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                                   Official State Song
                                                                                                                                   OF ILLINOIS
                    By the rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois,
                    O'er thy prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois,
                    Comes an echo on the breeze,
                    Rustling through the leafy trees, and its mellow tones
                    are these,
                               Illinois, Illinois
                    And its mellow tones are these, Illinois.

From a wilderness of prairies, Illinois, Illinois,
Straight thy way and never varies, Illinois, Illinois,
                                                                                THE AMERICAN'S CREED
Till upon the inland sea,
Strands thy great commercial tree, turning all the world to thee,
            Illinois, Illinois
Turning all the world to thee, Illinois.
                                                                             I BELIEVE IN THE UNITED
                                                                             STATES OF AMERICA AS A
                                                                                                                AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST
                                                                             GOVERNMENT OF THE      PEO-
                                                                             PLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE
When you heard your country calling, Illinois, Illinois,
                                                                             PEOPLE, WHOSE JUST POWERS
Where the shot and shell were falling, Illinois, Illinois,
When the Southern host withdrew,
Pitting Gray against the Blue, There were none more brave than you,
                                                                             ARE DERIVED FROM THE CON-
                                                                             SENT OF THE GOVERNED. A
                                                                                                                       "Celebrating America and Our Heritage"
                                                                             DEMOCRACY IN A REPUBLIC:
           Illinois, Illinois
                                                                             A      SOVEREIGN NATION OF
         There were none more brave than you, Illinois.
                                                                             MANY SOVEREIGN STATES. A
                                                                             PERFECT UNION, ONE AND
                                                                             INSEPARABLE, ESTABLISHED
                      Not without thy wondrous story,                        UPON THOSE PRINCIPLES OF
                      Illinois, Illinois,                                    FREEDOM, EQUALITY,      JUS-
                      Can be writ the nation's glory,                        TICE AND HUMANITY FOR
                      Illinois, Illinois,                                    WHICH AMERICAN PATRIOTS
                      On the record of thy years,                            SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES AND
                      Abraham Lincoln's name appears, Grant
                      and Logan, and our tears,                              I THEREFORE BELIEVE IT IS
                                 Illinois, Illinois,                         MY DUTY TO MY COUNTRY TO
                          Grant and Logan, and our tears,                    LOVE IT, TO SUPPORT ITS
                              Illinois.                                      CONSTITUTION, TO OBEY ITS
                                                                             LAWS, TO RESPECT ITS FLAG,
                                                                             AND TO DEFEND IT AGAINST                                  Co-Sponsored by:
                                                                             ALL ENEMIES.

                                                                             (Authorized Version)                                    THE AMERICAN LEGION
                                                                                                                                    DEPARTMENT OF ILLINOIS

                                                                                                            THE AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY                 THE SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION
                                                                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF ILLINOIS                        DETACHMENT OF ILLINOIS
 The 2011 Essay Contest Subject and Title is: “Celebrating America and Our Heritage"
  The American Legion - Department of Illinois,                         DEADLINES FOR ENTRIES                                          BASIS FOR JUDGING                                     AMERICANISM -- DEFINITIONS
American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American
Legion are co-sponsors of this AMERICANISM ESSAY             The essay must reach the local American Legion Post,
                                                             American Legion Auxiliary Unit, or SAL Squadron by:                                             Points - Total                   AMERICANISM is Love of America --
                                                                                                                       1.   Content                                                       loyalty to its institutions as the best yet devised
  It's purpose is to aid the schools of Illinois in the                     FEBRUARY 4, 2011                                A.      Originality and                                       by its people to secure life, liberty, individual
                                                                                (first Friday in February)
teaching of AMERICANISM and GOOD CITIZENSHIP.                                                                                       Presentation                25                        dignity and happiness; and the willingness to
                                                                   ESSAYS MUST BE SENT TO THE LOCAL                         B.      Relation to                                           defend our Flag against all enemies, foreign and
                    THREE CLASSES                                      POST, UNIT OR SQUADRON!                                      topic                       15                        domestic.
                                                                                                                            C.      Essay must be
                                                             Essays received from schools MUST be judged by
  The contest is divided into the following three classes.
                                                             **Post, Unit or Squadron and only the 1st place winning
                                                                                                                                    factual                     10      50                      AMERICANISM is a vital, active living
                                                             essay from each Class forwarded by March 1st to the       2.   Organization of Subject Matter                                force, Americanism means peace, strength, the
          CLASS I - 7th and 8th grades                                                                                      A.      Unity (avoid                                          will and the courage to live as free people in a
                                                             respective District AUXILIARY Chairman, District
          CLASS II - 9th and 10th grades                                                                                            irrelevant matter)          10
                                                             AUXILIARY Chairman judge essays and send 1st Place                                                                           free land. It means a friendly hand to people
          CLASS III - 11th and 12th grade
                                                             winners to the respective Division AUXILIARY                   B.      Emphasis (good                                        everywhere who respect our institutions and our
                                                             Chairman by April 1st. Division AUXILIARY Chairman                     proportion and                                        thinking. It is not a word. It is a cause, a way of
  All Illinois School students in the 7th and 8th
                                                             judge essays and send 1st Place winners to Depart-                     arrangement of parts)       10                        life, a challenge and a hope in this world of
grades and Junior and Senior High School are
                                                             ment AUXILIARY Chairman by May 1st. Names and                  C.      Coherence
invited to participate in this contest.       Home                                                                                                                                        turmoil.
                                                             addresses may be obtained by calling Department
schooled will be competing at their own grade level                                                                                 (clearness)                 10      30
                                                             Auxiliary Headquarters - 309/663-9366       **Reminder:
according to age. Competition will be on a Post,
                                                             ONLY ONE ENTRY PER CLASS PER POST NUMBER
                                                                                                                       3.   Correct Usage                                                      AMERICANISM is an ideal of loyal patriot-
Unit or Squadron level and continue on to the                                                                               A.      Choice of words                                       ism, religious tolerance, righteous freedom,
                                                             IS SENT ON TO THE DISTRICT CHAIRMAN.
Auxiliary District and Division level. Division 1st                                                                                 (free from overused                                   fearless courage, honest integrity, abiding faith
place winners in each class will compete for the                              CONTEST RULES                                         expressions)                10                        in the commanding destiny of the United States,
following State Awards.
                                                             IDENTIFICATION: Essay entry must include —
                                                                                                                            B.      Effective sentences                                   and a fathomless love for the principles which
                                                                                                                                    (correct grammar,                                     led our forefathers to found this country.
                                                              Title page with Essay subject name on it
                                                                                                                                    spelling, punctuation
                                                              Students name and home address (including
                                                                                                                                    and neatness)               10      20                     AMERICANISM is complete and unqualified
                                                                city and state)
CLASS III     1st    Place $1200.00 Scholarship               Grade in school                                                                                                           loyalty to the ideals of government set forth in
              2nd    Place $ 700.00 Scholarship                                                                        TOTAL                                           100                the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independ-
                                                              Name of school
              3rd    Place $ 400.00 Scholarship                                                                                                                                           ence, and the Constitution of the United States.
                                                              Name of sponsoring Post, Unit or Squadron.
              4th    Place $ 375.00 Scholarship
                                                             ALL the above information MUST PRECEDE THE ESSAY!
                                                                                                                                PRINCIPLES OF AMERICANISM                                 It is respect for, and ready obedience to, duly
              5th    Place $ 300.00 Scholarship                                                                                                                                           constituted authority and the laws of the land. It
                                                             LENGTH: The essay shall be no more than 500                    The characteristic which distinguishes our form of            is freedom without license, religion without
CLASS II      1st    Place   $200.00 Cash Award
                                                             words in length (not counting a, an, and, the).           government from others is the recognition of the truth that the    bigotry, charity without bias or race hatred, love
              2nd    Place   $175.00 Cash Award
              3rd    Place   $150.00 Cash Award                                                                        inherent and fundamental rights of its people are derived from     of Flag and a readiness to defend that for which
                                                             FORMAT: The essay may be either typed on a                God and not from governments, dictators or majorities.             it stands against every alien and subversive
              4th    Place   $125.00 Cash Award              typewriter or through Word Processing or written
              5th    Place   $100.00 Cash Award                                                                             These inalienable rights, which are the gifts to its people   influence from without or within.
                                                             in ink on regular theme paper. No decorative
                                                             borders, pictures or other graphics. Pages must           from their Creator, are Freedom of Worship; Freedom of
CLASS I       1st    Place   $200.00 Cash Award
                                                             be numbered at the center bottom, starting with the       Speech and Press; Freedom of Assemblage; Freedom to Work                AMERICANISM is an unfailing love of
              2nd    Place   $175.00 Cash Award                                                                        in such occupation as the experience, training and qualifica-      country, loyalty to its institutions and ideals;
                                                             first page of the essay and paper-clipped together
              3rd    Place   $150.00 Cash Award                                                                        tions of its people may enable them to secure and hold;            eagerness to defend it against all enemies;
                                                             (PLEASE—No staples).
              4th    Place   $125.00 Cash Award                                                                                                                                           individual allegiance of the Flag; and a desire
                                                                                                                       Freedom to enjoy the fruits of their work, which means the
              5th    Place   $100.00 Cash Award              IMPORTANT: All essays must be submitted to a              protection of the property rights; and the Right to pursue their   to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves
                                                             local American Legion Post, American Legion                                                                                  and posterity.
                                                                                                                       happiness so long as they do not harm others in the pursuit
                                                             Auxiliary Unit or Sons of the American Legion
                                                                                                                       of happiness.

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