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1940s                                 1950s                                                                           1960s
Gerda Carmichael ‘43 has              Bill Tandler ‘54 is living in Menlo                                          Howard Straus ‘60, ―The last
received first prize in a member‘s    Park, California where he is the                                             year has seen the making of The
show of the Birmingham Art            Founder and President of Multi                                               Gerson Miracle, a documentary
Association for her ―Poppies‖         Metrics, Inc. Bill created this                                              I helped write on the Gerson
stained glass mosaic. Lucy            company in 1975 to focus on and                                              Therapy that won Best Picture at
Schneider, Faculty Chair, and Jason   advance the art of machine part                                              the Beverly Hills Film Festival in
Drucker, Director of Devel-           geometry management.                                                         May. The documentary has been
opment, visited with Gerda in                                                                                      shown on over a dozen commu-
Birmingham in March 2005. In                                                                                       nity access cable television
addition to hearing about Gerda's                                            Sean Stull ‟59                        stations across the country in
fantastic trip earlier this                                                                                        the past few months, and I am
year--horseback-riding in Mongo-                                             that the driving force of his work    aiming for over 100 by year‘s end.
lia and teaching English in                                                  comes from his firm and deeply        I am now in the final stages of
China--she updated them about                                                rooted belief that nature is vibrant, writing a screenplay based on my
her favorite charitable project. In                                          alive, and profound. Sean came        book Dr. Max Gerson: Healing
the last year, she has knitted and                                           by the School recently to take a      the Hopeless, to be made into a
quilted more than 200 afghans for                                            look                                  motion picture this year. In
an organization http://www.                                                  at his work, Sea with Turbulent       August, I traveled to Alaska to, a                                                    Sky that was dedicated to Karl        work on the screen- play with the
humanitarian and educational          Bill Tandler ‟54                       Ege, donated to Steiner and is        documentary‘s cinematographer,
people-to-people project that                                                now hanging in the Upper              staying on his wild animal ranch,
sends hand-knit and crocheted                                                School. He invites you to visit his making good friends with wolves,
blankets and garments to the          Doris Chu ‘59 is in Hawaii for a       website:            an Arctic
beleaguered people of                 while, busily writing scripts and
Afghanistan.                          short stories. She has produced
                                      over twenty-four music albums
                                      including sixteen Grammy nomi-
                                      nations and entries. She has retired
                                      from government
                                      service. Doris would love to
                                      hear from classmates, or anyone
                                      who remembers her! She can be
                                      contacted by email
                                      (; please put
                                      Rudolf Steiner School in the
                                      subject line.

                                      Sean Stull ‘59 is currently living
                                      and painting in the White
                                      Mountains of New Hampshire.
“Poppies” by Gerda Carmichael ‟43     Sean is a pastel artist who states     “Sea with Turbulent Sky” by Sean Stull „59

                                           Chris McInerney ‘61 gathered                                        sew and tie quilts. I will never be
                                                                                       times over a couple of days. I am
                                           with her class in 2004. She is                                      the artist that Hallie-Jo was but
                                                                                       looking forward to his latest book,
                                           currently working as Director of                                    it is a good outlet for my
                                                                                       the history of anthroposo- phy in
                                           the Greene Foundation in New                America.‖               creative juices. I have created a
                                           York City.                                                          quilt in her memory that I plan to
                                                                                                               donate to raise funds to help
                                       Gail Simon Reed ‘61 continues in                                        find a cure for this terrible
                                       her full time practice as a                                             disease. There is also something
                                       psychoanalyst here in New York                                          interesting about a man who is
                                       City. In addition she has begun                                         taught by his wife how to make
                                       a practice in Salisbury, Connecti-                                      quilts and who, after she dies of
                                       cut. Besides being a training                                           lung cancer, uses the talent that
                                       and supervisory analyst at the New                                      she taught him to try to raise
                                       York Freudian Society, she is a                                         money to keep other people
                                                                          Quilt created in memory of Hallie-Jo
                                       Founding Member of the new         Halden                               from the same end that she
Howard Straus and his mother, Char-    Berkshire Psychoanalytic Institute                                      suffered. Raising money for
lotte Gerson, who was a Waldorf        (at the Austen Riggs Center). Her Frank Halden ‘64 had some sad cancer research is one way that I
alumna, holding the Golden Palm
Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festi- husband, Tom, and she have two news to share: ―My wife of twenty- can help this cause.‖
val awards dinner                      grown children and one             seven years, Hallie-Jo Halden,
                                       grandchild.                        died on April 18, 2003 after         Roland Mizrahi ‘64 will soon be
fox, a lynx kitten, some weasels                                          battling lung cancer                 returning to the Bay Area after
and a playful troupe of mink. I kept Tom Klein ‘62 is currently           for almost two years. Hallie-Jo      being in Southern California for
clear of the porcupines and the        working as the Administrator of    was a mother and grandmother, a 15 years. He'll be moving to San
wolverines, though. I contin- ue to Cedarwood School, a Waldorf           hard worker, a loving mate and a Mateo, and his classmate,
further the cause                      school in Portland, Oregon. ―I     very modest but exquis- itely        Corinne (see below) ―can't wait to
of the Gerson Therapy, in honor of can be reached at                      talented artist. The venue for her be able to see him more often!‖
my grandfather, Dr. Max Gerson, Last year I              creativity was not a paintbrush but
and have been invited to lecture       visited Henry Barnes and had a     a sewing machine. During our         Corinne Spingarn ‘64 has news!
in Cyprus and perhaps Japan this wonderful time as I was able to          years together she taught me         ―My sweetie, Steve, asked me to
year.‖                                 meet with him several              how to                               marry him on January 1st and I
                                                                                                               said yes!‖ They will be married
                                                                                                               on April 9, 2005 under a chuppa
                                                                                                               (built by Steve) right in their own
                                                                                                               living room. Corinne‘s daughter,
                                                                                                               after attending a small vegetari-
                                                                                                               an culinary school in NYC, is out
                                                                                                               in San Francisco interning at
                                                                                                               Green‘s restaurant. She will be in
                                                                                                               attendance along with Corinne‘s
                                                                                                               brother, out from Atlanta.

The Class of 1961 left to right standing: Andy Singer, Ilsa Kohn Lowe, Christina McInerney, Bob Lilienthal, Vicky Rainert,   Corinne Spingarn ‟64 and her fiancé
Pamela Susskind Schaenen, Amanda Poe Lyon. Seated: Dominique Lunau Avery, Imre Kovács, Carlotta Rossini, Irene Stein         Steve Bicknese, in Central Park
                                       the light colored overcoat with the   musical venues, has gone well       far, or what I will accomplish in
                                       dark collar. I remember the day       and continues to do so              the future, if I had not had this
                                       we took that photograph. I was in     (although, it was my theatre        experience. In the current,
                                       the first grade! Seeing those         obligation with a long running      long-standing world climate of
                                       classrooms again are the only fond    show that, regretfully, prevent-    insensitivity and unabashed
                                       memories I have of growing up in      ed my going to NYC for the          greed, the significance of this
                                       NYC. I was there from                 school's 75th year celebration).    Steiner school experience is
                                       Kindergarten straight through the     This past year I have returned to   beyond description.‖
                                       twelfth grade, September, 1951 to     academia as a faculty member at
                                       June, 1964.                           Kansas City Kansas Community        William Hyman ‘67 is working
                                          I'm now completely detached        College which, at this very time,   as a partner in a biotech
                                       from NYC and well situated in         is appearing to be leading          consulting firm.
Theodore Wilson ‟64                                                          toward an interesting and
                                                                             adventurous new chapter in my       Pam Young-Wolff ‘67 continues
                                                                             life.                               working with her photographer
                                                                                 I mention the above because     husband, David, shooting for
                                                                             of the commentary on the CD.        magazines, textbooks, commer-
                                                                             Other than the people in the        cial work and stock photos. Their
                                                                             black and white photo- graphs       24 year old son, Colin is attend-
                                                                             of those early Steiner years, Mr.   ing Brooks Institute of
                                                                             Barnes and Mrs. Livingston are      Photography in Santa Barbara,
                                                                             the only people                     California and daughter, Kelly, is
                                                                             I know appearing and speaking       a 21 year old senior at the
                                                                             on the CD; nevertheless, I well     University of California Berkley.
                                                                             remember the entire faculty of      Pam hopes more people from
                                                                             my era at Steiner. The quote        1967 sign up on the Steiner
                                                                             from Rudolf Steiner at the          alumni web site!
                                                                             opening of the presentation on
                                                                             the CD was fully realized with      Val Young ‘68 lives in Chapel
                                                                             me due to the strong character      Hill, North Carolina with her
                                                                             of and the dedication to both       husband Bob.
Theo Wilson boarding the Jay Vee bus                                         academic and spiritual
                                                                             inspiration by those teachers,      Chris Csara-Shubin ‘69 and her
Theodore Wilson ‘64, ―I was just       Kansas City, KS. My music career      most directly and most              husband are fine artists, making
able to view the CD, Celebrating       as the bassist for the Kansas City    profoundly by Mrs. Christy          their living selling ceramics with
75 Years of Waldorf Education.         Jazz Orchestra and the American       Barnes. Without question, I         inspirational sayings and their art
What a joy to see 15                   Heartland Theatre, as well as         would not have accomplished         in Camarillo, California.
East 79th Street again! I recog-       other                                 what I have thus
nized myself in one of the
photographs that are displayed as
Mr. Barnes speaks of "parents
in New York who had the                                                      Into the Heart‟s Land, A Century of Rudolf Steiner‟s Work in
courage to send their children                                               North America, by Henry Barnes is now available for purchase
                                                                             from Steiner Books, Hudson, NY ( Mr.
to an unknown school . . . ." The                                            Barnes, former teacher and Faculty Chair at the Rudolf Steiner
photograph is of the Jay-Vee                                                 School, has tried to structure the book in such a way that the
Transportation school bus. The bus                                           reader meets the individuals involved in as direct and human a
driver's name was Al, who is                                                 way as possible. In addition to describing how Steiner‘s work
                                                                             began in America, he has also tried to provide an update as to
standing on the right. The tall girl
                                                                             where it stands today. It is Mr. Barnes‘ belief that it is urgent
wearing the scarf, at the back of                                            that Steiner‘s work gains recognition in this country at the present
the line, is Beverly Kitchen. If you                                         time, and it is his hope that this book will help achieve this. The
proceed directly forward in line                                             book is also well illustrated to give the reader a visual impres-
                                                                             sion, especially of the pioneers who are no longer with us today.
with her, I'm the second person
from her (or the fourth person
back from the entrance of the bus)
wearing the leather "pilot's
helmet" hat and

David Gerstman ‘69 who is              Patricia Haft ‘70 is a Certified                                               I now have three beautiful grown
currently a teacher of specific        Fitness Professional teaching in                                               children. They are all quite
learning disabilities in Orlando,      Honolulu, Hawaii where she lives                                               creative and follow their hearts
Florida, is considering a possi-       with her husband and son.                                                      in their lives. During the past
ble singing career!                                                                                                   decade or so, I have operated
                                       Kim Akeret Cookson ‘71 has                                                     my own accounting consulting
Anne Vander Gheynst Powell             received her Psy. D in psycholo-                                               business. It was and is driven by
‘69, ―Hello to the Class of '69! My    gy and her license, and she is now                                             my desire to help others. My
husband, Marty, and I live in          in private practice in West- wood,                                             efforts to be of service, have also
Raleigh, NC, and I have two grown      California.                                                                    earned an impressive six digit
step-daughters. I work in                                                                                             annual income. The tools of my
marketing for a management             Tony Cookson ‘71 has written and                                               trade were formed at Steiner. I
consulting firm serving the phar-      directed two feature films and has                                             do not have a college degree. I
maceutical and biotech industries.     a third screenplay that should                                                 merely have the desire for being
Arthur Grupp and David Gerstman        soon go into production. Kim and                                               of service, creativity, and a
have recently been in touch, and I     Tony‘s daughter, Molly, is a 24        With Ihor's grandson, Dante Bowman,     passion for life. I remarried four
                                                                              first grader at the Hartsbrook
would love to hear from other          year old actress, and son Nick, is a   Waldorf School. The third generation of years ago to an extraordinary
classmates! I can be reached by        19 year old college student.           Waldorf Radyshes!                       man, who grew up aboard an 85
email at work,                                                                                                        foot schooner. He sailed with his or                                               Bertelsen Jr. ‘99, Grace Pinto ‘00, family around Cape Horn when
home,                                                     and Helena ‘98 and Cathleen ‘01         he was four years old. In 1936,
                                                                              (McKeon) Carey. Mary O'Malley,          they were one of the first yachts
Susan E. (Brewer) Robinson                                                    mother of Luke O'Malley ‘91             to sail under the Golden Gate
‘69 is now a proud grandmoth-                                                 orchestrated the food. Ihor is now Bridge, as it had been recently
er. Her grandson was born at                                                  the first grade class teacher while     completed. There was no engine
home in Nantucket on March 4,                                                 Marisha teaches math and physics but just her sails to
2004 (Susan‘s birthday as well!).                                             in the high school.                     propel her around the world. My
Susan had a lovely visit with Mr.                                                                                     husband had home schooling,
Copple when she was out at her                                                Diane Young Stillson ‘71 lives in and combined with the lessons of
mother‘s home for Thanksgiving.                                               Gaston, Oregon with her                 growing up aboard such a vessel,
She says that he still has a twinkle                                          husband Bob and they have two           this has given him the tools for a
in his eye and holds many good                                                children, Robin (age 22) and Rory meaningful life.
memories of his teaching career.                                              (age 20) who are both attending             We are just putting the finish-
                                       Congratulations!                       Pacific Lutheran University in          ing touches on the forty-foot
                                                                              Washington State.                       sailboat that has been our project
                                       Ihor Radysh ‘71 and Marisha
1970s                                  Plotnik (Toronto Waldorf School
                                       ‘88) celebrated their marriage in
                                                                              Nancy Lewin-Potter Tompkins
                                                                                                                      of the past decade. I have given
                                                                                                                      notice with my clients, and soon I
                                                                              ‘71 writes: ―I have been living in shall be on to the next chapter of
                                       April 2004. The Steiner Lower          Northern California since the fall my very interesting life. We plan
                                       School building, graced by             of 1971. Since I'm on the West          to go
                                       candlelight and flowering quince,      coast, I've organized and
                                       lent its stage to Sarina Bachleitner   attended my class reunions for
                                       ‘82 and her band, Shaketown.           years 10, 20 & 30. Even though
                                       Dancing to the music were alumni,      I have very little contact with my
                                       including Wolodymyr (Walter)           classmates, I feel close to them
                                       Radysh ‘69, Lara ‘94, Illya ‘96 and    all, as if we were siblings. While
                                       Mia Radysh ‘98, Ed Schlieben ‘71,      attending the 75th Anniversary
                                       Anne-Elizabeth Barnes (neé Root)       celebration in New York last
                                       ‘71, Alex Kadvan ‘91, all five         spring, it was clear that I was
                                       Metzners (Raven ‘86, Bega              not alone.
                                       ‘89, Ruby ‘91, Stella ‘95, and              It was heartwarming to see so
                                       Louie ‘99) Victoria Sander ‘97,        many decades of Steiner
                                       Pollyne Gonzaga ‘98, Ana ‘99           graduates, and to hear how
Renata Harbison ‟70 with her
                                       and Diana Marin ‘00, Val               Waldorf education has shaped
family in 2003                                                                their lives. It has also touched        May we all live our dreams!
                                                                              me and lives inside of me.
long-distance voyaging, leaving                                             Nick Franceschelli ‘75 and his       Fred Leichter ‘76 writes: ―The
California in March 2005. We will                                           wife Gisela have adopted Michael-    class of 1976 held several get-
head south to Baja Mexico, then                                             James, a beautiful baby boy born     togethers and reunions during
travel along the mainland of                                                July 8, 2004.                        2004 with great turnout from
Mexico as far as Acapulco. There                                                                                 many in the class. They also
we will turn our boat westward                                              Elizabeth Ginsburg ‘76 and her       reconnected and entertained
and sail to French Polynesia. Our                                           classmates, Ken Weinrib, Lisa Safir, each other with a flurry of emails
schedule will be open to whims                                              Lisa Moller, Alex Bagley, Paul       on a wide, wide variety of
and to chance. We think perhaps                                             Lyons and Fred Leichter              topics.‖
it will take us two years to reach                                          got together at Bob Weitzner's
Australia. After all, there are many                                        house over Thanksgiving. ―It was Paul Lyons ‘76 is an associate
islands, people, and cultures to       Some of the ladies of the Class of   just like we'd seen each             professor of English at the
explore and experience along the       1974, left to right: Diana
                                       McMullen Lepis, Suzanne
way. For anyone wanting to be in       Gregoire, Anne Holmes Waxman,
contact, or added to my email          Allison Stone Stabile
newsletter, please send an email
                                    whom she sees regularly since
Martin Sanderson ‘73 is currently   they were both four. She was
working as an IT consultant in the  able to organize two mini
San Fernando Valley area of         reunions last spring with former
Southern California.                classmates Allison Stone Stabile,
                                    Diana McMullen Lepis, Elena
Risa Gold ‘74 writes: ―I am a Child Schaaf-Brandes, Risa Levenson
and Adolescent Psychiatrist in part Gold, Stefanie Soichet, and of
time private practice living in     course, Anne. It was
Laurel Hollow, NY. My husband,      extraordinary and quite moving
Ken Gold, is a Hematologist-        to reunite with these fabulous
Oncologist, and we have four        women, some of
children ranging in age from        whom she had not seen in thirty
seven to fifteen who keep us very years! Last summer, she and her
busy indeed! I keep in touch with   family also visited long lost friend
classmate,                          Astrid Richter Murre in her
                                    beautiful Rhode Island
Jon Hess, and would love to            home and got to meet her two Class of ‟76 Reunion: seated- Lisa Safir, Lisa (Moller) Marcus, Alex Bagley;
                                                                    standing - Fred Leichter, Jean (Nichols) Turner, Peter Nitze, Bob Weitzner, Ken
hear from any Steiner friends          wonderful daughters. Many of Weinrib, Anne (Gaynor) May
who find themselves on Long            the men from Suzanne's old
Island. My love and best wishes to class have disappeared, and              other the week before!‖ Liz has            University of Hawaii and the
all for the New Year.‖               she would love to see them             four kids, ages 15, 13, and twins,         author, most recently, of the
                                     resurface.                             10 years of age. She is currently          novel Button Man. Paul will be
Suzanne Gregoire ‘74 attend-                                                director of the In Vitro Fertiliza- tion   traveling in Africa over the next
ed from Kindergarten through                                                (IVF) Program at Brigham &                 year on sabbatical.
9th grade. She continues to                                                 Women's Hospital in Boston, the
choreograph and teach at the                                                Chair of the SART Registry                 Richard Heller ‘77 reports: ―I
Kaufman Center's Lucy Moses                                                 Committee (the national organi-            remarried five years ago creat-
School and most recently has                                                zation that oversees all IVF               ing a ‗Brady Bunch‘ style blended
been head teacher for a toddler                                             programs) and she‘s trying to do           family including a housekeeper
program at the Sol Goldman Y.                                               research as she juggles life. Liz says     named Alice! In addition to our
She and her husband, Michael                                                that the credit to her success goes        four children from our previous
Edwards, are very happy that their                                          to her fantastic husband, Rob              marriages, my wife Katherine and
five year old son Preston is                                                Weinstein. Her favorite activ- ity         I had a beautiful baby girl
spending his first year in Steiner's                                        lately is skiing with her family in        together (now two). We live in
Upstairs Kindergarten. Suzanne                                              New Hampshire. ―And will try to            Southern Westchester and
has remained very close friends                                             get Fred Leichter and his                  maintain businesses in NYC and
with former class- mate Anne                                                family up there too as we're both          Southern New York State.
Holmes Waxman,                       Michael-James Franceschelli            in the Boston area.‖                       Professionally, I

have been very busily promoting a       he manages a showroom which
living roof treatment known as          features spiral stair case kits.          H A W T H O R N E                    V A L L E Y            F A R M
Greenroof, most often a carpet of       Barbara keeps in touch with
low maintenance                         classmate, Diane Werner Osborn
sedums (succulent plants) that at       ‘78, since they live about forty-five
least doubles the life of roof          minutes away from each other:
membranes and has tremendous            ―We have been best buddies
environmental benefits. As a            since I met her on the first day of
landscape designer, the prospect        school in
of earning a living promoting           1973, she in 8th grade and me
something that is good for the          entering 9th. I was Maid of
planet is incredibly exciting and       Honor at her wedding and she at
fulfilling. I had a couple of lunches   mine, and she's also godmother
with Andrew Nitze ‘77 before he         to our daughter Claire. We were
moved out of the area to be closer      glad to have made it to the                ―Here‘s a shout to all those alums that might be planning a
to his daughter. He is well and         Steiner Fair in November where             get-together. Here at Hawthorne Valley Farm (where a lot of
pursu- ing a career as a writer and     I ran into an old classmate of             you visited as third graders) we have rough-and-ready and
producer of documentaries. I also       mine, Camilla Saly, as well as my          reasonable accommodations for your alumni gathering, plus
have been (briefly) in touch with       former advisor Keith Francis.‖             field, farm, and forest to explore. We have a new farm store
Thomas Glocer ‘77 who is happily                                                   next door. We are especially available Thanksgiving to mid-
living in London as we have all         Adam Legrant ‘78 is currently
                                                                                   January. Call 518-672-4790 or‖
read in previous class notes and        featured with his mom, Barbara
The New York Times.                     Cook, in the PFLAG Stay Close                                                       By Nicolas Franceschelli ‘75
I also had lunch with Carmen            campaign.

Laube ‘75 who also is happy                                                     Diane Werner Osborn ‘78 writes:            since 8th grade! I am proud to
and well.‖                                                                      ―I have been married to David              say that I, too, am godmother of
                                                                                Osborn for almost 20 years (!) and         her twin girls, Sarah and Claire,
David Klein ‘77 is living and                                                   we have two magnificent girls --           whom I adore. Abigail is in the
working on Martha‘s Vineyard                                                    Emma, 13, and Abigale, 9. We               4th grade and loving school and
managing a condominium resort.                                                  live in Ardsley, NY. I am a teacher        her friends. She plays the cello,
David would love to host a Steiner                                              (a job I adore) and David works for        loves soccer, and is a New York
reunion on the island! His email                                                the Private Banking division of            Yankees fan. She is a keen snow-
address is                                                                      Citigroup. Emma is in 7th grade, is        boarder, and every year in                                                           a terrific kid/adolescent (if that isn't   Colorado she gets better and
                                                                                too much of a contradiction in             better. Abby is a lot like me, so
                                                                                terms!) with bright pink                   those of you who knew me way
                                                                                streaks in her hair and a most             back when, you get the idea. . . a
                                                                                energetic spirit. Emma just                handful! Abby is very loving and
                                                                                became a Bat Mitzvah on                    outgoing, and is socially active,
                                                                                January 8th, and I can't tell you          wanting single-handedly to repair
                                                                                how wonderful it was to have               the world. She is currently
                                                                                Andrew Moos ‘78 fly up from                working on her own projects to
David Klein, Class of 1977              Adam Legrant ‟78
                                                                                Florida to share this event with           raise money for the victims of the
                                                                                                                           Tsunami. I am
Barbara Hudson Railton-Jones            Charles Lyons ‘78 co-wrote and          our family. Hallie Robbins Davis           VERY proud of all her efforts —
‘77 has been married to David           directed the film, The Ghost of F.      was also scheduled to attend but           quite terrific for a kid her age. I
Railton-Jones since 1992 and has        Scott Fitzgerald, currently playing     was unable to make it at the last          am very happy that many of my
lived in Westport, Connecticut          on the Independent Film Channel.        minute due to her recovery from a          classmates have kept in touch,
since 1993. They have three             He's also an adjunct professor of       car accident — she is doing well,          and we are pretty good about
children, Andrew (10) and twin          film,                                   thank goodness! Also with our              getting together — last time we
girls Sarah and Claire (2). She is an   currently teaching a class at Yale      family on that special day was, of         did so was in May at Mark
at-home Mom and in her spare            and a journalist.                       course, Barbara Hudson Railton-            Sonnino's ‘78, and I am hoping
time she does volunteer work at                                                 Jones                                      we all have a reunion of sorts
their church. David works in            Lorenzo Michell ‘78 was                 ‘77, Emma's Godmother and my               VERY SOON! I love seeing all of
nearby Stamford where                   married in July, 2004!                  very best and dearest friend               my former classmates, many of
                                                                               vision and Film industry, some-        consults, working with several
                                                                               times as an Actress, and other         independent schools in NYC
                                                                               times working with the Camera          and Boston on anti-bias curricu-
                                                                               Department, behind the scenes,         lum assessment, and facilitates
                                                                               which I love. I have a passion for     workshops on diversity,
                                                                               design, and have a small               antiracism, social justice, and
                                                                               company, working with fabulous         building peaceable school
                                                                               fabrics and flowers. I enjoyed         communities. Lastly, she works
                                                                               attending the Steiner School's         two days a week in the River
                                                                               75th Anniversary and seeing so         East School, a public elementary
                                                                               many of my class- mates. I'm still     school in Harlem, as a conflict
                                                                               in touch with a few but would          resolution/peer mediation
                                                                               love to hear from some that            instructor. She is passionate
                                                                               weren't able to be there by            about her work, and committed
     Please join the many alumni who have taken the opportunity                email at‖         to fostering peace and equity
     to add their information to the Alumni Profiles page of our                                                      through anti-bias education.
     website. It does not take much time to keep in touch with
                                                                                                                      Marc Weingarten ‘82 has been
     classmates, reach out to alumni from other years, and enjoy
     articles and photos about events at the School. The website is            1980s                                  living in Los Angeles for the last
                                                                                                                      23 years. He is a freelance jour- and the rewards are immediate! Rhoda
                                                                               Laurie Feit ‘80 let us know that       nalist who writes for The New
     Lauten, Director of Alumni Relations would love to hear from
                                                                               her mother, Carol Feit Lane,           York Times, Los Angeles Times,
     you by phone (212-535-2130) or by email (            passed away on August 1, 2004.         Entertainment Weekly and other
                                                                               We pass on our sincerest               publications. Marc also has a
                                                                                                                      book coming out in 2006 about
whom still remain good friends; I     Waldorf Association of Utah has          condolences.                           the history of journalism in the
am lucky and happy to say. I am       fulfilled its mission in fostering the                                          1960‘s.
actually writing this on my           development of a Waldorf-                Claudia Zoe Bedrick ‘81 reports:
birthday and wonder how it is         inspired school in the Salt Lake         ―I am always glad to continue my       David Freidner ‘83 updates us
possible that so much time            region: the Seven Canyons                relationship with the school and       from Iraq where he is serving
has passed. Seems like only           School.                                  have been eagerly following            with the Fighting 69th, New
yesterday that we all graduat-                                                 developments about the launch of       York‘s National Guard Infantry
ed! My email address is               Clay Baker ‘79 is an architect /         a Waldorf School in Brooklyn. It       regiment: ―Happy Holidays, and my                 designer in Portola Valley, Cali-        has been                               everyone. Things are relatively
phone number is (914) 693-            fornia.                                  a hard autumn for my sister,           calm here… in my neck of the
0636. Please write or call to say                                              Brooke ‘80, and me. Our father,        woods anyway. We‘ve learned a
hello. I am in NYC all the time       Jennifer Lyons ‘79 after gradu-          Peter Bedrick, died October 8,         lot since getting here. I guess
and would love to hear from           ating had a Fulbright to Vienna          2004 from an inoperable brain          losing three men in the first two
you!‖                                 and received a Masters Degree            tumor.‖                                weeks we were here instilled
                                      from Middlebury. She has been                                                   some urgency in us. We‘re also
Hallie Robbins ‘78 and her            an international literary agent for      Randy Levinson Clancy ‘82 is           working with the local schools to
daughter, Celia, are recovering       the past fifteen years.                  the proud mother of two
from a major car accident that                                                 daughters, Shawn (13) and
occurred on October 22, 2004.         Alexzandra Margulies ‘79                 Miranda (8). After many years
Thankfully, they did not break any    writes: ―I'm still living in Los         working as a composer for film and
bones and are both mending well.      Angeles with my husband, and             commercials, she went back to
Celia is currently attending the      two daughters. My oldest                 school and graduated last May
Sunflower Preschool, a Waldorf        daughter graduated from the              from Lesley University with a
initiative in Utah. This year the     Highland Hall Waldorf School,            Masters in Education, special- izing
School held a Hallowe‘en Journey      and is now a freshman at                 in Conflict Resolution and
and their                             Chapman University, where                Peaceable Schools. She works part
first fall fundraiser, co-sponsored   she's pursuing a double major in         time as an instructor for an
by the Waldorf Association of         Religious and Peace Studies. My          incredible organization called
Utah, for which Hallie has served     other daughter is a freshman at          Prepare, working with children on
as President. Hallie is now           Highland Hall.                           self-defense, personal safety, and
proud to announce that The               I'm busy working in the tele-         self efficacy. Randy also            David Friedner, Class of 1983

fix them up… handing out school         here: soccer balls and                Eric Clark ‘87 is living in Hawaii       We're going to take a few
supplies, installing black- boards,     equipment, children‘s books           and fishing whenever he gets a           classes here to try to develop our
trying to get local contracts to fix    (in Arabic), etc. They need so        chance. The picture here is with a       practice. Today, we woke up
their plumbing, water, and              much, and it builds a lot of          295 lb Pacific blue marlin caught        early to check out the town. We
buildings. It‘s a real balancing act    good will between the local           in December, twenty miles off-           wandered through some of the
trying to conduct military              population and us, which in turn      shore from Kona, Hawaii. Eric and        more quiet streets. Cows are
operations, while acting                will save some lives. I can be        a visiting friend from Alaska            milling around everywhere
as diplomats, city planners, good       reached by email (David.friedner      brought the fish to the boat in          nibbling on gardens, table
will ambassadors, and on and   or David.friedner        under 45 minutes, on 100 pound           scraps and trash. They appear
on. As for me, we had a good  ‖                 test line.                               to be owned by the entire
meal on Christmas, though I                                                                                            neighborhood as they are not
totally forgot about the New            Rani Vaz ‘83 was married on                                                    roped up. They get milked
Year, as I was working. I looked at     September 16, 2004.                                                            around 3 pm and the milk is
my watch about 0130 and real-                                                                                          distributed to the community.
ized it was 2005. Even though           Elif Keles ‘84 is specializing in                                              We came across some children
many of the days are long, the time     immigration and naturalization                                                 playing cricket in the street. The
is flying by; we‘re already             law in Los Angeles.                                                            locals are on summer school
25% done with our time in this                                                                                         holiday and cricket is a country-
country… nine more months to            Monique Marshall ‘86 wants                                                     wide passion. Wherever there is
go. I get to talk to family at least    everyone to know that after                                                    some open space and more than
once a week. Patrick is fine; he        graduating from Steiner she                                                    two kids, you'll find a cricket
misses me (though like a typical        attended Skidmore College                                                      match. Two days ago a big
guy he won‘t admit it – he says his     and moved back to NYC in                                                       match was settled in Pakistan
sister misses me instead). He has       1990 after earning a degree in                                                 and India was victorious. The
recovered from a nasty bump on          Education. Two years later she                                                 country celebrated with fireworks
the head in which he had to have        had completed her Masters in                                                   and general joviality. I chatted
six stitches. He wouldn‘t get into      Education from Bank Street                                                     with the kids for a minute about
the ambulance without a picture         College and stayed on teach-                                                   the game's rules and "the big
of me. Katherine is also doing          ing at Bank Street School for                                                  win" and then urged David to
well, though she‘s had the typical      five years. In 1996 Monique           David Nadel ‘87 and his bride,           give it a
regimen of one-year-old winter          married DeMille Halliburton,          Nicole, spent many months trav-          "swing." He got some basic
illnesses. Doctors are also             moved to Los Angeles and              eling the world last year. One           instruction on how to swing a
checking her out for some mal-          continued her teaching career         foreign dispatch from Nicole             cricket bat—and the game was
absorption problems, as she‘s not       at the Wildwood School. Her           that we received: ―Greetings             on! About ten little boys took
gaining weight the way they             daughters Moreau and Devon            from Mysore, India! This is a town       turns ‗bowling‘ (pitching) and
expect. So                              were born in 1999 and 2002,           known for its yoga gurus.                David had some terrific bats.
far all tests are normal, and I hear    respectively. Monique is
she‘s running around like a sprinter,   currently working with grades
with Kari and the rest of my family     six through twelve in Wild-
chasing after here all day long! Kari   wood‘s library but in the fall
is also doing well, at least that‘s     plans to return to the class-
what she tells me. I‘m sure it‘s been   room. ―Life is great!‖
rough for her, though she‘s got a
lot of support. Check this link for     Raven Metzner ‘86 has had a
her updates and pix/video of the        very interesting year: ―My son
kids:      Orion turned nine, and I
eef03m/. Thanks to everyone for         received my first screenwriting
your e-mails, letters, and pack-        credit on Marvel Films, Elektra
ages. It‘s always the highlight of      starring Jennifer Garner. (Tried to
ones day when the mail gets here.       throw some Eurythmy in there,
Our needs are still: good coffee        but they went for Kung Fu
(we go through it like crazy) and       instead.)
just general treats.
                                        Susan Schneider ‘86 is working
Mainly we‘ve all been asking for                                              David and Nicole exploring the magnificent temple ruins of Ankor Wat, built by
                                        as a design consultant in San
                                                                              the Khmer kings in the 12-14th centuries, and more recently used as a colorful
school supplies for the children        Diego, California.                    backdrop for the film, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”
                                        worked as news director at the        chef at the local health spa. He is    in a beautiful apartment on the
                                        local ABC affiliate. We also lived in also the proud father of three-        Upper West Side overlooking
                                        Boise, Idaho, and Portland,           year-old Ruben.                        Central Park. Patrick was recent-
                                        Oregon. I have to admit we all are                                           ly awarded a 2004 ASCAP Plus
                                        missing the mountains and open                                               award for his work as a compos-
                                        spaces of the West, but our                                                  er by the American Society of
                                        current situation could not be
                                                                            1990s                                    Composers, Authors and
                                                                                                                     Publishers. His second ballet
                                                                              Ruby Metzner ‘91 is designing          Madame X (music composed by
                                        Keir Buckhurst ‘89 writes: ―I am      home furnishings for Kmart.            Patrick and first performed in
                                        currently working as a senior                                                NYC in 1999) was revived this
David Nadel ‟87 and his cricket team in manager with Accenture, which is Maria Mayrinck ‘93 (1987-1988) is           past April and featured
Mysore, India
                                        a global management and               currently living in her home town,     renowned principal dancer
                                        information technology consult-       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is          Marcelo Gomes and soloist
They played for about 45 minutes ing firm. I am with our government occupied as a screenwriter                       Sandra Brown from the Ameri-
as I snapped away on our two            practice, and work with many New and director for cinema and                 can Ballet Theater. These
cameras. I snuck off to get some York City agencies. This February television.                                       performances in New York City
treats for the kids at a local store    my wife Monica and I will celebrate                                          and Kaatsbaan were very well
and gave them to a neighborhood our fourth wedding anniversary.               Jonathan Petie ‘93 writes:             received by both audiences and
mom to distribute after the game And on October 26, 2004 we had ―Over the years I have been                          dance luminaries alike (w/ rumors
ended. We were a big hit! They          a baby girl, Jane Caterina Buck-      blessed. I am the proud father of      of future performances around
boys loved David and the Moms           hurst. She is our first child.‖       a four year old boy (James Louis       the country... Keep your fingers
and girls cooed over me (girls                                                Petie), a six year old girl            crossed!). Currently Patrick is
playing cricket hasn't hit the                                                (Hallie Nichole Petie) and my wife     working on the score for an
countryside yet—give it time. I                                               (Michelle Yvonne Petie) is due to      independent feature film. Further
asked several of the little girls why                                         deliver our third child in late        information about Patrick and his
they weren't playing—but didn't                                               March 2005. I am currently             work as well as samples of his
push too hard). It is such a joy to                                           serving as an Information              music can be found on the
connect like this—what the trip                                               Systems Technician (E-5) in the        website,
was all about. We were treated to                                             U.S. Coast Guard. With eight
warm chocolate milk after the                                                 years of service, I have submit-       Debbie Dicastro-Schaffer
game. (Refreshing?) We were                                                   ted a package to compete for           Barker ‘94 currently lives in New
honored.‖                                                                     Officer Candidate School. I            Hampshire with her husband of
                                                                              should know the results some-          2 1/2 years, Jon. Jon works as
Monique Pierpont ‘87 is living in                                             time around the end of May             an accountant at a private firm,
Palm City, Florida and is working                                             2005. If successful I will be eligi-   and Debbie has returned to
as a Head Veterinary Technician. Jane Caterina Buckhurst                      ble for a commission as an officer     school and is study-
                                                                              in the Coast Guard.‖                   ing nursing. She can be reached
Thor Wasbotten ‘87 writes:              Jason Cacioppo ‘89 is the                                                    at
―I am the General Manager of            creative director and lead editor at
Television Operations and Senior Subvoyant. Subvoyant is a New                                                       Robin Briggs ‘94 is currently
Lecturer at Penn State University. York based post-production                                                        living in Chapel Hill, North
It is a wonderful job, and State        boutique. Jason also acted as                                                Carolina with her husband Allan
College is a great place to raise       Editor, Director and Screen- writer                                          whom she met during her under-
my three children                       of 2004‘s, feature length rock-                                              graduate studies. She graduated
(Leia 11, Rachel 9, Elliot 6). I am     documentary, Squeezebox, the                                                 from the Friends World Program
coaching two of my children in          Movie.                                                                       at Long Island University in 2000
basketball; both are doing very                                                                                      with a BA in Anthropology, after
well. My wife, Lisa, is loving life     Bega Metzner ‘89 has moved                                                   spending three years abroad in
here. We have been married              to Moab, Utah where she lives                                                Israel, China, and India. Robin
almost fourteen years now. This is with her boyfriend.                                                               then pursued a second degree
the first time we have lived in the                                           The latest addition to the Petie       in nursing from Georgetown
                                                                              family, Kathryn Grace Petie!
East. Most recently, we lived in        Nick Schickler ‘89 is living with                                            University in Washington DC,
Tucson, Arizona, where I                his family in Heilbad-Heiligen-                                              and graduated cum laude in
                                        stadt, Germany where he is a          Patrick Soluri ‘93 has moved           May of 2004. She is currently a
                                                                              back to Manhattan and is living

registered nurse and is also          Maya Morales ‘97 was a featured       However, I found my true passion        in Thailand. I'm in the northeast
pursuing a Master of Public Health    singer at a concert on September      working with the deaf and hard of       region, in Khon Kaen. My learn-
in international maternal and child   10, 2004 at St. Paul‘s Church in      hearing population. Starting in         ing experience has been
health at the University of North     New York City. Maya is now living     spring 2005, I will enter the           wonderful here. The program
Carolina at Chapel Hill. This         in England and pursuing her vocal     Hunter College Graduate School          focuses on globalization and
coming summer Robin will be in        studies with Alma Caesari in          for the Special Education Deaf          how it has affected Thailand.
West Africa doing an internship as    London. She is also studying at       and Hard of Hearing program.            Right now we are doing a block
part of her master's program and      Emerson College in the                Never would                             on water conservation and dam
is looking forward to working         foundation studies program.           I have expected my life to turn in      projects and their social and
overseas after she finishes her       Feeling very lucky to have had        this direction but Proverbs             environmental costs. Our next
degree in 2006.                       the opportunity to move to            16:9 says ‗In his heart a man           block is on agriculture, focusing
                                      England, she is very happy (and       plans his course, but the Lord          on bio-piracy, genetically modi-
Adrian Grenier ‘94 is currently       busy) learning about                  determines his steps‘.‖                 fied organisms, industrial
starring in HBO‘s new Sunday          Anthroposophy and doing a wide                                                farming, and environmental
night show, Entourage.                variety of musical things. At the     Louie Metzner ‘99 is in his last        losses. The program is very
                                      moment Maya is working on             year at School of Visual Arts in        proactive, though—we go out
Morgan (Bartell) Prey ‘94 will be     preparing a new recital in            Manhattan and is an incredible          to villages and see the effects of
moving to NYC in May. She has         collaboration with a composer         illustrator and graphic designer.       what we're learning about first
been the head of the Humane           and singer who used to teach                                                  hand, and we participate in
Society Behavior and Training         music at Emerson. She will be                                                 projects with non-governmental
Department in San Diego,
California working with shelter
animals to help them be more
                                      auditioning locally and then might
                                      perhaps be moving to Germany
                                      in the next year to pursue her
                                                                            2000s                                   organizations that are address-
                                                                                                                    ing them. For instance, for this
                                                                                                                    block on water, we are going to
adoptable. Her depart- ment also      operatic singing further. This term   Benjamin Ahrens ‘02 is a junior at      visit the Pak Mun Dam site and
offers a wide range of original       she has started a choir at the        Lafayette College in Easton,            stay with a village community
workshops and classes to the          college,                              Pennsylvania. He is spending            that has been protesting the dam
public.                               which is really exciting and chal-    his junior year abroad in Bris-         for 40 months, demanding that
                                      lenging. She is also teaching         bane, Australia. Between                its gates be opened seasonally
Kerin Brooks Smith ‘94 has a          privately to help support her own     semesters, Ben has settled down         to support the local fishing and
daughter, Jayla Kai Smith, born       music studies.                        in Byron Bay for a few months. He       sustain wildlife in
March 13, 2003.                                                             has been working part time as a         the area. They have been
                                                                            bus driver in exchange for              successful—the gates are
Cynthia Diaz ‘95 is in her sixth                                            accommodations and a small              opened from July to October,
year teaching first grade at the                                            wage. ―In doing this I have gotten      but they are now calling for the
Brearley School in New York City.                                           close to many locals and met            decommission of the dam. We
She is also working on her                                                  many travelers from all over the        will also be visiting a small local
Master‘s Degree in Early Child-                                             world. It has truly been great, but I   farm community and helping to
hood Education at Hunter                                                    must                                    install a drip irrigation system
College.                                                                    soon head back to school                there. This is a refreshing look at
                                                                            where, in addition to my                globalization. After all my
Stella Metzner ‘95 just got                                                 studies, I will be working a bit        classes at Amherst on the IMF
married and is working in the                                               to save some money for the              and World Bank and depressing
fashion industry.                                                           next leg of my journey in July to       statistics on medical access and
                                                                            Indonesia. I look forward to            water access I can finally study
Jonathan Edwards ‘96 is still                                               continuing my travels and even-         these things and then make a
living in Albany, NY, and has been                                          tually coming home.‖ Ben‘s mom,         difference, however small it may
working for Nextel Partners. He                                             Jacquie, recently completed a           be. It is so frustrating to read
has been with the company for                                               guest role on NBC‘s Law and             about the injustice of our global
four years as a System                                                      Order. The episode is called            system without feeling that I
Performance Engineer. During the      Olivia Migenes ‘98 reports:           ―License to Kill‖ and aired in          can do anything about it. I'm
spring of 2004, Jonathan started      ―I've truly been blessed since        February                                also learning Thai! It's quite
taking graduate college courses       my two years at Steiner. In           2005.                                   challenging, but the program
entering into a program to get a      2002, I graduated from Mary-                                                  has an accelerated method of
Masters of Science in                 mount Manhattan College with a        Martina Meijer ‘02 writes from          teaching, so we learned the
Telecommunications Engineering.       B.A. in Communications.               her junior abroad: ―I am having a       whole Thai alphabet in 12
                                                                            really positive experience here         hours! Now I'm working on

                                                                                                         syntax and building vocabulary,
                                                                                                         and by the end of the program I
                                                                                                         will be able to write a final
                                                                                                         paper in Thai! I'm excited to
                                                                                                         develop my language skills
                                                                                                         using a whole new alphabet.‖

                                                                                                         Ella Muradyan ‘03 is studying
                                                                                                         at Marymount College of
                                                                                                         Fordham University.

                                                                                                         Cornelia Peiper ‘03, sopho-
                                                                                                         more at Maryland Institute
                                                                                                         College of Art in Baltimore, was
                                                                                                         one of the few students whose
                                                                                                         work was exhibited in MICA‘s
                                                                                                         annual Juried Undergraduate
                                                                                                         Exhibition. This show allows the
                                                                                                         public to see the College‘s
                                                                                                         ―best of the best‖ undergradu-
                                                                                                         ate works from every
                                                                                                         department and class year.
“Church” by Cornelia Peiper ‟03

Bob Dandrew, former Director of      day in elementary school!‖ Bob     Patricia Livingston ‘42 cele-    Renate Soybel, Patti, Almuth
Development, wrote in to tell us     says that Mr. Copple treasures     brating her 80th Birthday with   Kretz, Jean Zay, and in the fore-
about his recent visit with former   letters and phone calls from       friends. (Seated from left,      ground, Hanna Kress.)
faculty member, Rudolf               former students and parents.
Copple, who turned 96 recently.
Bob says he spent a delightful       Ann Eaton and her husband,
afternoon with Mr. Copple, who       Chuck, left their home in New
continues to maintain his own        York on December 8, 2004 to
apartment in Harlemville, New        start a new life as ―real grand-
York, just up the road from the      parents‖ to their two littlest
Hawthorne Valley Farm. ―Our          granddaughters in the Colum-
conversation ranged from             bia River country of
remembrances of his students to      south-eastern Washington. They
his continued interest in how        have purchased a modern
Waldorf education is meeting the     house with a huge unfinished
needs of modern children,‖ Bob       basement, just waiting to be
says. ―I heard an especially funny   transformed into a large music
story about Adam                     room at one end, and a crafts
LeGrant ‘78 jumping up on his        workshop at the other. We wish
desk and bursting into song one      them well!

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