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					VOLUME 62, NO 02                                                              February

        FROM THE COMMODORE -                                                    MIKE

        Due        to     communications     meeting of the newly elected bridge.
        difficulties that were entirely my   We got together to make sure we are
        fault, I did not get my last         all on the same page, and know what
        Breeze article in on time. So,       is important to each officer. We all got
        first, let me take care of some      a chance to pass pet projects along to
important business from last month. I        the next guy – I’ve gotten a few in the
would like to thank Past Commodore           past and passed a few along myself.
Pilny and Past Commodore Halas for           Sometimes I think a year is not enough
all the help they have given during my       to really get settled in a particular
time on the bridge so far. Don’t go          position – but only sometimes!
away, guys; your help is still needed
and very much appreciated!                   It’s cold and snowy out (or at least it’s
                                             supposed to be), but there are plenty
Thanks from last year also go to the         of things lined up to keep us engaged.
house committee: P/C George &                The DOCK AUCTION is coming up on
Hariett Raynor, Dennis Kunc, Russ            February 10, and the Skipperettes will
Saghy, Cathy Smith, Jung Lee, Char           be providing food and running a bake
Smith, and Gary and Michelle Kipp;           sale. Come on down for a good time
and the entertainment committee: Jack        and a chance to see if you will have
and Sherry Wagner, Ron and Pat               new neighbors this summer, or maybe
White, Doug Mocny, Gene and Ginnie           get yourself relocated
Distler, P/C Dave Jordan, P/C Bill
Lewis, and Paula Sidoti.                     The COMMODORE’S BALL is only
                                             eight weeks away! This year’s event
Earlier in the month, we held the first      will take place on March 16 at LaMalfa
Party Center, with a pre-ball kickoff
party at the club on March 15. The
Commodore’s Ball Committee is
planning a great time; don’t miss it!
The club committees are coming
together. We could still use a few
good men and women, so if you are          Smooth
interested in serving on a committee,
please let the officer in charge or
myself know.
                                                   2002 C.L.Y.C
The first trustee’s meeting for the 2002
Bridge was a long one, because we                Commodore’s Ball
had a lot of ground to cover. As I                   Weekend
looked around the room, I felt very           By Carl Lantz
proud to be associated with our bridge
and trustees. We have a great bunch
of people who care deeply about our
club, and give their time and energy       Candlelight Cocktail Party :Friday night,
freely. I want to thank them all for       March 15, 2002, 7:00 until 10:00 PM, at
their service, and look forward to a       the C.L.Y.C. clubhouse. There will be an
                                           open bar from 7:00 until 8:30 PM serving
productive year.                           well drinks, wine and beer. Food will be
                                           plentiful. Come hungry. There is no charge
Char and I are honored to be               for this function and all C.L.Y.C. members
representing our great club, and have      are invited. Show your support for the new
been overwhelmed by the support you        bridge while enjoying an evening of
have shown. Lets all remember that         socializing with your fellow mariners.
we are one club, with the purpose of
enjoying our time on the water, and        Commodore’s Ball: Saturday night,
with each other, to the greatest extent    March 16, 2002, 7:00 PM until 12:00
possible. As in all other areas of life,   midnight at LaMalfa Party Center in
we usually get the most when we give       Mentor. The cost is $44.50 per person and
                                           includes hors d’ourves, a sit down dinner
the most.
                                           and music by “Voices”.          Invite your
                                           friends, guests are welcome. For those
Special thanks go to:                      wishing     overnight     accommodations
                                           arrangements have been made with the
P/C Rich Halas for helping me change       adjacent Holiday Inn Express for a special
out the valve in that hot, hot furnace     rate of $60.00 plus tax. Call Deborah
room, and                                  Neath at La Malfa (440.357.0384) and tell
P/C Dick Martin for replacing the shaky    her you are with C.L.Y.C. Call soon.
grate in the pavilion fireplace.
         FROM THE VICE COMMODORE -                                                   MIKE

        Well, we are halfway through the dreaded 90 days (December 1st to March 1st). I
hope everyone is staying warm and well. I am in need of an Entertainment chairperson
and people who want to chair an entertainment event. I will give a meeting date of the
Entertainment committee at the next general meeting. I also need a House committee

Come to the Dock Auction and bid on Sunday, February 10th at 4:00PM

Very Important Notice:
We will be starting the freezer project shortly so it will be done before the season starts.
Due to safety reasons the kitchen will be closed during the project. We are also planning
on painting the floor of the kitchen at the same time. The kitchen and the Baldwin Room
will be closed for renovation from FEBRUARY 21 through MARCH 6, 2002. These
facilities are not available at all during this time. I want to also ask that for safety
reasons and concerns please stay out of these areas until the project is complete.
Anyone wanting to help should contact me, Dave Ulrich or Jon Axelrod, our Club
Manager, for the work schedule. Lend a hand if you can.

HIGHLIGHTS OF FEB02 TRUSTEES’ MEETING                      SECRETARY                 STAN

 Indicated “lack of interest in the road ends” so that the Land Trustees can negotiate
       with any interested person for the road ends.
 Approved the Treasurer’s request to increase the “Late Fee” from $5.00 to $10.00.
 Approved the rekeying of the club totally at a cost not to exceed $750.00.
 Approved the request from the Fleet Captain, Rear Commodore and Dock Committee
       the rule that all dock poles must be installed on members docks by May 15, or
       they will be installed by the Dock Committee and the member will be charged
       $25.00 plus the cost of the pole and hardware for each pole. This is due to the
       fact that docks are needed for transient dockers by this time.
 Approved that the “Bird Committee” present the proposal to membership to install
      netting under all docks requiring it at a cost of $5077.21 to be paid by a one time
      assessment of $35.00 per Boating member.
 Accepted, with regret, the resignation of Irwin “Jerry” Cohen from membership.
 Approved the request of the Dock Committee to increase the allowable beam for
      docks O-21 and O-22 from 10 feet to 11 feet.
 Approved the request of the Dock Committee to eliminate the use of dock O6-A and
      change dock O-4 to 47 billing feet with a maximum 40 foot boat and 14 foot
FROM THE FLEET CAPTAIN -                                            PAUL

As a relatively new member of CLYC, I was just getting comfortable with finding my way
around the club (at least the important parts like the bar and the bathroom). As a new
officer I am now working to find my way around the club in a new sense. Not only am I
learning about my new responsibilities as your Fleet Captain, I am also learning the
details of the operation of the club, and much of the relevant history of the club. In an
effort to ensure a "well-rounded" education, I would like to encourage the entire
membership to offer suggestions, express opinions, or just relate stories about the club
by voice-mail, by e-mail, or preferably, over a beer.

As a reminder, the annual Dock Auction will be held on Sunday, February 10th, starting
at 4:00 in the afternoon. Delicious food will be provided by the Skipperettes (at
reasonable prices). A bake-sale and a raffle will be held. Even if you are not interested
in bidding on a dock, come out and join the fun. I hope to see all of you there.

Finally, in preparing for the Dock Auction, and looking ahead to spring launch, it has
come to my attention that proof of insurance is not up to date for some of our boating
members. Please take a moment to ensure that you have current proof of insurance on
file with the club. If you are not sure whether your insurance information is up to date,
you can call or stop by the club office and check with Jon, or you can call or e-mail me.

2002 CLYC REGATTA                               CAPTAIN KIPP, MICHELLE &

                           You                Gotta
                           Regatta…………..(aarggh, or
                           ye may walk the Plank!). Mark
                           your calendars for the 2002
                           Pirate Invasion Regatta. This
                           year will be Friday, Saturday and
                           Sunday,      June 28th, 29th and

                           So Matey, if your are not afraid,
                           ye may want to sign on to the
                           Committee or ye may just have some ideas to pass along.
The cannons don’t thunder and there is nothing to plunder but we do have some Rum
and there is plenty of beer, so grab your best Cuttlas and join us here.
We've Signed On For Another Year with Boat/U.S.!

                             The Boat/U.S. Cooperating Group Program has proven so
                             popular with members that club officers are renewing our
                             "partnership" for another year. Because of this special
                             arrangement, you get 50% off when you join the nation's
                             largest Association of recreational boat owners. You pay
                             one-half of the regular Boat/U.S. dues of $19.00--only
                             $9.50 a year!
                                     If you're already a Boat/U.S. Member, you can now
                             renew your Membership at the low $9.50 rate.

Boat/U.S. Membership benefits include:
      • An effective lobby that fights unfair taxes, fees and government regulations that
              single out boat owners.
      • A 704-page Discount Equipment Catalog, plus special discounts and Member
              Rewards with purchases.
      • Discounts on fuel, overnight slips or repairs at more than 500 marinas.
      • Low-cost, high-protection boat insurance, including special programs for
              trailerable boats and PWC's.
      • On-the-Water Towing, with your choice of service levels--from $50 per incident
              (free with Membership) up to Unlimited Service--provided by the nation's
              largest towing network TowBoatU.S.!
      • BOAT/U.S. Magazine--a full year's subscription is included with Membership!

Check with the club office or contact Secretary Stan Lizewski for a Boat/US
Membership application. If you are renewing your Boat/U.S. Membership, be sure to
mention our Co-op Group # GA 80224Y to get the special $9.50 rate.
FROM THE SKIPPER -                                                        PAT

It seems as if we were just decorating yesterday and there we were taking them
down already! The holidays always go by in such a rush and you never have
enough time to get everything accomplished, but with the help of many members,
the tasks became much easier and fun. I would like to extend a special thanks
to everyone who participated in the grueling activity of taking down the
decorations: Commodore Mike and Char Smith, Dave and Diane Jordan, Vicki
Nall, Al and Gerry Pullar, Bob and Kathy Hostutler, Bill and Beth Opalich, Jeff
and Jen Fleming, Karen Frustereo, Dave and Ginger Ulrich, Ron White and Carl
and Lois Lantz. Many thanks to all of you!!

The Skipperettes would like to extend a special invitation to all members to join
us at the General Skipperettes meeting February 11, 2002 at 7:15 pm. New
ideas and suggestions are needed for our 2002 calendar. Come join us and
let’s make 2002 the best year yet!

Start preparing for the upcoming season and join the fun at the Dock Auction,
Sunday, February 10, 2002. See you there!

CHIT CHAT                                                               MARIE

Doug and Suzanne Lutton are proud to announce the arrival of the newest boater of the
family: Brian Dominic Lutton. He was born on January 4, 2002 at 8:38 am by
c-section. He weighed 8 lbs, 8 ½ ounces and was 20 ½ inches tall. Mom is sore, but
recovering well. Dad is out looking for a bigger boat!

Marie Vittori had disk surgery in January. She is recovering very well.

Flo Cozens is heading the Skipperettes Sunshine committee. This is the best way to let
us know at CLYC of births, graduations, death, illness, surgery or any tidbit of good
news. Please contact Flo Cozens at 440-943-6424 and she will take care of the details!
To better prepare for the publication of the BREEZE, the deadline for articles and
information is the 15th of each month. FAX or email your articles and information to
Marie Vittori (send articles via email or as a Word Document attachment). Please
contact Marie Vittori with questions)             Fax number: 440-585-0418 or
viavittori@aol.com                      (To verify receipt of article contact Marie after
FAX or email is sent at her home 440-585-3239.
FROM THE SAIL FLEET                                                            DENNIS

I’ve been visiting Snider’s to check on the mast dolly. All I can say is Jason is doing a
great job building it. The last time I visited, the dolly was basically constructed and Jason
was going to look into painting it. Thanks again Jason!

Flanagan’s Wake is still scheduled for February 16. As mentioned in the last issue of
the Breeze, this is an audience participation comedy event based on an Irish funeral.
The show is presented at the Power House Pub on the West bank of the Flats. The
show is at 8:00. The price will vary depending on how many people attend. It will be
between $24 and $20 per person. Please contact me by January 30th if you plan on
attending. You can call me at home at (440) 257-9035 or email me at

The sail fleet mid-winter meeting will be on February 24th at 1:00 at the club. Please
plan on attending and help to plan the year’s activities. The sail fleet will be providing
chips and munchies. Please bring a snack or appetizer for all to share.

We will be having a series of meetings to review and update our racing rules to make
sure that they conform to the US Sailing Association 2001 – 2004 rules. The meetings
are scheduled for March 7 and March 14 at 7:00 in the Baldwin room. All are welcome
to participate.

That’s about it for this month. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the mid winter

                                 SAIL FLEET MID-WINTER MEETING
                             SUNDAY • FEBRUARY 24, 2001 AT 1:00PM

                        Come socialize with your fellow CLYC sailors and discuss
                        cruising and racing plans for the up-coming sailing season.
                        Please bring a snack or appetizer for all to share.
 4   - Glenn & Ginnie Koch
 9   - Howard & Avis Whalley
11   - Jim & Rosemarie Roberts
12   - Frank & Gay Kost
15   - Bob & Kathy Kolar
20   - Rich & Chris Halas
21   - Kent & Margie Henson
22   - Andy & Marilou Nicol
24   - Dave & Jan Fowler
     - Ernie & Joanne Woyma
25   - Bill & Nancy Fleming

1    - Diane Jordan
2    - Howard Whalley
3    - Ginnie Koch
     - Ernie Woyma
5    - Ro Turner
     - Sue Lender
7    - Tony Bukys
8    - Carol Caimi
9    - Linda Leff
     - Mary Ann Kostelnik
11   - Margie Henson
18   - Donna Beletic
20   - Carol Twarogowski
22   - Ted Hlavaty
24   - Barb Saywell
25   - Carla Haymer
26   - Jim Pilny
28   - Joe Matsko
ROSTER PLANNING IS NOW IN THE WORKS                                    P/S               DIANE

It’s that time of year again. Time to start planning the 2002 Roster. The committee will be
meeting to put together this year’s Roster on Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m. Why not
join us. There is a lot of work to be done to pull it all together for a successful roster and we
could use your help. New members, this is your chance to do something fun and support your
club! It’s a great way to get to know other members of CLYC. New committee members, new
ideas, and new advertisers are always welcome! If you’re interested but just not sure what’s
involved, call me at home (440) 585-5380 or come to the meeting on Feb. 13 . This project is
open to ALL CLYC MEMBERS and their families.

We need to get new business advertisers to support the roster again this year. If you know a
friend, neighbor or co-worker who might be interested in placing an ad give them a copy of the
new advertiser letter and ad form included in this month’s Breeze. Make copies if you need
more. Take a copy of this year’s roster with you and show them what it’s all about. If you need
another roster, stop by the CLYC office and pick one up.

Please take time to look over your information in the 2001 CLYC roster. If anything has changed
or is incorrect, you must complete an update form and send it to me or drop off at the CLYC
office. Carefully check the spelling, address, zip code, phone number, and e-mail address for
any changes you want made.

Once again this year we want to encourage each member to obtain at least one new business ad
to be included in our roster. The advertiser’s letter and form are enclosed, additional copies are
in the foyer at the Clubhouse. Costs for ads remain the same again this year. Quarter page for
$35.00, half page for $50.00 and full page for $80.00. When you consider rosters are distributed
to every advertiser, all CLYC members and local yacht clubs from Sandusky to Erie, it’s a pretty
good deal for the buck. Member’s personal business ads are always welcome.

By purchasing a Patron Ad for $15.00, you get a chance to send a message to the 2002 officers,
your dock partner, a friend or secret admirer. Your message can be as simple as “Good Luck” or
as elaborate as 280 letters and spaces will allow. Send a cryptic message or just sign your
name. Your help in sponsoring the 2002 roster is important. Won’t you take a minute to fill out
the attached form? You can charge it to your club account if you wish.

TO MAKE IT EASIER we will have a table set up at the Dock Auction on Feb. 10th to
accept your forms for business ads, patron ads, and roster changes. THE COMMITTEE IS

                               *****   SMILE
                          PICTURES - PICTURES - PICTURES

Do you want to see your picture in the roster?
                                  Did you catch your dock partner at an unexpected
Submit your favorite photos of club events, dockside parties or a vacation trip. Just
drop them in an envelope with your name and place photo was taken, or name of the
event and drop off at the CLYC office marked for roster. We'll be sure you get your
pictures back.
                 2002 CLYC ROSTER UPDATE

NAME                                                                                HOME PHONE: (


ADDRESS                                                                            BUSINESS PHONE:
     (            )

CITY                                                                               BOAT PHONE: (


BOAT NAME                                                                          OH #

DOCUMENTED                                                                        DOCK #
TYPE (P/S)                                  _     SPECIAL DESIGNATION
                                         (Refer to roster/fleet list in current roster)

Get your changes in to the club office by Feb. 15, 2002 or e-mail your
changes to P/S Diane Jordan at boatdd@clevelandnet.com
PERSONAL PATRON                                      AD

$15.00                Mail or Drop off at CLYC Office
                or e-mail to Diane Jordan at boatdd@clevelandnet.com

Checks made payable to: Skipperettes by February 15, 2002

Charge to Club Account #



35 letters per line maximum including spaces – 8 lines maximum


Take this opportunity to place a patron ad and send your special message to all of the
members of CLYC. We will print just your name or your boat name if you want - a
message is not necessary.

Patron ads do not automatically renew. Please show your
support by placing a patron ad. It will get you another copy of
the roster!
  Chagrin Lagoons Yacht
          35111 Lagoons Drive                    Eastlake, Ohio 44095
            Phone 440-942-0299                    Fax 440-942-1531
                           e-mail: clyc@clevelandnet.com

January, 2002

Dear Prospective Advertiser:

        Each year we ask our members to contact local businesses about the possibility
of advertising in the Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club roster. Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club
is located at the mouth of the Chagrin River in Eastlake and will be celebrating its 59 th
anniversary in 2000.

        Please consider placing an advertisement in our roster this year. We encourage
our 180 members to patronize the businesses which have placed ads. Our roster
becomes a handy reference for our members to use dockside and throughout the year.
Your ad will be seen by many of the local yacht clubs as well as clubs from as far west
as the Sandusky area, to as far east as the Erie Yacht Club. As an advertiser in our
roster, you will of course receive a copy which includes your ad.

       All advertisements must be camera-ready for our printer. Ad sizes available
are shown on the attached sheet.

        Be sure to include your ad with your check made payable to “CLYC Skipperettes”
and return to our club office by February 15, 2000. If you have questions about placing
an ad, please call Dave/Diane at (440) 585-5380 or Vicki at (440) 255-3809. Thank you
for your support.

                                            2002 Roster Committee
1.75" x 4.5"

               7" x 4.5"

               3.5" x 4.5"

               1.75" x 4.5"

3.5" x 4.5"

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