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					Promote kayaking as a sport, socially, recreationally and competitively

Minutes of the General Meeting of the Mitta Mitta Canoe Club held at the
clubrooms at Noreuil Park on Monday Dec 1st 2008

Members Present       Andrew van der Vliet, Trevor Manning, Alan Crawford, Tanya
Sofra, Jacob Storey, Maria O’Reilly, Trevor Cliff, Frank Lange, Arthur Casley, Steve
Panozzo, Johanna McFarlane, Jame McFarlane, Paul Matuschka, John Nicholson,
Tony Zerbst, Warren Ellis, Karen Zerbst, Michael Frey


Apologies     Ian Thomas

Minutes from the last meeting. Only discussion lake toilets, no more info Accepted
by Alan/Maria

Correspondence.      Prue Barkley – Vac may be donated by Mars. Dishwasher –
more discussion explore price fitting into bench

Treasurers Report.    Accepted by John/Tony

Race reports          Wagga Wagga – Trevor Cliff reported good water level –
attendance average.

Update from Lake User Group         Nil

Development Officer Update          Nil

General matters

Mick Milosovic (Jacks Father passed away) condolences from the club.

Multisport – Johanna McFarlane reported. Albury City to take up additional
sponsorship, advertising to begin shortly, registration will be available via Albury
City website. Website maintainers are charging more per entry (Frank Harrision – also
effected). Service fee 6.5% plus Albury City GST 10%. Looked at increasing fees but
decided not to worry as it only affects online entries. Tony Davis still looking for
additional sponsors

Christmas Party 14.12.2008 Paddle from weir wall to club about 2.5 hours. To be at
club by 8.30am for a 9.30am start at wall. Food will be provided by Benny at $20.00
per head.

Request from Albury City to hold a Kayak event on Australia Day – decided not
worth the effort.

Frank Harrison event will need helpers – enrol help of Border Rescue with offer of
donation.                               PO Box 542 Albury, NSW, 2640
Promote kayaking as a sport, socially, recreationally and competitively

Red Cross Murray Marathon Sponsorship:- Matthew Coulter needs sponsorship of a
team. An idea for 3 or 4 teams.
Requested MMCC to sponsor $1,620.00 for 1 team. Moved and Passed.

Karen Zerbst – Cleaning – having problem with roster, request to look at professional
cleaners. John Nicholson to form a sub-committee to look at the proposal, obtain
quotes and evaluate, report next meeting.

Great job done by John Nicholson and Matt Flower getting the cupboards near the
toilets built – a big improvement,

MEETING concluded at approximately 8:30 PM

Next meeting is the 2nd Feb 2009 at 7:30pm                               PO Box 542 Albury, NSW, 2640
Promote kayaking as a sport, socially, recreationally and competitively

Annual General Meeting– Monday Dec 1st 2008

Andrew presented a summary of the year from the “Chairpersons” desk. Copy
attached below

Chair handed over to John Nicholson who called for nominations.
Current committee renominated and were elected unopposed.

President                   Andrew van der Vleit
Secretary                   Ian Thomas
Treasurer                   Trevor Manning
Boat Shed Managers          Trevor Cliff/Frank Lange
Publicity Officer           Tony Zerbst
Booking Officer             Jeff Tink
Marathon Rep                Alan Crawford
Sprint Rep                  Colin Peters
Multisport rep              Ian Franzke
Snag Editor                 James Sloan

Andrew resumed the chair

Treasurer Report: Audited Accounts for the year ending 31.10.2008 submitted –
accepted moved Arthur seconded Frank

No other business meeting closed 8.45pm.                              PO Box 542 Albury, NSW, 2640
Promote kayaking as a sport, socially, recreationally and competitively

President’s Report: December 2008

Another year is nearly over and I would like to quickly review the Club’s
activities over the past 12 months.

I would like to thank Ian Thomas for his tireless efforts as our Club
Secretary. Ian makes the job as President much easier and I am indebted
to his hard work and dedication.

Likewise, Trevor Manning has grown into the role of Treasure and has
put his hand up to continue the task next year. There are quite a number
of statutory requirements of a club such as MMCC and Trevor is now on
top of all these and has done a great job this year.

The Boat shed managers, Trevor Cliff and Frank Lange have again
worked away in the background maintaining sheds at Noreuil and at the
Causeway Lake. They both do this without fuss or fanfare and we are all
very lucky to have their continued commitment.

John Nicholson volunteered to order all the ongoing disposables that
“magically” appear in cupboards, toilet roll dispensers and the like and
we should recognize that someone has taken their time to do this for

Thanks to James Sloan for editing/publishing the SNAG magazine which
is posted on our club Website
It is well written and gladly received by all of us.

The website is maintained by Jo McFarlane and continues to be a very
useful club resource.
Winter time trials this year were again held on the Lake courtesy of Peter
Harper and Graham Ortlipp. Their continued enthusiasm is appreciated
by all who participated.

Our club finances and the club facilities benefit from our good
relationship with Mars Petcare through the Booking Officer Jeff Tink.
Their on going hire of the rooms brings income that is directed towards
equipment and facilities.

This year Jack’s Shed has had an extension and I would like to recognize
the wonderful generosity of Jack Milos who seems like a Father                         PO Box 542 Albury, NSW, 2640
Promote kayaking as a sport, socially, recreationally and competitively

Christmas to this club. He has managed to erect two sheds in the time
others are still contemplating a toilet block.

As just eluded to, there have been frustrating and disappointing delays
with the promised toilet/change facilities at the Lake. We can only hope
that this project does not completely derail and that we see some progress
next year.

The Development Officer role has continued this year and with an influx
of new members this has been invaluable to the club. I’d like to thank
Letitia Harrington for all the time and effort she has put into helping new
paddlers. I believe that we should continue to expand this side of the club
and would encourage others to share their expertise on all levels. With
finances as they are we plan to purchase more club kayaks, paddles and
PFDs to enhance facilities for all but especially for new members.

The “Agitated Paddler” was once again a success and very well attended
this year. We have Tony Smith to thank for this annual event and this
year he was well supported by club members who helped with the

This year the Frank Harrison Memorial race seemed to go without a hitch,
no paddlers lost or major problems and it was an enjoyable weekend
despite attendances again declining. Next year we plan to change the date
and format of our race. We have decided to link the Frank Harrison
Memorial race to the Multisport Albury City 2009 event. MMCC will
again host the “Mars Petcare Multisport Challenge” to be held on
Saturday March 7th 2009 as part of this weekend of sport. The Frank
Harrison race will now be held on Sunday March 8th and will include
both doubles and singles events on a shortened upstream/downstream
loop starting and finishing in Noreuil Park. The race will be followed by
BBQ lunch at the MMCC rooms. Jamie and Jo McFarlane are organizing
the Multisport Challenge and I’m sure they would welcome any
assistance from members.

This year the previously known “Winery Paddle” has been moved to
December as a “Christmas Paddle”. It will be a social TK2 paddle,
probably from the Weir wall to Noreuil followed a catered lunch. I hope
lots of people can get along to this end of year paddle.                         PO Box 542 Albury, NSW, 2640
Promote kayaking as a sport, socially, recreationally and competitively

Finally we should acknowledge club members who continue to fly the
flag and compete in events in Australia and overseas. Alan Crawford and
Trevor Cliff have continued their good form and Amy Peters and Mick
Leverett have both represented Australia on the International stage in

I have chosen to nominate for the position of President for one more year,
I am grateful for the terrific support from the Executive and Members. If
successful, 2009 will be my last year as President and I would encourage
all members to take an active role in their club; it would be very nice to
see more faces at the monthly club meetings.

To everyone,

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Andrew van der Vliet                        PO Box 542 Albury, NSW, 2640

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