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									   What to do with a degree in

Department of Psychology website:

The Curriculum                                                      Job & Internship Web Sites
The Department of Psychology offers BA, BS, MS, and Ph.D.           • American Psychological Association
degrees in Psychology. There are many different specialty areas
in psychology, all psychologists have one thing in common           • Social Service Jobs
- they are all interested in the scientific study of behavior -
understanding how people and other organisms develop, learn,        • Psychology Job Links
think, feel, act, and relate to one another. Psychologists tend
to be involved in: finding new knowledge in the field through       • Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse
research activities; applying knowledge to the solution of  
problems of individuals and/or groups; or teaching the body of      • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
knowledge to others.                                        
                                                                    • Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers
     Psychology Majors develop the following                        • National Association of Social Workers
                                                                    • Association for Psychological Science
      Psychology is a liberal arts degree meant to open up the
      mind and give a person a better understanding of the          • Office of Juvenile Affairs
      world. The degree is meant to provide students with   
      a better understanding of how to think, analyze, and          • Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training
      express themselves clearly. Students will have a greater
      understanding of human behavior.                              • Peterson’s (Graduate School)
        Information-finding: Psychology students are trained        • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
        to search through a wide range of resources to obtain
        information.                                                • American Counseling Association
        Interpersonal: Psychology students also learn about         • American Mental Health Counselors Association
        the mechanisms of social communication and the      
        potential sources of interpersonal conflict.                • Encyclopedia of Psychology
        Problem-solving: Psychology students learn how              • Social Psychology Network
        to apply different strategies and approaches to     
        understanding problems and how to identify the
        practical steps to implement a solution.                    PSI CHI - National Honor Society in Psychology
                                                                    Mission is to encourage, stimulate, & maintain excellence in
        Critical Evaluation: Students learn to evaluate,            scholarship & to advance the science of psychology. Membership
        critically, the quality of an argument; to identify the     is open to undergraduate students who declare Psychology as
        shortcomings and pitfalls of a particular line of action;   a major or minor and to graduate students in Psychology and
        and to anticipate problems or difficulties.                 Applied Health and Educational Psychology
                                                                    OSU Chapter of Psi Chi:
     Depending on your desired career path, additional skills
     may need to be developed to be competitive in the              National Psi Chi:
     marketplace upon graduation. Make an appointment
     with a career consultant to design your individual career
                                                                           Come See Us!
     development plan.
                                                                           College of Arts & Sciences Career Services
                                                                           Student Success Center, 213 LSE
 College of Arts & Sciences Career Success                                 phone: 405-744-5658
 Guide                                                                     website:
 Provided to all new, incoming students as a introduction to the
                                                                           Appt calendar:
 career planning process If you don’t have an Guide…Get one!!!
Potential Career Paths Include                                    Psychology Club
                                                                  An undergraduate organization dedicated to helping
Social & Human Services (Bachelors or Masters)                    students learn about the field of psychology. Activities
Social & Human Services workers assess clients needs,             include workshops about career opportunities at the
establish their eligibility for benefits and services, and help   bachelor’s level, admission to graduate programs, and
clients obtain them. Social and Human Service workers also        presentations from professionals in various psychology
provide emotional support and help clients become involved in     specialty areas. We also facilitate interaction between
their own well-being, in community recreation programs, and       students and psychology faculty, and opportunities for
in other activities.                                              community service. All OSU students are welcome to join
Career Options                                                    regardless of major.
 Social Worker (MSW)                 Case Manager                 Psychology Club website:
 Mental Health Counselor             Outreach Worker    
 Community Support Worker            Life Skill Counselor         htm
Potential Employers
 Mental Health Agencies              Hospitals
 Non-Profit Organizations            Insurance Firms              Additional Career Paths for Psychology Majors
 Government Agencies                 College/University
                                                                      Human Resources
                                                                      Human Resources Specialist Personnel Administrator
                                                                      Recruiter                  Benefits Analyst
                                                                      Human Resources Management
Psychologists (Ph.D. Required)
Psychologists study the human mind and behavior.                      Government & Community
Psychologists in research fields investigate the physical,            Community Relations Officer        Recreation Worker
cognitive, emotional, or social aspects of human behavior.            Urban planning officer             Health Educator
Psychologists in applied fields provide mental health care in         Volunteer Administrator            Public Statistician
hospitals, clinics, schools, or private settings. Psychologists       Probation & Parole Officer         Daycare Center Worker
formulate hypotheses and collect data to test their validity.         Welfare Eligibility Worker
Career Options
  Clinical                           Developmental
                                                                      Advertising Copywriter             Media Buyer
  Industrial-Organizational          Counseling
                                                                      Public Relations Specialist        Newspaper Reporter
  Experimental/Research              School
                                                                      Technical Writer
Potential Employers                                                   Research
  Government Agencies                Law Firms                        Opinion Survey Researcher          Research Assistant
  College/University                 K-12 School                      Marketing Researcher               Laboratory Assistant
  Non-Profit Organizations           Hospitals

                                                                  Build Skills Beyond the Classroom
                                                                  Join related clubs, professional associations, & organizations
Counselors (Masters)                                                  Athletics/Sports
Counselors assist people with personal, family, educational,          Military
mental health, career decisions, and problems. Their duties           Part-time Employment (Summer/Work Study)
depend on the individuals they serve and on the settings in           Internships/Job Shadowing
which they work.                                                      Travel/Work Abroad
Career Options                                                        Volunteer/Community Service
  Rehabilitation                     Counselor
  Career Counselor                   Marriage/Family Therapist
  Academic Advisor                   Educational/Vocational
  School Counselor                   Mental Health Counselor        Need help with the job search?
  Behavioral Counselor               Substance Abuse Counselor      College of Arts & Sciences Career
Potential Employers                                                 Services offers:
  Mental Health Organizations        Hospitals                      Arts & Sciences 4111 Career Planning and Job Search Strategies
  Government Agencies                K-12 School
  College/University                 Law Enforcement                Course descriptions available at the Career Services website:
  Community Programs                 Church                              
  Non-Profit Organizations           Insurance Firms

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