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									         Police Department Report
                         Police Department Report
                              March 31, 2008

•   Department Personnel

    ••    On March 7th, Officer John Ty resigned his position as a police
          officer with our department to pursue “his career goals”.

    ••    We are currently completing the background investigation on police
          officer candidate Doug Wilson. I have known and worked with Doug
          Wilson for many years, having hired, trained, and supervised him at
          Daly City. While at Daly City, I personally recommended him for the
          assignment to the Community Division, where he went on to
          become a very effective Community Officer.

          Two years ago, Doug resigned from Daly City to continue his
          career with the BART Police Department. When that opportunity did
          not fit with his career goals, he actually applied with our department
          and was a candidate being considered at the time along with
          Officer Doug Medina. Doug Wilson accepted a position with a
          contractor that provides training to Iraqi police officers, and during
          his training, was unable to complete the hiring process with us and
          Officer Medina was hired.

          Doug will finish is one year contract in Iraq on April 21st, and
          following a brief vacation and completion of his background
          investigation, should start with our department in mid-May.

          I can say with complete confidence that once you meet Doug and
          you have an opportunity to observe him handling his responsibilities
          as a police officer, you will agree that he is a perfect fit for our

    ••    On March 24th, we hired Andrea DiNapoli as our part time Police
          Services Aide. This is the second time I have hired Andrea having
          hired her as a 911 dispatcher in Daly City.

          Andrea has begun her training and will be working in the Property
          Room, compiling statistical data and reports, and backing up the
          District Secretary.

          With her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and her experience

          as a 911 dispatcher, I am sure that you will agree that she too is an
          excellent addition to our department.

•   Commendations

    ••    None to report this month.

•   Investigations of Alleged Misconduct

    ••    None to report this month.

•   9-1-1 / Richmond Communication Center Information.

    ••    During the month of February, we had a total of forty two (42) 911
          calls, of which, four (4) had ring times above twenty (20) seconds.

          In reviewing those four;
          #1- “None call” of 33 seconds on 02-04-08.
          #2-Had a ring time of 52 seconds on 02-08-08 and was for a
          suspicious person that turned out to be no merit.
          #3- on 02-13-08 had a ring time of 39 seconds and was for a
          security check.
          #4- On 02-25-08 had a ring time of 46 seconds and was a 911

•   Communication Center Service Complaints

    ••    On Sunday, March 2nd, at 0700 hours, radio communications was
          lost for the Pinole/ Hercules area. This was due to the power being
          shut off by PG&E because the bill had not been paid at the radio
          site and the back up generator ran out of fuel before power could
          be restored. At 0947 hours, power was restored and service
          returned to the Pinole/ Hercules area.

          Although our radio service for not affected, the concern was
          obvious and addressed with Richmond PD and their radio site

•   Community Networking

    ••    On 03-03-08, Sergeant Escobar and Donald Miller hosted the
          Police Community Council (PCC) meeting at the Community

    ••    Between 03-03-08 and 03-06-08, Yolla Harman and I attended the

     California Police Chief’s Association convention in Fresno. (No
     District funds were used for Yolla to attend this event.) While I
     attending training sessions and the trade show during the day,
     Yolla represented the District during various meetings and events.

     Yolla arranged an introduction, greeting, and we sat next to the
     California Attorney General Jerry Brown during our opening night
     dinner and we spoke about our community. For those of you that
     may not know, the AG may be running for Governor in the next
     governor’s election.

     Speaking of the Governor, I was one of the three chiefs that had a
     brief introduction to Governor Schwarzenegger on his arrival to the

     Yolla also arranged introductions and socializing with both the
     outgoing Ca Chief’s President Vacaville Chief Richard Word and
     incoming Ca Chief’s President Fresno Chief Jerry Dyer.

     These contacts could be very helpful in the coming years and if
     nothing else, helped get both the Kensington Police Department
     and our community in the “limelight”. (Yolla was also asked to help
     the committee organizing next year’s Ca Chief’s conference
     scheduled in Long Beach. And yes, she is more outgoing and
     socialable than I am!)

••   On 03-04-08, Donald Miller attended the Friend’s of the Library

••   On 03-05-08, Donald Miller attended John Feld’s Breakfast.

••   On 03-10-08, I attended the Kensington Community Council (KCC)

••   On 03-11-08, I attended the Dad’s Club meeting.

••   On 03-15-08, Yolla Harman and I attended the Kensington
     Community Council fundraiser (At no expense to the District) held
     at the Community Center. I would like to assure everyone that I was
     indeed there, even though only Yolla’s, Sergeant Hull’s, Officer
     Martinez’s, and Donald Miller’s pictures appeared in the Outlook. I
     was there!

••   On 03-19-08, I attended the Kensington Property Owners
     Association meeting.

     ••       On 03-20-08, Sergeant Khan made a presentation to the students
              at Western Career College on firearms safety.

     ••       On 03-24-08, I attended the Kensington Improvement Club

     ••       On 03-26-08, I attended the Contra Costa County Police Chief’s
              Association meeting.

     ••       On 03-27-08, I attended the Law Enforcement Training and
              Compliance meeting (LETAC) with Sergeant Angela Escobar.

     ••       I also attended the Eldridge neighborhood meeting at 1900 hours. I
              then went to the Windsor neighborhood meeting, hosted by Donald
              Miller and due to the large turnout, held at the Community Center.

     ••       Finally, on 03-29-08, Yolla Harman and I attended Sheriff Warren
              Rupf’s 29th Annual Sheriff’s Charity Ball held at the Blackhawk
              Museum as guests of the Sheriff.

•    Community Criminal Activity

     ••       This section of the report has been prepared by the Watch
              Commander’s reporting on their areas of responsibility. It is a “work
              in progress” and I will be continuing the process of working with
              them to get this portion of the report to the point that it will be very
              informative, easy to read, and a true measure of our department’s

•    Watch Commander Reports

     ••       Sergeant Khan


          •   08-1093- On 3/3/08 a petty theft involving decorative copper from a
              fence was reported.
          •   08-1120- On 3/4/08 a possible child abuse case was reported.
              After a brief investigation it was determined that the case was
              unfounded. The children were uninjured, but fighting among each
          •   08-1181-On 3/7/08 an officer discovered graffiti on a mail box and
              spilled paint.
          •   08-1208- On 3/8/08 an auto burglary was reported.

        •   08-1210-On 3/8/08 a subject was committed for a mental health
            evaluation. The subject was not taking his medication and
            beginning to become violent.
        •   08-1229- On 3/9/08 a vandalism was reported. A would be thief
            had cut the lock off an empty trailer.
        •   08-1251- On 3/10/08 an alert contractor called KPD when a subject
            attempted to sell brand new tools to workers for a fraction of their
            value. The tools were taken for safekeeping and the seller was
            identified. KPD is attempting to find the owner of the tools.
        •   08-1270- On 3/11/08 a subject came to KPD. An officer evaluated
            him for a psychiatric commitment, but he fell short of the
            requirement for commitment.
        •   08-1301- On 3/12/08 an attempted grand theft was reported. The
            thief was unable to remove the catalytic converter from a car.
        •   08-1305- On 3/12/08 the subject from December’s attempted
            homicide (BMW into cemetery fountain) came to KPD for an
            interview with Sgt. Escobar. After the interview he was arrested for
            the warrant on the case, and transported to the county jail.
        •   08-1416- On 3/18/08 a Honda was stolen from in front of the
            owner’s home. It was later recovered by an Oakland CHP officer,
            and the driver was arrested.
        •   08-1422- On 3/18/08 several juveniles walked in the hardware store
            and stole some spray paint. They were filmed by the security
        •   08-1512-On 3/22/08 a case of identity theft was reported. The theft
            was from a checking account.
        •   08-1524-On 3/22/08 an unlicensed driver was stopped for a vehicle
            code violation. He was cited and the vehicle was impounded.
        •   08-1572-On 3/24/08 KPD officers assisted Albany PD search for a
            missing juvenile. The juvenile was located.
        •   08-1577-On 3/24/08 an alert neighbor noticed a moving truck in
            front of a house between 9 and 10 PM. The responding officer
            contacted the new owner and his movers. He was moving in.
        •   08-1583- On 3/25/08 an identity theft case was reported. The
            victim’s credit card was illegally used.


     The Department’s domestic violence policy was reviewed.

     Officer Stegman received training in consensual contacts and searches.

     Sergeant Khan attended a four hour Defensive Tactics Training update

    We are still having thefts during all hours. Officers have been conducting
    more field interviews and will continue to do so. Help from alert citizens is
    always welcome.


Officer                          Celada       Stegman         Medina

Days Worked                        17           15             16
Traffic Stops (no cite)            17           41             22
Moving Citations                   11           23             12
Parking Citations                  4            34             0
Vacation/ Security Checks          15           62             10
Field Interviews (FI’s)            1            7              2
Cases                              4            1              7
Self Initiated Cases               0            2              0
Arrests                            0            0              1
Calls for Service                  12           22             46


Sergeant Hull

Officer         Martinez (2000-0600)                    Barrow (0600-1600)

Days Worked                 14                          17
Traffic Stops               11                          68
Moving Citations            2                           16
Parking Citations           1                           17
Vacation/Security Checks    24                          43
Field Interview (FI’s)      0                           0
Cases                       4                           3
Self Initiated Cases        0                           1
Arrests                     0                           1
Calls for Service           54                          112


•   2008-1149 – On 3-5-2008, at 2107 hours, a KPD Officer was monitoring
    traffic for vehicle code violations at 59 Arlington Avenue. The Officer
    conducted a vehicle traffic stop of a vehicle and made contact with the
    driver, Domonique Smith. Dispatch advised Smith was wanted by two
    agencies, San Francisco County and Marin County Sheriff Departments.
    Smith was arrested without incident.
•   2008-1160 – On 3-6-2008, at 0930 hours, a KPD Officer took a report of
    identity theft. A Kensington resident’s personal information was used to
    obtain goods and services in San Angelo, Texas worth several thousand
•   2008-1346 – On 3-13-2008, at 2115 hours, a KPD Officer responded to a
    report of domestic violence on Lawson Road. Both parties had been
    separated as they were located at two different residences. Both parties
    admitted to hitting the other and both parties suffered very minor injuries.
    It appears that both parties were engaged in a mutual combat then
    separated themselves from each other on their own. The report was
    forwarded to the District Attorney.
•   2008-1352 – On 3-14-2008, at 0855 hours, a KPD Officer assisted ECPD
    at the scene of a traffic collision at Junction Ave/Conlon Avenue. An
    ECPD Officer pursued a motorcycle that crashed at the above location.
    The driver of the motorcycle ran from the scene of the crash prompting a
    foot pursuit by ECPD. I second ECPD Officer was responding to assist
    and crashed his patrol vehicle prior to getting on scene. A KPD Officer
    responded to the scene to assist with the pursuit and capture of the
•   2008-1354 – On 3-14-2008, at 1353 hours, a KPD Officer responded to a
    report of child abuse. Upon further investigation, it was determined to be
    a parent teen conflict due to the teen being out of control. CPS took
    temporary possession of the teen and the report forwarded to the District
    Attorney for review.
•   2008-1356 – On 3-15-2008, at 0007 hours, a KPD Officer assisted ECPD
    secure the exterior of a residence, on Arlington Ave., where an in-progress
    residential burglary was reported. The property was searched with
    negative results.
•   2008-1373 – On 3-15-2008, at approximately 2030 hours, KPD Officers
    responded to a landlord tenant dispute pertaining to noise on Edgecroft
    Road. The landlord was remodeling a downstairs rental unit using loud
    electric power tools. Officers asked the landlord to stop remodeling using
    loud tools and he complied.
•   2008-1413 – On 3-17-2008, 2016 hours, tenants from the unit block of
    Edgecroft Rd. provided a Temporary Restraining Order to KPD. The
    Temporary Restraining Order is against their landlord.
•   2008-1491 – On 3-21-2008, at 1153 hours, a KPD Officer responded to a
    minor injury traffic collision on Arlington Avenue. A Kensington day worker
    was sitting in his vehicle legally parked against the east curb of Arlington
    Ave. was rear ended by another vehicle.

  •   2008-1498 – On 3-21-08, at 1648 hours, a KPD Officer assisted ECFD
      gain entry into a vehicle. A citizen locked her purse, keys, and infant
      grandchild in a vehicle with all the windows rolled up.
  •   2008-1628 – On 3-27-2008, at 0956 hours, a KPD Officer responded to a
      loud noise complaint that is associated with an on-going landlord tenant
      dispute on Edgecroft Road. The landlord had multiple loud entertainment
      appliances on in a downstairs rental unit. The landlord admitted having
      the appliances turned up loud to harass the tenants. The landlord
      complied with the officer’s request to turn the appliances down.
  •   2008-1653 - On 3-28-2008, at 1632 hours, a KPD Officer took a report of
      identity theft from a Kensington resident who was vacationing in Los
      Angeles. The resident reported her bank account was accessed by an
      unknown person and tens thousands of dollars was withdrawn.
  •   2008-1680 – On 3-29-2008, at 1925 hours, a KPD Officer responded to a
      parent teen conflict whereby a teenager held a closed fist in his mothers
      face because he was being restricted from playing video games on
      Eldridge Court.
  •   2008-1713 – On 3-30-2008, at 2039 hours, KPD Officers responded to a
      report of young adult resident attempting suicide. Officers arrived on
      scene determined the resident was not a danger to herself. The resident
      opted for self committal mental evaluation. The resident was transported
      to Kaiser Hospital in Richmond.


  •   Racial Profiling
  •   Wireless Telephones while Driving takes effect July 1, 2008.
  •   Search and Seizure – Vehicles (on-going).
  •   Sergeant Hull attended Session 6 of his Supervisory Leadership Institute
  •   Sergeant Hull attended a four hour Defensive Tactics Training update


  •   Officer Martinez work for the West Contra Costa County Narcotics
      Enforcement Team for four shifts this month.

           Kensington Police Department Investigations Report
                       Sergeant Angela Escobar
                              March 2008

  •   2007-4470
  •   03/12/08

•   Attempted homicide, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon (crime
    occurred at 101 Colusa Avenue in December 2007)
•   217 Arlington Avenue (Kensington PD)
•   Suspect in this case was re-interviewed and then arrested for a
    $1,5000,000 warrant for his involvement in this case
•   The District Attorney’s office requested KPD’s investigation’s assistance in
    locating the victim in this case for an additional interview and to be served
    a subpoena for a future preliminary hearing
•   Kensington PD is working with Oakland PD officers in an effort to locate
    on the victim, who is homeless, and known to frequent Oakland
•   Suspect is still in custody
•   The District Attorney is pursuing the above listed charges against the
•   This case is closed

•   2008-0953
•   03/27/08
•   Domestic violence
•   Meeting with the District Attorney regarding whether to file charges against
    the suspect in this case
•   District Attorney declined to file charges due to insufficient evidence
•   This case is closed

•   2007-4252
•   03/25/08
•   Lewd and Lascivious act with child under 14 years
•   Confidential case
•   Meeting with Contra Costa County, Dr. Jim Carpenter, regarding physical
    assault and physical affects of victim in this case
•   Case still under investigation
•   This case is pending

•   2007-2351
•   Airline Ticket Fraud
•   03/25/08
•   New victims came forward in this case, despite the fact that the suspect
    had turned himself into the District Attorney’s office, he allegedly
    continued to commit additional airline ticket frauds
•   These new cases are currently under investigation by Hillsborough PD
    and the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office


•   Background check on Police Services Aide Andrea DiNapoli

  •   Field Interview cards – input and maintenance of cards

  •   Collection of local thefts, burglaries, robberies, homicides, stolen vehicles,
      sex crimes, etc

  •   Senior center presentation on “Fall Prevention” (Kensington senior center

  •   Investigations training – “Financial Crimes Investigators Meeting” training
      in Pleasant Hill (03/19/08)

  •   Investigations training – Children’s Interview Center Advisory Committee
      Meeting and Case Review, Children’s Interview Center, in Martinez

  •   Investigations training – CAP – county-wide, interagency MOU agreement
      between all Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Agencies to
      standardize and share staffing, expertise, and resources in child abduction
      cases. “Contra Costa County Child Abduction Protocol” training, at
      Concord PD (03/31/08)

  •   Letac (Multi-Agency Training Managers Meeting) – 03/27/08, in Concord

Chief Harman

      One of the of the changes that needs to be made in the Watch
      Commanders Reports are that I would like to see the names of the officers
      investigating the incidents listed.

      This month I believe you will agree that an extra effort was made to get
      out into the community, contact other agencies, and get in the “public
      eye”, to let people know about the changes we are making and the work
      the department’s personnel are undertaking. This outreach will continue
      as we continue to strive to change the perception of our department and of
      the way we provide service to the community.


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