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					         Job Search Strategies

Alan Farber, Ph.D
Associate Director
USD Career Services
Hughes 110
      Career Services Links

• ToreroLink
• Job Search handouts: sample resumes,
  cover letters, interviewing tips, etc.
• Online resources (job sites, professional
  associations, salary surveys, etc.)
• Career Library
                         Key Issues
• No two job searches are the same
• You’re not alone - seek help
• Treat the job search like a job
• Focus on quantity (breadth) and quality (depth)
• Cast a wide net – jobs, industries, functions, and geography
• Apply patience and perseverance
     Necessary Components

• “Tailored” resume, cover and
  prospecting letters
• Prepare for interviews & job fairs
• Professional demeanor and attire
• Knowledge of the organizations and
  industry you’re pursuing
• Know exactly what you want to do (or
  act like you do)
         Know your industry

• Where are the jobs?
• How are they advertised (or are they
  advertised at all)?
• What are the appropriate communication and
  application delivery methods?
• Know and use the vernacular : resume/cover
  letter “key words” (larger companies and
  online recruiters use Applicant Tracking
 Where to find jobs & contacts
Locating jobs                   Networking
• Torerolink
• Company websites              •   Professional Associations
                                •   SBA and MSGL Linked-In or
• USD career-related events         Facebook groups
• Job site search engines       •   USD Alumni Association
• Mega-sites                        Torero Network
• Industry-specific job sites   •   Networking sites:
                                    –   Linked In
• Prof. Association websites
                                •   E-mail Contacts
• Newspapers
• Government Sites
• Headhunters/ Staffing
      Where to find organizations

• Chamber of Commerce Business Directory
• Newspaper business section
• Word of mouth
• Search Engines (e.g., Google, Bing)
• San Diego Business Directory “Book of Lists” (in Copley and
  Career Services)
• Copley Library on-line:
    – Go to Databases A-Z
    – Go to SD Business Directory Inside Prospects
Create an Internet Presence
• “Clean up” your social networking sites
• Post resume/portfolio on LinkedIn or
  other free/inexpensive website:
• Print and distribute business cards with
  your url
        Job Search Behavior
•   Professionalism
•   Enthusiasm
•   Clarity
•   Self-promotion - Problem solver
•   Your Future Plans?
    “A long-term career with your organization”
      USD Career Services
• Hughes Administration Building 110
• Career Services appointments :
  call 619-260-4654
• Drop-in hours: daily 10-11:00, 2-3:00

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