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                       In This Issue:                                    Issue 2         Volume 3          March 2010
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                                                     The Culinary Taste
                                                       Of the Inland Empire
                                                                                                               Chapter Officers

                                                                                                    Chairman of the Board       Sergeant At Arms
           MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT:                                                              Luis Martinez               Chef Miguel Jaimes
           Hello Fellow Culinarians,
                                                                                                    President                   Jr. President
                                             I hope your year is heading in the way                 Rick Santana                Chef Roberto Vazquez
                                            you anticipated. I want to thank all that     
                                            attended our first meeting of 2010 at the
                                            Riverside Culinary Academy. We had                      Vice President/Education    Membership
                                            another wonderful meeting thanks to                     Chef Gerald R.Egger,        Emily Hartop
                                            Chef Bobby and staff there at RCA. I also     
                                            want to extend a special thanks to Kevin
                                            Wright of “ Hangar 24 Brewery on his                    2nd Vice President          Web Site/ PR Committee
                                                                                                    Chef Mohammad.B Moghaddam   Sarah J. Daiello Fonseca
                                            spectacular beer presentation. We also
                                            had the privilege of having Cliff Young of
                                            “IE Coffee Roasters” do a wonderful
                                                                                                    Treasurer                   Secretary
                                            coffee presentation with our dessert.
                                                                                                    Chef Howard Merrick         Chef Randy Courtney,
           We are putting our heads together in looking for various                       
           opportunities to get out into our community and make ourselves
           known. If you know of any local events that you think might be a                           
           good opportunity for us to attend please let us know. We are also
                                                                                                        ACF Southern CA Inland Empire
           talking with the Riverside Woman’s Club in possibly doing an…
           MESSAGE CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE.                                                                   Chef’s & Cooks Assn
                                                                                                                P.O. Box 1312
          To send in comments or suggestions regarding                                                       Riverside, CA 92502
          The website E-mail:

                                  BOARD OPENINGS AND COMMITTEE OPENINGS
      Board Secretary: Looking for individual to fill position as soon as possible. For a list of qualifications that
                        need to be met contact Chef Ricardo Santana or any board member.

          PR Committee Member: Looking for committee members that will be primarily dealing with website
                 updates, photography, article writing for the newsletter. For qualifications contact
                                                  The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

                           MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
                               & JUNIOR PRESIDENT                                                                                              2

          appreciation complimentary breakfast for all of our Public Safety Personnel. Details on any of these events will be
          posted in our news letter and or web site.

             We have had several meetings with the Orange County Chapter in planning their hosting of the 2010 ACF National
          Convention in Anaheim this coming August. We will be needing plenty of volunteers, which will be getting a day pass
          on the day of their service. So please keep that in mind and let the Jr. President Robert Vasquez or any of our board
          members know if you are interested. Lets step up and support ACF and our local Chapter in making this huge event a

                  Thank you all for your continuous support in making our Chapter press forward into another great year.

          Respectfully Yours,
          Chapter President

          Chef Ricardo Santana
                                                            MISSION STATEMENT

        It is our goal, as a member chapter of the American Culinary Federation, Inc. to make a positive difference for
        Culinarians through education and certification, while creating a fraternal bond of respect and integrity among
        culinarians everywhere

    Dear Junior Culinarian / Student Culinarian,

         I know that everyone hopes that graduation is the finish line to the preparations in a career in the culinary field, and that
         after you graduate it’s going to get easier. Well allow me be the first to tell you that it is not. I don’t want you to lose any of
         your hopes, dreams or ambition; but the reality of life is simple that it isn’t always a piece of cake. There is a lot of hard
         work that is needed to allow you to achieve your dream job; one of the many ways to prepare for that reality is by getting
         certified. This process will assist you in the preparation to meet the requirements that are needed to take on a position of
         your choice. Industry professionals from across the United States have recommended that every culinarian should meet
         certain requirements to be successful in their individual field. The ACF Certification process looks your skills to see if you
         meet certain benchmark expectations within the culinary field, such as:

                           Being well versed in culinary nutrition and food safety and sanitation
                           Have an understanding of the responsibilities of culinary supervisory management
                           Recognizing the importance of high standards for food preparation

    This test will allow you to provide evidence that you meet industry requirements and and confirms you meet those
    requirements on a national level. I don’t guarantee that this will get you your dream job, but will prepare you for the obstacles
    you will face in getting there. For more information on certification please contact Certification Chair Eyad Joseph ph: (909)
    915-2159 fax: (909) 915-2162 email: or myself at

    Roberto Vazquez - Jr. President           The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

                   CHEF & CHILD FOUNDATION                                                                                   3

     Our mission                                                   Get Involved

     “To educate children and families in understanding            If you are interested in learning more about the ACF
     proper nutrition through community-based initiatives led      Chef & Child Foundation, and making a difference in the
     by American Culinary Federation chef members, and to          lives of children, then contact Dr. Jeffery Brown
     be the voice of the culinary industry in its fight against
     childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity.”
                                                                   Phone: 909-869-5251

     Overview                                                      E-mail:

     The purpose of the Chef & Child Foundation, which was
     founded in 1989, is to foster, promote, encourage and
     stimulate an awareness of proper nutrition in preschool
     and elementary school children, as well as combat
     childhood obesity. The foundation funds programs which
     give instruction on nutrition and proper eating habits to
     school age children.

     The American Culinary Federation Chef & Child
     Foundation, Inc. focuses on the nutritional development
     of all of America‟s children in all economic segments.
     All children need to learn how to cook and how to choose
     healthy foods. With many children living in homes with a
     single parent or with both parents working, children are
     cooking for their little brothers and sisters, and even for
     themselves and their parents.

     If children are cooking, then American Culinary
     Federation chefs want to be involved in their nutritional
     education. So, please join us in our effort to end
     childhood hunger, and obesity and usher in a healthier
     tomorrow for all children.

     The ACFCCF is…

                  Professional chefs and cooks teaching pre-
                  school and early elementary-school kids
                  nutrition with hands-on cooking classes.

                  Chefs in service to their local communities.          The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

                                         APPRENTICESHIP                                                                                                                               4

    ACFF Apprenticeship – What is it?                     Become an Apprentice                                        Administering an Apprenticeship Program:
                                                          To become a skilled culinary professional,                  Apprenticeship Program Models
    To meet the need for trained manpower, the            hands-on experience is a must. American                     There are four models available for administering an
                                                                                                                      ACFEF apprenticeship training program. Each model falls
    ACFF created a set of Recommended                     Culinary Federation (ACF) operates two                      under one of two categories:
    Guidelines for an Apprenticeship Program.             and three year apprenticeship programs that            1.         Chapter Programs
    These guidelines were registered with the             combine on-the-job training with technical                        Program models that fall under the chapter category,
    BAT in 1979. They were revised in 1991                classroom instruction. More                                       includingChapter Model, Educational Institution
    and again in 1994.                                                                                                      Model and Major Employer Model, are sponsored by a
                                                          Benefits of Apprenticeship
                                                                                                                            local ACF Chapter and are maintained by a program
                                                            Mentoring from an ACF certified or certifiable                 coordinator and chapter volunteers.
    The program was developed with the help of               executive chef                                      2.         Corporate Programs
    Jack Braun, CEC, AAC, Ferdinand Metz,                   “Earn while you learn” approach                                The Corporate Model is only for large corporations or
    CMC, AAC, and L. Edwin Brown. This                      Development of real world skills based on job
                                                                                                                            employers and is administered by a program

    program took the traditional European                                                                                   coordinator at the facility, usually a human rsources
                                                                                                                            director. Corporate Models have no connection to a
    system of apprenticeship and combined it                A career path that provides long-term financial                local chapter and are part of ACF’s National Chapter.
    with the educational system of the United                security
    States. The end product resulted in a                   Nationally-recognized credentials upon completion
    dynamic program that combined on-the-job                Documented culinary skills that are transferable         Application Process
    training with classroom instruction.                    You have the option of attaining an Associates           Choose the model that best describes you, then review

                                                             Degree in culinary arts                                  the application process.
                                                                                                                      Chapter Model
    The success of apprenticeship comes from                Apprenticeship Program Brochure
    the commitment made by the industry,                                                                                   Administered by an ACF chapter

    educational institutions, and the American                                                                             Maintained by a Chapter Committee made up of
                                                                                                                            chapter volunteers
    Culinary Federation (local and national),             FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE
    each of which is responsible for the delivery         CONTACT:                                                         ACF chapter volunteers work as program
                                                                                                                            coordinators to recruit and select apprentices,
    of a "quality standard" training program to                   Chef David Avalos                                         maintain records, visit work sites and work closely
    the apprentice.                                                                     with an education institution to offer courses or teach
                                                                                                                            the courses themselves
    Within the kitchen, any chef will tell you that                                                                   Educational Institution Model
    his or her ultimate employee is a person                                                                               Administered by a culinary program at an institution
    willing to learn. Apprentices entering a                                                                                on behalf of an ACF chapter

    kitchen start at the beginning. The chef has                                                                           Maintained by a program coordinator, usually a faculty
                                                                                                                            member at the institution
    the unique opportunity to develop a
    "mentoring" relationship with the apprentice                                                                           ACF chapter volunteers may assist with the program
                                                                                                                            through teaching, participating in an advisory
    and mold that person into a responsible,                                                                                committee or helping the program coordinator with
    knowledgeable culinarian.                                                                                               work site visits

                                                                                                                           Apprentices are typically enrolled in the institution’s
    As an employer, the greatest benefit is a                                                                               certificate/degree program and are subject to the
    committed and loyal employee. Millions of                                                                               institution’s policies and procedures
    dollars are spent each year on staff                                                                              Major Employer Model
    development using highly publicized                                                                                    Administered by a larger employer on behalf of an
                                                                                                                            ACF chapter
    management programs. Employers will tell
    you that an apprentice enhances the                                                                                    Maintained by a program coordinator and personnel
    enthusiasm and positive attitudes of the
    entire staff.                                                                                                          ACF chapter volunteers may assist with the program
                                                                                                                            through teaching and participating in an advisory
                                                                                                                            committee; most volunteers are on the employer’s
    Apprenticeship offers a connection between                                                                              staff
    industry and education. Educational                                                                                    The program and apprentices are subject to the
    institutions provide education and training                                                                             company’s policies and procedures
    that assists in meeting the needs of culinary                                                                     Corporate Model
    industry. The standards of the training                                                                                Administered by a corporation or larger employer
    program were developed by chefs with a                                                                                  without sponsorship from a local ACF chapter

    realistic view of a foodservice operation that                                                                      o       Apprentices are encouraged to join the nearest
                                                                                                                                ACF chapter
    includes competency based learning
    objectives designed for the classroom and                                                                              Maintained by a program coordinator, usually a
                                                                                                                            human resources director
    laboratory setting.
                                                                                                                           Supervising chefs must be an ACF member and have
                                                                                                                            an ACF certification

                                                                                                                           Courses are taught online with possible guest lectures
                                                                                                                            and demonstrations

                                                                                                                           The program and apprentices are subject to the
                                                                                                                            company’s policies and procedures              The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

                                                CERTIFICATION                                                                                                                5
        Beginning the process …
        Certification through the American Culinary Federation has
        many proven benefits.

                     Certification helps to create a strong career
                      progression framework
                     Enjoying benefits from learning through the process of
                     Refining one‟s skills and critical thinking processes is
                      a major benefit of the process
                                                                                                     information, Examiners‟ Guidelines for Assessment
                     Testing oneself among one‟s peers to determine where
                                                                                                     Scoring, Information about ACF Approved Practical
                      one‟s skill level truly is – the written and practical
                                                                                                     Examiners, and important related Forms. Utilize this
                      exams provide measurable documentation of skills
                                                                                                     resource – it is excellent!
                      and knowledge
                     Learning where one needs to improve, and having                               Local Certification proctors and judges are always
                      resources, direction and consultation available to make                        eager to answer questions regarding the specifics and
                      needed improvements                                                            requirements of certification.
                     Career and resume fortification - Certification
                                                                                                    Discuss questions with Chefs who have already
                      verification through the ACF carries strong weight and
                                                                                                     undergone the test you plan on taking – they will have
                      merit with many potential employers as a verification
                                                                                                     great firsthand knowledge about the nuts and bolts of
                      of one‟s skills, experience and overall culinary
                                                                                                     test requirements, allowances and expectations.
                      professionalism and aptitude
                     Building instructional faculties – as one goes through
                      the certification process, on e becomes a better leader    For information on certification contact Chef Eyad Joseph
                                                                                 At the Art Institute of California –Inland Empire 909-915-2100
                      and a better TEACHER. Whether you are a Chef
                      Instructor in a culinary school or are an Executive
                      Chef in a restaurant
                     General career and personal enrichment
                                                                                     Chef Eyad Joseph
        As Chefs commit themselves to American Culinary Federation
        Certification process, they often encounter issues and questions                   Chef Eyad Joseph
        which could be confusing and daunting, and could potentially                       Certification Chair
        derail their Certification efforts and commitment. Most often                             909-915-2100
        this happens when they run into questions for which they have
        difficulty finding answers. Many resources are available when
        Chefs encounter such questions:

                     Check the ACF website at
             and click on
                      “Professional Development,” then on “Certification.”
                                                                                 Certification Verification
                      This will direct you to a wonderful set of resources,      Locate ACF chefs who have earned one of ACF’s certifications. Search results will provide
                      not the least of which is the downloadable „Practical      the name of the certificant, all current ACF certifications and their city and state.
                                                                                 Learn more about ACF certification.
                      Testing Guide available at
                      prc_testing_guide.pdf. In it you will find detailed
                      information regarding the stipulations of and details
                      regarding certification at every level. This guide
                      details Testing Objectives, Testing Guidelines,
                      Facility Requirements (space and equipment
                      allocations, individual equipment and community
                      kitchen equipment availability expectations,)
                      Registration information, Evaluation and Assessment              The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

                                                    FEATURETTES /
                                                    CHAPTER NEWS                                                                                                                    6

                                                                           This Months Featured Program

Industry Involvement: Creating the leaders                    Partnering with ProStart                                    Classroom Experience
of tomorrow                                                   Your partnership in the ProStart program or our             First, students learn fundamental culinary and
National Restaurant Association Solutions is                  National ProStart Invitational benefits a national          management skills in the classroom. Classroom
dedicated to helping ensure that the restaurant and           network of students and instructors, and helps              experience provides students with the important
foodservice industry remains the cornerstone of               strengthen the caliber of the future leaders of the         skills they will need for success in the industry. And
career-and-employment opportunities. Through the              restaurant and foodservice industry. Learn more             many university hospitality programs accept
ProStart program, high school students can learn              about all the ways you and your organization can            ProStart courses for college credit.
career-building skills and get a taste for success in         partner with ProStart today.
                                                                                                                          Mentored Work Experience
an industry that is hungry for talent. But they can‟t
do it alone.
                                                              Spreading the Word                                          Then ProStart students put that learning to work on the
                                                              Giving verbal support of the ProStart experience with       job in qualified foodservice operations with industry
                                                              other industry leaders across the community not only        professionals. In their mentored work experience,
The success of the program and the future of the              shows your support towards the future of the                students     receive    mentor      support,  character
industry also depend on industry leaders like you.            industry, but helps to give recognition and credibility     development and real-world skills that give them a
You can help create the leaders of tomorrow by                to the students‟ achievements. Supporting their             head start toward a career in the industry.
supporting ProStart through:                                  education and experience now helps to build toward
                                                              their future, as well as the industry‟s.                    National ProStart Invitational
                                                                                                                          Students put their skills to the ultimate test in the
  Providing Mentored Work Experience                          The opportunities to help are endless, as well as the
                                                              rewards your organization will receive in working           National ProStart Invitational. This demanding
  By seeking out ProStart students in your recruitment
                                                              with ProStart student success.                              culinary and management competition invites top
  efforts, you can help students gain real-world
                                                                                                                          students to represent their state, with winning teams
  experience and practical skills that help to shape their
                                                              Contact us today to learn more about how you can get        competing for scholarships.
  futures in the foodservice industry. This is also an
  opportunity to recruit possible long-term employees         involved with ProStart.
                                                                                                                          For more information go to:
  who have already committed themselves to working
  hard towards a rewarding career in the industry.           Program overview: A menu of                        
  By mentoring a ProStart student, you can help to
  make a connection between their present
                                                             exciting offerings
                                                             ProStart is the two-year career-building program for
  performance and their future. Mentors provide
                                                             high school students. Whether students are looking to
  overall support for their goals, career competence
                                                             enter the job market directly after graduating, or if they
  and character development. Download the Mentor‟s
                                                             plan to attend college, a ProStart graduate makes a
  Guide to learn more about providing Mentored Work
                                                             solid candidate for success.
  Experience to ProStart students.

                                                      CHAPTER NEWS
      CHAPTER NEWS: Hello Everyone!

      This is a message from your local Chapter Web Mistress. It has been rather
      difficult in getting the newsletters out every month due to time constraints                                          For comments or
      and other issues. If you had not noticed the previous request for PR
      committee members in the last shout out we are still looking for candidates                                           questions regarding
      willing to work with editing and putting together some aspects of the                                                 the newsletter or
      newsletter and website. If interested please contact me via                                                                                                   website email:
      You can now send updates and connect to your facebook profile via the
      chapters website as well as send updates via your status in your profile to                               

      Have a Happy St. Patty‟s Day!
      Your Chapter Web Mistress,
      Sarah J. Daiello Fonseca              The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

              CALENDAR OF EVENTS AND                                                                  GENERAL             7

                 GENERAL MEETINGS                                                                     MEETING:
         THIS MONTHS MEETING: March 8th Hosted by Chef Luis Martinez                                     HOSTED BY
            Riverside Marriott - 3400 Market St. Riverside, CA

         FUTURE MEETING DATES:                                                                     CHEF LUIS MARTINEZ
                      DATE            TYPE                  HOSTED BY
                     APRIL 12        General               SBCC Chef Stacy Meyer
                                                                                                     Meeting will be
                                                                                                     hosted at the
                     MAY 10          General               IEJobCorp Chef Geurds                    Riverside Marriott
                     JUNE 14         General               Victoria CC Chef Miguel Jaimes
                                                                                                    3400 Market St.
                     JULY 11         Annual Picnic                                                 Riverside, CA 92501
                     AUGUST 2-5      National Convention                                           March 8, 2010
                     SEPT 13         General               AIIECA Chef Eyad Joseph

                     OCT 11          General               SBCC Chef Stacy Meyer

                     NOV 5           Chef and Child Fundraiser

                     DEC 28          Elections Dinner      Host Undecided


              For more information regarding upcoming meetings you can also visit our website
              at: - Please RSVP when possible via the website!         The American Culinary Federation Southern California Chefs & Cooks Association

                                        MONTHLY RECIPE                                                                             8

        This is a versatile recipe. I had the privilege of learning this recipe from a colleague
        while working at the Mission Inn in Riverside. This Lacquer lends itself well to seafood
        and poultry preparations. It gives a beautiful “lacquered Finish” and imparts a sweet-
        acidic touch. I personally love this over Fresh Day Boat Scallops. Complete the recipe
        as follows, pan roast the Scallops, to get that beautiful golden color, remove scallops
        from pan when just about done top with lacquer and broil for about 1 minute. Plate and

             Buen Provecho
             Miguel A Jaimes, Executive Chef Victoria Club

                  Red Pepper Ginger Lacquer
        Recipe By: Frank Shimazu; Executive Sous Chef Mission Inn
        Serving Size: 20

          Amount Measure           Ingredient -- Preparation Method
        -------- ------------ --------------------------------
          128        grams         Ketchup
          128        grams         Vinegar
          96         grams         Soy sauce
          96         grams         Sugar
          160        grams         Red Bell pepper -- Julienne
          80         grams         Ginger -- Julienne
          96         grams         White Wine
          32         each          Garlic clove -- Julienne
          2          grams          Butter

        In a Sauce Pot Add Butter

        Sweat Peppers, Garlic & Ginger

        Deglaze with White Wine

        Add Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Ketchup, & Sugar

        Simmer until Reduced by Half


        Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 55 Calories; trace Fat (5.9% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 12g Carbohydrate; 1g
        Dietary Fiber; trace Cholesterol; 354mg Sodium. Exchanges: 0 Grain (Starch); 1/2 Vegetable; 0 Fat; 1/2 Other

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