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1. Give the chemical structure of the following fibre forming polymers and the names of

   the monomer from where they are prepared.

a) Nylon 6           b) Nylon 66            c) Polypropylene        d) PET         e) PAN

2. Arrange the following in ascending/descending order.
 i.Ascending order of crystallinity
 a) Nylon 6 b) Polypropylene c) Viscose rayon d) Polyester
 ii.Descending order of tensilestrength
 a)Cotton b)Viscose c)Wool d)Ramie
 iii.Increasing order of moisture regain at 65% RH and 20oC
 a)Cotton b)PET c)Nylon 6 d)Viscose
iv.Ascending order of static charge generated under standard conditions
 a)Wool b)Silk c)Polyester d)Cotton
v..Descending order of density
 a)Cotton b)Polyprolyene c)Nylon d)Polyester

3.Typical length of a molecule for fibre:
 a)10 b)1000 c)1 mm d)100 mm

4.Which of the following fibre is closest to wool like
 a)PET b)Nylon66 c)Acrylic d)Polyprolyene

5.Typical elongation of polyester staple fibre is
 a)20% b)15% c)25% d)50%

6.For synthetic fibre:
 a)heavier laps are preferred for finer denier fibre
 b) higher laps are preferred for coarse denier fibre
 c)lighter laps are preferred for finer denier fibre

7. Range of Maturity Ratio (M) of cotton is :

 a) 0 to 1 b)0 to 100 c)0.2 to 1.2 d)0.5 to 1.5
8. If d is the diameter, the rate of air flow through a fibre plug during fibre fineness
  measurement will be propositional to
  a) d b)d2 c)d4 d)1/d2

9. If 6 slivers each having CV(%) of 6 are doubled, the CV(%d) of the resultant silver
  will be
  a)6 b)6 c)12 d)25
10. A 36s cotton yarn with a twist multiplier of 3.5 will have
 a)18 tpi b)21 tpi c)30 tpi d)36 tpi
11. When twist is increased in a spun yarn, its strength
 a) increases b) decreases c) does not change
 d) first increases and then decreases

12. The density of polypropylene in _______________ and that of visco
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