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Newtown Rallied Against Closure by liuhongmei


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                             The Newtown Tower   “For all the news that’s news to Newtown...”

Vol 1, No. II                     Newtown High School 48-01 90th Street Elmhurst, NY 11373                                                    February 2011

Newtown Rallied Against Closure
By: Valfrie Plasencia
Hard News Editor
        A little less than a hundred Newtown High                                                               students for a cause, instead of shopping, and to
School students rallied by Queens Center Mall on                 These reasons prompted immediate ac-           also “see what impact it can bring.”
November 25th, 2010, the Black Friday of the year.     tion, justified by education authorities, to take sig-            “Some of us who went to the rally are
The protest was called the “Black Friday Rally”,       nificant steps “to ensure that all students graduate     seniors. We’re graduating soon but we still went
and was student created and led. Among the             from Newtown prepared for future success.”               to the rally. This shows how much we still care for
students who led the rally were seniors Dagmara                  In response to this potential decision,        Newtown and we wouldn’t want it to close any
Cintron, Soon Ho Sim, and Teresa Panurach.             Newtown Pioneers took advantage of the burgeon           time soon,” Trillanes added.
        Earlier last year, the New York City De-       ing number of people rushing to the Queens Cen-                   In December, Newtown Principal John
partment of Education released a list of potentially   ter Mall on the shopping day after Thanksgiving          Ficalora shared the decision of the DOE that con-
                                                       to call the community’s attention and give them          firms the removal of Newtown being transformed
                                                       the awareness of their school’s current situation        into a charter school or worse, possible closure.
                                                       and possible fortune as well.                            However, it left the whole school community
                                                                 Thousands of flyers were handed out            hanging on the question on what exactly will hap-
                                                       containing the contact information needed to             pen to Newtown High School now that two other
                                                       help support the school. Enormous banners that           reform options are still on the line: transformation
                                                       said “Save Newtown”, a “Don’t Let Newtown                or turnover.
                                                       Down” chant, and all the effort exerted talking                   The entire Newtown community is cur-
                                                       to concerned citizens, were efforts that Newtown         rently doing its best in improving its injured
                                                       students focused on getting done that day.               reputation by encouraging all students to give their
                                                                 Despite the rain showers that poured on        effort to success. While Newtown still has no sight
                                                       them on a cold Friday morning, Newtown seniors           of a final decision yet, all await to see what will
Newtown students protest in front of Newtown Field.    Mafel Trillanes and Cristina Gacoscosim admitted         happen in September when another school year
failing schools in New York State and Newtown          that they enjoyed the day working with other             opens.
High School made the list. It was named as one
of the “Persistently Lowest-Achieving” (PLA)
schools in the entire state.
         Its failure to produce exemplary results
from Regents examinations, Quality Assessment
Tests, State Visits, and the consistently low gradu-
ation rate of the school which, according to the
Department of Education, has remained around or
below 50% for the past six years, are evidence that
the school has been struggling for years. In 2010,
the school’s four-year graduation rate slightly in-
creased to 57%, but it still remained well below the
63% citywide average, according to the data also                                 November 25th, 2010 protest in Queens Center Mall.
released by the Education Department.
                                                       Guitar Program Strikes Again, Twice As Loud!
 The Tower Staff                                       By: Dagmara Cintron
                                                       Editor In Chief
                                                                 While Mr. Fred Vasquez, head of the                     The upcoming events for the guitar pro-
              2010-2011                                guitar program, constantly arranges various events       gram also include performing at the Nuyo- Rican
                                                                                                                Café, several other QPTV episodes, and playing
                                                       for the guitar-loving students in his program, it’s
Editor In Chief:                  Dagmara Cintron
                                                       an understatement to say that the students have          for various Junior High and Elementary schools
Managing Editor:                 Abraham Albarracin
Staff Secretary:                 Silvia Lopez          gone out of their own way to arrange some of their       throughout the school year. “I try to pick the stu-
Layout Editor:                   Javier Zavaleta       own.                                                     dents who are most motivated and excel the most
Photographer:                    Zerline Alvarez                 Lucio Villanueva, 17, initially won first      in my classes to come with me to these events,”
Hard News Editor:                Valfrie Plasencia                                                              explains Vasquez, “but I try to give everyone a
Local News Editor:               Joely Rodriguez
                                                       place in a “Queens Got Talent” competition last
Local News Editor:               Erica Yu              August, outside of school. After winning the local       chance.”
Time and Leisure Editor :       Javed Najhadeez        competition, the motivated student made it to a                   The anticipation of what the program
Sports News Editor:             Stephanie Mandoza      district competition in Pennsylvania, which even-        will do next is something that seems to be on
Science/Technology Editor:      Kevin Ortiz            tually also granted him a spot in “The Fine Arts         everyone’s mind. “I remember when I was in the
Editorial News Editor:          Angela Rivera
                                                       National” competition in Detroit Michigan. Judges        guitar program; I was always doing gigs with
Staff Advisor:                  Melissa Mastrangelo
                                                       rated Vasquez’s guitar arrangement of “Quiero Ser        Vasquez and other students. You just never really
Reporters:                                             Tu Sombra” by Hector Quattromanos “excellent,”           know what kind of performance you’ll be doing,
Alejandro, Jean       Alvarez, Zerline                 the highest rating possible within the competi-          Vasquez keeps you on your toes and really helps
Frias, Christopher   Baksh, Stefan                                                                              you get out there,” shares alumni Sergio Aragon,
                                                       tion. “It was kind of unreal,” Lucio expresses. The
Gonzalez, Samantha   Rivera, Angela
Lopez, Silvia        Yu, Erica                         student plans on pursuing guitar much more in his        who still performs gigs at local lounges or bars.
Mahmood, Zainub      Zavaleta, Javier                  near future, as he looks forward to studying guitar               Not only seniors are attempting to get no-
Mitchell, Dana       Abad Avila, Fausto                in college.                                              ticed, explains Vasquez. “My ninth graders are also
Ocasio, Samantha     Albarracin, Abraham                         In the meantime, the guitar program was        entering a talent show outside of Newtown some-
Rodriguez, Joely     Sim, Soon Ho
                                                       also invited to play for the President of Queens,        time next month,” he continued, as he expresses
Ortiz, Kevin         Flores, Christian
Plasencia, Valfrie   Mendoza, Stephanie                Helen M. Marshall, for a Black History Month             his honor for the students’ motivation.
Cintron, Dagmara     Najhafeez, Javed                  event in February. “It’s very exciting that we’re                 In contribution to helping the school earn
Perez, Michael       Tiu, Gabriel                      getting recognized on a city and national level,”        a promising reputation by getting publicity, the
                                                       says Vasquez.                                            students also try to use the school’s connections to
                                                                                                                pursue their own dreams as early as ninth grade.
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Do Ipads Change the Way Students Learn?                                                                                           Difficult Weather
By: Javier Zavaleta                                                                                                               Conditions Affect                                                              Senior Financial Aid Night                                                                        New Computer Lab in
                                                                                                                                                                                              By: Joely Rodriguez
Layout Editor                                                           .
                                                                                                                                  Students                                                    Local News Editor
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Many seniors at Newtown High School,            Newtown Senior, Jonathan Zhirzhan, stated “Finan-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Room 111
           IPad usage in school education is starting to                  With its ability to explore the web and to
gain in popularity. Schools such as Roslyn High School          have educational applications, there’s no arguing that            By: Zerline Alvarez                                         along with their parents, participated in this year's    cial aid night helped me out a lot. It told us the steps    By: Zerline Alvarez
in Long Island, South Mountain Elementary School                iPads could change the way students learn. Ms. Chen,              Photographer                                                Financial Aid night on January 18th and January          we had to do in order to accomplish the application         Photographer
in Millburg NJ, and many NY public schools have all             a guidance counselor in Newtown High School agrees                                                                            19th to discuss the process of applying for necessary    for financial aid, and what papers I needed to include
purchased iPads with the intention of improving the way         that “information that is more efficient and available is                                                                     aid.                                                     in it.” Zhirzhan also added that a “pin” number is
students learn.                                                 always for the best”. She believes that since students of                                                                                                                                                                                                   From old, outdated computers to brand
                                                                                                                                                                                                       The event had two sessions on different         necessary to fill out the FAFSA form. To create a
           According to the New York Times, the latest          today are more comfortable with this technology it could                                                                                                                                                                                           new, high speed computers, room 111 has been
                                                                                                                                                                                              days; one in English which was held on January           pin, a student and parent must go to and
tool in technology teaches students differently whether         improve grades nationwide as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 renovated and remodeled. Before the renovations
                                                                                                                                                                                              18 and one in Spanish which was held on January          apply online at
it is history through “Jeopardy” type games or complex                    The iPads purchased by many of these districts                                                                                                                                                                                           the computers were out of warranty, old, and some
                                                                                                                                                                                              19, 2011. The teachers who conducted the financial                 There are eligibilities that must be met to ac-
math problems that have step by step animation.                 are bought through federal money or other grants. With                                                                                                                                                                                             even had viruses.
           IPads cost around $750 each, but even with that      this, Apple has sold 7.5 million iPads including the ones                                                                     aid night together were Mr. Ramon Canela, Col-           quire the help from the state or federal government.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In the beginning of this school year, the
price, school officials have been attracted to the iPad just    that go to schools. Apple has also started to concentrate                                                                     lege Counselor at Newtown High School, and Mr.           When it comes to federal student aid, there are basic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Journalism class, the Technical Drawing class,
enough that they overlook the prices and ignored other          on a school market for the iPad by working with text-                                                                         Juan Marulanda, a volunteer from Learning Leaders        eligibility requirements you must have:
                                                                                                                                      Snow that has accumilated from snow storm.                                                                                                                                   and the Principles of Engineering class were being
devices that offer similar benefits such as smart phones.       book publishers and instructional programs. They have                                                                         Organization                                             -Demonstrate financial need
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   held in room 111. After one month the classes had
Many officials state that they have been waiting for a          also started to sponsor administrators and teachers.                                                                                   Financial aid night was a night intended to     -Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen,
                                                                                                                                          The city of New York is showing hardship                                                                                                                                 to move to different rooms so that the renovations
technology device like the iPad.                                          Getting the iPad involved in education has led                                                                      answer any inquiries on the process of financial aid.    -Have a valid social security number,
                                                                                                                                this winter with unusual and difficult winter weather                                                                                                                              could start. According to Peter Paolino, AP of Busi-
           Though iPads are a big hype not everyone             them to have 5,400 educational applications for the iPad                                                                      Handouts, pamphlets and other sources of infor-          -Register (if you haven’t already) with selective ser-
                                                                                                                                conditions. An usual winter season in New York City                                                                                                                                ness, Music, and Technology, “The condition of the
agrees to its need in schools. According to Ms. Sabas-          and 1,000 educational applications that are free. Al-                                                                                                                                  vice, if you’re a male between the ages of 18 and 25
                                                                                                                                has produced extremely cold weather. But as this winter       mation were given out to assist families in better
tin, a technology teacher at Newtown High School, she           though their market is not fully concentrated on educa-                                                                                                                                                                                            room was fair. The computers were heavily used,
                                                                                                                                moves forward, New Yorkers are also seeing a lot of           understanding how to apply for financial help to pay     -Maintain satisfactory academic progress in postsec-
feels that the DOE should not rush iPads into schools.          tional purposes, Apple offers a 10% standard educational                                                                                                                                                                                           they required attention, and the wiring was bad.
                                                                                                                                snow mixed with ice and slippery sidewalks.                   for college.                                             ondary school and
She argues, “If a student can't bring the simplest thing        discount.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Also the room was in need of improvement.”
                                                                                                                                          On December 27, 2010, a winter storm dumped                  There are three main types of financial         -Show you’re qualified to obtain a postsecondary
like a pencil or book, how are we supposed to hold them                   IPads also eliminate paperwork and reduce                                                                                                                                                                                                         In mid October the MOS SQUAD—stu-
                                                                                                                                nearly two feet of snow on New York City. According           assistance available to qualifying seniors: grants,      education by
responsible with iPads?”                                        the cost of printing paper since it’s not needed. Daniel                                                                                                                                                                                           dents part of the business department—helped
                                                                                                                                to CBS, many citizens were stuck at home unable to get                                                                   -having a high school diploma or General Educa-
           Other teachers believe that the iPad would be        Brenner, Roslyn school district superintendent, confirms                                                                      work-study, and loans. A grant is money that you
                                                                                                                                around. The heavy snow had city emergency services in                                                                                                                              remove all the computers and the equipment that
a distraction and that it wouldn’t help much in terms of        that iPads save money in the long run. He said that he                                                                        don’t have to re-pay to the government and it is         tional Development(GED) certificate;
                                                                                                                                a road block, with ambulances and fire trucks trapped                                                                                                                              came with them as well as remove all the wires.
education. Mr. Paolino, Assistant Principal of the Tech-        has saved around $7,200 a year in two classes where                                                                           usually based on financial need. Work-study is a           -passing an approved ability-to-benefit test
                                                                                                                                in snow and facing long delays. The event also sparked                                                                                                                             The computers were then transported to room B1
nology Department, says “Unless there is better control         iPads were established.                                                                                                       program that provides part-time employment to              -Completing a high school education in a home-
                                                                                                                                criticism about how the city handled the response.                                                                                                                                 and later picked up and disposed for recycling. The
over these devices then it shouldn’t be established, it                   Whether it’s the future of learning or not, we                                                                      undergraduates and graduates to help with col-           school setting approved under state law.
                                                                                                                                          But the issues in New York City didn’t end yet.                                                                                                                          new HP computers were ordered in November and
would distract students and hinder them from learning”.         should not hide the fact that technology is all around us                                                                                                                                        Financial aid night was an information ses-
                                                                                                                                On Thursday, January 27, 2011, students had their re-         lege expenses. Lastly, loans are a specific amount
He believes that there would be some improvements but           and if we were to establish these devices in schools it                                                                                                                                                                                            in December through the beginning of January, HP
                                                                                                                                gents exams cancelled due to a snowstorm that prompted        you borrow that you must pay back to the bank or         sion worth going to; it had all types of information
nothing major that would drastically change the way             would revolutionize the ways students learn and the way                                                                                                                                                                                            technicians began installing them. The computers
                                                                                                                                public schools closure.                                       school, usually with interest.                           students and their parents can look forward to. Mr.
students learn.                                                 teachers work .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    came with Department of Education; software was
                                                                                                                                          It also seems that this winter has struck the                Mr. Canela stated that in order to maximize     Canela and Mr. Marulanda provided a very useful
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   already installed. Mr. Paolino expressed, “They
                           Dreams Put On Hold                                                                                   mood of the students in public schools. Angela Rivera, a
                                                                                                                                junior at Newtown High School stated, “When it rains, it
                                                                                                                                                                                              their chances for available funds, “students should
                                                                                                                                                                                              apply for financial aid early. Even while in college.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       seminar to students as well as parents at Newtown.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Students and parents who attended this meeting are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   are very fast, have more memory, and have a new
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   system that share hardware.”
                                                                                                                                makes me gloomy and I’m not motivated to go to school                                                                  now more aware of the things they need to do for
By: Samantha Gonzalez                                                                                                                                                                         students must re-apply every year before March 1.”
                                                                                                                                to work. It makes me want to come in late.” Her main                                                                                                                                        Some of the other new products in room
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Students that attended financial aid night      their applications, therefore making it easier for their
Reporter                                                                                                                        complaint was that it has been really dif ficult for her to                                                                                                                        111 include thirty-four brand new stations, a new
          The Dream Act failed to get the votes it needed       it at the end. Republican representative John McCain            make the commute to and from school.                          found it to be very helpful and stress relieving.        children to apply for college. For more information,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   file server for the lab’s network, and a new teacher
in the Senate to be passed as a federal bill on December        was one of those who at the end, promised to block its                    The moods of some students are tying in with                                                                 visit the College Office in room 136.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   station. The room also has a new layout, it has no
8th last year, and was put on hold until 2012.
         Approximately 65,000 undocumented high
                                                                ratification. McCain and 55 other republicans joined
                                                                together and blocked the bill. The Democrats fell 14
                                                                                                                                the attendance rates of schools. According to Eric Levi-
                                                                                                                                tan, Assistant Principal at Newtown High School, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Winter Concert: Behind the Scenes                                                                             aisles so that it is easier to walk, and there is more
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   open space.
school students were depending on the Dream Act to be           votes short and it was declared by the Senate that the bill     attendance rate for Wednesday, February 2nd was 62%.            By Erica Yu
passed to serve as a path to a brighter future. As it failed,   wouldn’t be put on hearing until 2012.                                    Snow had fallen the night before that Wednes-                                                                                                                                     All of this new and updated equipment may
                                                                           Even after modifying the bill, the Republicans                                                                       Local News Editor                                                                                                  have you wondering, “How is this being paid for?”
their future seemed quite limited due to their illegal                                                                          day and the situation began to worsen when on the
status.                                                         still didn’t agree to it. Many changes that were put on         morning of February 2nd, it began to rain, covering the                                                                                                                            Newtown High School is a licensed school in CTE
          The Dream Act is the only federal law bill that       included the extension of the necessary years required          streets and sidewalks with thick ice. Criticism arose                                                                                                                              (Career and Technical Education) and it receives
has gotten as far into the Senate after being approved in       to be legalized from 2 to 10 years, and the process has         towards Mayor Bloomberg’s decision, when all public                                                                                                                                grant money to upgrade equipment for the Tech-
the House of Representatives last November. It is also          become stricter. It seems that the Republican Party’s plan      schools were kept open. “I think he should have an-                                                                                                                                nology and Business Department. In this case the
named as the last hope of undocumented students in the          was to gain some time to expand their ideas against the         nounced a two hour delay,” said Mr. Levitan.                                                                                                                                       renovations were paid with a VTEA grant.
United States who want to pursue their education into           act and gain more representatives who would go against                     Other students are showing responsibility by                                                                                                                                     According to some teachers that taught
college, but can't acquire the federal aid support or even      it.                                                             going to school regardless of the weather conditions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   in room 111 in the beginning of the year, this new
private scholarships because of their status.                              Now that the act has been rejected, it will affect   Josue Hernandez, senior at Newtown High School feels,
          The failure of the Dream Act can be blamed on         many lives of undocumented youth as they won’t be                                                                                                                                                                                                  change will benefit them and their students. Mrs.
                                                                                                                                “The weather conditions were worse than the previous
some of the representatives who supported the Dream             granted citizenship nor be able to apply for federal aid or     winter. I do get lazy but to avoid being late I just get up                                                                                                                        Roberts, teacher of Introduction of Computer Draft-
Act in the first place but then backed out. According to        even get good jobs as well.                                     earlier and get ready for school.”                                                                                                                                                 ing and Pre- Engineering commented, “It’s about
polls taken in the Senate, the results showed a 55-41                      Nowadays, scholarships and federal aid are                     Overall, New Yorkers feel this winter has                                                                                                                                time! I [was] [fed] up with the computers for a long
vote.                                                           among the things needed to get into a good college, pri-        placed the city in a bigger recession. “The city is spend-                                                                                                                         time and I had to find other things to do with my
          Senate Democrats came up five votes short of          vate or public. However, being undocumented limits the          ing more by cleaning roads and keeping schools open                           Winter Concert that took place in the auditorium at 7:30 December 17, 2010.                          students. I’m glad to get new computers.”
the 60 needed to advance the House-passed bill. Some            attainment of the “American Dream”.                             when less students and teachers attend,” commented                                                                                                                                          After two months of renovations the room
representatives on the Republican side at first declared                                                                        Hernandez. For now the city can only hope for better                    Newtown High School hosted a winter con-        Hisai shi. David Yu, senior at Newtown High                will be ready to use during the new semester in
their support for the Dream Act but voted against                                                                               weather.                                                      cert on December 17, 2010 in the auditorium at 7:30                                                                  February for the students and teachers that have
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        School commented “Mr. Vasquez’s guitar group
                                                                                                                                                                                              PM. The concert featured the Glee club, Beginning         was the best! Enough said.”                                class in room 111. But before that, HP technicians
                                      New Governor of NY: Andrew Cuomo                                                                                                                        Chorus and Mixed Chorus led by Ms. Segelke and
                                                                                                                                                                                              the Guitar group with vocalists led by Mr. Vasquez.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  But not all performers were satisfied. Ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        cording to Zainub Mahmood, her main complaint
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   will hold a training session for the use of the new
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   file server. To secure the brand new computers from
 By: Stefan Baksh
 Entertainment Editor                                                                                                                                                                         The featured highlights included the solo “Where          was that the audience was too loud. “The perfor-           malicious computer viruses, the Norton anti-virus
                                                                                                                                                                                              Are You Christmas?” sung by Eris Doble, “The              mance was good but the noise level of the audience         software was installed.
                                                                                                                                Arnold S. Cohen, the president of the Partnership for the
          During his running for office last year, Andrew        what we’re doing, the state goes down the road to ruin.”                                                                     Christmas Song“ sung by Kevin Valencia and many           downsized the quality of the people performing.”
                                                                                                                                Homeless, in an article on states “When you
Cuomo has promised all New Yorkers that he would be                       The plan will cost roughly $132.9 billion ac-                                                                       more.                                                     Though the audience was thrilled by the show, the
                                                                                                                                make deep cuts into services, especially for the most
changing New York with what he will focus on during             cording to an article on                                                                                                       Students from Newtown lined up at the           noise level took away from the performance of
                                                                                                                                vulnerable, they have long-term social consequences.
his term in office.                                                       In the bill, three major cuts inlcuded: Medicaid                                                                    main entrance, handing their tickets in and quickly       those on stage.
                                                                                                                                They might look good in the short term, but in the long
Now in office, Governor Andrew Cuomo has success-               spending, school aid and state spending. Student loans                                                                        took their seats, waiting for the show to begin. The
                                                                                                                                term it’s going to become more costly for us.”                                                                                    Despite this outcome, performers were
fully implemented some of his plans for NY, and is going        would be cut down and state tuition aid would be as
                                                                                                                                          One of the largest cuts would be $579.7 million     Tolerance Task Group was selling buttons, stickers,       still able to enjoy themselves. According to Bryan
to continue to implement changes in time.                       well. Medicaid would take a big hit due to its cut of $982
                                                                                                                                from city schools and the budget would cut CUNY by            t-shirts and more to those who attended the event.        Naula, Junior, at Newtown, he felt that “it was
          Andrew Cuomo’s first and foremost priority            million.
                                                                                                                                $70.1 million and its community colleges by 10%.              Natalie Nolasco, senior at Newtown stated “I felt         pretty gracious to be involved in such talent as the
is to “Clean up” Albany and stop the corruption there,                    Some health care programs would lose some
                                                                                                                                          Overall, Cuomo plans to close a massive $10         nervous because it was my first time performing           other performers were, not to mention the hard
while his second is to get the fiscal house in order.           of their funding and would have to compete for their
                                                                                                                                billion budget gap without new, borrowing or raising          but it was nice that I was able to perform.” Students
          Another goal of Cuomo’s was to cap local prop-        funding. Some programs include programs involving                                                                                                                                       work we put in to making this concert come alive.”
                                                                                                                                taxes. Over the next four years, rather than having
erty taxes, in which a bill passed in senate on February        brain trauma, eating disorders and sudden infant death                                                                        cheered with passion and excitement as their friends                Above all, the concert was a night filled
                                                                                                                                $64.6 billion in deficits, the state would face just $9.2
1st according to an article on                     syndrome (SIDS).                                                                                                              were up on stage giving their performance.                with excitement and joyful cheers. The room was
          On February 2nd, Andrew Cuomo revealed his                      In state spending, cuts would be taken from                                                                                   JonPierre Valencia stated “It was amazing       crowded with students, teachers and parents mak-
                                                                                                                                          The next few years should prove to be a chal-
budget plan which shows that he plans to cut back on            nearly every corner of the state from different organiza-                                                                     playing the guitar with everyone”. “It was fun, it        ing it a friendly school event for everyone who
                                                                                                                                lenge to the new Governor and will show whether he has
government spending. “This is a death spiral,” Cuomo            tions. One cut would be from reimbursement of adult                                                                           was great and I had a great time.” The guitar group
                                                                                                                                what it takes to take NY out of the recession.                                                                          attended the winter concert that night.
said. “I believe if we continue doing                           homeless shelters by $16 million.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  New and improved Computer lab
                                                                                                                                                                                              had played the composition Innocent, by Joe
Local News- Page 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               View Points & Editorials- Page 5

  Robotics Team: Logomotion                                                              College Now at Your Service                                                                   The "Sagging" Society                                                                 The Voice of the Unheard
                                                                                                                                                                              By: Dagmara Cintron
                                                                                     By: Javed Najhafeez                                                                                                                                                            By: Abraham Albarracin
By: Kevin Ortiz                                                                                                                                                               Editor In Chief
                                                                                     Time and Leisure Editor                                                                                                                      During a random walk in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Managing Editor
Technology Editor                                                                                                                                                                     For years, expressing a sense
         The First Robotics Competi-                                                          Want to get the academic ex-       requires a 75+ on the ELA regents or a      of style has become an asset for many      between periods three and four, seven
                                                                                     perience of college while still in high     480+ on his or her SAT verbal.                                                         males were spotted with low-slung                     Unfortunately we’re still in     isn’t doing their job, students aren’t
tion, better known as the FRC has                                                                                                                                            human beings; developing a personal
                                                                                     school? Then College Now classes are                 Based on her experience Ms.                                                   jeans exposing much, if not all, of their   a recession and unemployment rates         motivated to get good grades and
started. Every year FRC has a new                                                                                                                                            identity by the way one dresses. How-
                                                                                     for you!                                    An, English and College Now teacher                                                    underwear. What is so alarming about        are skyrocketing all over the United       achieve goals like student of the
challenge for the Robotics Teams                                                                                                                                             ever one particular fashion style (de-
                                                                                              What are College Now               (Literacy& Propaganda), at New-                                                        this is that nothing is being done about    States. Some people are turning their      month.” Serge Stambolyan, a Junior
that choose to compete. This year                                                                                                                                            veloped by hip-hop artists in the 90's)
                                                                                     classes? College Now classes are            town High school commented that                                                        it, as they continue roaming the halls      heads at New York City Teachers and        at Newtown stated, “a teacher has
the challenge for the Robotics Teams                                                                                                                                         has been causing a stir recently with
                                                                                     offered to High School students who         the classes are different, compared to                                                 with little or no shame in “expressing      Administrators; questioning when           the ability to neglect their students
of schools state wide is being called                                                                                                                                        men "taking it too far," exposing far
                                           FIRST robotics logo.                      wish to work on college courses, to         regular Newtown classes. Students                                                      their sense of style.”                      are they going to lose their jobs. For     because there is no impending fear of
“Logomotion”.                                                                                                                                                                too much for the public eye. The style
                                                                                     receive actual college credits that can     participating in the program are better,                                                         When it comes to a controver-     the past few months, the media has         getting fired, so therefore the stu-
         The challenge, Logomotion,                                                                                                                                          of sagging jeans has been around for
                                           their side of the field.                  be transferred to certain participating     more focused, more mature and are                                                      sial issue such as this, fairness is also   focused on the controversial policies      dents’ education can suffer.” Mr Rao,
has 3 teams, also know as an alli-                                                                                                                                           decades; though slowly through the
                                                    The Newtown Robotics team        universities. These classes teach stu-      highly motivated about learning new                                                    questioned. There have been numer-          about getting rid of teacher tenure.       Math Teacher also commented “if a
ance, race to place rubber tubes that                                                                                                                                        years they seem to be dropping lower
                                           led by Ms. Sabastin, a technology         dents the foundation of each subject        things.                                                                                ous instances and reports of female                   Last December, Mayor             teacher [with tenure] doesn’t work as
are shaped as triangles, circles and                                                                                                                                         and lower on waists of young and
                                           teacher, have taken on the challenge.     provided in a more challenging form                  Where do these credits                                                        students being told what they can and       Michael Bloomberg reformed the             hard as they could or should, then the
squares on pegs that are on their side                                                                                                                                       adult males.
                                           The team is comprised of sopho-           of education.                               go? All credits received from these                                                    cannot wear to school, even resulting       process of tenure, making it harder        education of the child suffers.”
of a 27 by 54 foot field.
                                           mores, juniors and seniors. Some                   There are a number of Col-         courses are transferrable to all CUNY                                                  in being sent home if the school deems      for a teacher to receive tenure. Many               Some teachers don’t neces-
         The objective is to score as
                                           old students from last year and new       lege Now courses available, at New-         colleges. However, not all credits are                                                 what they are wearing "indecent,"           question why would anyone advocate         sarily agree with the abolishment of
many points as possible. To score
                                           recruits this year have been working      town:                                       transferred to SUNY or other private                                                   while administration within the school      a system like tenure if it promotes        tenure but do agree there needs to be
points you need to place the tubes on
                                           on building the robot.                     -“Literacy and Propaganda” teaches         colleges.                                                                              barely mentions the numerous guys           academic failure? It keeps negligent       some sort of reform in the system. Mr.
the pegs that are on the poles on the
                                                    Ms. Sabastin has been work-      a student how society works through                  Any student that wants to                                                     who expose something just as indecent       and nonchalant educators in the New        Schack, Physical Education teacher
wall. On every pole there are three
                                           ing on getting the team ready for         and around propaganda and media. To         attend college should sign up for Col-                                                 and vulgar. This public showcase of         York City education system making          stated “[tenure] can cost some teach-
pegs and each one gains the team a
                                           competition day which is in March.        be eligible for this course you need        lege Now courses. Why sign up? It’s                                                    unfairness must come to an end; if one      it a complete mockery, hence the out-      ers to possibly become complacent
different set of points.
                                           She has made small groups within the      to have at least a 65-74 on your ELA        free, which means there is one less                                                    gender is told something, the other one     rageous city wide graduation rate at       and not strive to be the best they can
         Teams get extra points if they
                                           team according to what they do well.      regents or a 70+ GPA.                       class to pay for in college. As a result,                                              must follow suit.                           63% according to the DOE website.          be, and possibly the student can suffer
place the shapes to make the FIRST
                                           There is a mechanical team, elec-          -“Critical Thinking”, another College      students save money! Dechen Dolma,                                                               Other states are also coming                Some educators argue that        in the long run” Other teachers be-
logo. You get more points on the high-
                                           tronic team, programming team and         Now course is designed to allow stu-        senior at Newtown High school, stated                                                  into the mix with an outpour of reports     tenure exists because it protects them     lieve that it's not the teachers at fault.
er pegs. Each side must not interfere                                                                                                                                        It has become especially prob
                                           so on.                                    dents to critically think about society,    that her experience with College Now                                                   of the style getting out of hand, leaving   from “arbitrary dismissal” meaning         Mr. Conway, ESL teacher commented
with the other. They must stay on                                                                                                                                            lematic in New York City public high
                                                    So far the mechanical team       current events and literature. One          classes was wonderful and very help-                                                   many towns to implement laws against        an unreasonable or prejudicial layoff.     “One opinion is, it’s the school
                                                                                                                                                                             schools as lack of enforcement has
                                           has built the chassis for the robot       must meet the same requirements as          ful on her perspective towards life and                                                saggy jeans. Several cities in Louisiana    But why would you get dismissed            Administration and The “DOE” that
                                                                                                                                                                             led to an uprising of "saggers" roam-
                                           in room B2 at Newtown while the           the “Literacy and Propaganda” course.       society. It also prepared her for what                                                 created a law which would fine expos-       if you’re doing your job correctly?        were lax as far as making sure that
                                                                                                                                                                             ing the halls exposing boxers, briefs,
                                           programming team is hard at work            -Lastly, Sociology is also available at   to expect out of college level work.                                                   ers $500 or up to a six-month sentence      Bottom line, if you’re in any type of      candidates were qualified before giv-
                                                                                                                                                                             or underwear to the dissatisfaction of
                                           making the software to control it.        College Now course. This course ba-         In addition, students gain a wonder-                                                   in prison, or subjects offenders a fine     profession you should be doing your        ing them tenure.” Meaning, it isn’t the
                                                                                                                                                                             others. Newtown High School's large
                                                    All plans for the robot must     sically teaches students about people       ful experience of the types of subjects                                                of up to $150 plus court costs or jail      job correctly and not worry about be-      teachers at fault, it’s the DOE and the
                                                                                                                                                                             student body has caused an almost
                                           be finished in four weeks. With the       in society and how they interact with       being offered in college. Through                                                      time of up to 15 days, according to The     ing laid off                               possible “faulty” administration for
                                                                                                                                                                             inevitable sighting of young men with
                                           competition just around the corner,       the environment. This course, unlike        College Now, students are closer to                                                    New York Times. These are the kinds                   Many neglectful, incompe-        qualifying those teachers for tenure.
                                                                                                                                                                             low jeans roaming the halls. This is
                                           Newtown's team has a lot to get ready     the other two,                              earning their desired degree.                                                          of laws that must be put into place in      tent, and indolent educators impact                 Some students that encounter
 Newtown Robotics team robot.                                                                                                                                                not only considered public indecency
                                           for.                                                                                                                                                                         major cities to redevelop a good civi-      student education, possibly ruining        incompetent educators are baffled by

Spotlight on Key Club                                                                By: Soon Ho Sim
                                                                                                          Seniors’ Spotlight                                                 but it also poses a threat, tarnishing
                                                                                                                                                                             the school’s reputation when it comes      lized image and decency.                    students' chance to the “American
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dream”. According to the Student
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               teachers' inability to be dismissed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The system that protects teachers
                                                                                                                                                                             to professionalism.                                  It is clear that this fashion
By: Samantha Ocasio                                                                  Reporter                                                                                                                           statement has much more purpose             bill of rights handbook, a student in      from prejudicial administration,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Students and teachers have
Reporter                                                                                       After much consideration, se-     eagerly waits for admissions responses                                                 than just turning heads; it continues to    the New York City education sys-           inevitably disrupts student education.
                                                                                                                                                                             been noticing its increased popularity.
          The Key Club is a club in        members. They’ve worked with many          nior rankings have been released from      from colleges.                                                                         correlate with trouble-making behav-        tem “must be receiving professional        Without the proper guidance of the
                                                                                                                                                                             "I can tell you that most of the kids
Newtown High School that has been          organizations. For example, The March      the college office. Leading the senior              Christina Gacoscosim is also                                                  ior and represent a sense of insolence      instruction.” If educators don’t meet      bureaucracy, the system continues to
                                                                                                                                                                             in the dean’s office need to pull up
around for many years. It is a non-        of Dimes, which funds research to          class at the top 3 out of 495 students     among the cream of the crop as num                                                     to general authority and society. This      students needs because of incompe-         crumble; it’s like a domino effect. If
                                                                                                                                                                             their pants," stated English teacher
profit, student led organization for       reduce premature births. Another or-       are Angela Yu, Christina Gacoscosim,       ber 2 in senior rankings. Her vivacious                                                trend is not only disrespectful towards     tency and their disregard of man-          there is a negligent administration,
                                                                                                                                                                             and Dean, Mr. Shpak. There was also
high school students that teaches and      ganization they work with is UNICEF.       and Mafelsia Trillanes. All 3 of these     personality shows as she reveals her                                                   other students and citizens who find        dated responsibilities, then students      there are incompetent teachers and
                                                                                                                                                                             a correlation between "saggers" and
spreads core values through commu-         UNICEF works to overcome poverty,          top seniors are in the business program    secret to balancing her academic and                                                   looking at undergarments unappealing,       suffer.                                    possibly ignorant students. Until this
                                                                                                                                                                             trouble rates. It was noted that many
nity service. The students who partici-    violence, discrimination and disease       under the guidance and supervision of      social life. “They gave it to me and                                                   but on a larger scale, if continued, it               Ronald Quintero, Senior at       system is abolished, the education
                                                                                                                                                                             of the "saggers" have often been
pate in these activities are motivated     that afflict children around the world.                                                               I took it and I worked                                                 can possibly be the downfall of civi-       Newtown, feels, “if a teacher              system will still continue to struggle.
                                                                                                                                                                             students accused of causing trouble in
and love what they are doing. Mrs. Li,     “My favorite event was when we went                                                                   hard at it… and just have                                              lized fashion to come.
a Newtown teacher, stated “They are        to Elmhurst Hospital on the day of                                                                    fun you know?” Chris-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Joining the Military Way?
the most motivated club, they make a       Christmas,” said one of the leaders of                                                                tina has managed during
big difference in society”.                the key club, Rezaul Islam. The mem-                                                                  the last 2 years her spot
          The key club is not only in      bers made about 750- 800 baskets for                                                                  on the varsity volleyball   By: Angela Rivera
Newtown High School, it is also            all the patients in the hospital and got                                                              team and Mu Alpha           Editorial News Editor
across the world. It is an international   to distribute them as well.                                                                           Theta, two activities she             Military recruitment has been    teacher at Newtown High school              and home. How can we call it volun         Department of Defense. This database
organization that started in Sacramento              The key club helps as many                                                                  actively prides herself     an active part of High Schools all         commented, “The military opens up           teering when these youths are hound-       is also used to distribute informa-
high school, California in 1925. It was    people as they can. It also helps young                                                               on. She contentedly at-     throughout the United States. Accord-      a lot of opportunities to students such     ed and tricked into the service?”          tion about military services to large
created by commissioner of schools         people develop into young leaders as                                                                  tends class with the hope   ing to, one        as travel, adventure, jobs, college                  Some school officials do not      audiences and helps collect data for
Albert C. Olney and educational teach-     they impact their school and communi-                                                                 of a successful future      reason is because the military needs       tuition assistance and it can provide       agree with the hassling of students at     recruiting and retention efforts.
er Frank C. Vincent. Today the key         ty in a positive manner. The Key Club                                                                 outside of high school.     to bring in 200,000 new recruits every     a sense of awareness to what is go-         school and at home. Mr. Medrano, As-                 According to a report by
club is in almost 5,000 high schools       encourages Newtown members to join:            Mafelsia Trillanes          Christina Gacoscosim                                   year to replace soldiers leaving duty.     ing on all around them. Even though         sistant Principal of Security at New-      the Policy Research Institute for the
and in 30 different countries.             bring a friend, help out and open your                                                                  Ranked 3rd is Mafel-      Once students have gone through a          these are some opportunities to con-        town stated “by law we are required to     Region at Princeton University, 18
          The Newtown key club offers      heart to your community.                 guidance counselor Marcia Aguancha.         sia Trillanes, also of the business          process of qualification and are of-       sider Mr. Shpak, a Dean and English         accept recruiters into the building, but   percent of New York City’s 300,000
a wide range of opportunities to its                                                         At number one is Angela Yu,        program who previously contributed to        ficially recruited, that is when their     teacher at Newtown disagrees. Shpak         that does not mean that students           high school students, in the year of
                                                                                    an outstanding student of the business the Tower. After her four years of hard           fearful journey begins. Although many      feels "a majority of the students find      should feel that they have to make up      2002, opted out of the military. Parents
                                                                                                                                work, she states that she feels proud of                                                                                                                                       should take a step back and realize
 The Chess Club meets                                                               program and honored valedictorian of
                                                                                    the graduating class of 2011. “Being        herself. “I never thought I would be in
                                                                                                                                                                             may not believe that the military is       this to be the last resort when they        their minds right now as to whether
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    they should join or not.” But even         that they have always been the one to
                                                                                                                                                                             right for everyone, it can be a valuable   are doing poorly with the education
 every Monday periods                                                               number one? It’s stressful because          this position,” shares Mafelsia as she       experience for young adults to learn       system." Therefore students often join      Medrano acknowledges that recruiters       tell their children what to do, but in
                                                                                    everyone expects more since I’m the         is organizing paperwork. She looks           on their own from their own decisions.     when they have no idea where they           can often offer empty promises. Me-        the end it is really up to the individual
 9 and 10 in The Library.                                                           valedictorian,” expresses Angela when toward her future brightly along with                        Many parents do not agree        see themselves in the next five years       drano added his own experience to the      to decide about where they want to
                                                                                                                                her family and friends.                                                                                                                                                        go in their own life. If students decide
 See Mr.Rothman in                                                                  asked how she felt about her current
                                                                                                                                          These 3 students are not the
                                                                                                                                                                             with the idea of students being recruit-   or so.                                      issue and said “twenty-five years ago I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    went to attend the military but was not    to join the military, the worst that can
                                                                                    standings. For years she took all of the                                                 ed right out of high school, and that is            A concern for many often has
 room 304 if you want to                                                            honors and advanced placement class-        only great students Newtown has had          why high schools release notices for       to do with tactics with which recruit-      offered what I wanted to take up.”         happen is that they don’t like it. After
                                                                                                                                to offer. Generations of top students                                                                                                        The military gets, keeps and      six months of intense boot camp, those
 join.You do not have to                                                            es she could, striving for the highest
                                                                                    grades possible, maintaining a 98.26        have come in and graduated, moving
                                                                                                                                                                             parents and students to sign so that no
                                                                                                                                                                             student’s information can be reviewed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ers try and recruit students. According
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        to website, "Misconduct          distributes information on students        who joined can decide whether they
 know how to play.                                                                  grade point average. Her academic           on to bigger and better opportunities as
                                                                                                                                will these 3 and future scholars.
                                                                                                                                                                             by the military without their consent.     by recruiters includes deception, false     through the Joint Advertising Market       would like to stay or leave. No one is
                                                                                    future is promising as she                                                               Mr. Meny Beriro, a Social Studies          promises, and hassling kids at school       Research & Studies, run by the
Page 6 - Technology & Leisure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Entertainment - Page 7

                                                                                                                                                                           The Best Selling Albums of 2010
By: Kevin Ortiz                            Time to Kinect                                                                                                                  By: Jean Alejandro
Technology Editor
                                                        The camera in the middle is known as the RGB                                                                       “Recovery” Eminem Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap                                                                             million copies. The singer-songwriter wrote and
         Microsoft released the Kinect for the
                                                        camera with a resolution of 640 x 480, 32-bit color                                                                Eminem’s comeback album “Recovery” is the top                                                                    composed all of the songs on the album. She also
Xbox on November 4, 2010. This was Microsoft’s
                                                        at 30fps.                                                                                                          grossing album of 2010. Eminem’s 7th album was                                                                   produced the entire album with Nathan Chapman.
attempt at making the player get up and play by                                                                    stated “This isn't exactly
                                                                 If you get the bundle with the new Xbox,                                                                  highly anticipated by many and fans eagerly wait-                                                                The album sold 1,047,000 copies in its first week.
getting rid of controllers and buttons altogether.                                                                 the easiest setup to obtain, especially in apartments
                                                        all you have to do is plug the Kinect in the dedi-                                                                 ed for the release. This album sold over 3,415,000                                                               When the album debuted, all fourteen tracks from
         According to Tech fortune at,                                                                     and dormitories.” states that you
                                                        cated Kinect port in the back. If you have the older                                                               copies and sold over 741,000 copies in the first                                                                 the album were on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.
the Kinect will be available in two bundles, an all-                                                               should make sure that you have room before buy-
                                                        Xbox you’ll have to use the AC adapter and the                                                                     week it was released. This album was supposed to                                                                 “My World 2.0” Justin Bieber Genre: Pop
in-one package with the new, slimmer Xbox 360                                                                      ing.
                                                        USB extension cable that comes with the Kinect, if                                                                 be a sequel of his previous album “Relapse”, but                                                                 The 16-year old pop sensation Justin Bieber is at
and the Kinect sensor bar for $299, and the Kinect                                                                          According to, “re-
                                                        you bought it separately.                                                                                          Eminem didn’t push through with the idea. The                                                                    number 4 with his sophomore album “My World
bar on its own for $150.                                                                                           viewers say it's fun to play the Kinect“, but they
                                                                 Whenever you play using the Kinect, it                                                                    album also featured artists like Rihanna and Lil                                                                 2.0”. This album is the second part of his previ-
         According to the cameras                                                                     caution that it’s the first version of the product.
                                                        will always recommend you to stay at least 6 feet                                                                  Wayne.                                                                                                           ous album called “My World.” “My World 2.0”
on the far right and left are used to see the room                                                                 Cristian Miranda, a senior at Newtown high stated,
                                                        away with nothing in the way.                                                                                      “Need You Now” Lady Antebellum Genre:                                                                            sold over 2,319,000 copies and the album debuted
in 3D which could also be used in low or dark lit                                                                  “The Kinect is awesome; it’s not as good as the
                                                                                                                                                                           Country                                                                                                          number 1 on Billboard 200 naming Bieber the
rooms.                                                                                                             PS3, but it’s better than the Wii.”                                                                                 Via (
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            youngest male in the top chart since 1963. The al-
              The Goods of Fashion Blogs                                                                                                                                   The country music group Lady Antebellum com-
                                                                                                                                                                           posed of the trio Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and                                                             bum also features rapper Ludacris in the hit single
By: Dagmara Cintron                                                                                                                                                        Dave Haywood is the runner-up with their sopho-                                                                  “Baby” and Bieber collaborated with singer/rapper

                                                                                                                   The Thin Line of                                        more album “Need You Now.” Their album sold                                                                      Sean Kingston in a track called “Eenie Meenie”
Editor In Chief
                                                                           enough, of course. According to                                                                 over 3.09 million copies. The album debuted num-                                                                 “The Gift” Susan Boyle Genre: Holiday
         From Prince Harry in Af-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Susan Boyle, whose life turned around fast after
                                                                                                                   Internet Addiction
                                                                 , “13-year-old                                                                ber 1 on the country charts and on Billboard 200.
ghanistan to Tom Cruise ranting Want to start your own fashion             wunderkind blogger Tavi Gevin-                                                                  The album sold 480,922 copies in the first week it                                                               appearing as a contestant on the U.K. reality T.V.
about Scientology and footage      blog, or simply need some tips          son is the new darling of down-                                                                 was released. The album includes the hit singles                                                                 show “Britain’s Got Talent” finishes fifth-best
from the Burmese uprising, blog- on where to find cheap and nice                                                                                                                                                                                                                            seller with her second album “The Gift” selling
                                                                           town. She was a special guest           By: Zainub Mahmood                                      “Need You Now” and “American Honey”
ging has never been bigger,” says clothing? Check these Top Ten            in the front rows of New York                                                                   “Speak Now” Taylor Swift          Genre: Country                                                                 over 1.85 million copies. Susan Boyle worked
                                                                                                                   Reporter, and it has been Fashion Blogs out first:                   Fashion Week shows, making the                                                                  The curly haired country superstar Taylor Swift                                                                  with Steve Mac to produce the album. The al-
especially big for the fashion in-                                         rounds from Maria Cornejo to                                                                    with her third album “Speak Now” stands as the                                                                   bum features favorite holiday songs like “O Holy
dustry. Even with the economy’s 1.                                                                      Since the official release of the Internet                                                                                                                         Night” and “The First Noel.”
                                                                           Marc Jacobs, and hob-knobbing                                                                   third best seller which sold approximately 2.96
downfall, the industry has still   2.                                                        in 1993, the world has seen a major turn in how it
                                                                           with Y-3’s Yohji Yamamoto and                                                                                                                               Via (
been booming. People argue that 3.                                                      revolutionized the way people live. But in 1996,
                                                                           Alexander Wang.”
fashion blogs today surpass even 4.                                                              a new disorder arose from the new information
magazines, because they’re com- 5.
                                                                                So, if anyone can do it, what is
                                                                           it that exactly makes a good fash-
                                                                                                                highway, the I.A.D., otherwise known as Internet
                                                                                                                Addiction Disorder.
                                                                                                                                                                           By: Stefan Baksh
                                                                                                                                                                           Entertainment Editor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Upcoming Games of 2011
ing straight from the homes of     6.                    ion blog? It’s easier than you may
real, everyday people.             7.                                                           In this new Digital Age, people in almost                   So far 2011 looks to be an amazing year       play the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise on a much           leaves on a journey.
                                                                           think. According,
         Blogging is opening up 8.                                                                every single part of the world highly depend on            for gamers with a lot of sequels for your favorite      greater processor and with much better graph-            8. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy-Rated T. Release
                                                                           the top five things to keep in mind
a new wave of opportunities to     9.                                                   technology. The Internet has been a gateway of             series coming out. The only problems are which          ics. The basic premise of this game is that Doctor       Date: March 22nd 2011
                                                                           throughout your blogging experi-
people all over the world with a 10.                                                                  communication, entertainment, and information.             sequels are coming out and waiting for them. Let’s      Doom has assembled the greatest Marvel villains                   The prequel to the hit PSP game Dissidia:
                                                                           ence are: fresh content, a sense of
passion for fashion who thought                                                                                 But not everything has been to an advantage.               take a look at some of the sure to be fan favorites     and has joined forces with Albert Wesker in order        Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 will be a return of an
                                                                           humor, recognizing trends, pic-
their voices would go unheard.                                                                                  Recent studies conducted by several psychiatrists          coming out, in no particular order.                     to unite both worlds and rule them both. However         innovative battle system and new mechanics. The
                                                                           tures, and community.
Now, anyone can get invited to a                                                                                and psychologists from Psych Central (psychcen-            -1. Gears of War 3- Rated R/P. Release Date:            this ends up unleashing an even greater threat           new features are in battle the Assist Mode which
fashion show- as long as your blog is good                                                            , one of the leading mental health social         Fall 2011                                               that could destroy both worlds. Now it’s up to the       lets you bring another ally into the battle to either
                                                                                                                networks online offering consumers profession-             One of the most highly anticipated games of 2011,                                                                attack or defend you from the opponent, and the
                          Winter Fun on a Budget
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Marvel and Capcom heroes to stop the threat. How
                                                                                                                ally-reviewed mental health information, showed            Gears of War 3 looks to be another huge success         original.                                                biggest change is in single player mode which un-
By: Silvia Lopez                                                                                                that the Internet has affected the lifestyle of many       as its predecessors were. Taking place a year and a     5. F.E.A.R. 3- Rated R/P. Release Date: Expect-          like the previous mode which took place on a chess
Staff Secretary, Reporter                                                                                       people.                                                    half after the second game, players will again hunt     ed May 2011                                              board like grid, Dissidia 012 will feature a tradi-
         Are you ever in the mood to have winter                                                                         According to Dr. David N. Greenfield,             the locust horde while battling a new breed of crea-             Another fan favorite, whose predecessors        tional Final Fantasy RPG like story mode where
fun, but find yourself on a limited or non-existent     individual must rent his or her own skates, which       Ph.D., a nationally and internationally recognized                                                                                                                          players will control 3 characters in a 3D world and
                                                                                                                                                                           ture that threatens both the locust and humanity.       have thrilled us numerous times in the past returns
budget? There are many venues and events to             is approximately thirteen dollars. Bryant Park          expert in the study and treatment of all forms of                                                                                                                           experience the story.
                                                                                                                                                                           The game also introduces new multiplayer modes          in its third installment. This game has also been
enjoy winter in New York City; however, knowing         is located behind the New York Public Library           Internet Addiction and behaviors associated with                                                                                                                            9. Batman: Arkham City-Rated R/P. Release
                                                                                                                                                                           and will prove to be a contender for this year’s        kept under wraps but what we do know is that
what and where to go is part of the key. Explore        in midtown Manhattan, between 40th and 42nd             addictions linked to technology, “People use Inter-                                                                                                                         Date: Fall 2011
                                                                                                                                                                           Game of the Year Award.                                 there will be new features such as co-op play, a
                                                        Streets and 5th and 6th avenues. You take the F, V, net like a drug.” “Out of 24 hours, I’m usually on                                                                                                                                      Again another sequel to a great game, Bat-
some very affordable options for budget conscious                                                                                                                          -2. Killzone 3- Rated M. Release Date: February         better cover system and more scares according to
                                                        B, or D train to 42nd Street/Bryant Park                25 hours,” states Newtown Senior, Kevin Valencia.                                                                                                                           man: Arkham City takes place one year after the
New Yorkers right here:                                                                                                                                                    22nd 2011                                               Day 1 Studios founder and president, Denny Thor-
Museums:                                                         The indoors Chelsea Piers Sky Rink is          There is no exact reason as to why people overin-                                                                                                                           events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The former
                                                                                                                                                                           Another highly anticipated game that picks up im-       ley. With co-op, players will be able to control
         The Metropolitan Museum is a wonder-           also available for individuals to skate for free in the dulge in the internet because I.A.D is fairly new to                                                                                                                        warden of Arkham Asylum has taken credit for
                                                                                                                                                                           mediately after the end of the previous game and        both Point Man and Paxton Fettel, major charac-
ful place for people to experience the world of art     afternoon. In addition, they offer free skate rentals the medical world.                                                                                                                                                            stopping the Joker and used it to become the mayor
                                                                                                                                                                           again follows Sev, the main protagonist. Sev and        ters in the first F.E.A.R. game.
in many different forms. Individuals get to experi-     on the weekends; however during the week day,                    The largest survey to date on the subject                                                                                                                          of Gotham City. Due to the large amount of crimi-
                                                                                                                                                                           his comrade Rico are now trapped in the cross-fire      6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-Rated R/P. Re-
ence the work created by various artists from all       skates are not free. The indoor Riverbank Skate         was conducted in 1998 with 18,000 participants                                                                                                                              nals in Gotham, the mayor buys a large portion of
                                                                                                                                                                           between political factions after the death of Visari,   lease Date: November 11th 2011
over the world. High School students and students       Park, offers budgets starting from five dollars for     by Greenfield. He found that 5.7 percent of those                                                                                                                           the slums in Gotham and puts soldiers around the
                                                                                                                                                                           the dictator of Helghast. Without any reinforce-        The predecessor of this game, The Elder Scrolls
from other selected colleges are granted free ad-       children and adults. Chelsea Piers is located at        who participated in the survey met his criteria for                                                                                                                         perimeter and allows the prisoners free reign in the
                                                                                                                                                                           ments they are left to fight alone in order to escape   IV: Oblivion was stated to be one of the greatest
mission. Individuals are allowed to enter for free,     23rd Street and the Hudson River, New York.             compulsive Internet usage. Greenfield believes                                                                                                                              slums as long as they don’t try to escape. Batman
                                                                                                                                                                           as the ISA struggles to regroup its forces and stop     games of all time by PC gamer magazine and with
but the museum does ask for a generous donation                  For more information about these activi-       that “the psychoactive nature of the Internet” is                                                                                                                           still maintains a constant vigil over the city worried
                                                                                                                                                                           a Helghast invasion of Earth. As with the previous      its sequel The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we can
from each person. The Metropolitan Museum is            ties, you can visit the websites of the places where expressed by addicts who experiences time distor-                                                                                                                              that things may soon get out of hand. There will be
                                                                                                                                                                           installment, Killzone 3 will have an online multi-      hopefully see some of the previous game’s charm,
located at 1000, 5th avenue at 82 street in Manhat-     these activities are held.                              tion, accelerated intimacy and decreased inhibi-                                                                                                                            new features in Arkham City such as a multiplayer
                                                                                                                                                                           player mode.                                            while addressing some of the issues with the last
                                                        The Metropolitan Museum: http://www.metmu-              tion. He admits that “there is something strong                                                                                                                             mode, new puzzles and all the old gadgets return
tan. This is one way to enjoy the winter without                                                                                                                           -3. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception-Rated R/P.           one as well. Skyrim will still feature its original
                                                                   and powerful” about Internet addiction and that                                                                                                                             with new features and contain two new gadgets.
having to spend too much.                                                                                                                                                  Release Date: November 1st 2011                         RPG game elements and will retain the traditional
         The American Folk Art Museum is an-            The American Folk Art Museum: http://www.               most affected areas seem to be marriages and rela-                                                                                                                          10. Mass Effect 3-Rated R/P. Release Date: Win-
                                                                                                                                                                           Yet another highly anticipated game that has been       open world game play with a much larger scale.
other way to fully enjoy the winter without making                                      tionships.                                                                                                                                                                  ter 2011
                                                                                                                                                                           kept well under wraps, but what has been revealed       We can expect this game to be better that its previ-
a dent in the bank. American Folk Art Museum is         Bryant Park:                There was even a 62 percent acknowledge-                                                                                                                                   Last but definitely not least comes the third
                                                                                                                                                                           is that in Uncharted 3 we will see protagonist Na-      ous installment.
located at 45th west 53rd Street, between 5th and       visit/calendar.html                                     ment of people who logged on to pornographic                                                                                                                                and final installment in the Mass Effect series. This
                                                                                                                                                                           than Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan travel-       7. Resistance 3-Rated R/P. Release Date: Sep-
6th avenues. Adults ($12) Students ($8), seniors        Chelsea Piers:             sites for an average of four hours a week to view                                                                                                                           game has also been kept under wraps but what is
                                                                                                                                                                           ling around the world in search of the legendary        tember 6th 2011
($8), Members (free) and Children under 12(free).                                                               the material, according to                    lost city, the Iram of the Pillars. However as with              The third sequel to the best selling Playsta-   known is that decisions will still be imported from
These admission rates are very affordable. The                                                                           The internet is the connection between            previous installments, we can see that this game        tion 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, Resis-      the two previous titles to Mass Effect 3, as to keep
Folk museum also displays a variety of art, for                                                                 the virtual world and reality, but all its potential       will bring new thrills and things to look forward to    tance 3 will prove to be another great game in the       continuity within the series and according to the
people to enjoy at little cost.                                                                                 to have positive and negative impact to human-             such as desert environments.                            series. Taking place four years after the events of      game’s director Casey Hudson, Mass Effect 3 will
To get to there, you take the b, d, f and m trains to                                                           ity is not limited. And for the people diagnosed           4. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds-             Resistance 2 the fact that America is lost becomes       complete the story arc of Commander Shepard, and
47-50th St.                                                                                                     with I.A.D., the best possible treatment is yet to be      Rated T. Release Date: February 15th                    apparent. Dishonorably discharged sentinel Joseph        will pull in over 1,000 variables from Mass Effect
   Ice Skating is one of the best New York City ex                                                              identified but control and awareness are the only          2011                                                    Capelli has given up fighting the Chimera and            and Mass Effect 2 to shape how players experience
periences a person can have. There is ice skating                                                               things that could probably diminish the burgeoning         The Marvel vs. Capcom series has been a fan             has been reduced into hiding with other survivors        the final chapter. With just these things we can see
at Bryant Park in Manhattan, free any time, but                                                                 amount of problems from the advancement of this            favorite for both fans of the two franchises and        with his wife and child. When Dr. Fyodor Malikov         how unique Mass Effect 3 will be for players and
each                                                                                                            type of technology.                                        fighting game enthusiasts. Now we can finally           comes bearing news that there is an opportunity to       as with previous installments; this game will be
                                                        Source: Internet                                                                                                                                                           deliver a blow to the chimeran forces, Capelli-          amazing.
Page 8 - Sports

Jets lose AFC Title Game For Second
Consecutive year
By: Gabriel Tiu
Reporter                                                           The game was a tale of two halves. The
         What started with "Hard Knocks" ended            Steelers had control of the first one, going up 24-3
with hard knocks.                                         at the half. Steelers scored two touchdowns in 47
         Rex Ryan slammed down his headset when           seconds to go up 24-0. The first one coming from
receiver Antonio Brown caught a 14 yard pass from         a 2 yard rush touchdown by Roethlisberger. Then,
a scrambling Roethlisberger. Now all the Steelers         Steelers defense sacked Sanchez who fumbled the
have to do is the run out the clock. He knew his          football and was recovered by William Gay who ran
team's season has come to an end.                         it back for 6.
         The New York Jets did not go to the Su-                   Refusing to give up despite of what seemed
per Bowl in Dallas to face the Green Bay Packers,         like a blow out win for the home team, the Jets
instead the Pittsburgh Steelers represented the AFC.      showed resiliency in the second half. Now playing
The Steelers defeated the Jets, 24-19, who were just      with more energy and effort, the Jets went for a deep
a touchdown short of what would've been a histori-        play action pass to Santonio Holmes that resulted
cal comeback.                                             in a touchdown, only two minutes into the third
         The overwhelming Steelers defense, led by        quarter. The Jets scored 16 unanswered points in the
safety Troy Polamalu, set the tone for most of the        second half.
frigid night at Heinz Field, which ended the stun-                 With the offseason additions of LaDainian
ning Jets' stunning postseason run.                       Tomlinson, Jason Taylor and Santonio Holmes, this
         "We played a good half, we just never            team was set up to win now. The standards were
played a good game." Ryan said in a postgame inter-       extremely high thus the season became a Super
view. “Again, our goal for next year, I have news for     Bowl-or-bust season according to their head coach.
you, it won’t change and it’ll never change.”                      This loss will undoubtedly sting for a long
         "We’re going to chase that Super Bowl,           period of time.
we’re going to chase it until we get it and we’re go-              "This is the toughest loss I've ever been
ing to chase it after that again.” an emotional Ryan      a part of," Taylor stated, “This team, as you see it
added.                                                    tonight, will never be together again.”
                                                                                                                   New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

By: Stephanie Mendoza                        MVP of Wrestling Team
Sports News Editor
                                                       al wrestling tournaments. Last year he came in               close to first place as possible. “My goal is to win,
         Trying to find a needle in a hay stack is     fifthplace in the city and third in the borough. Dur-        nothing less than that,” states Cobb. Getting ready
difficult. Let's just say one guy on this year's Wres- ing that time he was suffering from slight injuries: a       for the individual tournament calls for much train-
tling Team has proven to be quite the needle. With     bruised rib and a pinched nerve. Yet he still man-           ing and conditioning which he is well aware of and
the rest of his team, Newtown's Wrestling Team star aged to go so far.                                              is already in the works. He definitely has the talent
Naquann Cobb has managed to not let the down-                   Now looking forward, Cobb hopes to get as           and the attitude to be successful in the tournament
fall of his team affect his performance during his                                                                  to come, but he also has the support of his team
matches.                                                                                                            mates. Jimmy Orellana, co-captain of the wrestling
         Naquann Cobb, the captain of the wrestling                                                                 team and also Senior at Newtown High school,
team and Senior at Newtown High school, holds                                                                       claims, "He will do really well. He has the talent
a record of 10-0, which goes to show the talent of                                                                  and the endurance to persevere. I believe in him."
this young man. He is the only one on the team with                                                                 Naquann Cobb is a very successful wrestler who is
such a successful record. He's definitely the promi-                                                                committed to this sport. Wrestling team Coach Wil-
nent player.” I feel I have worked hard to be in the                                                                liam Perez is very proud of what Cobb has accom-
position that I’m currently in. It feels good and I                                                                 plished and like the rest of his team, only hopes for
feel I deserve it," says Cobb. Although the wrestling Naquann Cobb(on the right) with team mate Jimmy               the best for Cobb in the upcoming tournament.
team season may be over, now ahead is the individu Orellana(on the left)

By: Dagmara Cintron
                              Basketball’s Co-Coach: Five Year Journey
Editor In Chief
          Coach Torney and Co-coach Crawford have         I arrange study halls to help them with their grades.
been managing Newtown’s basketball team for ap-           But I can’t exactly hold their hand either,” explains
proximately five years now. As the noble Co-coach         Crawford.
continues his run with the team, it seems as though                The Co-coach tasks usually include the day
the students honor him more and more every year.          to day operations such of the team running practic-
          The passionate team players and Co-             es and meetings, as it’s a 6 day a week job. “I love
captains continuously express their gratitude and         it,” expresses Crawford.
appreciation towards Crawford. “He doesn’t just                    Students and team members are inspired by
teach basketball, he teaches us the value of life. He     Crawford’s motivation, as Nakami Morrison says,
has given me more confidence to succeed in High           “He changed me my sophomore year. This is one
School,” expresses Co-captain Eddie Perez. “Craw-         of his favorite quotes: Can you look in the mirror
ford changed my life. He kept me out of the streets,      and tell yourself you gave it your all? When I first
put me on the basketball team, and motivated me to        heard him say that I knew I wanted to be a better
do better in my classes,” Co-captain Brandon Polite       player and person.”
adds.                                                              Mr. Sias, history teacher, expresses “Mr.
          However, co-coaching a team isn’t the           Crawford is an awesome teacher and coach!”
easiest task, as Crawford states “time management”                 Crawford states that he plans on continu-
is the hardest of all to achieve between his family,      ing his career as a co-coach down the road, and
his teaching, and his team. However, “I’m a teacher       expresses his zeal for the job, despite the sacrifices
first to the students, so I help them with tutoring and   and its hardships.
                                                                                                                           Basketball Co-Coach Mr Crawford

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