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					                          Bradford and Airedale tPCT
        SCR & HealthSpace Implementation Project Team Meeting
                    Room G1, Douglas Mill, Bowling Old Lane, Bradford BD5 7JR

                                                                            Wednesday 10th October 2007
                                                                                            1pm to 3pm

1.    Welcome

2.    Actions from Last Meeting held on 01.10.07

3.    PID and Project Plan Update

4.    Data Quality:            RAG Analysis
                               First Wave Practices

5.    Comms:                   General update
                               Print and Fulfilment Specification

6.    Engagement:              Engagement strategy

7.    Training:                Training strategy

8.    Benefits:                Potential SCR end users

9.    Project Team Membership

10.   SCR and HealthSpace Event: 24th October, Congress Centre, London

11.   AOB

12.   Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 31st October 2007 (Invites already sent!!!)
             Bradford and Airedale tPCT SCR & HealthSpace Project
                                       Project Implementation Meeting
                             Room 118, Level 1, Douglas Mill, Bowling Old Lane, Bradford BD5 7JR

                                                                                                    Monday 1st October 2007
                                                                                                                3pm to 5pm

Present:          Andy Oliver (AO)        – CfH Trainer           Sarah Smith (SS) – PCT Communications Rep
                  Angela Morten (AM)     – CfH Project Manager    Simon Beech (SB) – HealthSpace Deployment Manager
                  Fintan Grant (FG)       – PCT Project Manager   Eunice Bamgboye (EB) – Project Support Lead
                  John Connolly            - Clinical Lead
                                                                    Organiser: Fintan Grant (FG) – PCT Project Manager

Apologies: Angela North (AN), Chris Bolland (CB), Cherelle Matthews (CM), David Bolus (DB), Catherine Seal (CS),
           Pat Wilson (PW), Siobhan Roberts (SR) and Sue Jones (SJ)
Agenda: Project Team Update, Actions from Planning Meeting held on 19.09.2007, Draft Project Initiation
        Document, Draft Project Plan, Resource Plan and Unscheduled Care Engagement
Core Focus of Meeting: Agree on Project Plan for First Wave and Project Initiation Document
Items                          Discussion                                              Action (s)

1.    Project Team             FG mentioned that the PCT SCR & HealthSpace                FG will be applying for the
      Update                   “Project Manager” Post is currently being advertised        Post
                               to close on 7th October 2007 and interviews held on        Update will be given as soon
                               12th October 2007. Therefore, the Project Manager           as interview results are
                               will officially be in post soon.                            received
2.    Actions from Planning Meeting held on 19.09.07 agreed
3a.   Clinical                 AM enquired whether Practices represented at the           DB to write to Practices
       Engagement              engagement events held on the 19.09.07 had been             involved in the engagement
       Events held on          contacted by letter to thank them for attending and         events on 19.09.07
      19.09.07                 follow up on any concerns. This action has not been        FG and EB to enquire about
                               implemented yet.                                            details of Practice attendees
3b.     Clinical               FG mentioned that no engagement sessions of the            EB & FG to send a new invite
        Engagement             kind referred to in item 3a would be arranged               to the group for the clinical
        Strategy               anymore as the two that were held were not well             engagement event on 7th
                               attended. This strategy will be replaced with a new         November
                               one of engaging with Practices at events and               AM will check GB’s diary and
                               meetings that have already been organised. There is         confirm if she would be able
                               a larger engagement event will be on the 7 th of            to give a presentation on 7th
                               November – SCR & HealthSpace Project has been               Nov. If not, AN will be asked
                               included on the agenda for this big event organised         to give the presentation
                               by Christine Rhodes. AN has been invited to the
                               event. Possibility of Gillian Braunold (GB) giving a
                               presentation at the event was discussed.

                               The Clinical Engagement Event (12pm to 4pm) fixed          EB to cancel and reschedule
                               for the 7th of November is clashing with the 1st Team       Project   Team      Meeting
                               meeting in November.                                        scheduled for the 7th of

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Items                      Discussion                                               Action (s)

4.      Practice Sign Up   AM asked for details for current Practice sign up for       FG & EB to contact CM for
        for First Wave     the First Wave. FG mentioned that this request has           details for possible GP sign up
                           been passed to the Data Quality Team. JC expressed           for the first Wave as soon as
                           concerns about not dictating effort to the Practices         RAG analysis is received from
                           as they are volunteers.                                      CfH Data Quality Team

5a.      Actions from      AM explained that the complimentary message for             AM to chase SR on progress
        Engagement         SCR and local TPP sharing was to address the                 with complimentary message
        Sessions (TPP      confusion between the sharing of information that           AM will chase mouse mat
        Issue)             was already happening with TPP systems and SCR.              progress
                           This will ensure that patients are not confused. SR is      AM to liaise with SR on
                           handling this and AM has not been able to speak with         addressing the issue. If not
                           her yet for an update. SS already had a meeting with         already addressed, AM will
                           SR but not sure if this has been addressed yet. AM           pass message to ensure that
                           mentioned that the mouse mat is not ready.                   it is addressed.

5b.     TPP local issue    A discussion then took place on whether the tPCT            TPP sharing issue to be
        vs Training &      wanted to mention this in current and future                 addressed and included in
        Comms              campaigns and communication materials on SCR &               training and comms materials
        Materials          HealthSpace. JC suggested that if it was mentioned,
                           the information on patients consent and dissent to
                           data sharing relating to both systems needed to be
                           right. SS suggested whether it would be possible to
                           word a disclaimer to cover it so that no one is
                           accused of it in future. FG added that message
                           should be sent out that TPP local sharing
                           compliments SCR rather than it clashing with it.

6. Mail Out                AM had contacted Dorset regarding their tendering           First Wave patients to be cut
   Tendering               process. They have nothing written. SS mentioned             down to numbers below the
                           that if numbers of mail outs can be cut down to              tendering process.
                           patients in about 5 or 6 Practices, there might not be
                           any tendering process

7. Concept Training        A discussion was held on this and it was agreed that        AO will be training FG, EB
                           this will be taken at the Practices. AO is the only          and other trainers that would
                           resource available from CfH.                                 be available on 08.10.07
                                                                                       AO and other trainers need to
                                                                                        cover TPP local sharing issue
                                                                                        in their training materials

8a.      HealthSpace       SB mentioned that he needed to be informed of any           FG, EB & Comms will inform
                           developments on the Project as regards to                    SB appropriately
                           HealthSpace because any patient related information         FG & EB to update SB as
                           updates would need to be uploaded to the                     necessary
                           HealthSpace website. For example, when the booths
                           are set up and where; process patients need to go
                           through to register etc.

8b.     HealthSpace        There was a discussion on the numbers for                   To aim for as many as could
        Sign Up            HealthSpace sign up for Bury and Bolton. SB                  be reached to sign up
                           mentioned that the numbers have been very low and           Effort still needs to be put in
                           AM added that the sign up is totally left to patients        even though there is a
                           individually but it would be great if we are able to         possibility that a few patients
                           get in as many as possible                                   may sign up

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Items                    Discussion                                               Action (s)

9.    Media Events       SB mentioned that Kits containing HealthSpace               Noted by FG & EB
                         application forms, demos, leaflets and folding notice
                         board for example need to be organised for
                         information booths.
                         A launch event needs to be held for in Practice round       To decide on date for Launch
                         about the time the letter hits where the media needs         event and invite media
                         to be invited to.                                           Comms to brief MP and
10. Draft Project        Several sections that needed confirmation and input         EB to forward electronic
    Initiation           from the team were discussed.                                version to AM
    Document                                                                         AM will read through and
                         Benefits for PCT: AM emphasised that the Project             send amended copy to EB on
                         benefits for the PCT need to be identified. AM               02.10.07
                         mentioned that she was aware of the last event that         PCT to set up a benefits work
                         was organised by DB to identify benefits but                 stream to identify benefits
                         mentioned that she did not think this was enough to          locally   for   Bradford   &
                         gather the benefits for the PCT. AM emphasised that          Airedale PCT
                         enough effort have to be put into this in order to
                         engage Practices. JC however mentioned that the
                         benefits for Practices are abstract as they are more
                         for the patients rather than the Practices.

                         Reps: AM suggested that Practice Manager and                FG to arrange for a Practice
                         Unscheduled Care representatives should be included          Manager representative
                         in the Project Implementation Team at least                 FG to contact Jo Butterfield
                                                                                      re Hospitals representative
11.     Draft Project    A discussion took place on the draft project plan. FG       EB to incorporate actions
        Plan             mentioned a meeting was held with the SJ from the            from Comms meeting held
                         Communications Team just before and the plan                 between SJ, EB & FG for
                         would need to be amended slightly to incorporate             example,     awareness     and
                         update from them. The Project Plan was prepared to           advertising running through
                         focus mainly on the 1st Wave. This was agreed.               the whole of December and
                                                                                      running into 2nd Wave
                         AO spotted that there would be need for training for         EB to include AO suggestion
                         those that would be manning the SCR & HealthSpace            in the plan from week
                         booths at its initial set up stage. This would include       beginning the 12th November
                         training on checking ID of patients who want to sign         2007
                         up to HealthSpace. This was agreed.

12.     Training the     AO mentioned that this training will need to take 2         FG, EB and AO to agree on
        Trainers         days and that the Data Facilitators will need training       this at training beginning on
                         too.                                                         08.10.07

13.      Scope of        Following the meeting FG & EB held with Comms               FG & EB will assist the
        Practices for    Team, it was agreed that no new resource will be             Comms Team during 1st Wave
        the first Wave   available for Comms for the first Wave. Job                 1st Wave Practices to be
                         descriptions are just been written and it may be 3           chosen round “The Ridge”
                         months before someone is in post. It was also agreed         location – that is, South and
                         that a small geographical area will be more feasible.        West and City area Practices
                         FG mentioned that data accreditation is tight for the       1st Wave Practices will have
                         Practices. AM however mentioned that the 16 week             to be restricted to those with
                         period whilst letters are going out and campaigns are        TPP, Synergy or Vision
                         going on should be enough for the process. IT was            systems
                         agreed that there should be enough practices going          Data accreditation to be
                         for the upload in February 2008.                             organised for the sites chosen
                                                                                      for the 1st Wave

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Items                     Discussion                                                Action (s)

14.      Resource         No new resource will be deployed for Comms in the            EB & FG will be assisting with
         Plan             1st Wave. AO is the only resource available from CfH.         Comms and Training

15.     Communication     PCT Overview and Scrutiny Team’s issues need to be           AM will check GB’s diary for
        Issue             addressed. AM has access to GB’s diary                        availability
                                                                                       SJ and SS to organise meeting
                                                                                        to address issues
16.   Unscheduled         AM spotted that the consideration of this activity           To involve end users at a
      Care Engagement     now was a great idea. It is useful to include end             later date
                          users in the business development process. JC                AM suggested to hold
                          mentioned that engaging with users when we have               engagement event for end
                          nothing to share with them yet might be a waste of            users and concept training
                          their time. It was however agreed that even though
                          this was good, it was still to early to involve someone
                          from the end user environment now
17.     Draft Patient     A discussion was held on the patient’s letter. This          SS and SJ to send draft letter
        Letter            needs to be really punchy and not confusing.                  to SB for comments on
                          Information on HealthSpace to be included but not             HealthSpace aspect before it
                          too much to create confusion. SB however will like to         goes out
                          see the copy of the letter before it goes out to
                          ensure that the right information about HealthSpace
                          is passed on. Even though the letter will include
                          small information on HealthSpace, crucial aspects
                          still do not need to be lost in the other information.

                          It was agreed that total reliance should not be
                          placed on the letter sent out. Other campaign events
                          and activities should go alongside informing patients
                          and the media.

18.     Future Meetings   AM mentioned that there was a SCR event already              AM will send invites regarding
                          scheduled for the 24th of October at London. It would         engagement at London
                          be useful for everyone to attend.                            EB to reschedule and send
                                                                                        invites for another meeting in
                                                                                        place of this meeting – 31st of

                          There will be a meeting held with a subgroup of this         FG & EB will be directing the
                          team consisting of data quality, training and comms           subgroup    meetings      and
                          team in-between the biweekly meetings agreed for              updating the whole Team as
                          this team.                                                    appropriate

Date of Next Meeting: 1pm to 3pm on Wednesday at 10th October 2007 at Room G1, Douglas Mill.

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                  Bradford and Airedale tPCT SCR & HealthSpace Project

                                         Project Team Members
Names                   Project Aspect                  E-mail                              Tel No

Amber Morten            HealthSpace                           07747    457
Andrew Oliver           Training (CfH)                        07890    531
Angela North            Project Lead (CfH)                    07919    217
Carol Mitchell          Information Governance (PCT)      01274    237
Catherine Seal          Comms (PCT)                 01274    237
Cherelle Matthews       Data Quality (PCT)       01274    237
Chris Bolland           Health Informatics Head (PCT)       01274    237
David Bolus             Clinical Informatics Lead         01274    237
                        (PCT)                                                               509
Eunice Bamgboye         Project Support Lead (PCT)     07890    665
Fintan Grant            Project Manager (PCT)         07976    084
Ian Roberts             Chief Information Officer         01274    237
                        (PCT)                                                               504
Jim Welford                                            01274    544
Jo Butterfield          OoH & Unscheduled Care      01274    237
John Connolly           GP Lead                      07939    001
Pat Wilson              Training (PCT)                  01274    237
Rachel Hooper           SCR Manager (CfH)     

Sarah Smith             Comms (PCT)                    01274 237
Simon Beech             HealthSpace (CfH)     

Siobhan Roberts         Comms (CfH)           

Sue Jones               Comms (PCT)                      01274 237

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Print and fulfilment specification: Summary Care Record


Bradford and Airedale Teaching Primary Care Trust (tPCT) is an early adopter site for the
summary care record, an initiative which allows some basic patient information currently
stored by an individual’s family doctor to be shared throughout the NHS. To enable the scheme
to progress, patients aged 16-plus must be consulted and given the opportunity to opt out of
their record being loaded up to the national “spine”. The mailshot described in this
specification is a patient mailer to xxx patients from xx general medical practices who are part
of the first phase of the summary care record pilot locally.


1 To print A4 letter from supplied design specs

Typeset and print of an A4 two-colour (black/blue pantone 300) letter on 80 gsm bond. Text,
layout and tPCT logo to be supplied by Bradford and Airedale tPCT.
Quantity: xx

2 To arrange fulfilment of patient mailer

The supplier will arrange fulfilment of (xx quantity) patient mailers, which will include eight
items as listed below:

         A4 letter (as above and to be folded to A5)
         A4 Single sheet languages form (pre-folded to A5)
         Reply paid return envelope (220 x 110 mm)
         Healthspace leaflet (A4 folded to a 1/3A4)
         Leaflet: “Your health information, confidentiality and the NHS Care Records service –
          answers to your questions” – 24 page A5 leaflet stapled at the spine
         Leaflet: “The NHS Care Records Service – better information for better, safer care” – 6
          page A5 leaflet (443 x 210mm, roll folded)
         Leaflet: “The Care Record Guarantee: our guarantee for NHS Care Records in England”
          - 12 page A5 leaflet, stapled at the spine

Oversized C5 231 x 161mm envelope will be supplied (please state your preference for
window or non-window envelopes to be supplied)

The supplier will arrange for the envelopes to be PPI stamped, including an overprinted return
address of:

Douglas Mill, Bowling Old Lane, Bradford BD5 7JR

The return address may be included in the PPI stamp or arranged separately.

A sample of all of the stationery (with the exception of the A4 letter to be printed as part
of this specification) is available on request from Sue Jones on (01274) 237546 or 07977
554570, email

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3 To arrange postage

The supplier will quote for the most cost-effective reliable postal delivery service available.
Walk sort or Mailsort from data base supplied.

4 To use patient address database

Bradford and Airedale tPCT will supply electronic name and address records for all patients
included in the mailshot. Envelopes should be overprinted letters can include details or
labelled to include the following details:

         Patient’s name
         Full address, including postal code
         an identifying practice “B number” (eg B12345); and
         the return address of Bradford and Airedale tPCT (see “fulfilment” above)

The supplier will be required to sign, and adhere to, the confidentiality agreement with regard
to the patient database contained in appendix 1 of this specification.

Please state your preference(s) for the format of the electronic database.

5 To agree date of mailshot

Patient letters should be posted out no earlier than 28 November 2007, by second class post.

6 Other information required

Please include your schedule for receipt of supplies, print of letter and timing of the mailshot.

Confidentiality agreement to be supplied in appendix 1

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