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					                           HUNTINGTON BEACH

Date:                       February 2011                                 Vol.    39                 No.    2

POLICE/FIRE EMERGENCY                          911         Information Desk                      714 960-8843
NON-EMERGENCY/DISPATCH               714 960-8825          Graffiti Hot Line                     714 960-8861
POLICE Business Line                 714 960-8811          Neighborhood Watch- Nilda Berndt      714 536-5933
Vacation House Checks (RSVP)         714 374-1507          Layout/Graphic Design                Tom Gaccione
Website                              E-mail                 
                    Compiled by Nilda Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community Relations Specialist

The Huntington Beach Neighborhood Watch Program                                  A CALL TO
(HBNW) fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 each                                ALL BLOCK
year. We have estimated we will need approximately
$25,000 this year to cover the various HBNW program                              CAPTAINS!
expenses which include, but are not limited to,
newsletter assembly, distribution costs, returned            The Huntington Beach Police Department has
postage, mailing labels, etc. From the start of our fiscal   planned a special meeting for all Neighborhood
year to now, we have received $9,582.33 in donations         Watch Block Captains:
and     newsletter     advertisements--      we     have
$15,417.67 to go by June 30, 2011. The HBNW Board                  Date:          Wednesday, May 11, 2011
thanks you and our advertisers for your support and                Time:          7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
generous donations. A $6 donation pays for each
                                                                   Location:      HBPD Training Room A
subscriber’s distribution costs; a $10 donation helps
with these costs and other needed expenses and puts                               2000 Main St.
your name in the Newsletter as a contributor; and a                               Huntington Beach, CA
$25 or more donation accomplishes the above, plus
you will receive a HBNW sticker and a token of               (From outside the P.D. front door, walk down the
appreciation.    Remember, HBNW is a non-profit              steps towards the jail entrance and continue to the
organization; donations are tax deductible.                  glass doors.)
As a resident of the city, we encourage you to review        Some of the topics to be discussed are crimes
the HBNW program budget and expenses.                        that can affect you, your family and your
We strongly suggest you sign up to receive your              neighborhood, as well as the latest crime
Newsletter either electronically or through the mail.        trends.
The Newsletter has valuable crime prevention                 We will provide you with tools to assist in
information and crime statistics. Donations are not
                                                             preventing you and your neighbors from
necessary to receive the Newsletter, but if you wish to
                                                             becoming victims. These tools include checking
make a donation, please make your check payable to:
                                                             on the health of your Neighborhood Watch Block
      HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM                          Program and the importance of keeping it alive
Send to:       HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                         and active.
               PO BOX 5667                                   Lieutenant Russell Reinhart and several other
               HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92615                    special speakers will be present.
Or:          HB POLICE DEPARTMENT                            Seating is limited, so please RSVP to: Nilda
             Attn: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                        Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community Relations
             2000 MAIN ST.                                   Specialist, at 714-536-5933.        Mark your
             HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648                      calendar and reserve your seat today.
For more information please call (714) 536-5933.
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – February 2011                                                                 Page 2

             The HBPD Air                                   and Emergency/ Disaster surveying. Our primary goal
              Support Unit                                  is to provide a level of service that contributes to the
                   (continued)                              overall success of the mission at hand. We understand
                 By Sgt. Ray Villescas                      that safety is critical to the successful outcome of any
Today, the department operates three MD520N series          mission, so we strive to operate in as safe a manner as
turbine powered helicopters. Each aircraft is equipped      possible in all areas of our aviation operations.
with multi-channel communication equipment, “Night          The Huntington Beach Police Department Air Support
Sun” spotlights, FLIR cameras, Moving Map                   Unit currently operates out of the Robert M. Morrison
navigation systems and gyro-stabilized binoculars. All      Heliport located in the City of Huntington Beach. The
three aircraft are configured to mirror each other in       facility was dedicated to Lt. Morrison as a tribute to his
terms of instrument placement and special equipment         vision, dedication, and never ending support of the
installation. A tradition of naming each helicopter         airborne law enforcement community. Lt. Morrison
began with the first MD520N. This aircraft was              served with the HBPD Air Support Unit from 1968 to
designated “Maverick” in honor of the former City           1989. He was also a founding member of the Airborne
Councilman/ Mayor, Jack Kelly, who played the role          Law Enforcement Association, serving as association
of Bart Maverick in a 1950s TV western series. The          president, as a member of the board of directors, and as
next two aircraft were designated “Guardian” and            a regional officer. After his passing in March of 2008,
“Sentinel” by local elementary school students in           a memorial service was held at the HBPD air support
Huntington Beach. The newest aircraft in the fleet has      facility to celebrate his life and contributions to
been designated “Ten–Henry” in commemoration of             airborne law enforcement.
the unit’s 40th anniversary and in honor of our first       2008 marked the 40th anniversary of the Huntington
aircraft’s radio call sign.                                 Beach Police Department Air Support Unit. The unit
In the 1970’s, the Department divided the city into         has enjoyed the continuing support of the Police
nine patrol areas. The helicopter’s call-sign was “Ten-     Department, the Huntington Beach City Council and
Henry” effectively designating the skies above              the citizens of the community. But, in the words of
Huntington Beach as the 10th patrol area. This call         Lieutenant Robert M. Morrison, “None of this could be
sign was later changed to “HB1” when Orange County          possible without the dedication and determination of
Communications adopted the International Phonetic           the officers and maintenance personnel who made it
Alphabet. The call sign “HB1” is currently used today.      work. Those who elected to strap themselves into a
The Huntington Beach Police Department Air Support          cramped, uncomfortable seat, put on a helmet or
Unit of today is part of the Traffic/Aero Bureau in the     headset that has up to five radios tuned in and launch
Uniform (Patrol) Division.           The Traffic/Aero       themselves into some of the busiest airspace in the
Lieutenant serves as the Air Support Unit Commander.        United States. They learned to live with the noise,
When fully staffed, the unit consists of a sergeant, six    vibrations, fatigue and polluted air in their non-air-
officer/pilots, two helicopter mechanics and a part-time    conditioned office environment. These are the guys
unit administrative clerk. Several of the officer/pilots    who experimented with, developed, or pioneered new
are rated as Certified Flight Instructors (Rotorcraft)      equipment until it worked… so they could better serve
and are responsible for commercial pilot training           their fellow officers on the ground and further prove
within the unit. The helicopter mechanics possess           the benefit of aircraft utilization in law enforcement.”
Airframe & Power Plant (A&P) ratings, as well as
Inspection Authorization (I.A.) ratings.              The   HBPD VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AND
maintenance facility is rated as a FAA Certified Repair            HOLIDAY LUNCHEON
Station (Limited).                                          The Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) utilizes
The primary mission of the Huntington Beach Police          volunteers for various assignments, programs, projects and
                                                            events throughout the year. Recently the department held
Air Support Unit is to fly in support of police, fire and
                                                            an Annual Recognition and Holiday Luncheon to honor our
marine safety operations. Those operations include,         volunteers who give unselfishly of their time. To see and
but are not limited to, patrol ground operations,           read more about some of the duties and responsibilities of
surveillance, aerial photo/intelligence gathering           our various groups just log on to the police department
missions, observation support for police, fire and          webpage at or our Facebook fan page
marine safety operations, as well as SWAT operations        directly at
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER— February 2011                                                       Page 3

               Frequently Asked                     POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                    REMINDER ON CALIFORNIA
                  Questions                         LAW REGARDING CELL
                                                    PHONES AND DRIVING
How can I set up a Neighborhood Watch
Block Meeting for my neighborhood?                  A law passed by the California Legislature made it
                                                    an infraction to talk on a cell phone while driving
It’s very simple to schedule a meeting:
                                                    effective July 1, 2008. On January 1, 2009, an
      1.   Talk with your neighbors (even the       additional law was enacted making it an infraction
           ones that live behind you) and select    to use any type of electronic wireless
           a few dates to hold the meeting.         communication device to write, read or send text
           Please try to give us at least 2 or 3    based communications.
           weeks notice. We usually schedule
                                                    Adults are allowed to talk on a hands free cell
           Neighborhood Watch Block Meetings
                                                    phone device while driving. Anyone under 18
           on     Tuesday,     Wednesday       or
           Thursday,     around      7:00   P.M.
                                                    years old is not allowed any use of a cell phone
           Meetings will last between 1 ½ to 1      while driving, not even with a hands free device.
           ¾ hours.                                 No one is allowed to write, read or send text
      2.   Call Nilda Patiño de Berndt, HBPD        based communications while driving.
           Community Relations Specialist at        The law is stricter on teen drivers because of their
           (714) 536-5933 to schedule the           lack of experience in driving. Also, teen drivers
           meeting.                                 are more likely to be distracted while driving. The
      3.   Usually the host will provide cookies,   best practice is to turn off a cell phone while in a
           punch or coffee.      If seating is a    vehicle. If it is on and rings, do not answer it until
           problem you can always ask your          you have safely reached your destination. The
           neighbors to bring their own lawn        only allowable exception is to contact law
           chairs.                                  enforcement, the fire department or a health care
      4.   We will provide a trained speaker to     provider in an emergency situation.
           discuss the Neighborhood Watch
                                                    A police officer can stop any motorist seen using
           Program. They will give you crime
           prevention tips that can help lessen     a cell phone, or similar device, to issue them a
           the chances of you becoming a            traffic citation. The Huntington Beach Police
           victim.     You’ll receive a good        Department strictly enforces these laws. In 2010,
           neighbor sheet and have the              Huntington Beach police officers have issued
           opportunity to sign up for the           2,748 traffic citations for these offenses.
           Neighborhood Watch newsletter.           For more information about the use of electronic
      5.   One of the HBPD Patrol Officers will     wireless communication devices while driving,
           also try to stop by to discuss the       visit   the      California   DMV      webpage     at
           crimes that are occurring in your
           area and answer any concerns you         m or view the DMV video on cell phone laws from
           may have.                                the Huntington Beach Police Department
      6.   There must be at least 12 people in      Facebook                                        page
           attendance to be considered a   .
           meeting. We require 75% of the
           households per street to participate
           in order for the residents to order a    For a list of all the ways technology
           Neighborhood Watch Street Sign.          has failed to improve the quality of life,
           The cost per street sign is $15.00
           each; the city will gladly install       please press three…
           them.                                                                Alice Kahn
      7.   Remember       “The      best   crime                                                        _
           deterrent is a good neighbor”. Don’t
           put off organizing and educating
           your block today.
 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — February 2011                                                           Page 4

The police patrol areas are the       BEAT 3                                  BEAT 5
north and south.      The patrol      1 Residential Burglary                  2 Residential Burglaries
beats are 2-13.        Your RD        0 Vehicle Burglaries                    0 Vehicle Burglaries
(Reporting District) is the half-     0 Grand Theft Auto                      1 Grand Theft Auto
mile square surrounding your
home.                                 Residential Burglaries                  Residential Burglaries
                                      RD 455-1                                RD 425-1      RD 436-1
To locate your Beat and RD,
please check the map on the           Street: Brookdale Ln                    Streets:   Hyde     Park   Dr.,   and
back inside page.    In most                                                  Claremont Ln.
                                      Vehicle Burglaries
cases,     your BEAT/RD    is
                                      None reported                           In RD 425, Hyde Park          Dr.;   2
identified   on your  address
mailing label.                        Grand Theft Auto                        suspects are in custody.
                                      None reported
RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES                                                        Vehicle Burglaries
                                                                              None reported
39 entries 12/16/10 – 01/15/11        BEAT 4
42 entries 11/16/10 – 12/15/10        9 Residential Burglaries                Grand Theft Auto
                                      5 Vehicle Burglaries                    RD 434-1
Sixteen of the entries were due to    1 Grand Theft Auto
OPEN OR UNLOCKED windows or                                                   BEAT 6
doors. Eleven of these burglaries     Residential Burglaries                  5 Residential Burglaries
were committed during the day,        RD 432-1      RD 433-1                  8 Vehicle Burglaries
nine were committed at night, and     RD 442-4      RD 452-1                  1 Grand Theft Auto
nineteen were committed at an         RD 453-2
unknown time.                                                                 Residential Burglaries
                                      Streets: Whitesands Dr., Vasile Ci.,    RD 349-2      RD 441-1
There were nine garage entries.       England St., Delaware St., Joliet       RD 451-1      RD 461-1
                                      Ave., Atlanta Ave., and Driftwood
There were 3 storage unit entries.                                            Streets: 18 St., 14th St., 12th St.,
There were 2 attempted entries.                                               8th St., and Walnut Ave.
                                      In RD 432, Whitesands Dr.; Suspect
VEHICLE BURGLARIES                                                            In RD 349, 14th St.; Suspect is
                                      is possibly known.
                                                                              possibly known.
44 reported 12/16/10 – 01/15/11       In RD 442, England St.; Suspect did
                                                                              In RD 441, 12th St.; It appeared
68 reported 11/16/10 – 12/15/10       not gain entry. Tried opening front
                                                                              suspect used the garage door
                                      door using handle but door was
                                                                              opener stolen from the unlocked
GRAND THEFT AUTO                      locked.
                                                                              vehicle parked in front of the
23 reported 12/16/10 – 01/15/11       In RD 442, Delaware St.; Suspect
                                                                              garage to gain entry into the
30 reported 11/16/10 – 12/15/10       removed the lock from a garage
                                                                              garage.     Suspect then stole a
                                      door to gain entry. Steals items
                                                                              bicycle from the garage.
BEAT 2                                from that garage then makes a hole
                                                                              In RD 451, 8th St.; It appeared an
3 Residential Burglaries              in the wall of the adjoining garages
                                                                              intoxicated    male   entered   an
4 Vehicle Burglaries                  and steals items from that garage
                                                                              unlocked house and left when the
1 Grand Theft Auto                    also.
                                                                              resident called downstairs.
                                      In RD 442, Joliet Ave., It appears
Residential Burglaries                suspect used a hard metal object        There was one garage entry.
RD 475-1      RD 476-1                such as a claw hammer to pierce
RD 485-1                              the double pane sliding glass door,     There was one storage unit entry.
                                      then pulled it outward to gain entry.
Streets: Adelia Ci., Brookhurst St.                                           Vehicle Burglaries
                                      In RD 452, Atlanta Ave.; Suspect is
and Gateshead Dr.                                                             RD 348-1      RD 451-6
                                      possibly known.
                                                                              RD 461-1
In RD 475, Adelia Ci; Suspect is      In RD 453, Atlanta Ave.; It appears
possibly known.                       the suspect(s) backed a white van       Grand Theft Auto
In RD 485, Gateshead Dr.; Suspect     into the driveway, entered the          RD 451-1
enters garage and steals items from   house through the side yard and
the unlocked vehicle parked inside.   backdoor and stole property.            BEAT 7
                                                                              1 Residential Burglary
There was one garage burglary.        There were four garage burglaries       8 Vehicle Burglaries
                                      There was one attempted entry           2 Grand Theft Auto
Vehicle Burglaries
                                      Vehicle Burglaries                      Residential Burglaries
RD 465-1      RD 466-1
                                      RD 452-4      RD 463-1                  RD 422-1
RD 476-2
                                      Grand Theft Auto                        Streets: Owen Dr.
Grand Theft Auto
RD 476-1                              RD 452-1
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — February 2011                                                                 Page 5

Vehicle Burglaries                       him punching his keypad code and          BEAT 13
RD 292-1      RD 293-1                   used it to gain entry into his garage.    6 Residential Burglaries
RD 412-1      RD 413-4                                                             6 Vehicle Burglaries
RD 422-1                                 There were two garage burglaries.         6 Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto                         Vehicle Burglaries                        Residential Burglaries
RD 291-1     RD 423-1                    RD 153-1      RD 163-1                    RD 242-1      RD 252-3
                                         RD 164-1      RD 165-1                    RD 261-1      RD 262-1
BEAT 8                                   RD 174-2      RD 175-2
0 Residential Burglaries                                                           Streets: Huntington Village Ln., Sher
2 Vehicle Burglaries                     Grand Theft Auto                          Ln., Amazon Dr., Alhambra Dr.,
1 Grand Theft Auto                       RD 165-1                                  Tunstall Ln., and Viewpoint Ln.

Residential Burglaries                   BEAT 11                                   In RD 452, Amazon Dr.; Suspect(s)
None reported                            3 Residential Burglaries                  gained entry through the front open
                                         0 Vehicle Burglaries                      window. Victim left the window open
Vehicle Burglaries                                                                 approximately 6” and secured it with
                                         1 Grand Theft Auto
RD 178-1      RD 179-1                                                             a dowel rod inside the windowsill. It
                                         Residential Burglaries                    appeared     suspect(s)  sliced   the
Grand Theft Auto
                                         RD 166-2      RD 168-1                    window screen then the sliding
RD 179-1
                                                                                   window was pushed out of the rails it
                                         Streets: Moody Ci., Pearce Dr., and       normally slides on.
BEAT 9                                   Shields Dr.                               In RD 261, Tunstall Ln.; Suspect(s)
2 Residential Burglaries
                                         In RD 166, Pearce Dr.; Suspect is         removed the screen from an open
2 Vehicle Burglaries
                                         possibly known.                           window to gain entry.
4 Grand Theft Auto
                                                                                   In RED 262, Viewpoint Ln.; One
Residential Burglaries                   Vehicle Burglaries                        suspect is in custody.
RD 282-2                                 None reported
                                                                                   There was one attempted entry.
Streets:   Slater Ave., and Sampson      Grand Theft Auto
                                         RD 158-1                                  Vehicle Burglaries
                                                                                   RD 242-3      RD 252-1
In RD 282, Slater Ave.; Suspect(s)       BEAT 12                                   RD 253-2
used a bolt cutter to cut the lock off   3 Residential Burglaries
                                                                                   Grand Theft Auto
the storage unit to gain entry. The      1 Vehicle Burglary
                                                                                   RD 242-3     RD 252-1
suspect fled when the alarm sounded.     4 Grand Theft Auto
                                                                                   RD 261-1     RD 262-1
Vehicle was described as a white,
older model mini van, with black         Residential Burglaries
handles and black molding.               RD 128-1      RD 137-1                           Free
                                         RD 149-1
Vehicle Burglaries
                                                                                     Vacation house
RD 272-2                                 Streets: Edgeview Ln., Bolsa Ave.,         checks Available
                                         and Whiteoak Ln.
Grand Theft Auto                                                                   Do you wonder whom you should
RD 263-1     RD 272-2                    In RD 128 Edgeview Ln.; Victim
RD 283-1                                 parked their vehicle in the garage and    call to check on your home when
                                         goes    inside   their     home,    for   you’re going to be away for an
BEAT 10                                  approximately 5 minutes, leaving the
                                         garage door open.          When they
                                                                                   extended period of time?
4 Residential Burglaries
8 Vehicle Burglaries                     returned they found somebody had          Well first you might want to ask a
1 Grand Theft Auto                       entered the garage and stolen a white     trusted neighbor to keep an eye on
                                         Peuget Ten Speed bicycle.                 your home for you. Then you
Residential Burglaries
RD 152-1      RD 155-1                   There was one storage unit burglary.      should call The Huntington Beach
RD 164-1      RD 165-1                                                             Police Department Retired Senior
                                         Vehicle Burglaries
Street: Bordeaux Ln., Prelude Dr.,       RD 136-1                                  Volunteer Program (RSVP) for a
Barefoot Ci., and Lynn Ln.
                                         Grand Theft Auto
                                                                                   vacation house check.
In RD 155, Prelude Dr.; Suspect is in    RD 136-1     RD 139-1                     There’s absolutely NO fee for this
custody and property was returned.       RD 147-2                                  service and it’s easy to sign up.
In RD 164, Barefoot Ci.; Victim                                                    You may call the HBPD RSVP
believes suspect may have observed                                                 office at 714-374-1507 to sign up.
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – February 2011                                                                                         Page 6
                                                                   GRAND THEFT AUTO
    LISTED BELOW FOR THEIR               40
Charles and Wilma Attridge
Molly Bagnoli                            20
Hildegard Breidenstein
Gerald Briggs                            10
Kuo Chang
Gerald Collins                             0     JAN    FEB   MAR    APR    MAY    JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP       OCT       NOV        DEC
Donald and Barbara Craft                 2009     30    21     23    32     32      28     33     17     31           25        29        22
Nitin Desai                              2010     24    24     25    35     31      22     28     31     26           27        29        30

Sam Eagle                                2011     23

R.E. and S.K. Faber                                           VEHICLE BURGLARIES
Patricia Feiner
Gayle Gehrke
Donald Grigsby                          100
James and Sharon Haran
H.L. Hawes                               80

Michael Haynes                           60
Paul G. Holsted
Patricia Hunt                            40

G.R. and M.F. Ikemori                    20
Dr. Francis Lamle
Olin and Betty Lapham                     0
                                                 JAN   FEB    MAR   APR    MAY    JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP       OCT       NOV       DEC

Thomas Livengood                         2009    74    59     58    83     60     75     111    31     79        71        76        49
                                                 61    95     70    70     69     32     59     77     61        50        41        68
Frank and Lorna Mack
                                         2011    44

Carol McCune
Don and Mary Beth Minard                                      RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES
Wilfried Mittelbach                      70
Wolfgang Moeller
Wanda Moneyhun
N. Nicola                                50
William Pearce, Jr.                      40
Sheila Plotkin                           30
Lynn Prebe
Glenn and Kathlyn Richardson
Sara Sampson                             10
Bernard Schecter                           0     JAN   FEB    MAR    APR   MAY     JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP       OCT       NOV       DEC
Carl Scherz                              2009     30    26     23    39     30      37     40     30        59        33        37        22

Erich Schmid                             2010     43
                                                        43     30    56     37      31     43     63        33        38        31        42
E.D. and Judy Schwantes
Anneliese Steuer
Diane and Scott Taylor                          HUNTINGTON BEACH NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
Robert and Evelyn Taylor                            EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS &
Barbara Thorne                                   EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE/SPEAKERS BUREAU
Nadine Tor
                                                                  TOM DOTI, President
Ryan and Elisha Townsend                                       JIM DWYER, Vice President
Ira Trachter                                                MICHELLE GRANTHAM, Secretary
Judy Weaver                                                      FENG VOGT, Treasurer
Robert Welch
                                                         Gudelia Ramirez, Member at Large
Geraldine Wright
                                                           Ken Kirkup, Member at Large
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — February 2011                                   Page 7

                                                SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT BUREAU (SEB)
        N                                               Lt. Mitch O’Brien (714) 536-5588
                                                DIRECTED ENFORCEMENT TEAM (DET)
                                                      Sgt. Mike Freeman (714) 374-1664
W                 E                                         e-mail:
                                                SOUTH AREA: BEATS 2, 3, & 5
                                                       Officer Dan Boldt (714) 960-4540
         S                                      SOUTH AREA: BEATS 4, 6, & 7
                                                  Officer Jerry Goodspeed (714) 536-2942
                                                NORTH AREA: BEATS 8, 9, & 13
                                                   Officer Dave Wiederin (714) 375-5095
                                                NORTH AREA: BEATS 10, 11, & 12
                                                    Officer Rich Eidlhuber (714) 375-5140

Locate your Beat and
Reporting District (RD) by
referring to this map. In most
cases your BEAT and RD are
on your mailing label.

If you live in Beat 3 and
RD 455, you will have
3-455 on your address label.