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					                                 13th Annual Spring LAB DAY
                                      WHEN: MARCH 5, 2011
                                    WHERE: COLLEGE OF ST. ROSE
The College of St. Rose is located between Madison Ave. and Washington Ave. near downtown Albany. Lab
Day will be held in three buildings near the Campus Green. Parking will be easily available in Lots P1 and P2.
For further information see the college website: <>.

The Eastern Section of STANYS is honored to have Carol "Krill' Carson as the Keynote Speaker for our
Thirteenth Annual Spring Lab Day. Krill is a Visiting Lecturer in the Biology Department at Bridgewater State
College and is the Outreach Education Coordinator for the Captain John Boats out of Plymouth, MA. Bringing
research into the classroom at all levels has been her passion. Amazingly, Krill will be bringing Kristal, a 25
foot, 1 year old humpback whale with her as well as many other artifacts! Her humorous and informative
presentation will insure that we will know how to season our classes & labs with lessons learned from “Salt”, a
whale she has been studying for many years.
                                             LAB DAY SCHEDULE
TIME             EVENT                                                                      LOCATION
                                  Registration &
 8:45 - 9:15                                                                                        St. Joseph Hall
                         Refreshments, Continental Breakfast
                                                                                                Science Center Albertus
 9:15- 10:45                      Session 1 Workshops
                    Introduction: Dr. Richard Thompson, Dean of
 10:45-11:00                                                                                        St. Joseph Hall
                       Math and Sciences, College of St. Rose
                                   Keynote Address:
                   “Season your Lessons.. with SALT: Using Marine
11:00 - 11:45            Research to Spice Up Your Lessons”                                         St. Joseph Hall
                  Carol "Krill' Carson, Biology Department at Bridgewater
                  State College, MA & Outreach Education Coordinator for the
                            Captain John Boats out of Plymouth, MA.
11:45 - 12:00                Announcements               Door Prizes                                St. Joseph Hall
                                                                                                  Events and Athletic
12:00 - 12:45          Luncheon Buffet,          Beverages,          Desserts
                                                                                                Science Center Albertus
 1:00 - 2:30                      Session 2 Workshops
                             Lab Day Evaluation Submission
 2:30 - 3:00                                                                                        St. Joseph Hall
                         Professional Development Certificates

                               13th Annual Spring Lab Day, March 5, 2011, College of St. Rose
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                                        SESSION 1: 9:15-10:45 AM
Session                                                                                                       Subject
        Workshop title                    Workshop Description                                    Presenter              Level
 code                                                                                                          area

                                                                                Annie Chien,
                         Prepare to get your hands wet, and minds working with
                                                                                   IB Bio,
                           an interactive workshop that looks at modeling and
                          inquiry based approaches to helping students form a
          Candies,                                                              HS & Ruth
                         solid understand of the cell membrane. The nature of
       Bubbles, Oh My!                                                          Russell New                     Bio,
  A                          the tools to be presented extends from simple                                              MS, HS
        Revisiting Cell                                                            Visions                     STEM
                                structure and function to as elaborate as
         Membranes                                                               Scientific
                        endosymbiosis, so all levels are welcome! This workshop
                                                                                 Research &
                        is supported by the Astrobiology Teachers Academy at
                                                                                World Health
                                    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
                        Participants will receive instructions and explanations              Maria Russo,
                        for Mini-Lab activities using supplies from any “Dollar             STANYS SAR
       Chemistry in the                                                                                                  E, MS,
  B                      Store”. Come see what fun you can have reinforcing                  Chemistry & Chemistry
        Dollar Store!                                                                                                      HS
                         student knowledge, skills and ingenuity, with basic &               Judy Kubik,
                                        inexpensive equipment.                                Cohoes HS
                                                                                 Paul Fedoroff,
                        This workshop will provide an opportunity to build your
                                                                                 STANYS SAR                               HS,
        Balloon-Physics very own balloon contraption and then use it in the lab.
  C                                                                              Physics Burnt Physics                  Adapt to
              Lab       This is a fun hands-on physics lab to bring back to your
                                                                                 Hills – Ballston                         all
                             Learn how to measure your energy use and make
                           informed, energy-wise decisions. Engage in hands-on
                          activities, receive a teaching tool kit you can use with              Jamie
         Sustainable     your class to explore sustainability practices in energy,            Joanethis-
  D                                                                                                           STEM, All MS, HS
           Living          water, transportation, food, and the consumption of                 Crouse,
                          goods. Following the workshop, you and your class can               NYSERDA
                              qualify for incentives and prizes based on your
                                   implementation of sustainable actions.
                         No money for fieldtrip buses? No time to plan a series
                         of class outings? Even without fieldtrips, nature is still
                                                                                    Arden Rauch,
                          nearby! Where? How to get your students there? And                                             E, MS,
  E       “Get Out!”                                                                STANYS SAR                   All
                         then what to do? Participants will learn location details,                                        HS
                           meaningful activities, and how to inspire appreciation
                                  and stewardship of the natural world.
                              An investigation into common plants found in a
                              schoolyard. Basic identification techniques and               Anita Sanchez,
         School Yard       classification of native and non-native plants, from               Freelance
  F                                                                                                             Bio        E
           Plants           trees to moss. Explore the diversity of plants in a                author &
                             square foot of lawn and estimate the number of                    educator
                           dandelions in the playground using random sampling.
                         This activity is a crowd pleaser. It is the lab that most
                                                                                   Leigh Feguer &
                          of my students talk about when they come back and
        Making a Baby                                                                  Danielle
                           visit me after they have been out of my class for a
  G     Lab (Genetics)                                                                 Budlong                  Bio       HS
                           number of years. In this lab students will simulate
                              making a pedigree, karyotype, gametogenesis,
                                                                                     HS Biology
                         fertilization, chromosomal mutations and the role that
                                 13th Annual Spring Lab Day, March 5, 2011, College of St. Rose
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                         fertility treatment can play in human reproduction. It
                            really gets students to think about each step of

                                                                                 Paul Nooney,
                         Learn how to make an easy to set up and manage website
                                                                                 Eastern Vice
        Getting Yourself                using Google. Please go to                                               STEM,      E, MS,
H                                                                                 Chair, SAR
         "On the Line”                                       ES          HS
                                                                                Earth Science,
                            before Lab Day to register for a Google account.

                                           SESSION 2: 1:00-2:30 PM
Session Workshop title                         Workshop description                                  Presenter    Subject    Level
 code                                                                                                              area
             Teaching the                                                                          Jason Brechko,
                Living         You will leave this workshop with a few lessons and                   Glens Falls
             Environment          labs that teach the Living Environment using                     Middle School   Bio,
    Q                                                                                                                   MS, HS
               through                             astrobiology.                                       & RPI      STEM
             Astrobiology                                                                           Astrobiology
                              In this Math/Science unit we will show you simple,
                            safe activities to have your students get a feeling of  Bob Neudel,
           An introduction
                                 what the fuss is about nanotechnology, from          Science,
               to Nano
                                introductory activities on what is a billionth, a  Bridgett Frary, Bio, Upper E,
    R     Technology in the
                             nanometer, or building a buckyball! Participants will    Math The    STEM,   MS
           Middle School
                              examine how properties of substances in the nano         Albany
                            state do not behave the same by experimenting with       Academies
                                 nano-cotton, nano size iron filings, and more.
                                                                                        Kelly Ryan,
                               Learn how you can use inexpensive toys to carry out
                                                                                       STANYS SAR
                              hands-on activities and demos that correlate with the
             “Toying” with                                                               Registrar,
    S                           Living Environment curriculum. Concepts we’ll “toy”                                 Bio     MS, HS
                Biology                                                                   Biology,
                              with include, transcription and translation; mitosis and
                                                                                        teacher, N.
                                     meiosis; embryonic development and more!
                                                                                        Colonie HS

          Technology in the    This workshop will focus on the different types of
                                                                                                     Ann Marie    STEM,
    T         Physics           technology, from simple to much more complex,                                                 HS
                                                                                                      Condes      Physics
             Classroom         available when teaching Physics Lab topics. Hands

                                                                                        Sara &
            Off the Grid: In this workshop, we will look at the opportunities and
                                                                                       Luhrman,     Bio
           Solar Electric &    challenges of generating your own electricity with
    V                                                                                     co-     Physics,                    HS
             Wind at Fox    solar and wind to supply energy to an organic vegetable
                                                                                    owner/operator STEM
           Creek Farm CSA                            farm.
                                                                                      Fox Creek

                                  13th Annual Spring Lab Day, March 5, 2011, College of St. Rose
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                                                                                          Becky Remis,
                      What can you learn about shadows, seasons, and the
    Here Comes the                                                                          STANYS        ES ,    All
W                     motion of the Sun by using models? Build a model of
         Sun                                                                              Membership,     Gen
                                     your own and find out!
                                                                                          Schalmont HS
                      This workshop will give educators the basic tools to
                                                                           Jennifer Dean
                       conduct an invasive species mapping project with
                                                                            and Shereen
    Mapping Invasive students that will contribute real data to the NYS
                                                                             Brock, New
      Species with      invasive species database. Educators will learn                   Bio,
X                                                                          York Natural        all levels
     iMap Invasives identifying traits of some common invasive plants, GPS               STEM
                         use, and how to enter data in iMapInvasives.
                       Participants will become registered users of the
                      Birds are common school yard inhabitants! Exploring
                     the characteristics, habits, and habitats of local birds
                       we will cover form and function, adaptations, food      Kate Perry,
                          webs, microscope/hand lens use, creating an         STANYS SAR
     From Eggs to                                                                             Bio, E, adapt
Y                        experiment, and natural resource conservation.        Elementary,
        Songs                                                                               general to All
                      Curricular ideas and lessons are designed to engage       Robert C.
                       elementary students in primary research, hands on      Parker School
                       classroom activities, and interdisciplinary learning
                                        focusing on birds.
                     Workshop participants will learn about loon natural
                          history, and the role of this species as an
    Science on the   environmental indicator, as well as how to integrate
        Fly! -      this innovative curriculum into their science classes.                Nina Schoch
     Conservation    Teachers will have the opportunity to participate in                 BioDiversity
Z    Through the      and learn about the different components of the                      Research              MS, HS
       Lives of    Science on the Fly! curriculum, including the Teacher's                Institute's
                                                                                                          to All
      Adirondack      Manual; introductory video for the Loon Migration                   ADK Center
        Loons          unit; classroom activities; environmental service
                   learning projects resources for the Mercury and Acid
                                     Rain unit; and website

                         13th Annual Spring Lab Day, March 5, 2011, College of St. Rose
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      Join Us for Another Great Lab Day with Your Colleagues!
        Certificates of Participation for Professional Development will be provided.
Registration Deadline: Postmarked no later than February 23rd.
Registration Fee:
STANYS Members: $30.00             Non-members $35.00                  Pre-Service Teachers $20.00.
Please make checks payable to STANYS Eastern Section.
Sorry, No Purchase Orders accepted.
Mail Registration Form to:
     Kelly Ryan, Registrar, 9 Heather Lane Rensselear, NY 12144
     Registration Questions?
Questions? / Concerns? Contact Colette McCarthy, Lab Day Coordinator
                 518.281.6991 or

In the event of inclement weather, check the STANYS Eastern Section website: Look under Eastern Section Activities, Lab Day.

                                          Registration Form
Name:__________________________________ Title/Position:____________________

Preferred Address_______________________________________________________
           City _______________________________, State: _____ Zip: _________

Preferred Phone:_(_____)___________________                               Home___ School___ Cell___

Preferred Email: _____________________________                             Home___ School___

School Name:_________________________ Level(s) Taught E__ MS__ HS__ College__

Session Selection: Please provide a first and second choice. Every effort will be made to
schedule your first choice, but some sessions have limited enrollment. Placement will be
based on date registration is received. Register Early!
Amount enclosed:
___$30 I am a STANYS Member ___$35 Non-Member Rate ___$20 Pre-Service Teacher

Session 1 ______________                                               Session 1 ________________
           (First Choice)                                                                  (Second Choice)
Session 2 ______________                                               Session 2 ________________
           (First Choice)                                                                  (Second Choice)
                            13 Annual Spring Lab Day, March 5, 2011, College of St. Rose
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