in fact the church is like 1.8 miles from the 93rd. Its very close.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   199
I just never considered it to be one of the points for some reason until the
thought hit me at this small town festival where our church was doing
some community outreach.

Ok, back to the praying and waiting. I was planning our vacation and my
prayers were starting to sound like, “Lord if you are telling me that there
are 9 points on the cross over the United States, and I need to confirm this
by knowing that the West Side Church in Kettle River is the first point on
the cross, then during my vacation, am I supposed to drive down to
Louisiana and find the 9th point? Would I need to plan to do that on my
vacation Lord?” Basically I was looking for confirmation that my thinking
was correct. I wanted to be absolutely sure that there was indeed 9 points
and that if that were the case, then I need to find another church in
Louisiana. The first coincidence that was brought before me was at a car
wash. My niece was with my wife and I and we were getting gas a
Holiday Gas Station. I sent my niece inside the station to get a car wash
code as we had pre bought some car wash coupons that were on sale. She
cam out of the gas station with the code and said, “Now that's a
coincidence.” I said, what is? And she said, this code is my combination
number at school. Hmm I thought, interesting, I will keep that in the back
of my head. Never know where that could lead. As I was filling up the gas
tank, my niece then said to me,” Hey, that guy over there filling up his
tank is wearing the same jacket as you”. Hmmm, again I thought, this is
interesting. I will keep that as well. So I began to think, what is the
coincidences. I have a combination code, something you keep secure, and
a guy with the same jacket. Maybe it is that both things happened while I
was at Holiday Gas Station and Holiday is a very specific word used for
vacation! Hmmmmm, that could very well be!!! Yes Maybe Yes! But I
didn't get too excited, I was still a little suspect at that being it. So I
waited, but mind you, I kept the coincidences that had just happened close
at heart.

Almost exactly 1 week later, I think it was like February or so and the
weather is cold and snowy and the cars get really dirty and full of salt. We
pulled into the same Gas Station and again needed another car wash and
some more gas. We usually only go to this station in the winter to get gas
and car washes. In the summer time, we never go to this particular station.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   200
So anyway, I sent my niece into the station again to get another car wash
code, we happened to have 1 more coupon. She came back out and said,
“Wow, another interesting number on the ticket.” I said, really? She
showed it to me and the number was 19191. Now, seeing this particular
number could mean a lot of things, and possible nothing at all, to most
people. But to me, at this particular time, it was like a bomb went off and
the bells and whistles blew and the ding ding ding sounded and all of that
because it hit me like a brick. POW! You see, that number is right on as
part of my Social Security Number! A Secure number. Like last week with
the combination number to a lock which is something you keep secure! A
secure number, a Social Security Number, and the fact that the numbers
were 19191 is exactly what I prayed for to get confirmation on whether or
not I should take a Holiday (vacation) and go confirm church 9 because I
actually found church number 1. WOW! AMAZING!


Before going on vacation and leaving June 4th, 2010, I pulled up the
google maps and figured that if Kettle River was so far north of Austin by
so many miles, then the spot in Louisiana should be exactly so many miles
south of Hot Springs. I figured out the distance and then went to the
Louisiana part and found that the cross on the 93rd went through a town
called Natchitoches. I found out a movie named “Steel Magnolias” was
filmed there and that the town was well known for its Christmas Festival.
Just before leaving to actually drive down there on June 4th, I did a church
look up online and saw that there were a bunch of churches in that town.
And one thing that I did notice was that there were a lot of Baptist
Churches. There was even one Baptist church called West Side. Hmmmm
I thought.

As I was driving down there to Natchitoches, Louisiana, I had been
noticing that West Side was coming up coincidentally on license plates,
and towns, and billboards, and call it what you will, I was tuned in, but the
way I was noticing them was like uncanny in that had I not done
something at just the right time, it would have never been seen. The next
day, June 5th, 2010 we arrived in Natchitoches. Not a one si9ngle
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   201
coincidence along the way that was noticed my me or my wife or our
niece who was with us or My mother in law Lois. But one thing very
interesting happened as we pulled into the city limits of Natchitoches. We
were scanning radio stations at that time and trying to find a decent
Christian station, we then heard a really good Christian song on the radio
and my wife said, “ Hey, guess what station this is on?” I looked at the
radio and it said 97.3! Wow, its the same station number as our Christian
station back home! Cool! Our Christian station back home is run by a
Christian college called Northwestern. Well seein as we had no other idea
of what church to go to, I was kinda getting the feeling that the whole time
it was West Side, really linking the 2 together in the 19191 thing. The 1
and 9 realizing them at the same time, and having the same name and all,
really was interesting. After driving about 1200 miles it turns out that the
West Side Baptist church was having their 2nd service right when we
pulled into the driveway. I thought, Hmmm, now that is timing. I walked
in, you know, always kinda nervous when you walk into a church for the
first time, and I have heard things about Baptist churches and how loud
they get and was actually looking forward to it. But when I walked in, they
were playing the same songs in worship that we play at West Side in
Minnesota! It was like if my eyes would have been closed, it could have
been the same church. After the service, I spoke with the Pastor and told
him everything about the cross and the coincidences and then told him to
pray about it and wait, that something would happen for sure, it will be
known world wide. I told him of the cleaning that I believe the Lord has
shown me, and that I told him to prepare for anything and everything, and
that I would stay in touch with him if anything new happened. And then I
left and went out to meet my family who was waiting for me. As I looked
across the street of this church there was a huge school or college and I
asked my wife who had just gotten back from driving around town what
that was over there, and she said, It is a Northwestern College. I was like
wow, really? We turned the radio back on and this time there was no
Christian songs on 97.3. It must have been a one time thing, but we all
heard it, and I guess we only needed to hear the one song on that specific
station to put the 2 and 2 together and give me the confirmation that I
needed. Wow.

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   202
We are now having a Christian Stage after our West Side Corral event at
Ma and Pa Kettle Days. This August 14th, 2010. We will be doing the
Christian Karaoke after live bands are done playing at dusk. There is no
charge to listen to the music. What a concept. We are going to go right
into the middle of or community, give food away, have free entertainment
with a positive message, and preach the gospel to them while they are at a
festival that is mostly known for beer drinking and having a street dance
with some mud bog races.

Everything is coming together, people are calling me to play music, a band
is coming up and charging us gas money and food, we were able to get use
of a stage, and a free sound system and even a person to run it. Everything
we have needed is and has been getting provided. Now this event is A
West Side Church sponsored event. Could it be the very first start of
CrossFest? Its in 20 days from now. I just know something will happen
that will confirm this or not. Stay tuned!

November 23rd, 2010
I received a coincidence of “Dallas”. I was shopping with my wife and ran
into a guy I work with named Dallas. I hadn’t seen him for a few years as
he moved to another facility. I met him at the grocery store about 50 miles
from my home. Afterwards, I ran into him again at the hardware store
Menards. Wow, we laughed, and joked about who was following who!
But you know me, I was thinking… ok, flag up.

November, 26th, 2010
I was at Menards again and ran into Dallas again. Again we laughed and
thought about who was still following who. But then we continued to shop
and afterwards went out to eat lunch. We again ran into Dallas. Now at
this time I am really going, Woah, something is definitely up here. Lord
you have my full attention. Twice and consecutively, on 2 separate days.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   203
So I began to pray to God and ask Him what was going to happen at
Dallas? I remember getting the “A Levee for a Levee” sign about 5
months before Katrina hit, but was unable to put that together with a
coincidence I had of New Orleans, because when I received New Orleans
I didn’t think it meant keep it for later, I thought it was a now sign to talk
about with a co-worker of mine and to use that to share about coincidences
and God. When I received the sign for “A Levee for a Levee” I prayed for
Austin, Minnesota, one of the points on the cross as they had flooded the
year before when I went down there. I thought nothing more of it until
Katrina hit New Orleans 5 months later on August 29th, 2005. Then I
went, OOOOOhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I missed those signs, I didn’t even know
New Orleans had Levees.

So as I got Dallas, I was praying that I was not going to miss this set of
signs like I did last time. I prayed Lord what are you telling me about
Dallas? Now I am assuming this is Dallas, Texas.

December 1st, 2010
I had ordered some parts for a floor scrubbing machine at work quite a few
months ago. We had been waiting for them and wondering when they
would arrive. So finally I called the person I had sent the order to and
asked them if they had any word as to where or when the parts would
arrive? She said they came in just today a little while ago as a matter of
fact. She then delivered them. Now I thought, hmmm, all this time
wondering when these parts would arrive, it surely was a coincidence that
they came on the very day I finally called to ask about them. When the
parts were delivered they were in a bag marked, “Minuteman”. As this
machine was a minute man floor scrubber.

I then thought about the coincidence and noted Minuteman. I began to
think about what that meant or could mean? I used to be a nuclear
weapons specialist. The first thing that came to my mind was a Missile. A
BIG MISSILE. The ICBM type with big Nuclear payloads, and I thought
woah. Oh My …. Oh My…..

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   204
Could I be wrong? Well I then had some questions. Was the Dallas,
Dallas, Texas? Dallas, Georgia? The U.S.S Submarine “Dallas”? Was it
something about the Dallas, the person I met? Could the minuteman thing
be the revolutionary war minutemen? Like on the New England Patriots
football team helmets? Lord what are you telling me here? Well then I
thought about New Orleans and the warning for the whole city and the
Levees doing some pretty serious damage to the city. This then led me to
believe the city Dallas, the one in Texas as it is the most known. And the
Minuteman sign I believe is a type of missile and this is a warning from
God about this. And so I began to pray and to warn as many as I could.

So I thought about this a lot, and I started thinking about Dallas and I
realized that Dallas was hosting the Super Bowl this year in Feb of 2011.
Actually it’s in Arlington, TX just like Bloomington is just outside MPLS,
but they always talk about MPLS and Dallas, not Bloomington and
Arlington. Well, just like Katrina for New Orleans, I really began thinking
and thinking this was a serious warning and a serious thing going to
happen for Dallas. I began to pray to God to confirm this and to let me
know if this was indeed some attack going to happen at the Super Bowl. I
began to pray and pray.

Dec, 7th, 2010
I was in training at the prison I work at. We have online training that we
need to do and when ever we have extra time in class, we log online to our
local network and work at our own pace doing online training. At that time
I had many of the lesson blocks completed. I did a couple more and then
opened a block on "Offender Rights". In the lesson an example was given
about an Offender named Joe Jackson. I kinda chuckled because a few
days prior I had gotten an email from someone I know letting me know
about a former Minnesota Viking player named Joe Jackson who was
going to preach at a local church in town. I turned around behind me and
talked to a good friend and co-worker of mine who used to live in the
neighborhood where this local church was at. I said to him, "Hey you
know that church in your old neighborhood", He said, "Yeah". I said,
"Well Joe Jackson from the Minnesota Vikings is going to be speaking
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   205
there". He said, "Oh really". Then I said, "The funny thing about that is
that I am reading the example in one of the training blocks and it is talking
about an inmate named Joe Jackson! LOL! I just thought that was kind of
funny and possibly coincidental." He then said, "You wanna know what, I
am reading that exact same thing right now". I then said, "Wow, really?, I
think now, I am definitely going to hear him speak!" We chuckled a bit
and I continued my training. I know God wanted me to go, Amen to that!
That was a pretty rare coincidence that out of all the traiing blocks and
pages that we could have been on, we both were on that same page. It was
very rare, very rare indeed.

December 12th, 2010
I headed over to the church to hear Joe Jackson and when I got there, there
was a sign up that said that it was canceled and re-scheduled. I thought,
hmmmm, what should I do now? Go? Well, I was here, I was led here, the
church's service I usually attend had already started. I thought, well, I am
just going to go in anyway. Once in, the Pastor greeted me and we talked.
He told me Joe could not come because no flights were due into MPLS or
anywhere close because of the big snow storm. That same storm collapsed
the Dome Stadium and therefore the Vikings football game that we were
going to watch that day was also canceled.

I then talked with the Pastor about some new signs I was getting about
Dallas, and that I think there is a danger to our country and a possible
missile attack. He then spoke to me and said, would you be ok sharing this
with everyone today? I might have you do that, we will see he said. I
thought, really? Wow Lord, what is going on I thought? The Pastor told
me to pray about it. I had not expected this at all. I expected to hear Joe

The Pastor started the service and he began to speak about signs and
getting words from God. He said when things get canceled and changes
happen, God is at work. He then told us about how God had given him a
word a long time ago, just one word, a simple word. "Butter". He knew it
was from God but did not know what it meant or what it was to be. He
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   206
asked someone he was with at the time if Butter meant anything to them,
and they said No. So the Pastor kept this word and moved on.

He then introduced me and said that I have been given some words from
God. I spoke about many coincidences and amazing things that God has
given me. I talked for quite a while, probably a half hour to 45 minutes or
longer it seemed. I then spoke about Dallas and The Minuteman
coincidences. I said I could not confirm that it was going to happen at the
Super Bowl, but I suspected that there was a possibility, but I could not
say for sure, I had not gotten that confirmation yet. I said that Dallas
needed prayer, that something very tragic and serious was about to
happen. I broke down and began to cry, I could no longer speak. I gave the
mic to the Pastor and He began to share a little more. He then said that
when they were getting ready for today they were bringing over the food,
and his wife told him to go back to the house and get Butter. He then
stopped and got this look on his face! We all went woah, there's the butter!
He then said that because the dome collapsed and the game was canceled,
he wanted to show something on the screen but didn't have anything. He
looked around the house and finally found a DVD that would be
appropriate. He then pulled out of his pocket a DVD that said "Super
Bowl" on it. He started to cry, and said he did not realize that the word
"Butter" God had given him so many years ago was this very same
"Butter" that he spoke at this very moment. He then said, I didn't realize it
until I just spoke it out of my mouth this moment. One simple word held
for so very long, finally means something and now is a confirmation of
what I had been praying for. "SUPER BOWL". Wow, what patience
holding a word that long.

Now putting things into perspective, had there been no storm, Joe would
have spoke, the game would have been played and I would have never
shared this message with the whole congregation. I may not have even
had a chance to talk to this particular Pastor about these things.

What if the flights were canceled, but say the dome didn't collapse? Well
then, Joe Jackson would not have come, but the game would have been
played and no need to get a DVD that said Super Bowl on it.

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   207
So all things for a reason, and I believe the signs and coincidences in this
series are confirmed. I honestly believed that there was something up with
the Super Bowl.

Jan 25th, 2011
Now get this. I was watching a TV show. It was about a woman who lost
her husband and trying to make ends meet in the Depression of the 30's in
Canada. The show is called Wind at my Back. It is an old Canadian TV
series airing re-runs on the INSP network. I had this particular episode
DVR'ed to watch later. In this episode the mother overworked herself
trying too hard and getting herself too tired and she got sick, but would not
rest, she needed her job and kept working and worked herself to
exhaustion and stood up to go to work again and then just passed out.

Now, the coincidences happen coincidentally and consecutively. It was
7:30, the President was going to speak at 8:00 and give the State of the
Union address. So we had a half hour to wait and so I told my wife to pick
something for the next half hour to watch. She scrolled through the menu
guide and selected the Walton's. I hadn't watched an episode of the
Walton's in years! The Walton's is also a show about the great depression
of the 30's. In this particular episode, Jason over worked himself and ran
himself ragged and was getting up to go to work again and got up, his
momma told him no, He said I'm a man and I am going, and just collapsed
and passed out. What are the odds of seeing that twice in a row? ON 2
different shows about the Great Depression? Consecutively when they are
not even aired consecutively? Now I haven't got the entire meaning of this
yet, but I will tell you what I think it means.

The depression sinks in here. I see people over working and trying really
hard to survive and just getting sick and exhausted and then collapsing. In
the aftermath of what is about to happen, I see people collapsing, and I see
a state of our country going into depression, but even worse.

Feb 5th, 2011
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   208
The night before the Super Bowl, I was filling up my car with gas, it was
cold out but I only had on a throwback hoodie with an old Minnesota
Hockey Team on it called the North Stars. I am looking around while
getting gas and I see another guy filing up with gas who also is wearing an
old throwback hoodie, no jacket, just the hoodie, and it too was a
throwback Minnesota North Stars hoodie. Now this is rare. The team does
not exist anymore and hasn’t been around for like 20 years. So I am
thinking, what does this mean? North Stars? Stars? Star of North? North
Star in the sky? I am looking up at the sky, hmmm, wondering, thinking,
what does this mean? And then it hits me like a brick… DUH!!!! The
Minnesota North Stars way back when, left Minnesota and moved to….
DALLAS! They then became the Dallas Stars. Wow. I was now really
nervous for the Super Bowl tomorrow! God Help us! This was at the same
gas station where I received the signs about going to Louisiana! I have
stopped at that gas station over the past 5 years maybe 9 or 10 times is all.
It is not my regular place I stop at all. 2 of those times I received
coincidences. Wow.

Feb 6th, 2011
Today the Super Bowl took place. Nothing happened that would indicate
any type of emergency, terror attack or missile attack at all. Many people
had prayed that this thing be thwarted. Is that what happened?

Now I started looking back at the signs again to see if I missed anything,
overthought something, or just completely misunderstood what I was
getting. Then the coincidence of Dallas again the night before the Super
Bowl came to my mind. Why did God give me another coincidence at that
point in time, when I had everything already down and confirmed? Why
would I need to get yet another sign of Dallas? What was the point of that,
it would be redundant. I don’t think God is redundant, I do think he does
things twice when asked for a confirmation, but I already had the Dallas
sign twice and consecutively. Why did I need to get it again? In my mind I
was dead set on this being what it was.

                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   209
Obviously now, God new I was wrong and was trying to tell me
something. It wasn’t the Super Bowl. Or it was thwarted by God who
heard the prayers. Now I was very happy that many people did not die a
horrific death on live TV. I don’t even know what I would have done had
it happened. I was such a mess watching that game. I think for that reason
alone, the scripture that talks about not knowing the Day or the Hour is
just perfect for that very reason and I learned a valuable lesson. God has
given me a “season” if you will of a Jubilee Year upon which He will
come for His Bride. But I have no idea of a day or an exact hour or time.

So what then did the Super Bowl coincidence mean? Why was I led to go
speak at that church?

Well some things afterward may be a clue, but I don’t know for sure. Here
is what I have learned since then.

On the day of the Super Bowl, during the Super Bowl, a missile was
launched from California. It was a Minotaur Missile with a payload that
they do not want to release exactly, Super Secret stuff you know. It was a
missile that used “Minuteman” rocket boosters. About a month or so prior
to that another missile was launched about 35 miles off the coast of
California and the Pentagon denied that it was a missile when there was
clear footage of a missile and many prominent people attested to it being a
missile also. You can see footage on Youtube.com. What does this mean
and add up to, if anything?

At the Super Bowl, George W. Bush was in attendance. It was just learned
that around the time of the Super Bowl this was also taking place in
Dallas: This story was taken from ABC World News website Feb 24th,

“A 20 year old terrorism suspect from Saudi Arabia, described as a lone
wolf, was arrested by the FBI today, on charges of attempting to build a
bomb and targeting sites in California, New York, Colorado. Among the
alleged targets were dams, nuclear plants, and the Dallas residence of
former President George W. Bush. Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari who has been
in the United States since 2008, was studying in Texas on a student visa
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   210
and has a background in chemical engineering…. Aldawsari kept his
alleged notes and research in e-mail files that he sent to himself in a file
allegedly named, "NICE TARGETS". According to the FBI affidavit on
Feb. 6, 2011 Aldawsari sent himself an e-mail titled "Tyrant's House"
which listed the address of former President George W. Bush.

Now that was taking place in Dallas! Wow. So there are a couple of
possibilities for stuff going on during the Super Bowl. But I still think that
there is a warning for Dallas. These things may be a part of this however.
Something very serious may have been thwarted in deed. It’s just that,
well, Dallas is a big city, and I believe this warning was one that is bigger
than just one bomb of one famous person’s house. I think it was bigger
than a possible misguided accidental missile from California making its
way sporadically to Texas and doing some random act of damage to a few
houses. I am also getting some other signs like the “Depression” signs and
people getting weak and sick and falling out. I believe this is way, way
bigger than these things, and that is why I still believe that Dallas is in
danger still, at least for a period of like 6 more months or so. After that I
will think that the signs were a warning to pray for Dallas and that the
warning is over and the threat is now gone.

I can’t remember the exact day of this next coincidence because I forgot to
write it down when it happened and I no longer have the email that was
sent to me.

My best guess was that it occurred between …

Feb 16th – 21st, 2011
I received an email from a man who signs for Jesus. His name is Doug
Hallock. He occasionally emails out updates about his music and songs
and he was informing people about a song, 2 of them that made it to the
top of a chart in the web called Indie Heaven. I was not going to open the
email when I was looking at it, I was going to do some other things I
wanted to do but as I was staring at the email he sent, I heard on the TV
News in the background, the newscaster talking about a so and so Hallock.
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   211
Some person named something Hallock. I was like, wow, did I hear that
correctly? And the newscaster said the name again, “… Hallock”. Hmmm,
ok, I guess I need to open this email now. I mean , common, Hallock is not
a very popular name at all like Smith or Jones. So I did. It stated that his
song “Depression” had hit number one and now his song “Surrender” had
hit number one. Hmmmm, Depression and Surrender…..Hmmmm Lord,
what are you telling me?

July 27th, 2011
I have just found out something that I think is pretty amazing, actually it is
dropping my jaw and something is definitely going on here in a very very
very big way! It has something to do with the Christian Music Stage that is
going to be happening in Kettle River, MN on August 12th-13th, 2011!

So let me start out by saying that if you have not ever heard me speak of
this before, then you will now here about it and if you have heard me
speak about this, then this will be pretty interesting for you to hear of what
is about to happen. Because this seems really really Interesting, and I have
to wonder, what is God going to do?... because OH MY, something is up!!
Get this...

Over the last 8 years God has led me on a journey. A very Big journey
which He has shown me a cross over the United States. Along the shape of
a cross over the entire United States of America, God has revealed 9
points along that cross. When I was first given this revelation there were ,
I thought, only 7 points. Those 7 points were as follows:

North to South.....

Austin, Minnesota

Arrow Rock, Missouri

Hot Springs, Arkansas

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   212

East to West

Washington D.C.

Petersburg, Kentucky

Arrow Rock, Missouri (center of cross)

Grand Junction, Colorado

Point Arena, California

I was led to a specific church in each of these towns to reveal the message

So those 7 points were given to me and then just last summer, I was given
2 more points. The Lord basically told me that the area that I was in all
along, where I live and attend church was indeed the 1st location all along,
but was not ever confirmed to me until the summer of 2010. That point is
for a fact, Kettle River, MN. When I found that out I prayed to God and
figured that if there was an eighth point, actually the 1st point, but realized
eighth in order, then there would have to be another point south of
Arkansas to balance the cross out somewhere in Louisiana. So then you
would have a center point and 2 points north, 2 south, 2 east and 2 west.
God led me to and confirmed Natchitoches, Louisiana. I have driven to
each and every location, over 20,000 miles round trip and amazing signs
and wonders confirmed each place. I have the entire testimony with all the
signs recorded on my website at www.two.cc. You can download the
document book called 2 for free.

Now I want to get to the news, the BIG NEWS!

Our church and a ministry within our church in Kettle River, MN, have
been doing an outreach in our local community during the local festival
which happens every August. We decided to try and add a Christian Music
                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   213
Stage to this event last year, and we did. We are having this music stage
for the 2nd time this year. Now if you have looked at the website address
that I gave earlier for my testimony it is two.cc. The Lord has been giving
me signs in the form of 2's. The signs I have been getting are and have
been of the number 2, things happening twice and consecutively. It really
has been amazing. I do know that it does have something to do with His
soon 2nd coming.

So this year I had booked 3 bands to come and play on our very small
town Christian Music Stage. The Main band that I had booked, wanted to
play an additional night because they were coming from such a long way,
Pennsylvania. I called around and tried and tried to find a way to have a
Friday night venue of some kind someway shape or form, but nothing was
opening up. Then at the meeting for the Ma and Pa Kettle Days Festival
for Kettle River, we were discussing where they wanted to put the
Christian Music Stage this year because for some reason, last year some
people complained that our music across the street from the bars main
stage was interfering with theirs. So they offered to put us out in some
field, which we were willing to go wherever they wanted because we just
feel God will put us where He wants us. But we asked about access to
power and they responded that there was no power in that field. So that
wouldn't work because we needed electricity for the sound system. Then
they decided to move us down to the other end of town near the kids play
area where they were going to set up the pony rides and the petting zoo
right next to the restroom facilities and a small pavilion area. There is
enough room, power available and it has enough room for quite a few
people to listen to the music and if it were to grow, the stage could just be
moved back and back and back each year if needed. If you read my
testimony on the website, you will read what I had prayed for 7 years ago,
a family oriented event with a Christian theme where Christ is glorified.
Now all of a sudden during the meeting, the owner of the bar offered to
have our out of town bands play under their big tent that they were
renting. I thought, Woah, Really? They even want to bill it as "Christian
Rock Night" ...ok Really? God what are you doing here? I see something
is going on and now I am seeing it more clearly. But get this...wow....

                  “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   214
Ok so to the really really really AMAZING POINT FINALLY! The local
band from Brainerd dropped out, lost their drummer or something. The
main band that got me trying to get a Friday night Gig in the first place, all
of a sudden backed out and got into a dispute and the lead singer left the
band. 2 bands dropping out with only a month to go? Really? Hmmm ok
God what are you doing? I had to email everyone I knew to see what we
could or should do. Our church had some connections. The Anderson
Family of our church was able to book a headline band for the Friday
night show and another band for the Saturday show, Praise God! But
check this out!! The band they got for Friday night, the night God opened
up for us front and center in the bar's main tent stage is called Silverline.

I, just this evening….... finally got around to checking out their website.
And I happened to see that our event in Kettle River, MN is listed in their
calendar of upcoming show dates on their website for August 12th, 2011
Friday night in Kettle River, MN at the Tower Tap bar! But get this, And I
had nothing to do with this, nor a clue of it happening, as this was all last
minute and none of it was coordinated by me at all, but God Himself
surely lined this up,..... GUESS where that band....Silverline is heading to
right after they get done in Kettle River, MN and playing the very next
weekend? Oh come on now, you should be able to guess if you have been
following the 2 signs and coincidences of the cross thing and consecutive
things happening with this cross.....This is going to blow you away, it blew
me away and I am still in shock. ..............!!!!!

Austin, Minnesota!! The VERY next point on the cross!! Not only are
they playing in Austin, Minnesota, but the EXACT same theater that they
are playing in, was... and IS… THE ACTUAL CHURCH THAT I FIRST
TOLD OF THE SIGNS OF THE CROSS TO! I was led to that church as
the first sign on the cross like 7 years ago!!!!! It used to be the Vineyard
Church in Austin, MN but they just sold it recently and the members there
joined with another church that was out of the flood zone, as this theater
now called the Paramount Theater floods when the river rises.

I am just thinking that what are the odds? Are you kidding me? God is
definitely moving here and there is going to be some kind of move of God
I am thinking at not only Kettle River, MN but in Austin as well!!!!!!! I
                 “2!” Signs and Coincidences from God   215
don't know what it will look like, or how it is going to happen, but woah,
this is AMAZING. I will be expecting something, anything, but will I
know it when it happens? What will it be? Will it happen that night or will
some signs and wonders follow later? What will they look like? Oh wow,
for me this is really something special. They may not look like anything
we have even seen before. One other thing was prophesied about this cross
was by a Pastor at one of the points in Colorado. And that was that when
this move of God happens, he said while prophesying “it will be known
WORLD WIDE!”. Will it be a type of revival? Or some type of judgment
on America about to begin? I have had many theories I thought of. I will
just try and do the best I can, stay humble and praise God through it all.
Whatever happens, I know this is a part a something much bigger on a
very grandiose scale. Whether it manifests August 12th and 13th or not,
something is definitely happening with this. Time will tell.

Keep checking back from time to time as the Lord gives me more I will
certainly add it. Feel free to email me anytime – Flippstermn@yahoo.com

God Bless,

Mike Flipp


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