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					Longhouse Tours, Sarawak

A holiday in Sarawak is not complete without a visit to the longhouses that are the
traditional dwellings of many of the natives here such as the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang
Ulu. A longhouse is a terraced street of separate dwellings covered by one roof. A tuai
rumah (headman) is the head of the longhouse. Every family has their own separate bilik
(room). Communal activities are carried out on the ruai (verandah). Male visitors will
spend a night on the verandah whereas female visitors are invited to stay in the bilik or

Longhouse communities normally wear practical clothes like jeans and T-shirts. They
only wear their traditional costumes during festivals like Gawai Dayak or the Iban
harvest festival and also during weddings. Tour groups are normally greeted with a glass
of tuak or rice wine and a welcome dance. After that, they will tour the longhouses and
will be entertained by various cultural performances. You are usually invited to join in
the dancing. Visitors can spend a night at the longhouses or in a nearby guesthouse.

How to get there
By Road and River

The distance to your longhouse depends on where you're going, but a common
programme, run out of Kuching, picks you up at your hotel for the 2-hour drive to a jetty
by a major river. After that you may go up or downriver by longboat for one or two hours
to reach the longhouse.

Who to contact
For more information, please contact Sarawak Tourism Office Tel: +6082-246 575 / 775

Accommodation Overview
The highlight of this tour is an overnight stay at a traditional longhouse.

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