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                                                                         coTToN / lYcRa hEadBaNd
                                                                     Cotton and Lycra blend. Sewn
                  BaMBoo SockS                                       with cotton thread. Great for
                  adUlT oR kIdS                                      sport teams & camp projects.
                   Bamboo socks are great for several reasons:       Wear one to keep your hair
                   • They’re soft, soft, soft!                       out of the dye while you
                   • Rumor has it that bamboo fibers are both        work! One size fits adults
                   highly absorbent & bacteria resistant.            and kids.
                   • Bamboo is a very renewable resource that
                   grows fast without chemicals & pesticides.
                   • Still cellulose, so they dye beautifully
                   with our Fiber Reactive Dyes. We were
                     able to get a really good price on these!
                         Great basic crew sock design. 94%                                1-11       12+     36+      60+
                           pure Bamboo fiber & 6% Spandex for                               2.95     2.75    2.50     2.07    #HB
                                                                                                    for your hair
                               Sold in packs of 3 pair                BUNchIES                   100% cotton jersey
                                1-11pks 12+ 36+ 60+                  Better than rubberbands for your ponytail!
                    #BSOCK : Adult Sizes: 9-11 or 11-13              Dye ‘em, paint ‘em, tie-dye ‘em, throw one
                    Packs of 3: 7.95    7.75 7.25 6.95               into every dyebath and you’ll have instant
                                                                     color coordination! Don’t wait until you are
                    #BKSOx4 : Kids Sizes: 4                          desperately looking for a scrunchie when
                                                                     hot weather hits! Dye now!!!
                    Packs of 3: 5.65    5.35      5.15      4.75     Sold in packs of 3.
                    #BKSOx5 : Kids Sizes: 5                          Each pack of 3 counts as one item for
                    Packs of 3: 5.95    5.65      5.35      4.95
                    #BKSOx6 : Kids Sizes: 6                                               1-11       12+     36+      60+
                    Packs of 3: 6.50    6.15      5.85      5.50                          5.85 5.25 4.65 4.05 #Bun
                    #BKSOx7 : Kids Sizes: 7                               If cotton’s not your thing, we have bunchies in
                    Packs of 3: 6.95    6.65      6.35      5.95                    2 kinds of SILK on page 64.

                   MEN’S & woMEN’S SockS                                       Most hats & caps can not be machine
                                                                               washed! You can dye them, but hand
                Two sizes: Women’s 9 - 11 & Men’s 11 - 13                              wash and hang dry.

                We’ve got socks! They’re 90% Mercerized
                Cotton, 10% Lycra (so they stretch and               ShoElacES
                 last). You can dye them, tie-dye, paint, or       Are you ready for tie-dyed shoelaces? Is this cool - or
                  marble them. You could stencil ‘em, you          what? 100% Cotton flat shoelaces in 3 lengths - for kids,
                    could dye them to match other items            women and men’s. Jazz up those sneakers! Make your
                      you’re dyeing, or you could just save        feet happy!
                       some money on socks when you’re
                       buying other items. Anyway you dye                           Length 1 - 4 pair 5+ pair 10+ pair
                       them, they look fantastic!                                    27”   .79          .75       .69
                                                  Sold in                            #SHOE27                 Case of 72 $40.86
                    Each pack of 3     That’s     packs of
                     pair counts       $1.98       3 pair.                            36”          .99          .89           .85
                    as one item for
                      discounts.        each                                         #SHOE36                 Case of 72 $47.64
                        Price per pack of 3 pair:                                   45”      1.19             1.09           .99
                        1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                                             #SHOE45                 Case of 72 $54.66
                        7.25    6.75    6.25    5.95 #SOCK
                                                                                      54”        1.39         1.29           1.19
 coTToN SockS                                                                        #SHOE54                 Case of 72 $63.06
 FoR INFaNTS, ToddlERS & chIldREN
 These are 90% Mercerized Cotton, 10%                                 coTToN glovES
 Lycra (so they keep their shape). You can
 dye them, marble them, tie dye them or paint                                                      Heavy coarse cotton knit,
 them. They dye vividly. Try throwing a pair                                                         off-white, stretch to fit
 into a dyebath along with other items to                                                             almost anyone, dye great.
 make matching socks!                                                                                    Use them for costumes,
                                                                                                            theater, camps, team
 Sold in packs of 3 only. Each pack is                                                                           events?
 considered one item for quantity                                                                                 Do the wave in
 discounts. Price per pack is...                   That’s                                                         color!
          1-11    12+     36+     60+               each                                                                 Sold in
4-5        4.85   4.35 4.15      3.75 #KSOx4                                                                             packs
5 1/2-61/2 5.05   4.65 4.35      3.95 #KSOx5                                                                              of 3
61/2-7 1/2 5.50   5.15 4.85      4.50 #KSOx6                                                1-11      12+     36+     60+
7 - 8 1/2 5.95     5.65 5.35       4.95 #KSOx7                     Price per pack of 3: 3.95          3.75    3.25    2.95    #gl
                                                                       BRUShEd coTToN vISoR
  BaSEBall caP
Nice 100% Brushed                                                  Shade your eyes and face at the
Cotton cap with cloth                                              games, look cool, absorb
and dark brass adjuster                                            sweat. Attractive 100%
in the back. Dyes well but                                         soft brushed cotton twill
not sewn with cotton thread.                                       sun visor with a nice

Works for men, women and                                           surface in front for printing your
preteens.                                                          favorite logo or saying. Has
                                                                   a built in sort of a sweat band
                                                                   most of the way around inside
...and by the way,                                                 & a Velcro closure in the back
the male model                                                     so fits a variety of adult sizes, for
works here, is                                                     men & women. Has a firm plastic
single, enjoys quiet                                               insert in the brim. Not sewn
walks on the beach                                                 with cotton thread.
and plans to work        1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                                 1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
for world peace.         3.69 3.33 2.89 2.59 #BBC2                        2.99 2.70 2.42 2.22 #BCV

                                 BUckET haT                           golF caP or
                                                                      BaSEBall caP
                               A great basic! Keep one                 Now without the nylon
                               in your jacket pocket,                  braid in front. All Cotton
                               backpack, your car’s glove              Cap. Plastic adjuster
                               compartment, or in your                 in back ~ one size
                               fishing tackle box. Ready               fits all. No center
                               to tie-dye or dye in your               front seam makes for a
                               favorite colors.                        good wide clear space
                                                  #ABH                 for printing, design or
                               1-11     12+ 36+ 60+                    embellishment - smack
                               4.69     4.35 3.89 3.50                 dab in the front.
                                                                       Not sewn with cotton
 adUlT                          100% Cotton Rib knit &                 thread. Try fabric markers
 waTch                          ready to dye into your colors.         and Hot-Fix crystals
                                  Lightweight caps can be              & rhinestuds to
  caP                                                                  replicate the “tatoo
                                  used all year round. Great for
                                  teams, schools,                      art” look of current
                                                                       fashion designers.         1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
                                  camps!                                                          3.25 2.95 2.75 2.25 #BBC
                                 Dye ‘em
                                up in your

1-11 12+       36+     60+                                                                     SwEPT
3.64   3.39   2.99     2.70                                                                    Back
                                      Rag ToP vISoR
                                100% Rayon sewn w/cotton
                                thread for perfect dyeing. A
                                little spray starch stiffens the      Swept back look. Adjustable fabric strap in back & room
                                brim right up after dyeing.           for a ponytail. Seam up center of crown, so its not suited
                                   #RTV                               1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                   for printing messages.
                                                                                                                Buy lots & lots!
                                                                      3.95 3.59 3.25 2.99 #SBH
                        1-11     12+     36+      60+
                        4.99     4.49    3.79     3.29
       adUlT FloPPY haT                                                                                       coTToN
100% Cotton Jersey sewn with                                                                               PaINTER’S caP
Cotton thread. Fun floppy hat!
Turn the brim up, add a brooch,                                                                  100% Cotton. Adjuster in
flower, or feather! This best                                                                    back makes one size really fit
selling hat is also available in                                                                all very nicely. (Swell heads
infant, toddler & youth sizes                                                                   are always a problem). They
on pg 78. Cut oversized                                                                         look great dyed up with our
to allow for shrinkage. Be                                                                      dyes. These must be hand-
cool!                                                                                           washed. The seams don’t
                                                                                                 stand up to machine washing.

 1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                                            Per pack      1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                              #pC
 7.49 6.99 6.27 5.59                                            of 3        5.85 5.25 4.50 4.05
          Most hats & caps can not be machine washed! You can dye them, but hand wash and hang dry.                         133
hATS & BANNERS                                                       Inspired by the celebration banners in Bali.
                                           YaRMUlkE                   17 feet long & 28 inches wide at the bottom.
                                                                        100% flat woven cotton sewn with cotton
                                                                         thread. Vertical slot 12 feet high & a 5 foot
                                                                           hanging part ending in a star. The slot
                                                                            will take a bamboo, wood, or plastic
                                                                              pipe up to 1 inch diameter. Dye them,
                            Need something to brighten                         tie-dye them, print or paint them.
                            up an event? Try tie-dyed                            Use to attract attention to a booth.
                            Yarmulkes. We’ve seen them                             Use for real estate open houses.
                            and it’s a great idea. Ours are                         Use to line housing driveways.
                            two ply (lined), 100% cotton,        TALL or             Use to happy up a party. Use to
                            and ready to be dyed.                 SHORT                trumpet a wedding. Use
                                                                                        to dress
                          1-11     12+ 36+ 60+                                           up the entrance.
                #YARM     2.95    2.75 2.50 2.25

                                                               good lUck                           Tall
                                                                                                   (about 12 ft +
                         coTToN                                 BaNNERS                              5 ft tail)
                          “do”                                                                       Cotton #glB
                                                                                                     Nylon #glBn
                                                                 Poles                                     Buy:
                                                                  not                                     1 - 4 ... 17.95
                                                               included.                                      5+ ... 16.50
                                                                                                            20+ ... 14.49
Call it a“Head Wrap”or “Do Rag”? Wear one under your                                                       100+ ... 12.25
helmet when you’re on your Harley. Great as a head wrap
for women, restaurant folks, artists, too. 100% Cotton,                                               NOW IN
cotton thread, 2 tails in back to tie. Dyes vividly, easy to                                          NYLON,
decorate.         1-11      12+       36+     60+                                                      TOO!
                  6.95      6.29      5.49    4.95 #BC38                                              The banners have
                                                                                                     been so popular
                                                                                    we’ve responded to your requests
                                                                                    by adding some in dyeable/printable
                                 BaNdaNa ScaRF                                      Nylon and in Silk. Also, since some
                         Cute triangular bandana ready                              people have ceilings, we’ve added a
                         for your creative input. 100%                              shorter version.
                         cotton sheeting with easy tie
                         cords. Hemmed on the front and
                         serged on the back 2 sides. Sewn                          Short banner: (about 6 ft + 2.5 ft tail)
                         with cotton thread. Two sizes:                            Cotton #glBS
                         Youth or Adult.                                           Nylon #glBnS
 for Girl’s:                                                                       habotai Silk #glBHS
 S = 13.5” x 13.5” x 20” w/13” ties             That’s
 for Adults:                                     $1.99                                A banner          Buy:
 L = 15” x 15” x 22” w/14” ties                 each at                               for every         1 - 4 ... 9.95
                     Sold in packs of 3           60+                                 location,             5+ ... 8.95
                     1-11 packs 12+ 36+ 60+                                          that’s our           20+ ... 7.95
                     7.99       7.25 6.69 5.99 #BAnSC                                  motto!
                                                                                                         100+ ... 6.95

    FoldINg SUN haTS                                           BaNNERS
Take it out of it’s pouch & it
springs open into a 18” sun hat.                           We love the idea
With a twist it becomes a 6” disk                          of banners! Make a
again. Bag & hat are 100% cotton                           personal statement or
so paint or print! White only.                             celebrate a holiday.
For promotions, vacations, keep                            These come with a
one in your purse or in the car!                           wooden dowel and
Sell at outdoor concerts, sports                           end balls which can
events, beaches,
wherever                                                   be slipped out while
there’s sun!                                               you’re working on
                                                           them. 100% bleached
  Keep                                                     7oz. cotton Duck.
 one in                                                    Hemmed all around.
  your                                                     Neat-o! (Glasses for
 car for                                                   size)      1-11 12+           36+     60+
   crazy                                                   8”x14” 3.25 2.99              2.69    2.42     #BAn8
   sunny                                                  13”x20” 4.50 4.20              3.75    3.35     #BAn13
                                                          18”x28” 6.24 5.79              5.20    4.64     #BAn18
              1-11     12+       36+     60+              24”x36” 7.99 7.47              6.68    5.96     #BAn24
              4.18     3.76      3.42    3.10        #FSH 28”x48” 9.64 8.98              7.99    7.16     #BAn48
134                              ThisUSA Flag icon indicates items made in the good ole USA!
    doggIE T-ShIRTS
                                                                                    DOGGIE BOUTIQUE
                                                                                 doggIE TaNk ToP
                                                                                                              Treat your doggie to
                                                                                 White or Black               a tank top. Tie dye or
                                                                                        white: #DTT                 put transfers
                                                                                       black: #BDTT                  on - the 100%
                                                                                                                     cotton baby
                                                                                                                     ribknit does it
                                                                                                                    all, and they are
                                                                                                                   even sewn with
                                                                                                                   cotton thread!
                                                                                                                       New in Black!

 100% cotton jersey doggie t-shirts
 have raglan style diagonal inset
 sleeves. Creates a gradual slope                                               Size Weight
 across the shoulder muscles of                                                 XS 0-4 lbs
 our canine friends, giving a better
                                                                                S    5-9
 fit than a human t-shirt. Ribknit taped
 neckline and armhole hems. Backpiece                                           M 9-19
 of t-shirt is sized larger than the front                                      L 20-29
 (or chest) piece of the t-shirt. Design                                        XL 30-45           1-11         12+    36+    60+
 will read better across doggie’s back                                          2XL 45-65   S-L    4.75         4.35   3.99   3.50
 without being interrupted by side                                              3XL 65+     XL-3XL 6.25         5.85   5.39   4.75
 seams. Bottom hem has a soft 2” rib
 knit edging and the hem is straight                                             doggIE golF
 (not curved). Generous cut.                            Length*     Weight
                                           XS:          6”-9”       4-7          ShIRT
 • Use Ink Jet Tranfer paper to transfer                                        A classic Golf shirt
                                           S:           10”-13”     8-14
 designs & text with messages like:                                             Fore Doggie! 7.4 Oz.
                                           M:           13”-17”     14-24
 “Women want me, cats fear me!”                                                 100% combed ringspun
                                           L:           17”-23”     24-45
 • Tie-dye, marble, paint or screen print! XL:          23”-29”     45-65       cotton baby Rib. Double
                                                                                needle ribbed binding
                                           2XL:         30” & up    65 & up     on leg holes. Welt collar.
* Measure from the base of the neck to base of the tail. Allow for shrinkage.   2 snap placket closure
                           1-11       12+         36+       60+                 on front. Taped neck.
                                                                                Hemmed bottom. Sewn
            XS, S, M 7.95             6.95       6.49      5.95 #DOgS           with Cotton thread for
            L, XL, 2XL 8.95           7.95       7.49      6.95 #DOgl           perfect dyeing just for
                                                                                you! These are running
                   doggIE ToUgh gUY TaNk                                        on the small side, so
                                                                                order a larger size if need
                              Or you could call it a Cat Beater, or             be. This 9 lb doggie is
                                     you could put it on your cat and           wearing a medium!
                                     call it a Dog Beater... Actually,
                                     we tried to get this dog to look           Size   Weight
                                   tough, but this was as good as it            XS     0-4 lbs
                                got. Sorry the only model we had                S      5-9
                              was a Chihuahua, but if your dog (or              M      9-19
                              cat) has muscles, it will look great in           L      20-29
                              this top! 100% cotton 2X1 rib knit                1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
                              like the traditional “boy beaters”.               7.25 6.75 5.99 5.39                #DgS
                                We have matching ones for women,
                                 girls and toddlers, so you can get a                       doggIE hoodIE
                                 group photo! Not
                                  sewn with cotton         Size Weight                      wITh PockET
                                  thread.                  XS 0-4 lbs                            White or Black
                                                           S       5-9
                                                           M       9-19                          Dog hoodies complete with a
                                             #DTgT         L       20-29                          kangaroo pocket on the back so
                                                                                                                    dogs can carry
                                            1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                                                        their own
                                            4.48 4.19 3.75 3.27                                                       treats. 100%
                                                                                                                            5.8 oz
                                  doggIE BaNdaNaS                                                                          combed
                                  22” x 22” X 29”                               XS-L                             baby rib cotton
                          TRIANGLE cotton BANDANAS                                                              knit. Double
                          Every dog wants one - including “Bamboo”                                             needle rib binding
                          our official Dharma Dog! Bandanas are                                               on the sleeves &
                          bleached, hemmed with cotton thread on 3                                          bottom add strength.
                          sides. Sewn with Cotton thread.                                                      Sewn with cotton
                                                                                                               thread. These run
                                                          about                                                small - see our web
                         Sold in Packs of 12:            .47 ea.
                                                                                                               site for more info.
                         = one item for discounts
                          1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                                      white: #DHWp               1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
                          8.95 7.39 6.65 5.59 #TBSET                            black: #BDHWp             7.15 6.66 5.95 5.31
see for item #DOGMAN - doggie mannequin for modeling these babies in your booth or store 135
   ShOULDER & SMALL BAGS                                                                             “Bag IN a Bag”
              Boho                                                                                     TRavEl Bag
        Flat woven white
        100% Cotton Baby
        Canvas. Center
        compartment has
        a tie at the top.

        Rounded bottom                                                                                     Starts as a 6”
        corners. Turned                                                                                    diameter disc pouch,
        & stitched edges.                                                                                  unzips into a small
        Wide shoulder                                                                                      lightweight travel or
        strap. Carry                                                                                       grocery tote! Genius!
        everything you                                                                                     Small enough to fit
        need for your                                                                                     into your regular
        busy life: yoga                                                                                   purse. 100% bleached
        stuff, workout                                                                                    cotton Garuda.
        stuff, books,                                                                                     Reinforced at bottom
        crafts, travel,                                                                                   with a layer of clear
        events, even                                                                                      vinyl thats sandwiched
        a trip to the                                                                         in between 2 layers of cotton - so
        market for                                                                            it holds up in washing and won’t
                                                                                  zipper      shred. Double stitched straps.
        groceries!                                                                  at        Nylon zipper.
         1-11 12+       36+     60+                                                        1-11    12+     36+     60+
         10.29 9.29     8.45    7.75   #BC272                                              4.95    4.45    4.05    3.75 #BC100

       JEwElRY PoUch                            TRI-Fold Natural colored 100%              lITTlE lINEd
                                                ShoUldER cotton duck, twill                ShoUldER
        Flat woven                                       binding edges. Cotton             Bag
        100%                                    wallET
                                                                   cord strap, sewn    Lined shoulder
        cotton for                                                    with poly
        keeping                                                                        bag of white
                                                                         thread.       woven cotton
        your                                                              Synthetic
        jewelry                                                                        with a zippered
                                                                          zippers &    closure with a
        or other                                                         velcro won’t dyeable string
        trinkets                                                        take dye. 50” for the handle.
        in. Double                                                     shoulder strap, 7.5” tall X 5.5”
        layer of                                                       17.75” X 5.75” wide. Zipper part
        fabric with                                                   fully opened,
        a little                                                                       doesn’t dye, but
                                                               & 6” square when        all the thread
        drawstring.                                           closed. 4 zippered       does!
                                                #TFSW         compartments, 1
       #BC129                                                                          1-9           3.95 ea.
                                                              pocket, & a velcro       10 or more 3.49
       1-9        2.49 ea.                       1-9 5.95 ea. closing.
       10 or more 1.99                           10+ 4.95 ea.                          #BC108

       coTToN ShoUldER Bag                                              cIRclE Bag
        Well-made & functional
                                                                       wITh BaMBoo
        shoulder bag made in flat woven                                  haNdlES
        100% Cotton & sewn with
        cotton thread. Measures 17”
        across & 15” tall with a 3” wide
        double layer strap. Has 6” x 7”
        pockets inside & outside with
        vecro closures. Bag is actually
        reversible - can be worn inside
        out as well. Provides a great
        surface for stamping & painting.

                                                                     Simple design! 100%
                                                                     bleached cotton “Baby
                                                                     Canvas”. Full circular
                                                                     natural bamboo handles.
                                                                     Bag has 1” flanged
                                                                     edges with double
                                                                     topstitching. Open bag
                                                                     top design. Ready for
                                                                     you to paint, embroider,
                                                                     blanket stitch, ribbon
                         #CSBAg                                      embellish,
       1-11    12+    36+ 60+                                        whatever!              1-11    12+     36+     60+
       9.95    9.29   8.95 8.49                                                             6.29    5.69    5.19    4.79 #BC110
                                                                      Here’s a bunch of items that we are having made for us out of
  3 ToTE BagS                10 oz. coTToN caNvaS                     100% cotton 7 oz. duck and sewn with cotton thread. The
                                                                      floor cloths are made from heavier 15 oz. natural duck. The
  Natural off-white, ready to hand dye, paint, screen or              duck is not pre-shrunk so there will be some shrinkage. They
  marble. The Carry-all is handy to hold groceries.                   are perfect for dyeing, painting, stamping or marbling and you
                                                                      can make some fun stuff to sell, give, or keep.
   Shoulder Sling
   14” x 18” x 4”approx.                                                  goRIlla                           Big & strong & makes
   11” x 11” pocket                                                       MaRkET                              a great reuseable
   33” strap                                                               Bag                                 shopping bag. Holds
                                                                                                                as many groceries as
   Carry All                                                                                                    large store shopping
   Great for groceries.                                                                                        bags. Reinforced
   18” x 15” x 5”                                                                                          straps go all
                                                                                                      the way to
   Town Tote                                                                                         the bottom        100% natural
   14” x 14” x 4                                                                                     of the             colored cotton
                                                                                                     bag.                canvas &
                                                                                                                          sewn with
                   1-11        12+       36+     60+                                                                       cotton
  Shoulder S.      4.95        4.75      4.25    3.95     #SSB                                                              thread.
  Carry All        4.95        4.75      4.25    3.95     #CAB
  Town Tote        3.95        3.75      3.50    2.95     #TTB

   cool         Made in the USA for us in 7 oz.
  ToTES         Cotton duck sewn with cotton                          Before
                 thread for perfect dyeing.                           Washing:
                    Each has a gusset so they                         height: 18”
                     can really carry stuff.                          length: 14½”
                           Each                                       width: 7½”
                           has two                                    straps: 21¾”
                           pockets on                                 x 1¼”
                            one side.

                                                                                              1-11     12+       36+    60+
                                                                                              5.95     5.60      5.25   4.75 #gMB
14” wide x 9” / 3” gusset w/ 6” strap
                     1-11       12+     36+     60+                   laUNdRY BagS
                     3.95       3.58    3.12    2.79 #CTOT14
18” wide x 16” / 5” gusset w/ 9” strap                                20” x 34”with a draw-
                           5.79 5.25    4.56    3.99 #CTOT18          string.You know you
                                                                      need a tie-dyed laundry
                                       REal BIg Bag                   bag and have needed it
                                                                      for some time, but it’s
                             This is the mother of all bags! Big!     only now as you read this
                             Strong! Kind! Gentle! Everything         that awareness floods
                             you want in a bag. 10” wide, 18”         your mind.
                              long, 12” high with a 3” wide double
                              layer strap. Rivets at stress points. 1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
                              This bag is made for newspaper        6.58 6.14 5.48 4.89 #lBAg
                              delivery kids.(is that still happen-
                                 ing?). Holds lots of newspapers or        TaBlEcloThS or haNgINgS
                                 carry your
                                 whole life in it.                     3 Sizes:
                                                                       7 oz. Cotton Duck
                                                                       Serge stitch edges.

                                 1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
                                                                                  1-11         12+        36+       60+
                                 12.98 12.10 10.82 9.65        #RBB       52”x52” 10.76       9.87       8.84       7.95   #TC52
                                       lUNch Bag                          60”x72” 14.98       13.73      12.29     11.95   #TC72
                      This one is unusual.                               60”x102” 20.11       18.43      16.51     14.84   #TC102
                      It’s made of a lighter fabric weight canvas
                      and the top rolls up and closes with a             TERRY vEloUR
                      velcro tab. Lunch is just one of the uses.         BEach TowEl
                      Measures about 6” x 9” when rolled with               BlaNkS
                      a 5” gusset.

                               1-11     12+     36+     60+
                                3.95    3.75    3.25    2.95    #lB
  Big beach size - 30” x 60” / 100% cotton terry velour,
  sewn with cotton thread, sheared (low nap) so they’re           The world will be
  better for dyeing. Good weight - almost 1 lb. each.            a better place with
                                                                  Tie Dye towels...           1-11     12+       36+    60+
  Lush, plush tie dye towels -aahh!                                                           8.99     8.25      7.39   6.51 #TVBT
                              All our clothing is white or natural, except when it’s black                                       137
hOME DECOR                                                   14” x 18” placemats
 TaBlE RUNNERS, PlacE MaTS & NaPkINS                         hand woven using
                                                             recycled paper
                                                             from magazines
                                                             and newspapers.
                                                             The printing creates
                                                             beautiful random
                                                             patterns. Make
                                                             fun conversation
                                                             pieces used as
                          Made in 7 oz. 100% cotton          is for placemats.
                          bleached duck. Runner is           Over-dye them
                          hemmed, Placemat & Napkins         with pastel cotton
                          are serged.                        dyes. Handpaint,
 Napkins 15”x15” sets of 4
                                                             stamp and print them. Make a cool background for mounting
 Placemat 12”x18” sets of 4                                  artwork or photos. Cut them up and they hold together pretty
 Runner 14”x 54” each                                        well. Washable if you do it carefully. (Check our website for
                    1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                         examples and instructions.)     haNdwovEN PlacEMaTS
    Napkins (4 pak) 6.25 5.80 5.18 4.65 #nAp                           Buy:                         FRoM REcYclEd
   Placemat (4 pak) 9.19 8.49 7.59 6.77 #pMAT                          1 - 4 ... 3.49                 NEwSPaPER
                                                                           5+ ... 2.95
      Runner (each) 4.95 4.60 4.12 3.68 #Run                            100+ ... 2.25 #Rpp
            coTToN FaNS                                                                         SIlk ThRow
                                            SIlk vElvET
                                            ThRow PIllow covERS                               PIllow covERS
                                                                                          FOR PAINTING or DYEING
                                                                                                  4 SIZES
                                            FoR PaINTINg oR dYEINg                          14” x 14” 16” x 16”
                                            (or making your own cut velvet pat-            18” x 18” 24” x 24”
                                            terns with Fiber Etch-pg 58)                   OPEN OR CLOSED SEAMS

                                             Made just like the ones to the left,
                                             only in solid velvet. Absolutely
 100% Cotton fans. 3 sizes. Rustic           gorgeous dyed with Procion dyes
 Bamboo frames & handles.Inexpensive,        in the crystal wash technique
 so great for kids to paint! Stay cool!      explained on our website! Also dyes
                                             up nice as tie dye or solid colors.
  3 SIZES:             1-11 12+              Plush and comfy!!!
 #BC162: 8”x14” 2.25 1.99
                                              1-11 12+
 #BC143 : 9”x15” 2.50 2.25                     6.95 6.27 #SVp14Cor #SVp14O
 #BC160: 10”x18” 2.75 2.50                    10.95 9.95 #SVp18C or #SVp18O    For tie-dye order them all sewn up.
                                                                               For silk painting, order them with
     SIlk BEd PIllow covERS                coTToN ShEETINg ThRow PIllow open side seams for easy stretching
                                                           covERS              and painting. In either case, the
                                                   FOR PAINTING or DYEING      zipper is already sewn in place. 100%
                                            Bleached sheeting,                 10mm habotai silk and sewn with
                                            sewn with cotton                   silk thread. Purchase pillow inserts at
                                            thread, zipper                     fabric stores. Your imagination and the
                                                                               number of sofas & beds in your own
                                            closeure, ready to                 and friends’ houses are the only limits.
                                            dye or paint.
                                            Purchase pillow                                1-11 12+
                                            inserts at a                            14” 4.09 3.68             #STpC14
                                            fabric store.                           16” 5.03 4.53             #STpC16
                                            In 3 sizes:                             18” 6.90 6.21             #STpC18
 Ours are made from the best 16.5mm         14” x 14” - 18” x 18” - 24” x 24”       24” 8.86 7.97
 Charmeuse silk, patterned on a                                                                               #STpC24
 standard pillow case & sewn with silk            1-11 12+ 36+ 60+                 (Add a “C” for closed or an “O” for
 thread. 21” x 32” including a 3.5” hem.   14” 6.25 5.50 4.95 4.65 #CTpC14         open to the end of the stock #)
  1-9 $ 10.45 ea.                          18” 7.75 7.25 6.45 5.95 #CTpC18
                                                                              coTToN dUck “ENvEloPE” PIllow
  10+ $ 9.95 ea. #CBpC                     24” 10.25 9.25 8.35 7.75 #CTpC24
            PIllowcaSES                     NYloN MINI FlagS
 100% Cotton
 Sewn with cotton thread               We had planned to
 No fabric finsihes                    have a wide selection
 Ready to Dye                          of nylon flags and
                                       banners for this catalog
 Most pillowcases aren’t 100% cotton   but ran into “grommet”
 - they will not dye well. They often  problems (and you think
 have surface finishes which prevent   you have problems). So,
 dyeing. Finishes can’t easily be      for now, we’re making
 removed. Even after many washings,    10” x 15” flags with a                         We’re making these out of
 they dye splotchy. Our cases are 100% sleeve along the 10”                           7 oz. bleached cotton duck
 Cotton without finishes! Hemmed       side for rope or pole                          sewn with cotton thread.
 with cotton thread. We hope you’ll    hanging. They can be          #nMF             Shaped like an envelope
 buy lots! Visualize everyone you      dyed with our acid dyes,   Buy:                with a velcro closure.
 know sleeping on tie-dyed sheets &    painted like silk, written 1 - 4 ... .99
 pillow cases! About 132 thread count. on, markered on,                                      10” x 18” Same price
                                                                      5+ ... .89
                                       whatever. Basically, to                          1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
 Just a Pillow Case $4.95 #BPC         brighten up your life.
                                                                    20+ ... .79
     Pillow cover (21x27) or (22x32)                               100+ ... .69 #CDpC 4.95 4.53 3.95 3.49
138 Canvas products should be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle in a net bag! - Else they’ll shred.
APRONS, BAGS, ETC.                                                                5 aPRoNS IN 5 SIZES
SIlk gIFT BagS                                                           An apron for every size & shape
                                                                             little Kid to Jumbo adult
If you’ve got stuff, now we’ve                                  All the aprons are made from 100% Cotton Duck. Sewn with
got little bags to put it into.Very                             cotton thread. Have 3 large pockets across just below the
handy when giving your stuff to                                 waist. Very sturdy and well sewn, should last a long time. So
others, as in gifts, or organizing                              go ahead and make a mess! Not preshrunk.
your stuff, or traveling with                                   Shrinks up to 15% at hottest settings
your stuff. Your choice of silk                                 (washer, dryer).
habotai or silk organza. They can                                   El gRaNdE, ThE BIg oNE
take the place of boxes if you’ve got                               29” wide by 33” high.
something to sell or give, like neat
stuff. The 15” (not shown) works                                    nothing gets by this baby!
perfectly for wine bottles - comes                                1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
completely up over the neck.                                      7.50 6.95 5.95 5.50 #Ap1
                                                                adUlT aPRoN
                                                                25” wide by 29” high.
                                                                good for women &
                                                                average men
                                                                 1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
                                                                  5.75     5.50    5.25     4.95
SILK:8mm habotai or 5mm organza
          1 - 9ea 10+ea 100+ea Habotai             Organza      ThE BIg kId aPRoN
2”x 3”    0.89    0.76 0.60   #SgBAg3             #OBAg3         20” wide by
3”x 4”    1.14    0.97 0.76   #SgBAg4             #OBAg4         24” high.
4.5”x 6” 1.29     1.10 0.86   #SgBAg6             #OBAg6                                                            NEW &
5”x 7 “   1.49    1.27 0.99   #SgBAg7             #OBAg7
                                                                The mess catcher !!!                              IMPROVED!
6.5”x 11” 2.28    1.94 1.52   #SgBAg11            #OBAg11       1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
6.5”x 15” 3.99    3.39 2.55   #SgBAg15            #OBAg15        4.95    4.50     3.95    3.50
  For larger quantities - call for quote
#1                                         #2                    ThE lITTlE kId
                                                                 aPRoN                                             Measurements
                                                                                                                   are without the
                                                                 Very cute! Sized right                              neck straps
                                                                 for small kids.                                    and the side
                                                                 16” wide by 20” high.                                   ties.
Decorate with                                  MaSkS!            1-11 12+ 36+ 60+
 paints, foil,                                    See our         4.10    3.67     3.30    2.95
rhinestones,                                     website for      #Ap4
 glitter, lace                                   more info!
  and ribbon!                #3                                   caFE aPRoN
Thin plastic base                                                24” wide by 14” high.
covered in fabric.
Takes our Fabric Paints                                          Restaurant style
(Dynaflow, Lumiere!),                                            half apron. Handy
Markers & Resists. Make all                                      for yard sales
kinds of creative designs. Use                                   (stash the money)
our Jones Tones Foils or Glitter,                       #4       or craft work.      1-11           12+    36+     60+
add trim with our lace, or dangly-                                                          4.75    4.25   3.80    3.25 #ApC
thingys with our silk ribbons. Fun group
or party activity!                     1-9      10-19 20+                                                  TEXTBook covERS
              #MASK # 1, # 2, # 3: 1.89         1.69 1.49                                                      coTToN lYcRa
              #MASK # 4:              3.69      3.29 2.79                                    TIE DYE, PAINT, DECORATE!
                     low coST PRoMoTIoNal ToTES                                            Be the coolest kid in school! See your
                               for Screen Printing                                         textbooks from a mile away! Never
                 & give-aways at shows and events                                          again will your textbooks need to be
                           Made out of a lighter weight                                    dull and impersonal. These fabric
                           100% Cotton duck fabric.                                        covers can be tie-dyed, marbled,
                           Not intended for dyeing. 3                                      painted, stamped, whatever!!! They
                           sizes- all good for 8.5”x11”                                    stretch to fit books from 7.5” x 9” to
                           literature. Largest size only                                   10.5” x 13”. Covers can be washed
                           has a gusset. Simple and                                        and used over and over. Sewn with
                           inexpensive!                                                    nylon thread. See these sold at retail
                                                                                          stores & book stores for big bucks.
                                 11”W x 12”H no gusset
                                 14”W x 14”H no gusset             Great for fund raisers & craft fairs sales.
                                 14.5”x18” with 5” gusset          COOL Each book cover .............$2.99
                                                                                    buy 10+ ............. 2.79
           1-99          100+     500+ 1000+                        FOR
 11”x12” 1.89            1.79     1.59 1.49 #CpT11                                  buy 30+ ............. 2.64
                                                                  SCHOOL!           buy 50+ ............. 2.47
 14”x14” 2.39            2.19     1.99 1.89 #CpT14                                  buy 100+ ........... 2.10
 14.5”x18” 2.99          2.79     2.59 2.49 #CpT18                                  buy 1000+ ......... 1.89 #TBC
         Not included with other items for discounts.

                                             W W W. D H A R M AT R A D I N G . C O M                                         139
                              GENERAL                                                   10% off every book every day.                  BOOKS
       COMPLEX CLOTH: A COMPrEHEnsivE GuidE                                                       SILK PAINTING
       TO surfACE dEsiGn                                                          DVD              siLK PAinTinG with Jill Kennedy
       by Jane dunnewold
                         The book gets you started. The 3 DVD set is                                  Jill’s lively presentation & well organized
          DVD            Jane’s entire Complex Cloth workshop! The                                    format makes this how-to DVD a joy to watch.
                                                                                                      She’s very clear, concise, & has a great British
                           demonstrations begin with dyeing and over
                           dyeing and include all the processes used to                               accent. Techniques she covers are perfect for
                              generate a layered surface. Dunnewold                                   beginners through intermediate silk painters.
                              explains her system of layering simple                                  Include getting set up, water, salt, alcohol, &
                              processes to produce fantastic surface                                  sugar technique. She demystifies things like
                              design effects. Procion dyes, discharging,                              thickeners, discharge, anti-spread, wax & gutta.
                              fabric paints, resists, transfer papers, foil,                          Demonstrations include paints & dyes, and how
                              silk screen, stenciling, stamping and more                              to fix them, including steaming. 145 Minutes
                                                                                   1 DVD Disc List $29.95 Dharma $26.95 #SPDVD
                              are used. In addition to the wet processes,
                              Jane also discusses and demonstrates stamp
                              carving, making a stencil from interfacing,        COMPLETE GuidE TO siLK PAinTinG
                              and two silkscreen surfaces that are easy to                by susanne Hahn
       make without any special light set-up. The DVD demonstrations                           Here’s an in-depth, instructional and inspirational
       cover everything in the book Complex Cloth, but in an updated                           book on silk painting - good for beginners as well as
       and expanded format. Filmed at Art Cloth Studios, this three-hour                       the experienced. There’s a lot of information—all
       presentation is the most complete information currently available                       presented clearly with beautiful color photographs.
       as a DVD. Top notch material and a fantastic value!                                     Great information on silk paints, stretcher systems,
         Book - 164 pages. Full color photos. Soft cover.                                      and the many effects that can be achieved on silk
       List $34.95 Dharma $31.46 #BCC                                                          with salt, gutta, water-based resists and diffusants as
        3 Disc DVD set – 163 minutes                                                           well as clear instructions on steaming silk. There are
       List $75.00 Dharma Price $67.50 #CCDvD                                                  nice examples of silk painting to admire and inspire.
                                                                                 Great book! 134 pages. soft cover, lots of color photos
       COLOrWOrKs - The Crafter’s Guide to Color                                 List Price $22.50 dharma Price $20.25 #BCGsP
                                    by deb Menz
                         THE MYSTERY OF COLOR REVEALED!                          siLK PAinTinG new ideas and Textures
                         What colors go together? How can I mix                  by Jill Kennedy and Jane varrall
                         my own colors for any project? With a few               Isaac said, “No more, I don’t want any more silk painting books. “So
                         simple principles, you will see how to master           I said, “But this one’s different.” “Come on,” he said, “what more can
                         color. Discussed are basic color relationships,         be said, the other books got everything. “I said, “What other book has
                         understanding value, color contrasts,                                      a whole chapter on anti-bleed techniques?” “Humm,”
                         harmonies, choosing colors and design, color                               he said. “Or what about a whole chapter on using
                         examples of spinning, knitting, surface design,                            thickener with silk dyes? Or sunpainting? Or cray-
       beading, embroidery, quilting, weaving and paper making                                      ons?” I said. “How about sugar techniques?” he said
       explaining how color impacts each.                                                           facetiously. “A whole chapter,” I told him. “Okay,
       Included is a neat punch out template color wheel section with                               okay,” he said, “we’ll get it, but it better sell or it’s
       extensive color variations. Hard Cover, Spiral Bound, 147 pages                              your tail.” “Wait a minute,” I said, “it’s got more.
       List $24.95 Dharma $23.45             #BCW                                                   Batik, and salt and alcohol “ “Yah, yah, yah “ he said.
                                                                                                    127 pages, lots of color photos and specifics
                  STYLING /FASHION                                                                 List $18.95 Dharma $17.06 #BSPNIT
                     sEnsATiOnAL sCArvEs                                        siLK PAinTinG, THE ArTisTs GuidE TO GuTTA
                     by Carol stanley                                           And WAX rEsisT TECHniquEs
                     Here are 44 fantastic ways to add a scarf and create       by susan Moyer
                     a terrific new look. With easy to follow instructions                       This is a book that finally goes beyond the ba-
                     and tips, this book shows you how to tie and wear                           sics and in fact, has it all. Beautifully illustrated,
                     scarves in 44 ways. (Didn’t I say that already?)                            it covers every aspect of Silk Painting from the
                     List $6.99 Dharma $6.29               #BSS                                  first step through the newest advanced tech-
                                                                                                 niques. Lots of color, lots of examples, lots of
        GEnErATiOn T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt                                            everything. Regardless your level of proficiency,
        by iris Lee                                                                              this book will help you improve and inspire you.
                            Most folks don’t see the true potential of the                       It’s a really good book. 8.5 x 11”, 143 pages.
                            plain white T. Thrown over a pair of jeans                           Soft-bound.
                            with some sneakers, of course! But what                           List $24.95      Dharma $22.46 #BSPM
                            about turning it into a Fringed Flapper style

                            Halter Top? Or a sexy knotted hip-huggin’           siLK PAinTinG fOr fAsHiOn & finE ArT
                            skirt? What about a backpack? Generation T
                            is a how-to bible of projects showing that a        by susan Moyer
                            T-shirt doesn’t have to be just a T-shirt. With                    This excellent book is back in print! In addition to dem-
                            a little time, a pair of scissors, and this book                   onstrating the various techniques for dye painting on silk
        you can turn a T-shirt into the most versatile piece of clothing                       with clear instruction and inspirational photographs, this
        that you own. Can’t sew worth a darn? No matter. Over a third                          book gives professional design direction and guidelines
        of the projects are NO SEW. Sweet!                                                     for creating original fashions and accessories such as ties
        8” x 8” - Soft Cover - Black & White photos - 257 pages                                and scarves. You will be introduced to great ideas for
              List $14.95        Dharma $13.45            #BGT                                 utilizing your hand painted pieces for home furnishings.
                                                                                               Included is a great section on how to frame your silk
                             STAMPING                                           paintings for display.
                                                                                List Price $29.95       Dharma Price $26.96                #BSPFFA
         DVD            fABriCAdABrA                by sandra McCall
                        The author of 2 books, inspires crafters to use                               MARBLING
                        stamps for more than merely greeting cards.                   MAsTErinG MArBLinG by Peggy skycraft
                        On her new DVD, Fabricadabra, Sandra covers
                        creating elegant fabric beads, totes, velvet scarves,      DVD           Peggy Skycraft, teacher/master marbler, makes this
                        outfits and more with plain muslin, clothing                             marbling exciting & inspirational! Instructions for
                        blanks, paint (Dynaflow, Setacolor and Lumiere),                         paper & fabric are clear & thorough. Hints on thinning
                        and a few rubber stamps. Her artistry shines                             and floating paints, cleaning the size, & correcting
                        when she transforms a plain outfit into an elegant                       problems. In the “Marbling Fabric” section, she uses
                        ensemble or when she makes stunning scarves                              a variety of paints on silk scarves. Gallery of over 60
       out of silk velvet and beads. With over 100 minutes of projects,                          pieces and quick links on how to create them. This is
       tips, and ideas, this new DVD is packed with material magic and                           the best DVD on marbling we’ve seen! 103 Minutes
       more! 125 minutes.
       List Price $29.95 DharmaPrice $26.95 #SDVD                                      List $29.95 Dharma Price $26.95 #MDVD
       140                                 You can look inside the books and browse pages on our website!
BOOKS                     10% off every book every day.                         BATIK AND TIE-DYE (CON’T)
               FABRIC PAINTING                                                  DVD            Good customers, Martine and Tom, have
 TrAnsfOrMinG fABriC by Carolyn dahl                                                              produced 2 “How to” DVDs for Tie Dye,
                   In this wonderful book from artist/author/teacher                              beginning and (drum-roll) advanced! A com-
                   Carolyn Dahl, you will be guided through the                                   plete proven system is taught revealing the
                   exhilarating world of painting, dyeing and pat-                                “secrets” refined by the authors over 10 years
                   terning fabric. She provides great information                                 of successfully producing and selling tie dye.
                   about fiber dyes and paints, written in a lovely,                              Tie Dye 101: The Basics - guides viewers
                   easy-to-read style. Follow her step-by-step pho-                               through every step of the process using Fiber
                    tographs and instructions to transform ordinary                               Reactive dye, including how to create elabo-
                    white cloth into beautiful works of fiber art. So                             rate patterns and obtain the best results.
                    many techniques are covered, such as stamping,            . Suggested retail -$24.95 Dharma $21.50 #TDVD1
                    leaf printing, fish printing, rain patterning, devore, 87 minutes
discharge and silk painting. You will be inspired and informed by         Advanced Tie Dye Techniques: Shapes and Mandalas - this 2
this wonderful book!                                                      DVD set guides viewers in depth into the creation of shapes like
List price $ 23.99 Dharma’s price $21.59 #BTF                             aliens, hearts, stars and an amazing range of mandalas, lotus blos-
                                                                          soms, suns, etc. Better than a book! Finally revealed!
COLOr BY dEsiGn, PAinT & PrinT WiTH dYE                                   130 minutes Suggested retail -$36.95 Dharma $32.00 #TDVD2
by Ann Johnston                                                           Learn how to Tie Dye: Complete 3 volume Set
                In Ann Johnston’s latest book, you’ll                     This 3 disc set is a compilation of Tie dye 101 and Advanced Tie
                find everything you need to know about                    Dye Techniques. It contains all the information and demonstrations
                painting and printing with Fiber Reactive                 from the TDVD1 and TDVD2, but at a discounted price. Fantastic
                dyes. There are 48 exercises to learn from                package deal!
                with clear, step-by-step directions, along                217 minutes Suggested Retail $59.95 Dharma $49.95 #TDvD3
                with color photographs of the many results
                that can be achieved. Included is a chapter                                               TiE dYE by sulfiati Harris
                dedicated to water-soluble resist and recipes
                for making your own resists. All in all, we                                               (with recipes by Dharma Trading)
recommend this very informative resource!                                                                 This is a great beginners Tie-
                                                                                                          Dye book. Lots of easy to follow
List price $29.95      Dharma Price $26.95 #BCBD                                                          step-by-step instructions to do
                                                                                                          ten cool designs including a
  HAndPAinTinG fABriC: EAsY, ELEGAnT                                                                      Shibori one! Designs shown
  TECHniquEs by newman & Allyson                                                                          can be done on any natural fiber
                                                                                                          white clothing or fabric. Special
                   Here’s a brand new and beautiful                                                       section on doing matching
                  book on one of our fabric subjects:                                                     hats & socks. Also includes a
                  painting on fabric! If you’ve been                                                      Troubleshooting section, and
                  wanting to dabble in the art of fabric                                                  Dharma’s special instructions
                  painting but don’t know where or how                                                    for Tie-Dying with large groups.
                  to get started, this would be an excellent                                              All color photos. 18 pages.
                  choice. Many techniques are discussed
                  and demonstrated: freehand painting,                                          Dharma $4.95             #BTD
  discharging, stamping/printing, using resists and wax ,                       TiE dYE, BACK BY POPuLAr dEMAnd
  “shortcut shibori” and more. The photographs inspire!                                 by virginia Gleser
                                                                                       Want to make truly beautiful tie-dyes? Well
     8” x 10”, Soft cover, 128 pages, lots of color photos.                            here’s an up-to-date book by someone who
     List Price $24.95 Dharma’s price $22.45 #BHF                                      tie-dyes for a living. Virginia has been making
sKY dYEs by Mickey Lawler                                                              and selling great tie-dyes for years at fairs and
                     Perfect for beginning fabric painters as                          now in this book she shares her secrets. Lots
                     well as those who have already dabbled                            of easy to follow instructions, color and b & w
                     with paints on fabric, and those who                              photos. 35 pages.
                     don’t want to be limited by current                               List $12.95 Dharma $11.66 #BTDBPD
                     trends and color choices available com-
                     mercially. Straightforward instructions               TiE-dYE TO diE fOr & BATiK YOu CAn’T rEsisT!
                     explain Mickey’s playful and relaxed                  by Alice niemiec
                     approach to painting techniques. Easy                              This book tells you how to do some
                     to follow exercises show you how to                                pretty hot tie-dye designs. Mirror image
                     create skies such as summer, stormy,                               half spiral, mirror image fan, yin/yang,
                     sunrise, and sunset, as well as earth,                             pleated and crinkled, starburst and more.
                     seas, and gardens. Learn how to choose                             Also clear Procion instructions. Then it
fabric, paints, and applicators. A handy paint color and mix-                           goes into batik - how to and patterns you
ing chart eliminates the guesswork. Includes a project that                             can use. This is a short book (29 pages),
allows you to assemble the fabrics created in the exercises                             but it gets right to the point with practical
into an easy, abstract quilt.                                                           how to info. 8 1/2 X 11, lots of drawings
27 photos of quilts created with painted fabrics                                        and photos, some great color photos.
                                                                                        List $5.95 Our $5.36 #BTDTDF
              8.5x11”, soft, 112 pages, color
         List $24.95 Dharma $22.45 #BSKD                                    CrEATivE BATiK by Rosi Robinson
                                                                            We’re excited about this one—it’s a fabulous book on ba-
          BATIK AND TIE-DYE                                                 tik. You’ll find colorful photographs and clear instructions
                                                                                           on many techniques using hard wax, stamps,
                  inTrOduCTiOn TO BATiK                                                    brushes, etching, cracking and discharging.
                  A colorful, simple guide to creating beauti-                             It’s the how-to photos that make this book
                  ful and original batik designs. Explains all                             special. Each step is visually explained so
                  the steps, with 17 step-by-step projects from                            it’s real easy to follow. If you already batik
                  simple scarves to complex hangings. Good                                 and are ready for the next level, this also is
                  book for the novice to intermediate. 48 pages,                           the right book. Beautiful examples of batik
                  full color.                                                              projects.
                                                                                                  9” x 11”, 96 pages, color,softcover.
                  List $10.95 Dharma $9.86 #BIB                                       List $19.95 Dharma $17.95 #BCB
                                       At least 10% off list price every book everyday!                                                    141
              SURFACE DESIGN                                                 10% off every book every day.                  BOOKS
     THE surfACE dEsiGnEr’s HAndBOOK                                                                DYEING
                        by Holly Brackmann                               fAsT, fun & EAsY fABriC dYEinG        New!
                  If you work with textiles and fibers and want only                                  by Lynn Koolish
                  one reference book - this would be it. This will                        Lynn Koolish, master quilter and well-known author
                  become your “manual” and source of inspiration                          of several popular surface design books brings
                  for trying new things and creating complex                              you a simple, thorough handbook perfect for the
                  multi-layered “art fabrics”. Many dyes & recipes                        beginning dyer’s home workshop.
                  & techniques are covered, including the fiber                           Packed with 12 easy techniques for adding your
                  reactive MX dyes, also printing, discharging,                           own custom color to fabric, clothing, linens and
                  devore, stamping, stenciling, resists, fabric paints                    household goods. With this book, a few basic
and embellishments. Also technical info - preparing fabric, stock                         supplies, even a dyeing “newbie” will have all they
solutions, thickening, steaming & color mixing. The glossary             need to produce beautiful fabrics and garments with a minimum of
describes the what, where, when, and why’s of all the things you’re      time and effort. 8.5” x 11” - Soft cover - Color Photos - 63 pages
told to use but don’t know why. 138 Pgs, Hard cover.
List $29.95 Dharma $26.95            #BSDH                               List $17.95 Dharma $16.15           #BFFE
   sHiBOri by Lynne Caldwell                                               COLOr BY ACCidEnT by Ann Johnston
              This is a good book for beginners who want to see                          No experience required! My kind of book. This is a
              what the possibilities and options are for bound                           new method of dyeing with our dyes devised by Ann
              resist. It covers tying, folding, clamping, stitching,                     Johnston (author of “Dye Painting”). The approach
              pole wrapping and bound objects as design                                  is very spontaneous, uses very little water & dye, no
              elements. Dyes are discussed with recipes and                              salt, and gives you the chance to create one of a kind
              directions including fiber reactive, acid, indigo and                      goodies. 5 variations, with 54 tested recipes. Tons of
              vat dyes, as well as discharging and embellishing.
              There are 13 step by step projects to showcase the                         info on Procion dyeing. 5.5 x 8” 95 pages, color plates.
              techniques.                                                                List $24.95 Dharma $22.46 #BCBA
10.25” x 8.75”, Hardcover, Color, 127 pages
List $19.95 Dharma $17.95 #BSHB
                                                                           HAnds On dYEinG
 DVD sHiBOri - 400 Years of Inventive Design
                This commemorative DVD from Studio Galli,
                                                                           by Betsy Blumenthal & Kathryn Kreider
                commissioned by the Guild of Arimatsu & Naru-                               If you’re really into dyeing you should have this
                mi Shibori Artisans & filmed entirely on location                           book. Very useful and clear information about
                in Japan, covers more than 30 techniques includ-                            color theory, color mixing, controlled dyeing,
                ing indigo dyeing. Never before seen machine                                overdyeing, resists. Discusses most types of dyes
                stitched Shibori is also included. A rare ‘must                             including Procion. Lots of specific information.
                have’ DVD for the Shibori enthusiast or collector!                          Many good diagrams, beautiful color photos. All
                                                                                            in all, a superior book.
                List $29.95 Dharma $26.95 #ASMDVD                                                     8 1/2 X 11, paperback, 120 pages.
                                                                                               List $19.95 Dharma $17.95 #BHOD
                by rayna Gillman    New!                                 indiGO MAddEr And MAriGOLd
                  This beautifully illustrated guide will show you a
                  wealth of simple, creative ways to produce fabu-       by Trudy van stralen
                  lous designs and textures on fabric. Whether you                            A beautifully photographed book with a
                  stamp, stencil, screen-print or hand paint, this                            common-sense approach to using natural dyes
                  book provides inspiration as well as essential                              appropriate for the beginning home dyer and
                  how-to info. Rayna Gillman’s clear step-by-step                             seasoned professional alike. With dozens of
                  instructions and recipes utilize dyes, paints,                              full-page photographs of beautifully dyed
                  resists, discharge agents, as well as unusual and                           fabrics, fibers and yarns and over 200 indi-
 everyday objects you may already have in your home (think Jello                              vidual recipes, the author employs traditional
 and bubble wrap) to create one-of-a-kind art cloth.                                          natural dyestuffs and a creative approach to
 In the author’s own words: “These techniques are low cost, low                               teaching dye mixing, over-dyeing and PH
 tech, low key, and high impact!”...we agree.                                                 modification.
 8.5” x 11” - Soft cover - Color photos - 95 pages                                            Using an environmentally aware approach to
                                                                         mordants she shows how to produce a stunning palette of colors
     List Price $27.95 Dharma’s Price $25.15 #BCYO                       from just a few dye pots. This is one of the best books on Natural
                                                                         Dyeing we have ever seen, and should be part of the library of
              LYnn KOOLisH TEACHEs YOu                                   everyone using or considering using traditional natural dyes!
  DVD            PrinTinG On fABriC                        New!          hardback Cover - Color Photos - 120 pages
                  Finally, a clear step-by-step tutorial for those of    List price $29.95 Dharma’s price $26.95 #BIMM
                  us who want to use our computer printers to cre-
                  ate images on fabric. Perfect for art cloth design-
                  ers, quilters and just plain crafty folks, Ink Jet
                  fabric printing is quickly growing in popularity.
                                                                          DVD              AIRBRUSHING
                  Lynn Koolish takes you from the beginning of           Check out page 22 and 23, or better yet our web site, for these great
                  the process of choosing your images and fabrics        DVD titles:
                  to print on, all the way through to navigating and
                  understanding your printer menus and computer           Airbrush Techniques: start to finish
                  photo editing software. Simple, thorough instruc-      Starting with ‘which end the paint comes out of’ this dvd gives you
 tions and fun, inspirational examples of her work make this video       the basics of airbrush operation, maintenence, and technique.
 a must have for anyone who likes to make art out of fabric.
 1 disc - 120 minutes                                                    List Price $17.95 Dharma Price $16.16 #ATDVD
   List Price $20.95 Dharma’s Price $18.85 #LKDVD                         T-shirt Airbrushing: start to finish
                                                                         This DVD provides similar information to Aribrush Techniques:
                                                                         Start to Finish, but with a focus on T-shirt art.
                          FELTING                                        List Price $17.95 Dharma Price $16.16 #TSADVD
                   nunO nOuvEAu by Liz Clay
                In this book Liz Clay brings you innovative ideas for
                combining beautiful woven fabrics with handmade                                   FELTING
                felt. She gives clear instructions about how the Nuno                    uniquELY fELT by Christine White
                felting process works, and demonstrates how it can                      Christine White, a professional teacher and feltmaker,
                be used on various fabrics and fibers to create very                    describes all the equipment, concepts and theories of
                different results; from the striking and avant-garde,                   felting, and thoroughly covers all felting techniques.
                to wonderfully simple yet elegant projects that even                    There are numerous projects; from handsome inde-
a beginning felt artist or crafter will be able to appreciate. Each and                 structible bags, to lacy curtains made with impossibly
every technique is beautifully illustrated with detailed photographs                    sheer cobweb felt. Every project is striking in its
and clear step-by-step instructions. This book serves not only as a                      of color and purity of form. There are no stitches,
source of inspiration but provides a wealth of practical information fabulous depthno signs of woven cloth — just a wonderful, flowing
to expand the repertoire of any textile artist. Soft cover, 128 pages no seams, and art. A great comprehensive felting book. Soft cover,
                                                                        piece of textile
      List Price $19.99 Dharma’s Price $17.99 #BNN                      312 pages. List Price $24.95 Dharma’s Price $22.45 #BUF

142         Browse pages & view short clips on our website:
                      QUILTING                                              ART & DESIGN                                       BOOKS
  LAurEL BurCH LEGEnds:
  9 quilts inspired by the Earth, sea, and sky
                   9 beautiful quilt designs by Laurel Burch.               CLiP ArT
                   Easy to follow step by step instructions. Lots           BOOKS
                   of fabulous colorful photos! Designs can be
                   traced or enlarged for other purposes, like               with
                   fine arts, silk painting, making your own sten-
                   cils or stamps. 3 designs come in FULL size,
                   pull out patterns! Projects can be used for ev-         Beautifully illustrated clip art
                   erything from wall hangings to table runners,           design book comes with a CD
                   with ideas for adapting designs to pillows              disc with all the book’s images
                   and other home decor accents. Includes lots
                   of tips & info on things like fabric painting,          so you can use your computer
 fusible webbing applique, embellishment techniques, sew-                  and work with your photo editing
 ing, & assembly. A must for any Laurel Burch fan! A Dharma                software. Full color designs can be       printed as is
 employee favorite! Full Color, Soft Cover, 63 pages.                      onto Inkjet transfer paper and then applied to T-shirts,
                      List:$29.95 Dharma:$26.95 #BLBL                      aprons, bags, jackets, etc. Other designs can be used
                                                                           as inspiration for original applications, or to create
                   LuMinOus LAndsCAPEs                                     your own stencils, outlines for painting, embroidery, silk painting,
                                                                           making your own stamps! Designs can easily be enlarged, multiplied,
                   by Gloria Loughman                                      traced or transferred. Vintage, ethnic, animal, decorative or
                  Every once in a while a really fabulous book             traditional design - there is something here for you. Some are black
                  comes along, & this is one of them. Geared to            and white, others full color as indicated. Also great as screensavers
                  quilters & fabric painters, this book shows you
                  how to achieve a pictorial masterpiece step by           for your computer.
                  step. Gloria has an incredible eye for design &Stock #            Title                       Description          Dharma
                  fills this how-to manual with lots of colorful
                  photos & easy to follow instructions so you can                  Fruit Crate Labels             color, 92 labels        17.95
 implement your own creations. Topics covered are inspiration,  BDCA2              Old Time Label Art             color, 229 labels       17.95
 design, color theory, painting fabric, stitching techniques, con-
                                                                BDCA3              Pet Illustrations              color, 294 illustrations17.95
 struction, & finishing. She even includes a couple of pull out
 patterns for duplicating one of her designs. If you don’t sew or                  Redoute Flowers and Fruits     color, 184 images       17.95
 paint you’ll be inspired to start after seeing how beautiful these
                                                                BDCA5              Vintage Labels and Posters     color, 276 labels       17.95
 landscapes are! There is so much in here.                      BDCA6              Patchwork Patterns             b&w, 715 designs        17.95
 Soft Cover, 96 pages, full color.                                                                                b&w, 378 illustrations 13.45
                                                                BDCA7              African Tribal Design
 List Price 28.95 Dharma Price 26.05                     #Bll BDCA8                Animal Folk Art                b&w, 354 images         13.45
sun KissEd quiLTs & CrAfTs                                      BDCA9              Art Deco Designs               b&w, 213 illustrations 13.45
by barbara K. baKer & Jeri boe                                  BDCA10             Art Nouveau Motifs             b&w, 421 motifs         13.45
               Devoted to the art of sun-painting with our      BDCA11             Arts & Crafts Designs          b&w, 231 illustrations 13.45
               Setacolor Transparent Paints. Clear instructions BDCA12             Celtic Designs                 b&w, 96 designs         13.45
               for both basic sun-painting as well as more ad- BDCA13              Chinese Folk Designs           b&w, 220 designs        13.45
               vanced techniques (using salt, sand, scrunching BDCA14              Design Motifs/Ancient Mexico b&w, 503 designs          13.45
               & color layering). Learn how to achieve beauti- BDCA15              Egyptian Designs               b&w, 372 designs        13.45
               ful results. What to do with all your lovely new BDCA16             Geometric Ornaments/Designs b&w, 281 designs           13.45
               sun-printed textiles? Not a problem! Included in
               this fabulous book are inspiring pillow & quilt BDCA17              Matsuya Japanese Crest Designs b&w, 1200+ crests 15.25
               ideas.                                           BDCA18             Nature Stencil Designs         b&w, 562 designs        13.45
 List $16.95 Dharma $15.26 #BSKQ                                BDCA19             North American Indian Motifs   b&w, 391 designs        13.45
                                                                BDCA20             Southwest Indian Designs       b&w, 250 designs        13.45
              SCREEN PRINTING                                                                 JAPAnEsE BOrdEr dEsiGns
  DVD         dECOnsTruCTEd sCrEEn PrinTinG                                                   444 border designs and 19 full-page scenes from the
                          by Kerr Grabowski                                                   Kodai moshiki zuko(“Picture album
                In this visually stimulating DVD, Fiber Artist Kerr                           of Traditional Patterns”), from the 19th century. Any-
                Grabowski leads you through the exciting and                                  one who appreciates Japanese art will love this book.
                versatile process of Deconstructed Screen Printing                            The pictures are just nice, and inspiring but they’re
                (DSP); a technique of creating imagery using dry,                             also very useful - black and white and easily traced.
                thickened Fiber Reactive (Procion) dye on a screen,                           Dharma rated ****
                to produce incredible visual texture and almost                               List $7.95 Dharma $7.16 #BJBD
                organic imagery. Included on this 2 disc, 3+ hour set
                are instructions on screens, squeegees, print boards,          fLOWEr dEsiGns - dEsiGn sOurCE BOOK
Fiber Reactive MX dye, and print paste. Kerr covers the basics and
then demonstrates techniques that, while easy to use, will yield                          by Mandy southan
sophisticated results that are sure the trigger the experienced artist’s                          Here’s another great book by Mandy Southan.
muse! Worth every penny! Combines Surface Design and Printing!                                    This one is a beautiful collection of decorative
 List Price $40.00 Dharma’s Price $35.95 #DSPDVD                                                  floral designs that can be photocopied– roses,
                                                                                                  lilies, peonies, morning glories, irises and more.
   DVD         sCrEEn PrinTinG: sTEP BY sTEP                                                      These original designs lend themselves very
                    insTruCTiOns                                                                  well to the Serti technique of silk painting and to
                 For those of you who don’t know the first thing                                  many other fabric painting projects as well.
                 about screen printing, here is a great way to get the                            List Price $9.95 Dharma’s $8.96 #BFD
                 basics. Speedball’s quick 35 minute DVD breaks
                 down the basics of screen printing into easy to
                 follow, step by step instructions. Each of the most                      SCREEN PRINTING
                 popular methods of screen preparation and use are             DVD
                 covered, including paper stencils, drawing fluid,                          iMPrOvisATiOnAL sCrEEn PrinTinG
                 and photo emulsion.                                                                               by Jane dunnewold
  List Price 19.99        Dharma Price 17.99 #SSpDVD                                 Book or DVD. Filled with lots of how-to info
                                                                                     based on first hand experience. Covers tools,
               siMPLE sCrEEnPrinTinG                                                 equipment, applications, screen surfaces/stencils,
                                  by Annie stromquist                                photo emulsion, paint, thermofax, using wax, dye
               Clear instructions & great color photographs! Covers                  and crayons on your screen. Special attention paid to
               everything you need to know about screenprinting:                     non-traditional techniques using everyday or easily
               supplies, ways to make a screen (using paper, liquid   accessible materials. Each chapter has ideas for other experiments.
               screen filler or photo-emulsion), making a print &     Also discussed are use of textile paints and fiber reactive dyes in
               cleaning the screen. Informative directions to build & relation to screen printing. Available as a soft cover, spiral bound,
               use a home exposure unit. Fabulous projects section 93 page book, or single disc DVD 137 minutes long.
with many interesting ideas about how to use your printing skills.    BOOK:List Price $36.00 Dharma’s Price $32.35 #BISP
List Price $14.95 Dharma’s Price $13.45 #BSP                                 DvD:List Price $35.00 Dharma’s Price $31.50 #ISPDVD
                                 All books and DVDs 10% off list - Look at the contents on our website                                        143
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