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									Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2003; 35: 325                                               CORRESPONDENCE

INDEXING OF INDIAN JOURNAL OF                              Our aim is to become a first-stop resource for public
PHARMACOLOGY                                               health professionals, researchers, academics and
                                                           policy makers whether they be concerned with
                                                           national or international health issues. In line with our
                                                           mission, the database will provide a venue for the
I read with interest your editorial 'Getting the IJP       literature produced by the developing world and be
indexed' in IJP issue 1 volume 35, 2003.                   made available to them at a substantial discount so
Do not despair, please persevere with your campaign        that they can keep up to date with developments
to improve the standard of articles submitted and          elsewhere. South-South communication is just as
know that the IJP is indexed by the premier                important as North-South communication in
agricultural and applied life sciences database....ours!   improving human health globally.
We at CABI Publishing take pride in finding journals
                                                           In addition, with support from the Department for
of quality and hard-to-obtain grey literature from all
                                                           International Development, UK (DFID), WHO and
over the world, particularly from countries such as
                                                           others we intend to make all our archive material
yours. We expertly and accurately index abstracts
                                                           (dating back to 1912) on tropical diseases, human
from your journal and others from India in the applied
                                                           nutrition, mycology, parasitology and entomology
life sciences field and we have done so, for a number
                                                           available on the database which will be of interest
of years, in CAB Abstracts and CAB health. [As we
                                                           not only to practicing clinicians but also to those
are not a pharmacology database per se, we select
                                                           interested in the history of medicine and public health.
articles relevant to the areas which we cover]. Thus
we do not suffer from the dangerous gaps in the            Thus you are indexed by us in the databases CAB
literature from the developing world, unlike other         Abstracts, Global Health and in our print publications
databases. For example, only 23% of our source             Tropical Disease Bulletin, Journal of Helminthology,
publications originate in North America.                   Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology and
                                                           Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology.
Whilst our databases (websites and print publications)
may not be free, they are the next best thing; heavily     Through Global Health, your articles will be available
discounted to developing countries because we are a        at premier public health schools throughout the world:
division of CAB International, a not-for-profit            Surely this will encourage your authors to submit their
organisation with over 41 member countries, one of         best work to IJP. In addition, a number of expatriate
which is India. Our mission is to improve human health     Indians working in other developing countries have
with a particular emphasis on meeting the information      told me that they wish to access the journals of their
and training needs of the developing world.                home country but cannot. They warmly welcomed
                                                           the arrival of Global Health as the solution.
Abstracts from your journal are now available from
our new bibliographic database on international and
public health. We are calling this resource Global
Health: 40% of the content is unique, using material
from 125 countries and in 55 languages. Global                               WENDIE NORRIS
Health provides comprehensive coverage of global            Content Editor, Department of Human and Animal
health literature, based on cover to cover selection         Sciences, CABI Publishing, Wallingford, Oxon,
from core journals plus other 'much more difficult to                        OX10 8DE, UK
obtain foreign language journals' and grey literature.
95% of records have informative English abstracts.                       E-mail:

Thank you for your highly encouraging words. Hope your letter will encourage all authors to submit their best
work to the Indian Journal of Pharmacology.
                                                                                               - Chief Editor, IJP

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