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					                 Fundraising Guide

                  The Purpose of Sucata
  As fun as driving across Europe and visiting lush cities sounds, this event is a charity
tour. The driving adventure is one half of the event and the other half is raising money.
 Effort should be put into both in equal measure. In fact, as past fundraisers have found,
             the fundraising activities can be as big a laugh as the event itself!

 Each team has a goal to raise a minimum of £1000.00, ALL of which goes directly to aid
the efforts of Gemin-i. Every year the money goes to fund a new project determined by the
  charity beforehand and this year you’ll be funding an HIV and Aids awareness project.

This guide not only gives you all the information you need about Gemin-i and our projects,
 but also highlights some of the best, tried and tested fundraising ideas as well as great
      advice on reaching and then smashing your fundraising targets. Read on...


     Who and what am I raising money for? (P3)
The HIV and AIDS project: A detailed explanation (P4)
      Tried and tested fundraising ideas (P5)
      Using your online fundraising page (P8)
     £4£ and company matching schemes (P9)
Gemin-i fundraising tools and downloadable resources
Fundraising record, fundraising rules and appreciating
                 your donors (P12)

                Who are you raising money for?
   Gemin-i is an educational charity helping children around the world share ideas and work together
                                           for a brighter future.

                                 WHAT DOES GEMIN-I DO?
                                 Gemin-i brings together over 60,000 children in 114 countries to tackle the
                                 world’s biggest problems such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, human rights and
                                 conflict resolution.

                                  HOW DOES GEMIN-I DO THIS?
                                  Gemin-i educates young people on these pressing issues through online
                                  resources and through helping children share their ideas via internet
                                  forums and debates.

                                 WHY DOES GEMIN-I DO THIS?
                                 Gemin-i helps children to understand these issues and learn to take
                                 action, so that they can promote positive change around the world.

                                 Brighter Children = A Brighter Future

                    Where does your money go?
                                      (A summarised explanation)

Your £1000 = 4 schools connected in the Developing World
 The money you raise for this year’s Sucata will be funding Gemin-i to run an HIV and AIDS awareness
 project entitled Global Action Xchange, in schools in more than 100 countries. Your key messages
 for sponsors are below but please see overleaf for a more detailed project plan.

                              CONNECT: Gemin-i aims to connect 1,000 schools in the developing and
                              developed world to discuss the issues associated with HIV and AIDS.

                              LEARN: At least 60,000 children will share ideas online and learn about
                              the tangible ways through which they can combat HIV and AIDS.

                              CHANGE: Schools will then be provided with tailored resources and tools
                              to help them join campaigns, take action and address governments on
                              their commitment to deliver effective strategies to tackle HIV and AIDS.

“Most policy makers know that young people will greatly influence the future of their nations”,
                                                                            World Development Report 2007
                    Where does your money go?
                                        (A detailed explanation)

         Youth Action Xchange: An HIV and AIDS Project
                          AN INTRODUCTION:
                          Youth Action Xchange will be Gemin-i’s biggest and most ambitious project
                          since our beginnings in 1998. Backed by the funds raised from this year’s
                          Sucata Split, as well as prestigious EU funding, we will be reaching an
                          unprecedented number of children across the globe: at least 60,000 students in
                          1,000+ schools, across 115 countries. The project will run for a minimum of 36

“Most policy makers know that young people will greatly influence the future of their nations”,
                                                                             World Development Report 2007

                           PROJECT AIM:
                           Youth Action Xchange aims to raise awareness and generate understanding
                           among young people across the globe about the HIV and AIDS epidemic and to
                           bring young people together to take action on it. With increased awareness and
                           understanding, we will be providing them with the tools they need to join
                           campaigns and urge their governments to deliver on their commitments to
                           combat HIV and AIDS.

                           PROJECT METHOD:
                           Participants will join Gemin-i’s online educational community of schools.
                           Through tailored lesson plans and conducting online interviews with experts
                           on the community, each young person will develop a thorough understanding of
                           the HIV and Aids epidemic and how it relates to their local community and
                           country. Using debates, forums and video conferencing they will then share
                           knowledge and exchange ideas with other children from around the globe.

“Just want to say thanks for this awesome idea of yours. It's great to be able to discuss opinions with
others world-wide... with someone other than class members and get a few extra opinions!”,
      Sunita B, India, discussing cultural differences with a British peer on Gemin-i’s online community 2009

                             THE OUTCOMES:
                             Through developing their understanding and awareness of the issue, students
                             will identify tangible ways in which they can play a role in combatting HIV and
                             Aids. Across Gemin-i’s online educational community they will draw up a
                             unified call-to-action for leaders and policy makers worldwide, enabling young
                             people’s opinions to be incorporated in agendas and policies internationally.

                            Fundraising Ideas
We know that fundraising can seem difficult and a chore, however, with the appropriate tools
and just a tiny bit of EFFORT and CREATIVITY, it can be easy and loads of fun too! The
following methods have all been tried and tested by past Sucateers on their way to smashing
their £1000 target. Have a read:

Create a blog or website
Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, everyone is now free to
publish themselves to the globe.

It has been a bit of a fundraising phenomenon over the past few years
and teams using blogs have, without exception, always excelled on
the total raised front.

Blogs offer a great way of creating the “all-important buzz” around the
event between your friends, family, and colleagues - which is essential
when you approach them, begging for sponsorship! Simply ask them to
subscribe to your page and you can easily keep them up to date with
the latest news from the team.

Setting up a blog is completely FREE and takes less than 2 minutes to
do with a site such as Blogger. Best of all you can also embed your
Just Giving Fundraising Progress Bar to help entice potential

N.B. For all you technophobes out there - setting up a Blog really is
easy-peasy and requires no IT knowledge! We promise! Simply go to:

Sell or auction panels of your banger
No reason to explain this one really... You’d be surprised how many participants in the past have
smashed their £1000 target by selling/auctioning their Banger's panels to local and national
company’s. Give it a go.

Contact companies for sponsorship
If you get this right, it can get your team well on the way to meeting the
fundraising target. Let your company know what you are doing and ask
them to sponsor you by donating. You can offer them their logo in return if
they wish too. We have included a template letter that you can use as an
example when seeking out sponsorships in our download section of the
website. Have a look!

 Give your donors something back
 It turns out that some hard-nose people out there aren’t willing to donate
 their hard-earned cash without a “return of investment”. Bah humbug! To
 help tackle this problem, previous teams have promised to give them
 something in return for their donation!

 A great example was team Club Tropicana, who promised their donors a one-off, self-produced,
 mix CD of the best 80s tunes (see right). Soon after, they quickly saw their fundraising total rise
 from £800 to £3000 so think on about what you can offer!

Attend a car boot sale in your banger
As past teams can testify, when you’re dressed as Pugwash and selling old treasures out of a
Peugeuot pirate ship, it’s easy to draw customers. You’ll find that when you explain the charity
aspect of what you’re doing, people will be more than happy to donate without even relieving you
of your old Chris de Burgh records. Shame.

Banger taxi
Offer your services as a one-off, banger chauffeur to all your friends,
family and colleagues. Tell them you’ll pick them up from the pub in style
in return for a generous donation to the cause.

Head somewhere busy
It’s easy: Dress yourselves up in the most embarrassing fancy
dress possible. Park your banger somewhere that has a large
amount of foot traffic (e.g. a supermarket or a shopping centre).
Start shaking your bucket. You can also try getting them to
sign your car in return for donations.

Team Fruit Salad are just one of the many advocates of this
method. Struggling for donations, they parked up outside their
local Tesco and managed to raise over £600 in a single morning.
They also got featured in their local newspaper (right).

Create an appeal in your email signature
Very simple but extremely effective! Just create a specific signature on your
personal and/or work email with a link to your fundraising page and brief
appeal for sponsorship. Just Giving (see page 8) have a ready-made image
that you can easily add to your emails if you’re not feeling overly creative....

 Get featured in the local press
 Lots of teams in the past have had great success with this method. Simply call
 your local papers, tell them about what you’re planning to do and say that you
 would like publicity and support. Because it’s “different” they’re almost always
 sold on the idea. Last but not least, let us know - we’d love a copy!

Buried treasure
Copy a map of the world, divide it into a grid, decide which square to hide the treasure under (e.g.
£20) and then simply sell each square around your office. Easy.

Get packing
As silly as it may seem, packing people’s carrier bags at your local
supermarket can make you hundreds of pounds... especially when you’re
dressed up in your costume! Simply get in contact with the manager of your
nearest store and ask them about the possibility of lurching in a costume around
the end of the tills. 9 times out of 10 they’ll be delighted to have you come in!

Ask your place of work!
If you get this right, it can get your team well on the way to meeting the fundraising target. Let
your company know what you are doing and ask them to sponsor you by donating. If you’re
driving with colleagues you can put the company name on your banger and it will help raise their
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) profile.

Hold a party/BBQ/Karaoke/Quiz night!
Raising money for charity is one of the best excuses for holding a party.
Previous teams have made easy money by hosting a raffle, karaoke, betting
games or simply rattling a bucket.

Set your friends a challenge
For example, if you raise £500 by the end of the week then you will dye your hair blue, wax your
body or spend the entire Sucata journey in your underwear. Aim for something you know will
interest your friends!!

Donate an hour
Ask your colleagues/neighbours/friends to donate the equivalent of an hour’s
salary on their pay day. Not only is it an easy add to your total, it also shows
them how much a little sum makes a difference - let every participant know how
much you collected by the end of the day.
        Using Your Online Fundraising Page
Whether you’re a web geek or have never touched a computer before, raising money online with Just
Giving will make your life easier. It’s super simple to use and any donations will include Gift Aid -
meaning that Gemin-i get an extra 25% on top of the original amount. Read below for our top JG tips:

                           SAY THE RIGHT THING!
                           When creating your Just Giving page be sure to include why you are
                           fundraising, what Gemin-i does and where the money will go.

                           PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES
                           Including photos on your page will make all the difference and will people
                           understand the event itself. Be sure to pose for some team snaps and add
                           them to your page.

                           FACEBOOK IT
                           Tell everyone about your page!! Copy your JustGiving page web address
                           into your “What’s on your mind box?” on your News Feed and add a few
                           words about what you’re doing. This will then go to all your friend’s feeds,
                           prompting them to donate You can also create a group for your team and
                           invite friends to join.

                           INSTANT MESSENGER STATUS
                           Change your instant messenger status to include your Just Giving page
                           address and some text that will grab their attention.

                           CHANGE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE
                           Put your Just Giving page address in your email signature. - check
                  for instructions.

                           TWEET IT
                           Spread the word on Twitter to share your updates on your car, costumes
                           amd Just Giving page with other teams and potential donors. If you don’t
                           have an account already, try it out! You have nothing to lose.

                           SEND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!
                           remember, you’re raising for a good cause so don’t be able to ask people
                           again. Most of the time when people don’t donate after the first contact it’s
                           because they are busy and think they’ll do it later. They then simply forget.
                           If you don’t ask again then they’ll never donate. Also, remember, 20% of
                           donations come in after the event date so remember to send your page
                           again to everyone once you get home with photos and story of your trip!

                       £4£ Matching Schemes
Many large UK and international companies now offer matching schemes for employees that
fundraise. This means that the money your team fundraises could be doubled and in some cases
tripled with the help of your company. Essentially, your £1000 becomes £2000 with minimal effort,
which means twice as much can be done by Gemin-i.

All the companies below should offer such schemes but even if your company is not listed here
it is still a good idea to ask if there is any way they could support your fundraising.

If your company does offer a matching scheme then it is best to contact your HR department as
soon as possible to find out the procedures and get the all clear before setting off. After youʼve
completed your fundraising theyʼll normally give you a form to fill in to confirm the amount, which
you then have to send to us in order for us to clarify that weʼve have received it. Thatʼs it. Really!

3i                        Capital International       Lehman Brothers           Seaboard
3i Deutschland GmbH       Research                    Littlewoods               Shell
Abbey National plc        Centrica                    Lloyds TSB                Siemens Medical
ABN Amro                  Citibank Group              Marks and Spencer         Sigma Securities
Accenture                 Citigroup                   McKinsey & Co             Southern Electric
Alfred Dunhill Ltd        Credit Suisse First         Mercury Asset             SmithKline Beecham
Alliance & Leicester      Boston                      Management                Stagecoach Holdings
Alliance Capital Ltd      De La Rue                   Merrill Lynch             Standard & Poor's
American Express          Deloitte Consulting         Microsoft                 Sun Life of Canada
Andersen                  Deutsche Bank               Midland Bank              Swiss Bank Corp
Anglian Water             DHL                         Midlands Electricity      Tesco
Argos                     Dixons Group                Misubishi Research        Thames Water
ARM Holdings plc          Dresdner Kleinwort          Institute                 UBS Warburg
ASDA                      Wasserstein                 Mitsubishi Chemical       United Airlines
AT Kearney                EMI Group                   Corporation               Vodafone
BAA                       Energis                     Morgan Stanley Dean       Warner Music
Bank of America           Ericsson Telecom AB         Witter                    International
Bank of England           Exxon Mobil                 National Power            Yorkshire Water
Bank of Scotland          Fidelity Investments        NFC
Bank Of Tokyo-            First Bus                   Northern
Mitsubishi                Ford Motor Company          ElectricNorwich Union
Bankers Trust             GlaxoSmithKline plc         Pearson
Barclays Capital          Goldman Sachs               Philip Morris
Barclays Group            Guardian Royal              Philips Singapore
BG Group                  Exchange                    PricewaterhouseCoop
Boston Consulting         Halifax                     ers
Group                     HSBC                        Proctor & Gamble
BP                        IBM                         Reuters
Bristol-Myers Squibb      IDEO                        Robert Fleming & Co
BT                        Industrial Bank of          Rolls Royce
Bupa                      Japan                       Royal and Sun
Cable & Wireless          Invensys                    Alliance
Camelot                   JP Morgan                   Royal Bank of
Cap Gemini                Kingfisher                  Scotland Group
Ernst & Young             KPMG                        Schroders

                      Your Fundraising Tools

                             Downloadable Resources

As well as the Gemin-i and Sucata Split logos, the following fundraising resources are available from
the Sucata Split website homepage to help with your fundraising activities - just visit the URL above:


                FROM P4                                           TEMPLATE

       THE STORY OF GEMIN-I VIDEO                            HIV PROJECT POWERPOINT

                Additional Fundraising Tools
As well as the downloadable resources from the Sucata Split website we also have the following
tools available to help you reach your target:

                         GEMIN-I FLATPACK COLLECTION BOX
                         (Included in this fundraising pack)

                         All participants should receive a collection box with their info pack. You
                         should receive the same number of collection boxes as there are members
                         inf your team. If there are issues or your collection box/s are not included
                         then get in touch.

                         (available on request from

                         If you are looking to approach companies for monetary or product
                         donations (e.g. for a raffle or something similar) then they may request to
                         see a letter from Gemin-i confirming that you are raising money for them. If
                         this is the case then get in touch. We have a template from which we can
                         easily create a personalised letter with the names of the members of your
                         team on as well as the title of the event. We’ll then simply email it over to
                         all of your team members.

                         YOUR ONLINE FUNDRAISING PAGE
                         (This is compulsory as we get 25% extra from the government!!)

                         You should have all created an online fundraising page by now as part of
                         the registration process as it is COMPULSORY to do so! We’ve only added
                         it here as a gentle reminder for you to utilise it as much as possible. As well
                         as collecting online payments you should add any offline funds to it too.
                         Simply pay them into your bank account and make a payment to your page
                         from their.

 Just so you don’t think we’re being too bossy... The reason we want you to raise online is because
 we’re be able to claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid for all donations received (e.g. your £1000 becomes
 £1250). In other words, this means we can help 25% more children around the globe! What’s more,
 because people can donate online with a credit/debit card you just have to sit back and watch your
 total grow. Simply add the widgets to your Facebook profile and send your page URL to everyone
 you know and you’re done. Easy.

                  Request tools by emailing
             The Sucata Record Fundraisers
                          For those of you who like a challenge!!

                 THE BOOZE BROTHERS: Total Raised: £7403.14
Fear not! Your target is still £1000, however, for those competitive folk among you (and on request
from previous teams) the total you’ll need to beat to become Sucata’s top ever fundraising team....
Taking part in the Sucata Split 2010, The Booze Brothers managed to secure some funding from their
places of work as the huge amount they raised from holding quiz nights, packing bags at super
markets and creating a team calendar to sell to friends and colleagues.

                     The Rules of Fundraising
First things first, we know that fundraising can seem difficult, however, we have seen that with the
appropriate tools and just a tiny bit of CREATIVITY it can be easy and loads of fun. Before you start
though, here are the four basic rules to abide by:

   1. Maintain honesty and the law at the basis of your fundraising endeavours.
   2. Money said to be “for charity” needs to go “to charity”. If you plan on fundraising to cover
      team costs this needs to be clear to your donors.
   3. Account for all donations. If the donation is made in person document it.
   4. Consult the Institute of Fundraising ( on their
      “Information About Fundraising”. They’ll give you the full story!

                    Appreciating Your Donors
We believe it is always a nice idea to make sure you thank your donors (so make sure you keep a
note of them!) This can be done in various ways: post a small thank you card after they donate or
update them on your success after the event, detailing your overall experience. Especially if some
time has passed since the donation, they may be more appreciative to know how the overall event
turned out for you.


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