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At the monthly meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council held at 7.15 pm on Tuesday 12 August
2008 in the Welcome Room of Methodist Church, the following were present:

                                Mr Peter Brittin (Chairman)
       Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker           Mr Hugh Burton
       Mr Michael Rogers                        Mr Peter Thorn
       Mrs Janet Witcomb                        Mrs Louise Chapman (County Councillor)

56.Apologies for Absence.
Apologies were received from Mrs Gill Battams, Mr George Gasiorowski, Mr Steve Griffiths,
Dr Peter Hacking, Mrs Jane Lewis, Mr Toby Morris (District Councillor) and Mrs Laura Rostron.

57.Declarations of Interest.
Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker, Personal and Prejudicial as Treasurer of HPFA.

58.Minutes of the last meeting.
The Minutes of the Meeting of July 8 were approved as a true record of the meeting.

59.Matters arising from the minutes.
59.1. Highways : arranging improved dropped kerbs by the Post Office. (41.7)
The Clerk had requested Paul Wilson to inspect the kerb locations as part of a meeting to observe
safety at the Co-op roundabout. At present he was on holiday.

59.2. PCSO Tina Townshend had expressed her appreciation of the letter from the PC
complimenting the work of the community PCSOs.(49.1)

59.3 The flow of water by Station Hill railway bridge, Hanborough side. (50.1)
Thames Water had sent staff to investigate but the problem had now returned. It was more likely
that this was not related to a leak but a result of excessive ground water and blocked drains.
Agreed: The Clerk would inform Highways and request investigation.

59.4. Highways and Footpaths. (50.2)
a. The pot hole in Church Road had been filled.
b. The concrete bollard in the Church Road verge had been removed.
60 Report of County Councillor.
Councillor Mrs Chapman reported that there had been no major developments since the March
Annual Parish Meeting.
60.1. A4095/ Lower Road junction lay by: Hanborough PC’s request to reinstate it as a lorry stop.
Mrs Chapman had discussed reinstating the lay bye with Paul Wilson, Northern Highways. The
work would cost £30,000. Paul Wilson had agreed to place this request on the work schedule but
OCC now faced new budgetary pressures. Since this agreement the grant to OCC from Central
Government had been considerably reduced. As a result, although the work remained listed, it
could not yet be given a start date. Priority had to be given to completing safety work to improve
accident sites.
Agreed: The PC would write to Highways and Ian Hudspeth as Cabinet Member for Transport
reminding Highways that the following remedial work had been publicly agreed and should not be
shelved indefinitely:
a. Reinstatement of the A4095/Lower Road junction lay by.
b. Surface improvements at the southern side of the traffic table at the George and Dragon.

60.2. Support for local initiatives from OCC Chill Out Fund.
Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker was assisting a football group in the village to apply for funds. Mrs
Chapman was happy to assist completing the paper-work for the bid. She confirmed that money

was still available in the capital and revenue sections of the Fund during the coming year. County
Council elections were scheduled during 2009 and a new budget would be agreed following the

61. Parish Council Matters.
61.1. Members wished to record their great sympathy for Councillor Peter Thorn and his family
following the death of his son. Mr Thorn had appreciated the flowers and card he had received from
the Parish Council.
61.2. New Parish Notice Board: WODC Licence to install outside the Methodist Church.
Members noted the terms of the Licence from WODC granting permission to erect the board on the
WODC grass verge. The Finance Officer pointed out that WODC had run a much less formal system
when agreeing to the erection of the open Parish Board two years previously. The current more
bureaucratic system safeguarded the PC and the terms of the Licence were those he would have
issued on behalf of the PC.
Agreed: Members agreed that the Chairman should sign the Licence and conditions on behalf of
the PC.

62. Dell Performance Area Project: Chairman’s Report.
Mr Allsopp had inspected the Dell site with the Chairman and Project Working Group and had
agreed to draw up plans for converting the Dell into a performance area. Once the plans were
submitted the PC would be able to discuss the project in detail, assess its likely cost and could then
consider applying for grants.

63. Financial Matters.
63.1. Monthly Schedule of Accounts.
Agreed : members approved the following schedule of accounts for payment.

Data Protection Act

63.2. July Receipts

                          Description of receipt                  Amount
                  cemetery fees                                    370.00
                  bank interest                                       2.23

                                            Total receipts           372.23

63.3. New Bus Shelter.
The Finance Officer had informed the contractors that a domed bus shelter had been installed
rather than the flat roofed model the PC had ordered. Since this was the contactor’s error the PC
would not pay any extra costs

The firm had confirmed that the domed model was in fact more expensive and would be in touch
about the matter. However the firm had not yet made contact possibly because it would be a greater
expense to send a replacement from Scotland in addition to carrying out installation work.

63.4. Estimates for installing the new electrical system for lighting the Hurdeswell Christmas Tree.
The Clerk was awaiting two further estimates. These were due in a few days time.
Agreed: Members delegated the Finance Working Group to review the three estimates and
approve a chosen contractor before the September PC meeting. This would give the chosen
contractor extra time in which to complete the work to allow for hold ups created by extremely wet

63..5. The rising cost of replacing vandalised equipment in the Children’s Playground.
The cost in the past month had been some £500.
Agreed: The mounting cost of vandalism of equipment in the Children’s Playground should be
highlighted in the Hanborough Herald.

63.6. Purchasing a PA system for the PC and community events.
Councillor Mr Griffiths had assessed available PA systems and recommended the PC purchase the
following model from Coomber who supply this sort of equipment to schools and colleges:

The 2100/R/UHF model designed for exterior PA (Sports days etc). It is rechargeable (so no wires
etc) and is used with a radio mike. It costs £358.00 (excl VAT and delivery).The radio mike is
£97.50 (ex Vat), The carrying case is £54.00 (ex vat)
He had informed the Finance Officer that he would be responsible for storing the system The
system would need annual safety testing as a portable system.
Members discussed the administration and safeguards required to enable the system to be loaned
out to community groups such as PC approval of each request, a signing out procedure and an
agreement by groups using it to pay costs of any repairs following damage.
Agreed: The PC would buy the recommended PA system. The Finance Officer would draw up an
appropriate loan form for groups to sign.

63.7. The Co-op Group had informed the Finance Officer that it could provide insurance for the PC.
Agreed: The Finance Officer would arrange to meet a representative of the Co-op Group to assess
the details of their policies and advise the PC if he recommended the take up of a policy with the
63.8. Budget Preparations.
The Finance Officer invited Members to submit project requests during September for inclusion in
the 2009/10 Budget. These should be accompanied by estimated costings.

64. Village Amenities.
64.1. Leisure Areas Management Report.
a. The Pit.
The PC had contacted Bob Lightfoot WODC about concerns that children had entered the
Children’s Playground while grass was being cut. The contractors would now display a sign
reminding people to keep out of the area while mowing was taking place.
Further delays to the scheduled tree management in the Pit.
Mr Foster, OCC Landscape Project Officer, had not yet been able to carry out the requested work to
cull dead elms on the surrounding banks and make a number of other trees safe. This was due to
waiting for the results of re-tendering the contract.
Agreed: The Clerk would remind OCC again of the Health and Safety need for the work to be
carried out and keep Mrs Chapman informed so that she could follow the matter up if there were
further delays.

b. The Children’s Playground.

Mr Braybrooke-Tucker reported that the Children’s Playground was experiencing continual
vandalism. Someone was using a spanner to dismantle sections of equipment; other pieces had
been broken by severe kicking.
PCSO Tina Townshend was checking the area and had submitted a crime sheet for each incident.
She was studying the pattern of incidents.
The Manager judged that the incidents took place during the late evening. The problem was trying
to catch the vandals actually committing the offences.
Support available from the Oxfordshire Youth Offending Team.
Mrs Chapman suggested that if the PC was interested, staff from the Youth Offending Team could
offer the Police support in helping to reduce anti social behaviour. Dedicated staff experienced in
using preventative strategies could spend time working with youngsters in the area.
Agreed: Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker would liaise with Mrs Chapman and Tina Townshend to follow
up this proposed assistance.
Costs of Vandalism.
The costs of repairs were putting a strain on the funds available for equipment and general
Mrs Witcomb reported vandalism in the Evenlode Drive estate, scattering the contents of recycling
bins and bagged grass cuttings.
c. Multi Sports Court .
No safety matters to report.
d. Hurdeswell.
1. The Finance Officer reported that the proposed sale of the small area of public open space to
Blenheim Estate had been left in abeyance for some time.
Agreed: As the there was no financial advantage in selling the land the PC should inform the
estate that it would no longer proceed with this matter.
2. A post and rail were broken near the Hurdeswell post box.
Agreed: The Clerk would ask Mr Lacey to carry out repairs.
64.2. Playing Field Matters: HPFA Refurbishment Programme.
Members noted the recommendations circulated by the Finance Officer in response to the report on
the refurbishment requirements of the Pavilion presented by the Chairman of the HPFA in July.
Members agreed that, as the PC was now the registered owner of the Playing Fields, it had the
responsibility for approving any leases relating to the area and for checking that the HPFA met
Health and Safety standards in managing the Pavilion as a public hall for hire. All Councils were
now carrying out procedures on a more formal basis as a matter of best practice.
Agreed: The PC would forward a copy of the Finance Officer’s paper and recommendations to
representatives of the HPFA and arrange a meeting between representatives of the HPFA, PC and
the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council. A key role of the ORCC was to advise on village hall
64.3. Community initiatives: Keep Britain Tidy Group September Big Tidy Up.
Oxfordshire Waste Partnership had contacted Parishes to promote local ‘tidy-ups’ during
September. Oxfordshire Councils were supporting this initiative by providing plastic sacks for litter
and loaning litter-pickers and high visibility vests.
Members discussed the unavoidable health and safety problems involved in litter picking.
Agreed: The PC was aware of the considerable Health and Safety issues from earlier litter
collecting events and would not therefore organise a parish tidy up. The safety of youngsters was a
particular concern. The Clerk would ask Oxfordshire Waste partnership for the following
     What advice was available about insurance to cover the tidying groups?
     What safety clothing or advice was available in regards to hand protection, handling and
         disposal of dog faeces or needles?

65.Highways and Footpaths.
65.1. Flood Review meeting.

Jeff Mason, flood review consultant for WODC, had met with the Chairman, the Finance Officer,
the owners of the one house flooded, the Clerk and Mr Braybrooke-Tucker.
Mr Mason appreciated being able to use Mr Braybrooke-Tucker’s detailed map and local knowledge
to accurately record the full range of factors contributing to the flooding in the Parish.
These factors included:
     Carriage-way flooding and run off - carriageway drains overloaded;
     Water courses/culverts partly blocked;
     The impact of the new waste site access road junction on the Lower Road leading to the
        New Wintles waste site;
     Saturation of meadows at the Bladon bridge/historical role of surrounding flood meadows;
     Possible drainage problems at the Trout farm.
The range of factors was well analysed and any matters requiring Highways’ action would be
reported to OCC. The PC had informed Mr Mason that the recently completed Highways drainage
engineering work at Glyme Way and Isis Close had prevented flooding there.

65.2. A4095.
Members noted that the surface repairs on the George and Dragon crossing had not yet been
carried out. Northern Highways had been scheduling them as part of other resurfacing work on the
Main Road. The |Clerk would follow this up in the light of budget reductions.
Review of the impact of the Blenheim CLA Game Fair event on local parishes.
Members reported the following problems:
     Extreme congestion on the A4095 from 7.00 am on the morning of Friday 25 July until
       after midday, tailing back as far as Witney.
     The following factors had contributed to this problem:
     There had been an accident on the A34 resulting in pressure on Oxford access roads.
     Friday was a working commuter day.
     The volume of traffic had been seriously underestimated.
     Blenheim Park gates had not been not opened until 9.30 am. (The gates were subsequently
       opened at 6.30 am on Saturday 26 July and Sunday 27 July, greatly improving traffic build-
     Village retailers the Co-op, Pubs and butchers reported a loss of trade.

Agreed: The Clerk would report these points to WODC for the review.

65.4. Church Road.
Church Road speeding problems.
Members were concerned that vehicles slowed to cross the Long Hanborough humped chicane and
then speeded up in response to the wide straight road.
Agreed: The PC would arrange a meeting to discuss the matter with PCSO Tina Townshend.

65.5. Lower Road speeding.
This remained a concern in view of the visibility problems at the junction of Lower Road and
Church Road. This junction remained hazardous.
Agreed: The PC would request an archer speed check and that the verges at that junction should
be cut back further towards the brow of the hill.
65.6. Footways and Footpaths.
Members reported that a section of the verge adjacent to the Church Hanborough to Long
Hanborough footway had not been cut back as fully as the rest and was hampering use of the
footway once more. Mr Rogers had informed Highways.
Agreed: The Clerk would follow this up.

66. Planning.
66.1. Comments made on recent planning applications.

08/1148/P/FP. Erection of attached dwelling and garden shed. 33 Roosevelt Road Long
The proposal is acceptable, however the following points were noted; the reduction in size of the
kitchen to the existing building and the small size of the third bedroom in this scheme.
08/1091/P/FP. Conversion of existing outbuildings to form bed and breakfast accommodation,
Swan Inn 4 Millwood End Long Hanborough.
In general the Parish Council has supported the proposals for the refurbishment of the Swan Inn,
but has always had concerns and reservations about parking. The current application only
heightens those concerns and reservations.
The original application (08/0121/P/FP) showed 18 on site parking spaces, this was subsequently
reduced to 7. The present application would seem to indicate that of those 7, 4 have been allocated
for the B & B use. This only leaves three on site parking spaces for the pub/restaurant use. There is
a likelihood that these would be taken up by the licensee and staff, as none has been allocated on
the plans, leaving no customer parking. There is therefore no onsite customer parking.
The Parish Council is concerned that this lack of onsite parking will result in on street customer
parking resulting in annoyance and inconvenience to local residents. The junction of Millwood End
and Swan Lane is busy one and on street parking will contribute to making it more hazardous.
08/1168/P/FP. Alterations and increase in roof height to form first floor with front and rear
dormer windows. First floor and two storey rear extensions. 12 Main Road Long Hanborough.
The proposal is in sympathy with the surrounding dwellings and the Parish Council supports it.
08/1173/P/AC. Affix externally illuminated lettering to front elevation (Retrospective). The Hand
and Shears PH Church Hanborough.
The Parish Council has no comments to make on this application.
08/1189/P/FP. Erection of 1.8m fence and gates to side. 14 Pinsley Road Long Hanborough.
The Parish Council has no comments to make on this application.

66.2. Planning Applications: decisions notified by WODC

08/0749/P/FP: Conversion of stables to form ancillary accommodation. Rectory Farmhouse,
Pigeon House Lane. Church Hanborough.
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The roof and walls of the proposed extension shall be constructed of materials of the same
colour. type and texture as the materials used in the construction of the existing building. REASON:
To ensure the appearance of the extension matches the original building. (Policy BE2 of the West
Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
3. The walls of the proposed building shall be laid and pointed with "bagged" joints unless
otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. REASON: To ensure that a traditional
practice of the area is carried out in the interests of the finished appearance of the building. (Policy
BE2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
4. The garage doors shall be constructed of vertical hardwood boards with a natural finish and
retained in that finish unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
REASON: To protect the character and appearance of the area. (Policy BE2 of the West Oxfordshire
Local Plan 2011).
5. The living accommodation hereby approved shall only be occupied by members of the family or
staff employed at the dwelling house known as Rectory Farmhouse. REASON: That the occupation
of the building as a separate dwelling would be contrary to Policy H4 of the West Oxfordshire Local
Plan 2011.

08/0750/P/LB: Internal and external alterations to form ancillary accommodation. Rectory
Farmhouse, Pigeon House Lane, Church Hanborough.

Granted subject to conditions.
1. This Listed Building Consent is granted subject to the condition that the works to which it relates
must be begun not later than the expiration of three years beginning with the date on which the
consent is granted.
REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the requirements of S.18 of the
Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (As amended).
2. All new works and works of making good shall be carried out in materials, and detailed, to match
the adjoining original fabric except where shown otherwise on the approved drawings. REASON:
To preserve the architectural integrity of the Listed Building. (Policy BE7of the West Oxfordshire
Local Plan 2011).
3. No demolitions, stripping out, removal of structural elements, replacement of original joinery or
fittings and finishes shall be carried out except where shown and noted on the approved drawings.
REASON: To preserve internal features of the Listed Building. (Policy BE7 of the West Oxfordshire
Local Plan 2011).

08/0804/P/FP: Conversion of outbuilding to form garden room (to allow additional first floor
window and chimney flue). Goatley House, Church Hanborough
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. Except where modified by the plans and elevations submitted in support of this application, the
development shall be carried out in accordance with the Conditions attached to planning
permission 0710044/P/FP.
REASON: For the avoidance of doubt.
08/0955/P/FP: Erection of rear conservatory. 83 Millwood End, Long Hanborough.
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The plinth wall of the conservatory shall be constructed of materials to match those used on the
existing dwelling. REASON: To ensure the development matches the existing building. (Policy BE2
of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
08/0971/P/FP: Change of use of first floor flat to dental surgery and formation of car parking to
rear. 70 Main Road, Long Hanborough.
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The car parking areas (including where appropriate the marking out of parking spaces) shown on
the approved plans shall be constructed prior to occupation of the development and thereafter be
permanently retained and used for no other purpose. REASON: To ensure that adequate car
parking facilities are provided. (Policy BE3 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
3. The premises shall be used for a dentist surgery and for no other purpose (including any other
purpose in Class D I of the Schedule to The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order1987 or
in any provision equivalent to that Class in any statutory instrument revoking and re-enacting that
Order with or without modification). REASON: The site is only suitable for the use specified
because of the special circumstances of the site.
67. Affordable Housing.
There was nothing to report.

68.Community Police Matters.
68.1. Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker reported the following:
     Police were urging drivers and passengers to keep valuables out of sight in vehicles,
      including sat nav systems. Thefts were taking place in the Witney area including
      Hanborough parish. Residents were asked to report any information on 0845 8 505 505.
     A residents had received a suspicious phone call purporting to be from Sky Repair
      employees claiming a policy was due for renewal and asking for credit card information.
      Sky Repair confirmed that this was a hoax call. Anyone receiving such a call should give no
      information and ring the Sky repair number to check. If the call was false they should ring
      the Police.
     Tree cutters claiming to be from WODC were offering a service giving out leaflets to
      support their claim. They would not be from WODC and residents should keep the
      leaflets and contact the Police or Trading Standards.
68.2. Recent vandalism in the play areas.
            1. A panel on the junior Multi Play was damaged and had to be replaced.
            2. The swinging ropes were taken apart and the parts disappeared.
            3. A table in the Dell was chopped with a knife or some sharp instrument.
            4. One of the hexagon swings had been broken.
            5. The following day the hexagon swings had been wound round the top of the
               support bars.
            6. Timber, broken bottles, rubbish and glass had been scattered all over the
Total cost to PC funds during the month was £500.
68.3. Other vandalism.
The perspex notice board near the entrance to the school which displayed rail information had been

69. Allotments.
Nothing to report.

70. Cemetery Administration.
Nothing to report.

71. Transport Matters.
Improvements to the access drive to Hanborough Station.
Some work had at last started following PC and OCC pressure. The full refurbishment had been
delayed pending a funding agreement to which OCC would be contributing. Adrian Saunders, OCC,
was playing an effective role in championing the needs of Hanborough Station.

72. Report of District Councillor.
Toby Morris was unable to attend due a prior engagement.
In addition to the PC making objections to BT on the proposed removal of the Main Road pay
phone, Mr Morris also had objected. He had reported his concerns that, because of its proximity to
a play ground, the phone might be required in an emergency, especially given the poor mobile
phone reception in Long Hanborough.

The meeting ended at 9.30 pm
The next ordinary meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council would be held at 7.15pm on Tuesday
9 September 2008.

The Chairman 9 September 2008


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