Bromley 20447 by liuqingyan


									Bromley    20,447             Independent audit July to December 2010- 27,978 copies per week
                METHOD        COPIES                         ADDRESS                          POSTCODE    DAY        TIME
          Hand Distribution      7525
                                 1500 The Mall, Bromley                                       BR1 1TR    WED     10:00 - 14:00
                                 1700 Bromley South Station                                   BR1 1LX    WED     16:00 - 19:00
                                  325 Petts Wood Station                                      BR5 1LZ    WED     16:00 - 19:00
                                  800 Orpington Station                                       BR6 0SX    WED     16:00 - 19:00
                                 1700 Bromley Town Centre                                     BR3 1HY    SAT     10:00 - 14:00
                                 1500 Walnuts Shopping Centre, Orpington                      BR6 0TW    THURS   10:30 - 14:30

          Self Select           8000
                                1000   Sainsburys Store, Bromley                          BR1 1TP
                                1000   Tesco Superstore, Bromley                          BR1 2UE
                                1000   Sainbury's Store, Beckenham                        BR3 1AH
                                1000   Sainbury's Store, West Wickham                     BR4 0PU
                                1000   Morrisons Petts, Wood                              BR5 1DH
                                1000   Tesco Extra, Orpington                             BR6 0NH
                                1000   Sainsbury's Store, Orpington                       BR6 8NZ
                                1000   Sainsbury's Store, Chiselhurst                     BR7 5AG

          Free Pick up          1350
   i                             100   Bromley Central Library                            BR1 1EX
                                  50   West Wickham Library                               BR4 0SH
                                  50   Petts Wood Library                                 BR5 1BP
                                  25   Anerley Library                                    SE20 8BD
                                  25   Burnt Ash Library                                  BR1 5AF
                                  25   Mottingham Library                                 SE9 4QZ
                                  50   Shortlands Library                                 BR2 0JP
                                  25   Southborough Library                               BR2 8AP
                                  25   St Pauls Cray Library                              BR5 2RW
                                  25   Hayes Library                                      BR2 7LH
                                  75   Biggin Hill Library                                TN16 3LB
                                 100   Orpington Library                                  BR6 0HH
                                 150   Beckenham Library                                  BR3 4PE
                                  75   Penge Library                                      SE20 8HT
                                  50   Chislehurst Library                                BR7 6DA
                                 500   The Glades Shopping Mall                           BR1 1DN

          Estate Agents         1725
                                  25   David James, Bromley                               BR2 8AR
                                  25   Capital Bromley, Bromley                           BR2 0DA
                                 250   Jollye & Wood, Bromley                             BR2 0JA
                                  50   Andrew Kingsley, Beckenham                         BR3 5NP
                                  50   Edmunds, Bromley                                   BR2 0TY
                                  50   Bairstow Eves, Bromley                             BR1 1QQ
                                  50   Northwood Estates, Bromley                         BR1 1QU
                                  50   Charles Eden, Beckenham                            BR3 6LU
                                  50   Humpriss & Ryde, Chislehurst                       BR3 6LH
                                  50   Ashdale, Bromley                                   BR2 0DQ
                                  50   Martin & Co, Beckenham                             BR3 1RJ
                                  50   Manor House, Beckenham                             BR3 1AW
                                  50   Langford Rae, Orpington                            BR6 6EY
                                  50   Edmunds, Chislehurst                               BR6 5AN
                                  50   Letz Move, West Wickham                            BR4 9HU
                                  50   Edmunds, Orpington                                 BR6 6DD
                  50    Daniels, Bromley                                     BR1 5HR
                  50    Daniels                                              SE6 3BT
                  50    Brownes, Bromley                                     BR1 2RG
                  50    Humphriss & Ryde, Bromley                            BR1 3AX
                  50    Xpress, Bromley                                      BR1 1NA
                  50    Homefront Estates, Bromley                           BR1 1LG
                  50    Robinson Jackson, Orpington                          BR6 0NF
                  25    Linlay Shipp, Orpington                              BR6 0NQ
                  50    Your Move, Orpington                                 BR6 0ND
                  50    Kenton Homes, Orpington                              BR6 0NG
                  50    Scarlett Property Services, Orpington                BR6 7BQ
                  50    William Wesson, Orpington                            BR6 8NP
                  50    Edmunds, Orpington                                   BR6 0NQ
                  50    Bairstow Eves, Beckenham                             BR3 1BN
                  25    Infinte, Beckenham                                   BR3 1AY
                  25    Munro Lock Estate Agents, Beckenham                  BR3 1AY
                  50    Home Letting LTD, Beckenham                          BR3 3PR

Business Rounds   272
                    1   Hairway, Orpington                                   BR5 1EB
                    1   The Bed Post, Orpington                              BR5 1DQ
                    1   Expressions Dry Cleamers, Orpington                  BR5 1DQ
                    1   Deli Kats, Orpington                                 BR5 1DQ
                    1   Jolly Good Sports, Orpington                         BR5 1DQ
                    1   Petts Wood Hair & Beauty, Orpington                  BR5 1DQ
                    1   MJD Barbers, Orpington                               BR5 1DQ
                    1   The Little Room, Orpington                           BR5 1DQ
                    1   Queensway Autos, Orpington                           BR5 1DQ
                    1   The Oriental Classic Chinese Restaurant, Orpington   BR5 1DQ
                    1   Memory Lane Antiques & Pine
                    1   Raj Dppt indine Cusine, Bromley                      BR6 6
                    1   Loop Hair Design, Orpington                          BR5 1DG
                    1   The Curtain Scene, Orpington                         BR5 1DG
                    1   The Pet Shop of Petts Wood, Orpington                BR5 1DG
                    1   Perfek Flowers, Orpington                            BR5 1DG
                    1   Fried Up, Orpington                                  BR5 1DG
                    1   Adams House Dental Practice, Orpington               BR5 1DG
                    1   Sienna, Orpington                                    BR5 1DF
                    1   Anglian
                    1   Oz School Wear, Orpington                            BR5 1DF
                    1   Tanning
                    1   Beevers, Orpington                                   BR5 1DF
                    1   Evan, Orpington
                    1   Owens, Orpington
                    1   Jades, Orpington
                    1   Tile Mates, Orpington
                    1   Go Travel, Orpington                                 BR5 1DF
                    1   Gallery
                    1   Wuden Sons, Orpington                                BR5 1DF
                    1   Smarty Pants, Orpington                              BR5 1DF
                    1   Websters, Orpington                                  BR5 1DE
                    1   Health Matters, Orpington                            BR5 1DE
                    1   Da Vinci, Orpington                                  BR5 1EF
                    1   Paul Wright, Orpington
                    1   Such, Orpington                                      BR5 1EF
                    1   Café Plaza, Orpington                                BR5 1LY
1   Hair Spa, Orpington                           BR5 1LY
1   Flooring Specialist
1   The finishin Touch, Orpington
1   Unique, Orpington                             BR5 1JZ
1   Tanning, Orpington                            BR5 1JZ
1   Dental Surgery
1   Lock Smith
1   Petts Wood Glass, Orpington                   BR5 1JZ
1   Petts Wood Barbers
1   Lanutte
1   Sun & Show, Orpington                         BR5 1LG
1   Thomas Tubb Interiors, Orpington              BR5 1LG
1   GY1
1   Ziin Health, Orpington
1   Danson Gallery, Orpington                     BR5 1LG
1   Daniel Monaco
1   Station Square Fish & Chips, Orpington        BR5 1LG
1   Cook, Orpington                               BR5 1LG
1   Alvani                                        BR5 1EQ
1   Clip Joint
1   Cabello, Orpington                            BR5 1EQ
1   Rising Sun Sushi Takeaway, Orpington          BR5 1EQ
1   Refay
1   Behar Carpets & Rugs, Orpington               BR5 1EG
1   Baby Care, Orpington                          BR5 1LZ
1   Metcalf Moat, Orpington                       BR5 1LZ
1   Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Home Offices
1   Just Flowers, Orpington
1   Wade Stevens & Co, Orpington                  BR5 1NA
1   Little Inida, Orpington
1   The Beehive, Orpington
1   Neil Johnson, Orpington                       BR5 1NA
1   All Pet Vet Clinic, Orpington
1   Heritage Chairs, Orpington                    BR5 1NA
1   Fruit Basket of Petts Wood, Orpington         BR5 1NA
1   With Best Wishes, Orpington                   BR5 1NA
1   Cooapod, Orpington                            BR5 1LA
1   Lamadio, Orpington                            BR5 1LA
1   Le Gourmet, Orpington                         BR5 1LA
1   Bandboy Cleaners
1   Bradleys Wine Bar, Orpington                  BR5 1LA
1   Belles Florist, Orpington                     BR5 1LA
1   Gemma Clare Beauty, Orpington                 BR5 1LA
1   Barabar, Orpington                            BR5 1LA
1   Village Cusine, Orpington                     BR6 7AZ
1   Ashay UK LTD
1   Ritz Software
1   Cutting Point, Orpington                      BR6 7AZ
1   Crofton Place Group, Orpington                BR6 7AZ
1   Inside & Out, Orpington                       BR6 7AZ
1   Ttyler & Baughen, Orpington                   BR6 7AZ
1   V8 Conservasions, Orpington                   BR6 7AZ
1   Violin Specialist
1   Bowls Centre Inplay Ltd
1   Chapter One (Seven Oaks Road)
1   The Plaza, Orpington                          BR6 8NN
1   Forget Me Not, Orpington                BR6 8NN
1   Indigo, Orpington                       BR6 8NN
1   Home House Interiors, Orpington
1   Williamsons, Orpington
1   Alan De Maid, Orpington                 BR6 8NP
1   Steven Harriss, Orpington               BR6 8NN
1   Redmayne Bentley, Orpington             BR6 8NN
1   Heaven, Orpington                       BR6 8NN
1   Nicks Barber Shop, Orpington
1   British Radio Service, Orpington        BR6 8NN
1   Celeste Boutique, Orpington             BR6 8NN
1   Michael Andrew, Orpington               BR6 8NW
1   Francis Chappel & Sons, Orpington       BR6 8NW
1   Boutique Spa, Orpington                 BR6 8NL
1   Jo Shemi Dental Practice, Orpington
1   Facet, Orpington                        BR6 8NL
1   The Jewellers, Orpington                BR6 8NL
1   Bread & Butter, Orpington               BR6 8NL
1   The Locks Bottom Clinic, Orpington      BR6 8NL
1   Lotus, Orpington                        BR6 8NL
1   Box2, Orpington
1   Lefevre Solicitors, Orpington           BR6 8NL
1   Go Travel, Orpington                    BR6 8NP
1   Royal Dental Care, Orpington            BR6 8NP
1   Daniel Brush, Orpington                 BR6 8NP
1   Tan Rooms, Orpington                    BR6 8NP
1   Splash, Orpington                       BR6 8NP
1   Locks Hairdressing, Orpington           BR6 8NR
1   Easy Living Furniture, Orpington        BR6 8NR
1   Optician, Orpington                     BR6 0NN
1   Mirage, Orpington                       BR6 0NN
1   Wilkinsons Optermists, Orpington        BR6 0NW
1   Michigan, Orpington                     BR6 0NW
1   Manak & Whiting Solicitors, Orpington   BR6 0NW
1   Benson Amusements, Orpington            BR6 0NW
1   Orpington Lighting Centre, Orpington    BR6 0NW
1   John Isles, Orpington
1   Cycles UK, Orpington                    BR6 0NY
1   Orpington Mobility Shop, Orpington
1   Lewins Jewellry, Orpington              BR6 0NZ
1   Graduates School Wear, Orpington
1   Lythaby Solicitors, Orpington           BR6 0LN
1   Soft Furnishings, Orpington
1   Roman Interiors, Orpington              BR6 0LG
1   Dental Repairs
1   Fiesta Mexicana , Orpington             BR6 0LG
1   Bakers
1   Tan Express, Orpington                  BR6 0LF
1   Dental Surgery
1   Pats Textiles, Orpington                BR6 0PF
1   Smiths, Orpington                       BR6 0PF
1   1St Scenic, Orpington                   BR6 0JE
1   A.S.A Launderette, Orpington            BR6 0NQ
1   King Palace, Orpington                  BR6 0NQ
1   Orpington Dental Care, Orpington        BR6 0NQ
1   Cutting Remarks, Orpington              BR6 0NQ
1   Petals of Orpington, Orpington           BR6 0NQ
1   Vero, Orpington                          BR6 0NQ.
1   Loog Bua Thai Cuisine, Orpington         BR6 0JR
1   Xiian, Orpington                         BR6 0NG
1   Lorimers Toy Shop, Orpington             BR6 0NG
1   Spice Mela, Orpington                    BR6 0NG
1   Artsarthur Mitchell Barbers, Orpington
1   Taste Temptations, Orpington
1   The Fabric Place, Orpington              BR6 0ND
1   James Terry, Orpington                   BR6 0ND
1   GW1
1   Yoe Bo, Orpington
1   Singer, Orpington                        BR6 0NB
1   The Collector, Orpington
1   Angelos Barbers, Orpington               BR6 0LZ
1   Quicksilver, Orpington
1   Hair Creations, Orpington                BR6 0JW
1   Groom, Orpington                         BR6 0JW
1   Chinese Herb & Medicine, Orpington       BR6 0JW
1   Supa Electrics, Orpington                BR6 0JW
1   Westies, Orpington
1   Chips, Orpington                         BR6 0JR
1   Collins Dry Cleaners, Orpington
1   American Golden Nails, Orpington
1   The Lounge Beauty Salon, Orpington       BR6 0JS
1   Priyo Womens Shoes, Orpington            BR6 0TW
1   Tio Pepes, Orpington                     BR6 0JS
1   Oriental Buffet, Orpington               BR6 0
1   Majestic Catering, Orpington             BR6 0JS
1   R.H Asset, Orpington
1   Qulity Fine Furniture
1   Afro & European Barbers
1   Gallery
1   Printing Shop, Orpington                 BR6 0JY
1   Ruth Brushett, Orpington                 BR6 0JY
1   One Stop, Orpington                      BR6 0JY
1   Vinly Graphics, Orpington
1   VTB Mobility, Orpington                  BR6 0NB
1   New World, Orpington
1   Hair Again, Orpington                    BR6 0JW
1   Orpington Roofing Centre
1   Smiths
1   Cut Price Cartridges, Orpington          BR6 0DG
1   Milestones, Chislehurst                  BR7 6NW
1   Foremann & Beatty, Chislehurst           BR7 6NR
1   Organza Orchid, Chislehurst              BR7 6NR
1   Porters, Chislehurst                     BR7 6NR
1   Bengal Lancer, Chislehurst               BR7 6NR
1   LA Belle Femme, Chislehurst              BR7 6NR
1   Royal Dry Cleaners, Chislehurst          BR7 6NR
1   Due Amici, Chislehurst                   BR7 6NR
1   Royal Gallery, Chislehurst               BR7 6NR
1   En Parade, Chislehurst                   BR7 6NR
1   Royal Parade Beauty Spa, Chislehurst     BR7 6NR
1   Royal Indine Cuisine, Chislehurst        BR7 6TN
1   Jessica Jones, Chislehurst               BR7 6NR
1   Chizzles
1   Burns Fireplaces, Chislehurst                  BR7 6NR
1   Roses Florists, Chislehurst                    BR7 6NR
1   The Village Store, Chislehurst                 BR7 6NN
1   Michael Simm, Chislehurst                      BR7 6NR
1   Heather Johnson, Chislehurst
1   Little Leggs Chislehurst
1   Shaon, Chislehurst                             BR7 5AG
1   Celsus, Chislehurst                            BR7 5AG
1   2gether, Chislehurst                           BR7 5AG
1   Chislehurst Flowers, Chislehurst               BR7 5AG
1   All Stars, Chislehurst
1   Chislehurst Clinic, Chislehurst                BR7 5AE
1   TY8, Chislehurst                               BR7 5AG
1   Kent Lock & Show Services, Chislehurst
1   Louis Baron Designs, Chislehurst               BR7 5AF
1   Wrattens, Chislehurst                          BR7 5AF
1   Davina Boutique, Chislehurst                   BR7 5AF
1   Moutaing View, Chislehurst
1   Fox's, Chislehurst
1   Paper Lane, Chislehurst                        BR7 5AE
1   Copying, Chislehurst
1   Slimming Beauty, Chislehurst                   BR7 5AE
1   Skin Inc, Chislehurst                          BR7 5AE
1   UNIQUE, Chislehurst                            BR7 5AE
1   Optician
1   Ryan Waite, Chislehurst                        BR7 5AE
1   Mutleys Dog Groomers, Chislehurst
1   Glen Air Dry Cleaners, Chislehurst
1   Tapas, Chislehurst                             BR7 5
1   Bulls Head Hotel, Chislehurst                  BR7
1   Bickley Manor Hotel, Chislehurst               BR1 2LN
1   Flawless Jewlery, Chislehurst                  BR7 6AQ
1   The Cake Gallery
1   Barbers
1   Ironning, Chislehurst                          BR7 6AQ
1   Blings Hair & Beauty, Chislehurst              BR7 6AQ
1   Building Services
1   Belmont Dry Cleaners, Chislehurst              BR7 6AN
1   London Plant Hire, Chislehurst                 BR7 6AN
1   Walsh Glass & Glazing, Chislehurst             BR7 6AN
1   Shoe Repairs, Chislehurst
1   Welham Jones, Chislehurst                      BR7 6AN
1   B-Brown, Chislehurst                           BR7 6AN
1   Creative Skills, Chislehurst                   BR7 5AY
1   The Cake Gallery, Chislehurst                  BR7 5AY
1   Village Barbers, Chislehurst                   BR7 5AY
1   Envers Barbers, Chislehurst                    BR7 6DL
1   D.N.H Electronic Service Centre, Chislehurst
1   Aqueous Design, Chislehurst                    BR7 6DL
1   The Ironing Shop, Chislehurst                  BR7 6DL
1   Cut 'N' Dried, Chislehurst                     BR7 6DG
1   Chislehurst Dry Cleaners, Chislehurst          BR7 6DG
1   The Lounge Bar, Chislehurst                    BR7 6DG
1   The Image Studio, Chislehurst                  BR7 5AQ
1   The Bride Sweet
              1    Lawn Mowers & Garden Machinery, Chislehurst
              1    Parfaire Aesthetic Clinic, Chislehurst        BR7 5AQ
              1    Dr Wangs Surgery - Acupunture, Chislehurst
              1    Bamboo Beauty, Chislehurst
              1    Uno Meswear, Chislehurst
              1    The Orangery, Chislehurst                     BR7 5AF
              1    Temple, Chislehurst                           BR7 5AN
              1    Bela, Chislehurst                             BR7 5AN
              1    Fort Uny, Chislehurst                         BR7 5AN
              1    Total Eclipse, Chislehurst
              1    Choi's, Chislehurst                           BR7 5AN

Retailers   1575
                   Superdrug Store PLC, Bromley                  BR1 1DD
                   Mrs N Kaur Narwan, Bromley                    BR1 1DD
                   Shivam UK LTD, Bromley                        BR1 1LT
                   NCT, Bromley                                  BR1 1NF
                   Sainsbury, Bromley                            BR1 1QA
                   S & B [GB] Limited, Bromley                   BR1 1QX
                   Bickley STN, Bromley                          BR1 2EB
                   Mr S Pusparajah, Bromley                      BR1 2QL
                   The Magazine, Bromley                         BR1 3AX
                   Salisbury Convient Store, Bromley             BR1 3HZ
                   Shah Newsagent, Bromley                       BR1 3QR
                   R G Patel, Bromley                            BR1 3RL
                   Low Cost Mini Market, Bromley                 BR1 4JX
                   Bual Newsagents, Bromley                      BR1 4PP
                   Sheera Stores, Bromley                        BR1 4PU
                   Shrijee News, Bromley                         BR1 5AA
                   Waitrose, Bromley                             BR1 5AJ
                   Martins Burnt Ash La, Bromley                 BR1 5EA
                   Mini Market, Bromley                          BR1 5HR
                   Key Shop, Bromley                             BR1 5HS
                   Spicers, Bromley                              BR2 0DN
                   Stanley Convenience, Bromley                  BR2 0TY
                   Keston Village Store, Bromley                 BR2 6BG
                   Mccolls Hayes, Bromley                        BR2 7EB
                   Newsagent, Bromley                            BR2 7EN
                   Hayes St Mini Market, Bromley                 BR2 7LD
                   Ajay Newsagents, Bromley                      BR2 7PR
                   Supershop, Bromley                            BR2 8AR
                   Mr P Lukha, Bromley                           BR2 8NH
                   Mr Inikab Idrees, Bromley                     BR2 8NH
                   The Times, Bromley                            BR2 8NQ
                   Waitrose, Bromley South                       BR2 9HD
                   Village Stores, Bromley                       BR2 9PU
                   Gnanavel News, Bromley                        BR2 9QE
                   Co-op Bromley Common, Bromley                 BR2 9QN
                   W J King Garages, Bromley                     BR2 9RN
                   Sainsbury, Beckenham                          BR3 1AH
                   Superfresco, Beckenham                        BR3 1AY
                   Waitrose, Beckenham                           BR3 1SD
                   Mr K Subramniam, Beckenham                    BR3 3DE
                   MR R J Patel, Beckenham                       BR3 3PS
                   Tesco Elmers End, Beckenham                   BR3 4AA
                   TCS, Beckenham                                BR3 4RJ
Avenue Stores, Beckenham             BR3 4RX
Elmers End News, Beckenham           BR3 4SY
Country Store, Beckenham             BR3 5NT
Essp Roc Shortlands STN, Beckenham   BR3 6PG
V & B News, West Wickham             BR4 0NJ
Sameet News, West Wickham            BR4 0PR
OM Newsagents, Orpington             BR5 1DF
Morrisons, Orpington                 BR5 1DH
Mr A W Beaumont, Orpington           BR5 1NA
News at 10 LTD, Orpington            BR5 2DD
Martins St Pauls CRA, Orpington      BR5 2RB
Co-op St Pauls Cray, Orpington       BR5 2RB
Costcutters Superchoi, Orpington     BR5 2RG
Mrs Uthayathas, Orpington            BR5 2RS
Tesco St Pauls Cray EXP, Orpington   BR5 3AQ
Martins Eldred Drive, Orpington      BR5 4PE
Sparrows, Orpington                  BR6 0NW
Co-op Carlton Parade, Orpington      BR6 0RJ
Mr N Eswaradasan, Orpington          BR6 0SA
Waitrose, Orpington                  BR6 6BG
GRN St Mini Mark, Orpington          BR6 6BG
Martins Orpington                    BR6 6EY
Harrys Newsagents, Orpington         BR6 7AZ
Wrvs Stop & Shop, Orpington          BR6 8ND
Martins, Orpington                   BR6 8NW
Sainsbury, Orpington                 BR6 8YZ
BP Connect, Orpington                BR6 9DA
Petts Wood LTD, Orpington            BR6 9DA
Co-op Orpington                      BR6 9PL
Sainsbury, Chislehurst               BR7 5AG
Sans Mini Market, Chislehurst        BR7 5DW
Kinita LTD, Chislehurst              BR7 5NP
Royal Parade News, Chislehurst       BR7 5PG
Co-op Chislehurst, Chislehurst       BR7 6AZ
Park Garage Group, Beckenham         BR3 3PR
Hight Street, West Wickham           BR4 0PH
Martin, Orpington                    BR5 1HD
                                     BR6 6BJ
The Sweet Shop, Bromley              BR2 9LP
                                     BR 1 4PH
                                     BR 1 5HR
Tudor Autos, Bromley                 BR 2 8NA
W H Smith Limited, Bromley           BR1 1EZ
Bromley South Station                BR1 1LX
Shell, Bromley                       BR1 4JU
Becks Wine & News, Beckenham         BR3 1AW
The Bookstall, Beckenham             BR3 1HY
T/AS Rons, Beckenham                 BR3 3QZ
Chimes Station, Orpington            BR6 7SE
Mr M Kanji, Bromley                  BR2 0TZ
Taylors Newsagents, Orpington        BR6 9RZ
Ingrams, West Wickham                BR4 9JF
Mr Sadiq, Bromley                    BR2 6DQ
Whitehouse Service, Bromley          BR2 8HU
The Glades, Bromley                  BR1 1DD
Masons Hill, Bromley                 BR2 9HD
Lamb Bros, Bromley                      BR2 9HY
Gossage, Orpington                      BR5 1LA
Key Shop, Bromley                       BR1 5HS
Bromley News, Bromley                   BR1 3PE
642 Downham Way, Bromley                BR1 5HN
Belmont News, Chislehurst               BR7 6AN
Elmstead Woods Bookstall, Chislehurst   BR7 5EG
S & S Partnership, Bromley              BR2 9DU
W H Smith, Beckenham                    BR3 1EW
W H Smith limited, West Wickham         BR4 0LR
Sejal News, Bromley                     BR1 1RW
62 Beckenham Road, Beckenham            BR3 4LS
Star, Orpington                         BR6 7ET
T/A Crofton News, Orpington             BR6 0TT
Mall News, Bromley                      BR1 1TR
Mr R Patel, Beckenham                   BR3 1DZ
SM News, Beckenham                      BR3 3RA
Elmers End Supermarket, Beckenham       BR3 4SY
T/A Dealmatch Ltd, Beckenham            BR3 3RA
Rishis News, Beckhenham                 BR3 2QH
Mr S Patel, Orpington                   BR5 2LJ
Mr S Patel, Orpington                   BR5 3NR
Mr Kirtikumar, Orpington                BR5 3HQ
Mr K V Patel, Orpington                 BR5 3NF
Orpington Railway Station               BR6 0ST
2 Brittenden Parade, Orpington          BR6 6DD
Mr R R Patel, Beckenham                 BR3 3DY
The Family Choice, Bromley              BR2 9BE
T/A Chatterton News, Bromley            BR2 9QW
Keystore, Bromley                       BR2 8AP
Shell Petts Wood, Orpington             BR5 1DH
5 Chatsworth Parade, Orpington          BR5 1DF
Stones, Orpington                       BR5 1LZ
Café Express Kiosk, Beckenham           BR3 1QN
Macks Mini Market, Beckenham            BR3 1JN
9 Sundridge Parade, Bromley             BR1 2QX
10 Bromley Hill, Bromley                BR1 4JX
Walk In News, Bromley                   BR1 1NN
38 Whitehorse HillL, Chislehurst        BR7 6DL
60 High Street, Chislehurst             BR7 5AQ
Chichester Futures, Chislehurst         BR7 5QD
PHR Service Station, Orpington          BR5 2QR
Orpington Pond Services, Orpington      BR6 0JG
313-314 Upper Elmers End, Beckenham     BR3 3QP
284 High Street, Orpington              BR6 0ND
Park Orpington, Orpington               BR6 9JW
Orpington Railway St, Orpington         BR6 0ST
Convenience Stop, Beckenham             BR3 4RE
8 High Street, West Wickham             BR4 0NJ
Kingsway Stores, West Wickham           BR4 9JF
Olympic Superstore, Beckenham           BR3 4QR
Elmers End News, Beckenham              BR3 4DF
Tams Food & Wine, Orpington             BR6 9LP
Aces Local, Orpington                   BR6 0JY
Beckingham Convenience, Beckenham       BR3 1DZ
42-46 Croydon Road, West Wickham        BR4 9HU
99 Cotmandene Crescent, Orpington   BR5 2RB
Cray Express, Orpington             BR5 3NJ
Chelsfield Xtra Xpress, Orpington   BR6 6EZ
9 Augustus Lane, Orpington          BR6 0NH
Downham Post Office, Bromley        BR1 4PW
Lower Camden Stores, Chislehurst    BR7 5NP
MR Mohammad Rashad, Bromley         BR1 1LF
185-205 Beckenham Road, Beckenham   BR3 4GL
410 - 412 Croydon Road, Beckenham   BR3 4EP
76 Green Lance, Chislehurst         BR7 6AZ
Mr Kenkatharampillai, Orpington     BR5 1HB

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