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                                 MARLDON PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of meeting of Marldon Parish Council held on Monday 10 March 2008 at 7.15pm

Cllrs: Pennington; Benney; Palk; Veasey; Joinson; Mrs Cox; Mrs Clarke;
Also: Clerk to the Council: David Eeles

ALSO PRESENT: 14 members of the public

The Chairman invited members of the public to speak before the meeting opened. Their
queries and comments were duly noted, these would be taken into account in the Council’s
deliberations of the matters raised.

1(3.08)        APOLOGIES

Cllrs. Webber, Thorpe and Danby gave apologies.

2(3.08)        APPROVAL OF MINUTES DEC. MEETING: Unanimously approved.


5(1.08)    Church Hill sign: Neither the Clerk nor the Chairman, who had followed the matter
               up, had heard from the DCC. Chairman agreed to chase it up again.
10(1.08)   Hedge in Moorview: Cllr Pennington reported that the portion of the hedge in
               Moorview that he had thought was the responsibility of Midas Homes had in
               fact been sold by them, and he was still trying to find out who now owned the
10(1.08)   Clerk reported still no response from DCC on the Belfield Avenue issue, and it was
               agreed that the Chair would also follow this up.
8(2.08)    Damaged kerb at Pembroke Park: Clerk reported that he had been given the wrong
               impression of the location of this damage, which was not outside no. 17 but no.8,
               and he had written accordingly to Glendinnings and DCC.
4(2.08)    Parking outside school: A member of the public had complained that the new sign by
               50 Marldon Cross Hill prohibiting parking was too large , but members felt it
               had to be clearly visible to do its job.
5(2.10)    Local gov. reorganisation: Chairman reported that he was about to send out notices
               to parishes on the Torbay and Plymouth boundaries to invite them to a meeting
               as agreed at the last meeting

5(2.10) Graffiti on ring road underpass: Members discussed the letter from Torbay B.C.
            denying responsibility for cleaning the obscene and offensive graffiti, but
            members insisted that they were responsible as agents for DCC in managing the
            ring road and they had cleaned it before. Accordingly it was AGREED to write to
            Torbay again with this information.
5(2.10) Insurance for MEG volunteers: Clerk reported that he had checked the Councils
            insurance policy and the volunteers were only covered for public liability, not
            personal injury. However the Chairman said he was certain the they were
            covered by Devon County, however he would check it again.
8(2.08) Defunct street light in Love Lane: Clerk reported this appeared to be working again,
         Drain on Church Hill: Chairman reported that this had been cleared as requested
         Manhole cover in Belfield Close: Members reported this had not been repaired yet.
9(2.08) Handrail on Church path: Chairman reported that he had received a quote from
            SHDC for35m of handrail to the side of the path of £2,587 or £1,942
            depending on the thickness of the rail. Members discussed this and it was
            AGREED to seek additional quotes for the work.
         Annual Parish Meeting: Chairman reported that this was fixed for Wednesday 16
            April at 7.30 and sought approval for inviting Mr Incoll, Chief Executive of
            SHDC, as the guest speaker. This was AGREED nem. con.

4. (3.08) POLICE ( Note this item was bought forward to precede Matters Arising)

PC Pearce offered apologies but PCSO Frain was present and read the crime report for
February. This included a vehicle interfered with in St Peters Drive, theft of a vehicle in
Furzegood and at Meadow park, the latter possibly unlocked, and PCSO Frain urged care on
motorists. There was also a case of shoplifting at Styles Park Garden Centre, a domestic and
a driving with excess alcohol cases.

5. (3.08) REPORTS

      COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT- C. Councillor Pennington reported
DCC– C. Cllr Pennington reported the following:
              1. The County received £145m (71/2% increase) in Government Revenue
                 Support Grant, but that is still £40 per head of population less than Shire
                 Counties. The revenue Budget requirement will be set at £450,767,824,
                 which is a 3.9% increase and would bring an increase on a band D property of
                 £40, ie from £1023 to £1063.
              2. The proposal details for the Boundaries Commission to advise on Unitary
                 Structures were outlined: there will be a five stage procedure culminating in
                 the Commission making its recommendations to the Minister in December

                  2008. The Commission was not looking at the status quo, nor the possibility
                  of Councils working together. There will be five criteria for consideration:
                      a. Broad cross-section of support
                      b. Strategic leadership
                      c. Neighbourhood empowerment
                      d. Value for money in provision of services
                      e. Affordability
                   Cllr Benney asked what the effect might be on Parishes and Town Councils,
                   and was told they were nor sacrosanct.
               3. There would be a new school for Dartington in the Capital Programme for
                   08/9 at a cost £6.5m
POLICE LIAISON MEETING: Cllr Mrs Cox reported that she , Cllr Palk and the Chairman
had attended this meeting at which a summary was given of local policing and the extra 200
police, which were mostly expected to be used in urban areas; Marldon was a relatively safe
area. The police were complaining that there was still too much paperwork, something the
members sympathised with.

MEG REPORT: Cllr Mrs Cox reported that they were still working- the Bridleway had
received attention and Mr Berlyn had flailed the outside of St Peters’ Field hedges. Bramble
around the Meadow and on the seat in Village Road would be dealt with, and a tree was down
in Leader Lane.


   Clerk advised members of correspondence received.
Members re-affirmed their intention to meet Ipplepen on their Boundary Beating on 5th May
at Weekaborough orchard.

7(3.08)     PLANNING

   34/0071/08/F Resubmission of application to extend and alter Compton Pool Farm
   including use of reception area as managers’ accommodation.
   Members discussed the history of this application and also a letter from a member of
   the public deploring the way the application had been dealt with effectively allowing a new
   build that could in the future be used as an ordinary dwelling, something other residents
   of the village were not allowed to do. A motion write to SHDC expressing concern at this
   permission was proposed by Cllr Cox, seconded by Cllr Clarke and duly CARRIED.

   JD/34/2697/07/F rear extension etc. 9, Marldon Cross Hill
  Members found no objection to these plans but it was subsequently discovered that they
  had been withdrawn

  Millmans Road- patio extension
  Members found NO OBJECTION to these plans but there were 2 abstentions and 4 in
  favour, with the Chairman not voting. The Chairman would check the application with the
  planning officer.


 It was reported that the markings at the roundabout on the ring road by Cox’s Garage had
 been altered in such a way as to make turning off for Marldon a much more hazardous
 affair. At the least an extra set of arrows further back along the road were needed to give
 motorists enough warning of the lane they were required to be in. Members AGREED that
 this matter should be taken up with Torbay BC and DCC, and the latter asked if they had
 been consulted on the changed, which appeared with no warning.


     1. The Chairman reported that he had had complaints about the impassability of the
        old stone stile on footpath no. 5 from Ipplepen Road to Strainy Tor, which was
        causing some walkers to have to turn back, something inappropriate for a section of
        the Musgrave Trail which had been equipped with gates everywhere else. Members
        commented that such stiles were almost ancient monuments and it was unlikely that
        DCC would sanction their removal, and Cllr Cox said she would ask Robin Cox to take
        a look to see if a gate could be put in place nearby.
     2. Members discussed the Cricket Club’s request that the use of the cricket pitch be
        restricted to the club only between 1st may and 1st September, to allow a full
        recovery from the football usage in the hope of making the pitch smooth. The Clerk
        reported that on the fixture list he had received from the Football Club the pitch
        would be used until 12 May, including one match. It was proposed by Cllr Benney,
        seconded by Cllr Joinson, and subsequently CARRIED that the Cricket Clubs
        request be accepted and passed on to the Football Club, with the exception this
        year of the previously notified fixture, unless this could be switched.
     3. Cllr Cox reported that the plastic football posts in Tor Field had been vandalised
        and were now in pieces, and needed to be removed. Cllr Joinson noted that he had
        repaired them on many occasions, and he and Cllr Veasey, with the help of the
        cricket club, would remove them to the allotments from where Cllr Pennington
        would arrange for SHDC to remove them.
     4. Cllr Joinson reported that he had moved the remains of a concrete shed
      5. Cllr Palk reported that he had investigated a complaint that somebody had driven
         a car on the allotment track and rendered it impassable for his mobile disabled
         vehicle, but felt that it was a one-off that was unlikely to happen again.
      6. Cllr Cox raised the question of the bills for the church floodlights and the Parish
         magazine, and Cllr Benny said he would ensure that the bills were sent to the clerk
      7. The letter from SHDC to the Residents Association about Downalong was discussed
         and it was agreed that the Empty Property legislation would be investigated before
         the next meeting to try to offer the Association some support in that direction
      8. Cllr Joinson reported a tree over by the meadow from Mr Tarr’s land, the National
         Trust will provide a cherry picker to deal with it.

10(3.08)      FINANCE

The following payments were AGREED:

The following items were approved:-

Payments- Main Account:

Clerks salary and expenses:                                          £301.25
SHDC; Apple Pie leaflets;                                            £370.81
(50% from main a/c; 50% from MEG)
Ricoh (photocopying):60% share:                                        £43.39
Reallocation to P3 a/c:                                                £21.98

Bank Statements:
Main a/c at 22-2-08: £23,505.24
P3 a/c at 5-2-08:      £352.25
Env. a/c at 5-2-08:     £484.09

It was AGREED to discuss the tenders that had been received for work on the graveyard
and for grass cutting under Confidential Matters.
It was AGREED that a contribution should be made towards the clerks need for back-up
storage for the computer files, shared with Berry Pomeroy Parish Council

11(3.08)     BUSINESS AT DISCRETION OF CHAIR              None

12(3.08)   MATTERS UNDER REVIEW.       None


13(3.08)      CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS(S/O No 66)

Members discussed the tenders for the fence and gates, and Cllr Cox proposed and Cllr
Veasey seconded that the cheapest tender, that from the local firm Kirk Fencing, should be
accepted, CARRIED nem con
It was also AGREED to accept the quote from Thulborns for the grass cutting, while Mr
Berlyn would be asked to tender for cutting the hedge by the burial ground.

14(3.08)       DATE OF NEXT MEETING -Monday 14th 2008

Signed …………………………………………………… 10-3-08                    ( Chairman Cllr. JT Pennington)



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