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									AHS Pulse
                                                                 The Applied Health Science Newsletter
VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2                                                                                            FALL 2003

                               From the Chair
Inside This Issue         I wish to extend my warmest greetings to all      Science who has lead this prestigious health
                       students, alumni, and friends of the Department      organization.
                       of Applied Health Science. With highly quali-          I hope you are healthy and please do not
Faculty News     2-4   fied faculty and staff, we look forward to an-       hesitate to contact me if I can assist you in any
                       other successful academic year. Listed below         way. Please stay in touch.
Staff News         4   are a few newsworthy items that will be major
                       factors in achieving success:                                 Mohammad R. Torabi, Ph.D.
                          • We were successful in recruiting two highly              Chairperson, Department of Applied
Staff/Alumni           qualified faculty members, Dr. Lloyd Kolbe and                Health Science
News               9   Dr. Mary Shaw-Perry (brief bio on each indi-
                       vidual contained in this issue).
Student News 5-8          • Student majors in our undergraduate pro-
                       grams are at an all-time high, with a total of 343
                       majors enrolled in fall classes. Likewise, stu-
 AHS Pulse Staff       dent majors in our masters programs total 66,
                       and we have 27 current doctoral students.
       Editor             • With healthy fall enrollments, we fully ex-
  Harriet Castrataro   pect to reach or exceed our credit hour produc-
                       tion target.
       Faculty            • Our faculty are involved in numerous re-
  Millicent Fleming-   search and scholarly activities. In addition,
        Moran          several faculty/staff members hold leadership
                       roles in national professional organizations.
    PRC/Alumni            • New brochures have been developed and
    Mark Pogue         distributed to market our professional pro-
        Staff             • Dr. Lisako Jones-McKyer has assumed
    Mary Winburn       the role of Coordinator of Minority Recruitment
                       and Retention. With this leadership role, we
      Students         expect to be even more successful in diversify-
   Coco LaMantia       ing our student population.
   Robin Thomson          • Ifeng Jeng has been hired as our full-time
                       web master. He brings a wealth of experience            Internships, Internships,
                       to this position and has been instrumental in                 Internships
 Send Questions or     developing and maintaining state-of-the-art
    Comments to        web pages for our Department. Our web site
  Harriet Castrataro   address is www.indiana.edu/~aphealth/ and we           This issue of the AHS Pulse is dedicated to
   (812) 855-3627      would be please to have you learn more about         our Applied Health Science student interns.
          or           our programs and activities through this av-         Megan Miller, pictured above, is surrounded
hcastrat@indiana.edu   enue.                                                by happy young campers during her intern-
                       • Dr. David Lohrmann has assumed the Presi-          ship at Spring Hill Camp 440. Like her fellow
                       dency of the American School Health Associa-         interns, Megan has touched the lives of others
                       tion. He is the fourth faculty member in the         and brought a smile to their faces. Please see
                       history of the Department of Applied Health          pages 6 through 7 for more information.
                                                 New Faculty
                                           Disease Control, and the Director of the    eral staff who had completed graduate
                                           World Health Organization Collaborat-       degree programs in AHS. Each of these
                                           ing Center on Health Education and          IU graduates went on to become public
                                           Promotion for School-Age Children           health leaders at CDC and across the
                                           and Youth.                                  nation. I feel privileged to have an op-
                                              Also, Dr. Kolbe has served as the        portunity to work with students, staff,
                                           President of the American School            and faculty within the School of HPER
                                           Health Association; Vice President for      and the Department of Applied Health
                                           Scientific and Technical Development        Science at IU. I hope to learn from and
                                           of the International Union for Health       with them.” We are pleased and hon-
            Dr. Lloyd Kolbe                Promotion and Education; Visiting Pro-      ored to have Dr. Kolbe join our faculty,
                                           fessor at Beijing Medical University;       and we look forward to sharing with
   We welcome Dr. Lloyd Kolbe to
                                           and U.S. Lead for Health Education and      him the delights of our woodland cam-
Bloomington this fall from Atlanta,
                                           Promotion within the U.S.-Russian           pus and the mighty Jordan River.
Georgia, where he served as the found-
                                           Joint Commission on Economic and
ing Director of the Division of Adoles-
                                           Technological Cooperation; and the
cent School Health in the National Cen-
                                           Chairman of the World Health Organi-
ter for Chronic Disease Prevention and
                                           zation Expert Committee on Compre-
Health Promotion of the CDC. Dr.
                                           hensive School Health Education and
Kolbe, speaking in Bloomington last
                                           Promotion. For his work to improve
spring, said that the health of our
                                           child health, Dr. Kolbe has received the
nation’s adolescents is one of the cen-
                                           highest awards given by CDC’s Na-
tral public health concerns of our day.
                                           tional Center for Chronic Disease Pre-
We are pleased to have him join us and
                                           vention and Health Promotion , by the               Dr. Mary Shaw-Perry
help us further our ability to serve the
                                           U. S. Public Health Service, by the U.S.       Dr. Mary Shaw-Perry arrived in
nation’s youth.
                                           Department of Health and Human Ser-         Bloomington in August with a bright
   Dr. Kolbe received all his degrees in
                                           vices, and by the International Union       warm Texas smile. She brings to our
Health Education, a B.S. from Towson
                                           for Health Promotion and Education.         Department a wealth of experience in
State University, and an M.S. and Ph.D.
                                              Dr. Kolbe’s service internationally is   teaching, research and administration.
from the University of Toledo. He has
                                           also indicated by the countries in which    We are very pleased to have her join
also received an Honorary Doctorate of
                                           he has addressed adolescent or school       our department and provide her con-
Humane Letters from Towson. His
                                           health programs: Austria, Canada,           siderable expertise to the citizens of
teaching career began at Mt. Airy High
                                           China, England, Finland, France, Ger-       Indiana.
School in Towson, Maryland, and has
                                           many, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan,       Dr. Perry earned her B.S. in Biologi-
included positions at University of To-
                                           Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Switzer-      cal Science from University of South
ledo, University of Northern Colorado,
                                           land, Taiwan, South Africa, and             California, her M. Ed. In Secondary
University of Texas, and Emory Uni-
                                           Uganda.                                     Science Education from the University
                                              Joining Dr. Kolbe in Bloomington is      of Maryland, and her Ph. D. in Health
   He has been the Director, School
                                           his wife Mary Ellen. Both grew up near      Studies from Texas Woman’s Univer-
Health Education Project, National
                                           the ocean, she in Tampa and he on the       sity . Her research/dissertation study,
Center for Health Education in San
                                           Eastern Shore, in Maryland. They have       compared strategies for promoting
Francisco; the Chief, Evaluation Sec-
                                           a home on Chincoteague Island, about        breast cancer screening practices
tion, U. S. Office of Disease Preven-
                                           four miles off the coast of Virginia,       among African American women. It
tion and Health Promotion Office of the
                                           where they sometimes retreat to be          has contributed significantly to cultur-
Assistant Secretary for Health in Wash-
                                           washed anew by the sun, and the sand,       ally sensitive interventions for health
ington, D.C.; the Associate Director,
                                           and the sea.                                promotion in minority communities.
Center for Health Promotion Research
                                              When asked why he chose IU, Dr.          She has spent 4 years as an assistant
and Development at the University of
                                           Kolbe said, “During my tenure at the        principal and instructional specialist at
Texas Health Science Center in Hous-
                                           Centers for Disease Control, I hired sev-   the elementary level, 11 years teach-
ton; Chief, Office of School Health and
Special Projects, Center for Health Pro-                                               ing biology, physical science and
motion and Education, U.S. Centers for

Page 2
Faculty News
health in secondary schools, and 7 years       Dr. Millicent Fleming-Moran was            health risk behaviors, including tobacco
teaching and managing grants in higher      elected as a Board member “at-large”          (smoking) and alcohol use. Targeted
education.                                  for the Indiana Public Health Associa-        populations include school-age youth
   In addition she has more than 14 years   tion for the next 3 years.                    in Japan and in the United States. Data
of community service/consultant expe-          Dr. Alyce Fly is on sabbatical this fall   collection in the U.S. will take place
rience in Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and    semester working on a nutrition and           next spring. Dr. Jo-Mc will travel to
Houston. Many of Dr. Perry’s leader-        physical activity intervention in the         Japan next fall for the Japanese data-
ship roles have involved partnerships       public schools, funded by the Indiana         collection phase.
between the school and the community.       Department of Health, assisted by a              Dr. Jones-McKyer and colleagues at
She has worked in adopt-a-school pro-       number of our current students, gradu-        the Indiana Prevention Resource Cen-
grams, parent community education           ate student, Kaman Lo, Angela Leone,          ter published results from the 13th an-
programs, teacher staff development         and undergraduate students Amy                nual Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug
programs, and community health pro-         Siegal, Elia Figueora, Alex Kohler,           Use (ATOD) Survey in August. This
grams.                                      Abby Moberly, Cara Johnston. She              survey, funded in part by the Indiana
   At Texas Woman’s University Dr.          is also working with the Indiana De-          Division of Mental Health and Addic-
Perry’s funded research initiatives in-     partment of Education to evaluate             tion, included the largest sample size
cluded needs assessment for HIV ser-        USDA-funded Pilot Fruit and Vegetable         ever for 2003. The staff, including sev-
vice providers, a community-based pro-      Project in 25 Indiana schools, assisted       eral graduate students from the depart-
gram evaluation related to breast health    by graduate student Krisha                    ment, processed surveys from 151,398
care, and diabetes screening/education.     Thiagarajah.                                  youth representing 450 schools state-
Her primary interests are minority             Dr. Fly traveled to University of Min-     wide. Staff members included: Mi
health/women’s health issues, health        nesota with 4 of our students (grads:         Kyung Jun, Matthew Lee Smith,
disparities and the culture of poverty,     Ka-man Lo, Angela Leone, Yeon Bai,            Swati Raychowdhury, Robin
and breast cancer: survivorship and         and undergrad: Amy Siegal) for train-         Milhausen, Susan Samuel, Maurali
quality of life issues.                     ing on the Nutrition Data System soft-        Tangirala, Ravi Ayachitam,
   Dr. Perry’s family includes her hus-     ware for conducting 24 hour recalls us-       Thipaphone Panyanouvong, Krisha
band Leonard, and her daughter Mary,        ing the multiple pass approach. Dr. Fly       Thiagarajah, Cindy Flynn and
who has just begun her freshman year        is also chair-elect for the Society for       Jonathan Agley. The results are view-
at University of Connecticut on a vol-      Nutrition Education, Division of Higher       able at the IPRC website (http://
leyball scholarship. Dr. Perry has al-      Education.                                    www.drugs.indiana.edu).
ready attended a few IU volleyball             Dr. E. Lisako Jones-McKyer was
games this fall. Her other interests in-    named Director of Minority Recruit-              Dr. Jones-McKyer conducted Data
clude gardening and travel.                 ment and Retention for the Department         Interpretation Workshops across the
   When asked what made her decide to       of Applied Health Science in October.         state in October for school health edu-
come to IUB, Dr. Perry says, “One of        While the title is newly bestowed, it         cators and administrators. The work-
my doctoral students convinced me to        makes official the work she has been          shops (held at IU Kokomo and IU
take a look at her Alma Mater. She          doing for years on behalf of the depart-      Bloomington) were designed to help
couldn’t stop talking about IU. After       ment and the university in their efforts      school staff understand and interpret the
checking out the HPER program, I was        to diversify the student body.                local reports they received from their
convinced that it would be a good fit          Dr. Jones-McKyer, and her colleague        participation in the ATOD Survey. The
for my interests and that I had some-       IU Visiting Scholar Dr. Mika Omori            findings are used as needs assessment
thing to contribute to an already excel-    of Kyoto University of Education were         tools, as well as to help schools secure
lent program.” We are certainly grate-      awarded 3 years of funding by Japan           funding for drug prevention programs.
ful for that doctoral student, and we are   Society for the Promotion of Science          Co-facilitators were doctoral students
very pleased to have Dr. Shaw-Perry in      for their study on Cultural and environ-      Mi Kyung Jun and Swati
our Department.                             mental factors contributing to the for-       Raychowdhury, and MPH Intern
                                            mation of adolescent health-endanger-         Maurali (Krishna) Tangirala, and
                                            ing behaviors. The project goals are to       IPRC staff Susan Samuel.
                                            identify and compare common and dis-
                                            parate cultural and environmental fac-
                                            tors associated with adolescent

                                                                                                                         Page 3
                                          Faculty News
   The Association of American Col-       “Process Evaluation—Relationship to
leges and Universities announced today    Program Planning and Management.”                    PRC News
the appointment of Dr. Lloyd J. Kolbe     (July 2003).
as a senior fellow. Dr. Kolbe will work      Dr. Lohrmann is also working with
in AAC&U’s Program for Health and         the Association for Supervision and           The Indiana Prevention Resource
Higher Education (PHHE) assisting         Curriculum Development on a Robert         Center has a new hire and a staff trans-
staff members as they mobilize higher     Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored          fer.
education leadership to take action to    project to develop a “Healthy School          Our new hire is Merrill Hatlen as
meet the global challenge of HIV dis-     Report Card.”                              the Grants Assistance Specialist, and
ease.                                        Dr. Catherine Sherwood-Puzzello,        has been in Bloomington for 18 years
                                          Dr. Michael Reece, and Tania Basta,        in a variety of positions. His most re-
                                          MPH, presented the paper: “Improving       cent position was serving as a consult-
                                          the health of the Amish and the elderly:   ant for the Monroe County CAPE
                                          Documenting the outcomes of a com-         (Community Alliance for Education),
                                          munity-academic partnership in rural       assisting with the development of five
                                          America” at the 131st annual APHA          Family Resource Centers. He is a past
                                          meeting (November 15-19, 2003) in          co-chair of the Monroe County Com-
                                          San Francisco. They have also pre-         munity Prevention Coalition and was
                                          sented at Indiana Public Health Asso-      well aware of the valuable services of
                                          ciation and the Rural Health Associa-      the IPRC. He looks forward to work-
                                          tion annual conferences in 2003.           ing with communities throughout Indi-
 Dr. David Lohrmann, third from left.        Dr. Nathan Shier’s son Chris is get-    ana to secure funding for ATOD pre-
                                          ting his masters degree at the Univer-     vention initiatives. Merrill is originally
  Dr. David Lohrmann was inaugu-                                                     from California, and has an undergradu-
                                          sity of Bradford in West Yorkshire,
rated as President of the American                                                   ate degree in Social Sciences/Anthro-
                                          United Kingdom. Chris recently passed
School Health Association at the con-                                                pology from UC Santa Barbara and a
                                          the Foreign Service written exam in
clusion of the National Conference in                                                Master’s degree in Counseling Psychol-
                                          January. His son Tim is graduating
El Paso, TX in October, 2003. Please                                                 ogy from Loyola-Marymount Univer-
                                          from Purdue with a B.S. in Natural Re-
join in expressing congratulations and                                               sity.
best wishes as he will be leading this                                                  We’ve filled the Coordinator for Ex-
                                             Dr. Mohammad Torabi received the
major health organization.                Eta Sigma Gamma Honor Award on             ternal Affairs position with JoBeth A.
                                          October 17. This award was bestowed        McCarthy-Jean. She is a June 2003
                                                                                     grauate of the Department of Applied
                                          at the Eta Sigma Gamma National
                                          Health Education Honorary Annual           Health Science, earning her Master of
                                          Conference held in El Paso, Texas in       Public Health degree. Since August of
                                          conjunction with the American School       2002, she has served as a Research As-
   Dr. David Lohrmann is coauthor of      Health Association National Confer-        sociate and Operations Coordinator for
an article entitled “Condom availabil-    ence. The Honor Award is the highest       the Tobacco Retailer Inspection Pro-
ity programs in Massachusetts High        award given by Eta Sigma Gamma             gram (TRIP) which is also housed here
Schools: Relationships with condom        National Health Education Honorary         at the IPRC. She looks forward to serv-
use and sexual behavior” published in     and is presented to a person who has       ing the promotion as well as the pre-
the June 2003 edition of the American     made an outstanding contribution in the    vention needs of the IPRC.
Journal of Public Health. He has pro-     Health Sciences.
vided two presentations on evaluation
at sessions of the American Cancer So-
ciety School Health Urban Institute:
   “Evaluating School Health Pro-
grams”. (March 2003).

Page 4
Student News
                                              Erin Koers (BS in Public Health                        Dietetics
  Doctoral Degrees                         With High Distinction ‘03) and Chris-        Note: Unless otherwise noted, these are
                                           tine Tisone (MPH ’03) presented a            year long post-Baccalaureate place-
   Trent E. Applegate completed his        poster session on their study in the Do-     ments.
HSD degree on April 23, 2003 after         minican Republic at APHA. Christine          Whitney Bevins: IU School of
completing a dissertation entitled “Pro-   will be the Resident Director of the         Medicine
moting College Health Learning Using       CIC Summer Program in the Domini-            Cassie Dauenhauer: IU School of
the Coordinated School Health Program      can Republic this year.                      Medicine
Model as a Guide.” Trent is currently         Coco LaMantia (Public Health) is          Kristina Greene: Stephen F. Austin
teaching First Aid in our Department       a new member of the Blue Key Na-             State University Nacogdoches, TX
with a typical class numbering about       tional Honor Society.                        Harmony Heflin: International
280 students.                                 Tiffani Sinn-Trulock (HDFS) re-           Nutrition in Peru (summer internship)
   Sara L. Cole completed her Ph. D.       ceived an Honors College Internship          Ann Kincaid: University of Houston
on August 6, 2003 writing on               Grant for her summer internship at           Jen Mayer; Emory Hospitals
“Multicultural Attitude of Pre-Profes-     Family Services Association in               Atlanta, GA
sional Health Education Students”.         Bloomington.                                 Katie Martello: National Assoc. of
Sara accepted a teaching position at Il-      Stefan Turner (Public Health) was         College and Univ. Food Services
linois State University.                   the top performer of 435 students in         (summer)
   Lisako Jones-McKyer completed           Biology L111 Spring 2003.                    Angie Micinski: IU School of
her Ph. D. on May 27, 2003. Her dis-          Robin Milhausen (Ph. D. student)          Medicine
sertation topic was “Relationships         has received the Outstanding Student         Jen Moore: McNeese State Univesity
Among Developmental Assets, Age and        Research Award from the Society for          Lake Charles, LA
Smoking Behaviors Among Youth.” Dr.        the Scientific Study of Sexuality. The       Olivia Price: University Hospitals of
Jones-McKyer is currently teaching         selection was based on a blind peer re-      Cleveland
Research and Evaluation Methods in         view of over 25 student papers pre-          Nicole Waldron: Medical College of
Health and Safety and serving as Coor-     sented at the annual meeting.                Virginia
dinator of Minority Recruitment and
Retention for our Department.
   Barbara A. Mercer successfully de-
                                            Recent Internships                               Human Development/
fended her dissertation “Personal Sig-                                                         Family Studies
nificance of Participation in a               Each year 60-70 students serve oth-
Psychoeducational Program for Vic-         ers by participating in internships in       Cindy Adlow: Samuel Field YM-
tims of Sexual Abuse: the Meaning of       Bloomington, in their home towns and         YWHA, NY
Participation in the Clothesline           indeed around the world. Most of our         Rachel Barnhill: Kids Kingdom
Project.” to complete her HSD on May       interns work in non-profit agencies and      Preschool and Day Care
14, 2003.                                  do not receive a salary. All of our in-      Heather Bartlett: WonderLab,
                                           terns write journals reflecting on what      Bloomington
     Student Honors                        they are learning and receive guidance       Molly Bernard: MiddleWay House,
                                           from their site supervisors and their fac-
          and                              ulty supervisors. They work at hospi-
                                                                                        Jenny Bleau: American Cancer
                                           tals, camps, crisis centers, non-profits,
      Presentations                        businesses and government agencies
                                                                                        Society, Bloomington
                                                                                        Adam Bowling: Planned Parenthood,
Editor’s Note: Many of our students        providing invaluable services and at the     Bloomington
win honors and give presentations. The     same time fulfilling a requirement for       Monica Burks: Head Start,
following list is not comprehensive. It    their degree. AHS interns carry the          Bloomington
includes only those students who have      mission of our Department in a very          Abby Cairns: Bradford Woods
come to the attention of the editor.       tangible way to the people of Indiana,       Holly Carson: Christole,
   Tania Basta (BS ’98 MPH ’03) pre-       the nation and the world.                    Bloomington
sented a study on the health care and                                                   Tim Connolly: Chicago Children’s
educational needs of the Amish and eld-                                                 Advocacy Center
erly from rural Indiana at APHA. Tania                                                  Dickey, Margaret: Dr. Linda
is currently working on her PhD at the                                                  Monroe, Psychologist, Mishawaka
University of Georgia.

                                                                                                                     Page 5
                                       Student News
Leslie Donovan: Catholic Youth               Occupational Safety                Jamie Marley: Bloomington
Organization Camp Rancho Framasa                                                Hospital
Megan Ewing: YMCA Camp Carson          James Bayne: TIS Group,                  Cara McCowan: Health and
Lorna Fischer: Boys and Girls Club     Bloomington                              Wellness Education, IU Health
of Noblesville                         Jami Bennett: Silgan Plastics,           Center, Bloomington
Kathryn Foust: Healthy Families,       Bloomington                              Melody Slashinski: Girls, Inc.
Bloomington                            Jonathon Fillippo: Bloomington Fire      Indianapolis
Brett Golub: Jewish Family and         Department                               Amy Starzynski: Health Works,
Children’s Services, Boston            Lucas Finley: Indiana Railroad           South Bend, IN
Jessica Kinney: Bloomington            Company                                  Muralikrishna Tangirala: Indiana
Developmental Learning Center,         Erika Jacobs: Robison-Prezioso Inc.,     Prevention Center, Bloomington
Bloomington                            California                               Amanda Tanner: Planned Parent-
Kara Kmiee: Care Center of             Zachary Lichlyter: Environmental         hood, Indianapolis
Hartsfield Village, Munster            Health and Safety, IU Bloomington        Amanda Zapfe: Crisis Pregnancy
Melissa Lower: Girls Incorporated of   Daniel Perez: Elite Staffing, Chicago    Center, Bloomington
Monroe County
Sarah Lubbers: Tri Kap, Jasper, IN                                               New HPER Career Website
Jill McCalllister: Georgetown                                                    Lists Jobs and Internships
University, Department of Psychol-
                                          Public Health Education
ogy                                           (BS and MPH)
                                                                                   In June of 2003 HPER Career Ser-
Molly Meinbresse: Global Service                                                vices began posting HPER-related jobs
Corps, Tanzania Africa                 Kara Anderson: University of             and internships on a brand new website.
Sarah Milestone: Parkview Hospital,    Michigan, Health MFit, Ann Arbor,        Over 425 organizations are currently
Fort Wayne                             MI                                       listed. Developed by Thomas Fowler,
Megan Miller: Spring Hill Campus,      John Barnes: Ruth Lily Center for        the website makes jobs and internships
Evart, MI                              Health Education, Indianapolis           a click away. It is available to all HPER
Brooke Pittenger: Health Care          Jessica Cordette: Indiana Institute on   students and any interested alumni at
Alternative Systems, Chicago           Disability and Community,                www.hper.indiana.edu under “Careers”.
Jennifer Radjeski: Crisis Pregnancy    Bloomington                              (For alumni passcode contact
Center, Bloomington                    Greta Giesler: Home Depot, Atlanta,      HarrietCastrataro, hcastrat@indiana.edu.)
Molly Rosendall: WonderLab,            GA                                          One can search by one’s field of inter-
Bloomington                            Annie Golding: Health and Wellness       est at the undergraduate or graduate level
Melissa Russell: MiddleWay House,      Education, IU Health Center,             and then by location. Most jobs listed
Bloomington                            Bloomington                              are entry level positions or positions that
Tiffany Sinn: Family Services          Debby Herbenick: Kinsey Institute,       require under 5 years of experience. We
Association, Bloomington               IU and IU Medical Center, Indianapo-     hear about these jobs from our faculty,
Beth Sliwa: Options for Better         lis                                      from employers who know the value of
Living, Bloomington                    Amanda Hewitt: Indiana State             our programs and from our alumni.
Kate Snodgrass: The Caring Place,      Department of Health, Office of             If you are a current HPER student, be
Valparasio                             Women’s Health                           sure to check it out. And if you are an
Mandy Strayer: SCAN, Fort Wayne        Tara Huotari: Community Health           alum with a job or internship opportu-
Robin Thomson: Cross Cultural          Education, Bloomington Hospital          nity, please let us know. You can send
Solutions, Thailand                    Christina Jagielski: Olcott Center       the information to Harriet Castrataro
Suzanne Wade: TLC, Indy                for Cancer Education, Bloomington        (Fax: 812-855-3936). This is an excel-
Briana Weisinger: Silver Hill          Ifeng Jeng: Applied Health Science,      lent way to support the School of HPER
Hospital, CT                           Bloomington                              and to hire dynamic young profession-
Darcy Willis: Bloomington Develop-     Jennifer Kelley: Indiana Prevention      als from your alma mater.
mental Learning Center, Bloomington    Resource Center, IU
Brooke Woodward: Head Start,           Forest King: Indiana Coalition
Bloomington                            Against Domestic Violence
Amanda Wright: Fidelity National       Stephanie Lofton: American Heart
Title, CA                              Association, Indianapolis

Page 6
Student News
    AHS Student Teaches at                                                                anti-smoking campaigns seemed to
     National Youth Sports                                                                make a deeper impression on the par-
                                                                                          ticipants than did the smoking ads.
                                                                                             At the end of the camp we asked the
   “All right, everyone put the straw in                                                  participants to go around and say one
your mouth and plug your nose,” I told                                                    thing that they learned from the 12
the group of twenty 9 and 10-year olds.                                                   health lessons that were taught. The en-
“Now breathe in and out slowly. How                                                       thusiasm of the kids to share their
does that feel?” An eager kid answered,                                                   knowledge was absolutely remarkable.
“It’s hard to breathe.” Another kid                                                       Hearing everything they had learned
added in, “It kind of makes me feel                                                       really helped me know how beneficial
dizzy.” I then explained to the group that                                                our lessons were and what an impact
this demonstration was to simulate the                                                    they made on these kids. Being a part
difficulty breathing that smokers feel on                                                 of this camp was such a wonderful op-
an every day basis. Next I had the kids                                                   portunity for me, I was able to utilize
stand up and run in place with the straws                                                 the education I have received thus far
                                             intriguing and educational to such a         and in such a positive way as I learned
in their mouth while they continued to
                                             broad range of age groups. Collectively      from both Shelia and the camp partici-
plug their nose. “This is how smokers
                                             we were able to come up with 12 enter-       pants. I plan to employ this knowledge
feel when they exercise,” I told the
                                             taining lesson plans that incorporated       when I embark into the professional
group. The kids were shocked. “I don’t
                                             hands-on learning for the participants.      field of public health education.
like how this makes my lungs feel,” one
kid exclaimed.                               Each participant had a binder for health
   This is one of the many health activi-    class to keep handouts throughout the                  By Coco LaMantia
ties that took place at the National Youth   duration of the camp. The participants                 A senior with a major in
Sports Program (NYSP) that was held          were able to take them home at the end                 Public Health Education and
at Indiana University for the first time     of the six weeks. Most of the lessons                  a minor in Nutrition Science
this summer. This program was offered        we taught incorporated worksheets for
without charge to approximately 150          the participants to put into their bind-
kids in Monroe County, ages 9-16, who        ers. The binders helped preserve the
were on the free or reduced lunch pro-       information that was handed out in
gram at their school. The participants,      class, so that later on in the years to
divided into 8 groups, followed a block      come the participants would be able use
schedule and participated in activities      it as a valuable resource. Some titles of
such as tennis, lacrosse, track and field,   the lessons we taught were, “How to
swimming, judo, ultimate Frisbee, soft-      wash your hands properly,” “What
ball, career development, and health         makes a good friend,” “The negative
education.                                   effects of smoking,” “Drug use, abuse
   I was fortunate enough to assist in the   and addiction,” “Decision making and
health education portion of the camp         communication,” and “Advertising and
under the guidance of Shelia Evans,          the tobacco companies.”
who is a community health educator for          Throughout the camp the kids en-
the Bloomington Hospital. Together we        joyed the lessons we taught and were
came up with 12 lesson plans, each           eager to ask questions as well as share
taught 8 times. Shelia and I were given      their personal experiences with the          (Note: The National Youth Sports Pro-
specific health lesson guidelines from       class. Of all the lessons taught, the les-   gram was held for the first time at our
the NYSP foundation: 7.5 hours of al-        sons on tobacco and tobacco advertis-        School this past summer under the di-
cohol, tobacco and drug education and        ing seemed to make the biggest impact.       rection of Keith Chapin, Clinical Asso-
2.5 hours of health education were re-       It was amazing to see that even though       ciate Professor in the Department of
quired. Our biggest challenge was cre-       the tobacco companies often try to tar-      Kinesiology. For more information see
ating lesson plans that would be both        get the youth with their advertisements,     h t t p : / / w w w. n y s c o r p . o rg /
                                             the rebuttal advertisements from the         nysp_overview.htm.)

                                                                                                                          Page 7
                                              Student News
   Human Development
    Student Interns in
   Traveling abroad to complete a re-
quired internship gave me the rare op-
portunity to be integrated into a culture
very different from my own. After re-
searching a number of international pro-
grams, I chose to complete my intern-
ship through Cross Cultural Solutions,
which offers programs all over the
world, including Brazil, Costa Rica,
China, Ghana, India, Peru, Russia, Tan-
zania, and Thailand. I signed up for a 6
week program in Thailand, as I was
drawn in by the country’s unique cul-
ture, as well as its beautiful coastlines     The agency of Kredtakarn is located on       ber of the girls was definitely the most
and islands.                                  a small island in Northeast Bangkok and      rewarding experience through my in-
   Although I was not quite sure what         can hold up to 400 women at a time,          ternship. Knowing that I was there for
to expect, with the help of my intern-        mostly under the age of 18. The agency       these girls and able to give many of
ship coordinator Dr. Maria Schmidt and        is primarily run by the government and       them individual attention made each
the staff of Cross Cultural Solutions, I      accepts girls from Thailand, as well as      day worthwhile.
was able to develop goals and objec-          the neighboring nations of Burma,               By the end of my internship, I real-
tives that I hoped to achieve through         Cambodia, and Laos. Kredtakarn is            ized that the girls I worked with gave
my internship. After filling out a num-       structured around the components of          me as much, if not more, than I had
ber of skills and interest forms, I was       health care and treatment, basic educa-      given them. The perspectives and in-
notified by Cross Cultural Solutions of       tion and skill training, and moral sup-      sights I gained while working at the
my site placement. I was placed at            port and rehabilitation.                     agency of Kredtakarn, as well as actu-
Kredtakarn Protection and Develop-               Every morning that I arrived on the       ally living and experiencing a new cul-
ment Center, which is a home for girls        island I was greeted by smiles and warm      ture will forever influence me. I will
who have been found guilty of traffick-       welcomes from the staff and the girls.       never forget my time in Thailand as the
ing through prostitution, being involved      My roles and responsibilities were con-      experience was uplifting, rewarding and
in slave labor, and drug abuse. In addi-      stantly changing, as each day brought        inspiring, with memories that will last
tion, many of the girls at the facility       about different needs by the staff. For      a lifetime.
have psychiatric disorders, behavioral        the most part, I helped plan, lead and
problems, and unwed pregnancies.              participate in activities with the girls,             By Robin Thompson
   I arrived in Bangkok in early July for     including art, music, and English. The                Human Development/Family
a stay of almost two months. There I          hard work and appreciation that the girls             Studies Major with minors in
lived in a very nice, accommodating           showed me was incredible.                             Psychology and Sociology
house with around 25 other volunteers,           After a couple of weeks, many of the
many of whom I traveled with on week-         girls began to open up to me, sharing
ends and became close friends with.           their feelings and emotions, as well as
The house was located in the old capi-        the challenges they were facing. Al-
tol of Thonburi, which is a safe com-         though the language barrier was an
munity across the Chao Phraya River           enormous adjustment, I found myself
from Bangkok. It was a wonderful ex-          communicating with the girls and staff
perience to be able to live in a local Thai   in ways I had never thought about. The
neighborhood full of culture and tradi-       power of listening and showing care
tion, yet have the close access to the        and compassion without verbal commu-
lively and diverse city of Bangkok.           nication is an ability that I strengthened
                                              while working at the agency. The time
                                              I was able to spend bonding with a num-

Page 8
                            Applied Health Science
                   Returning Alumni Program Sign-Up Sheet
Applied Health Science Placement and Career Services is launching a program for alumni who wish to
return to campus and speak to current students about career issues. We will set up a panel of alumni for a
career presentation each semester.

If you are interested in participating in our Returning Alumni Program (RAP) and sharing your expertise,
please answer the following questions and return this page to:

Harriet Castrataro
HPER 116
1025 E. 7th Street
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405

Requests for participation in a panel will be sent by e-mail and you can let us know if you are interested.
Thank you very much for your participation.


Name (include maiden): ____________________________________________________________
                          Last                                  First

Preferred E-Mail Address: _________________________________________________________

Current Address: __________________________________________________________________


Degree(s) and Year(s) received: ______________________________________________________

Current Job Title: _________________________________________________________________

Organization Where Employed: ______________________________________________________

(Please turn page)
                   Applied Health Science
       Returning Alumni Program Sign-Up Sheet, cont.

                     Possible Topics (please check any you are interested in):

_____ College to Job Transitions

_____ A Day In The Life of a Health Professional

_____ Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me While I Was in College

_____ How I Got My Job

_____ How I Use My College Education On The Job

_____ The Technology That I Use On The Job

_____ Important People Skills

_____ Advice About Graduate School

_____ Salaries In The Health Field

Other Suggestions:



Staff/Alumni News
                                                                                             Staff News
                                                                                        Ifeng Jeng has been appointed
                                                                                     Webmaster for the Department of Ap-
                                                                                     plied Health Science. Ifeng is a native
                                                                                     of Taiwan and is earning a Master of
                                                                                     Public Health degree as well as a doc-
                                                                                     toral degree in Instructional Systems
                                                                                     Technology from Indiana University.
                                                                                        Carole Nowicke presented “William
                                                                                     J. Bell: An Overview of His Life and
                                                                                     Career” at the Midwest Regional Con-
                                                                                     ference and the Southwest Regional
              Dr. Mohammad Torabi, Joyce Arthur, and Dean Gallahue                   Conference of the Tuba Euphonium As-
                                                                                     sociation. She also presented “Sounds
   This year marks the 40th Anniversary    She has worked with every Chair in the    and Visions: Glass Plate Images from
of Joyce Arthur’s service to the De-       history of the Department of Applied      the Legacy of Cornet Soloist Walter F.
partment of Applied Health Science.        Health Science. For all that Joyce has    Smith” at the 2003 conference of the
She is the only staff member at Indiana    done for the Department of Applied        International Trumpet Guild. Carole is
University that we know of who has re-     Health Science, I know you join me in     the Historian of the International Tuba-
ceived two campus-wide meritorious         expressing congratulations and thanks     Euphonium Association and has spent
service awards. This is a tribute to her   to this loyal, hard working, and caring   the last two years conducting over 35
life-time commitment, loyalty, and         professional staff member. We look for-   oral histories with tuba and euphonium
dedication to the Department of Applied    ward to working with her for many         players.
Health Science at Indiana University.      more years to come.

                          Alumni News

Recipients of the HPER Endwright Alumni Award Recipient, Dr. Robert
Synovitz, and the HPER Patty Award Recipient, Dr. Guy Parcel. Both
recipients are alums of our Department. Guy Parcel is second from the right,
and Robert Synovitz is third from the right.

                                                                                                                   Page 9
Indiana University                     Nonprofit Organization

Department Of Applied Health Science        U.S. Postage

1025 E. 7th Street, HPER 116                  PAID
                                       Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington, IN 47405                      Permit No. 2

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