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					Draft Conference Programme (subject to change – 2.3.11)
Wednesday 15th June

Panel   Time

        9.15- 9.45      Registration and tea/coffee

1       9.45-10.45      The Co-operative Movement       Social Relations and Food            Cookbooks and National
                         1: R. Vorberg-Rugh, ‘The       L. McIntyre, ‘'Women, children
                        British co-operative            and food in medieval Ireland         E. Swan and R.Flowers, ‘Small
                                                        and Britain'                         Trifles and Just Desserts?
                        movement and the politics of
                        food in the First World War’                                         Cookbooks, Colonialism and
                                                        B. Waddell, ‘Dearth and its
                                                                                             Public Pedagogies of Nation
                                                        Consequences in Late-                Building in Australia’
                        A.Whitecross, The Co-
                                                        Seventeenth-Century England’         A . Tominc, ‘Jamie Oliver and
                        operative Party and Food
                        Controls during World War 2                                          new lifestyle discourse(s) in
                        in Britain’                                                          post-1989 Slovenia’

        10.45 – 11.15   Tea/coffee

        11.15 – 12.30   Keynote: Stephen Yeo

        12.30 – 13.45   Lunch
2       13.45-15.15     Food and the Consumer           Food and ethnicity                   Persuasion against Drink

                        N. Robertson, ‘Education,       F. Termikar , ‘Ethnic food for       C. Williams, ‘Mobilising the
                        regulation and protection:      Indian Muslims in the US’            masses against the demon
                        food and the consumer’                                               drink: a critical evaluation of
                                                         P. Bagley, ‘Turkish tea in          Soviet era health posters’
                                                        Germany: a Symbol of
                        D. Stewart, ‘The Co-operative
                        Movement and the Politics of
                                                                                             E. Rappaport, ‘The
                        Resale Price Maintenance’       L. Haydon, ‘’Merchants bring         Temperance Tea Party: Free
                                                        their spicy drugs’; The Effects of   Trade. Sacred Tastes and the
                        M. Schermer and S. Rief,        the Spice Trade on                   Sober Consumer in Victorian
                        ‘Negotiating Food Provision:    Seventeenth-Century                  Britain’
                        Consumer-Producer Initiatives   Conceptions of Nationality
                        in Austria’
                                                                                             A. McAllister, ‘The
                                                                                             organisational triumph of the
                                                                                             Band of Hope’
        15.15 – 15.35   Break

3       15.35 – 17.00   Food, class and                 Colonial Food                        Drunkenness
                                                        B.. Frank, ‘Food and Empire’         K. Burton, ‘Drunk as a Monk:
                        A.Gritt, ‘‘Peasants’ and the    (working title)                      Problems with Ecclesiastical
                        emergence of industrial                                              Drinking in Medieval England’
                        capitalism: the smallholding    M. Bharat, ‘The Army Culture of
                        economy and the feeding of      Eating and Drinking: Shadows of      D. Toner, ‘’The rocks become
                        Lancashire'                     Colony’                              drunk’: Changing conceptions
                                                                                             of Drunkenness in Mexico,
                        S. Caunce, ‘Town and Country    C. Leong-Salobir, ‘The Colonial      c.1400-1900’
                        Intertwined: nineteenth         Kitchen in India, Malaysia and
                        century food production in      Singapore’                           M. Hailwood, ‘’It puts good
                        Yorkshire’                                                           reason in our brains’: Popular
                                                                                             Understandings of the
                        R. Hellyer, ‘The Potato and                                          Intoxicating Effects of Alcohol
                        class ideologies in Japan and                                        in Seventeeth-Century
                        England, 1600-1800’                                                  England’
       17.00-17.30     Book launch – tea, coffee and cake
       18.30           Pre-dinner drinks reception sponsored by the Co-operative National Membership Services

       19.15           Dinner in Foster refectory

Thursday 16th June

       9.00 – 9.30     Registration and tea/coffee

4      9.30 – 11.00    Drinking and National              Military consumption               Food Purity
                                                          N. Mansfield ,’ Food, class and    A.Woodson-Boulton,
                       M. Bellamy, ‘‘Guardians of         the British Army’                  ‘Anthropomorphizing Dinner’
                       True Temperance’: The
                       Brewers’ Propaganda                R. Duffett, ‘Of Meat and Men:      M. Dorey, ‘Thou shalt not
                       Campaign to end Prohibition        Beef, Soldiers and the British     poison and thou shalt not
                       in Canada, 1918-1930’              Army 1914-18’                      cheat’: food fraud in early-
                                                                                             modern London
                       M. McDowell, ‘Drinking and         S. Schouten, ‘Tea in the
                       hospitality on ferries and         Trenches, 1914-1918’               T. Bhattacharya,
                       steamers in the Firth of Clyde,                                       ‘Rai Chunilal Bose Bahadur
                       c.1840-1900’                                                          and Food Adulteration in
                                                                                             Colonial Bengal’
                       C. M. Kennedy, ‘’When the
                       Drink is in, the Truth Comes
                       out’: Exploring the nature of
                       Irish Nationalist Opinion

       11.00 – 11.20   Tea/coffee

       11..20-12.30    Keynote: John Bohstedt

       12.30 – 13.45   Lunch

5      13.45– 15.15    Food Control and Regulation        European food, drink and           Milk and Nutrition
                       M. Mukadam, ‘Control of                                               C. McGrath, ‘The religious and
                       Consumption: An Experiment         D. Lewandowska, ‘The Power         sociological significance of
                       with Indian Diet’                  of Taste: Social and Cultural      milk in early Irish tradition’
                                                          aspects    of     the   growing
                                                          popularity of wine in Poland       E. Stoilova, ‘Yogurt
                       A.Esteves and M.M. de
                                                          from XVII to XIX century’          Transformation: from Home-
                       Araujo,’The food of the poor
                                                                                             made Product to Bulgarian
                       in the XIX century in Portugal’
                                                          V. Obucina, ‘Food as the           Yogurt’
                                                          political context in the
                       M. Gaye, ‘The Bitter Politics of
                                                          dissolution of Yugoslavia’         Najia Sultan, ‘Diet in
                                                                                             pregnancy, 1930-60: a shifting
                                                          J. Vinopal , ‘The status of beer
                                                          and beer culture in the Czech      social, political and scientific
                                                          Republic’                          concern’

       15.15 – 15.35   Tea/coffee

6      15.35 – 17.00   Sociability/Feasting               Recipes and National               Manly Eating
                       B.Huskins, ‘Searching for a                                           J. Westaway, ‘The Outdoor
                       `community of belonging’:          S. De Santiago-Ramos,              Movement, Physicality and
                       sociability and community          ‘Substitute Recipes and Food       Physical Cultures: Dietary
                       (re)formation amongst the          Shortages in Nazi Germany’         Regime and the 1920 and
                       Loyalists of Shelburne, Nova                                          1921 Lake District Endurance
                       Scotia’                           A. Junor, ‘Diversity within          Records’
                                                         monoculture? The favourite
                       R.Mazza, ‘Food, games and         tastes of inter-war White            A. Thompsell, ‘Nothing but
                       leisure: the Spanish consul in    Australia’                           cold meat and weak tea:
                       Jerusalem 1914-1920’                                                   roughing it in British Colonial
                                                         A. Geyzen, ‘What's in a name?        Africa’
                       D. Verbeke, ‘Non invitati sed     Recipes and geographical
                       inviti: Erasmus and Vives         connotations in postwar              S. Weeks, ‘Eat like a Man:
                       about food and drink’             Flanders’                            Representations of Men’s
                                                                                              Eating Behaviors and
                                                                                              Masculinities in the Empire’

        17.00          Reception sponsored by Adam Matthew Digital Publishing

        TBA            Conference Dinner

Friday 17th June

       9.00 – 9.30     Registration and tea/coffee

7      9.30 – 11.00    Images of Food and Drink                         Food and National Culture

                       F. Murray, ‘The Road to Ruin: Illustrations of   R. Apple, “Where’s the beef?’ The status of meat in
                       Intemperance’                                    20 -Century US culture’

                       G. Jordan, ‘An Intemperate Empire: Thomas        A. Hisano, ‘The Romanticization of Home-cooking:
                       Cole predicts the Panic of 1837’                 Betty Crocker and Ideal Womanhood in the Early
                                                                        Twentieth-century United States’
                       A. Ramamurthy, ‘The Sri Lankan Woman
                       Tea picker: exploitation with a smile’           O.Habana, ‘Food for the Little Brown Brother:
                                                                        Children’s Nutrition in Philipine Public Primary
                                                                        Schools, 1900-1912’

8      11.00 – 12.30   The Pleasures of Drink                           Culinary Traditions

                       F. Fisher, ‘Presenting the Perfect Pint:         C. Carvalho, ‘Codfish in Portugal: from Fish to
                       Drinking and Visual Pleasure in Late             Bread to Tourist Brand’
                       Nineteenth Century London’
                                                                        A.Hobbs, ‘A cultural history of tripe’
                       E. Zuelow , ‘Nostalgia and the Campaign for
                       Real Ale’                                        A.Kyle, ‘The haves and have nots: a consideration
                                                                        of culinary traditions and identity in Ireland and
                       E. Kukorelly, ‘A Present for Women               western Britain’
                       Addicted to Drinking: the dangers of drink in
                       eighteenth-century conduct manuals for           H. F. Day, ‘Nineteenth-century National Identity in
                       women’                                           Isabella Beeton’s Book of Household Management’

       12.30-13.45     Lunch

       13.45 – 15.00   Keynote – James Nicholls

       15.00           Tea/coffee and depart

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