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					                        California Department of Fish and Game
                        Hunter Education Instructor of the Year
                                    Nomination Form

The Hunter Education Instructor Award is open to all Certified California Volunteer Hunter
Education Instructors. Anyone may nominate an instructor for this award. To nominate an
instructor for the award, submit a completed nomination form to the appropriate District
Hunter Education Coordinator prior to January 1st of each year. You may provide an
attachment to this form if additional space is needed.

Nominee: ___________________________________ Date: __________________
City of Residence: _________________________

1. Instructor has been an active California Hunter Education Instructor for ___ years.

2. During the last three years, the instructor has taught an average of __ classes per

3. __ the instructor teaches in a team. __ the instructor teaches solo.

4. The instructor has recruited ____ certified instructors during the last five years.

5. ___ the instructor incorporated live fire in his or her class.

6. What qualities does this instructor demonstrate that convinces you they deserve
recognition as a Hunter Education Instructor of the Year Award recipient?

7. Has the instructor meet all the requirements for the year as set forth in the Hunter
Education Instructor Policy Manual?

8. Has the instructor been active in the Hunter Education Program and does he/she
support the Department’s efforts to ensure all hunters are safe and responsible?

9. Does the instructor posses Hunter Education awards, e.g., Master Hunter
Education Instructor Award, Hunter Education Award, State or National Hunter
Education Awards?

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