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					Mailroom woes
Students continue to see mail delays
        Copy Editor
   BY BRENDEN HIGASHI                  USPS.”                                  can contain other important items.
                                            Students can experience                 “One time my parents sent
                                       delays receiving mail and pack-         medicine and I didn’t get it for a
     Problems with the mailroom        ages in part because the mail is        week,” Greaves said. “The mail
have recently overwhelmed stu-         sorted according to its destination.    comes and then something hap-
dents who have received their mail     Packages must have notification         pens, the notification doesn’t get in
late or not at all.                    slips prepare before they are           the P.O. Box.”
     Sophomore Meredith Pancella       placed in student mailboxes.                 Junior Bobby Hough experi-
said she was supposed to receive a          “To minimize delay, packages       enced problems with the mailroom
Halloween card from her grand-         are processed the day they arrive       his freshman year when they mis-
mother this year, but still has not    and subject to volume, specifically     placed a letter from home and
received the card, though her          the beginning of a semester or          placed a package slip in someone
brother at Salisbury University in     around a holiday where the pack-        else’s mail box.
Maryland received his, which           ages are processed no later than             “(The letter) was more senti-
Panchella said was sent with hers.     the day after they arrive,” Mulhern     mental than dire necessity, but it
     Junior Shemeeka Greaves said      said. “A delay may occur in stu-        was still irritating to have to fight
it has sometimes taken a week          dent notification if a package is       with them to get them to find my
from the time she should have          incorrectly addressed, lacking a        letter,” Hough said.
received a package for her to get a    suite number, a name or is                   Other students, like sopho-
package slip in her mailbox.           addressed to a nickname. The            more Rachel Rosenstrock, said
     Senior and mailroom student       delivery process is interrupted as      they have not had any problems
worker Kelly Mulhern said in an        we attempt to reconcile the issue.”     with the mailroom.
e-mail interview, with her answers          Some students however, have             “(The mailroom workers)
revised by Mailroom Manager            experienced longer delays receiv-       have been very nice to me,“
Peter Trunk, that mail theft is not    ing packages.                           Rosenstrock said. “I haven’t had
unique to Seton Hall students and           “At the beginning of this year I   any serious problems. In fact the
that the student mailroom staff        was waiting for a package that my       people working there have been
works hard to process packages as      parents sent me containing text-        very helpful. I get a newspaper
swiftly as possible.                   books that I needed for the semes-      every day and they now know me
     “The mailroom has identified      ter,” junior Kerry Bocchetto said.      by name.”
mail from the South Orange Post        “I realize that is a busy time of            While the mailroom currently
Office which arrived tampered or       year for the mailroom but I waited      relies upon paper package notifi-
have gone missing,” Mulhern said.      weeks to finally receive my pack-       cations, it is evaluating other

                                                                                                                       Bethanny Deford hands a student a package at the
“The university takes this matter      age, which ultimately meant I           means of shipping and receiving                                              Megan Hanson • THE SETONIAN

                                                                                                                       University mailroom. Some students think the mailroom
very seriously, has alerted authori-   went that long without the books I      technology, Mulhern said.

                                                                                                                       is taking too long to deliver mail.
ties and is working with the feder-    needed.”                                     Brenden Higashi can be
al investigation office of the              For other students, packages       reached at brenden.higashi@stu-

Professors offered a bonus for core curriculum
             Staff Writer
       BY BRITTANY BIESIADA                      the budget issues on campus, particularly         sections of one course can be “pretty chal-   Transformation in the fall and six sections
                                                 hiring restrictions and the reduction of          lenging.” Unlike other courses, the           will run in the spring.
                                                 adjunct professors.                               Signature courses are not taught by                There were 15 sections of Christianity
    With the new core in its second official         “It is unfortunate that our core is           adjunct professors or graduate students.      and Culture in Dialogue in the fall and 41
year, the University has had some difficul-      rolling out with this economic situation,”        However, Glenn said that most professors      sections will be running in the spring.
ty in filling positions to teach the             Mirabella said.                                   who teach Journey of Transformation once      Journey of Transformation is primarily a
Signature II Christianity and Culture in             Mirabella said that when the core was         will teach it again.                          fall course, while Christianity and Culture
Dialogue course for the spring semester          being designed, a goal was for the courses            “When we started the university core,     in Dialogue is a spring course, according
and has offered full-faculty the option to       to be taught strictly by full-time faculty,       we decided that this would be an opportu-     to Mirabella.
teach the course in addition.                    for freshman students to interact with sen-       nity to have a small discussion-based class        Mirabella explained that some mem-
    The core is offering any full-time fac-      ior faculty, which has been successful so         with a full-time faculty member,” Glenn       bers of the faculty may be unfamiliar with
ulty $4,500 to teach Signature II as an          far. An adjunct professor has yet to teach        said.                                         teaching the texts in the Signature courses.
overload to the standard faculty load for        a Signature course.                                   The ‘Signature Courses’ included in       In order to prepare them, they are required
the spring semester, the same amount paid            “Here we are, the core, an interdisci-        the core curriculum are: Journey of           to take a Faculty Prep Session.
to professors for teaching a summer              plinary department, not affiliated with any       Transformation, Christianity and Culture           For taking a Faculty Prep Session in
course.                                          college or department, so we have to go to        in Dialogue and Engaging the World.           order to prepare to teach Journey of
    Roseanne Mirabella, founding director        departments and have faculty volunteer to               The Signature Course Curriculum         Transformation, faculty will receive
of University Core Curriculum and associ-        teach in the core,” Mirabella said.               Committee includes members of faculty         $1,000 for the semester-long preparation
ate professor of Political Science, attrib-          Marian Glenn, course coordinator for          throughout the university and is responsi-    that takes place on every other Friday.
uted the need to offer full-time faculty the     the Journey of Transformation course and          ble for reviewing core curriculum.
option of teaching an overload course to         a biology professor, said that staffing 60            There were 66 sections of Journey of                             See CORE, Page 4

  Scoping out the sky                                              Tim Burton at MoMA                                                The drought
                                  Unveiling the tele-
                                                                   Ghouls, monsters and                                                is over
                                                                   scissorhands at new                                              Volleyball is heading to
                                  scope on top of                  exhibit.
                                  McNulty.                                                                                          Big East Tournament.
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  2    News                                                                                                                                                     Setonian

                                                                                                                  Thursday, November 19, 2009

Consultants tell Village:
focus more on students
        Copy Editor
   BY BRENDEN HIGASHI                 was largely a commuter school,        building aimed at students.
                                      there was not so much demand for          Some South Orange residents
                                      housing and off-campus housing,       expressed reservations about
    The Cecil Group, a planning       and a whole host of other things      potential student housing off cam-
and design firm based in Boston,      that have changed over the last 15    pus.
Mass., presented the final “South     years.”                                     “The last thing in the world
Orange Vision Plan” at a town hall         The Cecil Group held a series    we need is Seton Hall acquiring
meeting in the South Orange           of five town hall meetings, begin-    more property in the Village for
Performing Arts Center loft on        ning in Oct. 2008, met with           student housing and taking the
Nov. 12. The Vision Plan provides     Village historical and preservation   property off the tax books,” South
South Orange with a plan to           societies, various community          Orange resident Robert Chandross
encourage future economic             stakeholders, such as business and    said.
growth within the Village’s down-     property owners, and Seton Hall           According to Newman, multi-
town, Valley St. and Irvington        students and the administration to    ple private developers have begun
Ave. business corridors.              gather information from the com-      developing housing structures
    The Vision Plan is a communi-     munity.                               aimed at students.
ty-and-market based plan for sus-          In particular, the Vision Plan       “I understand that other com-
tainable, privatized development      recommends $14.3 million dollars      munities have decided to make
centered around South Orange’s        in infrastructure improvements to     investments in student housing,
identity as a transit-oriented com-   the Village in order to make sure     however, as someone who lives in
muter town. Specific principles       South Orange has the capacity to      an area that borders Seton Hall and
and proposals include diversifying    maximize private development          where we have encountered the
the business districts and building   and encourage private investment      disruption of Seton Hall students
communication between Seton           in the community. The plan pro-       on weekends, I’d like to see some-

                                                                                                                   Steve Cecil and Ken Buckland, members of the design
Hall and the Village to maximize      vides for the addition of up to 500   thing more concrete about how our                                                Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN

                                                                                                                   firm, The Cecil Group, presented the “South Orange
and support the town’s historical     thousand sq. feet of growth and       concerns would be assuaged,”

                                                                                                                   Vision Plan” at Town Hall on Nov. 12 .
arts and cultural identity.           $121 million dollars in added         South Orange resident Mark
    The final presentation by the     property values to the Village.       Baltin said.
Cecil Group, represented at the            In particular, the Vision Plan       “Seton Hall has been very
presentation by Ken Buckland and      focuses on developing the end of      much engaged in this process, they     tiple students. He suggested using   Irvington Avenue are particularly
Steve Cecil, is recognition of        Irvington Ave., around Ward           have invited us to be part of con-     the residence hall model with a      exciting,” Jones said. “It is disap-
about how ideas have changed          Place, as a student focused area.     versations, not only with the          building director and resident       pointing though that the communi-
since the last plan was developed          “We are talking about creating   administration but with the stu-       assistants, as is employed in uni-   ty’s desires are different from the
for the Village in 1994 by the        enough of a location (on Irvington    dents, and they really want to be      versity operated off-campus resi-    students. They are more interested
Atlantic Group, according to          around Ward Place) to create an       part of the ongoing process            dences, much like Turrell and Ora    in attracting wealthy residents who
Village President Doug Newman.        attraction for Seton Hall students    because the village and the village    Manors, as a means to minimize       are commuters where students are
    “What is striking about it is     and faculty that might want to        center is also important to them,”     problems between the members of      interest in having a college town
how much the world has                come and use some of that retail      Cecil said.                            the community.                       with a college feel. (The Cecil
changed,” Newman said. “There         space,” Buckland said. The plan           Newman said that the prob-              Village Liaisons President      Group) did a pretty good job.”
was no Midtown Direct (NJ             suggests that the current car wash    lems residents have been experi-       Jacie Jones said she found some          Brenden Higashi can be
Transit Line), hard to believe,       on Irvington Ave. be considered as    encing are instances where a sin-      aspects of the plan exciting.        reached at brenden.higashi@stu-
(SOPAC) did not exist, Seton Hall     a space to create an apartment        gle-family home is rented to mul-           “I think their plans for

Career survey states employment rate increase
                    Staff Writer
              BY BRITTANY BIESIADA                                  Chaffin credited the lack of change with increased stu-    school in the six-month period after graduation. This com-
                                                                dent initiative in pursuing employment and staff efforts at    prehensive follow-up survey occurs every three years and
                                                                the end of the year. When positions came into Navigator,       the data from this survey will be completed in January,
    Data from the Career Center from last year’s graduat-       staff sent many resume referrals off quickly, Chaffin said.    according to Chaffin.
ing class, in which the university maintained its graduate      In addition, several hundred students submitted resumes to          “Once (seniors) leave Seton Hall, the University looks
employment rate from 2008, as well as the Career Center’s       resume books to be distributed to employers.                   at this data and depends on this data to increase our com-
new efforts this year to help students find employment,             Each year, the Career Center surveys graduating sen-       petitiveness as a school, as an institution,” Chaffin said.
might help quell student worries about their job search.        iors at their cap and gown pickup to find out how many stu-        Chaffin said that this survey is also a way to remind
    Last year, according to Jacqueline Chaffin, director of     dents will be pursuing employment, have found employ-          graduates that they have one year unlimited access to
the Career Center, the university’s employment rate held or     ment, or will be attending or applying to graduate school.     Career Center resources after they graduate.
was slightly higher than previous years.                            Last May, out of the 1,045 graduating seniors, 748 stu-        In order for current students to start using the Career
    “That says a lot about our students taking initiative and   dents responded to this survey. According to Chaffin, out of   Center’s online job board, Navigator, to apply for intern-
our individual efforts,” Chaffin said. “For us to maintain      those 748 students, 60 to 70 percent reported that they were   ships or employment opportunities, they need to make an
our employment rate in the worst recession in five decades,     pursuing employment and from those percentages, approx-        appointment with their career professional. Students need
that’s extraordinary.”                                          imately 40 percent, around 169 seniors, were employed on       to fulfill two requirements in order to begin applying on
                                                                average as of the first week of May 2009. The percentages      Navigator: have a resume approved and attend an interview
                                                                are higher or lower depending on the school. For example,      workshop.
                                                                the Stillman School of Business typically runs at around 50        “This year and last year, we’ve seen a huge impact on
                                                                percent.                                                       the job market, but at the same time, every single day we
                                                                    In the university’s study of their more detailed, three-   have employers contacting us that are looking for interns
                                                                year comprehensive surveys, according to Chaffin, the          and looking for full-time (employees),” Chaffin said.
                                                                employment rate rises significantly within the six months          Brittany Biesiada can be reached at brittany.biesia-
                                                                following graduation from 40 percent to 80 percent   
                                                                employed. The Stillman School of Business peaked with a
                                                                92 percent employment rate in 2007, six months following
                                                                    “The May survey is one snapshot, because students are
                                                                really still in the process (of securing employment),”
                                                                Chaffin said. “On average, most students, 80-plus percent,
                                                                will secure employment within a six-month period.”
                                                                    The survey also stated about 30 percent of students
                                                                reported that they were pursuing graduate school last year.
                                                                    In last year’s class, 106 students out of the 748 survey
                                                                respondents reported that they had been accepted to gradu-
                                                                ate school as of May, with 63 reporting that they were still
                                                                awaiting a decision at that time and another 47 who
                                                                planned to pursue graduate school but hadn't yet applied.

An advisor helps a student leaf through possi-
                              Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN           This month, the Career Center begins their follow-up

ble job choices at the Career Center.
                                                                survey with 2009 graduates to find out how many graduates
                                                                have found employment or been accepted to graduate
TheSetonian                    Thursday, November 19, 2009                                                                                                         News                   3

  POINT Holiday travel hinders student plans
                                           Copy Editor
                                      BY CAITLIN CARROLL                   have Thanksgiving and Christmas        Venezuela.”                              an international student from
                                                                           break back-to-back.”                        He is not, however, letting the     Nigeria.
                                                                                According to Marrero, Web         distance get in the way of going              “We’re going to try and cele-

       Brief news
                                        For students that live out of      sites such as and            home for the holidays.                   brate Thanksgiving,” Gujar said.
                                   state, or even out of the country, have helped             Ahmed stayed at his off-cam-        “I don’t really know what it’s

        on the
                                   navigating holiday breaks can be        her find good deals on plane tick-     pus home with his sister last year,      going to be like, though, I guess
                                   tricky.                                 ets.                                   but will be flying back to Trinidad      I’ll see, but, we don’t eat turkey in

       Seton Hall
                                        Sophomore biology major                 This year, however, Marrero’s     this Thanksgiving.                       India.”
                                   Theresa DiFabrizio lives with her       family will be coming to her.               “Last year it was hard, having           Priya Patel is a junior from

                                   family in San Diego, Calif. when        Marrero’s aunt and uncle live in       all that free time and nothing real-     London studying business at Seton
                                   she is not at Seton Hall.               New Jersey, and her family down        ly to do with it,” Ahmed said. He        Hall as a study abroad program.

      point blank.
                                        According to DiFabrizio, she       in Miami will be flying up to              added that while it was difficult                    She will be spend-
                                   did not go home for Thanksgiving        spend Thanksgiving at their                 not going home, it was easier                    ing Thanksgiving at a
                                   last year, but stayed with family in    home with Marrero.                          since Thanksgiving is not cele-                  relative’s home in near-
                                   New Jersey. This Thanksgiving,               Marrero also plans to                 brated in his home country.                       by Teaneck, N.J.
                                   however, she will be flying home.       go home for Christmas                     Other holidays, though,                          because she said she did

                                                                           Happy Thanksgiving!
                                        “It was hard for me when I                                                  prove to be difficult.                           not realize they were

                                   didn’t go home last year,”                                                                                                      allowed to stay at Seton

   Michelle and Dave!
                                   DiFabrizio          said.                                                                                                     Hall throughout the break.
                                   “There’s a long gap                                                                                                                “I wish they would keep
                                   between the begin-                                                                                                                  all the dorms open
      Michelle       Sheridan,     ning of the school year                                                                                                              (throughout          the
  director of the Division of      and Christmas, and I                                                                                                                 break),” Patel said,
  Volunteer Efforts, and David     missed my family and my dog.”           and spring break;                                                                            “Because I don’t know
  Peterson, a Campus Minister           DiFabrizio said that she is able   however, to save                                                                anybody in X.”
  were married in the Chapel       to fly home this Thanksgiving           money, she will be                                                                   However, according to Cheryl
  of Imacculate Conception         because she booked her flights          driving instead of                          “I am                               Janus, director of Housing and
  on Friday at 3 p.m. The          early.                                  flying.                                a Muslim and                             Residence Life, a broadcast e-mail
  Setonian congratulates them           “We did it a while ago, so it          “As crazy as it may sound to       celebrating Eid alone                    was sent to all students explaining
  and wishes them the best of      was only $300,” DiFabrizio said.        drive about 20 hours south, I have     was terribly depressing,” Ahmed          break housing the first week of
  luck in the coming years.        “I already bought my plane tickets      saved money by carpooling with         said. “Being away from my family         November.
  Both will be back in the         for Christmas and spring break          someone who either lives in the        and not having much family here               The e-mail also stated that if
  office in late November or       too.”                                   same state as I or who lives in a      to celebrate with, I wished I could      students were having trouble find-
  early December.                       Senior biology major Veronica      state that I need to cross on my       have gone home.”                         ing a break housing room, they
        Annual Toy
                                   Marrero agreed that keeping costs       way down,” Marrero said.                    Freshman diplomacy major            should speak to the Residence Hall

                                   low is the key to being able to go          While it may be difficult for      Sagarika Gujar is from India, and        Director of the buildings that were
                                   home for the holidays.                  students who live outside of New       only knew about Thanksgiving             remaining open throughout the
                                        Marrero is from Miami, Fla.,       Jersey to get home for the holi-       prior to coming to the United            break, (Xavier, Turrell, and Ora
      Because        of      the   and she said that in years past she     days, it is especially difficult for   States from watching the TV show         Manor).
  Christmas season, the            has flown home for Thanksgiving.        international students.                “Friends.”                                    According to the e-mail, stu-
  Division      of    Volunteer         “It is challenging to find             Junior mathematics major                Gujar is planning to spend          dents have until Nov. 20 to sign up
  Efforts will be hosting their    flights, for the holidays especially,   Ruqayyah Ahmed is from Trinidad        Thanksgiving at her roommate’s           for break housing.

                                   Observatory allows students to ‘scope’ out stars
  annual toy drive from Nov.       that are affordable,” Marrero said.     and Tobago, which Ahmed                sister’s house.                               Caitlin Carroll can be
  22 to Dec. 9. This year’s        “The thing is that they add up,         described as “a little island in the        As it happens, her roommate,        reached at caitlin.carroll@stu-
  contributions will be going      more so during this time when we        Caribbean       right     next    to   freshmen Aramide Afolabi, is also
  directly to the children at
  Genoa Christian Center in
  West Virginia and needy
  families at St. John’s Soup
                                           Staff Writer
  Kitchen in Newark. During            BY ALYANA ALFARO                    observation and assign questions.”
  all masses on Nov. 22, toy                                               Sahiner said. “They will go up,
  tags will be distributed and                                             and report what they see.”
  gifts will be collected during       A new high-powered telescope            The telescope is not exclusive
  Mass on Dec. 6.                  will be presented during the open-      to students in astronomy classes.
                                   ing of the observatory in the               “It will be open to the public.

      Student Receives
                                   McNulty Science and Technology          We will advertise events on the

      Academic Honors
                                   building, dedicated by the College      physics page when anyone, even
                                   of Arts and Sciences and the            outside of Seton Hall, can come
                                   Department of Physics Center, on        and observe,” Sahiner said.
                                   Monday Nov. 23 at 7 p.m.                “Anyone who is interested can
      Senior Jacie Jones               The event will take place in the    come on an observation night.”
  received a $5,000 2009           Helen Lerner Amphitheater and               Open observation nights will
  Udall Scholarship award for      will begin with a lecture from          begin in the Spring 2010 semester.
  her studies in environmental     Theodore B. Williams, “Small                The telescope is an Advanced
  issues. Jones is a double        Telescopes, Large Telescopes and        Coma Free Meade with a 16 inch
  major in environmental           Scientific Theory.” Williams is a       lens that can increase in magnifi-
  studies and international        professor from the Department of        cation.
  relations. According to          Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers            “Advanced Coma Free means
  Seton Hall Fellowship            University. After the lecture, there    that it has not only one mirror but
  Advisor James Kimble, the        will be tours of the observatory        a system of mirrors that control
  Udall scholarships is a pres-    and a reception in the Patrick M.       and reduce the excess light so your
  tigious award offered to jun-    and Mary Ann P. Murray Atrium.          picture will be much clearer,”
  iors and seniors who are             The faculty and students from       Sahiner said.
  interested in environmental      the Physics Department installed            The telescope is on a motor-
  or Native American causes.       the telescope over the summer.          ized pier that can elevate the tele-
                                       The telescope will be managed       scope to different angles. Around
                                   and primarily used by the Physics       the telescope, there is a motorized
                                   Department. Students enrolled in        dome that helps to shade light
                                   astronomy classes will be given         from surrounding cities.
                                   assignments that involve the tele-          The telescope also comes with
                                   scope instead of a lecture course       software that allows viewers to
                                   with little or no observation which     insert the location of a specific

                                                                                                                  Alper Sahiner, physics professor, admires the telescope.
                                   has existed in the past.                galaxy and it will locate it auto-                                              Stephanie Bower • THE SETONIAN
                                       “This will give an observation-     matically.
                                   al component to the class which             The new telescope has led
                                   will be really interesting, I guess,    Seton Hall to become a member of       the opportunity to receive grants        ulty,” Sahiner said.
                                   to the students taking it,” Alper       the New Jersey Space Grant             with which further aerospace                 The new telescope and pier are
                                   Sahiner, associate professor and        Consortium.      This is a NASA        research can be conducted.               gifts of Carmine and Georgeann
                                   chair of the Physics Department,        funded program and will provide             “It is one of the best scientific   Oliva and Jeanne and Robert
                                   said.                                   two undergraduate students with        instruments that we recently gath-       Austrian.
                                       “We will give assignments of        $2,000 fellowships per semester,       ered and we are very excited to put          Alyana Alfaro can be reached
                                   galactic observation or solar           and will also give the university      it into use for the students and fac-    at
  4                                                                Setonian
CORE: Search is on for professors SGA gives $10,000 to SAB, DOVE

                                       Thursday, November 19, 2009

                                                                                                                  Staff Writer
 Continued from Page 1                                                                                        BY FRANK TAYLOR
                                                  to a discussion course,” Glenn said. “But it                                                         Sen. Michael Cruz was one of those to vote
     The professors will then teach the course    becomes a new way of conducting classes.                                                             against the motion, however afterwards he
the next semester. The readings are provid-       Now, I do less lecturing in my other classes          The Student Government Association             said, “I would have liked to give them the
ed to the faculty.                                and more discussion, so I think that this has     granted a total of $10,000 in co-sponsor-          full amount, but I saw no one else wanted
     Professors who teach the Signature core      carried over.”                                    ships to various clubs on campus at Monday         to.”
for the first time will also receive a $1,000         Nancy Enright, an English professor,          night’s meeting.                                        Sen. Sebastian Zar offered a motion for
bonus. For the third section of the Signature     also helped to create the Journey course and          The first group was the Student                $2,000, which was approved with a vote of
courses, if a professor develops and teaches      has taught Journey multiple times. She            Activities Board, who requested $2,500 to          15-2 with one abstention.
their own section of Engaging the World,          described her experience teaching it as           help pay for the 2009 Winter Ball, “Santa’s             The Division of Volunteer Efforts
they receive a stipend of $3,000.                 extremely positive.                               Workshop.”                                         requested money for the “Releasing the
     Mirabella said that members of the fac-          “It's also been a challenge to teach texts        SAB requested the money to help pay            DOVEs” program where students take serv-
ulty meet weekly for lunch to talk about the      I have never taught before at all, like Plato's   for decorations, however the Senate wanted         ice trips to Haiti and El Salvador.
texts.                                            ‘Symposium’, for example,” Enright said, in       more specifics, because they have strict                The money requested will help student
     “Faculty found it enriching for them to      an e-mail interview. “The inter-disciplinary      rules as to what they are allowed to allocate      participants to pay for a total of three trips;
converse with other faculty in cross-disci-       nature of the course is interesting, and I        funds for.                                         two trips to El Salvador, one in January and
plines, who they probably wouldn’t had            especially have liked the aspect of service           “It would have been nice if they had           one in March, as well as one trip to Haiti in
have (the opportunity to), without these          learning, which is an option for faculty and      been more prepared… I would feel better            May.
courses,” Mirabella said.                         which I have always included. I find that         off about where the money was going,” Sen.              This year DOVE requested a total of
     In addition, Glenn has taught the            students almost always like doing the serv-       Jon Chowansky said.                                $8,000, the same amount they requested last
Journey course four times and said that           ice.”                                                 In light of the confusion, President Leo       year. The money will go towards expenses
teaching it for the first time can be difficult       “We wanted teaching in the core to be         Jones said he wanted to make sure SAB was          for 45 students involved on the trips.
as professors adjust to the new course mate-      something that faculty aspire to,” Mirabella      not receiving special treatment. A long                 However Parliamentarian Charli
rial and the discussion-style of conducting       said. “That’s our goal and so far, we have        debate ensued with almost all senators             Strussman informed the Senate that because

class.                                            succeeded.”                                       offering their opinion.                            of a change in the bi-laws, SGA cannot
     “(We are) getting students used to taking        Brittany Biesiada can be reached at               “As someone who’s served on the                award more than $8,000 for any single
a discussion course and faculty used leading                finance committee we have rejected or cut a        event. Because DOVE was requesting
                                                                                                    lot of peoples requests because of their fail-     money for three separate trips the Senate
                                                                                                    ure to show what that money is going               decided they could award them the full
                                                                                                    toward,” Sen. Mike Urban said. “While I do         amount if they voted on each trip individu-
                                                                                                    think that SAB is a good organization, I           ally.
                                                                                                    don’t think that they should be treated any             The Senate voted overwhelmingly each
                                                                                                    differently.”                                      time to grant DOVE funds for each trip.
                 Check out the online-exclusive articles from the News sec-                             Treasurer Sean Kennedy recommended                  Nicole Battaglia was one of many repre-
             tion at                                                           the Senate grant SAB the full $2,500.              senting DOVE at Monday’s meeting. When
                                                                                                        “SAB is a unique case for a club on            asked what she would have done if they did
                                                                                                    campus because they have the ability to            not get the requested funds she said, “I
    - Spending Thanksgiving in South                  - Make Thanksgiving Rock                      spend exorbitant amounts of money in a             would have had to rely more on group
                Orange?                                                                             short amount of time” Kennedy said. “The           fundraising and I probably would have paid
                                                      WSOU is rocking out this                      winter ball is on a different scale. It’s a ball   more out of pocket.”
     Check out Home Away from Home,               Thanksgiving with “LOUDEST Rock                   that’s not meant for a single club, it’s meant          SGA had a total of $7,600 remaining in
 that partners students up with South             2009” at school of Rock. Read the arti-           for the entire university.”                        co-sponsorships for the rest of the year.
 Orange residents for the holiday.                cle for band names and ticket prices.                  The Senate rejected the Treasurer’s rec-           Frank Taylor can be reached at
                                                                                                    ommendation with a vote of 8-9. Freshman 
MickeyMouse turns 81 years young
WaltDisney’s signature characterstill lucrative decades later
                       Staff Writer
                     BY EARL MAYS                                invent ground-breaking animation technology which               of gaining the rights to Marvel Entertainment.
                                                                 later lead to the creation of the first animated film,              The company has been able to grow through its high
                                                                 “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”                              quality family friendly movies and shows that keep
    The Walt Disney Company will be celebrating 81                   Walt Disney built an iconic company that started            people coming back for more.
years of its legendary cartoon character, Mickey Mouse           with a strong base on animation. He later was granted               Disney has also been the masterminds in producing
this month. On Nov. 18, 1928 Mickey Mouse grabbed                nearly 1,000 awards, 48 of which were Academy                   hit television shows such as “Hannah Montana” and
the attention of audiences by appearing in the first ever        Awards.                                                         made-for-T.V. movies such as “High School Musical.”
synchronized sound cartoon, “Steamboat Willie.”                       Since the release of “Steamboat Willie,” the Walt          These productions add to the list of iconic characters
    Mickey Mouse has since become one of the most                Disney Company has been able to transform itself into           that belong to the Disney franchise.
widely recognized characters, appealing to people of all         a multi-billion dollar media giant with Mickey Mouse                None of this would be possible if it was not for the
ages. On his 50th birthday in 1978, Mickey Mouse                    as its defining character. The company as a whole has        creation of Mickey Mouse and the production of
became the first cartoon character to receive a star on               expanded, developing six theme parks and resorts.          “Steamboat Willie.”
the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The success of                             It has also acquired major assets that include                Earl Mays can be reached at
“Steamboat Willie” enabled creator Walt Disney to                          ESPN Inc., Disney-ABC, and is in the works  

                                                       1935                                                                                            Today
 1928                         1940                                                                                                                            Photos WDS Press

Old blood gets fresh sound with remastered collection
                            The New                              The Blood Brothers
                                                                                                                                 crescendo, as desperate weeps and a demonic baritone bleed
                                                                                                                                 into the song’s violent climax and conclusion.

                                                                                                                                      Packed with a bonus disc of b-sides, live songs and
                             Slang                                                                                               enhanced features, “Crimes” begins the pop influence that

                                                                                                                                 the group’s final album, “Young Machetes” hones. Filled
                                                                                                                                 with songs about rats, swans, unicorns and lasers, the album
                                   Staff Writer
                               BY KEVIN STEVENS                                                                                  anticipates a less abrasive sound. However, though the
                                                                                                                                 band’s pop influences come to fruition, like on the ironical-
                                                                                                                                 ly jovial conclusion to the death-influenced, “Lift the Veil,
     The holiday season is steadily approaching and ‘tis the     of concert footage, is a unique and somewhat deranged,          Kiss the Tank,” The Blood Brothers do not forget to bring
season for record companies to release the inevitable: box       blend of pop structures and hardcore vocals, combining          their blood curdling screams, either.
sets, remastered albums and DVD documentaries. In hopes          catchy choruses with ear splitting screams.                          Opener “Set Fire to the Face on Fire” is short and explo-
that their product will make it onto fans’ holiday wish lists,       What could be a pretentious mess actually sounds both       sive: bashing cymbals, heavy bass-lines, repetitively catchy
record companies will dig out the b-sides, live performanc-      glossy and grimy, playing like the decay of commercialized      screaming, and the Blood Brothers' oblique lyrics make the
es and extended or alternative artwork from albums, which        pop, as in the album’s titular track, where funky bass lines    song reminiscent of “Piano Island,” only with an added coat
offers both prospective and dedicated fans a new and exten-      and a repetitive chorus are juxtaposed with the song’s inter-   of polish. They save the heaviest moment for the closer,
sive opportunity to investigate influential bands.               mittent guitar breakdowns. The song is indicative of the        “Giant Swan,” which could be a metaphor for the dangers
     The record label Epitaph has already re-released four       spasmodic chaos of the entire album, found in the insidious     of commercialism, the superficiality of beauty and the con-
albums from Seattle’s genre defying band, The Blood              chimes of “Ambulance vs. Ambulance,” which bursts into a        sequences of an immoral life. The song creates tension,
Brothers. Now defunct, the band has been categorized as          wall of noise and the twisted a cappella vocals of “The         combusts and collapses, as a vocalist ends wailing,“giant
post-hardcore, art-punk, pop-metal and avant-garde, but no       Salesman, Denver Max.”                                          swan, take me to the river,” a resignation towards death or,
genre can really capture their inimitable style, which con-          As a whole, “Piano Island” is a startling, and often        at least, rebirth.
tains poppy song structures and choruses, heavy instrumen-       revolting, exploration of human nature and the faults of a           Full of images of death, decay and moral dissolution,
tals, and two vocalists wailing macabre lyrics of disillusion-   commercialized world, manifested through the band’s sug-        what more can someone want for Christmas? While this
ment and decadence.                                              ary and catchy song structures, which belie the nightmarish,    music is not for everyone, it is a certainly unique aspect of
     Epitaph is re-releasing the band’s first album, “March      surrealistic images that comprise the band’s lyrics.            sonic force and experimentation that is getting some rightly
On Electric Children,” but the group did not garner media            The band’s subsequent album, “Crimes,” paints clearer       deserved recognition and hopefully a few slots under your
attention and affirm their identity until their subsequent       pictures of this decay through seemingly subhuman vocals        Christmas tree this December.
release, “…Burn Piano Island, Burn.” This album, which is        cries. The album’s single, “Love Rhymes with Hideous Car             Kevin Stevens can be reached at kevin.stevens@stu-
re-released with live songs, music videos, and a bonus DVD       Wreck,” is a harrowing narrative that builds to a screeching
6                                                                                                   Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tim Burton brings horror to MoMA
Multi media exhibit showcases nightmares, misfits and monsters
                       Assistant Pirate Life Editor
                        BY MEGHAN DIXON

    Ascend to the third floor of the Museum of Modern Art, past the topiary
carved in the shape of a buck and enter through a doorway in the disguise
of a monster’s gaping jaws. Screams, horrific laughs and cries can be heard
from the monster’s throat, a hallway lined with screens showing the heroics
of “Stainboy.” Just beyond the viewing gallery is a backlight room with a
trippy rotating carousel composed of various monster parts.
    Tim Burton has taken over the MoMA.
    At a press conference Nov. 17, MoMA director Glenn Lowry said, “It’s
very rare that an artist let’s you inside their mind like Tim.”
    Burton, known best for his work on films such as “The Nightmare
Before Christmas,” “Edward Scissorhands,” “Batman,” “Beetlejuice” and
“Sweeney Todd,” has let his mind run rampant throughout the building. The
special exhibit, curated by Ron Magliozzi and Jenny He, spans the third
floor and will include film screenings in both of the museum’s theaters.

                                                                                            Check out more
    “Thank you for trying to make sense of my life so far,” Burton said at
the conference, wearing purple oversized sunglasses and his signature

                                                                                            exhibit pictures
disheveled hairstyle. The artist said that the museum “raided my closets,”
gathering over 700 sketches, paintings, photographs, and sculptures from
his 27-year career.

                                                                                               online at
    The exhibit is broken up into three parts that explore Burton’s connec-
tion to his hometown of Burbank, Calif. The first, “Surviving Burbank,”

includes character sketches and concept designs as well as early works from
Burton’s youth. This collection includes a portrait of Vincent Price that
Burton completed in 1970 when he was just 12. Price was Burton’s child-
hood hero. He later narrated the artist’s short film “Vincent” and appeared
in “Edward Scissorhands.”
    The short films “The Island,” “Houdini: The Untold Story,” and
“Untitled (Tim’s Dreams),” created in 1971 and 1972 and shot on 8mm film,
are the very beginnings of Burton’s directing career. Filmed in neighbor-
hood backyards using childhood friends, the shorts show Burton’s early fas-
cination with horror films and unreality.
    Also in this section of the exhibit is a list of favorite movies written on
notebook paper by a 19 year-old Burton. Films on the list include “Jason
and the Argonauts,” “The Raven,” and “Nosferatu,” all being featured in the
MoMA film series “Tim Burton and the Lurid Beauty of Monsters.” The
series runs from Dec. 2 to April 26 and includes films handpicked by Burton
because he considers them influential to his career.
    “I loved the lurid beauty of these monster movies,” Burton said. “They
spoke to me. I didn’t understand the world, and these films were somehow
symbolic of the way I felt.”
    The second and third parts of the exhibit “Beautifying Burbank” and
“Beyond Burbank” moves from the suburbs to Hollywood, from a child-like
desperation, producing art to cope with fears and insecurity, to an embrac-
ing of oddities and a celebration of the strange.
    “You have a way of exploring some of the deepest dark fears but in a
way that brings out the humanity and humor in all of us,” Lowry said to
Burton. Nowhere is this clearer than in the works that led to films like
“Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Edward Scissorhands,“ celebrations of
tragic underdogs who only find acceptance once they accept their own
     Jack Skellington and Edward are just a couple of the familiar faces
encountered in the final part of the exhibit. In addition to a life-size model
of Edward decked out in the original costume, the exhibit also features
Michael Keaton’s Batman masks, the severed heads from “Mars Attacks”
and the animatronics figures from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate
Factory.” Costume designers Bob Kingwood and Colleen Atwood have col-
laborated with Burton to display these works.
    Up close, Jack Skellington’s grin is just as menacing and endearing as
are the other three dozen or so Jack heads that were interchanged through-
out the filming of “Nightmare Before Christmas.” The scarecrow from
“Sleepy Hollow” is just as ramshackle and foreboding, and Victor from
“The Corpse Bride” looks just as emaciated and forlorn as in the film.
    However, Jack, Victor and even Beetlejuice are old friends to any fan of
popular culture from the 90s to today. Burton transforms darkness into
whimsical child’s play. The viewer realizes that even though Edward
Scissorhands’ appendages look sharp, the monsters are truly the good guys
and we aren’t as strange or alone as we once thought.
    Meghan Dixon can be reached at

                                                                                                       Photo Courtesy of MoMA Press

                                                                                  This screen shot of Sally, a character from
                                                                                  Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas,” is
                                                                                  one of over 700 pieces on display at MoMA
   7                                                                                                                                                    Thursday, November 19, 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo Courtesy of
           Call ofDuty: Modern Controversy
              Staff Writer
           BY NICK DIAKOS                      as Makarov’s group walks into a crowded         violent the game is. She felt that the enve-   it.”
                                               airport and begin shooting civilians.           lope was pushed further than it ever was            As an avid gamer he can see where the
                                                   In the second half, the player has to       with the release of this game, but also        developers were going with this mission.
    “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”           fight his or her way through police to get      feels even more strongly that, “we’re          “The name speaks for itself,” Banks said.
was released last week to a mass craze of      to the get-away van, but as soon as you         being desensitized to violence.”               “This is modern warfare. Nothing is sug-
fans and gamers across the country.            get there the player’s character gets shot           Freshman Andrew D’Uva felt differ-        arcoated and this is what we live in today.
However, what appears to be a near per-        as Makarov discovered the player’s real         ently.                                         I was impressed that the developers just
fect first-person shooter turns out to have    identity.                                            “I think that the mission was neces-      tell it how it is.”
a mission in it making avid gamers, casu-          The game developers, however,               sary in order to complete the storyline,”           There is a general consensus among
al video players and others turn their         included a warning stating that players         D’Uva said. “They (CoD developers)             critics and gamers that it is shocking and
stomachs inside out.                           have the option to skip the mission.            asked the player if they wanted to play the    almost unreal that the developers included
    In a way, the mission is very simple.      Skipping the mission will not affect the        level because it may be graphic, so they       the mission, but developers did warn play-
The player begins as a U.S. undercover         game play in any way.                           did give the option to avoid it.”              ers that there is a troubling scene in the
agent disguised as a terrorist in order to         Samantha Polizzi, a freshman who has             CJ Banks, a freshman and the lead         game that might be offensive.
get close to one of the main enemies in the    not played the game, said that, “In real life   writer for,                Others argue that it is supposed to
game, Makarov, a terrorist.                    nothing merits killing civilians, but hon-      which help players complete video games        show more of today’s world and what
    Players of the game and people who         estly it’s just a game and you need to be       to its entirety, first saw the game when his   could happen in games like “Halo” or
were told about it have mixed feelings         mature enough to realize it.”                   friend from home was playing it. The           “Gears of War.”
about the controversial mission.                   Sophomore Kholood Qumei on the              level in question “turned his stomach a lit-        Nick Diakos can be reached at nico-
    The first half takes place in an airport   other hand was a little shocked on how          tle bit, but knew it had a meaning behind

                  Check out these stories on

              Gameboy’s induction into the                               “Echo” - Leona Lewis                                    Interview with
               National Toy Hall of Fame                                    album review                                       singer Brian Bonz
    Setonian                                                                                                                                                        Opinion

                                 Thursday, November 19, 2009


                                                                           The Collective Opinion

                                       Hall helpful with holiday travel
                                                                      of The Setonian’s Editorial Board                                                                Volume 86 • Issue 11
                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                          Meghan St. John
       Top 10 Things
      to look at with                                                                                                                                                       Editor in Chief
       the telescope                                                                                                                                                       Brian Wisowaty
                                                                                                                                                                           Managing Editor

             10.                         Seton Hall prides itself on having a diverse         This service provides a cheaper and more con-
         The Macy’s                  student population from many different places.       venient alternative to getting to the airport.
                                                                                                                                                                          Stephanie Bower
                                         However, when holidays approach, many of             We applaud Student Affairs and SGA for seri-
      Thanksgiving Day
                                                                                                                                                                             News Editor
                                     these students find it difficult to go back home     ously considering the needs of many students by
           Parade                    due to high plane costs, stressful travel arrange-   taking action.
                                                                                                                                                                           Carolyn Maso
                                     ments and time constraints.                              This is a welcomed change for students espe-
                                         This year, Seton Hall has helped students to     cially this semester when students have disagreed                               Asst. News Editor

                                                                                                                                                                          Timothy LeCras
                                     alleviate the complexity of traveling home for the   with some recently implemented policies.
 Butch the “traffic min-
                                                                                                                                                                             Sports Editor
                                     holidays.                                                The university should also be recognized for
    ister” downtown                      Student Affairs and the Student Government       helping to get the logistics of this service in order.
                                                                                                                                                                           Nicholas Parco
                                     Association have launched a student shuttle serv-        We encourage students to use this shuttle so
                                                                                                                                                                          Asst. Sports Editor
                                     ice to Newark Liberty Airport that will cost only    that in the future administrators will take student
            8.                       $10, which is pocket change in comparison to         input into serious consideration.
   The Victoria’s Secret                                                                                                                                                    Dana Cassidy
                                     taxi-cab rates.
      Fashion Show                                                                                                                                                         Pirate Life Editor

                                                                                                                                                                           Meghan Dixon
             7.                              HALLMARKS                                                                                                                  Asst. Pirate Life Editor

                                                                                                                                                                          Brenden Higashi
      The New York City                                                                                                           Clarification
           Skyline                                                                                                                                                           Copy Editor
                                                                                                                            In last week’s issue, “The
                                                                                                                          Voice” mentioned the recent                      Caitlin Carroll
                                                                                                                          concert with Mike Posner at                        Copy Editor
 People trying to sneak                                                                                                   Seton Hall.                                       Milan Stanic
  into tunnels on the                                                                                                       The Setonian wishes to clari-                    Photo Editor
                                                                                                                          fy that the concert was not
                                                                                                                          sponsored by the Student                      Caitlin Cunningham
                                                                                                                          Activities Board and that the                    Graphic Designer
                                                                                          Mark Buryk • THE SETONIAN

             5.                                                                                                           subject of “The Voice” did not
                                                                                                                          intend to suggest such.                          Jennifer Wilcox
                                                                                                                                                                          Business Manager
   ...Or doing anything
       on the green
                                                                                                                      The Setonian willingly prints clarification         Derek Martinez
                                                                                                                      notices. You can send notices to Managing          Distribution Manager
               4.                                                                                                     Editor Brian Wisowaty at
                                                                                                                              Dr. Amy Kiste Nyberg

                                                                                                                                                                            Faculty Adviser
      Parking spaces for
       your commuter

              3.                                                                                                                                                       400 South Orange Ave.
       The Presidential                                                                                                                                                University Center Rm. 224
      Search Committee                                                                                                                                                 South Orange, N.J. 07079

                                                                                                                                                                       Office: (973) 761-9083
            2.                                                                                                                                                         Fax: (973) 761-7943
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    ing isn’t enough
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                                                                                                                                campus newspaper!          
The                          Thursday, November 19, 2009                              Sports   9

                    READEto the editor
 Student programming at Seton Hall
      In last week’s issue, I appreciated   limited time slot discussed above.
  the opinions of the Editors of the        How can you expect a student to
  Setonian in “the Voice” section.          attend 10 different events in one
  Clearly, student programming is a         night, all beginning at 8:30pm or
  major issue on Seton Hall’s campus.       later? The simple answer is you
       The Mike Posner concert was a        can’t. Most clubs have a small core
  perfect example of how difficult it is    group of students who will attend
  to wrangle students to attend an          their meetings/ events and nothing
  event. I would like to point out an       more. Students at Seton Hall love
  error in the article which stated that    being involved but are constrained by
  SAB does not have a clear knowl-          the numerous activities and little
  edge of student activities. The Mike      time windows.
  Posner event was an event which was           Third and most importantly,
  proposed by a student not in SAB.         money is a constraint. The Voice arti-
  Being a co-chair of SAB                   cle mentioned that Seton Hall had the
  Coffeehouse, I am quite familiar with     All-American Rejects perform in
  the issues that student programming       2006. Seton Hall could get one big
  is facing on campus.                      name performance for the year but
      First, the time to hold activities    that one performance would take up
  on campus is very limited. Due to         the entire SAB’s budget. There
  night classes and the fact that most      would be no Spring Fling , no trips to
  students do not have classes on           Broadway or Open Mic nights. Also,
  Fridays, the only realistic time to       due to different tastes in music, there
  hold any event is at 8:30pm Monday-       would be a portion of the student
  Wednesday. If you hold an event on        body who would not enjoy the one
  Thursday-Sunday, most of the stu-         concert of the year.
  dent body has other plans. These              Seton Hall has a task on its hand
  plans include going on weekend trips      to improve student programming, but
  or home. Now who is to blame for          currently we are limited by time,
  that is a completely different issue,     interest and money.
  which I will not be able to address is
  this short article.                                -Maggie Dougherty, student
      Second, there are too many
  events every night. Seton Hall has
  over 100 different clubs and organi-         A similar letter to the editor
  zations, each who have weekly meet-       from student Sebastian Zar can
  ings and events. All of these clubs       be found in full online at
  cram most of these events into the
 10    Sports                                                                                                                                                   Setonian

                                                                                                                       Thursday, November 19, 2009

Williams’ late three beats Herd
      Managing Editor
                                        Herd forward Tynikki Crook as           stages of the game before jumping
                                        time expired.                           out to a 20-11 lead. Rider, howev-
              &                             Williams scored 17 points on        er, would not be put away so easi-
        Staff Writer
    ZACHARY CZIRYAK                     7-21 shooting.                          ly, consistently chipping away
                                            “They went under the screen         before the half to cut the lead to
                                        so I shot it,” Williams said of the     four, 31-27.
     Junior guard Ebonie Williams       final play. “I’m speechless right            In the early moments of the
called it the biggest shot of her       now.”                                   second half, neither team seemed
career.                                     A successful pick by her team-      able to pull away. With the score
     Perhaps she took some point-       mates allowed the three-pointer to      tied at 40, the Pirates would go on
ers on dramatic shooting from           get off without any serious defen-      an 8-0 run capped off by freshman
Eugene Harvey following the             sive threat by the Thundering           Terry Green’s second three-point-
men's basketball team's last sec-       Herd.                                   er of the night. From there the
ond win on Friday vs. St. Peter's.          Marshall jumped out to an           Pirates would not look back,
     Williams drilled a three with      early lead in the first half, leading   extending their lead before closing
14 seconds left to give Seton Hall      by as much as 11 right before the       out the victory.
its first lead of the night and the     intermission.                                Seton Hall held the edge in
one that mattered most, as the              The Thundering Herd, now 0-         rebounding, 42-37, including 20
Pirates defeated Marshall 53-51         2, were paced by Crook with 15          offensive boards, an important sta-
on Monday night at Cam                  points and 10 rebounds and for-         tistic given that it was the team’s
Henderson Center in West                ward Alyssa Hammond with 10             first game without last season’s
Virginia.                               points.                                 leading rebounder, Noteisha
     Most of the Pirates sprinted off       “We’re a resilient team,”           Womack, who graduated follow-
the court after the final buzzer,       Mangina said of the comeback.           ing the 2008-2009 season.
leaping in jubilation after the         “They (the Pirates) didn’t hang              The Pirates cleaned the glass
improbable finish.                      their heads.”                           effectively as a team, with seven
     “We want Ebonie to have the            On Friday, the win against          players reeling in four or more
ball in her hands and to make the       Rider marked the second straight        rebounds each.
decisions,” head coach Phyllis          season that the Hall defeated the             Seton Hall will return home to
Mangina said. “We've got great          Broncs in their season opener.          South Orange and make their
confidence in her and she's got             Williams also led the Pirates in    2009-2010 Walsh Gymnasium
great confidence in herself.”           the game, scoring 18 points on 5-       debut over the weekend in the
     The women's basketball team        16 shooting from the floor and          Anaconda Sports The Rock SHU
is now 2-0 after sweeping its open-     three three-pointers.                   Basketball Classic.
ing road trip of the season. The            Emery tallied 16 points and              On Friday, the team will meet
Pirates defeated Rider, 63-49, on       grabbed eight rebounds while            Morgan State followed by either
Friday night in Lawrenceville, NJ.      Kandice Green rounded out the           Arkansas State or Virginia
     Senior Nicole Emery finished       Pirates in double-figure scoring        Commonwealth on Saturday.
with 16 points and 12 rebounds for      with eleven points to go along               Brian Wisowaty can be
the Hall against Marshall.              with seven boards of her own.           reached at brian.wisowaty@stu-
     Sophomore Kandice Green                Cintella Spotwood led the way

                                                                                                                        Junior guard Ebonie Williams lines up a shot in a game
added 11 points and 13 rebounds.        for the Broncs, registering 14               Zachary Cziryak can be                                  Courtesy of Seton Hall Athletic Communications

                                                                                                                        last season in Walsh Gymnasium.
She also sealed the game with a         points and five boards in the loss.     reached at zachary.cziryak@stu-
key rebound over Thundering                 The Pirates trailed in the early
TheSetonian                     Thursday, November 19, 2009                                                                                                        Sports 11

Pirates sweep opening weekend
                                                                                    Assistant Sports Editor
                                                                                   BY NICHOLAS PARCO                  and bring their lead to 16, with the    were going back and forth.
                                                                                                                      help of an alley-oop from senior        Jackson helped the Hall extend
                                                                                   This weekend, a late second        guard Eugene Harvey to Hazell.          their lead to 15-11 with a deep
                                                                               half rally on Sunday and a last            Seton Hall went on to win the       three pointer early in the first half.
                                                                               second shot on Friday have result-     game 87-72.                                 For almost the next six and a
                                                                                                  ed in the Pirates       Hazell led the team with 26         half minutes Seton Hall was held
                                                                                                  opening their       points, after scoring a career low      scoreless.
                                                                                                  season 2-0.         two on Friday, while sophomore              The Pirates came out in the
                                                                                                       Going into     forward Herb Pope had 15 of his         next half trailing by five. Early on
                                                                                                  Sunday’s game       own, and a game high 17                 they were having trouble scoring
                                                                               the Pirates were facing a              rebounds.                               and getting rebounds. They fin-
                                                                               Monmouth Hawks team coming                 On Friday in the team’s sea-        ished the game with 35 rebounds,
                                                                               off of a 99-70 upset win against       son opener, the Pirates were able       compared to 43 from St. Peter’s.
                                                                               Florida International University.      to come away with a close victo-            “I didn’t think we would have
                                                                               The Hall was trying to extend          ry.                                     a problem getting boards, it was
                                                                               their 10 game undefeated streak            With 3.6 seconds left on the        never a thought on my part,”
                                                                               against Monmouth.                      clock the Hall was on the verge of      Gonzalez said. “The game turned
                                                                                   Early in the first half, the       beginning their season with a loss      into a dogfight because we
                                                                               Hawks and Pirates kept exchang-        for the first time in over ten years.   weren’t getting boards.”
                                                                               ing points. After a few scoreless          The final play of the game              Going in to the last two min-
                                                                               minutes junior guard Jamel             began with senior center John           utes of play, Nick Leon of St.
                                                                               Jackson hit a pair of three point-     Garcia. He inbounded the ball           Peter’s hit both shots at the free
                                                                               ers, and the Pirates were able to      from the far side of the court to       throw line to give his team the 47-
                                                                               go on a 9-2 run.                       Pope who was waiting on the left        45 lead.
                                                                                   Monmouth answered with a           side of the court. Pope then                Mitchell’s layup with 22 sec-
                                                                               10-2 run and Seton Hall was trail-     passed the ball to Harvey who hit       onds gave the Pirates a 50-49
                                                                               ing late in the first half, 25-21.     a three pointer as time expired.        lead. This helped lead to Harvey’s
                                                                                   The Pirates then went on a             “The specific play I took from      game winning shot as time
                                                                               key 18-2 run. The run ended with       Jay Wright (Villanova men’s bas-        expired.
                                                                               a three pointer at the buzzer by       ketball head coach) and switched            “We were supposed to win by
                                                                               junior guard Jeremy Hazell to          it to the left side,” head coach        double figures, they deserve a lot
                                                                               give the Pirates the 41-29 advan-      Bobby Gonzalez said.                    of credit,” Gonzalez said. “You
                                                                               tage going into the half.                  Sophomore guard Jordan              feel a lot better when you win a
                                                                                   The Hall started the second        Theodore, got the start over            game like this rather than lose it.”
                                                                               half by going on a short 6-2 run       Harvey.                                     The Pirates play next on
                                                                               before Hawks’ forward Ed Waite             “Jordan is playing so good,”        Friday, when the head to Ithaca,
                                                                               hit back-to-back three-pointers to     head coach Bobby Gonzalez said.         N.Y. to play Cornell.

Senior Eugene Harvey looks for a pass under the basket in
                                            Milan Stanic • THE SETONIAN        cut the Pirates’ lead down to 52-      “I thought he’d help us get off to          Nicholas Parco can be

the Pirate’s home opener against St. Peter’s on Friday.
                                                                               42.                                    a fast start.”                          reached at nicholas.parco@stu-
                                                                                   Seton Hall was able to answer          In the first half, both teams

Matters, volleyball heading to postseason
          Staff Writer
      BY COLIN RAJALA                                                                                                                                         recovered, dropping the set 25-16.
                                                                                                                                                                   In the second set Seton Hall
                                                                                                                                                              held a 22-20 advantage before
     The volleyball team is head-                                                                                                                             trading points with the Panthers,
ing to the Big East Championship                                                                                                                              making it 25-24. Pittsburgh net-
for the first time since 1994 after                                                                                                                           ted three straight points to win the
                    they won their                                                                                                                            set 27-25.
 VOLLEY             regular season                                                                                                                                 The Pirates jumped out to a
                    finale Sunday at                                                                                                                          commanding 14-6 lead in the third
                    West Virginia                                                                                                                             set before letting Pittsburgh come
                    3-1.                                                                                                                                      back within two points. Seton
     The Pirates received some                                                                                                                                Hall broke away 22-17 and scored
necessary help to clinch the eighth                                                                                                                           five of the next seven points to
and final seed in the conference                                                                                                                              earn the 25-20 victory.
tournament.                                                                                                                                                        The Pirates carried the
     Seton Hall needed to beat                                                                                                                                momentum to the fourth set where
West Virginia and have Villanova                                                                                                                              they held a 13-4 lead before
lose one game to Marquette to                                                                                                                                 Pittsburgh ran off eight straight
earn the bid.                                                                                                                                                 points to bring the game to within
     Seton Hall will face top seed-                                                                                                                           a point.
ed Notre Dame who is undefeated                                                                                                                                    Pittsburgh tied the game at 20-
in Big East play this season. The                                                                                                                             20 before trading points with
Pirates fell to the Fighting Irish                                                                                                                            Seton Hall. Back-to-back blocks

                                       Sophomores Meghan Matusiak and Rachael Thornquist jump above the net to block an
earlier in the season 3-1.                                                                                                  Milan Stanic• THE SETONIAN        by Pittsburgh followed by a ball

                                       opposing shot during a match against Rutgers earlier this year at Walsh Gymnasium.
     “We’re very humble about                                                                                                                                 handling error on Seton Hall gave
making it. We were ranked 12th in                                                                                                                             the Panthers the 26-24 win.
the preseason and no one expected                                                                                                                                  “We were disappointed we
us to be here,” senior Allie                In the West Virginia victory,      points of the first set and jumped     and clinched the win 25-17.             couldn’t finish games,” Matters
Matters said. “I am really excited;    the Pirates played a strong all         out to an early 14-7 lead after an         Seton Hall responded early in       said. “We easily could have won
it’s been my goal forever to make      around team game highlighted by         attack error. The Mountaineers         the third, taking a 12-6 lead after a   the match.”
it here. It feels good to be reward-   three players recording double          responded with five straight           Trudeau kill. The Pirates extended           Matters posted 29 digs in the
ed for everything especially work-     doubles. Sophomore Meghan               points however the Pirates coun-       their lead to 18-9 on a Matusiak        match to break the Seton Hall sin-
ing so hard.”                          Matusiak led the Pirates with 19        tered with a 4-0 run of their own      spike and cruised to a 25-16 set        gle season dig record, which she
     Head coach Kris Zeiter thinks     kills on a .341 clip while adding       making the score 17-13.                victory.                                set last year. Matters now has 600
all the pressure is on the Fighting    13 digs. Junior Sarah Osmun had             West Virginia closed within            Seton Hall led the fourth set       digs on the year; her previous
Irish.                                 15 kills and 15 digs while fresh-       two points on three occasions but      14-8, after a 6-1 run was capped        mark was 576.
     “Notre Dame has everything        man Olivia Trudeau handed out           the Pirates would not budge, end-      by an Osmun kill. The Pirates                Matters’s performance this
to lose and we have nothing to         52 assists and 12 digs.                 ing the game on a block by             rolled to a 25-13 win to give them      weekend earned her a spot on the
lose,” Zeiter said. “We have an             “Olivia has exceeded my            Matusiak and sophomore Krissy          the victory.                            Big East Weekly Honor Roll.
experienced senior class; it won’t     expectations, I knew she’d be           Wrobel to win 25-21.                       Earlier in the weekend the          With her play, Matters extended
be an easy one-eight matchup           good but not this good,” Zieter             In the second game, West           Hall lost at Pittsburgh 3-1. They       the nation’s longest active double-
(No. 1 seed versus No. 8). We          said. “She’s leading the Big East       Virginia took an early 10-5 advan-     squandered leads in sets two three      figure dig streak to 67 consecutive
played Notre Dame tight earlier in     in assists per game as a fresh-         tage before the Pirates narrowed       and four.                               matches.
the year and we’re going to put        man.”                                   the score to 12-9.             The         The Pirates fell behind 10-4 to          Colin Rajala can be reached
the pressure on them.”                      Seton Hall scored the first four   Mountaineers went on an 8-2 run        start the opening set, and never        at
                               Head of State

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