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Teddy Bear Glitz Pageant Order Music (DOC)


									     Southern Elite Pageants LLC National Pageant
                    Pixie Perfect Glitz – Orlando, FL
                           December 10, 2011

Join Southern Elite Pageants LLC for our first ever National Pageant to
be held at Disney World near Orlando, Florida on December 10, 2011!

 Representatives from all of our state pageants are invited to come compete
                   for the title of Southern Elite Pageants’
                      USA Ultimate Grand Supreme!

   All winners from the state pageants will be recognized at the National
 pageant and announced as state title holders! All contestants are welcome,
  even if you have not competed with us before. Make this part of a mini
                 family vacation to Florida this December!

    We will be offering three special packages for our National Pageant:

    A) Glitz Package = Beauty, Outfit of Choice, and 1 Optional Category! $150.00

     B) Supreme Package = Beauty, Outfit of Choice, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes,
            Prettiest Smile, Best Dressed, and 2 Optional Categories! $250.00

    C) Ultimate Grand Supreme Package = Unlimited! ALL of the above – Beauty,
       Outfit of Choice, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile, Best Dressed, 2
             Optional Categories PLUS 2 more Optional Categories!! $325.00

                  Our Optional Categories to choose from are:
                Holiday Wear, Talent, Photogenic, and Interview.

  **All contestants in all packages are eligible for our Mini Supreme,
    Grand Supreme, and Ultimate Grand Supreme titles, as well as
                            divisional titles!**

              Registration Forms are available on our website,

              Or by e-mail at

        Questions? Call Dorothy Poteat, director, at 919-698-6113
                 Southern Elite Pageants, LLC
                 Nationals Registration Form
       Disney World FL – Pixie Perfect Glitz – Nationals – 12/10/11

Contestant Name ____________________________________________
CITY______________ State_______________________ZIP__________
Phone __________________ Email _____________________________
Birthday ________________ Age as of 45 days prior to event__________
Parents name _______________________________________________
Goals/Anything you want read while contestant is on stage:

_______ $150 Glitz Package = Beauty, Outfit of Choice, and 1 Optional Category!

_______ $250 Supreme Package = Beauty, Outfit of Choice, Prettiest Hair,
           Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile, Best Dressed, and 2 Optional Categories!

________$325 Ultimate Grand Supreme Package = Unlimited! ALL of the above
           Beauty, Outfit of Choice, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile,
           Best Dressed, 2 Optional Categories PLUS 2 more Optional Categories!!

Optionals to Choose From: (all optionals and all packages count towards
             Supreme Titles!)

_______ Talent
     - 3 minute limit. Please describe your talent

_______ Holiday Wear
     - For 2011: Represent ANY holiday of your choice
     - For 2012:
                  Pixie Perfect Glitz – Winter Holiday Wear

________ Photogenic
     - You may submit one photo for the Photogenic Competition.
     - One photo is included. If you’d like to submit more than one, each
        additional photo is $15.00.

________ Interview
      - Contestant will appear on stage, hold microphone, and answer three
      questions. Sample questions are: What is your favorite movie and why?
      Why do you enjoy pageants? Who is your favorite person?


_______ $ 5 Tickets Per Person in advance. Children 3 and under are free.
Tickets can also be purchased at event.
_______ $ 20 CREDIT if you are sending this in prior to 45 days before the

_______ Total Entry Due

Payment Options:
     - Mail Check or Money Order, payable to Dorothy Poteat
     - PayPal payment sent to PayPal address

Payment Plan:
     - Pay 50% of your total as a deposit, and pay the remainder before
        Pageant Day. If you need a different payment plan, please contact

**No checks accepted within 7 days of event. Please make checks payable
to Dorothy Poteat
**Money orders or Paypal accepted up to day of pageant.

Mail to:
Dorothy Poteat, director
Southern Elite Pageants
PO Box 2215
Chapel Hill NC 27515



                          Southern Elite Pageants
                         Talent Rules and Regulations

1. ALL entries have a 3 min lime limit to perform. A 5 point penalty will be
assessed for every 10 seconds over time limit. CD accompaniment only. Notify
us in advance if you need a different music option.

2. Stage time will be given to everyone to mark their routine, but a complete run
through will not be possible. One sound check will be done by sound crew prior
to competition.

3. NO ONE is allowed near the judges table.

4. Dancers & Acrobats– this is a talent competition. You are not limited to how
many “tricks”, etc. that you may have in your routine. Be as creative as you like.
However, be advised that Southern Elite Pageants is not liable for any injuries
while attending or competing at this competition. Keep in mind that the stage is
usually portable and is NOT a fixed platform and space may be limited.

5. Vocalists – ABSOLUTELY NO lead vocals are allowed on your CD. This
means you may not sing along with your favorite artist and expect to be judged
for it. Nor are you allowed to pre-record your own voice and sing over the top of
it. Background vocals allowed only. Any vocalists that compete and sing over
lead vocals will receive the lowest placing at awards. Select AGE
APPROPRIATE songs. This is just as important part of your score as the
performance itself.

6. Props are allowed for entries but there are a few that are prohibited: Fire,
water, pyrotechnics, glass, swords or knives or sharp objects, live animals. At NO
time can objects be thrown off stage. Large props are only allowed 1 minute for
set up time. Point penalties will be assessed after that. There is no prop master
so make sure you have someone that will set up and remove your props.

7. MUSIC SELECTIONS – Remember there will be attendants of all ages.
Please be conscious of other participants when selecting the content of your
music. Excessive foul language in vocals will not be tolerated. Choreography
presented showing displays of violence, social prejudice or overt sexual
innuendo will result in point deduction.

8. Only one (1) song per CD is allowed. Do not give the sound booth a CD with
several songs on it. They are not responsible for the wrong song coming on
during your entrance to the stage.

9. CD’s must be labeled with contestant name and name of routine or song and
presented alone or in a single slip or jewel case. NO CD books will be accepted.
10. Photography is prohibited. A professional photographer will be on hand to
photograph EVERY contestant and photos will be available for order during the
competition. ALL cell phones and pagers must be on silent in the facility at
all times.

11. NO outside food and drink allowed, other than bottled water.

12. By entering this competition, you release your likeness, vocals, choreography
etc., to Southern Elite for website, promotions and photographs for promotional

   13. Please let us know of any vendor you will be bringing here, including
      contact information:

14. Contestants who enter first get to chose where in line they will be.

___________________________________________ _____________________
Contestant or Parent Signature (if under age 18) Date
                    Competition Rules and Regulations
        All award ceremonies are held immediately following each competition.
Judges decisions are final and personal scores/ranking are available upon
written request or a Paypal request with $12. It takes 7-10 days upon payment
request to receive scores. Other contestants’ scores are privileged. We do not
discriminate against race, color, creed or heritage. Height and weight are not a
part of the judge’s scores.

        These are “Glitz” pageants, as such, all hair extensions, makeup, tans,
flippers, etc are allowed. However, none of these are required. We rarely see
babies with makeup! This is totally up to you and what shows your contestant at
his/her best!

      Individuals may not approach Judges with the intent to influence or
harass. This type of action will result in disqualification of the connected
contestant. It is optional for contestants to stay at the host hotel during our
pageants; contestants will provide their own transportation and provide their own
wardrobe. Southern Elite Pageants expects each Contestant to show the highest
degree of sportsmanship conduct and will not tolerate rude, mean, or
inappropriate conduct. Such inappropriate conduct could end with Contestant
being disqualified.

      The pageant is not responsible for any accident or injury, lost or stolen
All contestants will have time on the stage/runway before each competition. All
details regarding the event will be walked through so that each participant can
enjoy her time in front of the judges. Babies under 14mo must be carried on
stage by one parent and are allowed to be set down in front of judges. Babies are
judged only on facial beauty, personality and wardrobe alone and there are no
extra points or benefits to babies that can stand or walk. Toddlers must have a
parent on stage with them at all times. PROPS are allowed in all categories
accept BEAUTY.

        Beauty dresses should be short, cupcake style for girls infant through age
6. Girls ages 7 and up have the option of wearing a ballroom floor-length dress,
but may also wear the cupcake style. Ballroom dresses should not show shoes.
Color and style of dresses is up to individual. Outfit of choice is an opportunity
for the contestant to show his/her personality, any age-appropriate outfit is
accepted. Those contestants competing in holiday wear may wear any outfit
representing any holiday in 2011 and the specified holiday in 2012 – the more
creative the better!

       For our beauty competition, each contestant is given 60 seconds on stage.
The stage will be marked with six marks, three across the back and three across
the front. Everyone will have the same background music for Beauty.
Information about each contestant, which should be included on the registration
form, will be read during this time. Props are not allowed in Beauty. For Beauty,
judges will be looking for facial beauty, overall look, and poise.

        For our Outfit of Choice competition, each contestant is given 2 minutes
on stage. Contestants may bring their own music for outfit of choice. Please see
the music requirements above in the talent guidelines. Props are allowed for
Outfit of Choice. In this category judges will be looking for personality,
originality, and overall look.

      For our optional Holiday Wear competition, each contestant is given 90
seconds on stage. Contestants may bring their own music for Holiday Wear.
Props are allowed. Judges will be looking for personality, creativity, and overall

        Our Supreme package and Ultimate Grand Supreme package contestants
will also be judged for most beautiful eyes, hair, smile, and best dressed. All of
our contestants will be eligible for Mini Supreme (third highest point winner),
Grand Supreme (second highest point winner), and Ultimate Grand Supreme
(overall high point winner).

       Judging will be as follows:
       - Beauty: Divisional Queen/King titles are based on Beauty scores.
          Beauty scores also count towards Supreme titles. 50 points are
          awarded for beauty with the following break-down: 25 points for facial
          beauty, 10 points for attire, 10 points for poise and personality, and 5
          points for the “X” factor, the “sparkle” factor, overall impression.
       - Outfit of Choice: Outfit of Choice will be a separate prize within each
          age group. Outfit of Choice scores do count towards Supreme titles.
          25 points are awarded for Outfit of Choice: 10 points for overall look,
          10 points for personality, and 5 points for overall impression.
       - Holiday Wear: Holiday Wear will have a runner up and overall winner.
          Holiday Wear scores do count towards Supreme titles. 25 points are
          awarded for Holiday Wear: 10 points for overall look, 10 points for
          personality, and 5 points for overall impression.
       - Talent: Talent scores do count towards Supreme titles. Two overall
          talent awards will be given, one for the winner and one for runner up.
          20 points are awarded for Talent: 15 points for the actual talent, and 5
          points for overall look.
       - Photogenic: Photogenic scores do count towards Supreme titles. A
          photogenic runner up and photogenic winner will be chosen. A
          possible 25 points are available. All Photogenic winners will be
          featured on our website.
       - Interview: Interview scores do count towards Supreme titles. Each
          contestant will be asked three questions. An interview winner and
          runner up will be chosen. A possible 25 points are available.
       There are no registration deadlines – however – if you get your
registration in prior to 45 days before the event, you will receive a $20
credit towards your registration. Also, contestants get to pick the order in
which they will appear based on when they register.

       All fees must be paid in full before your contestant can compete.
Cash or money orders only are accepted on Pageant Day. Please
understand that all deposits are non-refundable. $50 NSF Fee charged to all
returned checks.

        Should the contestant be unable to compete for any reason after entry
fees are paid, ALL fees are non-refundable. This includes deposits and any fees
paid up until the competition. Under certain circumstances, a partial credit
towards next scheduled competition may be issued. If a competition is cancelled
by Southern Elite for any reason and an entry fee has been paid, delegate will
have a credit with the option to enter the next competition of his/her choice within
1 year of the cancelled event or a full refund. Southern Elite Pageants holds the
right to cancel any event due to low enrollment, however, any paid contestant
who has registered shall be given the option to compete at another location free
of charge in the categories in which he/she has already registered.

       All vendors need to register with Southern Elite Pageants as soon as
possible via our website or email. Please notify us of any vendors you are
bringing, or if you are in need of a vendor.

       If your contestant has won a state title in one of our pageants, he/she will
be recognized for this at the National pageant. Example: “Contestant #4 is Ms.
Katie. Ms. Katie was our Mini Supreme and Holiday Wear Winner in Tennessee
this year…”

       ALL contestants will go home with a trophy and crown!


       1)       Refer new contestants that enter one of our pageants (This cannot
            be contestants that have already competed with us). Discounts given
            after your referrals register in full.
       -    Refer 3 contestants and you get 50% off your total entry fee!!
       -    Refer 2 contestants and you get 35% off!
       -    Refer 1 contestant and you get 20% off!

       2) All of our return contestants receive 25% off! This mean if you
          compete with us, the next time you compete with us, you can take 25%
          off your total fee! This also applies to our National pageant in Florida.
       3) Sibling Discount: Take 20% off each additional siblings’ total fee!
      4) Military: All active military families take 20% off total fee!

      Only one discount may be used per child, per pageant.

      Please return this form with your entry as acknowledgement to these rules
and regulations along with your entry and contestant information forms.
_______________________________ __________________
Contestant Signature                     Date
_______________________________ __________________
Parent Signature(If contestant under 18) Date
Tentative Schedule ~ Day of Pageant
All times are estimated until registration. You will receive an exact itinerary 45
days before the event. We stick very strictly to our itinerary so please plan
10:00 Beauty
12:00 Outfit of Choice
2:00 Holiday Wear
3:00 Talent
5pm CROWNING Press photos immediately following – If you have won a title
you must stay for group photos. DO NOT leave the stage.

The People’s Choice Queen
$1.00 per vote…Paypal your votes to There is no limit
to how many votes your family and friends can send in (ex - a $50 vote
counts as 50 votes!) These will be added to the $1.00 ballots your friends
and family can purchase and turn in the day of the pageant. Bring your own
cheering section…
This is a crowned, prize awarded queen!

Age Divisons:
*Age deadlines: 45 days prior to the pageant is the age cutoff for all contestants.
*We reserve the right to slightly alter age divisions due to participation if
necessary. All contestants will be given the final age divisions prior to the

Baby Miss Elite – 0-23 months
Tiny Miss Elite – 2-3 years
Petite Miss Elite – 4-6 years
Little Miss Elite – 7-9 years
Junior Miss Elite – 10-13 years
Miss Elite – 14-16 years

Baby Mister Elite – 0-23 months
Little Mister Elite – 2-3 years
Junior Mister Elite – 4-6 years

**Hotel Info will be sent to each contestant when registration form is received!
Hotel info will be confirmed with all registered contestants at least 45 days in
advance. This is a security measure to ensure that only those individuals who
are supposed to be at the pageant are there! We will book blocks of rooms to
give our contestants a chance to book at the venue – this info will be sent to all
registered contestants as soon as it is released!

***Southern Elite Pageants LLC is a licensed and insured organization.

       Please let us know if you have any questions!

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