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									   Quarterly Funding Newsletter
                       Issue 2 – May 2008
                       Issue 2 – May 2008


         Lottery Programmes at a Glance            2
         BIG - Family Learning                     2
         BIG - Community Spaces                    3
         BIG - Ecominds                            4
         HLF - Heritage Grants                     4
         HLF - Parks For People                    5
         HLF - Young Roots                         5
         MLA – Learning From Past Conflicts        5
         Natural England – Access to Nature        6
         RSWT – Local Food                         7

   Foundations & Trusts

         Adobe Discounts for Charities             8
         ANOB Sustainable Development Fund         8
         Awards For Bridging Cultures              9
         Barclays Trading Places Awards            9
         Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation            9
         Charles Hayward Foundation               11
         Community Sustainable Energy Programme   11
         Conservation Training Bursary            12
         Country Houses Foundation                12
         Cricket Trust „Go Green‟ Fund            13
         Donate a PC                              13
         Elephant Trust                           14
     International Award to Improve the Living Environment   14
     Kings Fund                                              14
     Guardian Charity Awards                                 15
     Princes Trust Community Cash                            15
     QIA Star Awards                                         16
     Repair Grants for Places of Worship                     16
     Resource Recycling Awards                               17
     Trading Places Awards                                   17
     Tubney Charitable Trust                                 18
     Tree Council Grants                                     18
     V-VCashpoint                                            19
     Village Core Programme                                  19
     WRAP Organics Capital Grant Programme                   20


     Bio-Energy Capital Grants                               21
     Civil Society Challenge Fund                            21
     Enterprise Capital Fund                                 22
     Myplace                                                 22
     SE Seed Fund                                            23


     European Youth Foundation                               25
     Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme                 25
     INTERREG IVA                                            25
     Rural Development Programme for England                 27
     UK-German Connection Challenge Fund                     27
     Youth in Action                                         28

Bidding Diary

     Lottery                                                 30
     Foundations & Trusts                                    33
     Government                                              46
     European                                                49


BIG Lottery Fund – Programmes at a Glance
 Programme                   Budget (England          Open for applications
                             wide unless
 Advice Plus                 Up to £50M               Closed.
 Awards for All              £60M has been            Open now.
                             agreed for 2007/2008
 BASIS (Building and         Up to £155M              Should open in Spring 08.
 Sustaining Infrastructure
 Changing Spaces –           £25M                     Open now.
 Access to Nature
 Changing Spaces –           £50M                     Open now.
 Community Spaces
 Changing Spaces –           £10M                     Should open this month.
 Community Sustainable
 Energy Programme
 Changing Spaces –           £50M                     Open.
 Local Food
 Family Learning             Up to £40M               Outline Proposal Form 29/8/08
                                                      Full application 30/11/08
 International               Up to £72M (UK-wide)     Closed.
 Parks for People            Up to £90M               30th September 08 (final deadline)
 People‟s Millions           Up to £50K per project   Should open this month.
 Reaching Communities        2nd year budget          Open now. Existing forms accepted until
                             £100M                    31st October.
 Research Programme          Up to £25M               Round 2: 12/9/08
                                                      Round 3: 30/3/09
 Young People‟s Fund         Extension of £100M       Local Grants due to open Spring 2008.

BIG - Family Learning
This is a programme that helps parents to understand more about how their children learn and
encourages adults and children to learn as a family.

They want to support families who face barriers to learning or who are not confident helping
their children to learn. They are very interested in hearing from projects where learning is not
based on getting a qualification and those that will help families who have not been involved in
learning together before. They are looking for imaginative projects that meet local needs and
remove the practical barriers to learning, for example, by providing travel costs, additional
support for disabled participants, or childcare.

You can apply for grants of over £10K-£500K. They will fund projects for up to five years. You
can apply on a local or national basis.

You can apply to Family Learning if you are: a registered charity; a voluntary or community
group; a statutory body, including schools and children‟s centres; a charitable or not-for-profit
company; a social enterprise; a private sector organisation. Statutory bodies and private sector
organisations applying must involve a voluntary or community sector partner in planning and
running the project.

Closes for applications 29 August 2008.
Tel: 0845 410 2030

Community Spaces
Community Spaces is a £50M programme managed by Groundwork UK for the Big Lottery
Fund. The programme helps community groups create or improve green and open spaces.

Community Spaces will provide funding for community groups to create and improve their local
environment. Examples of projects are, community gardens & parks; informal sports areas &
multi-use games areas; nature reserves; squares & village greens; churchyards; ponds &
projects which improve community access to green space.

There are four sizes of grant available: Small grants of £10K-£25K and medium grants of £25K-
£49,999. Application packs available via the website or the Advice Line and both grants will be
available on a rolling basis for three years.

Community Spaces will also be awarding a limited number of Large and Flagship grants: Large
grants of £50K–£100K and flagship grants of £100K–£450K. There will only be one bidding
round for large and flagship grants and community groups will be able to apply from summer 08
with 9mths to submit Stage 1 application forms.

All Community Spaces applications will need to go through a two-stage application process:
Stage 1 applications will be available via the website or the Advice Line and once submitted will
receive a decision within 10 weeks; Stage 2 Application - If groups are successful at Stage 1
they will be allocated a Facilitator who will provide a more detailed Stage 2 application form.
Facilitators will be able to provide expert and specialist advice to every project; they will also be
able to provide support to applicants to complete the Stage 2 application form. Once complete
Stage 2 applications are received they will be assessed and groups will receive a decision
within 12 weeks.

Advice Line Tel: 0845 3 671 671

Ecominds BIG Changing Spaces funding

The Big Lottery Fund has awarded Mind £8.8M from its Changing Spaces programme to start
up 'Ecominds' to fund projects that will help transform local environments and build the
confidence and self-esteem of people with mental health problems.

Ecominds aims to reduce the stigma and social exclusion faced by people with mental health
problems by funding environmental projects that bring people together right across the
community. Over the next five years Ecominds will award grants up to the value of £250K to 125
environmental projects eg returning habitats to their natural state, starting up recycling
initiatives, community agricultural projects.

Schools, community groups and voluntary organisations will be encouraged to apply for funding.
They must develop plans that show how they intend to rejuvenate their local environment but
most importantly, show how they will involve local people with mental health problems on their

Tel: 0845 766 0163
Fax: 020 8522 1725

Heritage Lottery Fund – Heritage Grants
HLF has now published its third strategic plan and new application materials.

The Heritage Grants programme is the HLF's main channel for awarding grants for projects
relating to the national, regional or local heritage. Projects should require over £50K and meet
the following objectives:
     Help people to learn about their own and other people's heritage.
     Conserve the UK's diverse heritage for present and future generations to experience and
     Help more people, and a wider range of people, to take an active part in and make
         decisions about heritage.

A more simplified application process, for projects requesting £3K-£50K, is available through the
HLF's Your Heritage scheme.

Both reports have been fully updated in line with the new guidance materials. Under the
Heritage Grants programme, applications requesting up to £5M may be submitted at any time.
Applications requesting over this are subject to an annual application round, the deadline for
which is 30 September.

Tel: (020) 7591 6000

Heritage Lottery Fund/BIG Lottery Fund – Parks for People
This initiative helps with the restoration and regeneration of public parks and gardens.

The term 'public park' is defined as an existing urban or rural green space, the main purpose of
which is for informal recreation and enjoyment. This definition includes parks, gardens,
squares, walks and promenades. Parks for People focuses on the regeneration of public parks
which will also create new opportunities for communities to learn about and enjoy their local
environment. A wide range of capital work is supported through this programme, including:
    Repairing and restoring landscape of all types;
    Improving access for all;
    Park furniture, lighting and signs.

Grants ranging from £250K to £5M are available. The final deadline for stage one applications
under the Parks for People initiative in its current format is 30 September 2008.

Tel: (020) 7591 6000

Heritage Lottery Fund – Young Roots
The Young Roots grant programme is designed to help local youth organisations work with
young people (aged 13 to 25) to explore the heritage of the UK.

Grants of £3K- £25K are available for activities such as:
        Researching, recording and making available information on local history or cultural
           traditions, through making an exhibition or film for the public to view;
        Photographing and learning about local heritage features and creating community
           exhibitions or web pages;
        Learning practical skills for conserving wildlife and developing a nature trail so that
           others can learn about the countryside.

Youth organisations (e.g. youth clubs, charitable organisations, supplementary schools) will
need to work with at least one heritage organisation (e.g. museums, wildlife organisations and
organisations which look after historic buildings).

Applications can be submitted at any time, however, following the launch of the Heritage Lottery
Fund's third strategic plan and new application guidance materials in April, any applications to
be submitted using the old application pack must be done so by 30 June.

Tel: (020) 7591 6000

MLA - Learning from Past Conflicts
The MLA Partnership manages funds and leads on a whole range of programmes and strategic
initiatives to promote museums, libraries and archives.

Their Past Your Future 2 is the second phase of the hugely successful Their Past Your Future
Programme. This second phase is focused around an annual grant programme open to all
museums, libraries and archives in England. The programme offers funding for the sector to use
their collections and resources to explore innovative and creative ways of increasing community
learning and young people‟s knowledge and understanding of the impact and contemporary
significance of conflict. This overarching aim encompasses themes of remembrance and
commemoration, identity and reconciliation, citizenship, diversity, asylum, conflict resolution and

The programme, which receives cash from the Big Lottery Fund, is managed and delivered by
the MLA Partnership. In this second phase of the programme (2007-2010) grants of between
£500 and £10,000 are available through an annual grant programme. Museums, libraries and
archives in England may apply for grants focused on one or both of the following areas: work
with children and young people; inter-generational learning.

The latest round for applications to the fund is now open. The deadline is 23 May 2008.
Successful projects will be announced at the end of June.

MLA Regional Agencies are running seminars for potential applicants to the MLA TPYF2 grant
programme. The dates of these seminars are below. To find out more contact your MLA
Regional Agency.

Tel: 020 7273 1444
Fax: 020 7273 1404

Natural England - Access to Nature
Access to Nature is a £25M grant scheme to encourage people to understand, access and
enjoy our natural environment. Funded by BLF‟s Changing Spaces, it will focus on three
themes: Community awareness & active participation; Education, learning & volunteering;
Welcoming, well-managed & wildlife-rich places.

Access to Nature will fund projects in urban, rural and coastal communities across England. The
priority will be to fund projects that make a lasting change in areas of high social, economic
and/or environmental deprivation.

Applications will be accepted from Voluntary & Community Sector organisations, which includes
Charitable incorporated organisations, Friendly Societies, Industrial & Provident Societies,
Charitable Trusts & the public sector. Eligible applicants must have a governing document, if not
a statutory body.

To qualify for funding, organisations must show evidence of partnership working and how they
intend to involve the people they are trying to reach in developing, making decisions about and
implementing the project.

Access to Nature will make grants of between £50K-£500K. They will also make a small number
of larger grants of over £500K for projects which have a national significance.

For projects with a total value of between £55,556 and £100K, applicants can apply for a grant
of either up to 90% of the total project cost or a maximum of £100K (whichever is the lesser).
Matched funding for the balance is required and can be either cash or in-kind.

For projects with a total value of £125K-£715K, applicants can apply for a grant of either up to
80% of the total project cost or £500K (whichever is the lesser). Matched funding for the
balance is required of which at least 10% of the total project cost must be cash.

For projects with a total value of over £715K, applicants can apply for a grant of up to 70% of
the total project cost, of which at least 10% of the total project cost must be cash.

Application forms and guidance notes will be available at launch from website below. The format
will be a 2 stage process: Stage 1 is an Expression of Interest form which asks for initial details
about your project and organisation. This form will enable Natural England to assess your
project's eligibility. Stage 2 is a more detailed application form which they will use to assess your

Email: or

RSWT - Local Food
Grants of £2K-£500K are available for not-for-profit groups and organisations delivering such
projects as growing, processing, marketing and distributing local food; composting and raising
awareness of the benefits of such activities.

There are three levels of funding available through Local Food: Small Grants – £2K-£10K; Main
Grants - £10K-£300K: Beacon Grants - £300K-£500K.

Local Food employs a two stage application process for all three sizes of grant. The First Stage
application process allows you to outline proposals and to ensure eligibility. This is followed by a
full Application. If you are not invited to submit a Full Application they will tell you why. Forms
can be completed in a word interactive document downloadable from website below and
emailed to: or handwritten and posted. To request your hard copy First
Stage Application form, please call the Changing Spaces Advice Line Tel: 0845 3 671 671.

For the Small and Main grants there are no deadlines, it is a rolling programme, although all
funded projects must be completed by March 2014.

All Beacon Grants will be assessed in a single competitive round. First Stage Applications for
Beacon Grants need to be submitted before the end of June 2008 and Full Applications
by the end of November 2008. The successful Beacon Grants will be announced in March

Tel: 0845 3 671 671

Foundations and Trusts

Adobe Discounts for Charities
Adobe has extended its charity offering so charities can buy: Adobe Boxed products at
discounts of 65%; Adobe licensing under the Education Transactional Licensing programme

Boxed products available include: Design Premium CS3 - Deliver innovative ideas in print, web,
and mobile design Web; Premium CS3 - Redefine the extraordinary in web design and
development; Production Premium CS3 - Put ideas in motion with the total post-production
solution; Photoshop Extended CS3 -

Discover new dimensions in digital imaging; Dreamweaver CS3 - Design, develop, and maintain
standards-based websites and applications; Master Collection CS3 - Design across media.

TLP is available to charities which operate on a not-for-profit basis and whose aim is one or
more of the following: Relief of poverty; Advancement of education; Advancement of social and
community welfare; Advancement of culture; Advancement of the natural environment. Contact
your preferred Adobe Authorised Reseller for more information:

Jigsaw, tel: 0870 730 6868
Phoenix Software, tel: 0845 265 1265
Micromail, tel: 00 353 (0)21 4515590
Pugh, tel: 01974 200217

Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty (AONBs) Sustainable
Development Fund

Minimum grant: £500 Maximum grant: £25,000.

The SDF offers financial support to projects that bring sustainable social, environmental and
economic benefits to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

The (SDF) is a national grant scheme co-ordinated by Natural England for DEFRA. There are
36 AONBs in England, covering about 15% of country; each of the protected landscapes has its
own SDF.

Grants can be given to organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals who wish
to explore and develop practical projects that enhance, conserve and improve the environment,
economy and way of life across AONBs.

Awards for Bridging Cultures
The Awards for Bridging Cultures recognise and reward grass roots, community and voluntary
organisations for local schemes and projects that promote intercultural dialogue, understanding
and awareness. The scheme also recognises public and private sector organisations for
initiating and supporting such activity.

Award winners receive cash prizes of up to £10,000, a trophy and DVD recorder and editing
support. Shortlisted organisations receive cash prizes of up to £5,000, DVD recorder and
editing support. Public and private sector organisations receive a trophy to recognise their
support of intercultural schemes.

The deadline for applications is 1 October 2008.

Tel: (024) 7679 5768

Barclays Trading Places Awards
Sole traders, partnerships or companies that have successfully changed their life and set up a
new business are invited to enter the Trading Places Awards.

The first prize is a Gold Package which consists the following:
         £10,000 cash for the business.
         £3,400 worth of computer server and desktop software items, courtesy of Microsoft.

The runner-up prize is the Silver Package which consists of:
        £5,000 cash for the business.
        £1,100 worth of computer desktop software items provided by Microsoft.

The remaining eight regional winners will each receive a Bronze Package which consists of:
       £1,100 worth of computer desktop software courtesy of Microsoft.

Ten regional winners are selected and must attend a judging session on 5 September 2008.

The awards are open to sole traders, partnerships and companies that had been trading for a
minimum of three months and a maximum of three years on 7 April 2008. The majority of
shares must be private ownership and the business must have an annual turnover of less than
£1 million. The closing date for receipt of applications is 30 May 2008.

Tel: 0800 085 3203

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
The Foundation supports projects which are original in their field and favours those which take
place outside London. Additionally the Foundation values strategic partnerships. They may also

consider ideas which fall outside their programmes if they think these to be of particular interest
and have the potential to be truly innovative.

Arts Programme - To support professional artists and UK based arts organisations, usually at
an early research and development stage. There are two grant programmes in 2008: The Arts in
Public Spaces - This will be the third and final year of this programme and those in rural areas
will be prioritised. The Arts and Science - The Foundation has pioneered collaborations between
artists and scientists for the past 10 years and this aspect of the programme has come to an

For further information see website below or Email:

Education Programme - Within the education theme, the Foundation continues to support
educational innovations and developments. In 2008, its two programmes are as follows:

   Human Scale Schools - This programme is designed to help secondary schools strengthen
   their commitment to human scale education.

   Cross-cultural Schools and Youth Work Projects - Support for secondary schools, and
   agencies who work with them, to implement imaginatively and ambitiously that part of the
   KS3 curriculum designed to encourage empathy and understanding between students from
   different cultures, both within and between schools (i.e. inter-school linking projects,
   involvement of local community groups etc.). Support is also offered to youth organisations,
   and those agencies who work with them, wishing to initiate projects aimed at fostering better
   relations between young people from different cultures and faiths.

Social Change Programme - In 2008, the Foundation is looking for applications under its
social change theme which explore innovative, but well-thought-through, approaches from
which learning can be gained in the following key areas:

   Financial Inclusion - Projects to improve financial literacy & access to financial services for
   people currently not well-served by existing institutions & practices.

   Environmental Awareness - Innovative work to increase personal responsibility and for
   trialling accessible, realisable solutions to aspects of local, national or international
   environmental issues.

   Older People - Projects focusing on new ways to involve & support elderly people in their
   local communities.

Anglo-Portuguese Cultural Relations - This Programme aims to help projects that promote
contemporary Portuguese culture in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. „Cultural relations‟ are
taken to include activities in the arts, education and social change.

Applications will be considered at their July Meeting (deadline 23 May); November
Meeting (deadline 10 October). As a guide, grants made by the Foundation rarely exceed

Tel: 020 7636 5313
Fax: 020 7908 7580


Charles Hayward Foundation - New Guidelines
The Charles Hayward Foundation makes grants to UK charities & charitable organistions.

They predominantly fund capital costs. Occasionally, project funding may be offered for start-up
or development activities where these are not part of the on-going revenue requirement of the

They place great emphasis on funding projects that are developmental or innovative. They
would like to enable things to happen that would not otherwise happen. They prefer funding a
project in its early stages rather than finishing off an already well supported appeal.

They also value projects that are preventive or provide early intervention. Their preferred area of
impact is at the community and neighbourhood level.

They also wish to promote good practice. They would like to help with the development of
solutions to society's problems and help to expand the take-up of these solutions where they
are most needed. The Foundation sees the value in supporting activities which have been
demonstrated to work and can be replicated

The small grant scheme makes grants up to £5K only to charities with an annual turnover of
less than £250K.

In their other programmes, grant sizes are £10K-£25K. Project funding may be granted for a
maximum of 3 years, and will be tapered downwards if appropriate. Project funding may be up
to £15K pa over three years

Enquiries David Brown, Dorothy Napierala Tel: 020 7370 7063 / 020 7370 7067

Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP)
CSEP is a grants programme run by BRE for the Big Lottery Fund (BIG). BRE carries out
research, consultancy, training & testing to help create better buildings and communities.

The CSEP will provide £8M to community-based organisations for the installation of micro-
generation technologies, eg solar panels, wind turbines, energy efficiency measures including
loft and cavity wall insulation. Energy efficiency measures will only be funded in combination
with a micro-generation technology installation. It will also provide £1M for project development
grants that will help community organisations establish if a micro-generation and energy
efficiency installation will work for them.

It aims to achieve the following outcomes: Reduction in CO2 emissions; Increased community
awareness of climate change and how changes to our behaviour can reduce it; Increased skills
base of local trades (for example, local builders and building-service subcontractors working on
renewable energy projects for the first time); Reduction in energy bills; Reduction in reliance on

imported energy and increased independence from commercial energy suppliers; Stronger
partnerships within local communities with lasting social benefits; Growth of local enterprise in
new technologies.

Applications are being accepted now. Capital grants will be awarded on a competitive basis at
quarterly Selection Panel meetings. Funding rounds information can be found on our website Project Development grants will be awarded on a first-
come first-served basis until all funds are spent.

Details of all aspects of the grant application process, consultants, installers and technologies
are available on the website. It will also provide statistical information for all projects that have
been funded, showing where the project is and the types of technologies used.

Tel: 0845 3 671 671

Conservation Training Bursaries Scheme
Work-based internships of 6, 12 or 24 months‟ duration are available to individuals looking to
undertake a career in conservation.

It is intended that this scheme will help address the shortage of conservation skills across the
UK and increase the number of trained conservators and conservation scientists. The scheme
provides new opportunities for those without conventional conservation training to enter the
workforce, and also helps bridge the gap between training and first job for new conservation

Interns are paid an educational bursary of £14,750 and are based with experienced
conservators in workshops or on site, in both the public and commercial sector.

The deadline for the receipt of applications for internships starting late September 2008 is 2

Tel: (0131) 240 5038/2

Country Houses Foundation
The Foundation awards grants of between £50K-£250K for repairs and restoration work
required to prevent loss or damage to historic buildings, their grounds & outbuildings located in

Eligible applicants can be an organisation or a private individual having legal responsibility for
the repair of the property. Generally, the Foundation requires the building to be listed,
scheduled, or in the case of a garden included in the English Heritage Register of Parks and
Gardens. In addition, to qualify for a grant the applicant must be able to show the following:
         There is a compelling need for the work to be done with the next two to five years.
         The project will enhance the historic environment.

          The project will have a sustainable future.
          There is a financial need for the grant.

Applications can be made at any time.
Tel: 0845 402 4102

Cricket Trust 'Go Green' Fund
This Fund is designed to promote cricket clubs „going green‟ and to support the UK‟s short
target to reduce (CO2) emissions by 20% by 2010. Clubs can potentially apply for grants for
projects that have an environmental theme and/or improve energy efficiency.

The grant is limited to a maximum of £10K per club and cannot exceed 75% of the total cost of
the project. Examples of the type of project that will be supported include the following:
     Solar panels.
     Wind turbines.
     Low energy lighting.
     Improved thermal efficiency of walls, windows and roofs.
     Installation of energy efficient products e.g. boilers.
     Provision of bicycle storage.
     Water conservation.
     Composting/recycling schemes.

To be eligible to apply, cricket clubs must be affiliated to the ECB via their County Cricket Board
CCB and registered for NatWest CricketForce 2008.

Applications are now being accepted and currently there is no advertised closing date.
Tel: (0161) 877 6643

Donate a PC - Computer hardware for the Voluntary & Community
There is a free 'matchmaking' service for individuals and organisations to donate un-needed
hardware (computers, printers etc) to UK charities, not-for-profit organisations and educational
establishments (hardware only - not software).

It is primarily for those with only one or two items to donate and/or who can not use a suitable
recycling organisation. However they also have a comprehensive list of organisations that have
larger quantities of computer equipment to donate to charities.


Elephant Trust
The Trusts aims to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and
complete projects when frustrated by lack of funds. The Trust supports artists, small
organisations and galleries in developing and improving the knowledge, understanding and
appreciation of the fine arts.

The Trust normally award grants of up to £2,000, but larger grants may be considered. The
deadline for submission of application is 16 June 2008.


International Award To Improve The Living Environment
The Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment is a
biennial award which recognises outstanding contributions to improving the living environment.
Participation is open to all individuals, governmental, non-governmental and civil organisations,
universities, institutes and bodies whose initiatives are in fulfilment of the Best Practice
standards. Best Practices are defined by the United Nations and the international community at
large as successful initiatives which:

          have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people's quality of life;
          are the result of effective partnerships between the public, private and civic sectors
           of society; and
          are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable.

There are 12 Awards in total, 10 for Best Practices and two for Best Practices Transfer. Each
Award winner receives a prize of US $30K, along with a certificate and trophy. In addition, the
cost of travelling and full accommodation will be covered by Dubai Municipality for two
individuals per winning project to attend the Award ceremony. The 2008 deadline for
submissions has been extended to 30 June 2008.

Tel: (00) 971 4 221 5555

King's Fund/GSK UK Impact Awards
Designed to recognise small to medium-sized charities that are doing excellent work to improve
people's health, the scheme rewards track records of success in the area of community
healthcare. They support excellence in existing work and do not seek to fund new projects.

Eligible applicants are registered charities (which have been in existence for at least three
years), with an annual income of less than £1M, independently constituted from any national
umbrella organisation.

Under the 2008 Awards, a total of ten winners each received an award of £25K, with an overall
winner also receiving an additional £10K. Ten organisations were also given highly
commended or runner up status and be awarded £5K or £3K.


Launch of the 2008 Guardian Charity Awards
Small & medium-sized charities that have made outstanding & valuable contributions to social
welfare in the community are invited to apply to this annual award scheme. Five winning
charities will each be awarded the following:

      £6,000.
      A brand new PC.
      A half-day consultancy session and follow-up support for six months.
      A tailored package of media services.

To be eligible, charities must have been registered in the UK for more than two years and have
an annual income of between £5K-£1M. The winning charities will be announced at a
prestigious award ceremony in December 2008. The closing date for receipt of applications
is 1 August (5pm).

To enter, download an application form from the website or request one from 01727 898146, or

Prince's Trust Community Cash Awards

Community Cash Awards are grants of up to £5K to help young people set up a project that will
benefit their community.

The project needs to improve life in a local community, eg new basketball court, music studio,
youth club, sex education workshops in schools, youth advisory board, local magazine.

Anyone 14-16yrs and in school, but struggling, or 16-25yrs, unemployed or working less than 16
hours a week can apply. Projects must be run and managed by people aged 14-25yrs, clearly
benefit the local community, benefit the people running the project and be a new or developing

Funding of up to £1K is available for 14-16yrs olds and £5K for 16-25yrs. They will also provide
you with advice and support to give you the best chance of success.

To apply call free Tel: 0800 842 842, fill out an online form.


QIA Star Awards
The QIA STAR Awards recognise those working within the learning & skills sector in England
including tutors, trainers, managers & support staff.

Each award winner will receive a cash prize, a trophy and a certificate. In addition, each winner
will also receive £1,500 from the STARlight Fund for personal and professional development.
The 2008 Award categories are as follows:
         Teaching, Training and Learning Practitioner.
         Skills for life.
         Responses to Learners' Needs.
         Engaging Employers.
         Support Role.
         Workforce Development.
         Learning Support.
         Leadership.
         Innovation.
         Lifetime Achievement.

Eligible entrants are those working in the learning and skills sector, in an environment that is not
a school or university. The organisation, workplace, or programme they help to deliver must
either be fully or partly funded by the Learning and Skills Council.

The deadline for entries is 6 June 2008.
Tel: 0845 225 4523

Repair Grants for Places of Worship
Support is provided for urgent high-level repairs to the historic fabric of places of worship listed
at grade I, II* or II. Legally constituted religious organisations, from all faith groups and
nominations, are eligible to apply.

Applications are accepted from 1 April each year until the annual deadlines of:
        30 June, for grade I and II* listed places of worship; and
        30 September, for grade II listed places of worship.

Tel: (020) 7973 3000

Resource Recycling Awards 2008
The Resource Awards were set up to identify, promote & reward the achievements of
community-based and not-for-profit recycling projects. The awards take place at the
Community Recycling Network (CRN) annual conference, held in London on 4 June 2008.
Nominations are invited under the following five categories:
       Novelis Community Recycling Project of the Year.
       Yell Best Partnership Project.
       Biffa Climate Conscious Award.
       Berryman Kerbside Project of the Year.
       Individual Contribution to the Community Waste Sector.

The winners of the project awards receive the following:
        A cheque for £2,500.
        A recycled glass award.
        High-profile coverage in Resource magazine.

The Individual Contribution award is a non-financial award. The winner receives a year‟s
subscription to Resource magazine and a recycled glass award.

The deadline for nominations is 19 May 2008.
Tel: (0117) 907 7043

Trading Places Awards 2008
Barclays Trading Places is a set of Awards for anyone who has taken the challenge to change
their life by setting up a business. This year, the Awards have been expanded to include 10
regional heats. The 10 Regional Winners must attend a judging session in London on 5
September 2008.

The overall winner will receive a Gold Package consisting of the following:
    £10,000 cash for the business & £3,400 worth of computer server and desktop software
      items, courtesy of Microsoft.

The runner-up prize is the Silver Package which consists of:
    £5,000 cash for the business & £1,100 worth of computer desktop software items
       provided by Microsoft.

The remaining eight regional winners will each receive a Bronze Package which consists of:
    £1,100 worth of computer desktop software courtesy of Microsoft.

The awards are open to sole traders, partnerships & companies that have been trading for a
minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 3 years on 7 April 2008. The majority of shares must
be private ownership & the business must have an annual turnover of less than £1M. The
closing date for receipt of applications is 30 May 2008.

Tubney Charitable Trust
From June 08 the Tubney Charitable Trust will award grants to invited applicants only. The
Charity has a limited life and is spending both its income and its capital to achieve its objectives.
Over the next three years they will allocate most of the Trust‟s remaining uncommitted funds to
a small number of large, focused grants.

Support for the environment will be devoted to organisations/activities that will deliver a long
term, positive impact on: Enhancement of UK biodiversity through work with land owners on a
landscape scale; Conservation of the UK marine biodiversity; Conservation of uncharismatic UK

Support for farmed animal welfare will be directed toward organisations/activities that will deliver
a long term positive impact on: Catalysing changes among those involved in the production,
consumption & regulation of animals reared for food by: Enabling high welfare production;
Encouraging high welfare consumption; Ensuring better regulation; Addressing the most
pressing species-specific farmed animal welfare concerns; Improving the welfare of broiler
chickens; Ending tail docking of pigs; Reducing metabolic disease and increasing the welfare of
dairy cows; Strengthening the farmed animal welfare sector.

Leading NGOs and other advisors have helped them identify areas of pressing need for which
the injection of funds in the near term will make a significant difference to achieving positive
change in the long term.

The deadline for online applications to the Trust’s current open programmes will be
5.00pm on 2 June 2008. Please note that £1.5M has been allocated to make grants under the
Conservation of the Natural Environment programme for applications received between now
and that date. Unfortunately, due to the limited sum available, with immediate effect, the Trust
will no longer consider applications for land acquisition projects.

Tel: 0118 958 6100
Fax: 0118 959 4400

Tree Council Grants - Trees for Schools/Community Trees
The Tree Council's two grants programmes, „Trees for Schools' and „Community Trees' are
available for schools & community groups who are able to show that children under the age of
16 will be actively engaged in the planting projects. National Tree Week (26 Nov - 7 Dec 08) is
the focus for these projects & applicants need to organise their planting events in conjunction
with this.

Funding of £100-£700 is available and successful applicants will receive 75% towards planting
costs. The remaining 25% will need to be secured by the school/organisation.

This grant is open to UK community groups, both formal & ad hoc. Children aged up to sixteen
must be included in the planting project.

If you are interested in applying in time for National Tree Week in 2008, you can download an
application from their website or contact them for more information. The closing date for
applications is 31st May 2008.

Tel: 020 7407 9992
Fax: 020 7407 9908

V - VCashpoint
Grants are available to young people in England 16-25yrs to set up exciting & creative voluntary
projects to benefit their communities. Maximum grant is £2,500, with £1M to be distributed over
four funding rounds.

The grant must be used to design & implement a project that will benefit the applicant‟s
community and will have a positive impact. Grants are for projects that involve young people in
their organisation, planning and implementation. Projects should last no longer than six months
following payment of the grant.

Application materials are now available for the fourth round. Completed forms may be returned
using the online application facility, by post or by email. The deadline for applications is 18 July

Tel: (020) 7084 8001

Village CORE Programme
The Village Core Programme supports the establishment of community owned shops in rural
communities. It provides a start-up grant of up to £20K conditional on at least equivalent
contributions being raised from the village community (eg share capital, donations) and through
a loan from Co-operative and Community Finance, a recognised Community Development
Finance Institution (CDFI).

All elements of the programme are supported by ViRSA, who provide advice to the village
community and manage the assessment procedure.

The programme aims to better understand the support needs of community owned village
shops. For this reason, successful applicants to the programme should agree for the outcomes
of their support to be used for evaluation purposes on an aggregated and confidential basis. In
addition applicants agree to their shop being used in case studies and in promotional materials
for the programme.

There are 3 stages in the funding process:

Stage 1: Grant application
Applications for assistance can be submitted at any time up to & including 30 July 2009. An
application will normally take 6 weeks to be assessed and for a decision to be taken.

Applications recommended for support will be notified in writing & invited to submit a loan
application to Co-operative and Community Finance and to provide evidence of legal structure
and community contributions.

Stage 2: Applying for the loan.
It is at this stage of the application that you will need to apply for the loan from Co-operative and
Community Finance. You can download the form from the website below.

Stage 3: Grant release.

Donna Smith Tel: 01993 814377
Fax: 01993 810849

WRAP Organics Capital Grant Programme Launched
The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has launched the Organics Capital Grant
Programme to realise a significant increase in the available processing capacity for source-
segregated food waste which would otherwise go to landfill.

WRAP will provide up to 30% towards capital costs of plant, equipment & infrastructure for food
waste processing capacity compliant with the Animal By-Product Regulations.

To be considered for WRAP funding support, projects must meet all of the following
        Be a capital investment (operating costs are not eligible) to create new or expand
          existing food waste processing capacity, compliant with the ABPR, diverting food
          waste from landfill into recycled products.
        Be located in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
        Be installed and fully operational by 31 December 2010.
        Use commercially proven technology.
        Use source-segregated food waste from the municipal, commercial and/or industrial
          waste streams (that would otherwise go to landfill). Preference will be given to
          facilities co-processing food waste-rich feedstock from municipal and
          commercial/industrial sources.
        Be able to demonstrate that the project viability is dependent on WRAP support.
        Be commercially sustainable in the medium and long term.
        Demonstrate clearly defined end markets for the output(s) of the project.

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2008 (1.30 pm). This is the first in a series of rounds
under the Organics Capital Grant Programme (subject to the continued requirement for

Tel: (01295) 819900


Bio-Energy Capital Grants
Round 4 of the Bio-energy Capital Grants Scheme has opened with a fund for 08/09 of £4M.

Applications are invited from industrial, commercial and community sectors in England,
including small and large businesses, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, local authorities,
housing associations and charities. Capital grants of up to £100K per installation are available
at a variable rate of up to 40% of the difference in cost of installing a biomass boiler or
combined heat and power (CHP) plant compared to installing the fossil fuel alternative. The
boiler or CHP plant must be fuelled by eligible biomass, such as:

      purpose grown energy crops (e.g. miscanthus, short rotation coppice willow and poplar
      clean wood fuel derived from any part of a tree as a result of forestry operations,
       arboricultural tree management operations, and primary processing, including saw
      wood waste or residues, provided it is not covered by the Waste Incineration Directive;
      agricultural residues originating from production, harvesting, and processing, including
       straw or husks, animal manures and slurries, poultry litter and biomass material from
       excess production or insufficient market, such as silage;
      food industry wastes and residues not covered by the Waste Incineration Directive.

The deadline for applications is 20 May 2008.Subject to funds being available, there will be a
further application round in autumn 2008 and several rounds in 2009 and 2010.

Tel: (020) 7238 6496

Civil Society Challenge Fund
Department For International Development has focused on the internationally agreed
Millennium Development Goals to eradicate poverty. They have been engaging with a wider
range of organisations across civil society both in the UK and in the developing world. They
support them in their role of helping poor and excluded people to enhance their capacity to
organise and get their voice heard, and to demand better services and better access to them.

As well as these 'rights based' activities they also support innovative service delivery projects
that provide lasting benefits through the inclusion of key elements of empowerment, advocacy
and capacity building. They also appreciate that, in certain circumstances, basic service delivery
is, at least initially, the only viable approach to take and are willing to consider such applications
on a case by case basis.

The CSCF is DFID's main central channel of support for UK based civil society organisations'
programmes. The CSCF can provide up to 100% of total costs, up to a maximum of £500K per
project. They check on the applicant's financial position to ensure that the support requested

does not make any Civil Society Organisation (CSO) overly dependent on CSCF funding. They
will also look for evidence that both the UK and overseas partners have the capacity to manage
the level of funding requested.

You must first submit a concept note to Email: If the concept note is approved
you will then be invited to submit a proposal. Concept Notes can be submitted between 1
February and 15 June each year. This allows them to concentrate their efforts on
appraising proposals between the end of June and 31 January each year.

Proposals: Proposals must be received no later than 31 July in order to be considered
for funding from the following April onwards.

Tel: 01355 843264
Fax: 01355 84 3457

Enterprise Capital Fund
The third round competition for Enterprise Capital Funds (ECF) is now open.

The aim of the programme is to increase the availability of growth capital to small/medium-sized
enterprises affected by the 'equity gap', so helping to alleviate what would otherwise remain a
significant barrier to enterprise and to productivity growth.

The Government envisages that it will approve around three new funds in this ECF round; the
final number selected will depend on the type, number and quality of bids received. There is no
maximum fund size for an ECF, but the Government will commit no more than £25 million to a
single fund. Initial funding rounds are limited at £2 million.

ECFs will be available when established to high-growth small businesses that have potentially
viable expansion plans. They will be small to medium sized businesses located anywhere in the
United Kingdom.

There is no formal closing date for this round; however those wishing to bid are strongly advised
to contact the Capital for Enterprise team before 30 June 2008.

Tel: (0114) 279 4392

The Big Lottery Fund is delivering myplace on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools
and Families (DCSF).

Grants available are £1M-£5M. The total available is £190M between 2008 and 2010. £160M
will be available in year one of which up to £50M is available through the Fastrack route.

Myplace aims to deliver world class youth facilities driven by the active participation of young
people and their view and needs.

Funded projects must deliver all the following outcomes: more young people, parents and
communities feel that young people have exciting and safe places to go in their leisure time
where they can get involved in an attractive range of activities; more young people, particularly
the most disadvantaged, participate in positive leisure time activities that support their personal
and social development; more young people have access to information, advice and support
services from within places they feel comfortable; stronger partnership working between local
authorities, third, private and public sector partners to plan, deliver and operate financially
sustainable youth facilities with and for young people.

myplace will only fund projects that will deliver on all four of these outcomes and demonstrate
evidence of the real participation of young people, particularly disadvantaged young people, in
the development, design and future of running of the project.

All projects will need to demonstrate genuine cross-sector partnership between public sector
bodies and third and/or private sector organisations.

The fast track will enable early investment in projects that are already well developed and
therefore able to submit robust business and capital plans with their application. This will enable
final investment decisions to be made on the basis of the single application.

The standard route will provide applicants with an in-principle investment decision prior to
providing capacity building support to help them develop their detailed delivery plans.
Application and guidance materials for the first funding round will be available from 6 May 2008.
The deadline for fast track applications is 29 July 2008 and the deadline for the standard
route is 30 September 2008.

They expect to open a second funding round in early 2009 to commit a further £30M, plus any
surplus from the first round. Potential applicants should note that the focus of the second round
will be determined following a review of year one.

A leaflet which sets out further information can be downloaded from the website below. Full
guidance materials, application forms and questions and answers will be available to download
from their website from 6 May 2008.

Regional seminars are taking place during early May to inform groups about myplace: Thursday
8 May (pm) London Bethnal Green; Thursday 15 May (am) South East Woking.

Please contact your regional office if you would like to attend. See website below for details.
BIG advice line Tel: 0845 410 2030

South East Seed Fund
This equity Fund aims to support high growth small to medium-sized enterprises, or university
spin-outs/ins, with proof of concept, growth and seed capital funding. Businesses must be able

to demonstrate a clear advantage over competitors, commercially viable Intellectual Property,
readiness for market and strong market demand.

The Fund will invest between £50K-£250K, although in exceptional cases more may be
invested. The investment must be match funded by a private source, such as an individual or
corporate institution, although assistance is available to identify these.

Funds may be invested for a range of purposes, for example:
       initial management salaries;
       establishing/building a sales force and creating sales activity;
       production working capital;
       setting –up a corporate centre where none exists; and
       installing IT systems.

Support will also be provided in the form of financial expertise, specialist sector knowledge and
corporate governance.

Businesses must have a strong management team and have their headquarters or the material
part of their business in the South East of England. Businesses must be based on research,
knowledge or skills from a higher education institution in the region.

Applications may be made at any time.
Tel: (01483) 484200

European Funding

Council Of Europe - European Youth Foundation
Financial support is offered to European youth activities which serve the promotion of peace,
understanding and co-operation in a spirit of respect for the Council of Europe's fundamental
values such as human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity.

Eligible to apply are international non-governmental youth organisations or networks; national or
local non-governmental youth organisations or networks; and non-governmental structures
involved in youth work.

The next deadline for Category A International Youth Meetings and Category B Other Types of
Youth Activity has been announced; applications for activities taking place between 1 April and
31 December 2009 are invited by 1 October 2008.

Tel: (00) 33 03 88 41 20 19
Fax: (00) 33 03 90 21 49 64

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme
The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme (EIP) covers a variety of actions to promote,
support and improve: access to finance for SMEs; SME cooperation; innovation in enterprise;
eco-innovation; entrepreneurship and innovation culture; and related economic and
administrative reform. It forms one of the three main strands of the Competitiveness and
Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) for 2007 to 2013.

A Call for Proposals concerning eco-innovation has now been issued. This Call provides
funding for about 40 projects from a €28 million budget for innovative, environmental-friendly
projects in the area of materials recycling, sustainable buildings, food & drink industrial
processes, green business and smart purchasing.

The deadline for submissions (electronic only) is 11 September 2008.
Tel: (00) 322 299 1111
Fax: (00) 322 298 8822

INTERREG IVA - 2 Seas Programme Launch
The new Interreg IVA Cross Border Cooperation Programme, which funds cooperation between
organisations in a geographical area covering the South and East Coasts of the UK and areas
of Belgium, France and Holland was officially launched in Dunkirk, France on the 24 April. With
over 200 attendees and press and media coverage, the event was considered to be a
resounding success.

Interested parties from each of the countries eligible to access more than €160 million were
present and were provided with key information about the Programme, its‟ funding priorities and
the organisations responsible for running the programme itself.

The speakers during the morning sessions demonstrated how the Programme has been
developed over a number of years with high level involvement and support from each of the four
Member States, in close cooperation with the European Union; final formal approval of the
Programme by the EU is expected in June 2008.

First Call for Projects

The Programme‟s first call for projects also began on the 24 April. The Joint Technical
Secretariat, based in Lille, will fund projects which address or solve a cross-border issue, which
are “bottom-up” in nature (i.e. not initiated by central Governments) and which fit into one of the
Programmes‟ three main funding priorities:

   1. Creating an economically competitive, attractive and accessible area (€59 million in
   2. Promoting and developing a safe and healthy environment (€40.8 million in funding)
   3. Improving quality of life (€44.8 million in funding)

Small or “micro” projects and projects involving partners from the France-Channel- UK Cross
Border Programme (Priority 4 projects) are not being invited to apply at this stage.

New Information

Several new pieces of information came to light during the event, notably that the grant rate for
projects will be 50% of the total project budget for revenue costs. Capital costs can run to a
maximum of 25% of a project budget - up to a maximum of €500 000.

The JTS also explained that there will be 7 set budget lines which will apply to all projects: -

   1.   Staff Costs
   2.   Administration Costs
   3.   Consultants and Suppliers
   4.   Travel and Accommodation
   5.   Equipment costs
   6.   Capital costs &
   7.   Audit and control costs

Copies of the application form and financial annexes are now available from the JTS.

For more information on the dates and deadlines of the Two Seas Programme, please see the
website (only in French at the moment) or (under construction).

For more information on the dates and deadlines of the Channel Programme (which covers
South and East Coasts of England and the Northern Coast of France from Brittany to Somme),

Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE)
Promotional leaflet going to 10,000 farmers, foresters and growers - To help ensure the industry
is aware of the funding opportunities with RDPE, a leaflet is being sent this week to 10,000
businesses in the South East. The electronic version of this leaflet can be obtained from

Progress with selection of Leader applications - SEEDA received 16 Leader applications at the
end of January. These are in the process of being appraised and a selection panel met recently
to decide which applications will receive RDPE funding.

Expressions of interest for RDPE support - So far SEEDA have received 88 expressions of
interest amounting to a total investment of £25M, requesting £10.5M of grant. The breakdown of
expressions of interest is: Irrigation reservoirs - 30 Renewable energy and anaerobic digestion -
16 Adding value to food - 10 Adding value to forestry - 8 Farm diversification - 21

They have also received a number of full grant applications but are still looking for new
expressions of interest particularly in the areas of:

      Adding value to primary produce and processing of food
      Renewable energy
      Forestry
      Farm diversification
      Collaboration in the development of new products and markets that involves businesses
       from across supply chains i.e. farmers, processors, retailers working together.

UK-German Connection - Challenge Fund
The Challenge Fund gives grants for language and non-language related activities, which is
designed to encourage young people to:
     Pick a topic or subject of their choice and explore it in an international context;
     Take a fresh look at cross- or extra-curricular project work;
     Take an active role in a practical, „hands-on‟ team venture;
     Work together towards a concrete outcome, product or event of their choice.

Grants provided through the UK-German Challenge Fund cover project resources, joint
activities and reciprocal partner visits. Joint projects can cover a wide range of themes.
Examples could include:

      Science and technology - Business and enterprise;
      Citizenship;
      Energy and the environment;
      Multimedia and ICT;
      Culture and the arts;
      Vocational skills;
      Cross-curricular themes.

Those who are eligible include: Schools and youth groups in the UK and Germany. Youth
groups should involve young people up to the age of 25 (please note: students enrolled at a

Higher Education institution are not eligible). Applications from clusters of schools or youth
groups or cross-sector clusters are also welcome.

Grants will normally be given on the basis of the following requirements:
    The project involves real collaborative work between the young people from both
       countries, including project work and other joint activities;
    The activity focuses on thematic project work, leading to concrete outcomes and results;
    The project includes a strong element of involvement of young people in the conception,
       implementation and dissemination of the project; some projects may also be youth-led,
       with guidance by teachers or youth leaders;
    Both sides undertake trips to the partner institution;
    The two visits must be clearly related, part of the same project, and the period of time
       between the visits must be no longer than 8 months;
    At least 5 young people from each participating institution are involved in the project;
    In the case of project groups involving young people under the age of 18, a vetted and
       qualified adult (teacher, youth leader etc) must accompany the group;
    Where possible, the trip includes young people who would otherwise not have the
       chance to take part

All organisational duties (including child protection and risk assessment arrangements) are
carried out by the organising party

The total amount of grant provided will be judged on a case-by-case basis, depending on the
size, circumstances and numbers involved in the individual projects.

The Fund provides grants of 50% towards the overall costs; in exceptional circumstances, the
grant can cover up to a maximum of 75% of the total costs. Grants are available for both large
and small projects and the amount can be to anything up to, but will not exceed £5K.

Funding is available for: Project-related costs, e.g. materials, resources, dissemination activities;
Travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the trips to Germany and the UK

Teachers / youth leaders / project coordinators apply on behalf of their institution. Applications
must normally be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the project start. Deadlines: 31 July
2008 and 31 October 2008.

Tel: 020 7824 1570

Youth In Action - Information Activities For Youth
The objective of the scheme is to encourage involvement by young people in public life and to
develop their potential as active, responsible citizens. Proposed projects must result in a
greater provision of quality information and improve young people's access nationally and at
European level to information and various communication outlets. The funding provider will give
preference to projects that are innovative and wide-ranging, and which reflect the priorities of
the umbrella Youth in Action programme, namely:
        Participation of Young People.
        Cultural Diversity.

          European Citizenship.
          Inclusion of People With Fewer Opportunities.

A total of €900K is available under this Call. Grants may be awarded at a rate of no more than
80% of project costs to a maximum of €100K. Projects must run for between 12-18 months and
start between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 2009.

Eligible to apply are partnerships from at least two different countries, one of which must be an
EU Member State. Applicants can include non profit-making, non-governmental organisations
or local/regional bodies.

The deadline for submission of applications is 30 June 2008.
Tel: (00) 322 295 2584
Fax: (00) 322 292 1330

Bidding Diary

Fund and Description                    Contact Details                Deadline          Who Can Apply                     Level of

Lottery Funds
Awards for All - To fund small          Enquiries: 01483 462943        Any time          Voluntary/not-for-profit          Grants will be
projects which involve people in        Application: 0845 600 2040                                                         awards of
their community, bringing them                                                            between £300-
together to enjoy arts, sport,          http://www.lotterygoodcause                                                        £10,000
heritage, charitable and other
community activities.                   Hilary Lane, 01273 481871
                                        (Arts Projects)
Changing Spaces – to encourage          accesstonature@naturalengl     Open              Voluntary and Community           Between
people to access and enjoy natural                                       sector organisations, charities   £50,000 and
environment                             0845 4 10 20 30                                  and public sector                 £500,000
Community Sustainable Energy            Tel: 08454 102 030             Open              Community groups, registered      Capital (up to
Grant – to help local organisations     www.communitysustainable.                        charities and trusts, parish      £50,000) and
tackle environmental issues                                              councils, schools and colleges,   project
                                        info@communitysustainable.                       companies with a charitable       development (up
                                                                         purpose and community focus,      to £5,000)
                                                                                         mutual societies and church
                                                                                         based and other faith
Family Learning (BLF) - A number        Tel: (020) 7211 1800           Outline           Registered charities, voluntary   Grants of
of practical and enjoyable activities   Fax: (020) 7211 1750           proposals may     and community groups,             between
for adults and children to do           E-mail:                        be submitted at   charitable or not-for-profit      £10,000 and
together will be funded including       general.enquiries@biglottery   any time until    companies and social              £500,000 are

Fund and Description                 Contact Details                 Deadline           Who Can Apply                     Level of
gardening, cooking, sports, arts,                     29/8/08.           enterprise. Statutory bodies      available
crafts and drama as a basis for      Website:                        Applicants will    (including schools and
learning.                     be informed        children's centres) and private
                                     .uk                             within 10-15       sector organisations may
                                                                     days whether       apply but they must involve a
                                                                     they are invited   voluntary or community sector
                                                                     to make a full     partner in planning and
                                                                     application        running the project
Football Foundation – Small          Help Desk: (0800) 027 7766      At any time        Community groups with an          Up to £9,000, up
Grants Scheme - Support to           Fax: (020) 7287 0459                               income of less than £15,000, a    to 90% of
enable community groups to           E-mail:                                            constitution and own bank         eligible costs
increase skills for the football     enquiries@footballfoundatio                        account
workforce by promoting coach
education, volunteering              Website:
programmes and providing             http://www.footballfoundation
Heritage Lottery Fund –              Tel: 0207 591 6171/ 6191        30/11/08           Any public, charitable or not     Between
Townscape Heritage Initiative –                                     for profit organisation who       £250,000 and
to regenerate historic environment                                                      would like to undertake a         £2m
                                                                                        heritage project.
HLF – Heritage Grants - Funding      E-mail:      At any time for    Not for profit organisations      Grants are
for projects which aim to conserve   Website:                        applications up                                      awarded for
and enhance diverse heritage           to £5 million.                                       amounts of
and/or encourage more people to                                      Applications                                         above £50,000
be involved in their heritage.                                       requesting over
                                                                     £5 million are
                                                                     assessed once a
                                                                     year: annual
                                                                     deadline is 30
HLF/BLF – Parks for People - The     Tel: (020) 7591 6000            30 September       Local authorities or other not-   Grants range
programme aims to create new         E-mail:      2008               for-profit organisations that     from £250,000 to
opportunities for communities to     Website:                                           own public parks                  £5 million
learn about and enjoy the local

Fund and Description                    Contact Details                 Deadline            Who Can Apply                     Level of
environment, alongside improving
parks and making them safer.
HLF – Young Roots - Support to          Tel: (020) 7591 6000            No deadline.        Youth organisations, i.e. youth   Grants from
help youth organisations promote        E-mail:                          clubs and associations,           between £3,000
the involvement of young people         Website:                                            community groups and              to £25,000 are
(aged between 13 and 25 years of                               charities. Schools and            available
age) with the Heritage.                                                                     colleges may also apply for
                                                                                            projects outside the main
                                                                                            curriculum (i.e. after-school
Myplace - Grants provided towards       Tel: 0845 410 2030              Fast track          Cross-sector partnerships         Individual grants
projects driven by the active           E-mail:                         application         between public sector bodies      of between £1
participation of young people.          general.enquiries@biglottery    deadline: 29 July   and third and/or private sector   million and £5
                                                   2008. Standard      organisations                     million will be
                                        Website:                        route deadline:                                       allocated
                                 30 September                                          through the
                                        .uk                             2008                                                  scheme

Reaching Communities - to               Big Advice Line: 0845 039       Any time            Voluntary and community           Up to £500,000
encourage voluntary and                 0204                                                organisations
community organisations to identify     Fax: (020) 7211 1800
their own local ideas for funding. It   Fax: (020) 7211 1750
will support projects that improve      E-mail:
the quality of life of communities,     general.enquiries@biglottery
offering help where it is most
needed.                                 Website:

Fund and Description                     Contact Details                Deadline           Who Can Apply                      Level of

Foundations and Trusts
Allen Lane Foundation – to               Tel: (01904) 613223            Any time           Voluntary, not-for-profit          Generally
support projects benefiting              Fax: (01904) 613133                               organisations (may or may not      between £500 to
marginalised individuals within the      E-mail:                                           be registered charities)           £15,000
Architectural Heritage Fund – to              Anytime            Registered charities               Varies
promote conservation and       
regeneration of historic buildings       Tel: 020 7925 0199
Barclays – Age Concern Small         12/6 and 17/7      Voluntary and community            Up to £500
Grants Fund – for projects               Concern/0D7288E5A73F466                           groups
benefiting older people                  39CA3DA4313268A98.asp
                                         Tel: 020 8765 7314
BUPA Foundation – Medical            1/7/08 and         Public or private organisations‟   Varies
Research Grants – to fund                p/research/grants_available.   1/10/08            health professionals
research around mental health,           asp
health at work, surgery, preventive      Tel: 020 7656 2591
health and information and               Fax: 020 7656 2708
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation           Tel: (020) 7636 5313           Applications may   Normally registered charities      Maximum of
Support for projects in the fields of:   Fax: (020) 7908 7580           be made at any     or otherwise tax-exempt            £15,000 to any
the arts; education; social welfare;     E-mail:                        time.                                                 one grant
and Anglo-Portuguese Cultural  
Relations.                               Website:
Charity Technology Exchange –                Anytime            Charities                          Donated
to give access to donated                customerservice@ctxchange                                                            products
technology products                      .org

Fund and Description                  Contact Details                 Deadline           Who Can Apply                     Level of
                                      Tel: 020 7785 6415
                                      Fax: 020 7785 3915
Charles Hayward Foundation -          Tel: (020) 7370 7063/7067       Any time           Registered or exempt charities    Small grants up
The Foundation makes grants           Website:                                                                             to £5,000 and
under the following categories:       http://www.charleshaywardfo                                                          main grants
Heritage and Conservation;                                                                        ranging from
Criminal Justice; Hospices; Older                                                                                          £10,000 to
People; Overseas; Youth at Risk;                                                                                           £25,000
Other Areas.
Civil Society Challenge Fund – to   15/6/08 for        Not for profit organisations      Up to £500,000
strengthen the capacity of poor       societycf.asp                   concept note
people in developing countries        Tel: 0845 300 4100              and 31/7/08 for
                                      Fax: 01355 84 3632              full proposal
Clore Duffield Foundation –     17/9/08            Registered charities, schools,    Between £1,000
Performing Arts Programme – to        e_sub.php?id=71&parent=35                          voluntary organisations and       and £10,000
provide young people (0-18) the       Tel: 0207 351 6061                                 professional and amateur arts
opportunity to experience             Fax: 0207 351 5308                                 organisations.
performing arts education.            E-mail:
Comic Relief - UK Grants              Tel: (020) 7820 5555            Applications for   Registered charity or voluntary   Small grants of
Programme - Grants for projects       Fax: (020) 7820 5500            small grants may   organisation with charitable      less than £5,000
that will benefit refugees, the       E-mail:                         be made at any     aims                              and Main Grants
young, the elderly and the       time.                                                of £5,000 and
disadvantaged in a wide variety of    Website:                                                                             above with no
relevant fields                                                                        upper ceiling
Community Sustainable Energy          Tel: (01923) 664000             16 May 2008        Registered charities and          Capital Grants of
Programme - Grants programme          E-mail:                                            trusts, community groups,         up to £50,000 or
designed to help organisations to     info@communitysustainable.                         parish councils, schools and      50% of costs
reduce their energy bills and                                             colleges, social enterprises,     and project
environmental impact, as well as      Website:                                           mutual societies and youth        Development
raising public awareness of climate   http://www.communitysustai                         organisations                     Grants of up to
change and how to tackle it.                                                                         £5,000 or 75%
                                                                                                                           of costs

Fund and Description                    Contact Details                Deadline      Who Can Apply                       Level of
Community Woodland Network –            www.woodland-                  30/6/08       Constituted woodland groups         Varies
for managing and conserving   
woodland                                andnetwork
                                        Tel: 01476 581111
Conservation Training Bursaries         Tel: (0131) 240 5038/2         2 June 2008   Those interested in a career in     Interns are paid
Scheme - A number of work-based         E-mail:                 conservation. Some                  an educational
internships are available with the      Website:                                     placements are open to new          bursary of
overall aim of broadening access to                       entrants to conservation from       £14,750
careers in the conservation of                                                       arts, crafts, science or heritage   (currently not
cultural heritage and of increasing                                                  backgrounds. Others are             subject to tax).
the UK's fund of conservation skills.                                                specifically for those who have
                                                                                     recently graduated from a
                                                                                     conservation course.
Country Houses Foundation -             Tel: 0845 402 4102             Any time      Organisation or individual          £50,000 and up
The Foundation awards grants for        E-mail:                                      having legal responsibility for     to £250,000
repairs and restoration work            info@countryhousesfoundati                   the repair of an historic
required to prevent loss or damage                                    building, its gardens and
to historic buildings, their gardens,   Website:                                     grounds.
and any outbuildings, located in        http://www.countryhousesfou

Creative and Performing Arts            Tel: (0117) 987 6666           Any time      Academic and academic-            Maximum of
(Small Grants) - To support             Fax: (0117) 987 6660                         related staff of Universities and £20,000 for up to
research projects in the creative       Website:                                     Higher Education Institutions     one year
and performing arts which fall                        (HEI's)
under the remit of the following
subject panels: Visual Arts and
Media; English Language and
Literature; Music & Performing Arts
Cricket Trust 'Go Green' Club           Tel: (0161) 877 6643           Any time      Cricket clubs - affiliated with     Grants of up to
Fund - This Fund is designed to         E-mail:                                      the ECB and participating in        £10,000 are
promote the concept of cricket                        NatWest Cricketforce 2008           available
clubs 'going green' and to support      Website:
the UK's short target to reduce

Fund and Description                     Contact Details                 Deadline       Who Can Apply                      Level of
(CO2) omissions by 20% by 2010.
Eco-Schools Grant Scheme - The           Tel: (01942) 612621             Any time       Primary or secondary school        Grants plus
programme offers a framework of          E-mail: eco-                                   registered with the Eco-           energy saving
three awards to enable schools to                             Schools programme                  and recycling
become more sustainable.                 Website:                                                          equipment, up to
                                                                                     maximum of
                                         ndex.htm                                                                          £5,000. Most
                                                                                                                           grants will be in
                                                                                                                           the region of
                                                                                                                           £2,000 to £3,500
Elephant Trust - The Trust awards        E-mail:                         16 June 2008   Artist, galleries, small           Grants are
grants to artists, small                             organisations                      usually limited to
organisations and galleries to make      Website:                                                                          £2,000, but
it possible for artists and those                                                     larger grants
presenting their work to undertake       uk                                                                                may be
and complete projects when                                                                                                 considered
frustrated by lack of funds.
E-Skills UK – Make It Happen –        13/7/08        Primary schools                    Between £1,000
for innovative and creative use of                                                                                         to £4,500
E.ON Source Fund – for energy                    5/8 and 8/12   Community groups, charities        Up to £30,000
projects resulting in the production                                                    and not for profit organisations
of energy from a sustainable
source or which reduce the amount
of energy used by a community
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation – to          Tel: (020) 7297 4700            At any time    Registered charity and not-for-    There is no
improve the quality of life for people   E-mail:                                        profit organisations               maximum grant
and communities that face                                                              size. In 2005
disadvantage by making grants in         Website:                                                                          the average
the four following categories: Social    http://www.esmeefairbairn.or                                                      grant awarded
Change: Enterprise and                                                                                       was around
Independence, Environment,                                                                                                 £52,795
Education and Arts & Heritage.

Fund and Description                  Contact Details                 Deadline           Who Can Apply                    Level of
Feed the Minds – Projects are         Tel: 08451 21 21 02             Quarterly          UK-based charities               Between £1,000
supported in four key areas:          Tel: (020) 7592 3901            deadlines: 1                                        and £25,000 for
education for development; training   Fax: (020) 7592 3939            February; 1 May;                                    between one
and communications for                Website:                        and 1 November                                      and three years
development; publishing for 
development; and books for life.      uk
Football Foundation – Goalpost        Tel: (020) 7534 4268            Any time           Football clubs, community        A grant of up to
Safety Scheme – Funding is            Fax: (020) 7287 0459                               groups and local authorities     50% of the costs
available towards the replacement     E-mail:                                                                             of a pair of
of goalposts which fail to meet the   enquiries@footballfoundatio                                                         goalposts may
British Standards safety                                                                                be awarded to a
requirements.                                                                                                             maximum ceiling
                                                                                                                          of £1,500
Four Acre Trust – Grants are          Tel: (01453) 844129             The Trustees       Registered charities             Up to £120,000,
provided for work falling within      E-mail:                         meet four times                                     however the
three main areas: respite care and       a year in Jan,                                      majority of
holidays, vocational guidance, and    Website:                        Mar, Jun & Oct.                                     grants are
relief of health disability.   Applications                                        between £2,000
                                      uk                              must be                                             and £5,000
                                                                      received by the
                                                                      middle of the
                                                                      preceding month
                                                                      to be
Foyle Foundation – Grants to          Tel: (020) 7430 9119            Any time           Registered charities and state   Average grant
registered charities, which have a    Website:                                           funded schools                   ranges from
core remit of Arts, Learning or       http://www.foylefoundation.or                                                       £5,000 to
Health. State funded schools are                                                                                £20,000
also eligible to apply.               E-mail:
GreenPrints – to improve outdoors    Anytime            Groups.                          Up to £10,000
space                                 nts/apply/flagships
                                      Tel: 01454 262 910

Fund and Description                  Contact Details                Deadline   Who Can Apply                     Level of
                                      Fax: 01454 269 090

Happy Days Children Charity –       Anytime    Children and young people         Varies
for holidays, days out, trips/shows
for 3-17 year old with learning       .uk
difficulties                          Tel: 01582 755 999
Hedley Foundation - Grants are        Tel: (020) 7489 8076           Any time   Registered charity                The average
provided for projects focusing on     Website:                                                                    grant awarded is
the Foundation's main objective of    http://www.hedleyfoundation.                                                £3,000
supporting young people (i.e.
education, training, health and
welfare) and for the subsidiary
objectives of medical equipment
for disabled people and the
terminally ill.
Henry Moore Foundation – The          Tel: (01279) 843333            Any time   Art galleries, museums,           From £500
Foundation supports a wide range      Fax: (01279) 843647                       organisations and institutions    upward
of projects and activities in the     Website: http://www.henry-                concerned with art and art        depending on
visual arts. It concentrates its                           history, including UK             type of project.
support on sculpture.                                                           universities                      A very small
                                                                                                                  number of grants
                                                                                                                  of up to £50,000
                                                                                                                  are awarded
                                                                                                                  each year
Hilden Charitable Trust – to          www.hildencharitablefund.or    Any time   Not for profit groups             Up to £5,000
address disadvantages       
                                      Te/Fax: 0207 603 1525
Historic Churches Preservation        Tel: (020) 7600 6090           Any time   Christian or Anglican church –    Minimum grant
Trust and incorporated Church         Fax: (020) 7796 2442                      over 100 years old if Christian   £1,000;
Building Society – Repairs to the     E-mail:                                                                     maximum grant
fabric of churches (all Christian                                                unstated as
denominations), enlargement of the    uk                                                                          operated on a
worship area of church buildings or   Website:                                                                    case-by-case

Fund and Description                   Contact Details                Deadline   Who Can Apply                      Level of
construction of new churches           http://www.historicchurches.                                                 basis
(Anglican only).             

Impetus Trust – aimed at small to             Any time   Small to medium sized              Between
medium sized charities                              charities                          £150,000 and
                                       Tel: 020 7745 7203                                                           £300,000
Irish Youth Foundation – for                  5/12/08    voluntary organisations and        Up to £25,000
projects benefiting young Irish                           small charities working with
people (0-25).                         Tel: 020 8748 9640                        Irish people
It's Your Community Award -            Tel: (020) 7591 3111           Any time   Group/individual - groups          Awards of up to
Grant awards are available to          E-mail:                                   include youth, action, heritage,   £1,000 are
support local environmental, urban     LibbySymon@Conservation                   environmental/conservation,        available
renewal and conservation projects                          local amenity groups, schools
and funding is available for both      Website:                and parish and village councils
groups and individuals.
James Tudor Foundation - The           Tel: (0117) 985 8715           Any time   Organisations - preferably         Grants range
Foundation is a charitable             Fax: (0117) 985 8716                      registered charities               from under
organisation established for the       E-mail:                                   established for at least two       £5,000 to over
relief of sickness. Grants are made                   years                              £20,000
under six programme areas:             Website:
palliative care; medical research;
health education, awards and           k/grants.htm
scholarship; the direct relief of
sickness; the UK independent
healthcare sector; and the
fulfilment of the Foundation's
objectives by any other means.
Lloyds TSB Foundation for              Tel: 0870 411 1223             Any time   Registered charity                 Applicants
England and Wales - Grants are         Fax: 0870 411 1224                                                           should seek
available to support under-funded      E-mail:                                                                      advice from the
charitable organisations that          guidelines@lloydstsbfoundat                                                  Foundation
improve the lives of people in local                                                                  regarding the
communities, especially those who      Website:                                                                     amount that
are disadvantaged.                     http://www.lloydstsbfoundati                                                 should be

Fund and Description                   Contact Details                Deadline   Who Can Apply                     Level of
Low Carbon Buildings                   Tel: 08704 232313              Any time   Public sector or not-for-profit   Grants up to a
Programme – Phase 2 - Support          E-mail:                                   such as schools, hospitals,       maximum of £1
for public sector and not-for-profit                    housing associations, local       million for
organisations to install approved      Website:                                  authorities and charitable        between 30%-
micro-generation technologies.         http://www.lowcarbonbuildin               bodies                            50% of eligible
Musicians Benevolent Fund – for                 12/6/08    Under 18 in financial need.       Between £200
young talented instrumentalists                                                             and £1,000
under 18                               Tel: 020 7636 4481
                                       Fax: 020 7637 4307
Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Arts          Tel: (020) 7227 3500           Any time   Charitable and not-for-profit     There is no
Programme - The Programme              Fax: (020) 7222 0601                      organisations                     minimum or
funds creative ways of enabling        E-mail:                                                                     maximum level
people, particularly young people,                                                      of grant
to experience all types of art.        Website:                                                                    available
                                                                                    through the
                                                                                                                   Open Scheme.
                                                                                                                   The JADE
                                                                                                                   provides a
                                                                                                                   maximum grant
                                                                                                                   of £50,000

Paul Hamlyn Foundation –               Tel: (020) 7227 3500           Any time   Properly constituted              There is no
Education and Learning                 Fax: (020) 7222 0601                      organisations and groups.         minimum or
Programme - The Open Grant             E-mail:                                   Applications will also be         maximum level
Scheme supports innovative ways                    considered from local             of grant
of increasing people's learning.       Website:              authorities, individual pre-      available
                                                           k                     schools, schools, out-of-school
                                                                                 clubs, supplementary schools,
                                                                                 colleges and youth clubs
Percy Bilton Charity – Grants for      Tel: (020) 8579 2829           Any time   Qualified social workers or       Up to £200 only
Individuals – Qualified social         Fax: (020) 8579 3650                      occupational therapists

Fund and Description                    Contact Details                  Deadline   Who Can Apply                   Level of
workers or occupational therapists      Website:
may apply for urgent, one-off           http://www.percybiltoncharity
financial assistance for essential
items on behalf of individuals who
are sick, disabled or over 65 on low
Playground Partnerships Awards          www.plygroundpartnerships. 18/7/08          Primary and special schools     Up to £10,000
- to improve playgrounds                org
                                        Tel: 0871 472 3016
Ragdoll Foundation - Support for        Tel: (01789) 404100           Any time      Registered charity              Grants range
imaginative and innovative projects     E-mail:                                                                     from £500
which promote the development of        karenn@ragdollfoundation.or                                                 upwards
young children in the UK and  
throughout the world.                   Website:
Rayne Foundation - Grants are           Tel: (020) 7487 9630          Any time      Registered and recognised       Average grant
available to charities in support of    E-mail:                                     charities                       size is £14,483
work of national importance which
helps society's most vulnerable or      Website:
disadvantaged individuals,              http://www.raynefoundation.
especially children, young people
and the elderly.
Refugee Initiative for Social           Tel: (020) 7566 1100             Any time   Individuals or members of       Grants of
Entrepreneurs (RISE) – for              Fax: (020) 7566 1101                        small informal groups engaged   between £500
refugees to set up projects that will   E-mail:                   in community empowerment.       and £5,000
make their communities a happier,       Website:                                    Applicants must be over the
healthier, safer and more just                     age of 16 and classed as a
place.                                                                              refugee
Ron Pickering Memorial Fund –                   30/11/08   Young people between 15 to      Varies
for young athletes                                                                  23
                                        Tel: 01438 715 814

Fund and Description                   Contact Details                 Deadline         Who Can Apply                      Level of
                                       Fax: 01438 714 250
Snowdon Awards Scheme – to             www.snowdonawardscheme          31/5/08          Students                           Between £250
enable people with physical                                                                               and £2,500
disability to access education or      Tel: 01403 211 252
training                               Fax: 01403 271 553
South Downs Society Fund – to       30th September   Voluntary groups                   Up to £5,000
help conserve and enhance the          .uk/do/      08
South Downs Area.                      =conservation/fund/
                                       Tel: 01798 875073
                                       Fax: 01798 873108
Steel Charitable Trust – for    No deadline.     Registered charities               Between £1,000
projects around health & medical       uk                                                                                  and £25,000
research, social services and          E-mail:
environment and culture                administrator@steelcharitabl
Sussex Community Foundation           No deadline.     Not for profit organisations,      Up to £2,000
– Resource Action Fund – for           Tel: 01273 403980                                including schools, community
projects aiming at reducing, reusing                                                    and voluntary groups
and recycling waste
Sutton Trust – innovative projects             No deadline      Schools, universities,             Between £200
that provide educational                                                                community groups, charities        and £50,000
opportunities                                                                           and research bodies
Tools for Schools - Tools for          Tel: (020) 7222 7820            Any time         All state schools (nursery,        Pentium 3
Schools is a not-for-profit business   E-mail:                         primary, secondary and             computers are
and registered educational charity     Website:                                         special); further, higher and      available from
that refurbishes computers donated                            community colleges;                £95
by companies and makes them                                                             registered charities and
available to schools, and other                                                         voluntary organisations directly

Fund and Description                    Contact Details                  Deadline           Who Can Apply                    Level of
educational establishments                                                                  involved in education
throughout, at a nominal charge.
Travellers’ Aid Trust – Gypsy           Tel: (01269) 870621              Any time           Properly constituted voluntary   Grants of up to
and Traveller DIY Fund - Small          E-mail:                                             groups with charitable aims.     £3,000
grants are available to help fund                         Preferably run by gypsies and
Gypsy and Traveller groups which        Website:                                            travellers themselves
seek to address some of the             http://www.travellersaidtrust.
problems faced by Gypsies and           org
Travellers' Aid Trust – Violet          Tel/Fax: (01269) 870621          Any time           Individual - Gypsies and         Grants of up to
Clegg Fund - Small grants are           E-mail:                                             Travellers                       £250
available to Travellers and Gypsies
to relieve exceptional hardship         Website:
being experienced by individuals,       http://www.travellersaidtrust.
or to bring benefit to Gypsy and        org
Traveller communities.
Tree Council – Community Trees           31/5/08            Voluntary and community          Between £100
Fund – for tree planting projects       Tel: 020 7407 9992                                  groups                           and £700
during National Tree Week
Tree Council – Trees for Schools           31/5/08            Schools                          Between £100
Fund – for tree planting projects in    Tel: 020 7407 9992                                                                   and £700
school ground during National tree

Tubney Charitable Trust - for                 2/6/08 for         Varies                           Varies
project that protect biodiversity and               current
improve the welfare of animals          Tel: 0117 904 9906               programme,
                                                                         after that by
                                                                         invitation only
Tudor Trust - The Trust supports        Tel: (020) 7727 8522             Applications are   Charities/organisations - must   No minimum or
practical projects, as well as new      Fax: (020) 7221 8522             assessed on a      have charitable objectives       maximum grant
and innovative projects, which          Website:                         rolling                                             amount
benefit their communities,         programme.
particularly in urban, rural and                                         The Trustees

Fund and Description                   Contact Details                 Deadline            Who Can Apply                      Level of
coastal areas where there is                                           meet every 3
significant deprivation.                                               weeks to
UKVillages Community Kitty – for              10/10/08            Groups, societies, clubs           Between £50
community projects                 Tel: 08456 343 243                                      registered on UKVillages           and £300
Unltd Millennium Awards -          Tel: 0845 850 1122                  Applications for    Individual - social entrepreneur   Up to £5,000
UnLtd's Millennium Awards provide Fax: (020) 7566 1101                 Level One                                              (Level One).
practical and financial support to E-mail:           awards may be                                          Individuals
social entrepreneurs in the UK.                    made at any                                            whose projects
                                                                       time.                                                  can be scaled up
                                                                                                                              may be awarded
                                                                                                                              up to £20,000
                                                                                                                              (Level Two)
Unltd Sport Relief Awards              Tel: 0845 367 0770              Any time            Groups of young people aged        Grants of £250
Programme - For projects that          E-mail:                                             11-21                              to £5,000 per
promote community cohesion and                                                           annum will be
conflict resolution between young      uk                                                                                     made
people aged 11-21.           
VCashpoint – to fund volunteering      18/7                Groups of young people aged        Grants of up to
projects aimed at 16-25 year old.      mpaigns/171/                                        16-25                              £2,500

Veolia Environmental Trust -           Tel: (01902) 794600             Applications may    Environmental or community         Up to £150,000
Projects must restore derelict land,   Fax: (01902) 794646             be submitted at     organisation - focused with a      in exceptional
prevent pollution, provide public      E-mail:                         any time for        project suitable for ENTRUST       circumstances,
amenities, encourage biodiversity           consideration at    registration (i.e. complies with   however, the
or restore buildings for religious     Website:                        Board meetings      Landfill Tax Regulations and       majority of grant
worship or of historic or         five times a year   approved 'objects')                awards are for
architectural interest.                                                                                                       much less
ViRSA – Village Core Programme         Tel: (01993) 814377             Any time            Community organisation which       A grant of up to
This programme supports the            Fax: (01993) 810849                                 is an incorporated and             £20,000 is
establishment of community-owned       E-mail:                        socially-owned legal entity, or    available

Fund and Description                    Contact Details                Deadline          Who Can Apply                    Level of
shops in rural communities.             Website:                                         intending to become such an
William Wates Memorial Trust -          E-mail:                        Any time          Registered charities and not-    Individual grants
Grant support to enhance the lives                         for-profit groups                are generally in
of disadvantaged young people           uk                                                                                the region of
resident in the South East of           Website:                                                                          £5,000 as a
England. The main focus                                                                      maximum figure
is on sport, arts and education.
Wood Family Trust – for projects     Any time          Various                          Varies
working with developing countries
or volunteering overseas
Woodward Charitable trust – for         www.woodwardcharitabletru      30/5/08           Registered charities and not-    Between £100
one-off projects around social and                                        for-profit groups                and £50,000
ethnic groups, prisons, addiction,      contact@woodwardcharitabl
homelessness, domestic violence
                                        Tel: 020 7410 0330
WRAP Capital Grant Funding -            Tel: (01295) 819900            30 June 2008      Organisations able to meet the   Maximum of
Capital Support Grants where            Fax: (01295) 819911                              scope and requirements of the    30% of total
WRAP has identified a strategic         E-mail:                                          project as specified             eligible costs of
need and market failure.                                                              the project.

WRAP Interim Manager Support            Tel: (01295) 819919/819611     Any time          Reprocessing business (or        Up to £30,000
Scheme - The Interim Manager            Fax: (01295) 819911                              start-up) which recycles
Scheme offers financial support to      E-mail:                           aggregates, glass, plastics,
assist UK recycling businesses to       Website:                                         organics, paper, wood, tyres,
recruit a highly skilled executive on                           plasterboard or batteries
a short-term basis.
Yapp Charitable Trust - Grants          Tel: (01484) 683403            Applications      Registered Charity               Majority of
are given for work with elderly         E-mail:                        should be                                          grants are
people, children and young people   received by 31                                     around £3,000
aged 5-25 years, people with            .uk                            Jan, 26 May and

Fund and Description                 Contact Details                 Deadline           Who Can Apply                      Level of
disabilities or mental health        Website:                        30 Sept to be
problems and people with a history   http://www.yappcharitabletru    considered at
of offending, addiction or abuse,                       Trustee
and education and learning.                                          meetings held in
                                                                     March, July and

Adventure Capital Fund -             Tel: (020) 7680 1028            Any time           Community organisations            It would be very
Investment in community              E-mail:                                            which are already, or about to,    unusual for the
organisations in order to create     info@adventurecapitalfund.o                        undertake enterprise activity in   Adventure
sustainable institutions for long-                                              England                            Capital Fund to
term community renewal.              Website:                                                                              contribute more
                                     http://www.adventurecapitalf                                                          than 50% of an
Aggregates Levy Sustainability       E-mail:                         Anytime            Public, private or voluntary       Varies
Fund - Funding is available for                        sector bodies are eligible to
projects that address the            .uk                                                apply, however, this may be
environmental costs of aggregates    Website:                                           dependent on the scheme
extraction, and encourage the use                      from which funding is sought
of recycled materials.               onment/waste/aggregates/in
Alcohol Education and Research                 Anytime.           Not for profit organisations       Varies
Fund – for projects on education     Tel : 020 7340 95 02
and research on alcohol related
Bio-Energy Capital Grants            Tel: (020) 7238 6496            Fourth round       Industrial, commercial,            Up to a
Scheme - for projects installing     E-mail:                         application        community and public sectors,      maximum of
small-scale biomass fuelled heat     window: 9 April    including local authorities,       40% of the
and combined heat and power          Website:                        to 20 May 2008     schools, farmers, charities,       difference in cost
projects.                            http://www.bioenergycapitalg                       hospitals and universities         compared with

Fund and Description                 Contact Details                 Deadline             Who Can Apply                 Level of
                                                                                                  installation of a
                                                                                                                        fossil fuel
                                                                                                                        alternative. The
                                                                                                                        maximum single
                                                                                                                        award is
                                                                                                                        £100,000 per
Development Awareness Fund –         Main grants :                   Main grants: end     Organisations or networks     £1,000 to
to promote a greater understanding   Tel (01355) 843144/843684       of October           based in the UK with a        £100,000 per
and awareness of development         E-mail:         Mini grants:         commitment to raising         annum over a
issues across the UK.                Website:                        contact office for   awareness and understanding   three-year
                                     details              of development issues         period
                                     Mini grants:
Futurebuilders - to assist           Tel: (020) 7927 6340            Any time             Voluntary and community       Full investments
voluntary and community sector       Fax: (020) 7927 6341                                 sector organisations          will range from a
organisations in providing public    E-mail: info@futurebuilders-                                                       minimum of
services in areas such as health                                                                     support of
and social care, crime, community    Website:                                                                           £50,000 up to
cohesion, education and learning,    http://www.futurebuilders-                                                         approximately
and services which support                                                                      £10 million.
children and young people.
Investigating an Innovative Area     Tel: (020) 7215 8671            At any time          Private organisations         Up to 75% of
Support is available for SMEs to                                                       costs to a max of
develop innovative ideas by          uk                                                                                 £12,000. Most
working with external experts.                                                      grants will be
                                     nnovative-idea                                                                     between £2,500
                                                                                                                        and £7,000
Low Carbon Buildings                 Tel: 08704 23 23 13             Open                 Public and not for profit     Up to £1m
Programme – Phase 2 – to             Email:                                               sectors
support the installation of micro-
generation technologies              http://www.lowcarbonbuildin

Fund and Description                   Contact Details                Deadline            Who Can Apply                      Level of
Mediabox – for 13-19 year olds to             19/8/08             Youth and media focused            Up to £40,000
develop film making skills            Tel : 0121 753 4866                                 organisations
                                      E-mail : info@media-
New Initiatives Fund – To support Tel: 020 7271 0592                  Applications are    Non-governmental                   Up to 100% of
new projects run by organisations     E-mail:                         accepted on a       organisations with a sound         eligible project
promoting public awareness of     rolling basis       legal and financial basis,         costs.
current electoral systems in the UK, .uk                                                  including charities, local
current systems of local & national   Website:                                            community groups and
government in the UK, and the         http://www.electoralcommissi                        companies
institutions of the European Union.
Opportunities for Volunteering     Various             Voluntary organisations in the     Varies. Grants
Scheme - Grants to increase           s/HowDHWorks/DHRecruitm                             health and social care fields      generally made
opportunities for individuals to      ent/DHRecruitmentArticle/fs/                        whose activities are of local      for a maximum
volunteer in the fields of health and en?CONTENT_ID=4106003                               significance and are non profit-   of £35,000 a
social care.                          &chk=K4z9/X                                         making                             year for projects
                                                                                                                             lasting a
                                                                                                                             maximum of
                                                                                                                             three years
PCT Health Improvements Small          Tel : 01273 483832             Not specified       Voluntary and community            Not specified
Grants Scheme – to promote             Email :                                            organisations
health, greater independence and       enquiries@southdownscvs.o
improve access to voluntary sector
health and social care services.
Repair Grants for Places of            Tel: (020) 7973 3000           Annual              Formally constituted religious   Funds usually
Worship - Support for urgent high-     Fax: (020) 7973 3792           deadlines           organisations from all faith     targeted at
level repair work to the historic      E-mail: customers@english-     (applications       groups and denominations         single repair
fabric of places of worship in                accepted from 1                                      projects costing
England listed grade I, II* or II.     Website: http://www.english-   April each year).                                    less than
                                                                                            30 June (grade I and II*) and 30 September (grade II)
Sea Change - Support for local         Tel: (020) 7070 6700           Wave One            Local authorities representing   Annual large
authorities to use culture to make a   E-mail:                        deadline: 30        seaside resorts                  grants are
difference to the local area,          June 2008                                            between £2m &
contributing to sustainable, social    Website:                                                                            £4m. Annual

Fund and Description                  Contact Details                  Deadline       Who Can Apply                      Level of
and economic regeneration.                                                               open grants are
                                                                                                                         £200,000 and
Their Past Your Future - Funding      Tel: (020) 7273 1444             23 May 2008    Museums, libraries and             Grants are
for the museums, libraries and        E-mail:        and 22 May     archives                           limited to a
archives sector to use their          Website:                         2009                                              minimum of
collections to explore innovative                                                       £500 and a
and creative ways of increasing       e/aboutus/grants/00grants                                                          maximum of
community learning and young                                                                                             £10,000
people's knowledge

Citizens for Europe - The             Fax: (00) 322 299 9302           Open           Stakeholders promoting active      Under Action 2,
programme will aim to make            E-mail: eac-soc-                                European citizenship, in           Measures 1 and
European citizens more aware of                               particular to local communities    2: Active Civil
their duties as citizens and become   Website:                                        - think-tanks, citizen's groups,   Society for
actively involved in the process of                    non-governmental                   Europe, the
European integration, developing a    ation_culture/activecitizenshi                  organisations, platforms,          maximum grant
sense of belonging and a European     p/index_en.htm                                  networks, associations and         level ranges
identity.                                                                             federations, and trade unions      from €60,000 to
                                                                                                                         €250,000 at a
                                                                                                                         rate of 80% of
Entrepreneurship and Innovation       Tel: (00) 322 299 1111           11 September   Government departments,            Varies, with a
Programme - This programme            Fax: (00) 322 298 8822           2008           local authorities, other public    normal
covers a variety of actions to        Website:                                        bodies, voluntary sector           maximum
promote, support and improve:                   organisations, utilities, and      contribution of
access to finance for SMEs.           n.htm                                           private organisations as           up to 50% of
                                                                                      applicable.                        eligible costs
European Youth Foundation - To        Tel: (00) 33 03 88 41 20 19      Deadline for   International non-                 No more than
provide financial support to          Fax: (00) 33 03 90 21 49 64      Category A     governmental youth                 two-thirds of the

Fund and Description                     Contact Details                   Deadline          Who Can Apply                    Level of
European youth activities which          E-mail:               International     organisations or networks;       cost of activity
serve the promotion of peace,            Website:                          Youth Meetings    national or local non-           under categories
understanding and co-operation in        and Category B    governmental youth               A and B, and no
a spirit of respect for the Council of                                     Other Types of    organisations or networks; and   more than
Europe's fundamental values such                                           Youth Activity:   non-governmental structures      €7,600 under
as human rights, democracy,                                                by 1 Oct 2008     involved in youth work           Category D
tolerance and solidarity.
Integrated Action Programme –            Tel: (00) 322 295 8382            Open              Will depend on action but        Varies
Lifelong Learning - This lifelong        Fax: (00) 322 295 7295                              could include public and
learning programme incorporates          Website:                                            private bodies involved in
the former Socrates and Leonardo                        further or higher education,
da Vinci programmes, the                 cation_culture/newprog/inde                         such as universities, higher
e-Learning programme, the                x_en.html                                           education establishments,
Europass initiative and the various                                                          research centres, companies
actions funded through the                                                                   (particularly SMEs), trade
Community action programme to                                                                organisations (including
promote bodies active at European                                                            Chambers of Commerce),
level and to support specific                                                                social partner organisations,
activities in the fields of education                                                        and local and regional bodies
and training.
Interreg IVA Programme –                 Tel: 01273 482643                 Pre-application   Organisations open to cross-     Up to 50% of
Channel/Manche - for projects            Email:                            5/9/8, 3/2/8      border partnership               revenue costs or
between certain regions in South        deadline                                           25% or capital
England, East of England and             .uk                               15/10/8, 3/3/9                                     costs
Northern Coast of France,      

Interreg IVA Programme – Two             Tel: 01273 482643                 Open              Organisations open to cross-     Up to 50% of
Seas for projects between certain        Email:                                              border partnership               revenue costs or
regions in South England, East of                                                           25% or capital
England, Belgium and the                 .uk                                                                                  costs
                                         (under construction)

 Fund and Description                  Contact Details                Deadline       Who Can Apply                   Level of
 INTERREG IV C – to improve            Tel: + 33 3 28 144 100         October 2008   At least 3 countries            Varies
 effectiveness of regional policy      Fax: + 33 3 28 144 109
 LEADER + - Small Grants Fund –        Tel: 01424 787 400             30/6/08        Specific areas of Wealden and   Up to £10,000
 for projects around local products,   Fax: 01424 787 405                            Rother
 natural and cultural resources
 Transnational Territorial             Tel: + 33 3 20 78 55 00        10/10/08       Local or public bodies          Varies, average
 Cooperation Programme                 Fax: + 33 3 20 55 65 95                                                       size is between
 (INTERREG IV) for North West                                                              €3m and €6m
 Europe – for projects at European
 Youth in Action – Info Activities     Tel: (00) 322 295 2584         30 June 2008   Non-profit-making               Up to €100,000
 for Youth - To draw the attention     Fax: (00) 322 292 1330                        organisations, non-             at a rate of no
 of young people and youth workers     Website:                                      governmental organisations      more than 80%
 to information and communication                  and local/regional public       of project costs
 actions with a European accent.       dex.htm                                       bodies

Contact:       Clare Ritchie
               Funding Information Officer
               Mole Valley District Council
               01306 879392


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