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Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 19th October 2010 at 5.45 p.m. in
Union House.


                 Committee Members
                 Rowan Ling           Union Chair
                 Malcolm Hunt         President
                 Stef Jones           VP Education
                 Osama Salih          VP Societies & Individual Development
                 Georgie Hancock      VP Welfare
                 *Trung               VP Sport & Recreation
                 Nat Harding          Ethics & Environmental Officer
                 Becky Robinson       Community Officer
                 Chris Whitehead      Communications Officer
                 Sam Ratzer           Events & Trading Officer
                 Victor Bamigboye     Equality & Diversity Officer
                 Ang Sherpa           International Students‟ Development Officer
                 Nick Bright          Postgraduate Development Officer

       (*) Indicates member not present


                 Alan Roy             Membership Services Director
                 Jamie Fletcher


       Apologies were received from Trung.


       A correction was made for the Events & Trading Officer‟s report under „Any
       other Business‟. The sentence should now read “Rate your Rubix will be on
       every Wednesday and Friday geared to getting data aimed at students”.

       A correction was made to the Communications Officer‟s report and should
       now read “The student body want to get involved with the National Demo
       next month.”

       A correction was made to the VP Education‟s report and should now read
       “SJ suggested that the Academic Reps will be asked to represent the
       students on their Professional Training Year”.

       The minutes dated 15th October were signed as an accurate record of the





     GH has been dealing with case work and enquiries regarding heating at
     Manor Park. On 26th November there will be a “Time for Change” cake sale
     working with the Student Health Care Centre. A mental health campaign is
     going to be run shortly. In association with the police and university security,
     an anti-social behaviour video will be made in an educational style to
     highlight the effects of too much alcohol and effects on the surrounding
     community. This will be shown to students instead of the spot fines. „Traid‟
     – a clothing recycling charity now has bins on campus. GH will be giving a
     „Brief Encounters‟ talk to university staff about the Students‟ Union. A
     campaign on harassment will be run along with VB. GH asked for more
     support for the drop-in health centre at Manor Park on Wednesdays from 12
     noon to 3.00 p.m.


     Tryouts for University Challenge will take place in the Committee Room on
     27th-28th October. Lisa Sweeney will produce the posters. This will be
     included in the President‟s All Student e-mail.

     A website is going to be produced for the Research Degrees Committee.
     The Committee have proposed to change the title PGR Student to PG
     Researcher (PRES Survey). Buddy/mentor will be introduced for new
     postgraduates. NB will send a survey to PGR students about the name
     change “Intellectual Climate”.

     NB and GH are to meet with a postgraduate about the new Postgraduate
     Society.   They will discuss possibilities of restarting a Postgraduate

     PRES Survey – this is the NSS equivalent for postgraduates. GH, SJ and
     NB are to hold lunch sessions with PGRs to assess what the Students‟
     Union can do to improve scores. The Research Degrees Committee has a
     PRES Action Plan in place.


     VB attended his first Widening Participation Committee meeting and covered
     bursaries, scholarships, admissions and fees rising in 2012. Working group
     has been set up to discuss the strategic placement in the widening

     community. Multi-Faith Centre is still going ahead as planned. VB has been
     invited by the Mayor of London to attend Africa @ 50 celebrations.


     „Rate your Rubix‟ goes live on 20th October. Business cards and stamps will
     be issued. Students can rate their Rubix via the facebook group. An
     alternative for students not on facebook will be arranged later. This is an
     independent survey with Union backing. CW added that feedback will be
     moving away from facebook in due course.


     The Union Chair welcomed Jamie Fletcher to the meeting.

     1.   National Demo / Student Parliament – Jamie Fletcher

          JF informed the Union Executive of the forthcoming events. On
          Thursday 21st October there will be an hour‟s talk on the Introduction to
          the Demo. This will give an insight into the National Demo and give
          students the opportunity to express their feelings and opinions of the
          recent Higher Education Review from Lord Browne and the
          Comprehensive Spending Review. Coaches to the Demo has been
          organised and it was agreed that a deposit of £5.00 (refundable) will be
          required from the students who have shown an interest in attending the

          Consultation has taken place with Anne Milton MP to give an hour long
          question and answer session on the Browne Review, Government
          policy and how it will affect the students. Due to Anne Milton‟s position
          in Government and time restrictions, this will take place on Friday 5th
          November at 1.00 p.m. This event will be held as a debate with the
          one focus of the National Demo. There will be other speakers to give
          different points of view with a possible question and answer session.
          Student motions relating to the Demo will be discussed which will be
          followed by the normal Student Parliament. It was mentioned that the
          name of Student Parliament could be changed to a more relevant title.

          JF met with MAD TV who has agreed to do a 5 minutes information
          video on the Browne Review and Comprehensive Spending Review to
          give the key facts to students. „The Stag‟ is going to run an article for
          the next issue. Further discussions took place on National Demo
          promotions particularly during student “Money Week”.

                Action: GH to e-mail all the details about the forthcoming “Money
                                                                      Week” to JF.

      2.   Student Parliament Motion – Union Chair

           A motion has been proposed to the Union Executive to set a Student
           Parliament at the earliest opportunity. The Union Chair added that
           there was no mention of the National Demo and explained the structure
           of the Student Parliament to the Union Executive. GH raised concerns
           that there was too much focus on the National Demo and that the
           proposed Student Parliament should reflect on the students issues that
           have no relation to the march. JF gave an alternative solution and that
           is to have a separate Students Parliament and then pose questions for
           Anne Milton in the Students‟ Union committee room with a few
           students, which could then be streamed online and broadcast through
           MAD TV. MH confirmed that the all student e-mail will include the poll
           results. An Executive motion will be written up on the results of the

           After further conversation, it was agreed that the next Union Executive
           meeting on Tuesday 26th October will be opened up to all students and
           held in a large lecture theatre.

           This motion from Oliver Deed failed as Union Executive decided to hold
           a Student Parliament on 5th November and set Union direction on
           Higher Education cuts through the results of the poll.

      3.   Worker Rights Consortium Motion – Ethics & Environmental Officer

           NH gave a brief explanation about the Worker Rights Consortium
           Motion (NUSSL Sweat-Free Policy) to the committee. The motion
           believes that we should support all the workers in NUSSL‟s garment
           supply to be able to join unions themselves, and assert their basic
           rights. Also, this motion helps to resolve all suppliers producing
           garments for Student Unions to be monitored by the WRC. This motion
           is to sign up NUSSL to the WRC.

           The WRC constantly update their customers on the working conditions.
           NH added that successful boycotts have been known to take place.
           MH mentioned that most of the Students‟ Union t-shirts currently come
           from China, which is not recognised by the WRC.

           It was agreed that individuals can sign up and support the motion.


     The Union Chair asked the Union Executive to encourage support from the
     students to vote online at vote.ussu.co.uk for their views on the Browne
     Review and Comprehensive Spending Review.


     Tuesday 26th October.


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