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					Treeboard Mutineers
VEX Robotics Competition

     Austin Crawford
     Nicole Grieble
     Ericson Magsombol
Table of Contents
Title                         Slide Number
Problem Statement
Criteria and Constraints
Research and Generate Ideas
Explore Possibilities
Select An Approach
Test Plan
Work Process
Bill of Materials
CAD Drawings
Testing & Monitoring
Changes to Make
Lessons Learned
Problem Statement

The goal is to construct a robot within the
 VEX Clean Sweep competition’s given
   guidelines using VEX products and
ultimately go to a competition and score
             the most points.
Background - Robot

   First Robot (1938)
       By Willard Pollard and Harold Roselund
       Sprayed Paint
   Manufacturing Demonstration
       MIT Servomechanisms Lab (1959)
   Regularly Seen
       1980’s
Background- VEX Competition

   Robot
       VEX Competition
   Engineering Notebook
       Mrs. Brandner
   Powerpoint & Final Report
       Mr. Pritchard
   Parts
       Device to move the robot
       Device to lift balls
       Device to hold balls
   Materials
       VEX Protobot Kit
       VEX Booster Kit
       VEX Power Pack
   Resources
       CAD- Mr. Cotie
       Technical- Mr. Pritchard
       Calculations- Mrs. Brandner
  Plan Date              Act. Date             Who                            Task
 Start      Comp       Start      Comp

11/17/09   11/18/09   11/17/09   11/18/09       Nicole                  Problem Statement

11/18/09   11/20/09   11/18/09   11/20/09      Ericson                      Background

11/19/09   11/20/09   11/19/09   11/20/09       Nicole                      Deliverables

11/20/09   12/01/09   11/20/09   12/01/09       Austin                   Scope Statement

11/30/09   12/01/09   11/30/09   12/01/09   Nicole/ Ericson                   Timeline

12/01/09   12/04/09   12/01/09   12/04/09       Crew             Identify Criteria and Constraints-
                                                                     Select main 2-4 customer

12/04/09   12/06/09   12/07/09   12/07/09       Crew                       Brainstorming-
                                                              Create a large, generic list of areas that
                                                                        need more research.
12/06/09   12/08/09   12/07/09   12/08/09       Crew                  Brainstorming-
                                                              Get more details in select areas
                                                                 that are more important.

12/08/09   12/14/09   12/09/09   12/15/09       Crew          Research and Generate Ideas-
                                                              Research the selected areas.

12/14/09   12/18/09   12/09/09   12/17/09       Crew           Research and Generate Ideas-
                                                                Based off research, create
                                                             preconceptions that may help the

1/04/10    1/15/10    2/10/10    2/16/10    Austin/Ericson     Explore Possibilities (requires
                                                                       hands on time)-
                                                             · Experiment new ideas with VEX
                                                                     · Create sketches.
                                                                   · Develop strategies.

1/18/10    1/20/10    2/17/10    2/17/10        Nicole             Select an Approach-

                                                             Using criteria screens, pros cons,
1/21/10   1/22/10   1/26/10   1/27/10   Nicole       Design Proposal- Test Plan-
                                                   Based off criteria and constraints,
                                                  develop test criteria the robot must
                                                      succeed in accomplishing.

1/25/10   2/12/10                       Austin     Design Proposal- Work Process-
                                                   Based off the test plan, generated
                                                   ideas, and explored possibilities,
                                                  develop a robot that meets all these
                                                       needs and expectations.

2/12/10   2/19/10   2/02/10   2/03/10   Nicole     Design Proposal- Bill of Material-
                                                   Basically list cost of all materials

2/12/10   2/19/10                       Ericson     Design Proposal- Detailed CAD
                                                     Create detailed 2-D and 3-D

1/15/10   3/01/10   2/01/10   3/26/10    Crew                 Prototype-
                                                   Finish designing and building the
3/01/10   3/15/10   3/26/10   3/26/10      Crew            Testing and Monitoring-
                                                        Complete the test plan to be sure
                                                              all criteria are met.

3/01/10   3/19/10   3/26/10   3/26/10      Crew                      Refining-
                                                         Based off results of the testing,
                                                        refine the design to meet criteria
                                                         easier, faster, more accurately,

3/19/10   3/19/10   3/19/10   3/19/10   Crew + Mr. P.        Packing EVERYTHING

3/12/10   3/19/10   3/26/10   3/26/10   Crew + Mr. P.          Notebook Finalize

3/27/10   3/27/10   3/27/10   3/27/10   Crew + Mr. P.        Competition At Batavia

3/29/10   4/23/10   3/30/10                Crew           Final Report and PowerPoint

4/30/10   4/30/10                          Crew         Final Report and PowerPoint Due

5/03/10   5/06/10                          Crew                  Presentations
Criteria and Constraints
    VEX Rules and regulations
    1.   Only one robot
    2.   Must pass full inspection
    3.   Cannot damage other robots
    4.   Must be within 18” x 18” x 18”
    5.   Only made from official VEX parts
    6.   Up to 10 motors/servos
    7.   Can only use one battery
    8.   On/off switch accessible without moving robot
    9.   Up to two controllers

   Things to research
       Competition
       Existing Robots
       VEX Parts
   Design Ideas
       Vacuum
       Sweeper
       Lobster Claw

   Robot
       Motors
           High Torque
           Gear Ratios
       Wheels
           High Traction
       Structural Framing
           Solid Aluminum
Generate Ideas
   Existing Designs
       Scoopers
           Slide under balls rather than grabbing
           Highly Effective
           “Garbage Truck” Design
       Containers
           “Pick-up Truck” and an Incline
           “Garbage Truck” dumped over the wall
       Pushers
           Difficult to manage balls
           Gets wedged under robot
Explore Possibilities
Select An Approach
   Test Plan
Test Criteria           How Tested                Expected results         Actual Results
One Robot               Make sure all parts are   We will only have one
                             connected to one           robot
Must be 18”x18”x18”     Measure the robot         The robot fits the

Only VEX Parts          Inventory every piece     Our robot will only
                              used and make             contain VEX
                              sure it                   parts
                              corresponds with
                              VEX parts
Only one                Count how many            We will only have one
      Microcontroller        microcontrollers           microcontroller
                             we are using
Ten or less motors or   Count the servos and      We will have under ten
      servos                 motors                     motors and
One 7.2V Robot            Count the batteries that are   We will either have one 7.2V
Battery Pack or the       being used and make sure       Robot Battery Pack or the VEX
VEX Power Expander,       they fit the requirements      Power Expander, and a 9V
and a 9V backup                                          backup battery
Up to two handheld        Count how many controllers     We will have only one
controllers               are being used                 handheld controller

Access to on/off switch   Turn the robot on and off      We will be able to turn the
without moving robot      without moving the robot at    robot on/off without moving
                          all                            the actual robot
Move balls over to the    Replicate the wall that will   Will be able to move balls
competitors side          be used in the competition
                          and then use the robot to
                          move balls from one side to
Make sure all parts are   Shake Robot and make sure      Nothing comes off
secure                    nothing comes off

Obtain a high score       Practice using a practice      50+ points
Work Process
Bill of Materials
Part                 Quantity Unit Cost   Total Cost
Registration         1        $200.00     $200.00
Protobot Robot Kit   1        $299.99     $299.99
Booster Kit          1        Donated     Donated

Power Pack           1        $49.99      $49.99

                                  TOTAL: $548.98
CAD Drawings
Testing & Monitoring
   Overall
       Not entirely successful
   Our Goals
       Able to get balls over the wall
       Successful in this aspect
   Observations
       Beastly Robots
       Use of programming (autonomous feature)
       Omni-wheels
Changes to Make

   Add autonomous feature
       Starts off competition good
   Add Omni-wheels
       Enhanced control
   Increase walls of bucket area
       Contains balls better
Lesson Learned

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