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									Welcome to One Team Global

 A Group of Worldwide Professionals building Global Businesses
       5 Key Points

1.   The Company
2.   Trends and Timing
3.   Consumable Products
4.   Leveraged Incomes
5.   Support and Focus
         Parent Company
Nu Skin Enterprises
                      • US$1.145 Billion in
                        Annual Sales, 2004
                      • D&B 5A-1 Rating
                      • 20 Year Track Record
                      • $600 Million in Paid for Assets
                      • Global Seamless Comp. Plan
                      • $160 Million Cash in Bank
                      • Operating in 41 Countries
                      • Publicly Traded – NYSE (NUS)
  HQ – Provo Utah
Pharmanex Division
       Over 126 PHD level Scientists
            Un-Matched Scientific
              Advisory Board

  Unique in the Industry-6S Quality Process

   Selection            Standardization
     •Herb Selection    •Same Product
                         Year in year out

   Sourcing              Safety
     •Raw Material      •Toxin Analysis
      Procurement       • No dangerous ingredients

   Structure             Substantiation
   •Quality Assurance   •Clinical Studies
The Bio-Photonic Scanner

                    Approved TGA
                Class 1 medical device
                    ARTG ID118126
American Business Awards

• Most Innovative
  Company and

                    Most Innovative
                    See www.stevieawards.com/aba/
2. The Trend is Your Friend

             Wellness is
             Growing at
             $100 Million
              Per Day!
The Constant Battle

 Free Radicals are toxins that
  cause cell and DNA damage

 Antioxidants combat free
  radicals to prevent cell
  damage and maintain
         Free Radical Sources
   Sunlight
   Toxins
   Pollution
   X-rays                    10 Billion free
   Radioactivity
   Airline travel
                                radicals per
   Medications                  cigarette!
   Food additives
   Environmental Chemicals
   Synthetic materials
   Household cleaners
   Solvents
   Pesticides
   Herbicides
                Lots more…
 Antioxidant Sources

         A diet rich in
         FRUITS and

              BioPhotonic Scanner
Sir Chandrasekhar V. Raman

                             Uses a scientific technique called
                                  Raman Spectroscopy

Nobel Prize Winner - 1930
                                                Dr. Werner Gellerman
 Developed by a team of Physicists at
       the University of Utah
    Carotenoid molecules shift laser light from a
               blue colour to green
                                                    Primary Investigator
The patented Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner is a new,
cutting-edge testing tool that safely measures carotenoid
levels and provides immediate evidence of a person's
carotenoid antioxidant levels.
                            Patents: Pharmanex owns the
                      Worldwide Proprietary Technology to
                           The Bio-Photonic Scanner for the
                                    Next 15 Years!

        8 Patents Total
            in the US,
         Europe and Asia
    BioPhotonic Scanner

• Patented
• Revolutionary
• Non-invasive
• Clinically Proven
• Results in minutes
• Portable
• More Reliable than Blood Tests
         BioPhotonic Scanner

  • Customer Retention
  • Scientific Evidence of Product Benefits
  • Lifestyle Motivator
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Ultimate Differentiator

Makes You Better Looking… on the              Inside
   What is Your Level?

"The amount of key antioxidants
  that many different species
maintain in their bodies is directly
 proportional to their lifespan."
   Dr. Richard Cutler, former Head of the
Gerontology Research Institute (GRC) at the
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Wash D.C.
The Ability to Measure is Science

              We have the World’s
              First Nutritional Lie
              Detector Test!

               Clinically Proven
               Results in 3 Minutes!
Scanner in the Media
   What Does Your Score Mean?
                         10,000-19,000           20,000-29,000           30,000-39,000           40,000-49,000        50,000 +




Dietary Habits            Low Consumption of                   Moderate Consumption of                  High Consumption of
                          Fruits and Vegetables                    Fruits and Vegetables                Fruits and Vegetables
Supplementation                 Irregular of No                                                                   Optimal
                               Supplementation                        Supplementation                       Supplementation
     Lifestyle             High BMI, High Stress                        Medium BMI                       Low BMI, Low Stress
      Choices             High Sun and Pollution                      Moderate Stress                          Non-Smoker
                                    Exposure                   Moderate Sun & Pollution                 Low Sun and Pollution
                                     Smoker                                Exposure                              Exposure
 N.B These are general parameters based on over 2,000,000 scans. Your individual score may vary. Dietary Habits, Supplementation
 and Lifestyle choices represent possible score outcomes and do not reflect guaranteed results
3. Products
 The Most Comprehensive Nutritional &
 Multivitamin Supplement in the World!
Backed by Double Blind Clinical Studies!

LifePak is FIVE formulas in one:
   1. high potency antioxidant formula
   2. balanced B-vitamin formula
   3. complete bone support formula
   4. complete trace element supplement
   5. phytonutrient formula with catechins

   • Over 3 million users
   • Over 50 million boxes sold
   • Over 5 billion capsules consumed
Lifepak benefits

    95% Surveyed Feel Better

        • Energy
        • Stamina
        • Endurance
        • Sleep
        • Less Illness
Coming Soon!
      The Most Nutrient - Rich Fruit Ever!

  Gac juice (Momordica cochinchinensis)

  Cili juice

  Siberian Pineapple

  Chinese Lycium

        With Highly Bio-Available
    Super Fruit from Heaven

        70 X’s more Lycopene than Tomatoes

60 X more Vitamin C than Oranges*

      40 X more Zeaxanthin than Yellow Corn

10 X more Beta Carotene than Carrots

          (u/g wet wt.)   *(mg/100g wet wt.)
Recorded Benefits
     • Increases energy
     • Anti-aging properties
     • Promotes eye health
     • Strengthens Immune System
     • Fights cancer
     • Improves circulation
     • Regulates cholesterol
     • Promotes Prostate health
     • Facilitates optimal bioavailability of key nutrients
     • Promotes skin health
     • Promotes vascular health
     • Promotes would healing
     • Protects skin from UV damage
     • Fights heart disease
     • Prevents stroke
     • Stabilizes blood pressure
     • Promotes better digestion
     • Promotes prostate health
     • Bolsters immune system
     • Promotes liver health
     • Eases headaches
     • Promotes sexual health
     • Promotes vitality
                   Pharmanex Products
                               First Supplement in the World certified as
                              “banned substance free” by the USOC
BC Olympic Guide

                         “ BSCG is the only certification program in
                         the United States that uses IOC and WADA
                         accredited laboratory for all analyses “

                          6 PHARMANEX PRODUCTS ARE IN
                          USA PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE
                     Lifepak, Reishimax, Cordymax, Tegreen 97,
                          Cortitrol, Optimum Omega
            Lifepak Challenge
Skin Carotenoid Score                                         3rd Scan

                                      2nd Scan                120 Days

                   1st Scan                                  On Lifepak
                                             60 Days

                   Baseline                On Lifepak

                 Step 1: Sign up for Monthly Delivery of Lifepak and
                         enjoy Loyalty Discount!

                 Step 2: Lifepak Performance Guarantee
                         100% money back if your score does not go up
                         after 60 days!

                 Step 3: Every 60 days Re-scan with Free Lifetime Monitoring!
Automatic Delivery Program       (ADP)


                     All Linked to your ID
                                4. Leverage
               5%                         4%                           1%
           Still                      Well To                         Wealthy
          Working                      Do

                    36%                                                 54%
                    Dead                                             Dead Broke

Source: Hartford Insurance Study, Social Security Administration – Age 65
                The Wealthy 1%

                     5% Super         1% Athletes
      10% CEO -    Sales Persons      Entertainers
  10% Top

Temporary Income         Leveraged Income

Work 40-80 Hrs/Week   Part Time       10 hrs (you)
 Zero Leverage        5 x 10hrs          50 hrs
                      25 x 10hrs        250hrs
= Zero Wealth!
                      125 x 10 hrs      1,250 hrs
                      625 x 10 hrs      6,250 hrs

                      Leveraged       7,810 hrs
Income Calculation Example
Income Calculation Example
USA Market Evidence
 We Create Millionaires

• Paid more than USD$4 Billion in Total
• Created more than 500 USD Millionaires
• 20 have earned USD$20 Million and
• 2 have earned USD$50 Million + and
   All BEFORE the Scanner!
Where Does The Money Come From?
 $100’s/mth                                         $1000’s/mth                                         $10,000’s mth
 Distributor                                          Executive                                                  Leader

                                          Follow a system to
                                                                                                  Duplicate the system to
  Use                                                                                             Create Executives
                                          Create an organization
                                          Of users, sellers &                              1 G - USD$650/mth
  Sell                                                                                     2      L- USD$1300/mth
                                                                                           4      R- USD$2600/mth

  Build                                                                                    6      E- USD$5100/mth
                                                                                           8      D- USD$12,500/mth
                                                                                           12 BD- USD$40,726/mth
BASED ON ACTUAL USA AVERAGE INCOMES                                                        15            TEAM ELITE
Disclaimer: These Incomes are not a guarantee. Individual Incomes vary according to level of effort and productivity.
        Timing is Everything!
              From Small To BIG!                   Compensation Plan

           Ground Floor
            Window of

              ’05   ’06    ’07 …………………..

History shows that Pioneers capture the Biggest market share
New Markets




             South Africa
                          4. Support
Largest Group in NSE – Undisputed 56% Majority of NSE
                                 Global Market Share
  Strong Presence across all markets:
       Europe                           OTG
 Using the Most Professional
Approach to The Business
                 OTG Advantage
•   OTG Training Centers
•   Multi Lingual Websites for OTG Members
•   OTG Global Internet Broadcasts
•   OTG Videos and CD’s
•   OTG Flip Charts
•   OTG Powerpoint Presentations & Flipcharts
•   OTG Training Manuals
•   OTG Conference Calls
•   OTG Global Fly-ins – With Top Leaders From
                         Around the world
80 Team Elites and 400 Blue Diamonds
            Timing Is Everything

       START NOW !                     $
            Not Later                  $
The Time
 is Now !                              $

   Start Now             Start Later
               Action Plan
• Get in on the ground floor now
• Register early and get on Executive Track.
• Work closely with your OTG Partner and
  Duplicate Exactly what is taught.
• Build Your Team Now & position for local and
  International Growth
• You have OTG Global Support in more than
  40 Countries
            How To Get Started?
A) Lifepak User and Take the Lifepak Challenge

Step 1: Get on Lifepak ADP with Free Membership

Step 2: Get Scanned after 60 Days - Free

Step 3: Lifetime Monitoring every 60 Days - Free

B) Business Builder - Executive Track

Step 1: Get on Lifepak ADP

Step 2: Get a Business Starter Kit and submit LTA Form

Step 3: Attend New Distributor Training

Step 4: Begin Building Your Business
       How You Can Succeed

Follow the SYSTEM of OTG
Set Your Goals
Make Commitments to Yourself
& Your Team
Follow the Checklist in the

    Let’s Start NOW!
How Does the Business Work?

      1. Invite            2. Present

                  5. Use

      4. Train             3. Sponsor
               The Basics

1. Use the Products

2. Talk to People (Products & Opportunity)
     • Prospect – Invite them to Look
     • Present – Share the stories
     • Follow-up – Get a decision

3.Teach (Duplicate) others to do the same
       Inviting- Make Your List

   Invite Everyone You know first and
                                         Who Do I Know?
        then Everyone you don’t know!

 Start with 200 Names and Phone

Your CHICKEN LIST (Top 30
       potential leaders)

 Continue to add to your list
Sift For Quality People

  S harp
  W ork Hard
  A mbitious
  N etwork
       Inviting Skills

Do NOT attempt to present the
business on the phone
Inviting Skills

        Remember the 5 C’s:
       How to invite?

                        Lets meet
                        (a) TUES

              ?             OR
                        (b) THURS?

      Sample Inviting Script
Hi Mr/Ms __________, have you got a minute?

My name is ___________ from (country), and I’m a
friend of ____________. I’m with a multi billion dollar
company from the US.

We are currently expanding our business to
……………., and are looking for some key business
people to help in the expansion.
                   Sifting Process
•   Those who Listen

•   Intrigued / Excited

•   Coachable &
                                SIFT for the right

       Consumer                  Develop
         base                   Executives

• Business Opportunity Meetings - BOMs

• 2 on 1 presentations with experienced
     upline present

• 1 on 1 with OTG Flipchart
              Ways to Follow up
•   Within the next 48hrs   Excellent
•   3-5 days                       Not Good
•   More than a week               Weak
•   More than 2 weeks            99% No chance

• Visit the Nuskin Office Corporate Headquarters with
• Meet up with experienced upline Executive
• Attend a Training to observe the powerful support in
  OTG Group
• Get them to BOM if they have not seen one yet
          Proper Sponsoring

1. Sign up your prospect

2. Sift them through our training:
       • Business Opportunity Meeting
       • Product Training
       • How to Get Started
3. Help them to Recruit

Attitude: Treat your business like you
just invested $100,000!

      Think like business owner

      Act like business owner

      Work like business owner
                   Recruit Yourself

   The most important
   person you will ever
     recruit is YOU!
If you truly have that done, then you wont have
     any problem recruiting ANYONE else!

              • Set Your Goals
              • Have a really BIG WHY
              • FOCUS!
Success Rate is proportional to
      your Confidence
Until you are committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw
back, always ineffectiveness, concerning all acts of initiative
and creation. There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of
which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

           The moment you definitely commit yourself,
                then providence moves, too.

All sorts of things occur to help you that would never otherwise
have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the
decision, raising in your favor all manner of unforeseen
incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no one
could have dreamed would have come your way.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has
genius, power and magic in it.     - Goethe
The Demonstrable Difference
Antioxidants Vs. Free Radicals

To demonstrate how antioxidants in
LifePak neutralizes free radicals

• Iodine – example of free radical &
          powerful oxidizing agent
• LifePak – contain antioxidants that
            neutralizes free radicals

     LifePak is the most Comprehensive
     Multivitamin supplement!

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