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					        Asian Performing Arts Forum 2007

Title             Asian Performing Arts Forum: Performing arts collaboration method analysis via success cases

Date & Time       Saturday, February 10 2007, 14:00 ~ 18:00

Place             Gwangju Biennial Seminar room

                  Why do we want to foster the desire and passion to collaborate?
                  How can we learn from, build upon, and propagate the lessons from our previous experiences?
                  Through in-depth case studies of previous collaboration, we’ll search for ideal strategies and practices
                  to encourage growth in performing arts collaboration in Asia.

• Moderator:      Prof. Sung Yeop Lee (Korea National University of Arts, School of Drama)
                  Ong Keng Sen (Director, Theatreworks)
                  "Singular Vision and Collaborative Process In Large-Scale Productions"
                  Louis Yu (Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre)
• Speakers:       - What to be needed for the Asian performing arts collaboration (TBC)
                  Myriam De Clopper (Head of Performing Arts, deSingel)
                  "Reflecting on east/west collaboration"
                  Tay Tong (Secretary General, Arts Network Asia)
                  - To activate Asian performing arts collaboration : Supporting methodology of Arts Network Asia (TBC)

                Prof. Gyun Hyung Kim (Honam University, School of Art),
                Ho Bin Park (Choreographer, Theatre Company Ccadoo),
• Commentators:
                Maria Magdalena Schwaegaermann (Artistic director, Zürich Theater Spektakel),
                Fred Frumberg (Founder, Amrita Performing arts)

Hosted by         Ministry of Culture & Tourism, The Executive Agency for Culture Cities

Co-organised by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS)
                International network for contemporary performing arts (IETM)
                ARTS NETWORK ASIA (ANA)

Project Coordinator
Min K. Shin      Korea Arts Management Service
                 (t) +82-2-745-3862 , (f) +82-2-745-2071 , (e)
                 (m) +82-16-299-8724
                Asian Performing Arts Forum 2007 Schedule

                    07-Feb                                     08-Feb                                  09-Feb
                     wed                                        thu                                      fri
                                          Tay Tong (06:55)                          09:00 Moving to Gwangju (Bus)
                                          Fred Frumberg (09:05)

Arrival                                   Arrival
                                                                                    Arrival - Myriam De Clopper (12:30) -> Gwangju
Ong Keng Sen (12:05)                      Maria & her assistant Ms.Park (12:30)
                                                                                    15:00 Asian Cultural Hub City Exhibition Center
Mary Ann DeVlieg (12:30)                  Louis (14:05)

                                          18:00-21:00                               19:00
                                          Welcome dinner &                          Showcase <Riau>
                                          Preliminary meeting                       Networking cocktail party

                    10-Feb                                     11-Feb                                  12-Feb
                      sat                                       sun                                     mon

10:00 round-up meeting                                                              Departure
                                          09:00 Moving To Seoul (Bus)
12:00 lunch                                                                         Myriam(14:35), Mary (18:20)

14:00-18:00                               Departure
Forum                                     Louis (8:50), Fred (11:35)

18:30 Farewell Dinner
                                          Ong Keng Sen, Tay Tong (19:15)

Louis, Fred
Gwangju -> Gimpo airport -> Hotel


Maria (17:55)

Transportation between Seoul and Gwangju
1) The panels will be all welcomed at the Incheon airport
2) Between Seoul and Gwangju, the all guests will move by a reserved bus.
3) In case of a tight flight schedule, the KAMS will book a domestic line to link Gwangju to Kimpo and Incheon.
※ the Kimpo is a domestic airport and the Incheon is an international airport.

07, 08, 11 FEB                            Seoul, Biwon Hotel              

                                          address : Seoul Si Jong Ro Gu Won Nam Dong 36
                                          tel : (82-2) 763-5555
                                          fax : (82-2) 763-5554

09, 10 FEB                                Gwangju, Prince Hotel            (only Korean)

                                          address: Gwangjusi Bukgu Ounamdong 65-8
                                          tel: (82)-(0)62-524-0025
                                          fax: (82)-(0)62-524-0026
                                        → Ich (07 FEB)         → Ich (08 FEB)           → Ich (09 FEB)           Ich (11 Aug) →            Ich (12 Aug) →            Ich (14 Aug) →
           Name              City      Dep   Arr     Flight Dep       Arr     Flight Dep       Arr     Flight Dep       Arr     Flight   Dep     Arr     Flight   Dep     Arr     Flight
Panel Sung Yeop Lee      Seoul
      Ho Bin Park        Seoul
      Gyun Hyung Kim     Gwangju
      Ong Keng Sen       Singapore      /    12:05   OZ 768                                                     19:15   0:50    SQ 15
      Tay Tong           Singapore                            23:45   6:55    SQ 602                            19:15   0:50    SQ 15
      Louis Yu           Hong Kong                            9:40    14:05   CX410                             8:50    11:45   CX 413
      Myriam De Clopper Antwerp                                                        17:55   12:30   LH 712                            14:35   18:25   LH713
      Fred Frumberg      Ph Nom Penh                          1:55    9:05    TG 638                            11:35   15:25   TG 639
      Maria Magdalena
                         Berlin                               17:55   12:30   LH 712                                                                              17:55   12:30   LH 712

guest Mary Ann DeVlieg   Brussels            12:30                                                                                       18:20
      Park Su Yong       Berlin                               17:55   12:30   LH 712                                                                              17:55   12:30   LH 712
      Neo Kim Seng       Singapore
      Erik Kuong Wa Fun Macau
Asian Performing Arts Forum 2007 Participants

◆ Hosted by Ministry of Culture & Tourism, The Executive Agency for Culture Cities

The Asian Culture Hub City(ACHC) Project has been putting
forward as a scheme at the national policy level since March,
2004 when Presidential Committee for Culture Cities was
inaugurated. This is the state-initiated culture project, which
is the largest of its kind in scale since the foundation of
Korea, requiring financial resources of over $4.5 billion until
the year 2023. With the Philosophy & Value of the “Neo-
Humanic City”, This project has been promoting to make
Gwangju “Asian Culture Interchange City, Future Type
Culture City, and Asian Peace Arts City.”

The ACHC Project will progressively realize construction of
the ACC, formation of Culture City Anchors and network,
enactment of Asian Culture Hub City Special Law, education
of human resources, Edu-culture Contents Development
Institute, and formation of virtual ubiquitous city till year 2023.

◆ Co-Organized by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS)
Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) was established in January 2006. KAMS offers multifaceted assistance for the
purpose of bolstering the sustainability of arts groups and organizations, while strengthening their competitive advantages
by developing diverse and effective support systems for more efficient arts management. KAMS enables performing arts
companies in Korea to broaden their horizon and presence by evaluating their management strategy, offering consultant
services, and expanding their market capability through innovative distribution networks in domestic and overseas markets.

The Asian Artplex office has been established as the annex organization of the Korea Art Management Service(KAMS)
under the MCT in June 2006. The Asia Artplex will be the representative arts center of Asian Culture Complex(ACC), built in
Gwangju in 2010, and its project has been prepared by the Executive Agency for the Culture Cities under the Ministry of
Culture and Tourism(MCT). The office takes charge of the formulization of the strategies and bases on the Asian Artplex
project and its related affairs.

◆ Co-Organized by International network for contemporary performing arts (IETM)
IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts) : the most established network for professionals working in
the field of contemporary performing arts in Europe. Comprises over 400 member-organisations (theatre and dance
producers, programmers, festival directors, companies, documentation centres and public authorities) from 45 countries.
Organises IETM Meetings several times a year in Europe and elsewhere, including bridge projects between continents,
training and specialised information provision.

IETM has catalysed and accompanied many new networks and projects, recent ones include Africonnexions (network
Chesa Africa), BE (balkan express network), DBM (danse-bassin-méditerannée), and an emerging
network in Central Asia. *formerly Informal European Theatre Meeting
◆ Co-Organized by ARTS NETWORK ASIA (ANA)
Arts Network Asia (ANA) is a group of independent artists, cultural workers and arts activists primarily from Southeast
Asia that encourages and supports regional artistic collaboration as well as develops managerial and administrative
skills within Asia. Arts Network Asia is motivated by the philosophy of meaningful collaboration, distinguished by mutual
respect, initiated in Asia and carried out together with Asian artists.

ANA is a forum for Asia’s expression and its relationship to the rest of the world. It recognises the cultural diversity and
pluralisms of Asia, and looks at the continuum that is Asia, from tradition to contemporary urban life. In particular, Arts
Network Asia is about collaborations, research, networking, dialogues across cultures. It is a network where individuals
from around the world, through residencies and projects, develop local communities in Asia. It pays attention to the
diverse perspectives of a global Asian urban metropolis, the continuities and disruptions with Asian tradition, the multiple
contexts of everyday life.

The Network will be hosted by TheatreWorks at 72-13 Singapore from 2007 - 2009. The new ANA employs a staff of
Asian arts managers. The Headquarters will be based in 72-13 Singapore with floating bureaus in Ho Chi Minh City,
Bangkok and Jogjakarta.

The ANA was initiated by TheatreWorks (Singapore), who hosted and managed it for the first three terms (1999 to 2003),
while Five Arts Centre (Malaysia) hosted the network for 2 terms from 2004 to 2006.

A new Peer Panel of artists, cultural workers and managers has been constituted for the ANA. They are involved in the
policy development of the grants, the dissemination of grant applications, the selection and the nurturing of the grantees. It
consists of the following members:

    •   Fred Frumberg based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia;
    •   Gridthiya Gaweewong based in Bangkok, Thailand,
    •   Dinh Q. Le based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam;
    •   Ong Keng Sen based in Singapore, Singapore;
    •   Anoli Perera based in Colombo, Sri Lanka;
    •   Rahayu Supanggah based in Solo, Indonesia;
    •   Margaret Shiu-Tan based in Taipei, Taiwan;
    •   Tran Luong based in Hanoi, Vietnam;
    •   Nikko Zapata based in Manila, Philippines.

The new ANA is administratively directed by Tay Tong.

ANA is supported by the Ford Foundation, and the Asian Cultural Council, through special funds from the Rockefeller
Foundation. MAC is also suppoted by The Toyota Foundation
◆ Moderator >> Prof. Sung Yeop Lee

                         Professor Sung Yeop Lee at the School of Drama, Korean National University of Arts has made
                         many contributions to the development of art management. He acquired his B.A. and M.A. in
                         French Language and Literature at Seoul National University, Korea, and completed a DESS
                         at Universite de Bourgogne, France. He served in the production and theater management at
                         Seoul Arts Center, participating in the production of major theater festivals such as "Oh Tae-seok
                         Theater Festival" (1993), "Lee Kang-baek Theater Festival" (1996), and the drama series,
                         "Contemporary Drama" (1992-1998). He has also produced various plays, musicals, dances,
                         ballets, opera, and festivals.

                         He is the author of "Theater Management and Production" (2001), "Present and Future of Small
                         Theaters" (2002, Performing Arts Journal), "Korean Musical Market and Capital Investment" (2003,
                         The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism), "Current Status and Future Challenges of Art
                         Education Program at the Theater" (2002, The Journal of Art Management Research 2nd Edition).

◆ Speaker >> Ong Keng Sen

Interdisciplinary performance director, curator, artistic process researcher, Asian arts
networker; Artistic Director of TheatreWorks since 1988 and is now artistic director of the
newest space in Singapore, 72-13. Ong graduated from the National University of Singapore in
law in 1988 and did his post-graduate studies on intercultural performance at the Performance
Studies Department, Tisch School of Arts, New York University, on a Fulbright Scholarship in

Ong directed the Tokyo premiere of Lear, in 1997, to critical acclaim. It went on to tour eight
cities in Asia, Europe, and Australia, including a performance at Berlin’s Theatre der Welt in
1999. Ong’s works have been seen at various prestigious festivals and theatres, including The
Lincoln Center (New York, USA), Joseph Papp/Public Theatre, (New York, USA), The Kitchen
(New York, USA), Spoleto Festival USA (Charleston, USA), Institute of Contemporary Arts
(London, UK), House of World Cultures (Berlin, Germany), Kampnagel (Hamburg, Germany),
Centre National de la Danse (Paris, France), Schauspielhaus (Vienna, Austria), Rotterdam
Schouwburg (Rotterdam, Nederlands), Kronburg Castle (Elsinore, Denmark), Dansens Hus (Stockholm,
Sweden), Goteborg Dance and Theater Festival, (Goteborg, Sweden), Dansens Hus (Oslo, Norway), Zurich Theater
Spektakel Festival (Zurich, Switzerland), Adelaide Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival,
Singapore Arts Festival.

Ong created, curated and was artistic director of In Transit, an annual three-week interdisciplinary arts festival in Berlin that
debuted in June 2002. Since becoming a curator for The House of World Cultures (Berlin), Ong continues to curate and
created Insomnia 48, in October 2004, a 48 hour non-stop event of Thai, Indonesian and Singaporean cutting edge young
artists to open Seni, a visual arts festival in Singapore. He curated for the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London the
Insomnia season, in February 2005, which focused on contemporary expressions in Phnom Penh, Singapore, Thailand and
Indonesia. In September 2005, opening concurrently with the Yokohama Triennale where he was exhibiting, he curated a
three-month long exhibition about contemporary South East Asia in the House of World Cultures. Ong also curated the
programme. Urban Fetishes, at the Tanzquartier (Austria) in April 2006, led a laboratory and symposium, Connection
Barents, in the Nordic countries in June 2006 and curated a Public Lab on Memory in the Goteburg Festival, Sweden in
August 2006.

Ong is a holder of several foundation fellowships, including the Japan Foundation, British Council, the German Academic
Exchange Service (DAAD), and Asian Cultural Council (New York). Ong is the first Singapore artist to have received both
the Young Artist Award (1992) and the Cultural Medallion Award (2003) for Singapore.
◆ Speaker >> Louis YU Kwok-lit

                       Yu has more than 15 years’ arts management experience in different arts organisations in Hong Kong
                       including government cultural bodies and performing arts companies. He then joined the Hong Kong
                       Arts Centre in 1994 and is now its Executive Director.

                       Yu also holds many public offices including Member of Performing Arts and Tourism Advisory Group
                       of the Consultative Committee on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities of the West Kowloon Cultural
                       District, Board Member of Hong Kong Dance Company, Arts Advisor of the Hong Kong Arts
                       Development Council, Member of Committee on Venue Partnership of Leisure and Cultural Services
                       Department, Member of Committee of the Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum and
                       Member of Advisory Committee of the School of Drama of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing

※ Hong Kong Arts Centre
Established in 1977 by the Hong Kong Government as a self-financed statutory body, Arts Centre is the only contemporary
arts centre in Hong Kong with extensive facilities including theatres, cinema, galleries, classrooms, studios and office space.
It provides a wide range of programmes featuring local and overseas artists. The Arts Centre also runs Hong Kong Art
School which is one of the biggest visual arts education institutes in Hong Kong providing award bearing programmes
ranging from certificate levels to diploma, higher diploma, first and postgraduate degree levels in Fine Arts, Applied Arts,
Media Arts, Arts Education and Arts Management on a full-time, part-time and credit accumulation basis.

◆ Speaker >> Myriam De Clopper

Head of Performing Arts at deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium. MDC was born in Antwerpen in 1954. She
studied medieval and contemporary history at the universities of Antwerp and Ghent. After teaching
cultural history and current events, she wrote on industrial archeology and energy issues for
exhibits and radio programs, before joining Frie Leysen at deSingel in 1986. After being in charge
of the dance programming she has been responsible for the performing arts program at deSingel
since 1994 (theatre and dance). She was founding member of Theorem, an association until 2006
bringing together theatres and festivals within Europe to promote young talent in Eastern and

※ deSingel
The largest centre within the Flemish community for international and contemporary arts. This venue presents, produces
and coproduces a wide range of concerts, contemporary theatre and dance performances, and architecture exhibits on an
international scale by both established artists and young talent at the start of its artistic quest. deSingel 's artistic policy
deliberately chooses for artists who approach art from new angles. These artists have at their disposal a well-equipped and
spacious infrastructure: a middle size concert hall and a theatre and dance venue for large scale productions. Special
attention is given to the artists in residence Jan Fabre and Troubleyn, Philippe Herreweghe and Collegium Vocale Ghent,
Champ d'Action and Blindman.
◆ Speaker >> Tay Tong

                         Tay Tong has been with TheatreWorks (Singapore) since 1989. Appointed General Manager in
                         1993, Tay went on to obtain a MA in Arts Management & Cultural Policy from the University of
                         London, Goldsmiths College in 1999. Tay was appointed Managing Director of TheatreWorks in

                           He has produced over 100 productions both nationally and internationally for TheatreWorks
                           (Singapore) since joining the company in 1989. In addition, he has managed a number of
                           developmental programmes for TheatreWorks (Singapore) that includes the Writers’ Laboratory
                           since 1990, as well as the T-Lab, a series of residencies to nurture upcoming Singapore artists with
                           potential of working internationally. In 2003, he managed a capacity building programme, The
                           Continuum Asia Project in Laos. Tay has also produced various festivals both locally and
                           internationally. In 2002 and 2003, Tay produced a multi-disciplinary festival, In-Transit, in Berlin.
                           And in 2005, Tay produced, as part of the Singapore Season in London, Insomnia@ICA. Following
that, in October 2005, Tay produced Insomnia48, a festival of 48-hour non-stop events at The Arts House, which opened
Seni, a visual arts festival in Singapore. Tay has also been producing the biennial Flying Circus Project, a multi-disciplinary,
long-term research and development programme in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film and ritual, since its inception in

In September 2005, Tay oversaw the opening of TheatreWorks new space, 72-13, at Mohamed Sultan Road. A converted
rice warehouse, 72-13 primary purpose is to encourage collaborations, house residences from creatives around the world
and to encourage hybrid creative expressions from young Singaporeans.

In 1999, TheatreWorks initiated the Arts Network Asia, and Tay became the network’s manager. Together with Artistic
Director, Ong Keng Sen, Tay spearhead’s the company’s programmes and sets the direction it takes. Tay’s portfolio at
TheatreWorks includes the company’s international relations and corporate patronage.

Tay was awarded the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Culture Award, in 1996, in recognition for his
contribution to the arts in Singapore. He is the first and only Arts Manager in Singapore to win an award of this nature. Tay
also sat on the nominating panel for theatre for the Rolex Mentor-Protégé programme 2004/2005.

◆ Commentator >> Prof. Gyun-hyeong Kim

Professor Gyun-hyeong Kim at the Department of Multimedia and Film, Honam University, graduated from Hanyang
University with a B.A. in Drama & Cinema in 1988. He acquired his Master's and Doctor's degrees with "Studies on
Grotowski and Stanislavski" and "The Relationship Between Actors and Audience in 20th Century Dramas", respectively, at
University of Paris III.

He is the author of "132 Acting Training," "The Breakthrough of Korean Theater Dramas," "How to produce a play," and
"Korean Theater Drama with Great Potential." He also wrote research papers including "Empty Place: The Potential Power,"
"La Naissance du Theatre par le Refus de la Langue," and "A Study of the Birth of A. Artaud`s Theatical Language." He is
the translator of the book "Actor Training: Stanislavski Theory of Acting."
◆ Commentator >> Ho-bin Park

                       Ho-bin Park is one of the leading contemporary dancers in Korea with a rich and varied professional
                       career, and a trend leader in creative dancing. He has specialized in Korean traditional mask dance,
                       Bongsan Tal Chum, which is one of Korea's intangible cultural properties. He is currently representing
                       Dance Theater Ccadoo.

                       In 2000, he was awarded a MAMPIST scholarship from the Samsung Foundation of Culture, which
                       provided him with the opportunity to study at the Laban Center in London and the Siobhan Davies
                       Dance Company in the United Kingdom. After returning to Korea, he has been presenting various
                       creative performances, combining dance with other forms of art.

                      In 1994, he was selected as the "Best Young Choreographer," and also designated, by Don-A Daily,
                      as the "Most Promising Choreographer" and "Korea's Best Contemporary Dancer." In 2004, he was
one of Korea's top four choreographers, selected by LG Arts Center. With great interest in multi-national, multi-genre
performances, he co-choreographed "12 SMS Across the Mountain" (produced by Singapore Arts Festival and SIDance)
with Angela Lion of Arts Fission.

◆ Commentator >> Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann

since 2002               artistic director of the festival
                         ZUERCHER THEATER SPEKTAKEL – Switzerland
                         an annual international contemporary performance festival

1989 – 2003              deputy artistic director of the
                         HEBBEL-THEATER, BERLIN – Germany
                         an international contemporary Theatre

1998 – 1999              a programme director of the festival
                         THEATER DER WELTT 1999 BERLIN
                         an international festival

since 2004               lecturer for scenografie
                          the arts school of Zürich

since 2004                board member HOCHSCHULE DER KÜNSTE, Braunschweig-Germany
since 2006                board member of the IETM
since 2006                board member of the festival EURO-SCENE Leipzig, Germany
                                                                                (Editing to a short descriptive profile in progress)
※ Zürcher Theater Spektakel
Founded in 1980 as an annual international meeting of independent theatre groups, the Zürcher Theater Spektakel quickly
evolved into a cultural event of international appeal. Today it ranks among the most important European festivals for the
contemporary performing arts. This success story has been based on consistent and artistically outstanding programming, a
unique atmosphere, the large number of engaged and open-minded spectators. For over 25 years these ingredients have
made the Theater Spektakel a popular venue for both renowned and upcoming theatre and dance companies from all over
the world. The festival is spread over 18 days in late August at the «Landiwiese. This superb, park-like site, located directly
on the shores of Lake Zurich, hosts various different sized venues. These include a covered lakeside open-air stage and a
shipyard offering undreamt-of spatial possibilities. Onsite restaurants and bars, performances under the open sky and
various ad hoc events, together with the appealing programme, attract cultural aficionados and night owls from far beyond
the borders of Zurich. It is an annual event that is ablaze with life as we celebrate the last days of summer and the open-air
◆ Commentator >> Fred Frumberg

FRED FRUMBERG has lived in Cambodia since June '97 when he began as a consultant with UNESCO, assisting in the
revival and preservation of Cambodian traditional performing arts. Efforts have focused on producing fully staged
performances of all forms of Cambodian dance, theater and music including fund raising, all aspects of production
management and audience development, emphasizing capacity building and sustainability. In tandem with the revival
process, Fred has collaborated with various national and international organizations, initiating numerous contemporary
performance projects, research and documentation projects, international tours and exchange programs within Asia as well
as the United States and Europe. As of July 2003 thanks to financial assistance from the Rockefeller Foundation, Fred
created AMRITA Performing Arts, a US nonprofit organization based in Phnom Penh, which continues to develop and
expand these efforts in collaboration with artists from the Ministry of Culture as well as freelance artists.

Prior to his life in Cambodia, Fred spent many years working in opera houses and theaters throughout the US and Europe.
Much of that time was devoted to assisting stage directors the likes of Peter Sellars, Francesca Zambello and Deborah
Warner. He was head of production for the Paris Opera from 1994 – 97 and a staff stage director for the Netherlands Opera
in the late 80’s and prior to that worked as a stage manager for various opera houses throughout Europe and the US. Since
moving to Cambodia, Fred returned to the US to be the production manager for two World Festivals of Sacred Music; an
unprecedented celebration of music and dance initiated originally by the Dalai Lama and was recently production
coordinator and tour director for the creation of “Art of Rice Traveling Theater”, both produced by UCLA’s Center for
Intercultural Performance.

※ AMRITA Performing Arts
AMRITA Performing Arts is an International NGO based in Phnom Penh, with US nonprofit status. Its mission is to promote,
preserve and sustain Cambodia's ancient heritage of dance and theater as well as encourage contemporary creativity.
AMRITA collaborates with the Royal Cambodian Ministry of Culture and freelance artists in mounting professionally staged
performances of traditional classical work both locally and internationally, while developing contemporary creative
expression in music, dance and theater. Capacity building underpins all of AMRITA's activities; growing technical resources
require more complex theatrical skills, as well as competence in arts management and fundraising.

◆ Special guest >> Mary Ann DeVlieg

Secretary General of IETM;Advisory Committees: Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (Turin), ADAC (contemporary dance association
Florence), and the Forum Cultural Mundial, Brazil. Co-founder/ Treasurer, Roberto Cimetta Fund for Mobility of Artists and
Operators in the Mediterranean ; Founder: On the Move, Former President
/Vice-President of the European Forum of the Arts and Heritage (EFAH) .

Master's Degree in European Cultural Policy, University of Warwick, UK.
Has been a cultural manager in California, New York, London and the South West of England specialising in production,
presentation, diffusion, development of performing arts, and in funding institutions. Taught cultural management training
and initiated several training programmes for artists. Winner of the European Union 1st Prize “2006 :EU Year of Mobility”
for her life long work in encouraging mobility of artists and cultural operators.

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