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					Buy-side vs. Sell-side

You may heard about the terms buy side and sales side while talking with investment professionals. Here we discuss what do these terms refer to, what are the dis

The sell side related to activities of an investment bank. Investment bankers, traders and research analysts are the job positions in the sell side. Sell-side profession In simple words, the buy side is related to the asset managers who correspond to individual as well as organizational investors. The buy side obtains investment pro In general, the roles and responsibilities associated of buy-side and sell-side analysts seem to be similar. However, there is difference in terms of day to day activiti On the contrary, the buy side analyst totally concentrates on analysis of investment. Along with this, the buy side analyst are also responsible for working with portfo Even though there are differences in roles and responsibilities, professionals in sell side and buy side research analyst positions build up parallel skills. Sell side res

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