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                                    THE BRIEFING
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   Issue 9                                                                           January 27, 2011

                              IPTACS CONTINUES TO ATTRACT TOP TRAINERS
                                           Joe Hauer, Managing Director
Almost daily I have the opportunity to speak with educators and trainers from throughout the United States and
world who have heard about IPTACS and would like to learn more about the company. I like having these
conversations, even when it pulls me away from more immediate responsibilities, because it reinforces our
training principles and the importance of maintaining high standards on both whose associated with us and how
they train. Quality instructors are a rare and special breed. They are individuals that know the difference
between pulling a lesson plan off the internet and designing a customized lesson that reflects the unique
environment, culture, and knowledge level of their students. They understand the importance of instruction
that is meaningful, hands-on, and utilizes all the learning domains. Quality instructors are perpetual students of
innovative instructional methods and their subject matter specialty. We have all been a participant in their
course room because we stick around after class to learn more and pick their brain. These are the instructors
that IPTACS is attracting as we welcome over 160 Senior Police Training Associates to the team as of January,
2011. IPTACS Senior Police Training Associates represent some of the most highly qualified and experienced
criminal justice educators and trainers in the world. Seventy-five percent have a bachelor degree and most
have either masters or doctorate degrees. They are leaders in the field of criminal justice research and
development and many have authored scholarly publications and lectured at symposiums and conferences
throughout the world and over one-fourth are full professors or adjunct professors who are developing future
criminal justice leaders at colleges and universities.

                       Mr. David Hall, Senior Core Training Coordinator for Customized Course’s, has agreed to
                       assume the responsibilities of IPTACS Training Director on an interim basis, as the
                       company continues to grow. Mr. Hall will provide greater support and continuity in the
                       areas of recruitment and coordination support for the over 160 Senior Police Training
                       Associates and Senior Core Training Coordinators. Mr. Hall has been part of IPTACS
                       since its beginning and brings a wide range of professional expertise in the areas of
                       training and program development as a command level manager with the San Diego
                       Police Department ; Chief of the San Diego Harbor Police; Interim Director for the
Fresno Department of Public Safety; and Executive on Loan to California’s Peace Officer Standards and Training
(POST) where he developed and managed education and training programs for law enforcement officials
throughout the State of California including revising the Command College Program. He has taught and been a
guest lecturer throughout the United States and internationally and will provide important management and
oversight as IPTACS continues to attract the top criminal justice trainers throughout the world. Mr. Hall has a
bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and California’s POST
Command College. He can be contacted at .
                                        K. W. Prunty Joins IPTACS to Lead Corrections Training

                                 IPTACS is proud to announce Mr. K. W. Prunty has joined the Senior
                                 Management Team as Senior Core Training Coordinator for Corrections. Mr.
                                 Prunty brings a distinguished career in Corrections with one of the largest
                                 Department of Corrections in the United States, California Department of
                                 Corrections; comprised of over thirty-three institutions and more than
                                 170,000 inmates. Mr. Prunty has held supervision and leadership positions
including responsibility for California’s Basic Correctional Officers Academy; Chief Deputy Warden at the
Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego; Warden of the Sierra Conservation Center and
Calipatria State Prison; Regional Administrator for ten correctional institutions in Southern California; and
Undersecretary to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He brings a strong training
background in the corrections field as an adjunct professor at Grossmont College where he instructed
courses in The California Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Program. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal
Justice from California State University. He can be contacted at .

                                     IPTACS TECHNOLOGY CORNER
                                Chris Hallgren, Director of Information Technology

About a year ago, Director of Administration and Finance, Mark Busch, introduced me to Google Docs and, in
his words, he created a monster. The more I learned about Google Docs the more I liked it. It’s a great tool for
an organization like IPTACS - it allows us to store LOTS of documents at low cost and with minimal effort. Files
can be secured so that only certain people have access, and, of course, everything is available online.

Google Docs has become a key piece of technology for IPTACS. Our online trainer application, available
through the IPTACS website, is actually a Google Docs form. We use Google Docs to store and share all sorts of
internal company documents, and we have started building our Training Resource Library (TRL) in Google
Docs. The TRL allows trainers to share training materials (course outlines, PowerPoint presentations, videos,
etc.) with other trainers and is sure to become an invaluable asset for IPTACS.

Google Docs has turned out to be such a valuable resource for IPTACS that we have decided to share what
we’ve learned with others. In the next few months, we will develop a course offering that teaches agencies
how they can utilize Google Docs in their own countries – just one more element that will set IPTACS apart. To
learn more about Google Docs, visit
                             IPTACS Senior Police Training Associate Dr. Stephen M. Hennessey is currently an
                             Adjunct Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at St. Cloud State University
                             where he teaches in the Public Safety Executive Leadership Master’s Degree
                             Program. Dr. Hennessey has a broad range of experience in the criminal justice
                             field at the federal, state, and municipal level where he has held operational,
                             supervisory, and senior management positions. This experience includes serving as
                             a Special Agent with the FBI; Assistant Superintendent for the Bureau of Criminal
                             Apprehension within the Minnesota Department of Public Safety; and Training
                             Administrator for the Phoenix Police Department. His research and teaching
                             background includes his current position at St. Cloud University, Northern Arizona
                             University, Ottawa University, Arizona State University, Metropolitan University and
                             the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) where he has taught a wide
                             range of criminal justice, communication, leadership, cultural awareness, and
                             organizational effectiveness courses. Dr. Hennessey has been a frequent lecturer
                             and presenter both nationally and internationally on cultural awareness and racial
                             sensitivity as it relates to law enforcement and the criminal justice fields and is the
                             author of extensive research and publications in these areas. He has received
                             numerous awards and recognition for his work including the Distinguished Faculty
                             Award by the IACP; Martin Luther King “Living the Dream” award by the City of
                             Phoenix; and the Cultural Diversity Contribution Award by the City of Phoenix.

          January, 2011 – Spotlight on IPTACS Senior Police Training Associates

IPTACS Senior Police Training Associate Dr. Dennis W. Bowman is currently a
professor at Western Illinois University where he teaches a wide range of
upper division and graduate level criminal justice courses and has been
engaged in research, education, and training at the international, national and
local levels as Director of the Institute for Applied Criminal Justice Studies. In
addition to his teaching position at Western Illinois University he has held
teaching positions at Southern Illinois University and several community
colleges. Dr. Bowman also has a diverse background and professional
experience at the operational, supervisory, and senior executive level with the
Illinois State Police including Bureau Chief of the Academic Services Bureau,
Research and Development Bureau and Staff Services Bureau; Deputy Chief of
Inspection and Audits; Commander of the Office of Community Policing; and
Accreditation Manager in the Office of Accreditation for the Illinois State
Police. Dr. Bowman has conducted research and authored numerous
publications in a wide range of law enforcement and criminal justice areas and
has lectured throughout the United States and internationally on Community
Policing including recently at the East China University in Shanghai, China, St.
Petersburg, Russia and as a consultant under contract with the US Defense
Department at the Counterterrorism Executive Training Institute in Almaty,
                                                                 When IPTACS Director of Information
                                                                 Technology is not conducting computer
                                                                 forensic investigations, writing software,
                                                                 updating websites, and managing
                                                                 IPTACS technical services you can find
                                                                 him scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean or
                                                                 the Caribbean.

         Meet Chris Hallgren – IPTACS Director of Information Technology
             and Core Training Coordinator for Forensic Technology

Chris Hallgren, Director of Information Technology - Mr. Hallgren
brings over 18+ years of professional experience in the information
technology field in computer forensics, programming, web design,
database, and reporting/deployment. As principal consultant to
Oracle and consultant to InPower and Tesseract Mr. Hallgren
supported and managed human resource and payroll function
software applications and development. His responsibilities with
IPTACS include long range planning for technology needs;
development of technology solutions and develops, recommends,
and evaluates policies, regulations, procedures, and standards
pertaining to technology services.    He has a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Management Systems from Arizona State University and
Masters of Business Administration with specialization in
Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

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