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					Waltham St Lawrence School Parent Teacher Association

PTA MINUTES – Thurs 24th March 2011                                               PTA
Gary Grandin (GG) – Chairman
Susan Galbraith (SG) – Vice-Chairman
Serena Bowe (SB) – Treasurer
Mandy Eales (MP) – Secretary
Judi Jeffries (JJ)
Tina Presnail (TP)
Claire Ford (CF)
Sarah Taylor
Yvette Guthrie (YG)
Anne-Marie McEvett
Pippa Savory (PS)
Robyn Doyle
Andrea Sparkes
Helen Lucas (HL)
Hazel Bailey (HB)

1) Introductions made by GG

2) Review of Previous Meeting Minutes
     AP1 - Quote for storage shed obtained (see Capital Expenditure). Action closed.
     AP2 - Quote for additional pencil fencing obtained (see Capital Expenditure). Action closed.
     AP3 - Distribution of proposal for PTA capital expenditure complete. Action closed.
     AP4 - Quiz Night co-ordination ongoing (30 tickets sold)
     AP5 - Request for 2nd hand computers is ongoing. YG stated there is some confusion
       between purchase of laptops and request for 2nd hand IT equipment. JJ confirmed that the
       2nd hand computers are to replace existing computers and are separate from the purchase
       of the 16 bay trolley and laptops
     AP6 - See Village Fete
     AP7 - Ideas for September event for new parents is ongoing
     AP8 - Quote for bike rack (see Capital Expenditure). Action closed.

3) Capital Expenditure
     Hall refurbishment : JJ stated that the wall bars are to be installed on 19th April.
     (AP1) JJ confirmed the revised quote for storage shed for dining tables/chairs is £881. HL
      confirmed that £1000 is earmarked for this. Though no go-ahead for purchase of
      tables/chairs as yet, it was agreed to purchase the storage shed to store the stage.
     (AP2) JJ confirmed quote for additional pencil fencing in Owls playground is £178
     (AP8) GG stated that funds for the bike rack could be available through environmental
      grants. SG to progress with Becky Bond (RBWM and WSL parent)
     TP suggested some PTA funds to be used for children's activities. JJ put forward the idea of
      a falconry event during day camp. MP updated the meeting on the committee's proposal to
      ring fence funds for children activities such as these as well as ideas such as subsidy of
      clubs and school day trips. Meeting agreed that this was a good idea and figure to be
     HB stated that the priority for PTA funds should be for an additional classroom. JJ stated
      that the school has no budget for staffing and no long term plans for an additional
      classroom. AP – JJ to inform parents that an extra classroom is a no-go.
     JJ stated that heating/radiators in Owls and Robin classrooms is being fixed on 19th April.
      Laptop purchase : JJ updated the meeting on the benefit and purchase of the laptops. JJ
       stated that 3 quotes had been obtained including the original quote of £7629. These quotes
       were under review with assistance from a governor. The number of laptops being
       purchased was questioned, why not 19? It was stated that the school intake figure did not
       represent how many pupils were in each classroom and as there would always be a need
       to share laptops within a classroom,16 laptops was sufficient. JJ stated approximately 1
       month for purchase.
      Playground Improvements : JJ stated that the playground extension quote was for 20 giant
       tyres sunk into the ground.
      GG reviewed the 23 feedback forms received from parents on capital expenditure with the
       majority “voting” for the laptops. With funds previously earmarked for the storage shed and
       grants being progressed for the bike rack, GG stated that these 2 items no longer needed
       to be considered for current capital expenditure.
      SB stated that £13000 was available to spend (after £3000 for 2 years of known
       commitments and £600 for storage shed put aside)
      GG proposed the following total expenditure (approx £10000). Voted and agreed by the
       those in attendance:
                                   1. £7700 - Laptops
                                   2. £178 - Pencil Fencing
                                   3. £2000 - Children's activities (to be agreed/decided)

      GG stated that with remaining funds of £3000, the PTA is £3000 short for funding the
       playground improvements. It was agreed that future fund raising would be aimed at raising
       the £3000.

4) Village Fete - SB gave an update on village fete
     The church is organising the village fete and is to be held in the school field on Sun 12th
        June. Proposal put forward by the fete organisers that the school have allocated space to
        run it's own stalls, keeping all the proceeds, in return for the use of the school facilities.
     GG proposed fund raising idea of car wash and ice-cream van
     GG suggested SB co-ordinate with church on number and type of stalls allowed
     AP : MP to organise committee to plan/run school stalls

5) AOB
     CF/HL recommended being more pro-active with Quiz night ticket sales. AP - GG/SG to
      increase promotion of tickets
     MP suggested event for children and proposed the Autumn term. To be discussed further at
      the next meeting.

6) Date of Next Meeting – Thurs 12th May, 8pm


AP1 - Closed
AP2 - Closed
AP3 - Closed
AP4 - Ongoing. GG/SG to promote Quiz night ticket sales before Fri 1st April
AP5 - Closed
AP6 - Closed
AP7 - Ongoing
AP8 - Closed
AP9 - JJ to inform parents that an extra classroom is a no-go.
AP10 - MP to organise committee to plan/run school stalls for village fete

                            Waltham St Lawrence Primary School Parent Teacher Association

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