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                            Board Meeting Minutes
                                    May 5, 2010
                                Providence Park, Novi
                     Submitted by M. Thomson, SMANN Secretary

Members Present
Marilyn Maggioncalda, Chris Adams, Jennifer Boyle, Linda Reid, Joyce Stein, Jeanine
Simpson, Bonnie Via and Marie Thomson.
Marilyn Maggioncalda, SMANN President, welcomed the members to the meeting at 6:16
Approval of Minutes
The minutes for the March 10th Board meeting were approved as written.
Treasurer Report (submitted by Jeanine Simpson)
 See attached report, with 1 correction (the monies listed under fundraiser should be
   listed under the prior category; conference raffles).
NANN Update
 Marilyn report that she participated in a conference call last week. Chapter
   membership and membership issues were discussed:
                  The economy was sighted as a reason people do not want to join
                   NANN. Payment plan was suggested. Spring discount incentive was
                   offered this year.
                  Some Chapter members are not NANN members. NANN will send a
                   quarterly list of new members who belong to NANN so the Chapter
                   can verify the new members’ membership.
                  Chapter dues range from $15-25, majority of chapters charge $20.
                   Chris felt we need to keep our dues low with the MI economy. Marilyn
                   stated with the new 3 ceu offerings, it is a deal to join SMANN and
                   members would be willing to pay more to belong. The group decided
                   to leave dues at $15. Jenny suggested we advertise the low cost of
                   SMANN and benefits.
                  Conference call suggested the High Five of free local conferences for
                   recruiting 5 new members and a wine and cheese party where each
                   member brings a “newbie”.
 Later in the meeting, it was learned that several Board members are going to the
   National Conference. We should find out closer to the conference how many free
   entrances are allotted the club from NANN. Board members who do not register for
   the freebies should be able to recoup some, if not all, of the registration cost
   through Educational Gratuity.
 Chapter of the Year: Chris said she is willing to compile an application if we want to
   submit one. Since we won Chapter of the Year last year, we are only qualified to
   apply for individual chapter awards. It was decided that Membership, Community
   Projects and Fundraising would be submitted. Chris plans to send it electronically.
Old Business
 Officer/Committee Vacancies: Education and Practice Chairperson: Sherry Mason
   has been an excellent “Acting Chairperson”, but asks that we find a new person to
   chair this committee. Kim Hayes-Hart has indicated she will help and Marilyn plans
   to ask Kristen Pelshaw if she would like to co-chair.
 Conference update: submitted by Sherry Mason (see report). Chris mentioned that
   this committee is very involved and spoke of 1 person to concentrate solely on the
   conference and 1 person on the other quarterly meetings. She stated that our CEU
   contract with U of M is up in July. She suggested that each hosting hospital get their
   own CEUS and speakers. Joyce suggested that St. Mary’s Cultural Center be used
   again for a more “centrally located” conference. Chris remarked that the AV at St.
   Mary’s was an issue, all the equipment had been borrowed and brought by Chris
   from U of M. Hiring an AV person and equipment if needed was suggested.
   Embassy Suites in Southfield is already booked for the 2011 conference. Preemie for
   a Day from Phillips/Respironics was suggested as a topic for next year as, although
   they cost $5000, they bring their own staff and supplies and have several
   presentations to choose from. Joyce cruised the internet for the topics. Chris felt
   the room at
   Embassy Suites could be divided in 2 to accommodate the topic. Chris will contact
   Phillips/Respironics, to see what they have to offer.
New Business
 Baby Shower: submitted by Marilyn Maggioncalda: Held on April 24th at St. Mark’s
   Trinity United Church of Christ in Detroit.
                 40 attendees, including 25 pregnant moms. (see evaluation)
                 Marilyn is writing thank you letters to Kohl’s “A” Team and vendors or
                  people who donated items for the shower. Marilyn commended the
                  “A” Team for a job well done and plans to send pictures with the
                 Marilyn had several messages on her phone after the shower with
                  people asking for directions to the church where the shower was held.
                  Better directions are needed if this venue is repeated.
                 The group voted to repeat the shower next Fall, 2011 ( as there is so
                  much going on in the Spring for SMANN)
                 Joyce suggested a church on the East side next time.
                 Marie suggested the Safe Sleep video instead of lecture to break up
                  the speakers for variety and more CPR manikins are needed if this is
                  shown again. Joyce suggested other NICU units could bring manikins
                  to help.
 Fundraisers:

                Wine Tasting: submitted by Jeanine Simpson: She reported that there
                 has been a poor response. She explained that the hope was for our
                 group to sell 50 tickets and she had less than 20 responses. Several
                 Board members voiced reasons why the turn out may be low (Nurse’s
                 Week activities at the hospital, friends planning to buy tickets at the
                 door, same night as golf for Marie’s ski club friends). She further
                 explained that she had given the Wine Cellars a count so they knew
                 how many people to plan on based on ticket sales and, even if people
                 come that night to get tickets, SMANN would probably not benefit
                 from those sales as they weren’t pre- arranged. Marilyn mentioned
                 that a group from HFH was coming to support SMANN but was going
                 to get their tickets that night. Jeanine stated that, due to the poor
                 response, SMANN would probably get a very low profit and not be
                 asked back to the Cellars. The Board members present decided this
                 was unfortunate but that “those who partake of the wine will have a
                 good time” regardless.
   Committee Reports
      Education & Practice Committee (email report by Sherry Mason)
         Conference March 24th (see above notes and evaluation)
         May meeting: May 19th at St. Joe’s in Ann Arbor 9in the Administration
          Building 5305 to be a 3-1/2 hour meeting with 3 CEUs offered. Topic:
             Golden Hour and Sim Baby. Hours 5:00pm – 9pm? Time conflict on flyers,
             please correct them to read start time 5pm. Marie suggested we have name
             tags at the meetings. Chris and Linda will pursue the idea.
            September meeting: Beaumont, Royal Oak, another 3 CEU meeting. Topic:
            Sherry suggested: We eliminate January meeting as with the 2-3CEU meetings
             and the conference, it is a heavy workload. Board members present decided
             to eliminate January Business but maintain Board meeting in January to assist
             with conference planning.
 Membership Committee (submitted by J. Boyle)
       The 1st membership drive mailings are out! To date, 77 members have renewed
        their membership which includes 7 new members, 12 Board members and 10 fall
        renewal members. Linda reported that she and Jenny plan to visit Botsford, to
        see their Special Care Unit and introduce them to SMANN.
Community Projects: (submitted by phone from Irene Watts)
 Garage Sale is scheduled for May 8 in Westland. Helpers and tables needed. Sites
 May meeting Collection: School supply collection.
Legislative Committee (submitted by Joyce Stein)
 NANN is starting state liaisons for an advocacy committee. She would like a
        delegate from MI that is not on the NANN committee. They had an advocacy
        listserv for states to post any issues they may have. Joyce has attended lobby
        sessions in Washington D.C. She will post health care reform issues on the web.
Communications (Newsletter) (submitted by Joyce Stein)
   The contract has been terminated at the old host site.
     New email is:
   SMANN can also be accessed through face book, NANN and

Finance/Fundraising Committee (submitted by M. Thomson)
 This year’s Texas Hold’em Tournament will be 10/4-10/6 12n-2am each day. We
    need 2 volunteers from our group at all times, one to be the chairperson. It will take
    place at Northville Downs Race Track. A list was passed for the group to sign up for
    5 hour shifts. (12n-4:30, 4:30-9pm or 9p-2am). It is predicted that SMANN could
    make $1000 per day. Potential charities are Camp Michimac, STARS, and money
    towards nursing scholarship awards. Members from Camp Michimac have
    volunteered again to help with this event.
Scholarships: Joyce suggested that we give 2-$200 scholarships to Nursing Students
interested in Maternal Infant care. (Instead of the 2-$500 awards presently given) The
Board voted to accept this change. Marilyn is to review the current Scholarship for
 Board meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 pm.

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