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					                                                    PIMA COUNTY

                             Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department

               THE PIPELINE        Monthly Newsletter
                                                                                                                                  April 2009

     Pipeline, an
                                      Meet RWRD’s New Loss
   Award-Winning                       Prevention Officer
     Publication                 by Lorraine Simon

      Reporters:                  The New Year was off to a good start this January when Sylvia
    Maggie Alvarez             Gonzales became RWRD’s new Loss Prevention Officer. In this
     Daniel Brown              role, Sylvia manages the safety and health program for the
    Sylvia Gonzales            Treatment Division.
 Laura Hagen Fairbanks            Sylvia’s career with Pima County began in July 1984
     Thom Nielsen              when she worked in the personnel section of the
      Shaun Pfund              Department of Transportation, a position she held for
     Wayne Proctor             ten years. In 1994 Sylvia went to work as a Staff
    Lorraine Simon             Specialist in Public Works Safety. She worked in
    Lilian Von Rago            Public Works Safety until 2007, when she was
     Eric Wieduwilt            transferred to the Finance and Risk Management
                               Department. In January 2009, Sylvia was
  Managing Editor:             promoted to the position she holds today as
 Laura Hagen Fairbanks         a Loss Prevention Officer for the Treatment       Sylvia Gonzales, Loss Prevention Officer,
                               Division. continue to page 9                      Treatment Division
     Lorraine Simon
                               ROMP Architecture Project at the Roger Road
                               Water Reclamation Campus
                                 by Lilian von Rago

                                  A great deal of planning goes into any great project. The RWRD’s 32 mgd Water Reclamation Campus
                               (WRC), to be completed by 2015 on land north of the Roger Road site, is no exception. Even though the
                               deadline for awarding the construction contract isn’t until January of 2011 – almost two years from now –
                               project development and planning is currently underway.
   Mission                        RWRD Director Michael Gritzuk recently met with John Sather and David Blanco of Swaback Partners.
  Statement                    Swaback is a renowned Arizona-based architecture, planning, and interior design firm headquartered in
                               Scottsdale. The Swaback approach to design aspires to a higher level of thinking, collaboration, architectural
Our mission is to protect
                               theme development, and places a great deal of emphasis on sustainability factors – starting with water as a
the public health, safety,     vital resource.
  and the environment             Swaback has been soliciting ideas from a wide range of stakeholders for this project, taking into
   by providing quality        consideration benefits available to the community – in addition to its primary purpose, wastewater
 service, environmental        reclamation. In so doing, the firm has met not only with RWRD staff – but also with representatives of the
    stewardship and            Audubon Society, Pima County Cultural Resources, Pima County Natural Resources Parks and Recreation,
  renewable resources.         risk management professionals, security firm professionals, and a number of different constituencies capable
                               of providing a variety of opinions and perspectives about design settings, aesthetics, connectivity and
                               sustainability. continue to page 9
April 2009

          Ina Road WRF Archaeological Cultural Findings
  by Lorraine Simon and James Vint, Desert Archaeology, Inc.

   In the February edition of the Pipeline, we reported on the cultural           Interstate 10 Ina Road on-ramp occurred in 1998. During this same
resources discovered by Desert Archaeology, Inc. (DAI) during the                 period, more extensive excavations took place on the Ina Road facility
second phase of archeology work taking place at the Ina Road                      site during the 12.5 mgd plant expansion.
Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF). This work was precipitated by                  Results from these two projects revealed a history of intensive
the upcoming upgrade and expansion projects that will be constructed              occupation at the site that dates from about 1250 B.C. to around
at the Ina Road facility as part of the Regional Optimization Master              800 B.C. Although many villages continued to be occupied along
Plan.                                                                             the Santa Cruz River, there was apparently no permanent settlement
   DAI has been conducting tours to share information about many of               on the acreage that today houses the Ina Road facility. Since the
the cultural findings at the Ina Road WRF. I recently had the privilege of        late 17th century to present, the Tucson Basin has seen increasingly
attending one of those tours. Our tour guide, James Vint, a research              intensive use from the growth of Tohono O'Odham, Hispanic, and
archaeologist with DAI, took the group along to see the archaeological            Anglo communities. The Ina Road facility is located just downstream
sites inside the grounds of the Ina Road WRF.                                     from where the Rillito Creek and the Cañada del Oro Wash join with the
   DAI began archaeological excavations at the Pima County Ina                    Santa Cruz River. This made the site where the Ina facility is located
Road WRF in August 2008. The Ina Road WRF sits on top of a large                  an ideal area for agriculture and habitation because of a reliable water
archeological site named “Las Capas” (“The Layers”), so named                     source and a floodplain suited for agriculture—conditions that help
because of the remarkable floodplain stratigraphy that is present along           explain the long history of human occupation on this spot.
this stretch of the Santa Cruz River. Stratigraphy is the study and                   For most of the Santa Cruz River’s history there was almost always
interpretation of layers in archaeological deposits. Identifying the extent       steady surface water flow, particularly below where these three streams
of the site is challenging because it is not visible on the present-day           merge. This unique hydrological environment created a riverine that
surface; instead it is buried between 60 centimeters to more than 3               was perfectly suited for drawing water from the river via the canals.
meters of floodplain deposits and imported fill.                                      The time interval from 1250 to 800 B.C. when the site of Las Capas
   The excavation project was initiated as part of the Ina Road WRF               was inhabited is defined by archaeologists as the San Pedro phase
upgrade construction project and in compliance with Pima County                   of the Early Agricultural Period. During the San Pedro Phase, native
Cultural Resources Office regulations. In addition to complying with              inhabitants constructed, maintained and expanded the agricultural
county standards, the project is following state and federal guidelines           fields along the canals. Maize agriculture was introduced to the
for archaeological field work and research, as well as maintaining                American Southwest from Mexico as early as 1500 B.C. Hunting and
ongoing consultation with the Arizona State Historic Preservation                 gathering remained the principal sources of food for the native people.
Office. Archaeological work at the plant is scheduled to continue                     The presence of canals suggests that this site was a large and
through July 2009.                                                                long-term agriculturally-based village. Current archeological work has
   The site of Las Capas was first identified in 1975 when excavation             exposed a surprisingly extensive and sophisticated canal system with
of utility and drainage trenches across Interstate 10 revealed deeply             associated bordered fields fed by canal waters. In addition to the canal
buried archaeological deposits. Radiocarbon dates on charred plant                system identified, a number of pit houses appear to be associated with
remains suggested that the material dated to some time between 2000               specific segments of the canal system, which may help explain how
and 1000 B.C.                                                                     maintenance of canals and control of water-flow was organized by this
   Between 1975 and 1998, several small projects outside of the Ina               early farming community.
Road WRF perimeter explored buried deposits with features such                        Based on preliminary findings, the size of the village could have
as roasting pits, storage pits, artifacts, and radiocarbon samples,               ranged from approximately 100 to 300 people. The population size
which later proved to be part of the larger site of Las Capas. Further            would have been dependent on the environmental conditions and the
archaeological excavations related to the construction of the new                 extent and function of the canals that irrigated fields. Initial estimates

                                                                                                                                              April 2009

Crews excavating San Pedro Phase Pithouses. Photo submitted by Desert Archaeology, Inc.

suggest that this canal system could have irrigated between 60 to               to ensure secure agricultural production.
180 acres, a range again dependent on riverine conditions, the size                New archaeological information at this site provides an
of functional canals, and village size. Such an extensive canal system          understanding of early agricultural culture, technology, and our region’s
would have required regular maintenance and a labor pool large                  history and heritage. These archaeological discoveries are possible
enough to repair and re-engineer the channels. This also required a             through the support and cooperation of the Pima County Ina Road
highly integrated social system to organize this labor and allocate water       WRF and the Pima County Cultural Resources Office.

Southern Arizona Regional Science                                               by 9th graders Sumedha Ravishankar and Sirtaj Singh of Empire High
                                                                                School; “Effect of Water Pollution on Brine Shrimp” by Victoria Young,
and Engineering Fair                                                            a 3rd grade student at Centennial Elementary; “Can Duckweed be
  by Lilian von Rago                                                            Used to Reduce Pollutants in Freshwater?” by 4th grader Moira Schein
  Many thanks to this year’s RWRD judges for officiating at the                 of the Sonoran Science Academy; “When Does Water Evaporate the
Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF)                 Fastest?” by 4th graders Andy Zhou and Max Martin of Fruchthendler
held at the Tucson Convention Center, March 17, 2009. Every year,               Elementary; “Desert Water Filtration” by 6th grader Emma Froehlich
RWRD provides three or more volunteers to judge science and                     of Doolen Middle School; and “Nitrate Level in the Santa Cruz River
engineering projects created by children from grades K-12 in regard to          Riparian Area” by Caitlin Horton, an 11th grade student at Rio Rico
water and wastewater-related topics. This year’s judges were RWRD               High School. (Emma Froehlich is the daughter of Dennis Froelich;
Engineer Dennis Froehlich; Technical Services Manager, Houssam El               however, Dennis removed himself as a judge, when Emma’s project
Jerdi; and Chemist, John Van Riper. With so many worthy projects,               was being evaluated.)
the judges always have a tough job. This year’s winning water and                  Many thanks to our judges for volunteering their time and
wastewater projects included: “Mutagenicity of Reused Water Bottles”            encouraging young people in their educational pursuits.

April 2009

Making Safety Your #1 Priority                                                          Staffing Changes
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter                                                          This past month brought about changes for three
  by Sylvia Gonzales                                                                    very gifted and talented women who chose different
                                                                                        career paths on their journey with RWRD. One received
   Have you ever wondered why some receptacles (electrical outlets) have a red          a promotion, another transferred to a new division, and
and black button located at the center of the receptacle? This type of outlet – a
                                                                                        one retired after twenty years of service.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacle – is an inexpensive lifesaver.
   GFCIs detect any difference in current between two circuit wires (the black                                        Mary Hamilton
wires and white wires). This type of difference in current could occur when                                           Promoted to Environ-
electrical equipment is not working correctly, and can cause the outlet to trip.                                      mental Planning and
   GFCIs are required for all construction sites and projects and when work is                                        Compliance Manager
conducted in wet or damp locations. It is also required for outlets located near                                        by Eric Wieduwilt
sinks, showers, water fountains, and swimming pools. GFCIs are different from
circuit breakers because they detect leakage currents rather than overloads.                                               Please join me in
   Circuits with missing damaged, or improperly wired GFCIs are hazards and can                                         conveying to Mary Hamilton
cause shocks.                                                                                                           best wishes in her new
   All workers must make it their responsibility to ensure that their work                                              position of Environmental
environments are free of hazards. Do not make safety a choice, make it a personal                                       Planning and Compliance
obligation. Become observant of your work surroundings, report hazards, and             Manager, overseeing the work of the CIP Planning group
work safely!                                                                            and the Development Liaison group, in the Planning
                                                                                        Services Section.
                                                                                           Mary has been with the Planning, Engineering, and CIP
Security Seconds                                                                        Division since July 2006 and possesses the experience
  by Shaun Pfund                                                                        and knowledge necessary to effectively manage the
                                                                                        daily functions of the Planning Services Section. Her
   Many of our employees have been confused over issues involving the proper            past experience working for the California Water
procedure to follow when reporting an incident involving a PCRWRD facility,             Resources Control Board and the Indiana Department
employee, suspicious person, or acts of vandalism or theft. This confusion at           of Transportation will provide the Planning Services
times has led to a breakdown of communication. Communication most typically             employees and their customers with the leadership, and
breaks down because staff does not know who is supposed to be contacted.                regulatory and technical knowledge necessary to keep our
   In an effort to streamline our incident reporting system, a universal “Security      projects moving forward.
Incident Report Form” has been developed. The form was developed via                       I look forward to working with Mary on the many
a collaboration of the Security Office within the Director’s Office, Conveyance         challenges ahead. Please join me in supporting Mary in her
Division and Risk Management Department. This form will provide universal               new assignment.
and basic information which will allow for immediate recognition of the incident
                                                                                                                      Michelle Hendrix
which in turn will lead to adequate services to correct and resolve the issue. A
                                                                                                                      Moves to the Richey
copy of the form has been inserted in this month’s edition of the Pipeline.
                                                                                                                      Conveyance Division
   The Security Office in conjunction with the Treatment Division Loss Prevention
                                                                                                                        by Eric Wieduwilt
Officer, Sylvia Gonzales, will provide training to the Treatment Division on the
notification procedure that accompanies this form. Other divisions will have                                               Michelle Hendrix, Senior
training on reporting procedures.                                                                                       Administrative Specialist,
   All PCRWRD employees should rely on the following basics of “Incident                                                has accepted a transfer
Reporting” until training has been provided.                                                                            to the Richey Road
   Any incident involving a vandalism or sanitary sewer overflow should be                                              Conveyance Division, where
directed to the Conveyance Division for their response and evaluation.                  she will support the many new activities and projects that
   Any incident involving vandalism or theft should be reported to an immediate         the Conveyance Division is moving forward on.
supervisor who will contact the law enforcement agency as directed by division             “The Conveyance Division staff is glad Michelle is
procedures and county policy. The supervisor will notify the appropriate                joining them, and is looking forward to working with
jurisdiction in this matter and will file a report. The information that was reported   her. Michelle’s extensive knowledge of the department’s
to law enforcement will be communicated to RWRD’s Security Office. Security             administrative operational procedures will be a great asset
Office staff will assist with the investigation and follow up.                          to them,” said John Munden, Michelle’s new supervisor.
   Our goal is to provide a clear incident reporting form and communicate                  Our very best wishes to Michelle on her new
its use and purpose to our employees, ultimately resulting in a more secure             assignment. We will miss her support and energy on the
department for our staff and the community.                                             numerous projects and functions she was involved with.

                                                                                                                                          April 2009

                                                   an Administrative Support Specialist for Kino      said Suzy.
                                                   Hospital. She worked in various departments           Suzy worked closely with the County
                                                   during her 11-year stint with the hospital. Most   Administrator’s Office, Clerk of the Board,
                                                   memorable was her work with the Institutional      County Attorney’s Office and RWRD
                                                   Review Board (IRB) and the Bio Ethics              administration. Her work required that she
                                                   Committee (BEC).                                   be familiar with Open Meeting Laws, legal
                                                      Suzy transferred her experience in working      regulations and legal document preparation,
                                                   as a liaison for the IRB and BEC to RWRD           the submission process for BOS Agenda
                                                   when she came on board in 2000. Suzy               items, and strong interpersonal skills in working
                                                   transferred in as an Administrative Specialist.    with others.
                                                   In 2006 her position was reclassified to Special      Suzy was born in Seattle, Washington and
Suzy Hunt Retires                                  Staff Assistant, the title she held up until her   came to Tucson in 1976. “I moved here and
  by Lorraine Simon                                retirement.                                        felt like I was the Gila Monster that had come
                                                      As the staff liaison to the RWRAC, Suzy         home,” said Suzy.
   After nine years with the department, Special   prepared for the monthly committee meetings.          Suzy was looking forward to her retirement
Staff Assistant, Suzy Hunt, said goodbye to        Meeting preparations required a great deal of      but acknowledged that she would miss the
RWRD on March 31. Suzy’s responsibilities          behind-the-scenes work. Suzy prepared the          people she had worked with over the years.
included being the liaison between RWRD            meeting agendas; secured the presenters;           In her spare time, Suzy enjoys reading,
and the Regional Wastewater Reclamation            secured the meeting room; set up the room,         gardening, music and movies of all kinds. Her
Advisory Committee (RWRAC). The RWRAC              ordered and set up the food served at the          immediate retirement plans include improving
is comprised of individuals appointed by the       meeting; distributed and prepared the meeting      her physical health. “I look forward to joining
Board of Supervisors (BOS), other government       packets; recorded the meetings; and prepared       the Silver Sneakers program,” said Suzy.
entities and professional organizations.           extensive meeting minutes.                         “My other plans include becoming a literacy
RWRAC members make recommendations to                 “My experience in working with hospitals        volunteer to help people realize their potential.
the Board of Supervisors on a variety of issues,   provided me with people skills, the ability to     I’m also thinking about writing my memoirs.”
including the department budget and financial      respond to situations as they arise, use of my        A well-attended retirement party was held
plan.                                              writing skills, experience with taking meeting     in Suzy’s honor at El Charro Restaurant on
   Suzy Hunt began her career with Pima            minutes, and knowledge of federal and state        Tuesday, March 31. Good luck Suzy!
County 20 years ago where she worked as            regulations that govern this work environment,”

                  Some of Suzy’s coworkers shared their sentiments about what it was like to
                                               work with her.
               “Suzy is both a role model and mentor for department staff. Her                   “Suzy and I connected on a
                 ability to form and maintain effective working relationships                   personal level and I am really
                  with the RWRAC Committee, County Attorney’s Office, Clerk                    going to miss her. Nonetheless, I
                 of the Board, as well as RWRD staff has been invaluable to the                am very happy that she will now
              department. Suzy’s positive attitude and pleasant manner will be                have more time to pursue some of
                     greatly missed by all of us,” — Suzy’s supervisor, Ed Curley.            her personal goals and interests.”
                                                                                                      — Laura Fairbanks
                     “The one thing that stands out in
                      my mind when I think of Suzy is                “Suzy has masterfully guided the Regional Wastewater
                    that I have never heard her say “no”                Advisory Committee for our department with only
                    or “I can’t do that”. No matter who                 a disarming smile, attention to detail that rivals a
                     is asking the question or seeking                  microchip machine, and a memory of past events
                   assistance, if Suzy cannot answer or                surpassing the National Archives.  Her contributions
                   assist them she finds someone who                  to the committee have been returned 100-fold by the
                   can. Her level of customer service is               support and accolades we receive from our advisory
                   something we all should strive for,”                       committee members,” — Eric Wieduwilt.
                                 — Jeff Nichols.

April 2009

Spread the News
  by Wayne Proctor

   Are you involved in any activities or projects that the public should       your colleagues. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing,
know more about? If so, we need to hear from you.                              please contact me at or at 405-0767 to let me
   Arizona (AZ) Water Association (formerly: Arizona Water & Pollution         know you want to be part of this exciting effort. As the chair of the
Control Association, AWPCA) professionals are taking leadership roles          committee, I would be happy to talk to you about opportunities to work
on issues surrounding water concerns, sustainability, delivery, and            with the public relations committee.
renewable resources. These are issues in which public education can               As an organization, AZ Water is dedicated to helping career
be greatly improved.                                                           advancement for water professionals, high quality water and
   The newly-formed public relations committee has been charged                public health, future water certainty for Arizona water consumers,
with the task of promoting AZ Water Association (AZ Water) and its             environmental leadership, increasing financial resources dedicated to
members’ activities. This committee is chaired by Wayne Proctor from           water and the environment, collaboration and public outreach. Our
the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department.                    commitment to water in Arizona encompasses all forms: surface water,
   If you know something about a topic that should be publicized,              ground water, drinking water, wastewater, reclaimed water and ultrapure
please submit your comments and ideas to AZ Water, and the public              water.
relations committee will take it from there.                                      AZ Water serves the Arizona section of the American Water Works
   The public relations committee is recruiting new members. We                Association (AWWA) and the Arizona member association of the Water
are recruiting people who are interested in writing, communication             Environment Federation (WEF).
and spreading the news about the AZ Water Association. Let your                   For additional information, please refer to the website at
enthusiasm show how proud you are of the great work performed by

Personnel Update
  by Dan Brown

There have been some recent personnel                 Enrollment period. If you are trying to                FMLA
and payroll changes that RWRD                         decide on which insurance plan is best                    While the new FMLA Administrative
Employee Services would like to clarify               suited for your needs, please attend                   Procedures have yet to be posted, the
for you on the following topics:                      one of the scheduled meetings and/or                   actual new FMLA regulations that were
                                                      contact me at 740-6623 if you have any                 effective January 16, 2009 affect
                                                      questions.                                             how compensatory time is used.
Open Enrollment                                                                                              Compensatory time will now count
   This year’s Open Enrollment period                 Leave Request Form                                     towards FMLA leave. This means that for
will be from April 30 – May 22, 2009. All                A new Leave Request form has been                   payroll purposes when calculating FMLA
employees that are currently enrolled in              approved by the Executive Team and                     leave usage, leave banks will be charged
the HMO or PPO plans will be required to              is available for use from the RWRD                     in the order of sick, compensatory time,
re-enroll.                                            Intranet site. Please begin using the                  and then vacation.
   All Open Enrollment will be done                   new form immediately. Also note that                      Finance has approved and published
through the online benefits (ADP/                     page two of the form is required by                    the revision to the TAF forms currently
Employease) program. No paper forms                   the Pima County Finance Department                     in use to reflect this change. RWRD
will be utilized this year. You can find              for the use of Bereavement Leave. It                   requested and received permission to
the link to the system on the main Pima               must be completed and attached to the                  exhaust our current supply of TAF’s. We
County Human Resources Benefits (www.                 Employee’s Time Authorization Form (TAF)               will advise you when to start using the Internet page.             for the pay period in which Bereavement                new TAF forms.
   There will be several Health Fairs and             Leave is used. If this form is not attached,
Open Enrollment informational meetings                Finance will not allow the Bereavement
conducted throughout the Open                         Leave usage.

                                                                                                                                  April 2009

Dialogue with the Executive Team Meetings Scheduled
  by Laura Hagen Fairbanks

  The Executive Team
                               DATE         TIME                      FACILITY                            LOCATION
  is busy planning the
  next set of Dialogue         4/28/09      1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.     Richey Road                         Large Conference Room
  with the Executive           4/29/09      12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.    IWC                                 Large Conference Room
  Team meetings.
                               4/29/09      3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.     Roger Road                          Large Conference Room
  The schedule
  for the meetings             5/04/09      11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.    Public Works Building               Basement Conference Room C
  appears at right.            5/05/09      6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.     Outlying Facilities                 Large Conference Room
                               5/12/09      7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.     Roger Road                          Large Conference Room
                               5/13/09      7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.     Ina Road                            Large Conference Room
                               5/13/09      1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.     Ina Road                            Large Conference Room
                               5/14/09      7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.     Mission Road                        Large Conference Room
                               5/26/09      3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.     Ina Road                            Large Conference Room

E-RAP on the Spot Awards
  by Thom Nielsen

Listed below are RWRD employees nominated for the E-RAP, (Employee Recognition
and Appreciation Program) “On the Spot” awards. The intent of the “On the Spot”
awards is to acknowledge good work performed by RWRD employees in the
areas of Customer Service, Leadership, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Fiscal
Responsibility and Process Improvement. If the contribution of the employee does
not fit into any of the categories listed above, the nominator may create a category of
his/her own. There are no restrictions placed on who can nominate whom, but please
remember this award is meant for those employees have truly gone above and beyond
the call of duty.

   RWRD employees Maggie Alvarez, Andrea Drake,
Denice Gamboa, Judy Guidotti, Mary Khan, Susan
Walsh, Mingo Martinez, and Evangelina Paredes
were all nominated by Lorraine Simon, Community
Relations Specialist, for providing great Customer Service
to the Community Relations office! With the busy spring
                                                                                                                 Mary Khan, OSL III
event season fast approaching, these employees willingly
offered to lend a helping hand to attach “Recipe for a
Clean Environment” cards to the department’s “Wipe Out
Grease” spatulas. The spatulas and the attached cards
provide the message that grease poured down drains
can collect in our sewers and lead to sanitary sewer
overflows. The spatulas are distributed at public events.
                                                                                                                 Denice Gamboa,
Lorraine also appreciates the efforts of Robert and Alex                                                         OSL III
Orozco, the two very handsome sons of RWRD employee
Mona Orozco, Executive Administrative Assistant to RWRD director, Mike Gritzuk. Robert and Alex also helped
put spatulas together—and did so with smiles and enthusiasm! These boys, no doubt, learned at an early age the
importance of not pouring grease down the drain! continue to page 8

April 2009

                         Employee Birthdays
                            by Maggie Alvarez

                            Listed below are employees who have birthdays during the month of May:

                                      Johnny Avalos, John Becerra, Danielle Corbett, Paul Deo, Candelario Espinoza,
                                       Monica Fennal, Angelita Flores, Larry Florez, Ben Fyock, Albert Garcia, Monica
                                        Garcia, Michael Gastelum, Charles David Gates Jr., Steve Gay, Joe Gonzales, Peter
                                        Gonzales, Gary Groh, Steven Henely, Eddie Heredia, Chris Hernandez, Daniel
                                        Highhouse, Edward Jandali, Lawrence Jones, Michael Lafferty, Timothy McGarry,
                                       Steve Melendez, Gary Michalek, Fernando Murillo, James Olson, Mona Orozco, James
                                      Osborn, Dennis Schultz, David Smith, Mario Solano, Michelle Spears, Robert Speir Sr.,
                                     Yvonne Suarez, Matthew Symington, Michael Tsosie, Donna Wright

E-RAP on the Spot Awards (continued from page 7)

   Terry Curley, Civil Engineer, was nominated by Francisco Duchicela,            Thank you Phil.
Civil Engineering Manager, for Outstanding Customer Service and                      Matt Matthewson, Administrative Support Services Manager, was
Teamwork. After our veteran design engineer retired in January, Terry             nominated by Lorraine Simon, Community Relations Specialist, for
was tasked with additional urgent design work, typically performed by             serving as an “unofficial” editor of the Pipeline for many months on
one person full time. Terry took on this responsibility without hesitation.       end. Matt volunteers his strong editing skills to assist Lorraine in her
In addition to successfully carrying his normal design work load, Terry           task as editor of this publication, catching many a snafu in punctuation,
is also completing all the extra work duties in a thorough manner. His            grammar and spelling!
professionalism and teamwork efforts are exemplary.                                  Gary Michalek, Principal Operator at the Roger Road WRF, was
   Liz Flores of RWRD’s Maps and Records section, was nominated                   nominated by Danny Johnson, Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant
by Deputy Director Eric Wieduwilt for Outstanding Customer Service.               Operator (also at Roger Road), for Leadership, Creative Thinking and
Liz assisted a customer with a final inspection. The customer was so              Problem-Solving. Gary recognizes the importance of taking the time
pleased with the prompt and courteous service that Liz provided, that             to properly and thoroughly train employees. He is an excellent and
he wrote a very nice letter to Eric expressing his gratitude for all she          motivated leader, and it is a pleasure to work with him.
had done. Great work Liz!                                                            Dave Sherlock, Wastewater Instrumentation and Process Control
   Phil Hunt, Civil Engineer, was nominated by Francisco Duchicela,               Specialist, was nominated by Ann Stephenson, Warehouse Supply
Civil Engineering Manager, for Outstanding Customer Service and                   Supervisor, for Outstanding Customer Service. Knowing I am strapped
Teamwork. Phil’s normal duties are with the Construction Permitting               for vehicles to get inventory out to the Outlying Facilities, Dave is always
Group. Due to understaffing at the Utilities Coordination Group,                  willing to help get supplies out to whatever site he is heading to. He
Phil was asked to help with this group as well. Phil carried out both             doesn’t just transport the goods; he places them neatly in appropriately
duties for several months until a new engineer was hired in March.                labeled spots. He asks me how he can help, completes the task to its
He accepted this duty eagerly and performed in an excellent manner                fullest, and with a wonderful attitude and smile.
without hesitation. Phil is a great example of a dedicated team player.

                                                                                                                                                April 2009

New Loss Prevention Officer (continued from page 1)

    Sylvia’s responsibilities include accident investigations; safety and        while working with Public Works departments and other Pima County
health inspections; conducting walk-arounds of the Ina Road WRF,                 departments. “Larry always encouraged his staff to seek higher goals,
Roger Road WRF, and Outlying Facilities (OLF) plant sites to observe             the sky was the limit. He sent staff to OSHA trainings and allowed
that employees are working safely; responding to safety requests and             me to cross-train in the job tasks of a Loss Prevention Officer. Fellow
concerns; and ensuring that employees are utilizing proper personal              colleagues Tom Johnson, Ed Collette, Dave Efnor, and former training
protective equipment.                                                            colleague John Sinclair, persistently engaged me in the cross-training
    Sylvia derives much fulfillment from her job. “I have a sense of             process.” Sylvia is happy for the opportunity to return to RWRD and to
satisfaction that I am able to apply my knowledge in this field to protect       continue her safety career in the Treatment Division.
the safety and health of Pima County employees, so that every day                   The job of maintaining an employee safety and health program does
they can go home to their families uninjured,” said Sylvia.                      present its challenges. “Based on the relationship it has with the human
    Sylvia received an early introduction to the safety field while she          factor, the challenges exist in continually finding creative techniques
attended Central Arizona College and took several elective classes in            and ideas to communicate and engage employees in the benefits of
environmental safety and health. While in college, during the summer             working safely and maintaining an accident-free workplace,”
months, she worked for the safety office at Magma Copper Company                 said Sylvia.
in San Manuel. In 1984, Sylvia relocated to Tucson and continued to                 With 25 years of service to Pima County, Sylvia has worked in a
take safety and health courses at Pima Community College.                        number of departments. “Throughout my employment with Pima
    Sylvia applied her knowledge of safety practices when she worked             County, I have been very fortunate to work for very good departments
with the Pima County Department of Transportation personnel section.             with hard-working employees. What I enjoy most about working with
“It wasn’t until 1994, when I was transferred to the Public Works Safety         RWRD is that the department is highly recognized county-wide for
Office, that several doors opened for me. My career in safety and health         its outstanding leadership. I also find it a great privilege to work in the
took off. It was during this time that I implemented and coordinated a           capacity of Loss Prevention Officer for RWRD.”
safety and health training program for the Public Works Safety Office,”             Sylvia was born in San Manuel, Arizona. In her spare time, she
said Sylvia.                                                                     enjoys reading, cooking, shopping, and spending time with friends
    Sylvia noted that former safety manager, Larry Dickey encouraged             and family.
on-the-job training which enabled his staff to advance their careers

ROMP Architecture Project (continued from page 1)

   Planning begins with preserving and celebrating elements of historical        water and energy efficient, cognizant of the fact that a southwest
precedence. Using native plants in landscape design, enhancing a                 orientation is ideal for the desert, protective of mountain and vista views,
riparian habitat, and using a palate of different textures in building           and be aesthetically attractive. The openness and continuity of existing
exteriors are ideas under consideration. Those textures include native           landscapes and neighborhoods is retained by strategically planting
rocks, rammed earth construction, utilization of corten (rusted) steel and       native trees, shrubs, and ground cover. At Mike Gritzuk’s direction,
other metals, sandblasted masonry, and accent walls in rugged natural            Swaback is embracing those concepts as they continue developing the
hues that mimic those found in the desert.                                       design for the Roger Road WRC.
   One thing that has historically been, and remains, important to Pima             Another element under consideration, and of great importance to the
County residents is protecting and enhancing the natural beauty and              community, is the “connectivity to nature” component. Visions for this
character of our architecture in the southwest. One testament to Pima            publicly-owned WRC include a visitor’s center; and pedestrian paths
County’s commitment to the protection of the Sonoran Desert has been             and trails for walkers, cyclists and bird watchers. Kendall Kroesen of
the creation and implementation of Gateway Overlay Zones (GOZs).                 the Audubon Society reported that the economic impact of wildlife-
GOZs are guidelines within the Pima County Zoning Code for proposed              watching in Arizona is $1.5 billion annually. Ultimately, Mike Gritzuk and
development (and redevelopment) of construction projects. The                    Swayback Partners agree that this facility will be state-of-the-art and a
purpose of these guidelines is to protect and enhance the scenic quality         point of pride for the community and the region. In the end, the mission
of entry points to metropolitan Tucson and nearby public preserves.              is to build something practical, cost-effective, long-lasting, but also
   GOZ guidelines dictate that new development must be                           unique.
environmentally sensitive, compatible with surrounding natural features,

April 2009

Comings and Goings
  by Daniel Brown

New Hires                     Promotions                                        Retirements
Diana Hofsdal                 Matthew Foy                                       Hale Burrus
  Special Staff Assistant       Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator       Senior Civil Engineering Assistant
  Planning and Engineering      Treatment — Ina Road WRF                         Planning and Engineering
Souren Naradikian             Mary Hamilton                                     Adrian Huerta
  Civil Engineer                Environmental Planning and Compliance Manager    Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
  Planning and Engineering      Planning and Engineering                         Treatment — Ina Road WRF
Gerald Wilson                 Daniel Highhouse                                  Suzy Hunt
  Trades Maintenance            Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator       Special Staff Assistant
  Treatment — Ina Road WRF      Treatment — Ina Road WRF                         Planning and Engineering
                              Brian Walsh                                       Carlos Mares
                                Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator       Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
                                Treatment — Ina Road WRF                         Treatment — Roger Road WRF
                              Michael Weber
                                Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
                                Treatment — Ina Road WRF

  Deadline for Pipeline Submission
  Pima County employees will receive three paychecks
  during the month of May this year. The Pipeline will
  be distributed on the third payday, May 29. Please
  submit your stories for the May edition to Lorraine., by Monday, May 11. If
  you will be submitting a photo, please send it as a
  separate .jpg attachment.


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