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                                  3016 West Wilden Ave
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   Indiana Ultimate, Inc. 2011 – 2012 Parent Handbook
Thank you for your interest in the Indiana Ultimate All-Star program. The intention of this
booklet is to inform cheerleaders/dancers and their parents, relatives, and other interested
parties of the various policies (i.e. practices, competitions, behavior, cost, travel, rules and tryout
process, etc.) of the Indiana Ultimate Cheerleading & Dance Program.

 Please take the time to read all of the following material. This handbook will hopefully answer
your questions about our All-Star program. We are not trying to discourage participation, but
feel it is important that you are aware, in advance, of the commitment level of an All-Star Cheer
& Dance program. If you do not feel that you or your child will be able to adhere to the rules and
policies, it would be in everyone’s best interest that your child do not join the team.

 Our goals are to instill team unity, teach fundamentals, and to take each athlete to the next
level. To be a cheerleader/dancer at Indiana Ultimate you must have integrity and a strong
work ethic. It is our hope that the program will aid in developing the athlete into a responsible,
mature adult. We are using cheer and dance as a means of improving the student’s mental and
physical well being, as well as teaching him/her cooperation skills that come along with being a
part of a team.

                                         SECTION I
How Teams Are Selected
Each year we embark on a new season, we look for new and better ways to improve our tryout
process and team placements in order to accomplish our two biggest goals:
        1) Keep tryouts as low stress as possible
        2) Create teams that will be highly competitive in their division
Within the tryout, the athletes work side by side with other athletes in their age group and skill
level. They will be given numerous chances to demonstrate skills that they have already learned.
We will give them plenty of opportunity to warm up their skills until they are comfortable. We
want the athletes to be relaxed, so the entire process is as much like a regular practice as
possible. The information below will give you a better idea of all that goes into putting a team
Age Divisions
With the growth of All-Star Cheerleading/Dance over the last twenty years, there arose a need
for the industry to adopt standard divisions and levels. The United States All-Star Federation
(USASF) was created to help standardize the industry. These standards have been adopted by
the vast majority of competitions that we will attend this season. Teams are typically broken
down in 4 different ways: age, level, total number of athletes, and number of males. All All-Star
divisions are determined purely by age. What grade you are in (or even if your out of school) has
absolutely no bearing on eligibility. To avoid an athlete’s eligibility changing during the year,
there is a cut-off date. How old you are on AUGUST 31st will determine your “competition age”
for that entire season. In other words, if you are 14 years old on August 31, you compete as a “14
year old” for that entire season, even if you turn 15 on September 1st.
                          Age Guidelines for the 2011 – 2012 Season
                                     Tiny – 5 years and younger
                                     Mini – 8 years and younger
                                    Youth – 11 years and younger
                                   Junior – 14 years and younger
                                  Senior – 18 years and younger *
                                   Senior Level 5 – 12 to 18 years
                                 International – 14 years and older
                                  Wings (Special Needs) – any age
 *There is a unique division – “Senior Open 5” that has different tumbling restrictions and no age floor.

There are currently 6 competitive levels. The “level” refers to the difficulty of stunts, pyramids,
basket tosses, and tumbling that a team is allowed to perform in their routine. They are
numbered from Level 1-6 and increase in difficulty.
Level 1 – no tumbling skills
Level 2 – standing back handspring, round off back handspring
Level 3 – standing multiple back handsprings, round off back handspring back tuck
Level 4 – standing back tuck, standing 2 back handsprings layout, round off back
          handspring layout
Level 5 – triple toe touch back tuck, standing 2 back handsprings full, round off back
          handspring full

Size of Team and Number of Males
The number of athletes on the team also divides teams. Typically 20 or fewer athletes are a
“small team” and 21-32 is a “large team”. Furthermore, there are divisions based upon how
many males are on the team. At the senior age level, 1-4 males is “small” coed, 1-6 males is
“medium” coed and 7+ males is “large” coed. At the junior level, 1 or more males would be
“coed”, and at the youth age and below (and at Level 2 and below), there is no distinction made
for gender.

Roster Selection
Rosters for our teams are designed, as best we can, to give each team a roughly equal chance for
success within their division. Much like other sports, a variety of skills, abilities, and even body
types are necessary to give teams the best opportunity to place highly at competitions. We try to
match up the athletes as best we can, but please remember maturity, stunting, pyramids, jumps,
dance, motions and age are huge factors as well. Every athlete is on a team for a reason – please
trust our staff. The most common confusion or misconception from parents and athletes relates
to tumbling ability. Proper technique is more crucial, now more than ever, to achieve high
scores. Simply being able to complete a skill without falling to the ground is no longer the
standard for when athletes “have” skills. You must perform the trick with perfect or nearly
perfect form and be able to do it consistently, on a spring floor, under pressure, in nearly any
scenario. Many athletes and parents greatly overestimate the ability and form of the athlete
against this standard. A parent’s version of “my child has a layout” can often be dramatically
different from the coaching staff’s and this can lead to confusion about team placement.

Tryout Process
Please bring the following forms (forms are on the IU website, under Instruction, then Forms)
     $30 tryout fee (if you are trying out for both cheer & dance it’s $40)
     Gym Registration Sheet
     Credit Card Authorization Form
     Financial Policies Form

What to Wear
         Shorts (cheer: cheer shorts or spandex, no basketball shorts)
                  (dance: basketball shorts are preferred)
         Tight fitting shirt (or a shirt that won’t fly up when you tumble for cheer and dancers
          need tight fit so coaches can see body lines). Sports bras are also acceptable for both
         Appropriate cheer and/or dance shoes
         Hair should be pulled up and out of your face
         NO jewelry

Tryout Performance Skills - CHEER
*The following skills are highly encouraged for these levels. In order to be a competitive team the majority of kids on that team must
have those minimum skills. The higher the level of the team, the more these minimum skills will be enforced.

Level 1 - No tumbling (if they have a forward/backward roll, cartwheel, backbend-
         kickover or round off, they will be asked to show it to the coaches)
Level 2 - Standing back handspring, round off back handspring
Level 3 - Standing multiple back handsprings, round off back handspring tuck
Level 4 - Standing back tuck, standing 2 back handsprings layout, round off back
         handspring layout
Level 5 - Triple toe touch back tuck, standing 2 back handsprings full (or
        working full), round off back handspring full (working full or double)

Sometimes an athlete may not have the required minimum tumbling skill to make a certain level
team; however, if that athlete possesses other skills that would help a team, we will consider
placing that athlete on a team. Some of the other skills we will look at while determining teams

                                                     Stunt Abilities
                                                     Jump Abilities
                                                  Dance/Motion Abilities
                                                   Leadership Abilities
*Tumbling is only one aspect of cheerleading. Just because a child has a specific tumbling skill,
does not necessarily mean that child is ready for a higher level team as far as basing, flying,
dancing, jumping, etc…Please understand, when putting teams together, we take into
consideration how many bases, backspots and flyers we will need as well as strong tumblers,
jumpers and dancers. Maturity is also a factor that is taken into consideration.

A flyer is a very prestigious, yet demanding position. It requires the utmost focus combined
with personality and many additional hours of intense preparation. Potential flyers will be
judged on their skill range and other criteria which will include flexibility, balance, body
positions, poise and experience. This will help our staff make the most realistic decisions for our
program. Maturity is also a factor that is taken into consideration. Although younger girls may
have the flying ability required for the higher-level teams, sometimes they are simply not mature
enough to handle the pressure that comes along with those teams. Pushing some kids too soon
often backfires, they will regress or simply burn-out very quickly. Please understand every
position is valuable on a team. A flyer cannot fly without bases, and a strong backspot is the key
to every successful stunt.

Tryout Performance Skills - DANCE
*Not all age groups will be required to have all these skills
Pop & Lock technique
Ariel Cartwheel
Front Walkover

Determination of Team and Results
       Teams will be determined during tryouts.
       Levels will be determined based on the teams’ majority skills (judges look for majority,
        which is half +1 to determine if a team has majority tumbling, stunting skills) Teams
        without majority of the level appropriate stunting or tumbling will not do well.
       You will be given a “tryout number” that will be used when posting results/rosters.
       Results will be posted on the Indiana Ultimate website by Friday, May 20th FOR CHEER
        and by Monday, May 23rd FOR DANCE.
       First team practices will be posted on Friday, May 20th with the team rosters FOR
        CHEER and on Monday, May 23rd with the team rosters FOR DANCE.
       There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting at the beginning of each first practice. At
        this time the Indiana Ultimate Statement Form must be signed and turned in. These are
        available on the website also. They will also be available at the gym that night.
Please take the time to read the following information
          carefully. It is a binding contract.

                                   SECTION II
                             Tuition and Payments
1. Every student will fill out a (1) Registration Form, (2) Financial Policies Form and (3)
   Credit Card Authorization Form.
2. A $40 non-refundable, annual registration/membership fee is due at the time of
   registration and or joining a cheer or dance team.
3. Tuition for classes is due on the first of the month regardless of attendance, after the 10th
   you give Indiana Ultimate the right to charge your credit card. In an event your credit
   card fails you will be billed a $20 failure fee and your account will be charged a $10 late
4. A late fee of $10 will be applied if tuition is not paid by the 10th of every month. If any
   payment is 45 days behind, then the bill will be delinquent and sent to collections. In the
   event that a bill is sent to collections, any extra charges will be the responsibility of the
   individual and not the responsibility of Indiana Ultimate, Inc. If you still have not paid
   your account in full you will then be sent to an Attorney. You will be responsible for all
   Attorney fees/costs and until your balance is paid in full, you will be charged interest fees
   on your unpaid balance.
5. The name of the child must be on the check or envelope when dropping off a payment.
6. Parents are responsible for paying all balances (this may include payment for uniforms,
   warm-ups, bags, competition entry fees, hotels, etc.)
7. The tuition for the All-Star teams is $90 per month for cheer and $70 per month for
   dance. Senior dance will be $90 per month, as they will practice twice per week.
8. If you need additional tumbling lessons, we have tumbling coaches that can help you.
   There are classes and private lessons that are available. Prices are $60 for an 8 week
   class and $35 for a private lesson. If you are on a cheer/dance team and your account is
   past due, you will be asked to cancel the class or private until your bill is caught up!!
9. A penalty of $150 will be added to the individual athlete’s account in the event that the
   athlete quits during the cheer and dance season (once choreography has been received).
   The reason behind this is because every athlete is an asset to the program. Losing an
   athlete for whatever reason results in a change in the routine, which leads to extra
   practices and expenses.

   Re-cap of Costs/Annual & Monthly at Indiana Ultimate:
   Monthly All-Star Cheer fee - $90.00 (includes 1 cheer & 1 tumble practice/week)
   Monthly All-Star Dance fee (JR and below) - $70.00 (includes 1 dance practice/ week)
   Monthly All-Star Dance fee (SR age) - $90.00 (includes 2 dance practices/week)
   Monthly Tiny Cheer fee - $60.00 (includes 1 cheer practice/week)
   Monthly Pre-Team Cheer & Angels In Training classes - $50.00 (8 week session)
   Monthly Wings (Special Needs) Cheer fee - $60.00 (includes 1 cheer practice/week)
   Annual Membership Fee - $40.00 (payable each April or upon joining IU if after April)
   Tryout fee - $30.00 1st team (cheer or dance)
                $10.00 2nd team
    NOTE: Additional tumbling privates, stunt, jump or dance clinics that may be offered
    are not included in the monthly fees.

           TO TRYOUT FOR THE 2011-2012 SEASON **

Purchases    (Mini, Youth & Junior age teams will be getting new uniforms this season)
    Uniform - $250.00-$300.00 (generally use for 2 seasons)
    Shoes - $75.00
    Briefs - $24.00
    Bow - $15.00 (varies with team)
    Practice Shirts - Gym shirt - $10.00
                      Team shirt - $15.00
    *All prices are approximate and will vary team to team. Payments are due upon

Other Expenses
   • Choreography - $165.00-$200.00 (approximate). Every team member is
     responsible for paying choreography fees whether they attend the actual
     choreography days or not. Each member is paying for a choreographed spot in
    the routine. Whether the routine is learned on choreography days or later you are
    still learning the routine and have been given a spot in the routine. Anyone who
    joins after choreography will have a pro-rated choreography charge according to
    how many competitions they will use the material. Each team will need
    approximately 3 days to learn their routine. Choreography is tentatively scheduled for
    June 18-25. Attendance is mandatory, please make arrangements NOW
    to attend. Exact days/times for each team will be announced later. Keep the
    whole week open. It is VERY HARD for the choreographers to be able to do their
    best when kids are missing. If you have to miss for any reason, it is
    MANDATORY that you have a substitute fill in for you to learn your spot. If you have
    someone fill in for you, you must then get with that person to learn your part.
    This MUST be done within 1 week after choreography.

    • Competition Fees - Registration fees for the 2011-2012 competitions will be added
    together and payments will be made during the summer months prior to the first
    competition of the competition season. The competition schedule for the ’11-’12 season
    will be released within one month of tryouts. A coach’s fee will be added to your
    competition fee total. This is applied towards lodging, transportation and meals for the
    coaching staff. Once the competition schedule is posted, 50% of the competition fees
    must be paid 2 months prior to the date of the first competition. The remaining
    balance will need to be paid in full by September 1, 2011 (Last year’s
    competition fees, including coach’s fees, were $560 for Jr level teams and below and
    $695 for Sr level teams - this season will be comparable). When the competition
    schedule is complete, you will receive a detailed payment plan.
      • Crossover Fees - If your child is on more than one team (cheer & dance, 2 dance or 2
      cheer), you will be billed for the crossover fee(s) approximately 1 month prior to each

     If your child is on both cheer and dance, they will receive a $10 discount per month on
      your monthly dues.
     If your child is on multiple cheer teams:
                   1st team is full price
                   2nd team is ½ price if your child is on their age appropriate team in
                       addition to a higher level team.
     If you have multiple children in the Indiana Ultimate program the following discount
      will apply:
                   First child pays full tuition
                   Each additional sibling receives a $20 per month discount
                   The highest monthly dues will be considered as your first child and your
                       discount will apply for the second child. For example: If you have an 8
                       year old child in cheer and a 14 year old child in dance, it would be
                       $90.00 for the first child and $50.00 for the second child.

      NOTE: You may only apply one discount per family. For example: If you
      have multiple children on multiple teams you cannot apply both discounts.
      You may use whichever discount is greater

Payment Schedule
     All Indiana Ultimate competitive team members must place a deposit in the amount of
      their child’s monthly dues (i.e. Junior cheer $90 or Youth dance $70) in their account at
      the beginning of the season. This money will be kept in their account unless the monthly
      team dues are not paid by the 10th of the month. At that time, the deposit will be used to
      pay that month’s dues. Members have 1 month to place another “deposit” in their
      account. If a deposit has not been received by the 1st of the next month, your child will be
      unable to participate until the situation is corrected. If you go the entire season and do
      not use the deposit in your account, it will carry over to the new season if you continue, or
      you will receive it back in full if you choose to not return, as long as you have no
      outstanding balance of any type (choreography, uniform etc.)
     Members may choose to complete an Auto-Pay Authorization Form and have their
      monthly fees automatically deducted from their credit card each month. These forms are
      available in the office. If the credit/debit card cannot be processed, there will be a $20 fee
      and the child will be ineligible to participate until another method of payment (including
      a $10 late fee & $20 unable to process fee) is made and another credit/debit card is placed
      on file.
     Indiana Ultimate will accept cash, personal checks and credit/debit cards. If Indiana
      Ultimate receives a returned check, you will be required to pay by cashiers check or
      money order. There is a $30 charge for all returned checks. Payments may also be done
      on the website via PayPal. A 3% service fee must be added to all online payments.
      If there is a financial problem, please speak with Pam or Susie immediately. Your coach
      will not be able to provide you the answers you need. We will do our best to work with
      your situation, but do not let it get out of control. Outstanding balances could result
      in your child losing their spot on their squad.
There will be NO refunds (competition fees, clothing costs, gym/membership fees,
etc.) to anyone who quits or is asked to leave the program. Anyone who leaves or is
dismissed is responsible for all debts and legal fees. Competition fees will be
refunded only if your child has an injury/illness which prohibits them from
competing. A doctor’s note will be required stating that she/he is unable to
compete. A penalty of $150 will be added to the individual athlete’s account in the
event that the athlete quits during the cheer or dance season. The reason behind
this is due to the fact that every athlete is an asset to the program. Losing an
athlete for whatever reason results in a change in the routine. This leads to extra
practices and expenses.

   1.    All practices are mandatory
   2.    All absences, excused or unexcused, can potentially alter the athlete’s role on the team.
   3.    All absences must be cleared by the coach.
   4.    Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated, nor will excessive requests to leave early.
   5.    Punctuality is a MUST. Arrive 10 min early to all practices. Shoes should be on, hair
         should be up BEFORE practice starts.
   6.    Choreography week CANNOT be missed. If it is absolutely unavoidable, you must find a
         substitute to learn your spot.
   7.    During the competition season, we reserve the right to schedule extra practices if
         necessary. There is no extra cost to the athlete. Coaches will notify parents and athletes
         with enough notice to plan accordingly.
   8.    SHOES MUST BE WORN AT PRACTICE. This is a safety issue.
   9.    Hair must be pulled back, away from the face. This is a safety issue.
   10.   Remove all piercings. This is non-negotiable. This is a safety issue.
   11.   No profanity or rude language.
   12.   Always exemplify good sportsmanship and positive conduct towards peers and coaches
         at all practices.
   13.   Cell phones must be turned off once practice starts. Cell phones will NOT BE ALLOWED
         in the practice area.
   14.   All clothing and belongings are to be stored in the cubbies, not thrown on the floor in
         front of the practice mat.
   15.   Do not bring items of value to the gym (iPOD, jewelry, iPHONES, etc.) Indiana Ultimate
         is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
   16.   Food and drinks are allowed in designated areas only. NO FOOD in practice areas.
   17.   Please help keep your “home” clean. Pick up after yourself.
   18.   Anyone threatening to quit will be asked to leave immediately. No refund will be given.
   19.   Failure to pay monthly tuition will result in the athlete sitting out of practices
         until their account becomes up-to-date.

Attendance Policy
   1. Attendance is CRUCIAL! If you wish to keep your spot on the team then you must come
      to practice. Without your child we are missing a base, flyer, back spot, etc. The team will
      not be able to practice properly if we are missing even one person. A child with a
      headache, stomach ache, sprain, and pulled, or broken limb can still come to practice and
      support his/her teammates and see changes made in the routine. In addition, outside
       events like pageants, work, a sibling’s ball game, dances, beauty appointments, etc., will
       also be unexcused absences. Missing a practice because of your participation with
       another non-school related sport will also be unexcused. Please remember that in order
       for us to compete with other All-Star programs we will need everyone to follow these
       rules, guidelines, and procedures. If an athlete misses too many practices, then he/she can
       be pulled from his/her spot.
   2. All-Star cheerleading/dance is equivalent to a “travel” baseball team or an “All-Star”
      volleyball or soccer team. We expect 100% dedication to your team. That means
      attendance is mandatory. We will do our best to work with extra curricular activities at
      school. However, if your school coach refuses to work with our mandatory practices
      (prior to a competition) or attending competitions, you may have to choose which
      activity you want to continue. It is simply not fair to your teammates. Members of the
      Level 5 Worlds Cheer Team may NOT participate in Spring extra curricular school
      activities. There are simply too many conflicts in regards to preparing for Worlds.
      Members of the Senior Worlds Dance Team must inform their coach of their intent to
      participate in a Spring extra curricular school activity. Depending on the number of
      conflicts, dance members may have to make a choice between the Spring sport or
      participating at Worlds.

       Excused Absences Include:
              A school function that results in a grade for a class
              A death in your family
              A contagious illness

       Unexcused Absences Include:
              Jobs (let your employer know in advance what your practice schedule is)
              Dances, birthday parties, concerts, banquets etc…
              School projects, homework, studying for a test
              Being grounded

There are precious few hours that we have these teams together. Therefore, every moment must
be utilized. It is extremely important that you get to practice on time, and make every effort to
NOT miss. Excessive tardiness or absences will result in dismissal from the team. Failure to
show up for a competition (without prior approval) will result in immediate dismissal.
Communication is the key. Always notify your coach in advance if you are unable to attend a
practice, or if you will be late. Between May and August 13th you will be allowed up to 4
absences. Starting August 14th all team practices will be mandatory. No one is allowed to miss a
scheduled practice the week prior to a competition. One person missing makes a huge
difference in the ability to run a routine “full out”.

All-Star cheerleading/dance is a very strenuous sport. Therefore, all of the athletes in our
program are expected to be in top physical shape. This includes flexibility, strength and
endurance. If needed, you may be required to take an extra tumbling class or attend a jump,
stretch or stunting clinic when offered. All extra classes/clinics will be at your expense. All team
members are expected to take care of their bodies. This means no drugs, alcohol or
tobacco. If anyone is caught drinking, smoking or using drugs or struggling with an eating
disorder they will be expected to take the necessary steps to quit. We will, of course, help in any
way we can.
Practice Days
Team practice days will be determined at the beginning of the season. Gym
availability and coaches preference are determining factors in determining the
practice day. Older teams will practice on a weekday during the Summer months,
and change to weekends in the Fall to avoid school conflicts as much as possible.
    All-Star cheer and dance teams will have 1 practice day per week (times will vary
      between 1.5 - 2.5 hours depending on the age of the team). Extra practices will be added
      prior to a competition, as needed. There is no additional charge for the extra practices.
      Likewise, when a practice is cancelled, the monthly fee is not pro-rated.
    All-Star cheer teams will have 1 team tumbling practice per week. You are paying for the
      team tumbling in your monthly fee, whether your child attends or not. Team tumbling is
      HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. If you cannot attend team tumbling, it is up to you to
      schedule a tumbling private or class. This is at your own cost. If you live a long distance
      from IU, and have access to another tumbling gym, you may take privates/classes closer
      to home. Your team dues will not be pro-rated if you choose to use another tumbling
      source. You will not be allowed to sign up for tumbling classes/privates if you have a
      balance due at the gym.
    Angels In Training classes will meet 1 time per week. Practice times are 45 minutes - 1
    Tiny Team cheerleaders will practice 1 time per week for 1 hour. Tiny cheer team
      members do not have a team tumbling night.

Travel Info
   1. Each athlete is responsible for his/her own way to and from each All-Star event.
   2. The price of admission, travel, gas, hotels, and any other expense are the responsibility of
       the individual.
   3. Indiana Ultimate is not responsible for any accidents while traveling to and from events.
   4. All members are required to attend all competitions and performances.
   5. If for any reason, an athlete cannot attend a scheduled competition, a substitute will be
       utilized in his/her place. The athlete’s competition fee will cover the cost of the
       substitute. No refunds will be issued for not attending.
   6. Please be respectful of meeting times & places. Competition schedules sometimes change
       the day of the event, so we always have the athletes arrive a minimum of one hour in
       advance. Meeting times are told to you as soon as the competition companies post them
       (usually the Monday before the competition).
   7. All athletes are required to wear Indiana Ultimate apparel. This may include warm-ups,
       shirts, etc. Please do not allow your child to arrive at a competition looking as though
       they just “climbed out of bed”.
   8. Always be on your best behavior. Remember that you are a representative of Indiana
       Ultimate, Inc.
   9. If, in any event, you are going to be late, it is your responsibility to contact a coach.
   10. When on the road for a competition, coaches may set a curfew for the athletes. Please be
       mindful of these times, as they are to ensure proper rest for the athletes. Two day events
       can be very tiresome, especially for the younger kids.
    1. On average there is one competition per month October-March.
    2. Any athlete may be asked to cross over at a competition. In this case the athlete will be
       responsible for paying for crossover fees per competition. Please think about this
       carefully before you say yes to being a crossover.
    3. No refunds will be given in the event that the competition is already paid for and the
       athlete cannot perform at the competition due to injuries or absences. The gym pays
       registration fees for competitions months in advance, so a refund is simply not possible.
    4. If you are unable to compete in a competition, then you will be choreographed out of
       your original spot for that competition. You will still be expected to pay fees for the
       competition missed if another athlete takes your spot.

Competition Dress Code
    1. You may wear your uniform top, warm-up jacket and warm-up pants to arrive at a
    2. At no time are you allowed to unzip and roll your skirt down.
    3. Warm-up pants should not be rolled down too low. If a coach tells you it’s too low…roll
       it up!!
    4. Full uniforms are required at Award ceremonies.
    5. If you have competed, and are watching other teams, you may wear your IU warm-up or
       IU attire. You are still representing Indiana Ultimate and must present yourself in a
       positive manner.
    6. Absolutely no one is to strip down to their “skivvies” to change clothing while in a public
       area. If you need to change quickly, be discreet.
    7. Jewelry is not allowed during warm-up or competitions, which include piercings. This is
       for safety reasons enforced by Indiana Ultimate and the competition companies. During
       competitions, penalties can be assessed to our team for wearing jewelry. No exceptions
       will be made. No bandages are allowed over jewelry. It is not the responsibility of
       Indiana Ultimate to hold jewelry.


Basic Gym Rules & Guidelines
   Indiana Ultimate retains the right to:
           1. Place its athletes on the team(s) it feels will best suit them and the program
           2. Move, replace, add, suspend or even dismiss an athlete for a period of time or
               indefinitely from a team or the entire program based on the criteria, including
               but not limited to:
                   A. Attendance
                   B. Conduct
                   C. Skills
                   D. Finances
                   E. Parent conflicts
           3. Decide if an athlete may participate on more than one team
           4. Decide the roles and/or positions an athlete will have/play on their team(s) (i.e.
               base, flyer, back spot, alternate, etc.)
           5. Request an athlete or team practice longer than their regularly scheduled time or
              add additional practices, camps, competition, if deemed necessary. (Given
              proper notification)

   Please do not hesitate to contact the gym or your coach with questions or concerns. Unless it
    is an absolute emergency, please do not call the owners or coaches at home. Contact the
    office and leave a message for them to contact you or e-mail the gym via the website. We will
    do everything in our power to return your call/e-mail in a timely manner.
   All squad and routine decisions are left to the discretion of the coach. Input is valued and
    appreciated, but the final decision is the coaches.
   Practice days may be changed and/or added throughout the season.
   It is the parent’s responsibility to know what is going on with your squad at all times. Check
    e-mails and the website regularly. These will be our biggest communication
    tools. If you do not have access to the internet or e-mail make sure your coach knows, so
    phone calls can be made to you.
   Practices and competitions are not to be used as punishment for your child’s actions outside
    the gym. You not only punish your child, but every other child and parent on that team.
   The gym owners may change, add or delete any rule at any time.
   Disrespect shown towards teammates, coaches or other cheer programs via MySpace,
    Facebook, YouTube or any other internet service will NOT BE TOLERATED. If
    discovered, you may be asked to leave the Indiana Ultimate program.
   We will do our best to work with any other extra curricular activity you may have. However,
    if your extra curricular coach refuses to work with our mandatory practices and/or
    competitions, you will have to choose which activity you will continue.
   All choreography including cheers, dances, stunts, transitions, tumbling, music selections,
    editing, etc should be highly protected and shall not be shown or discussed with others. NO
    VIDEOS or routines/choreography should be uploaded to any online site such as YouTube,
    Facebook or MySpace.

Before your scheduled cheer/dance practice, private lesson or class, parents and athletes ARE
NOT allowed past the door to the cheer floors. Athletes that are waiting for practice to start are
however allowed to sit on the blue mat. If your child is going sit on the blue mat, please let your
child know that he or she must remain quiet, as there might be tumbling instructors teaching. If
your child does not follow these rules he or she will be asked to sit in the chairs before their
practice. This WILL BE enforced this season for the protection of other kids tumbling/practicing
in the gym.

Parents and Relatives
   Parents who are excessively negative, derogatory, loud, overbearing, or distracting will be
    barred from the gym and/or have their athlete permanently removed from our program. For
    some reason, there are occasionally some parents who seem to enjoy spreading negativity
    and spite. Sitting around griping to other parents does nothing but make people miserable.
   Please do not be a burden on the majority of parents who simply want to watch their child
    practice. If you have a problem or concern, please speak to the coach. Complaining to other
    parents cannot solve your problem, nor can we resolve them if we do not know about them.
    If you respect us enough to allow us to play a large role in your child’s life, please respect us
    enough to know that we have your child’s best interest at heart.
   All parents are to remain in the viewing/seating area during practices. Please refrain from
    “coaching” or otherwise distracting athletes or coaches during practices.
   If parents wish to bring younger siblings to watch, be sure they are under your constant
    supervision. Indiana Ultimate will not be responsible for injury to unsupervised children.
    Parents will be held financially responsible for any structural damages which occur from
    unsupervised children (i.e., wallpaper peeled off wall or writing with markers on painted
    walls) If your child does not behave while at Indiana Ultimate he/she will be asked to sit
    with their parents for the remainder of your child’s practice.
   Only athletes and coaches are allowed in the practice area of the gym.
   If you have any questions that need immediate attention, please use the following chain of
    command: 1) team parent 2) team coach 3) Pam or Susie
   Please feel free to speak with your coach about anything. Just remember to do it at the
    appropriate time and place. (i.e., approaching a coach in the middle of practice in front of
    other athletes and parents concerning a problem you may have would not be an appropriate
    time and place)
   Parents need to note that cheerleading is a highly competitive and dangerous sport. The
    stunts and tumbling could lead to injuries. They include, but are not limited to: bruises,
    pulled and strained muscles, torn or strained ligaments, broken bones, dislocations,
    paralysis or even death. We at Indiana Ultimate, Inc. take every precaution to limit these
    injuries. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent them all. In the event that your child is injured
    we will take every necessary step to ensure your child’s well being. Unless medically not
    feasible, the cheerleader will continue attending scheduled team practices and competitions
    while healing the injury.
   Parents, relatives, friends and cheerleaders are not allowed to speak with competition
    officials for any reason.
   If a parent or anyone is observed speaking negatively about a team, coach, parent or
    cheerleader he/she will be talked to and/or asked to leave. If this kind of behavior continues
    to be an issue, the child will have to be removed from the team. We will not tolerate this
    type of conduct. If a parent verbally assaults or threatens an athlete, coach or parent, the
    family will be dismissed from the program.
   Each athlete should have a chaperone at every competition. It is not your coach’s
    responsibility to be your child’s chaperone.

                ONE GYM ~ ONE FAMILY
                    Indiana Ultimate Member’s Area
          Here is a list of steps on how to register for the member’s only area.

If you do not want your kids to using your message board user name, you have to set-up
an account with their name using the password that was provided for you.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: On the left side middle of your screen you will see a member’s login box, click
“register here”.
Step 3: Follow the instructions to obtain the password.
Step 4: After you are emailed the password, do step 1 and step 2 again.
Step 5: Fill in all required information (Emails must be current at all times)
Step 6: When approved, you will be sent an email explaining you are now registered.
Step 7: Go back and do step 1 and then this time put your user name and password
exactly how you registered it in the boxes provided.
Step 8: You must hit the button GO to enter the Member’s Area.

We do send out emails either to a specific team or to all members concerning either
cheer or dance teams. If your email is not current you will not get any of the emails.

Once in the Member’s Area you have a lot of options to choose from. You will see those
options on top where it says message board. The options are as follows:
Edit Profile: You can change your profile that you registered with us.
Dance Team Info: Information for the IU Dance teams.
Hotel Info: A list of hotels that we have currently booked.
Member’s Calendar: A list of all team’s current practice schedules and event dates.
Message Board: Create topics and read what has been posted from everyone.
Pam & Susie’s Corner: This is where Pam or Susie will post important information.
Cheer Team Info: Information for the IU Cheer Teams.

You must be a cheer or dance member to use our Member’s Area
Our website/Member’s Area is Indiana Ultimate’s #1 informational tool!

I have received a copy of the Indiana Ultimate, Inc. 2011-2012
Parent Handbook. I have read all of the information provided in
this packet and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations of
Indiana Ultimate, Inc. In addition, I will commit myself to the
time involved in practice, choreography and competitions. I am
fully aware that competitive cheerleading and dance is a large
financial responsibility and I will commit to Indiana Ultimate,
Inc. as per the financial requirements of a team member. I
further acknowledge that I am aware that actions that do not align
with the expectations of Indiana Ultimate, Inc. rules and
regulations could result in removal of the athlete. In order to be
successful this 2011-2012 season, I will commit to Indiana
Ultimate, Inc. with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Athlete Name

Athlete Signature                                    Date

Parent Signature                                     Date

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