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Accounting Resume

Accounting Resume Tips: The design of your accounting resume must highlight the most important information about your accounting experience, skills and education. At a first glance, this in Preliminary Requirement : Research on your accounting career alternatives and organizations of interest before starting your resume. Organize your thoughts and ideas in your accounting resume. Look at accounting resume samples from other guides. Avoid using 'I' throughout your resume.

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Contact Information : Full name Campus and permanent addresses Telephone numbers Email address Objective : The objective should make a concise statement in your resume that tells the reader about your career goals and/or expresses your interest in a specific A general or specific job title from your field/industry. Any qualifications you wish to state up front such as computer competencies, years of experience, education, or skills such as management, organization, commun Summary of Qualifications : Recommended for experienced professionals. This section should consist of a minimum of three, and preferably not more than ten 'bul Example : Accounting manager with five years experience in accounting. Strong management skills with extensive knowledge in statistical processes. Accounting Education : In a reverse chronological order, required information should include: Degree(s) and major Date of graduation (month and year) Universities you attended Location of universities (city and state) Any certifications or licenses related to your degree Accounting Skills : Mention all your accounting related skills which make your resume outstanding. Accounting Experience : List the most recent experience at the top. Emphasize your accounting related accomplishments and contributions. Activities : You may want to list your extra-curricular activities that involve organizations, clubs, student governments, athletics and professional affiliations. You ma Use Keywords : You may extensively use accounting related keywords and action verbs to describe your skills and accomplishments. Try to use Action Verbs when Action Verbs accelerateadviseanalyzeapprovearrangeassembleassistbuildcollectcomplete conceiveconductcontrolcoordinatecreatedelegatedetectdevelopdirectdiscover distributeeditdeliverdemonstratedesigneliminateestablishevaluateexamineexpand expediteformulategenerateimplementimproveincreaseinfluenceinstallinstructlead maintainmanagemotivateobtainoperateorderorganizeoriginateoverseeparticipate performpinpointplanpreparepresentprocessproduceprogrampromotepropose protestproveprovidepurchasereceiverecommendrecordreducereinforcereorganize representresearchrevampreviewrevisescheduleselectsellsetupsolve streamlinestructurestudysupervisesupportteachtesttrainwrite

It is the content of your resume and the description of your skills and abilities that determine the number of interview calls you would generate. For example conside 'Maintained records for accounts receivable and accounts payable' can be made more effective by framing 'Managed over 1,000 accounts receivable and accounts Optimize your sentences for effectiveness and use 'management oriented' words : 'Assigned work to entry level accounting clerks' can be better written as 'Directed work flow, supervised and trained accounting staff and ensured its entry into gene A much better statement than 'Seeking an entry level position in the accounting field' would be 'Seeking a post of an Accountant that would utilize my skills and exp Use as many key words as possible and emphasize on your skills. For example : Management of A/R Accounts Billing and Collections Supervision of Accounting and Administrative Staff Balance Sheet and Management Status Reports Sample Accounting Resume Checkout our sample accounting resumes below: Sample Accounting Resume 1 Sample Accounting Resume 2 Sample Accounting Resume 3 Specific Sample Accounting Resume Checkout our specific sample accounting resumes below: Sample Account Executive Resume Sample Account Manager Resume Sample Account Payable Clerk Resume Sample Account Representative Resume Sample Accounting Clerk Resume Sample Accounting Manager Resume Sample Actuarial Analyst Resume Sample Agency Bookkeeper Resume Sample Assistant Portfolio Manager Resume

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Sample Audit Manager Resume Sample Bank Administration Resume Sample Bank Teller Resume Sample Bank Treasurer Resume Sample Billing Clerk Resume Sample Bookkeeper Resume Sample Bookkeeping Clerk Resume Sample Budget Analyst Resume Sample Certified Public Accountant Resume Sample General Accountant Resume Sample Junior Accountant Resume Sample Senior Accountant Resume Sample Senior Account Manager Resume Sample General Ledger Accountant Resume Sample Office Manager Bookkeeper Resume Sample Quantitative Analyst Resume Sample Quantitative Research Analyst Resume Sample Staff Acountant Resume Sample Tax Accountant Resume Sample Tax Manager Resume Sample Treasury Analyst Resume You can try more accounting resumes here. We also recommend that you look at our accounting careers section. Sponsored by: Free Resume Templates! Create Custom Resumes Quickly. Templates Based On Your Occupation from PongoResume.

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